Wife fuck a stranger in front of husband

His wife fuck a stranger in front of husband
Lisa and Steve were looking to spice things up a bit, they found it in the back of Steve’s truck!

I was on a business trip over the New Year and I went to a local club to enjoy the festivities and hoping to get my cock at least sucked!

I drank and chatted with folks, and I ended up speaking to a woman named Lisa. She told me that she was 28 and her husband Steve was 30, and they were there that night for her to pick up and fuck a stranger in front of Steve.

Lisa was small and her breasts, although small, were very pert and she looked very sexy. Lisa was about 5’5, Black hair to her shoulders and she had a sexy tight little ass.

I whispered in her ear, “I have a big cock, and I’m a stranger!” Lisa laughed and said, “Yes you are!” and she reached down and grabbed my 8.5 inch cock and when she felt it’s size she lifted her eyebrows and looked at me with lust in her eyes and said, “That’s exactly the type of cock I want, big and hard!”

Lisa told me that Steve’s cock was only about 5 inches and she wanted to feel something big inside her. We went over to their table, and she introduced me to Steve, and he smiled and said, “We have decided to try and spice our sex lives up a bit and after a lot of convincing, I finally convinced her to pick up a stranger and suck his cock in my truck while I watch, and it looks like you are who she has picked!”

Now, I realized that this was a first time experience for them both and I needed to let her take the lead and not pressure her too much!

We sat there, and I could feel her hand rubbing my cock through my pants, and I reached under the table and felt her pussy. It was dripping wet and it was a tight little hole!

I watched Steve to make sure he was OK with me touching her pussy, and he just looked around and didn’t seem to mind at all. Lisa was primed and ready to go, I could tell!

Lisa looked at Steve and said, “I’m ready, honey, are you?”

Steve nodded and Lisa looked at me and said, “Now, I have rules. I am only going to suck your cock, you can’t fuck me, but you can rub my pussy while I suck your dick and Steve is going to film me sucking your dick.”

“That’s OK, I am just here for you to do what you want!” I replied.

I could tell that they were both very nervous about this prospect, so I assured them it would be OK.

We went out and Lisa and I got into the back of Steve’s truck and got comfortable until the heater warmed the inside. We talked and Lisa had cottonmouth, which also told me that she was nervous!

“I have only ever sucked Steve’s dick, but I can’t wait to suck yours in front of Steve!”

I sat there and Lisa unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out! “Oh my, that is big, isn’t it Steve?”

Steve just watched through his phone as he recorded my cock coming out of my pants.

Lisa looked at Steve and said, “Are you sure, baby?”

“Yes, suck his big cock for me, you slut!” Steve ordered.

Lisa looked at me and then down at my cock. She took a deep breath and then began to kiss and lick the entire length of my shaft, “I hope I can fit this in my mouth.” Lisa quipped.

Lisa grabbed my shaft and rubbed my cock on her face, and then she began to suck on the head of my cock slowly. “Oh baby, are you getting this, his cock is huge!”

“Yes baby, I have it all on camera, keep sucking him Lisa!” I think Steve was getting aroused as he watched his pretty little wife trying to swallow my cock.

I sat back and listened to Lisa’s rhythmic sucking sounds. “Can I cum in your mouth when I’m ready?”

“Maybe” Lisa said in between slurping on my cock.

Steve was totally focused of his wife being a slut for a stranger and was enjoying watching her suck me.

I reached under Lisa’s skirt and began to rub her pussy, it was like a river was flowing down her thighs. Her pussy was sloppy wet, but still tight to the point where my finger had resistance to fully penetration.

Lisa moaned as my fingers rubbed her pussy and clit. She rocked back and forth but wouldn’t let my cock escape her wet warm mouth! This girl really knew how to suck dick too!

Lisa picked up her cocksucking pace as I fucked her pussy with my finger. Her pussy sloshed from her wetness. I rubbed her clit and then placed a finger at the entrance of her ass. I pushed my finger in to her tight ass, and she immediately began to cum all over. Steve was not able to see what I was doing to her at this point, but he was jacking off as he watched his pretty wife gobble my big cock!

Lisa sucked my cock at the same time she stroked my shaft. I had a finger up her pussy and another one up her ass and she was going crazy and showed it in how she sucked my cock!

Lisa looked up at Steve, and he nodded to her, and she looked back at me and pleaded, “Cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cum!”

I smiled at her and then Steve, and she went right back to the job before her.

I asked, “Are you both sure, because I cum a lot?”

Steve said, Ya, if she’s cool with it, I am.”

Lisa moaned as she sucked my cock, “Cum in my mouth, I’m such a dirty whore, cum in me!” She begged.

Lisa sucked and slurped, Steve whacked his dick, and I began to feel the tingle in my balls.

“I’m going to cum, Lisa, are you ready?” I stammered.

“Oh God, yes, cum down my throat!” she begged.

Steve said, “Ya, fill her mouth with cum, I’ll get it all on film for you Lisa!”

I grabbed Lisa’s head and my cock began to pulse in Lisa’s mouth. She gagged as my load was huge and Steve just kept filming as his pretty little wife was now swallowing probably the biggest load she has ever tasted!

Lisa struggled to swallow as my cock just kept pumping cum down her throat, and I kept my fingers in her pussy and ass as she quaked. Apparently my cumming in her mouth turned her on so bad, she came when I started cumming!

Lisa sucked until she could swallow no more, and it began to leak out of her mouth and down my shaft!

Lisa leaned back with my cum dripping down her chin and Steve said, “That was fucking sexy baby, I never thought you’d suck another man’s cock!”

“I’m just a dirty whore!” Lisa said sheepishly.

I pulled my sopping wet fingers from Lisa’s holes and offered my pussy soaked finger to Steve to smell!”

He smiled wryly, “Did you like his finger in your pussy, baby?”


“Mmmmm, yes, but not as much as the one he had up my tight little ass!” she said with a devilish smile!

“Wow, I didn’t know you let him explore your ass, I wish I could have got that on film for us!” Steve stammered.

“We are still here, aren’t we?” Lisa said.

I had Lisa lay back with her pussy exposed, and I began to explore both of her holes while Steve filmed. “You want to feel my cock in your pussy, don’t you, Lisa?” as I fucked her little holes.

“Ummm, yes, but I’m not sure if I wanna go that far tonight, I only wanted to suck a cock tonight.” Lisa said softly as I fucked her with my large fingers.

I looked at Steve, and he said, “If that’s what she wants, I’m OK with it.”

I looked at Lisa and I could see in her eyes the nervous little girl that was excited, but also afraid! It was a sexy sight.

“Lisa, I want you to lean over the front seat and I want you to tell Steve what it feels like to have a strange cock invading your pussy, I want you to tell him and let him know everything you are feeling as I fuck you.”

“Umm OK”, Lisa said as she nervously got into position. Did I mention that Lisa had a tight little ass and very sexy!

She kissed Steve as I rubbed my cock up and down her wet little slit. I could feel that she was shaking, and I assured her that I wouldn’t hurt her with my cock.

I began to stick my cock inside her pussy and Lisa moaned, “Steve, the head of his cock is entering my pussy, it’s so big baby, and it feels so fucking good!”

I pushed in a little further and Lisa responded, “Baby, his cock is going further in to me, do you like this, Steve?” Lisa stuttered.

“Yes Lisa, Your pussy is his now, he’s fucking you isn’t he?” Steve muttered.

“Yes Steve, he’s fucking my tight pussy, it feels soooo good!”

I pushed my cock all the way in and Lisa gasped as my cock was buried all the way. I just held it there so her pussy would adjust.

“Steve, he’s fucking me, he’s fucking my pussy for you, do you like it?” Lisa cried.

“Yes Lisa, fuck that cock baby, fuck it!” Steve ordered her.

I fucked her pussy and Lisa told Steve how every thrust in to her pussy felt.

As i fucked her, I inserted a finger in to her ass and Lisa instantly began to cum on my cock. I could feel her pussy clench around my cock and I fucked her harder. Lisa could no longer speak as my cock just made her scream.

I told her, “I’m going to cum”!

“Not in my pussy, please not in my pussy!” Lisa begged.

I looked at Steve, and he nodded, giving me the OK to fill his wife’s pretty little pussy with my hot creamy cum!

I grabbed Lisa’s hip and thrust in to her pussy as hard as I could and began to unload in her. Lisa could feel my cock pulsating in her pussy and begged for meto not cum in her, but it was way too late!

I filled this young woman full of my cum, and she loved every drop of it. I told Steve to film when I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and he could film my cum oozing from her pussy, so she could watch it too!

As I pulled my cock out, Steve filmed, and we noticed that Lisa was crying!

“What’s the matter, baby?” Steve asked.

“Baby, you let him cum in my pussy, I loved it every ounce of his cum, but I’m such a slut!” Lisa whimpered.

“No, you’re not, you’re a woman who took control and knows what she wants. You do need to feel babd, it was hot, and your pussy is one of the tightest I have fucked in a very long time!”

Steve agreed to me cumming in his wife because he wanted to taste her pussy all soaked in cum!

We had a great time and Lisa and Steve stay in contact, and we plan to get together this summer to have more fun. Lisa and Steve have not done anything like this since, but for some reason they want me to fuck her again.


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