Wife Cheat with her husbands bestfriend

Wife Cheat with her husband’s best friend

My legs were wide open, and he came and held them apart as he slid in slowly and just said am horny too

we had all gone out for drinks. My husband, his best friend mike and his wife Cynthia. We were to all crash back at their place after.
At the club, we were all dancing and would exchange partners just to dance. When mike and I went to dance, he asked me to go back to the car with him so that he could take his jacket.

We walked to the car, just making small talk. We had all came in Mike’s car .we had parked at the furthest end of the parking lot. There were not any other people in the parking lot, and it was pretty dark.

I was swearing a black dress with deep cleavage and vans on(I loved being comfortable when going out to drink). Mike is the type of guy who takes care of his looks, he went to the gym. His body was fit, and he had abs and broad shoulders.I always thought Cynthia was lucky for bagging such a good-looking guy.

When we got to the car, I stood a few steps away as I figured he’d just take the jacket, and we would immediately walk back. He called me to come closer and shine some light, so he could see inside the car using my phone. I walked to where he was…put on my torchlight on and gave him my phone. I leaned on the car as I waited for him to find it.

He got the jacket, and he came close to me to hand me back my phone, and he had switched off the torch. He suddenly hugged me and kissed me.

I pushed him back a little as I was surprised. He leaned in again to kiss me and I kissed him back .his hands ran down from my cheek to him pressing on my boobs, and eventually he lifted my dress and just put his middle finger in my pussy.

I moaned a little as I open up my legs a bit more. He rubbed my clit a little as he pushed two fingers in me, and I let out a louder moan. I started feeling for his trousers and unzipped his trousers and reached out for his cock. Which was hard.

Just from holding it, I could tell he was big… It had a good width too. I started stroking it and gave it a light squeeze at the top, which he let out a moan. He was still fingering me as I did this. I was so wet .he put one finger in my ass and I let out another moan.

I told him, “we should get back now, Cynthia will come looking for you”. He whispered in my ear, just let me put my cock in you for a few seconds. Before I could respond, he had lifted me on my waist and moved my undies and stuck his hard cock in.

I let out a loud moan, and he slowly pumped in me .he was slowly pushing in and out of me, and I could feel my eyes rolling inside my head.my nipples were super hard, and he stuck a finger in my ass.

I said stop! And he stopped immediately and let me down. We have to get back now… I figured we had been out for about 5 minutes .we began to walk back as he was zipping up his trousers and put his jacket on.

We got back to our spouses, and we continued having a fun night and taking shots. Constantly, I was feeling my heartbeat in my vagina. I was soo horny. I avoided looking at mike most of the night. I did not drink as much on that night. Mike was the designated driver, so he couldn’t drink that much… He took two shots of vodka.

Cynthia was super drunk and sleepy, and she started dozing off on the table .my husband was drunk too, so we decided to head home .on the way, both my husband and Cynthia fell asleep during the ride home.

When we got to the house …my husband and I went to the guest bedroom and Cynthia and mike to their room. During the night, I tried getting my husband to have sex, but he was too drunk. He had tried fingering me as I lay on the bed with my legs wide open, but he fell asleep. Mike came into the room
With my legs wide open, he came and held them apart as he slid in slowly and just said am horny too.

My husband was peacefully asleep as mike got in and out of me. I tried not to moan so loudly.” where is Cynthia?” I asked, he said “dead asleep”.
Mike had come into the room naked .he said he had opened the door a little and checked on what me and my husband were doing and as soon as he saw he passed out he came in to finish the job.

He continued pumping in me harder and harder and asking if I liked it. My pussy was soo wet, and I just wanted him to continue penetrating me and cum in me. I love being cummed in. I love feeling the soft gushes of cum in me, and just the thought of a man putting in His cum in me turned me on so badly. I had by this time spread my legs so wide apart so that he could just pump in deeply, I loved feeling like a slut.

I heard him let out loud moans as he said am about to cum and u whispered cum in me daddy. And he continued sliding in and out of me ….as I moaned and holding the sheets tightly. I loved having sex with different men, and missionary and doggy were my best styles.
I loved feeling different cocks come in and out of me, and Mike was so hard and his cock was so big I could feel all inches of it in and out. He suddenly let out a groan as he came in hard and deep. I felt the juices drip down my ass as he got out of me with his dick limp. I hadn’t gotten to have an orgasm, but I loved the sex.


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