Watching my friend’s mom having an Secret affair

Watching my friend’s mom having an Secret affair

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I’m a 23-year-old male from a South Indian city belonging to a Muslim family. I have had experiences with various women from different backgrounds and cultures.

Those who haven’t read my previous experiences can read them here. I don’t believe in forcing or blackmailing a girl for sex but in letting her seduce you. So coming straight to my story.

This incident happened when I was 19 years old and in college. Ankit was my good friend and was the same age as me. Our houses were close by, and we occasionally visited each other to discuss academics or otherwise. He was quite a friendly guy.

This incident is about his mother, Yashoda. Till that incident, I never thought of her differently. She was a completely homely lady whose daily routine was the usual. Ankit’s father was a businessman and would leave home early morning and return only by evening.

Yashoda aunty would usually be in the middle of her daily chores like cooking in the kitchen, chopping vegetables, or cleaning the house. Once, it happened that it was our mid-term exam time, and everyone was serious about their studies. So I didn’t have time to go to Ankit’s home for many weeks.

So one day, I was bored with studying and decided to visit Ankit once. I reached their home and gently knocked on the door. No response came. Usually, they open within a few seconds. So I again knocked but no response.

So I gave Ankit a call and asked whether he was home. He told me he had gone somewhere outside with his dad. I smelled something fishy. My mind was running like a machine now. I slowly sneaked to the house window and saw nobody in the hall.

Someone was definitely inside. I had also seen someone’s footwear at the door. I reached another window which was half closed. Very slowly, to avoid getting caught, I peeked into the window and had the shock of my life. Yashoda aunty was sitting on the bed with her saree removed, only in a blouse and petticoat.

An unknown person was beside her, his hands over her neck and back. I had never imagined her to be in such a state. Now let me describe her. She was in her early forties, maybe around 42 years. She was on the fairer side with a well-balanced body and quite big assets like a married woman.

Her figure may be 36-34-40. But her clothes or general appearance was never much seductive (at least till now). The man was in his banian and lungi. They both were speaking and laughing at something which wasn’t much audible. Now the person got up from bed and made Aunty stand up, holding her hands.

Both charged towards each other’s lips and engaged in a passionate liplock. Both were sucking each other’s lips and holding each other’s heads. The man also ran his hands over her back and ass during the kiss. The man broke the kiss and impatiently undid her blouse hooks and exposed her black bra.

She was not hiding anything or opposing, which showed it was going on not for the first time. She now helped him remove the blouse and kept it aside. Now the person was squeezing and kissing her breast over her bra. She was enjoying holding his head tight against her boobs.

Now the man signalled something, and Yashoda aunty herself unclasped her bra hooks. Her breasts sprang up like something. Wow! They were amazing. I didn’t know they were so big inside. She barely showed anything at home. They were milky white and a bit saggy.

The nipples were about 2 cm wide and 1 cm thick like knobs on a button. The nipples created a small elevation about 1 inch above the nipples. That man now immediately put her lips over her nipples and sucked on them. He was kneading the boobs while doing this, and aunty was enjoying it.

It was a sexy scene to see her only in her petticoat and completely naked above. The man now impatiently removed his lungi and banian. His cock was poking through the underwear. He made Yashoda aunty kneel. She put her hands over his crotch and started massaging it.

He slid down his underwear and exposed his thick black dick right in front of her face. She showed no hesitation and swallowed it bit by bit until his full dick was covered with her mouth. He was enjoying the blowjob with closed eyes now and holding her head and fucking her mouth.

After some time, he stopped her, and she plopped the dick out of her mouth. It was shining with her saliva. Now the man pushed Yashoda aunty to the adjacent bed. His dick was swinging in the air. Now he impatiently pulled her petticoat nada and slid it down.

Her thunder thighs were so hot then I ever thought. They were fat, smooth and sturdy. She was only in her brown panty now. He climbed on top of her and hugged her tightly. She was looking sexy under him. She tried to encircle her thighs around his waist.

He now slid down her panty slowly as she lifted herself. I could see her pussy partially now as he was above her. It was hairy, but I couldn’t make out much detail. He now held his cock and started rubbing to and fro on her pussy crack. She also guided it to her pussy by holding it and spreading her pussy.

He now began fucking her. Initially, his strokes began slow and deep. But once he got the grip, he rammed hard into her pussy, shaking the bed and their bodies. Aunty was moaning out loud and looked sexy with her loose hair and slutty avatar.

He now continued pounding her pussy while his lips moved all over her boobs and neck lips. She hugged him with her legs and pushed him to enter deeper. Both were engrossed in the passionate locking of their bodies and made love.

After fucking in that position for a while, the guy signalled her to get on all fours. She obeyed, and he smelled her pussy and entered from behind. She was bending more to make a proper channel for his dick. Her ass looked magnificent in this position, especially when it moved when he plundered her pussy.

He was holding her from back and caressing her ass and boobs from behind. Finally, he might have cum and fallen on her from behind with cock still inside. They looked exhausted and panting for breath. After some time, they got up and went together inside the bathroom.


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