Vintage nude – Wife’s Anal Revenge

Vintage nude – Wife’s Anal Revenge

It was in the midst of a simple Santa Barbara home in the spring of 1953.

Marital rape was, unfortunately and unsympathetically, considered an oxymoron. Divorce was hard, being a divorcee was perhaps harder still, and independence for women certainly wasn’t easy to obtain.

Irene, a cotton-skinned brunette, knew this all too well. Her husband taking her in her sleep, through her headaches, even after her miscarriage… she was used to it.

But anal? Anal was taboo. Unheard of in polite society, as it were. And that, she wasn’t used to. Last night, he’d anally raped her for the first time.

For the last time.

The two sat in the silence of dinner, quietly eating their minced potatoes, mixed vegetables, and chicken, in between sips of rosé.

“If you’re not going to say it, I’ll say it…” her husband Harvey started, his tan, masculine face and greying hickory hair looking somehow garish beneath the kitchen’s lights.

He ran fingers across his evening robe, perhaps soothing himself, calming his nerves.

“Yesterday, I wasn’t exactly myself, I know…”

An outright lie, whether to himself, her, or both.

“And uh, it wasn’t the most natural, but you’ve got to understand it’s not that I don’t love you… I do love you, really. But after you burned dinner yesterday, I got so angry and yet you were there being so beautiful, and I just couldn’t help but want something more.”

Irene wouldn’t look at him.

“Irene. I’m talking to you.”

She ignored him still.

“Damn it, Irene, I’m trying to apologize!”

He slammed his fists on the table before sighing and silently counting, mouthing up to five.

“Listen, I didn’t mean to be harsh. I really didn’t. I love you, Irene. How about we go into our savings a little bit and I’ll buy you something real nice? What do you think about those sapphires you like so much? Would you like that, darling?”

She blotted her face with the napkin. “I’m only tired, Harvey. I’d like to rest.”

“We can rest together.”

“Of course.”

Of course he would say that. Perhaps it was because he’d be there for her every move, or because her small breasts cushioned his head, or maybe he truly wanted to rest. No matter the reason, he always did this; she was counting on it.

He rested on his abdomen, as he so often did, and Irene forced herself to stay awake as he started to drift off.

“Harvey?” she whispered.

No response.

With a Devilish smile, she crept out of bed, slow and careful as can be, handling the ropes she’d already planted beneath the bed.

One opportunity. One. It had to work.

She wrapped ropes at the corners of the bed first, knotted them tight and sturdy as her seafaring father taught her, and ever so carefully, she glided wrapped ropes to his wrists and upper arms.

“Irene?” he mumbled.

She didn’t respond. Wide-eyed and still, internally praying he’d return to his heavy-sleeper ways.

He did.

Meticulously, she roped his lower legs and ankles, spread to either side of the bed as his arms were.

Irene slid the silk of his robe up to reveal his own behind, toned from his time in the fitness center, and admired it for just a moment before returning to the task at hand.

She removed her simple loungewear, leaving herself in the lavender shade of her frilly undergarments, then added the strap-on she’d bought only that morning.

Irene walked back to his face, slapping the strap-on hard against his cheek.

“Ah–what the-IRENE! IRENE!”

He squirmed around in his tightly-tied state, but the ropes wouldn’t budge.

“Have you gone mad, woman? What in God’s name do you think you’re do–”

She shoved the faux cock in his mouth and he gagged violently, unwillingly wetting it, desperately trying to spit it out.

Harvey gurgled hard upon it.

“What’s the matter, Harvey? Cock got your tongue?”

She ripped it from his mouth.

“Untie me right now, you sick, sick woman!”

Irene just about danced as she turned once more toward that toned ass, crawling atop him and readying the strap-on near his entrance.


“What’s wrong? I thought you wanted anal.”

“Not like this–”

“Not like this!” she giggled, shoving his face further onto the pillow, lubing his ass between his muffled screams.

He jerked about, pulling at the ropes to no avail.

But she steadied herself against him, pressing the strap-on just at the base of his anus.

She held his head tight to the pillow as she moved the strap-on cock inside.

His muffled screams grew louder as she slowly moved deeper inside, out again, inside again, and deeper and deeper still, stretching his tight little asshole nice and wide.

Irene laughed as he kicked about, struggling against her, barely breathing through the tiny pillow’s space.

“Oh, yes!” she laughed, “Oh, you like that?”


“I knew you did!” she cackled into night as she heaved forward, quickening as his tight little hole swallowed her big cock.


“Take it, you fucking slut! You whore!” she rammed it deeper and deeper inside him, smacking hard on his ass as he cried out. “Oooh! Déjà vu!”

The pain was intense, though a strange and despicable pleasure surged through him, arousing him against his will.

“Good God, Harvey! Oh!” Irene laughed through her own moans, playing with her clit just beneath the strap-on.


“What was that? You want it harder? Of course, darling!”


She pounded him viciously, harder and harder, furiously playing with her clit. Relentlessly taking her husband’s ass. Forcing pleasure upon his unwilling prostate.

God, it was so much. It was too much.

Irene’s body clenched as she maintained her pounding ways, harder and harder though it was. Her legs shook, eyes shut, moans jetted through the home.

God, it was far too much.

The pleasure upon his prostate, and her gorgeous moans, Harvey couldn’t take it.

He would not finish. No, he couldn’t. He wouldn’t let her think he loved this.

No, no, no.



Irene’s whole body shook violently, cumming hard as she rode him, forcing his own cum out with the hot flow of it all, his prostate pleasured, his cock unloading thick barrels of cum onto their sheets.

The two collapsed together in his post-orgasm horror, ashamed of himself for having ejaculated from something up his ass, for taking anything from his wife.

He felt all too good and terrible.

Irene, who rested just on top of him, strap-on barely off to the side, was silent for a moment.

“If you ever force yourself on me again,” she started, “you will be the deadest man that ever did die.”

She got off of him and started getting cleaned up and dressed.

“Aren’t you going to untie me?”

“If you don’t figure it out by morning. I’m going to my mother’s for the night.”


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