Vacation at the beach with sister and mom

Vacation at the beach with sister and mom

My mom came home from work the other day and announced to my sister and me that her boss had given her a week off for vacation and was also letting her use his beach house. We were all excited about going away for a vacation. My mom works hard to support us, all on her own, and we had never had any time away, it was going to be great!

My mom is only 30, she had me when she was only 14 and my sister less than a year later. She and my dad never got married, we used to live with our grandparents but moved away from there as soon as mom saved enough money. My mom’s name is Judy and she is very pretty, has a great body with nice tits and a great ass. My sister, Sarah, takes after her and they are often mistaken as sisters instead of mother and daughter since mom looks so young.

We arrived at the beach house on a Sunday morning after driving most of the previous night. I drove part of the way but was sleeping when we got there, as was my sister. Mom was tired and just wanted to sleep so after we unloaded the car she told us to go explore while she went to bed. Sarah went into the other bedroom to change into her swimsuit and I just stripped down in the front room to change into mine. Just as I was stepping into my suit Sarah came back into the room. I stood up and looked at her and we were both just staring at the other, her at my exposed dick and me at her tiny bikini. After a few seconds my mind started working again and I finished pulling my suit on.

“Oops! Sorry bro, I didn’t know you weren’t done changing,” Sarah said with a little giggle.

“No problem. Does mom know you have that tiny little bikini?” I said while looking at her nearly naked body.

“Yeah, mom helped me pick it out. Do you like it?” She asked as she held her arms up and did a slow turn. It was a G-string style on the bottom and her ass looked great in it. The top was very small too with most of her tits showing.

“I like it a lot, what little there is of it. I’m surprised mom let you get it.”

“Bro, wait until you see hers! It is smaller than mine!”

“Smaller than that little thing you have on? Hell, any smaller than yours would be next to naked!”

“Yeah, she looks really hot in it. Mom said that since we may not get to go on a vacation like this again any time soon that we were going to have as much fun and get as much sun as we could before she had to go back to work.”

“Cool! Come on sis, let’s go check the beach out and see what else is around here.” I said as I held the door open for her.

Sarah picked up the beach bag and I grabbed the umbrella and followed her out the door and down onto the beach. We picked out a good spot within sight of the house and set up the umbrella and lay out our blanket. Sarah took out the sunscreen and squirted some in her hand and handed the bottle to me and I did the same. We both covered our fronts and then I offered to rub some on her back. Sarah lay down on her stomach and handed me the sunscreen. I started to rub some lotion on and she reached behind her and untied her top so I could get her whole back. Then I just sat back beside her and watched the other people on the beach. Something caught my eye and I turned to see three women walking towards us, they were all topless!

“Sarah, hey, check them out.” I said as I poked her shoulder.

Sarah turned her head to look, “yeah, they aren’t the only ones, look over there,” she said with a nod toward some more topless girls who looked to be about our age.

“Wow! Guess this is a topless beach, lots of nice tits to look at!” I said with a big grin.

Sarah slapped at me, “you are such a dog!”

“Woof, woof!” I said laughing.

Sarah just rolled her eyes at me and turned her head back the other way. We continued to lay in the sun for a while and the beach was getting more crowded. Lots more topless girls and women walking around or laying in the sun, it was great! I must have fallen asleep though as I felt someone shaking my shoulder. I turned to see Sarah kneeling over me with her tits exposed.

“Hey sleepy head, get up and come get in the water with me,” Sarah said with a smile on her face.

“Sarah, where is your top?”

“I put it in the bag. If all these other girls are going topless then I am too.”

“Well, I won’t argue with you, the more nice tits, the better I say.”

“You think I have nice tits Jimmy?” Sarah asked as she cupped them in her hands.

“Sis, I think you have great tits!”

“Wow! Thanks bro! Just for that I am going to let you rub some lotion on them so they won’t burn,” Sarah said as she handed me the sunscreen.

“Cool!” I said as I took the bottle and squirted the lotion right on her tits.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Sarah asked, looking down at the sunscreen dripping down her tits.

“I’m putting the lotion on your tits, you said I could,” I replied.

“I meant you could rub some in not squirt it all over,” Sarah snapped.

“What difference does it make, I will rub it in now.”

“The difference is that it looks like you just shot your cum on my tits!”

“Huh, I hadn’t thought about that, it does look like that!” I said and then started laughing.

Sarah gave me a stern look and then fell apart and started laughing too. Then she started running her fingers through the goo dripping from her nipples making them stand up hard.

“Hey, I thought you were going to let me do that,” I said with a pout.

“Well, go ahead then bro,” and she turned and pushed her chest out at me.

I cupped my sisters’ tits in my palms and started to run my hands over them. I squeezed her tits through my hands like I was milking them, finishing off with her nipples sliding between my thumb and finger. My dick was as hard as a rock in my shorts and my breathing was getting heavy. This was the first time I had ever had a girls tits in my hands out in the open. I had felt a few girls up before, some even under their shirts, but never a girls bare exposed tits. Sarah was breathing hard too and starting to moan a little.

“Damn bro, that sure feels good. Oh yeah…oh yeah…oh yeah…” Sarah moaned, “I’m going to cum, keep rubbing right on my nipples.

I kept rubbing her nipples and squeezing them. I looked down and saw that Sarah had her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and was rubbing her pussy. My dick felt like it was ready to explode. Sarah was moaning louder now, she was getting close. Sarah lay down on her back with her hand still down her suit bottoms. Here we were, out on the public beach, me with my hands on my sisters’ tits, and her with her hand in her pussy rubbing herself off. Anyone could have been watching but I looked around and nobody was paying any attention to us. Sarah was bucking her hips all around and then suddenly thrust her hips up hard and then dropped.

“Wow bro, that was intense! I never came so hard before!”

I was just sitting there, breathing hard, unable to speak. My sister had just rubbed herself off and had an orgasm right in front of me. My dick was hard and throbbing. Sarah looked up at me then her eyes dropped to my dick, the head was peeking out of the top of my suit and was leaking a little.

“Damn Jimmy, looks like you need to get off too. Why don’t you go ahead and jerk off, it looks like you’re almost there already,”

“I can’t jerk off out here in the open, someone will see. I can’t believe you just did that! Someone could have seen you too.”

“Bro, I couldn’t help it. You rubbing my tits like that just had me so worked up. I think there must be a direct connection between my boobs and pussy. I’m sorry I got you all worked up and you can’t relieve yourself. Hey, why don’t you go over there to the restroom and take care of it in there?”

“No, that’s okay. Lets go get in the water and swim or something, it’ll go down then.”

I held out my hand to Sarah and pulled her up. We walked down to the water and waded in. The cool water felt good and soon Sarah and I were splashing around and trying to dunk each other. Sarah jumped on my back so I flipped her over into the water. She came up spurting water and laughing and jumped on me again so I flipped her again. She came up laughing and jumped on my back again only this time something felt different. I flipped her again and as she went over into the water I saw her bare pussy. Her suit bottoms must have come off in all the horseplay. This time when she came up laughing and jumped on my back again I didn’t flip her off into the water.

“What’s the matter Jimmy, all worn out?”

“No Sarah, you lost you bikini bottom!”

“Oh shit! Where could it have gone?”

“I don’t know sis, I don’t see it anywhere. It probably floated away or is laying on the bottom somewhere.”

“We’ll never find it now. Guess I’ll just have to go without until we get back to our stuff.”

And with that Sarah started walking back to the beach and as she got to where the water was below her waist she just kept on walking out of the surf and onto the beach. I followed along behind her as she walked toward our stuff. She didn’t even try to cover up as she walked and everyone stared at her. She just smiled at them and told them she lost her suit in the water. When we got to our stuff Sarah didn’t seem to be in any hurry to cover up. She took a towel and dried herself off as I stood there taking in her naked body.

“Well, I guess you should wrap a towel around yourself and I will get our stuff together so we can go back to the house.”

“Oh Jimmy, I’m not ready to go yet. I want to lay out some more. I can just cover my pussy with the towel,” she said as she laid down still completely naked.

I lay down next to her and she covered her pussy with the corner of the towel. We lay there in the sun for about 30 minutes when I heard mom calling us. I rolled over and got up on my knees and waved to mom as she walked toward us. Sarah was sleeping and hadn’t heard mom calling so I shook her to wake her up. She sat up and as she did the towel fell away from her pussy.

“Mom’s coming, you better cover back up.”

“Mom’s seen me naked before.”

“Yeah, but not out in the open on a public beach where any guy in the world can see you.”

Sarah covered up her pussy again but left her bare tits out still as mom walked up.

“Wow mom, that is some super hot bikini!” I said as she came up to me.

“Thanks baby, glad you like it.”

“Hi mom, did you have a nice nap?” Sarah asked.

“I did. Sarah, where is your swim suit?”

“The top is in the beach bag, I took it off earlier since this is a topless beach.”

“Where are the bottoms young lady?”

“Jimmy and I were playing in the water and they came off and we couldn’t find them.”

“So, you thought it was okay to just go without?”

“Mom, I was covered up. Come on and lay down and catch what’s left of the sun.”

Mom sat down on the blanket next to me and took the sunscreen and started to rub some on. After she was done with her front she lay down on the blanket. I was in between my mom and sister, one of them basically naked and the other in the tiniest bikini I had ever seen. After a while mom turned over on her stomach to get some sun on her back.

“Here baby, will you rub some of this on my back?” She asked me as she handed me the bottle of lotion.

“Sure mom.”

I took the bottle and squirted some in my hands and started to rub it onto moms’ back. Mom then reached behind her and untied the strings on her top so I could do her whole back. I worked the lotion into her back all the way down to her suit bottom string. Moms’ suit was a G-string style like Sarah’s so her ass cheeks were totally bare. I hesitated to rub the lotion on them but mom said to go ahead and go all the way down her legs as well as her bottom. So I squirted some more lotion onto my hands and started rubbing moms’ ass. Mom has a great ass and it felt so good to be rubbing it. I was getting hard again, just like when I rubbed my sisters tits.

“Mmmm baby, that feels really good but you need to get my legs too. Oh, and uh, you need to tuck yourself back in,” she said nodding at my exposed dick.

I looked down, “sorry mom, thing has a mind of it’s own.”

“That’s okay baby, I enjoyed the view!”

I heard Sarah giggle a little as I pulled my suit up over my dick and started rubbing the lotion on moms’ legs. I worked my way down one leg and then started up the other one. As I neared the top mom had spread her legs a little and I could see her suit barely covering her pussy and the string up between her cheeks and her little rosebud behind the string. I worked my hands up moms’ thigh and was rubbing the inside and my finger ran along her bikini covered pussy. Mom squirmed a little and sighed as I pulled my hands away.

“All done mom!”

“Thanks baby, that felt really good. You can be my masseuse any time!”

After a while mom turned over and her bare tits were now exposed. Mom appeared to be asleep not realizing she had left her top untied when she turned over. I tapped Sarah on the shoulder and pointed to mom.

“Looks like mom has joined in with the rest of us!” Sarah said with a little giggle.

Mom stirred and sat up, “what did you say baby?”

“I said that you were joining the rest of us topless girls.”

Mom looked down at her exposed tits, “oh, I forgot my top was untied. Oh well, I would like some sun on my boobs too.”

“Well, you should have Jimmy rub some lotion on your boobs, he does a really great job on them.”

“Sounds like the voice of experience. Have you been letting your brother rub your boobs?”

“Oh yeah mom, it felt so good!”

Mom looked at me and I was red faced.

“Hmmm…So baby, would you like to rub the sunscreen on your moms’ boobs?”

“Uh…sure mom, if you want me to.”

“Well, after the good job you did on my back and the recommendation from your sister it sounds like a treat I shouldn’t pass up!”

So I squirted a big glob of lotion on my hands and turned to mom to start.

“Hey bro, why didn’t you squirt a big load of lotion right on her boobs like you did to me? Mom, you should have seen it, it looked like he had just shot a big load of cum all over my tits!”

“Sarah, what do you know about guys shooting their loads on a woman’s tits?”

“Oh mom, come on, you know I’m not a virgin. You took me to the doctor for birth control when I told you that I was having sex with Steve. I’ve had him blow his load on my tits a few times.”

So there I was rubbing sunscreen on my moms’ tits listening to her and my sister talk about her having sex with her boyfriend. I was red faced and my dick was hard again. I worked moms’ tits like I did Sarah’s, squeezing them through my hands until I had her nipples between my thumb and finger, stretching the nipples out letting them finally slip through as her tits dropped back to her body.

“Oh Jimmy, that does feel really good. Sarah was right, you do a great job on a woman’s boobs.”

A while later after I had finished rubbing the lotion on moms’ tits she decided to go for a walk along the beach. Sarah and I stayed behind.

“Well bro, looks like you had about as much fun with moms’ tits as you did mine. Your dick looks like it is just as hard as it was when you rubbed my tits.”

“Mom has real nice tits too and they felt as good as yours did but I don’t think she had an orgasm like you did.”

“Yeah well, she would have if she had been rubbing her pussy like I was while you were rubbing my tits.”

“I still can’t believe you did that right out here in the open.”

“What, you mean like this?”

And with that Sarah slipped her hand under her towel and started playing with her pussy while I watched.

“Damn you’re a horny little bitch aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah, because Steve’s not here to fuck me! If he was I would make him fuck me right here on the beach where everyone could see us!” Sarah said as she frantically fingered her pussy.

The towel had slipped off and Sarah had three fingers sloshing in and out of her pussy right out in the open for anyone on the beach to see her. As late in the day as it was there was hardly anyone left on the beach so nobody but me got a good look at what she was doing. I was sure watching though and my dick was rock hard and sticking up above my suit again. I looked around again to see if anyone was watching and I saw mom coming back toward us. Sarah was still fingering herself hard and fast as mom got closer.

“Sarah, mom is coming back. You better stop and get covered back up!”

“Oh! I’m almost there…”

“So is mom, she’s almost here!”

“I don’t care, I don’t care,” Sarah said as she stroked her clit with one hand and finger fucked herself with the other.

Mom walked up and stood at Sarah’s feet without saying a word, she just stood and watched as Sarah got herself off. Soon Sarah was Cumming, she arched her hips off the ground and furiously rubbed her clit and moaned long and loud. Finally she drooped flat on her back and was breathing hard and fast. Sarah opened her eyes and saw mom standing over her.

“Oh mom, I just couldn’t stop myself, it felt so good I just had to finish,” Sarah panted.

Mom just held her hand out to Sarah, “come on, lets get this stiff picked up and go back to the house.”
Sarah took moms’ hand and pulled herself up not even bothering to cover up and we picked up our stuff. Sarah had the towels in her arms but didn’t wrap one around her naked body, mom had the blanket and beach bag and I had the umbrella. We walked back to the house past a few people who were also packing their stuff. They just stared as the naked young girl and her topless mom and brother walked by. When we got to the house Sarah took the towels and dumped them in the wash machine and started it and mom went in to start dinner. I started to go into the bathroom to take a shower but Sarah ran in ahead of me. I wanted to go jerk off in the shower but instead had to go in the bedroom to do it. I went in and closed the door and stripped off my suit and flopped on the bed and took my dick in hand and started to stroke it. I had all the events of the day running through my mind to stroke off to, rubbing Sarah’s tits while she rubbed her pussy, rubbing moms’ tits and then watching Sarah finger fuck herself right out in the open and in front of mom until she came in a big orgasm. Soon I could feel the cum racing up my dick and suddenly spurt out in a high arc and land on my chest. Just then the door opened and mom stood there watching me cum all over myself. There was no holding back and no hiding what I was doing, I just kept spurting. Mom waited until I was through before saying anything.

“Baby, when you are finished cleaning up please set the table for me.”

And with that she closed the door and left. I lay there for a few minutes just taking in what had just happened and thought about what had happened all day. Then the realization hit me that when mom had been standing at the door as I was cumming all over myself that she had still been topless. That thought had me starting to get hard again. I decided I batter get cleaned up and go set the table like she had asked so I grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped the cum off my chest and got up and pulled some shorts on and went out to the kitchen. When I got there mom was standing at the stove, and she was still topless, stirring something in a pan.

“Jimmy, sorry to have walked in on you just now, the door wasn’t locked or I would have knocked.”

“That’s okay mom, I wasn’t thinking about that when I went in there. I was pretty worked up from all that happened today on the beach.”

“I know baby, your sister and I teased you a little and your sister’s performance had me pretty worked up too. She seems to have a pretty wild exhibitionist streak in her. I’m going to have to talk to her about that, she could have caused a lot of problems masturbating in public like that. Especially on a beach that is only topless.”

I took the plates and silverware and set the table for supper. About the time that I had finished Sarah came into the kitchen with a towel wrapped around the hair on her head but other than that she was still naked. Mom noticed but didn’t say anything to her about it.

“Oh Sarah, I’m glad you’re finally out of the shower. Watch this spaghetti sauce for me while I go take a quick shower before dinner. I need to wash the sand and sunscreen off, I feel all sticky.”

“Sure mom, no problem.”

Mom went to take her shower while Sarah and I continued getting the food ready.

“So, are you planning to stay naked for the rest of the vacation?”

“Maybe, are you complaining?”

“No, no, I like seeing a beautiful naked girl in the house, just wondering?”

“Jimmy, you really think I’m beautiful?”

“Sure! You’re the most beautiful naked girl in this kitchen!”

“Oh you!” Sarah said and then she stuck her finger in the sauce and then flicked it at me getting sauce spots on my chest.

“Hey! You’re going to have to clean that up.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Sarah walked up to me and then bent her head down and started to lick the sauce off my chest. She even sucked on my nipples some even though there wasn’t any sauce on them. My super hot naked sister was licking my chest! My dick was hard instantly only this time I had some loose shorts on instead of my tight speedo so my dick just stuck out making a tent in my shorts. About that time mom walked back in with a towel wrapped around her hair on top of her head and she was also naked like Sarah.

“Sarah, what are you doing to your brother?”

“I flicked spaghetti sauce on his chest and I was licking it off to see if it needed any more seasoning,” Sarah said with a giggle in her voice. “I see that you decided to go naked too. I think maybe I will just stay this way the rest of the week. I really like not having any clothes on.”

“Well kids, I was talking to a woman earlier when I went walking on the beach and she told me that there is a nude beach about a mile further down and I thought we might go there tomorrow and check it out so I wanted to be nude for a while before going so I could get a little used to it.”

“Heck yeah mom! That sounds like fun!” Sarah said excitedly.

“I was pretty sure you would be all for it. How about you Jimmy, sound good to you?”

“I don’t know mom, I’m having a hard time just being here with you and Sarah, I don’t know if I am ready to go naked too and especially out in front of other people.”

“Baby, I can see that you are having a “hard” time.” Mom said looking down at the tent in my shorts.


“Sorry baby, just teasing. You don’t have to get naked on the beach, it’s clothing optional, you can still wear your suit. Let’s eat while the pasta is still hot.”

So we sat down to eat, me and my naked mother and sister. I could hardly concentrate on my food watching the naked tits jiggling in front of me while mom and Sarah talked and laughed. Near the end of the meal, Sarah was taking one last big bite of pasta and some of it dripped off her fork and landed on her right tit. She giggled and picked up her napkin to wipe it off.

“Wait a sec, you licked sauce off of my chest, it’s my turn to lick it off of yours!”

“Sure bro, come and get it.” And she turned her chair to face me.

I got up, not caring that my hard dick was tenting out my shorts and got down on my knees in front of Sarah. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled at me. I then bent my head down to her tit where the sauce had landed on top of it and licked the sauce off. Then I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it just like she had done to mine and then I switched to the other nipple and did the same. Sarah was moaning softly and stoking my hair. Mom sat there watching us with a smile on her face and then took her fork and dipped it into the last of her spaghetti and just dumped it on her right tit.

“Hey! When is it my turn?” And she turned her chair toward Sarah and me.

“Right now I guess,” I said as I got up from in front of Sarah and went over in front of mom.

I bent down on my knees in front of her and licked the sauce off her tit and then sucked the nipple into my mouth.

“Oh baby, it’s been so long since the last time you sucked on my nipples.”

Just then Sarah got on her knees beside me and took moms’ other nipple in her mouth and sucked on it.
“Oh my, both my babies sucking on my nipples at the same time!”

Mom had her hand down in her pussy rubbing her clit and fingering her hole as Sarah and I sucked her nipples. Soon mom was bucking her hips all over the chair fucking herself on her fingers as we sucked her nipples and finally she had a big climax and she actually squirted her pussy juice getting some on both Sarah and myself.

“Oh kids, thanks so much! I haven’t cum that hard since before your dad left us.”

We all got up and cleaned up the kitchen then mom and Sarah went out on the porch to enjoy the evening sea breeze while I went in to take a shower. In the shower I lathered myself up and then took my dick in hand and started stroking it thinking about mom cumming while Sarah and I sucked her tits. Soon I was spraying the shower wall with cum. After rinsing off I got out of the shower and dried off. I decided right then that I was going to join mom and Sarah and stay naked. I walked out of the bathroom and went to the front door. It was pitch black outside except for the light from the door and windows and nobody else was around so I didn’t think anyone would see me naked so I stepped out the door.

“Hey mom, Jimmy has decided to get naked with us! And it looks like he has calmed down too, his dick isn’t hard any more.”

“Sarah, quit teasing your brother! Come on Jimmy, sit with us and enjoy the breeze.”

Sarah and mom moved apart and I sat down between them on the porch swing.

“Mom, you don’t think anyone can see us sitting here do you?”

“Nah, don’t worry about it baby. Even if someone does see us they don’t know us and we will never see them again. Besides, in the dark it is hard to see into this porch through the screen.”

So the three of us just sat naked together gently swinging back and forth enjoying the breeze on our skin. Sarah and I talked to our mom about our lives and dreams and school, my girlfriends and Sarah’s boyfriend, mom told us about her last boyfriend. We had never before talked so openly with our mom, it was great to talk like adults to each other instead of parent and children as it had been up to that time.

“Well you two, I’m going to bed,” Mom said as she stood up and stretched, “We’ll get up in the morning and have breakfast and then we can walk down to the nude beach and check it out. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said as I stood up and wrapped my arms around her to giver her a hug, “Good night mom.”

“Good night baby,” mom said as she hugged me tight to her body pressing her bare tits into my bare chest my dick rubbing in her landing strip hair.

Sarah then stood up and we hugged each other too and she kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you bro, thanks for the wonderful day.”

“I love you too sis,” I said and then gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

I followed these two beautiful naked women into the house and watched as they went into their bedroom and then I went into mine. I thought for a second about going in with them but decided against it. I left the door open, we had all seen all there was to see so no need to close it. I flopped down on the bed and lay there thinking about the day. My dick started to get hard again and I took it in my hand and started to lightly stroke it. The more I lay there thinking the harder I stroked. Soon I was just about to blow my load when I heard a noise and opened my eyes and Sarah was standing in the doorway watching me. I thought for a second about stopping but I was so close I just kept stroking. Sarah had her hand down rubbing over her pussy and we looked into each others eyes as we masturbated. Suddenly the cum came shooting out of my dick, it splattered over my chest and some even hit me under my chin. I looked over at Sarah just as she slumped against the doorframe. I reached for some more tissues and started to wipe the cum from my body. As I reached to drop the used tissues in the trash I looked to the door but Sarah was gone. I lay back and drifted off to sleep.

Vacation at the beach, Day 2

I woke to the sunshine streaming in through the window and the smell of bacon frying in the air. I got up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes and stretched my body out. I had a hard dick, morning wood, and I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and heard the shower running but the door was open so I went in. Sarah was in the shower and I could see her wet naked body through the clear glass shower door. She turned and saw me as I came in.

“Morning bro!”

“Morning Sarah,” I said groggily.

“Well, at least part of you is awake,” she said while pointing to my dick.

“Yeah, I got to pee, hope you don’t mind.”

“Jimmy, after yesterday I don’t think any of us have anything left to be embarrassed about or anything to hide. I hope you didn’t mind me watching you last night,” Sarah said as she rubbed the soap over her tits while she watched me push my dick down and start peeing.

“No, I figured after watching you rub yourself off twice yesterday that it was okay for you to watch me.”

“Yeah, I guess so!” Then she opened the shower door, “hey, do me a favor and wash my back, will you?”

“Uh, yeah sure,” I said and stepped into the shower.

I took the soap and started rubbing it over her back. I worked her shoulders and started my way down her back to her ass.

“Damn bro, you really do make a good masseuse!”

“Thanks! Turn around and rinse off.”

Sarah turned her back to the shower spray and I reached around to wash the soap off. My still hard dick was poking into her stomach and rubbing back and forth as I got all the soap off her back.

“Wow! Doesn’t this thing ever stay down?” Sarah asked as she took my dick in her hand a stroked it.

“If you keep doing that I will cum all over you and it might go down then.”

“Let’s try it and see!”

Sarah then started stroking a little harder and faster and I held onto her shoulders. Sarah took my balls in her other hand and fondled them gently. Then she started to run her hand further down and slid her finger over my bung hole which made me jump a little. Sarah just giggled and kept running her finger over it as she jerked my dick. Then she slipped her finger in the hole making me clench my cheeks together.

“Relax bro, this will feel real good if you do.”

I tried to let loose and concentrate on how good her hand felt on my dick and as I did her finger slipped deeper in. Then I felt her wiggle her finger around some as she kept stroking my dick. Then it happened, I felt a sudden burst from my dick as I shot stream after stream of cum out all over Sarah’s tits. I nearly collapsed as my legs turned to jello but Sarah held onto me. Then she stood up and hugged me and leaned up and kissed me on the lips. Then she turned around and let the spray wash my cum off her body then moved out of the way and the spray washed over me. Just then mom called us to breakfast.

“Coming mom!” Sarah called back.

“Already came mom!” I called out and we both burst out laughing.

Mom came into the bathroom as we were standing there drying ourselves off.

“What’s going on in here? What did I miss?”

“I was in the shower when Jimmy came in with his morning wood and had to pee. Then I asked him to wash my back for me and then I washed his.”

“Yeah, uh-huh, sure…” Mom said as she looked at my half hard dick with a drop of cum still on the head. Then she reached down and rubbed the drop on her finger and then stuck it in her mouth and licked it off. “Lets eat before the food gets too cold.”

After we ate we gathered our stuff up to go down to the beach. It was going to be a mile walk so we packed light, just took the beach bag with the blanket and towels and sunscreen in it as well as some bottled water and some snacks. Mom slipped on her bikini bottoms and I put my speedo on. Sarah wanted to just go naked but mom made her wrap a towel around her waist for our walk to the nude beach. Since it was a Monday there weren’t many people on the beach as we walked. But all the men who were there were sure watching mom and Sarah’s tits as we went by. As we got a ways down the beach there was a point where the beach turned to rock and we had to walk over the rocks. Once we got on the other side there was a sign that warned that beyond that point there may be nude sunbathers. This was it, the nude area of the beach. I turned to Sarah to tell her we were there but she had already taken off her towel and was naked. We walked a little further down looking for a good spot to lay our blanket out. We picked a place towards the back of the beach so we wouldn’t be in the high traffic area. Mom spread out the blanket and Sarah took the sunscreen out and started to rub herself down with it. Then she handed it to me and turned her back to me so I could rub it on her back. I worked my way down to her feet and then back up to her ass. As I rubbed the lotion into her ass I slipped my fingers down between her cheeks and slipped a finger into her ass. I wanted to see what it felt like for Sarah when she had done that to me in the shower. Sarah moaned real loud and mom looked over at us as I was crouched down behind my sister with my finger in her ass.

“Baby, what are you doing to your sister?”

“Well, Sarah stuck her finger up my behind in the shower this morning and I wanted to see what it was like to stick my finger up hers.”

“Sarah, you had your finger up in your brothers behind?”

“Yeah mom, I was massaging his prostate. He came like a geyser when I did that!”

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“On the internet of course. I found a website full of sex techniques and I learned a lot.”

Sarah lay down next to mom. Mom had taken her bikini bottoms off and was now naked too. I was hesitant to strip down because my dick was rock hard from rubbing Sarah and playing with her ass.

“Baby, aren’t you going to take your speedo off and join us?”

I turned to mom, “my dick is hard and I don’t think I want to be waving it around in front of everyone.”

“Jimmy, your sister and I have already seen your cock when it is hard and there aren’t many people here to see you. And you should be proud of your cock, it is really beautiful when it is hard. And after a while you will get used to it and it will go soft.”

I thought about it for a few seconds and then hooked my thumbs in my suit and pulled it down and stepped out of it. I stood in front of my mom and sister naked with my dick so hard it was almost sticking straight up against my belly.

“Baby, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. That is a cock to be proud of for sure, so hard and so upright. That’s one that would make any woman happy!”

“It would sure make me happy!” Sarah blurted out.

“I still feel funny about being out in the open with a hard dick.”

“Bro, why don’t you just jerk off, that will get it to go down for a while.”

“I’m not going to do that out here.”

“Go ahead baby, your sister and I have both already seen you do it and nobody else is paying any attention.”

I looked around and the few people who were on the beach were not looking our way, most were just laying on their backs soaking up the sun. I tentatively wrapped my hand around my dick and slowly stroked it a few times but then stopped.

“What’s wrong Jimmy?” mom asked as she sat up.

“I don’t know, guess I’m still a little wierded out stroking off out in the open.”

“Your dad used to love to jerk off for me, especially when we were with the gang skinny dipping out at the lake.”

“Really mom, dad did that in front of you and your friends?” asked a very interested Sarah.

“Oh yes he did. I think that must be where you get your exhibitionist streak from. We would all be laying on the shore of the lake naked after swimming and your dad used to love hanging out in front of the girls with his cock all hard.”

“Is Jimmy as big as dad?”

Mom looked at my hard dick in my hand for a second, “I’d say that Jimmy is just a tad bigger than your father.”

That made me feel good. I didn’t care much for my dad, he hardly ever came to see us but mom still had a thing for him.

“We used to have contests to see which one of the guys could cum the fastest. All the girls would get down on their knees in front of their guys and the rule was we couldn’t touch them with anything but our tongues. Your dad and I would always win because I knew just how to rub his cock with my tongue to make him shoot off.”

“What did you do mom?”

“There is a spot on the underside of a guys cock that is very sensitive and feels really good to him when it is rubbed there. Jimmy, do you want me to demonstrate how I did it?”

At this point I was so excited just from hearing the description I could only nod. Mom got up on her knees in front of me and leaned in close to my dick. I could feel her breath on it and then she stuck her tongue out and touched the underside of my dick at the base of the head. My dick jerked up as she did.

Mom giggled, “see how sensitive that area is?”

“Yeah mom, that is cool!” Sarah said as she got up on her knees next to mom so she could see better.

Mom then leaned in again and touched her tongue to my dick and then started rubbing it all around in that spot. I felt my knees start to go weak but mom grabbed my ass cheeks in both hands to steady me and kept on rubbing my dick with her tongue. It felt so good and I knew I would be blowing my load soon.

“Mom, I’m about to cum!”

“Sarah, help me get your brother off!”

Sarah leaned in closer and stuck her tongue out and together they rubbed the underside of the head of my dick.

“Here it comes mom!”

Neither one backed off, they both just kept licking me. I could feel the cum shooting up the shaft of my dick, spewing out over moms’ face. Some went up in her hair and some on her nose and some even in her mouth. Sarah pushed her face in and caught the next couple of streams on her face and in her mouth. It felt so wild cumming without stroking my dick. It just kept jerking up with every stream of cum, it was very intense. Sarah licked the last remnants of cum off the end of my dick, even taking the head clear inside her mouth and sucking on it. I finally couldn’t stand any more and sank to my knees in front of mom and Sarah. I was huffing and puffing trying to catch my breath. Mom and Sarah were both smiling big with their cum soaked faces. I put a hand on each of their shoulders and drew them into me. I kissed mom on the mouth and then I turned and kissed Sarah, tasting my own cum as I did. Sarah and mom took turns licking my cum off of one another’s faces while I collapsed on the blanket face down, resting my head on my arms. Mom and Sarah then proceeded to rub sunscreen all over my back, ass and legs. They wanted me to turn over so they could do the front but I told them we would do it later.

“Men! They get a little bit of sex and then all they want to do is roll over and go to sleep!” Mom said and then slapped me on the ass.

I just lay there and drifted off to sleep, totally satisfied. I woke up a little while later when I heard some loud music playing just down the beach from us. I rolled over and sat up and looked at the group that had gathered. There were four or five guys and about six girls all of them just a little older than me, they were maybe 19 or 20. The girls were dancing to the music as they stripped off their bikinis’, bumping and grinding. One of the guys had a video camera and was getting the girls dancing on video. I shook Sarah so she would wake up and watch the goings on with me.

“What’s up bro?”

“Check them out!”

“Oh, a bunch of hotties for you to drool over!”

Sarah and I sat there watching the girls do their strip for the camera. Once all the girls were naked they egged the guys on until they got up and started dancing. One of the now naked girls had the video camera and was shooting the guys dancing. They were thrusting their hips at the girls and then slowly pushing their suits down until they were at their feet. Then they continued to shake their dicks in the girls’ faces. Soon a couple of the girls started sucking the dick of the guy in front of them. Then the guys were on their backs and the girls were squatting down on the guys’ faces and getting their pussies licked. After a while they settled down and were just lying in the sun like everyone else.

“Well bro, now that you’re up again, let me rub some sunscreen on you so you won’t burn.”

I lay down on my back and Sarah got up and threw her leg over me and straddled my waist and started rubbing the lotion on my face and down on my shoulders. It felt good to have her squatting on top of me and my dick was already hard from watching the girls dancing. As Sarah moved back to so she could get to my chest to rub the lotion on it she slid down on my hard dick.

“Oh, that feels good!” she said as she wiggled her butt back and forth rubbing her pussy on my dick.

“Feels good to me too,” I said as I rubbed my sister’s thighs.

Sarah continued to rub the lotion on my chest and stomach then she turned around so her ass was to me and did my legs and feet all the while rubbing her pussy on my hard dick. I looked over to mom and she appeared to be still asleep. Sarah had finished my legs but didn’t get up and turn around yet but she did lift her ass up some. Then she looked at me over her shoulder and reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could. Then she slid her finger down and slid it in and out of her pussy a few times getting it good and coated with her pussy juice. She the slid the finger in her little puckered hole and moved it in and out a few times. She did the same thing with her other hand and she then had a finger from each hand in her ass, she pulled them apart and opened up her hole. You could see all the way into her, it was all pink inside. Sarah pulled her fingers out of her ass but the hole stayed open for a second and then looked like she flexed a little and it close back up. She then turned around and sat back on my dick and rubbed her pussy on it some more. Sarah lifted her hips up and took my dick in her hand and put it at the entrance to her pussy and slowly sank down on it. I was inside my sister for the first time and damn she felt good! Sarah started to move up and down my dick with long slow strokes. I reached up and played with her tits and squeezed and pulled her nipples, I knew she liked that from rubbing her tits the day before. Sarah started bouncing faster and faster on my dick. After a few minutes of this she raised herself up off of me. I gave her a questioning look and she just smiled and grabbed my dick and bent it down a little and lined it up with her puckered hole and started to slip it down over my dick. The head finally popped in and Sarah relaxed the muscles a little and I slid on into her ass. Sarah then leaned back and put her hands on my thighs and started to ride my dick.

“Rub my clit and pussy hard and fast while I ride you.”

I slid two fingers into her pussy and rubbed my thumb on her clit as hard and fast as I could while she bucked her ass up and down on my dick. It felt fantastic and it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum and I told Sarah I was almost there.

“Rub me harder, use both hands, I’m almost there too!”

I did as she asked and she bounced her ass even faster on my dick.

“Sarah! I’m cumming!” I shouted.

“Me too!” Sarah screamed.

My cum was squirting out of my dick and into my sister’s ass. And right then I felt something wet hit my face. I looked up and Sarah’s pussy was squirting like she was peeing on me except it wasn’t pee it was pussy juice! I opened my mouth and let some in and it didn’t taste that bad, no worse than my own cum tasted. Finally we both stopped cumming and Sarah fell forward on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Then suddenly we heard people clapping and I looked over and the group of guys and girls were standing there having watched us and were clapping and cheering for us. I guess we put on a great show. I looked over at mom and she was lying on her side propped up on her elbow looking at us with a smile on her face. Sarah lifted her head up and looked me in the eyes, she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth and my tongue danced with hers for a few seconds before we broke the kiss.

“I love you bro!”

“I love you too sis.”

We lay there like that for a while with my softening dick still in her ass. Our audience had gone back to their blankets and mom lay back down and closed her eyes. After a while Sarah sat back up and started to stand up, as she did my deflated dick slipped out of her ass. I looked up at her and my cum was dribbling out of her ass and running down her thighs. She held her hand out to me.

“Come on bro, lets go play in the water a while. I want to wash some of this cum off of me,” she said as she ran her finger through the cum on her thigh.

“Sure sis,” I said as I took her hand and stood up.

We walked hand in hand toward the water. As we passed by the group of guys and girls who were our audience we saw that they were all coupled in some sort of sex acts, some in a 69, one girl riding her guy cowgirl and a threesome with a girl on her hands and knees licking another girl while a guy was behind her ramming his dick in her pussy. We didn’t stop to watch, we just went on by and down to the water. We walked in up to our knees and then together we dove onto the waves. I surfaced and looked for Sarah but didn’t see her at first, then I felt her arms wrap around my waste and her hands around my dick. She stroked me for a few seconds and then I turned around and took her in my arms and kissed her. Sarah put her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist as I lined my dick up with her pussy and she lowered herself onto me.

We were in the water about waste deep and as the waves rolled out we were uncovered to the point that people on the beach could see my dick in her pussy but were once again covered when the waves came in. It was hard to keep from getting knocked over by the waves so I started walking back to the beach with Sarah still riding my dick. I walked right back past the group and to our blanket and knelt down and lay Sarah on her back and followed her down. My dick has slipped out of her as I laid her down but I slipped right back in and we kept fucking. It was slow and leisurely and we were locked in a kiss as my dick slid in and out of my sister’s pussy. Soon the pressure built to the point of no return and I was cumming in her pussy, spewing forth my sperm into my sister’s pussy. We lay there kissing, my spent dick still in her pussy. As my dick went soft it slipped out and I rolled over on my back between Sarah and mom who appeared to be sleeping. Sarah leaned over and kissed me again and started kissing her way down my body. As she got to my dick she sucked it into her mouth and threw her leg over me and planted her pussy in my face. My cum was dribbling out and it looked so inviting that I leaned my head up and started licking her pussy, eating my first creampie. I figured what the hell, it’s my cum and I had already tasted it. It’s not like I was eating some other guys junk! Sarah was moaning around my dick as she licked it clean tasting our combined cum just as I was doing in her pussy. About that time mom must have woke up from her nap and sat up and was watching us as we pleasured each other.

“You two are going to be insatiable from now on aren’t you?”

Sarah let my dick slip out of her mouth and turned to mom, “Oh mom, I’ve never felt so good before! Sex with Steve has always been so frantic in the back seat of his car or me just sucking his cock to get him off. With Jimmy it is totally different, it is making love and not just fucking.”

“Baby, I know exactly what you mean, your father and I had that once.”

“Oh mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring you down,” Sarah said as she climbed off of me and hugged mom.

“Sarah, it’s okay, I’m happy you two are so good together,” Mom said as she hugged Sarah back.

I lay on my side watching them embrace and then Sarah pushed mom onto her back and lay on top of her and kissed her on the mouth. They were tit to tit, nipple to nipple and I could see Sarah’s tongue snake it’s way into mom’s mouth as they kissed. Sarah slid her hand down moms’ belly and onto her pussy and rubbed her clit and put two fingers in her sloshing them in and out. Mom and Sarah broke off their kissing and Sarah turned around and dropped her mouth to mom’s pussy and mom clamped her mouth to Sarah’s pussy. I watched them as I stroked my hard dick. Sarah lifted her head and watched me for a few seconds with a big grin on her face. She sat up with her pussy still planted on mom’s face and motioned me over. I got up on my knees between moms’ legs and kissed Sarah, tasting moms’ pussy on her mouth. My hard dick was pointed at moms’ open pussy and it looked too inviting to pass up so I leaned forward and kissed Sarah’s nipple and slid my dick into mom’s pussy. Mom moaned loudly into Sarah’s pussy as I hammered my dick in and out of her pussy. Mom licked Sarah’s pussy, Sarah kissed me and I fucked mom. Pretty soon Sarah started cumming, then mom clamped down on my dick and started cumming and then I shot my load in mom’s pussy. Sarah got off of mom’s face and leaned down and kissed her then I lay down on mom and kissed her while my dick was still buried in her pussy. I started to go soft and rolled over and lay beside mom. Sarah moved down and started to eat my cum from mom’s pussy as mom writhed all around. Finally she couldn’t stand it any more and pushed Sarah away.

“Stop! I can’t take it any more!” Mom said and slumped back and closed her eyes.

We all lay there for a while trying to catch our breath. By that time it was starting to get late and the sun was going down.

Mom rolled over and stood up, “Come on you two, lets go rinse off in the surf and then gather our stuff and head back to the house.”

Sarah and I followed her down to the water and we all waded in. We splashed and played and swam a while and then walked back and picked our stuff up and started back to the house. None of us bothered to put our suits on or even wrap a towel around our naked bodies. I figured it was late enough that on a weekday like this that the topless part of the beach would be deserted and it was. We got to the house and Sarah and I went to take a shower while mom started dinner. Sarah and I simply washed each other in the shower, I had cum so many times that I was tapped out. It was nice to just be together washing each other without doing anything more right then. We got out of the shower and walked naked back to the kitchen where mom had made sandwiches and laid out chips and sodas. We sat and ate pretty much in silence and just as we finished there was a knock at the door. Mom went to the door and opened it a crack to see who it was, it was a sheriffs deputy.

“Ma’am, we received a complaint that there were three nude individuals on the non-nude section of the beach just a short while ago and that those persons went into this house.”

Mom threw open the door, “Please come in.”

The deputy came in and saw that all three of us were naked.


“Jones ma’am.”

“Deputy Jones, I’m sorry but yes, I guess it was us that you got the call about. As you can see we are all nude, we just came back from the nude beach and we figured it was late enough that nobody would see us.”

The deputy was taking in mom’s naked body as well as Sarah’s teenage naked form.

“Well ma’am, if it was just me I wouldn’t have a problem with the nudity and y’all being nude on the nude section of the beach or in your own house is your business but when someone calls a complaint in we are bound to look into it. You really need to cover up on the non-nude sections of the beach. We are fairly lax about topless bathers on the non-nude areas but they draw the line at total nudity anywhere besides the established nude beach.”

“We really are sorry and will make sure to abide by the rules from now on.”

“I do have to take some sort of action to satisfy the complaint. What I am going to do is right you a warning, that will show that we did take action. Now if I have to come back out for the same offense then there will be a citation and that carries a fine of $50. Also, if these two minors are caught nude on the non-nude area then the whole deal will have to go before the judge to determine whether they should be removed from your custody. Do you understand all of this then?”

Mom was in tears after hearing all of that and Sarah and I went to her side and hugged her.

“Ma’am, please don’t cry. I know this isn’t going to be a problem again and I know I won’t have to come back for this again. Now, I will need your name for the warning ticket.”

“My name is Judy Bell, here is my I.D.” Mom said as she reached into her purse and took it out.

“Thank you Mrs. Bell,” the deputy said as he filled out the ticket.

The deputy handed mom the warning and he turned to leave. As he stepped out the door he turned back to mom.

“Mrs. Bell, I’m sorry of I upset you with the talk of court proceedings but I’m required to give you that information. I don’t want you to worry about it, I know that it won’t be a problem any more.”

“You’re right Deputy Jones, it won’t happen again.”

“Please call me Mark.”

“Thanks Mark, please call me Judy.”

“Judy, you and your kids have a nice time for the rest of your stay and please don’t worry about this. Good bye now.”

“Good bye Mark, thanks for being so understanding.”

Mom stood in the door and watched the deputy get in his car and drive away. As he did he waved at mom and she waved back. Mom closed the door and turned back to us and was shaking. Sarah and I went to her and hugged her and then she started to laugh. Sarah and I looked at one another with puzzled looks.

“Mom, what’s so funny?” I asked.

“That was so wild! Standing there stark naked in front of the deputy while he checked me out and checked out my naked teenage daughter! I thought I would cum right there in front of him. I was so excited and turned on!”

Sarah and I started laughing too after hearing that. Mom took us each by the hand a led us to the master bedroom.

“I think we can all fit in one bed tonight.”

Mom lay down in the middle and Sarah and I lay on either side of her. The three of us came together in a three-way kiss…


It had been a wild and wonderful vacation so far and we still had five days left to go…


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