The break-up became too much for my virgin ass

The break-up became too much for my virgin ass

It has been two days since I broke up with Rodger. The routine was pretty much same since that day, I feel like there was a big void growing inside me. We had enjoyed good sex but my virgin ass needed his touch. I was rewinding the scene that I encountered in the motel room two days back. It was our third first date anniversary. I was planning to do something special for him. He was going out for a business trip and apologized for not being able to celebrate the day together. So I decided to make a surprise visit to the hotel he will be staying in.

I cooked a fancy meal, packed some scented candles and took a cab to the imperial hotel across the town. As I was asking about the room number of Rodger in the enquiry I saw him standing in the hallway with his back towards me. When I was about to call him, a girl with blonde hair wearing a short skirt and a tuxedo top walked toward him. She took his hand and walked together towards the elevator without looking back. I froze on the spot for some time and then I turned around and ran. Since then I was not picking any calls or seeing his texts.

Someone rang the bell of my apartment; I don’t want to see anyone right now but got up to open the door. I was shocked to see Rodger standing there; he checked me out from head to toe and finally said.

“What the hell Jane I was trying to reach you for two days where have you been”? I heard from the reception that you came in the hotel why didn’t you visit he asked.

I was shocked by his audacity to ask me this question. He is the one who cheated on me and now he is asking me why I didn’t visit him that day.

Don’t you know the reason I asked?

No, I don’t know actually.

Rodger, I saw you with that girl.

Slowly, his expression changed to understanding.

“Oh, you saw Jenny” he exclaimed and laughed.

Yes, I saw you both taking the elevator together holding hands.

He laughed again, and said.

Jenny is my school friend we bumped into each other into each other. She was so excited to see me after so long so she grabbed my hands. We went for coffee in my room and that’s it; nothing is going on in here.

“Really”? I asked

“Yes, if you want I can call her and you can ask her” Rodger said.

It felt like my heavy heart is finally feeling light after two days.

Rodger looked at me from top to button.

You look like a wreck Jane, why didn’t you ask me directly. Whatever goes and take a nice shower first.

I have to make it up to him somehow I thought.

Will you take a shower with me?

His eyes gleamed and filled with desire he nodded his head.

Then he picked me up like a child, as I cradled in his arm and he took me to the wash room.

Let’s get rid of your cloths first shall we?

He unbuttoned my night suit and helped me get rid of my pajamas.

Now, I am just standing in front of him wearing my thongs.

He checked me out from top to button. Then he was all over me.

Our kiss started slowly and it became fiercer. He grabbed my virgin ass and squeezed it hard. I enjoyed virtual sex on anal cams from Jerkmate which I signed up for pleasure before getting into this relationship.

Your lips are so soft he told me while made a trail of kisses from my neck towards my boobs. He sucked on my nipples hard and I moaned.

I unbuttoned his pants I could feel his penis standing hard on my touch. I took his dick and gave him a hand job he growled as I picked up rhythm.

I want to come in your mouth he stated.

That can be arranged easily I gave him a mischievous look and licked my lips and took him in my mouth.

I was slow at first but then I picked up speed he was growling loud until I got mine as he came in my mouth. He bends down and kissed me hard and licked my lips.

I spread my legs wide and invited him in, he took the hint and parted my legs wider and started licking on my clitoris and then sucked hard I moaned and clamped my feet around his neck. He went on licking and sucking on my vaginas. I begged and shouted for him to come in.

He smiled a little and went on with the same rhythm my body convulsed and I had another orgasm. His lips trailed kisses from my navel and rich my lips again and pushed his penis inside me. It felt as good as the yelled at him to get harder and faster.

He didn’t disappoint as we were panting on top of each other he asked if I wanted to try something else. My eyes glimmed with understanding as I wanted to try it for so long time with him.

He grabbed my ass and flipped me over I sat on him and took my position so that he can place his cock in my virgin ass.

He started to come in gently but I wanted to go faster as he positioned his dick I supported my hand on his chest and started to move really fast.

We went on I don’t know for how long.

Do you want more he asked?

I bite my lips in excitement and we did it again and again and again. I took a squat position and went on riding harder on him. He flipped me over again and fucked me harder this time.

Fuck me I said as he went on. We went on doing this for the rest of the night until I heard bird chirping outside.

We snuggled together as he played with my just fucked up hair.

He looked at me and exclaimed.

This is the first time I went inside your virgin ass and it felt damn good and can’t wait to do that with you again.

I smiled as I know many more days like this will comes in the future.


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