The 27 Year Old Virgin daughter

The 27 Year Old Virgin daughter

To save her daughter’s virginity til her wedding, her mother offers herself to her fiancé
Chapter 1 How we met

As I walked to the counter to return some library books I was brought up short, the girl…well, woman waiting to service me took my breath away; and I have no idea why. I like my ladies tall, slender and dark complexioned with black hair. This lady was probably five feet nothing tops, red headed with a complexion like clotted cream. A spray of freckles over her pert little pug nose, emerald green eyes and full heavy breasts and she was round, I mean everything seemed to be round. Her glasses were round, her breasts were grapefruit sized orbs, her bottom cheeks perfect moons; she was nothing like my idea of the ideal woman yet I was smitten.

I attempted to engage her in conversation but she was particularly shy, only answering questions about books, not encouraging me as I flirted. Soon, I could see that I was embarrassing her. Her name tag read Evelyn Golden, Assistant Librarian and I wanted to get to know Evelyn. I couldn’t have planned how it was that we got together.

After completing my returns I was among the shelves making new selections. It was nearly closing time, I was hurrying, she rounded the end of the stack from the right as I came from the left, her hands were full carrying the books she was refiling; we careened into each other.

I stand 6’1” and weigh a solid 180, she, as it turns out, a towering 4’11” and scaling in at 102 pounds; no contest, Miss Evelyn Golden ended up flat on her cute round butt. The books flew, hers and mine, she was wearing a dress, it rode up to her waist exhibiting lacy pale lavender panties and milky thighs; her humiliation was evident, the creamy complexion was suddenly pink as she scrambled to pull down her dress and rise.

Ever the gentleman, I offered my hand. Initially I was certain she intended to disdain my assistance but then, she took my proffered help. Once she was standing I gathered up the books and showered her with profuse apologies.

“Does a bull in a china shop seem the correct analogy?” I asked.

“Well the Librarian seems to have been distracted, too. You have to let her share the blame,” she retorted.

“I’ll do that but what I’d really like to share is some of your time. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?” I asked.

“I don’t even know you, I couldn’t do that.”

“Of course you know me, I met you twenty minutes ago; you took my returned books.
You saw my name, if you don’t remember, it’s Timothy Silver.”

“Well Mr. Silver”

I interrupted her, “Tim, please. I’m only Mr. Sliver when I’m at the office.”

“Yes, well, Tim then, I don’t believe so; no, I need to get home, I don’t have time for coffee.”

“Oh, but I’ll be so disappointed, I mean, after all you’re a librarian, an expert on books and I want to discuss some reading selections.”

Evelyn was naïve but not completely without some understanding, she realized she was being flirted with; it was not something she was accustomed to but, the man flirting was a veritable Adonis; movie star handsome, tall, brown haired with hazel eyes that seemed to pierce a young woman’s soul, at least this young woman’s soul; she’d never been pursued by a handsome man. Fact been told, she’d never really been pursued by any man. She was a 27 year old virgin, still living with her parents and expecting to live her life as a maiden; and now? He reached…each of his hands came forward, each took one of hers; he gently squeezed; “please?” He implored.

As he held her hands he looked into her eyes, his smile melted her heart, something happened that she’d never felt, never experienced; it was as if her tummy had flipped over and then the flutter moved between her legs. Evelyn knew she hadn’t wet herself but she also knew she was soaked…twenty-seven and she’d never had an orgasm…she’d read about plenty, Jacqueline Suzanne, Daniel Steele, even the story of O, she’d read about but now, she’d done.

And suddenly Evelyn Golden experienced feelings that she couldn’t, even just an hour or so ago, she could not imagine.

“Tim, I’d love to have coffee with you, let me finish up here, there’s a Starbucks next door,” she stammered.

Evelyn had an additional thirty minutes of work so Tim staked out a table at the coffee shop waiting. God, how was he going to play this? He liked those long sleek, small breasted, tall, dark gals…loved to fuck them, play with them, and, of course sodomize them. Pussy was wonderful and Tim liked it at least once a day but a tight bottom, well, that was heaven; so what the fuck with Miss Golden, where did his infatuation come from?

Yet he was all smiles as she joined him.

He stood, gave her a little hug and a kiss on the cheek, saying, “I was afraid you weren’t coming. I’m so happy you did; what would you like?”

After ordering they discussed books, various authors; his favorites were Forsythe, Follett, Bernard Cornwell and many more; as an avid reader he chewed through at least six book per week. She liked many of the female romance authors; the bodice busters. Although they didn’t really talk about themselves they decided that their heroes and heroines would make fantastic partners.

Evelyn glanced down at her watch and rose, “Oh gosh, I’ve gotta run, I’m going to miss my bus.”

As she got up Tim put a hand on her arm, “I’ll take you home, I’ve got my car, besides I want just a little more of your time.”

Evelyn hesitated, she’d only just met Tim; would it be safe she wondered.

He read her trepidation and spoke to try to ease her concern. “Evelyn, even if you do look good enough to eat up I promise, I won’t bite. It’s just a ride, come on.”

He stood and took her hand, she followed.

Once in the car he got directions from her. As they drove he expressed his pleasure at having met her and asked if they could get together again soon. Evelyn’s immediate reaction would be to say no but she’d truly enjoyed his company. She’d been on so few dates in her life she almost didn’t know how to accept.

“Maybe we could get a bite to eat after you get off work tomorrow evening, something casual; OK?” He asked.

Shyly Evelyn nodded yes then said, “I’d like that; and please call me Evie, I’d like that, too.”

“Wonderful, five-thirty then,” Tim said.

Evie still lived in her parents home. When they arrived Tim walked her to the door and brushed her cheek with his lips, saying, “I’ve had a wonderful afternoon and am really looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Me too, Tim, me too,” Evie enthused.

Chapter 2 Protecting Evie

Evie was walking on air as she entered the house. “Mother, I’ve met the most wonderful man today,” she sang out as she whirled into the sitting room.

Edith Golden encouraged her daughter; “Tell me about this wonderful fellow, Evie. How did you meet him?”

“Well, how we met is a little embarrassing.” She told Edith about their collision.

“Mother, I was on my bottom with my dress up over my waist. He could look right at my panties, I was mortified but he was a perfect gentleman. He helped me to my feet, apologized for his clumsiness and asked me to have coffee with him. I accepted.”

Edith realized her daughter was naïve and could easily be taken advantage of, so, although she was happy for her she also had to caution her about moving too rapidly and reading too much into a cup of coffee.

“I know Mother, I’ll be careful,” Evie told her.

The following day dragged. Evie was anxious…would Tim show up? Just before closing he walked in, gave her a big smile and said, “Hi beautiful, I’ll be waiting out front.”

As she left the library Tim took her arm and guided her to the car.

“It’s a little early for dinner, would you like to have a drink first?”

Evie got a glass of wine at Thanksgiving and Christmas, her parents still treated her as a little girl in some ways; she was a little giddy at the thought of having a drink with a man.

“Lead on,” she told him.

She’d never tasted strong drink in her life, she had no idea what to order so she let Tim order for her; he got her a Cosmopolitan.

Dinner ended up being bar snacks and several more Cosmos. Tim proved to be a gentleman once again, Evie was as vulnerable as she could possibly be, he took her home with him but at his apartment he served coffee and conversation.

When it was time for Evie to go home they kissed then Tim led her to the car.

Again at her home he walked her to the door, they agreed to meet the following evening for the dinner that didn’t happen this night.

Evie was a little unstable on her feet and giggly when she went in. Her Mother was in the sitting room reading. She called out to Evie to join her, she wanted to hear about her evening.

Edith immediately noticed Evie’s condition. She let her tell about her evening before mentioning her concern.

“Honey, am I mistaken or have you been drinking this evening?”

Evie giggled, “We had a cocktail Mommy.”

With a raised eyebrow Edith asked, “A cocktail?”

“Well maybe a few.”

“And then?”

“We went to his apartment.”

“Evie, what happened there?”

“He fixed coffee and we talked then he kissed me and brought me home, that’s all Mommy. My tummy gets all fluttery when I’m with him.”

“Evie, do you still intend to be a virgin on your wedding night?”

“Yes Mommy.”

“Do you think you could have said no if Tim had wanted to take your virginity tonight?”

Evie thought before answering, being honest with herself she replied, “I don’t think so, he excites me so much.”

“I hope you understand why we have our rule about drinking. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, it can lead to making terrible decisions. You’ve made some dangerous decisions tonight. I’m going to ask your father to speak with you about this. Why don’t you go up to your room and get ready for bed, he’ll be up shortly.”

After Evie had climbed the stairs Edith went to her husband’s den. He was having a Scotch and a cigar as he reviewed some financial reports.

“Henry, I believe we need to head off a potential problem with Evelyn.”

She recounted Evie’s having met Tim then explained what had happened this evening.

“I think she’s fortunate, this Tim seems to be a gentleman, he could have taken advantage of her; he didn’t. I’d like to meet him. Shall I invite him to dinner?”

“Yes, I think that’s a wonderful idea; maybe next Sunday?”

“Sunday would be fine, I’ll have Evie extend the invitation. Now, are you going to address tonight’s little escapade?”

“I am; right now,” as Henry rose and climbed the stairs.

After Henry left her room Evie cried herself to sleep.

They got together every evening, dinner and romantic drives. On Saturday they spent the day together, they visited the Museum of Modern Art, had dinner then took in a play at the theater. The evening ended at Tim’s apartment, coffee and kisses.

Evie was anxious about Sunday dinner, her folks wanted to meet Tim…she so wanted them to like him.

Tim arrived at six; after introductions to her parents Henry and Tim went into the sitting room while Evie and Edith finished preparing dinner. It wasn’t exactly the Spanish Inquisition but it was close. Evie was Henry’s little girl and he wanted to know everything about this man that was winning her heart.

He learned that Tim was twenty-nine, a graduate of Cornell University and was the sales manager of a large commercial insurance agency. He was single, having never been married, Christian but not a frequent church attendee and wanted children, at least four or five. Tim was an only child and had always envied friends from large families and wanted a big family of his own.

Tim handled the interview well but, none-the-less he was relieved when Evie came in and called them to dinner.

Tim was taken with Edith, Evie was twenty-seven, Edith fifty-one and there was no question how Evie would look as she aged. Edith was short, round and red haired, Tim thought she was luscious and, if she were honest, Edith fell under Tim’s spell; his winning smile and, especially his mischievous eyes. She knew why Evie’s tummy fluttered.

After the meal the young people took a walk while Henry and Edith talked. They agreed that Tim was a fine young man and would make a good mate for Evie if the relationship developed.

Tim and Evie had been dating for four months; they kissed, caressed and expressed verbally their desire for each other. Tonight it was time to take the next step. Tim proposed marriage; offering Evie an engagement ring.

She fell into his arms, “Yes, yes, yes, God I love you Tim,” she answered then continued, “Tim there are some things we need to talk about and some things I need to tell you. I know some men are put off by the idea of an adult woman who is still a virgin; I am, does that matter to you?”

“Evie, I love you but the fact that you’ve kept your maidenhead makes me respect you even more. You are the woman I want as my wife.”

They set the date from three months hence.

Evie was euphoric when she made the announcement to her parents, friends and co-workers. Then the planning began.

Her Mother and her best friend, Francine DeFalco, went right to work. Francie would be Evie’s maid of honor.

Time seemed to drag, both Evie and Tim were having a difficult time keeping their emotions in check. Evie’s panties were soaked any time that she was around Tim and he wanted her just as badly.

Just the previous evening, on his sofa, he’d unbuttoned her blouse, raised her brassiere and fondled her bare breasts as they kissed. She’d wanted him so badly but she tore herself away; “Please Tim let’s wait, just a few more weeks, please.”

Later, at home Evie spoke to her Mother. “Mommy, I nearly slipped tonight, I was so excited, so aroused, I wanted to say yes to Tim. Mommy, I’m a virgin, I don’t know what I’m missing but Tim was sexually very active before he met me. What can I do, I don’t think he would but I’m afraid that if I don’t help him he’ll look elsewhere; one of his old girlfriends.”

“Honey, I don’t think Tim would do that, I think he’s an honorable young man but I understand your concern; the male sex drive is so powerful. Let me speak with your father, maybe there is a way we can help.”

“How could you help Mommy?”

“Just let me work on it. By the way, have you discussed our Sunday ritual with Tim?”

“No Mommy, it would be too embarrassing to talk about that.”

“Do you intend to stop?”

“Oh no Mommy, I don’t want to stop, it’s so relaxing, I feel so much better; I thought I could come over to your house Sunday nights and you could help me just like always.”

“Evie, I don’t think that would work, Tim needs to do it for you just like Henry does for me.”

Later Edith poured herself a glass of wine and joined Henry in his den.

“Hank, I don’t know how you’re going to accept what I feel I have to do, so, let’s talk.”

Henry could hardly wait…right…when Edith called him Hank she really wanted something and that something would undoubtedly be something he wouldn’t be too happy about.

“Yes my dear, what can I do for the most beautiful gal in the world?”

“Evie, we need to talk about Evie. I asked her earlier, Sunday nights, she hasn’t discussed Sunday nights with Tim; she thinks she can continue to come over here and I’ll continue with her. You know that won’t work, she needs to have her husband help her, don’t you think?”

“Of course Edie, not just for the health benefits but, I think even more important, the intimacy, how do you feel about that?”

“Hank, it’s my favorite time of the week. There is a certain feeling of surrender to you when you take care of me…I love it.”

“And Hank, do you think he’ll know how to discipline her when she breaks the rules? I think you should have a conversation with him, let him know how Evelyn has been brought up.”

“Edie, these were important issues but, somehow I know we’ve not touched on what you really want; I mean, after all nothing we’ve talked about deserved a “Hank,” what is it you really want but are afraid to suggest?”

“Oh Hank, I’m not sure you’ll understand, this is kinda a girl thing. Our baby is still a virgin, at 27 years old she’s still a virgin and she wants to go to her wedding bed able to produce a bloody sheet but Tim seems to be in testerone overload. She’s ready to surrender but I know, if she gives in, she’ll have to live with the fact that after 27 years she couldn’t delay another three or four weeks. I think, she might think less of herself and I don’t want that.”

Henry simply stared at her, one minute, three minutes, five minutes, finally Edith looked at him, saying “What?”

“No Edie, that’s my question, isn’t it?”

“Hank, I was a twenty-four year old virgin when we married. I’ve never strayed, you’re the only man that’s ever had me and you’re the only man I’ve ever wanted. Hank, I want to offer myself to another man. I want your approval to try to serve as our daughter’s surrogate.”

“Edie, so that I understand, You want my approval to offer yourself to Mr. Silver?”

“Please, allow it, Evie is so fragile, I want her to carry her virginity to her marital bed. I know what I’m asking Hank, but you’ll always be my only man, you know that.”

“Edie, is it that important to you?”

“Really, I think it’s that important to Evie. Hank, I wouldn’t ask or do it for my self, but please?”

“Are you going to let Evie in on your plan?”

“I’m not sure about that, I don’t think so. If he wants her to know he can tell her.”

“OK Edith, I’ll go along but only if you handle the discussion of Sunday night and discipline, agreed?”

Edie gave Hank a huge kiss, “Oh thank you, thank you.”

Now, how to do all that needed to be done. What the heck, a frontal assault, a call, an invitation and whatever follows.


“Hi Tim, this is Edie Golden, how are you today?”

“Oh hi, Mrs. Golden, I’m great, how can I help you?”

“Well, there are a few things I’d like to go over with you in preparation of the wedding, in fact, it may take a little time. I wondered if there was a way you could take a day off and we could get together?”

“Unbelievably I’ve already scheduled tomorrow off, I take a day off every three months; go fishing, hiking, just get away; I’d love to just get away with you.”

“Well, instead of getting away, why don’t you come over early, nine is when the library opens but Evie gets there by eight, she leaves home at 7:30. We’ll have breakfast at 8:30, can you be here by then, and please don’t mention this to Evie.”

A vestal virgin (or a close proximity) answered his light knock on the back door. Edie was clad in, well, clad in gossamer fabric, her large breasts strained against the cloth but it was her swollen nipples arching toward him that made them an OMG, she was fantastic.

He’d known his future mother-in-law for nearly a year, she had always been nothing but a lady and now, there was something going on that he didn’t fully understand.

“Tim, I’m not sure where to start. With your upcoming wedding there are some family, I don’t know, maybe family traditions might be the best was to put it that you need to know about.”

“What is it Mrs. Golden, are there problems with the planning?”

“No, nothing like that, everything is moving forward smoothly. Francie DeFalco is a dream, she’s so organized.”

“Tim you and Evie are planning on children, correct?”

“Oh yes, I want to start a family right away, Evie and I have discussed it, we want four or five children, a big family.”

A whimsical smile played across Edie’s face, she and Hank had wanted more children but that just wasn’t to be. They had never used contraceptives but Evie had been her only pregnancy and now, at fifty-one she was certain there would be no more. She was into menopause, her periods were irregular and she had occasional hot flashes.

“I’m sure you and Evie will have discussions and make decisions about family life but I wanted to talk to you about health care and discipline. I’m certain you’ve noticed that Evie is very conscientious about her diet. What you probably don’t know is her concern for colon care. The women in our family benefit from weekly enemas. I give Evie hers and Henry administers mine, it’s a Sunday night ritual. Evie will need and expect it to continue. Have you ever administered an enema Tim?”

Edie’s revelation gave him pause, then, “No, I don’t believe I ever have. And this will be my duty after the wedding?”

“Assuredly, every Sunday night as I mentioned. Here we use a bulb syringe and give the enema over the knees.”

“I’m not sure I understand Mrs. Golden.”

“If we’re to have this intimate conversation, please call me Edie. A bulb syringe is a big round ball with a tube projecting. The ball is filled with water, the tube is then lubricated and inserted in the rectum and the water is injected; I’ll show you a little later.”


“The other area we need to discuss is familial discipline. Evie had been taught that there are rules that we are expected to live by. I guess you might term our family as patriarchal, Henry sets the rules. They are not arbitrary, as an example, no smoking, no drug usage, no excessive alcohol usage; rules that make sense, rules that must be obeyed. Both she and I understand the rules and the consequences of disobedience; in this household Henry spanks.”

“What do you mean, ‘Henry spanks,’ Evie’s twenty-seven years old, isn’t that a little old for a spanking?”

“Tim, I’m fifty-one.”

That stopped him.

“You mean you get spanked, too?”

“If I deserve it, yes, of course.”

“What happens.”

“Henry takes us to our bedroom and has us stand in front of him as he recites the reason for the spanking then we prepare. We can keep on our top but Henry will lower our panties. He’ll position us over his lap and administer our discipline. He will spank until we sob then he hugs us ‘til we’re cried out. For Evie he tucks her in and kisses her goodnight. For me, the evening ends more intimately.”

“God Edie, why are you telling me this?”

“Because you will need to discipline Evelyn, of course; after all, she will expect it and will be disappointed if you should fail in your duties.”

“Are you implying that she’d be disappointed if I didn’t spank her? Why would that be?”

“Tim, if Henry failed to discipline me when I merited it I’d feel that he didn’t care what I did. I know he loves me, wants the best for me and expects the best from me, if I fail him I know my panties are coming down. The same is true for Evie.”

“Edie, I was spanked a couple of times when I was a kid but I’ve never spanked anyone in my life, I don’t know if I could.”

“Oh you can. I’ll show you how, we can roll play, you may even find it erotic, I know I do.”

“Erotic, how?”

“Well, in the spanker’s case, how about a naked woman draped over his lap, offering herself to him, allowing herself to be totally dominated. And the spankee, the sweetness of surrender and domination, giving herself, the tears and then the passion. My most cherished memories involve vigorous copulation and a warm bottom.”

Tim sat back and tried to take it all in.

“A little more coffee?” Edie asked.

Putting his cup forward Tim answered, “please.”

After pouring she picked up his cup saying, “Let’s go into the sitting room, it’s more comfortable.”

She put his cup and hers on the coffee table before the sofa and sat. She patted the cushion next to her and said, “Sit with me, please Tim.”

“Tim, I’m not sure how to approach this so, here goes. You know Evie wants to take her virginity to her wedding bed, is that important to you, too?”

“Less important to me than to Evie, what is important is that Evie wants it, so yes, I want her virginity intact when we wed.”

“I understand that recently the two of you were nearly unable to stop, true?”

“Edie, that’s my fault. I was sexually active until I met Evie, now after months of celibacy sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode. Evie is so beautiful and I find her utterly desirable. It’s getting more and more difficult by the day.”

Edith Golden though, Oh God, here’s the reason I asked Tim to come over, in for a penny in for a pound.

Taking his hands Edie said, “Tim, it’s time to learn what you’ll need to know, how to do what you’ll need to do; are you ready?” As they rose and she led him to the bedroom.

“Why don’t you get comfortable, take off your slacks and shirt so they don’t get wrinkled then sit over here while I get ready?” She indicated a straight backed chair.

When Edie came out of the bathroom she was carrying a bucket of water, her enema syringe and a tube of lubricant, she set them down beside the chair. She’d taken off her robe and was dressed in only a short nightie and panties.

“Like this Tim,” she squeezed the bulb then showed him how to fill it with water. “Then you insert it and squeeze to empty, like this.” She emptied the bulb. “Don’t release the pressure until you’ve removed the tube, you don’t want to suction the water back up. Any questions?”

“Ok, I get five or six bulbs, do you want to undress me. You can leave my nightie on if you like but you’ll need to take my panties off. I like to have my panties taken off, I even do it for Evie.”

Bare from the waist down Edie lay over Tim’s lap.

“Position me so my tummy is between your legs, as you fill me it will swell and sag.”

With a bounce or two she was in place.

“Perfect,” she commented, “Now lubricate me, use a finger and get some up in me.”

“I like it if you’ll rub my bottom and back before we start, will you do that for me, Tim?”

“I’m ready, just take it slow and easy.”

Tim spread Edie’s cheeks with his left hand while gently inserting the long black nozzle with the right. He squeezed, withdrew, refilled and repeated, filling her with six bulbs full.

“I’m beginning to cramp, can you rub my tummy?”

He eased her pain then she asked him to help her to the bathroom.

After seating her he returned to the bedroom, allowing her some privacy.

Tim thought, yeah, I can do this, in fact it’s kinda arousing, watching that black tube piercing her milk white bottom. It was easy to envision what it would be like with Evie, she looked like a younger clone of her mother.

Edie had put her panties back on. She came out and sat on the bedside.

“How do you feel Tim, can you do that for Evie?”

“Oh yeah, I can do it, truth be told I’m looking forward to it.”

“I thought you might enjoy it. It can be arousing for both partners.”

“I totally agree, I know it aroused me.”

“Ready to spank me Tim? I’ve been a bad girl and require disciplining.”

“Edie, you’re sure about this, you really want me to spank you?”

“Until I cry Tim, until I cry.”

“ Sit on the bedside and undress me first. I like to have my top removed, it can be binding when I’m squirming and I’ll squirm, I guarantee you.”

He lifted her top over her head then lowered her panties. She stood naked before him.

“Now you’d explain why I was being disciplined then you take me over your lap.”

Tim got into the roll play, shaking a finger at her as though he was chastising her for some transgression. It drew a smile from Edie.

He started to bend her over his lap; she stopped him.

“I think you’ll find this position works best. You have far more control.”

Edie stood between his legs then bent over Tim’s left thigh. She advised him to pin her legs with his right leg.

“Now circle my waist with your left arm and tuck me up against you tightly. I’ll be facing behind you when I’m in position. That’s the way Tim, you see how much you can control me, I can flutter my legs but I really can’t kick and I can toss my head around but I can’t escape. And believe you, me, I’ll be trying to escape.”

“I feel like a beast Edie, I mean I’m about to beat you.”

“No Tim, not beat, you don’t beat your wife. You are about to spank me for being disobedient, you are about to demonstrate to me that you care about what I do. You want to spank with a nice rhythm, not too hard, you don’t want bruising but not too light either, a girl needs to know she’s being punished. Like Henry says, he strives for salty eyes and rosy bottoms.”

“Pet me first Tim, stroke my bottom and talk to me. Tell me that I’m a good girl that has done a bad thing but all will be forgiven when we’re done then begin to spank.”

Edie was already squirming before Tim began to spank. Her anticipation was evident, she wanted her spanking and she was being sexually aroused. Tim gave her her first whack.

Alternating from cheek to cheek color began to rise, a light pink at first. Edie was trying to twist away and was begging, “Please no more, I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”

The pink was turning deeper, the pleading louder when Tim looked down. In amazement, he realized that Edie was sopping wet, she was clenching her thighs, masturbating herself as she got her spanking.
As her tears started to flow, she reached her orgasm.

Tim just held her on his lap for several moments until she settled down, she was still leaking tears when she crawled off his lap and onto the mattress.

“Hold me now Tim, make me feel good, please.”

He took her into his arms and let her cry on his chest. Through her sobs she asked, “Touch me Tim, my breasts, touch me.”

“Edie, are you sure?”

“God Tim, until your wedding I’m here for you; Evie’s surrogate, please take me.”

Tim fondled her swollen breasts, her nipples were hard and reddened, she was ripe and ready. He kissed her then trailed kisses down her neck to her breasts and down to her stomach. He nuzzled her then moved lower, through her scarlet pubic hair to her slit.

Edie was lubricating heavily, Tim tasted her then took her clit between his lips. He would like to have spent more time pleasuring her but he was anxious, it had been months. Still, he licked and sucked until she trembled with her second climax. He was dressed in only his boxers since he’d administered her enema, he now pulled them off and reached for the tube of lube that was still on the floor by the chair.

Edie noticed. “Tim, I’m an adult woman and a mother, I don’t think that will be necessary.”

“We’ll see Edie, we’ll see,” he answered as he lubricated her vagina and smeared a bit on himself.

He moved up between her spread legs and positioned himself to enter her. He pushed forward.

Only about two inches penetrated her. She moaned. Henry was slightly above normal in size, a millimeter or two over seven inches but she’d never experienced anything like what she was feeling now. Tim pressed further into her.

“Tell me if it’s too much Edie, I don’t want to hurt you too badly.”

Tim wasn’t thrusting, he was working slowly further into her tight vagina.

After minutes she had been penetrated as deeply as Henry had ever gone. It wasn’t just his length, God his girth was enormous, she was being stretched.

Tim tended to talk dirty to his women. He whispered, “Edie baby, you like my big cock in your cunt. Damn you’re tight.”

Edie was moaning throughout, sex had never been like this, “Oooooh, what are you doing to me Tim.”

“I’m fucking you, I’m fucking your sweet pink pussy. Do you like it Edie?”

“You’re hurting me, please, take it out, I think you’re tearing me.”

Tim kissed her to quiet her and went deeper into her. Her moaning was muffled by his mouth over hers.

“We’re almost there Edie, just a little more.”

In truth there was still over two inches she hadn’t taken; he began to slowly pump her, forcing just a little more into her, stretching her with each stroke.

Tim was accustomed to the sensation, it happened with nearly every woman he’d ever been with, but Edie had never experienced it, Tim’s girth created so much friction on the back stroke that Edie’s vagina felt like she was being turned inside out. After twenty of so strokes she’d opened up a bit, Tim plunged into her.

She screamed as all 11 ¾ inches seated into her. Tim ceased to stroke, letting her accept what she’d received.

The tears were back, her eyes were leaking, he leaned down and kissed her.

“Hey, you’re pretty special. I’ve never had a woman take all of me the first time.”

“God Tim, I thought you were going to split me in two.”

“We’ll wait a little while before we get going so you can recover a little.”

“Tim, it was all that I could endure taking you. You’re going to kill my little girl.”

“It will take some time, but eventually she’ll be able to take me. I’ve had some experience with this. It will take a week or two before I can get it all in. A lot of girls run when they see it but those that stay seem to like it after they learn to handle it. They say I touch places, sensitive places that no one else has ever touched.”

“I didn’t ask, are you still fertile Edie?”

“I don’t think so but that’s not a problem, I’ve never used a contraceptive and Evie is my only pregnancy. I’m in menopause and only have an occasional period so, I’m sure we’re ok.”

“Ready?” Tim asked.

“She grimaced as she answered, “As I’ll ever be.” Tim began to stroke.

“I’ll try to make it good for you. Let’s take it slow and easy, I want you to be really wet and swollen then I think I can give you a treat.”

Gently Tim stroked letting her feel the friction, kissing and fondling her breasts as he did so.

As Edie began to respond, gyrating her hips and thrusting up to meet him, Tim raised her legs.

“I want to change the angle of penetration Edie, if I hurt you, sing out.”

She began to feel something she’d never felt before, he was gently probing her, touching her deep inside.

With quivering voice she asked, “What are you doing to me?”

“Feel good?”

She nodded yes as she began to tremble. He stroked a little faster.

Contractions racked her body, from deep within she felt the most spectacular climax she’d ever experienced, lasting twenty or thirty seconds, then Tim whispered in her ear.

“Edie, I’m going to cum in you,” as the jerking pulse of his cock filled her. Tim came in prodigious amounts, half a cup or more, he flooded her vagina.

“Man that was fantastic once I got past the pain. Come up here and hold me.”

“Not yet, my cock stays in my women until it goes soft. I like to be sure your cervix has a chance to swallow all of me.”

“You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you.”

“Not yet, naughty comes later Edie, we’ll have to see how you handle naughty.”

He’d softened, he crawled up beside her, took her in his arms and kissed her.

“That was nice,” she said as she rolled onto her tummy and stretched.

Tim could only admire her. Her bottom was two perfect globes split by a deep cleft. At fifty-one she was spectacular; he could only envision her at twenty-seven. He stroked her cheeks then lazily traced her separation as he cooed in her ear, “Beautiful, absolute perfection.”

Edie suddenly felt a chill as though someone had walked on her grave; no, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t.

She rolled off the bed and grabbed her panties saying, “Potty time.”

He smiled at her, “Hurry and don’t bother with the lingerie, I want in you as soon as you get back.”

Edie chose to ignore him, he heard her flush and waited. She was pantied when she returned.

He reached and took her hand saying, “Edie, you know better.”

She immediately found herself over his thigh, curled around his torso with her underwear lowered.

“Disobedience won’t be tolerated,” he exclaimed as he began to spank.

“My God Tim, what are you doing?”

To the rhythm of palm on flesh he answered, “Edie, I’m teaching you not to ignore my instructions, I thought Henry had trained you better.”

Once the tears started he released her saying, “You do the work, get those panties off and get on the bed.”

He lay back waiting for her to join him.

“I’d planned a little treat for you Edie, are you deserving?”

“I’m sorry I displeased you Tim, please a treat would be nice.”

He rolled onto his back and pulled her atop him.

“Edie, you get to be a cowgirl. Squat over me and lower yourself down,” he told her as he rubbed a little of the lubricant into her vagina. “That’s right, guide me into you then slide down.”

Gingerly Edie eased down, after she’d accepted five or six inches, the ache started; she groaned. Tim held her by the hips, he wasn’t forcing her down but he wasn’t letting her up either.

“Do you like my cock Edie?”

“Oh God Tim, do you like hurting me?”

“No Edie, I like fucking you. You’ve taken me once, just let go, sit on me, I want your sweet cunt to take all of me now.”

With a gasp she sank down on him, impaling herself.

“Ride me Edie, ride me,” Tim told her as he slipped his hand under her and strummed her clitoris.

Slowly Edie began to rock back and forth. Tim took his fingers from under her, reached up and massaged her breasts. They were magnificent in size and shape, though they were probably thirty-two “B” cups, she was such a small woman that they looked huge. If anything she was even smaller than her daughter. My estimate would be around 4’10” and 98 pounds soaking wet.

He wanted to be on top when he came, he rolled ending up between her legs.

“Pull your legs up Edie, I want all the way into you,” he told her as he forced her knees back toward her shoulders.

He took her hand and placed it on her abdomen. Her eyes bugged, she could feel his cock thrusting deeply in her. He smiled, “Feel good?” He asked as he started pumping his sperm into her.

Again he stayed in her until he’d softened then he climbed up beside her. Tim rolled her onto her side and spooned her, nestling his cock against her cute bottom.

“Was that any easier?” He asked.

“A little, it still hurt but at least I didn’t feel like I was being split open, more an ache low in my belly.”

“Good, like you said, you’re an adult woman and have delivered a baby, I’m sure you’ll be able to take me with little pain after we’ve been together a dozen times of so, don’t you agree?”

“God I hope so Tim, I hope so.”

Tim massaged her breasts and pulled her tightly against him. Edie ground her bottom against him and arched her back.

“You want it from behind lovely lady? He asked as he helped her to her knees.

He nudged her knees apart and lubricated her vagina then paused, admiring. You’re lovely Edie, absolutely exquisite he commented as he moved up against her.

The head of his cock was in her when he pushed down on the small of her back.

“Arch for me,” he said.

As he slid forward into her he had her ass cheeks spread. Holding her open he squeezed some of the lubricant onto her anus. As he filled her vagina he fingered her, inserting first one and then a second finger in her tight nether hole. He added more lubricant.

Edie froze then began to tremble in fear, she sensed what might be coming.

“Please don’t Tim; I don’t think I could take it.”

“Edie, you’re the volunteer, Evie’s surrogate. I’m only doing the things I’ll be sharing with Evie after we’re married.”

She tried to scoot forward out of his grasp. He simply lay forward over her back and forced her face down on the mattress. Tim pulled a pillow to her.

“You’ll probably want this.”

“Please Tim, no.”

He’d moved up and was straddling her hips. He spread her cheeks and rested the head of his penis against her.

“Edie, it’s important that you relax. I know you’ve had anal sex many times with Henry. This won’t be exactly the same. You know to push down like you’re trying to go. Push when you’re ready.”

“Tim, you’re too big, I can’t handle it, please no.”

“Edie, push or I’ll do it without your help.”

Edie took a ragged breath and Tim felt her relax, he pushed into her; just the head through both sphincters. She moaned then begged for mercy.

“Oooooooooooooooo Nooooooooooooooo, Noooooooooo, take it out Tim, oh God, take it out of me, take it out.”

Tim pressed deeper until he had six inches in her, then seven, then eight. Edie was wailing, pleading, begging. Nine inches, ten then the all of it. Tim rested.

Edie had her face buried in her pillow, she was sobbing. Then she tried to wriggle out from under him.

“Please Tim, I have to potty, I have to go, let me up, I’m going to have an accident.”

“Hold still Edie, you don’t need the toilet. Remember you had an enema just a short time ago. Yes, your rectum is full, you’re full of me. With over eleven inches of cock in you I’m probably through your rectum and into your sigmoid colon.”

He wanted to lift her up to her knees and give her a good ride but that would wait for later, he would be doing her again before he left. He thought, twice more in her vagina and once again in her bottom.
Fifty-one years old and she was giving him unquestionably the greatest sex he’d ever had. He could only imagine what her twenty-seven year old daughter would be like. He could hardly wait…hardly but he would, of course wait. Waiting for Evie was the price of having Edie and he wanted lots more of Edie.

“Now I’m going to pump you, fuck you then come in you, you ready?”

She nodded yes.

He was gentle, stroking softly as he petted her neck and shoulders. He talked to her telling her how beautiful he found her, how sexy, how desirable.

He sped up and stroked a little harder, he was about to climax. He spewed into her flooding her bowels, his hot seed searing her then he said, “Tighten up, milk me with your muscles, Edie.”

She squeezed him until he became flaccid.

“God that was great Edie, I’m loved putting you on your tummy.

By the time Tim left Edie was exhausted and sore. He’d fucked her twice more and her poor little bottom had been visited one additional time. He gave her some final instructions. She’d have the following day for R & R but he’d visit again in two days. He told her to be wearing a skirted garment; dress, skirt or gown under which no underwear was to be worn.

As he bent to kiss her good-by she pulled his head down and whispered, “Are you trying to make me your bitch Tim? If so you’ve already succeeded, I only wish you were in me again right now.”

After Tim had departed Edie donned her nightie top and pulled her panties back on; she had to, when Tim ejaculated he’d deposited nearly half a cup in her each time; she was oozing his semen and sperm from both her vagina and anus, then she collapsed into bed, totally spent.

Evie’s voice calling out, “Mommy,” awakened Edie.

“Up here, in my bedroom,” she answered.

As Evie came into her room she asked, “Are you not feeling well Mother?” Then she wrinkled her nose, “What is that smell, it’s almost like a bathroom?”

“That’s it Evie, I’m not feeling well, my stomach, you know.”

“Oh I’m so sorry Mommy, can I get you anything?”

“A couple of ibuprofens, please,” she replied as she thought; I can’t smell what she can, it must be me and more. Sperm, semen, female ejaculate and my thoroughly abused bottom, that what she smells and soon enough Tim would be making similar scent with her.

“I’ll make dinner tonight, you just rest,” Evie said.

She was rattling the pots and pans when her father got home. He asked about Edith then went up to look in on her.

When he got to the bedroom Edie was dozing, as he entered it was though there was a miasmal funk in the room that could be cut with a knife.

“My God, Edie, are you alright?” He asked as she came awake.

“Hank, I’m glad you’re here. Come sit with me, please. And no, I’m not really alright, my tummy hurts and I’m so sore I can hardly move.”

“God, what happened?”

“Well, I have to confess, I don’t envy our daughter the first week or two of her marriage.”

“What do you mean Edie, you don’t envy Evie?”

“We discussed; I’d serve as Evie’s surrogate, right?”

“Yes, we both agree, it is important that she go to the altar a virgin, yes, we agreed, why?”

“Hank, I spent the day with Tim. He accepted me in lieu of Evie.”

“That was what you planned, right?”

“Right Hank, right; but I never expected, I could never have guessed. I explained our rituals, he gave me an enema and then I had him spank me. And then, well, how can I tell you, and then we had sex.”

“Of course you did, that was what you’d planned as Evie’s surrogate, so what happened?”

“Hank, Tim is unbelievable. His sexual appetite is nearly insatiable, when he ejaculates it’s over half a cup and he’s back up in just moments and he’s huge; I mean huge. Hank, you’re a pretty big boy, he’s over twice your size. He’s about this long and this big around.” She spread her hands about a foot to show the length and, using both hands demonstrated a circle with a diameter of at least five inches.

“Impossible,” Henry reacted.

“Hank, he’s not a wham, bam, thank you maam guy, he was tender and gentle with me and he still tore me up. He used a lot of lubricant and still it took over ten minutes for him to get his penis into me and that was my vagina, the vagina of a fifty-one year old mother that enjoys frequent sex with a well endowed man.”

“So, you had sex with him; he’s ready to wait for Evie, right?”

“No Hank, not hardly. After he’d come I needed the toilet. When I got up I picked up my panties; he told me they were unnecessary, he wanted me again as soon as I came back. Foolishly, I ignored him. I was in my panties when I returned. He said he thought you’d taught your woman better obedience, pulled me over his lap, lowered my panties to my knees and spanked me. I was in tears and still he made me take my panties the rest of the way off then he let me ride him. When he was ready to cum he rolled me onto my back and filled me.”

“Oh Honey, I understand your concern about Evie. He will hurt her, I’m sure you’re right, but a vagina will stretch to accommodate a baby, she’ll he ok in just a little time.”

“Hank, she’ll come back from her honeymoon totally in love with Tim. He’s a wonderful guy, what’s not to like, and she’ll be bowlegged and pregnant. They are going for two weeks; if today was any indication he’ll have sex with her four or five times daily; and Tim don’t play. I can assure you Hank, if I was still fertile I’d be pregnant after today.”

“Why would you think that Edie?”

“Henry dear, you know I always try to be a lady but I’m going to talk a little dirty. Our future son-in-law fucked my pussy five times today. When he cums he fills his girl, today that’s me, with about half a cup. That’s two and a half cups he deposited in your lady today but, even more, after he cums he stays in so she can’t leak. He refuses to allow his partner to use birth control. Right now I’m oozing port and starboard, I have panties on so the bed doesn’t get any wetter but they’re soaked and sticky.”

“Edie?” It was a question. He patted her bottom, “Anal sex?”

“I’m not sure how to answer. Anal sex, no; anal sex is what you and I share. With Tim, what we did was sodomy. The first time I was sure he’d split me in two then we did it a second time. Hank, I think he was clear up in my colon, I’ve never felt so full in my life and, of course, he pumped a cup of semen into my bowel.”

“My God, I’m sorry Edie, this was a bad idea. No more, ok?”

“Oh Hank, the reason we agreed to do this hasn’t changed, I still intend to protect our little girl, I’ll see him the day after tomorrow.”

She couldn’t tell Henry the truth but Tim was right. Not every girl, in fact only a small percentage of girls want a mega-cock but, after five insertions Edith Golden knew she was one of those girls; she could hardly wait for the two days to pass.

“Well, if you think it best, ok. Is there anything I can do to make it easier?”

She thought a moment then said, “Yes, you can give me my enema tomorrow night so I’ll be ready for him the next morning.”

Chapter 3 Mommy

Edie waited until after Evie and Hank had left for work then got up. She wanted to shower and scent herself before Tim arrived. She’d had her enema the night before and was looking forward to the day.
The warm water felt good on her shoulders but stung when it fell on her breasts. She shied away from the flow and looked down at herself. Her breasts were swollen and her nipples puffy, they ached with a pain she hadn’t felt in years, twenty-seven years in fact, she thought and when she had to kneel to the porcelain god from the fragrance of her favorite perfume she knew. Two days, only two days and already the hormonal changes to her body had begun.

She was in a trance as she toweled off, she needed to get dressed and go to the drug store for a home pregnancy test. Panties, brassiere, beige shorts and a yellow pull over top along with strappy bone sandals; she’d fix some coffee and be off.

She was half way through her cup when Tim knocked on the back door.

Still dazed about the turn of events she opened the door. Tim gave her a little kiss and followed her into the kitchen.

She poured him coffee and sat down.

“Edie, what happened, did you forget I was visiting you today?”

It came out in a rush.

“Tim I have to go to the drug store and get a test kit. Tim, I think I’m pregnant.”

“How can you be sure, it’s only two days unless Henry is the father.”

“I don’t think so, he inseminated me once in thirty years and after one day with you I’m impregnated, besides the way you do things, staying in so long after, you don’t fuck a girl, you breed her.”

“Did I breed you Edie?”

“You fucked me silly and put a baby in me Tim, I’m fifty-one and pregnant.”

“Well getting a test kit won’t do any good, it’s too soon for it to register.”

He took her coffee cup, set it on the table and took her hand.

“Come on, I want you Edie.”

Reluctantly she trailed behind. Tim saw that she might need some encouragement. As they entered the bedroom he turned to face her and pulled her to him, kissing her.

Tim trailed his hands down her back to her bottom, feeling her panty line. He caressed each cheek, kneading them, rubbing and then parting them. With a single finger he traced along her crack.

She felt the slight pressure of his finger on her anus, he said, “Edie, it amazes me how much alike you and Evie are. Last night I was holding her just like this, I even touched her the same way. You should have seen her eyes when she felt my finger but then she clenched holding it in place. She was ready to break her vow right then. I apologized for taking that liberty with her.”

“I understand Tim.”

“I knew you would Edie; besides you’ll make a beautiful mother-to-be.”

He led her to the bed side and sat.

“Edie, why don’t you stand here.” He directed her between his legs.

He lifted the yellow top over her head and off, tossing it on the enema chair then turned her and unfastened her bra. He took it from her shoulders and lay it on the bed then inspected her breasts.

The breasts themselves seemed larger and her nipples were obviously swollen. Tim leaned forward and gently nuzzled her.

“You’re absolutely delicious Edie, I can’t wait ‘til you’re lactating so I can taste you. You will let me share with baby, won’t you?”

“Do you really think you’ll still want me in nine months Tim, I’ll be fifty-two by then.”

“Of course I’ll want you, I find you fantastic. Edie, I intend to put one more baby in you so plan on pregnancy at fifty-three.”

Edie just looked at him, it suddenly dawned on her, he’d quizzed her about her menopause, and she’d confessed that she still had occasional periods; not every month but she did still menstruate.

He read it in her face, she understood.

“That’s right Edie, two and a half cups that I kept in you as long as possible; I wanted you pregnant.”

“I want to hate you for this but I can’t. In fact, I’m happy that I’m pregnant with your child. I told you, I’m your bitch; I can hardly wait to have your big cock in me.”

“Step out of your sandals,” he instructed as he lowered her shorts. He laid the pants with her bra on the bed.

Tim shed all of clothing except his boxer shorts then sat back down, pulled Edie a little closer and dropped her panties. They joined her shorts and brassiere on the bed.

Edie’s breathing was ragged. Tim reached between her legs and traced a finger along her weeping vulva, “Mommy’s ready, isn’t she?”

Edie could only nod yes.

“No, we’re not quite ready are we Edie? We need to address some broken rules, don’t we?”

Her eyes teared up, she hungered for him so badly but she knew what was coming, “Yes,” she choked.

“That’s right, so what happened Edie?”

“I was in such a hurry to get a pregnancy test kit that I wasn’t thinking. You instructed me to be wearing a skirted garment and no lingerie.”


“I put on panties and a bra under shorts and a pull-over.”

“Right, now no problem with the pull-over, I said nothing about a top but, and he picked each item up in turn, shorts, bra and panties, three pieces of clothing that you were not to wear. Edie, you will be punished for each of these three. Over the course of today you’ll receive three spankings,” as he folded her over his left thigh and tucked her to his side.

From the first stroke until the tears flowed was about five minutes. He should have held her while she cried herself out but he wanted her from behind, he wanted to feel her heat from the spanking. Edie had, sensibly, left a jar of sexual lubricant on the night stand, Tim helped her to her knees on the mattress, lubricated her vagina and took her with a single powerful thrust

Edie emitted a throaty moan as he slid into her but as he slammed her time after time her sounds turned to pitiful groans. Tim eased off, he realized he was pounding her cervix causing her pain, he apologized, his strokes now much more shallow. Still, when he came he stayed in her and on her until he was limp.

If Edith wasn’t already pregnant she, no doubt, was now. She was also more spent than she had been two days ago. Before he left Tim had bred her six times, yes, bred her, that’s how she felt but she didn’t mind, she loved the feel of him deep in her belly. He’d also ‘put her on her tummy’ twice and had spanked her a total of three times ( she’d learned that ‘putting her on her tummy’ was his euphemism for sodomizing her). She could hardly move when he gave her a hug and a kiss saying, “I think you need a break, I’ll call you next week. In the meantime take care of Henry.”

Henry had told her that he would be working late and that he’d get something for supper in town before he came home so it would be just Evie and her. She decided that, in spite of how she felt, tonight would be a perfect night for the prenuptial mother / daughter talk.

When Evie got in she called out to Edie then joined her in her bedroom, commenting, “Mother that funky smell I noticed a couple of days ago is back, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT.”

Edie almost said, Sex, pure and unadulterated sex. Me protecting your hymen, Tim knocking me up. His sperm and semen, so much I’d probably gurgle if I tried to walk, my ejaculate and most of all, my funky bottom; and in just a few days you’ll be laying in bed with a sore vagina and an ache in your bowels, just like me. Instead she patted the mattress, “Come sit with me Evie, let’s talk.”

“Yes Mother.”

“I just wanted to give you an update on the wedding planning. Your friend Francie has been a fantastic help by the way; everything is progressing nicely, really the only thing left is a final fitting for your gown. Did you have any questions?”

“No, I have every confidence in you and Francie to make it all perfect.”

“Have you and Tim seriously discussed starting a family? Do you need a doctor’s appointment, birth control pills or an IUD?”

“Mother, Tim and I want to start a family right away, after all I’m already twenty-seven. We’re not going to use any birth control until after I’ve had three or four children. Tim says he’d bet I’ll be preggers by the time our honeymoon is over; I’m so excited.”

“I’m excited for you, too, but Honey, you’re a virgin. Do you have any idea what to expect on your wedding night?”

“Of course Mother, I may be a virgin but I do know how babies are made. Tim and I will make love.”

“Then you know that the first time it will probably hurt, right?”


“Well, you do know that, don’t you?”

“Francie and I have talked. With Jeremy, her husband, she said it hardly hurt at all, just a little sting like a pin prick. I’m sure I can endure a pin prick.”

“He must be a small fellow, I know when your father and I were married I was sore for two days after the first time.”

“You couldn’t do anything for two whole days?”

Edie smiled, “I didn’t say that, I said I was sore.”

Edie was tempted to warn Evie about what she’d receive from Tim but, in truth, what would be the point? I mean, she’d go through with the wedding and there was nothing to be done to make things easier. She kept mum about that. There was one thing that she felt she had to confess, though.

“Evie, I need to tell you; taking a deep breath Edie said, “I’m pregnant.”

She was amazed and befuddled by her daughter’s reaction.

“You’re what? That’s impossible, impossible. You can’t be pregnant Mother, you’re fifty-one years old,” she screamed angrily.

“Evie, I didn’t plan it. Your father and I have never used contraceptives and I’d only been pregnant the once; with you. Now this.”

“You have to get rid of it Mother, my God, this is so embarrassing, what will they think at your women’s club, what will they say at church.”

Edie was upset at her daughter’s outburst. She replied, “I’ll not ‘get rid of it’ as you’ve so indelicately put it. I’ll deliver and I’ll love your sibling. As to what people will think and say, I imagine they’ll say congratulations Edith, well done Henry, and that will be that.”

Evie flew into a rage. It was completely out of character, she was always self-contained, mild and sweet. Now she mocked, “God Mother, you’ll look like a cow. Big swollen breasts, broad bottom and that great tummy, you’ll waddle about. I’m so angry with you, you’ll look a cow.”

From the doorway a deep voice inquired, “Am I interrupting something?” Henry stood there.

Evie’s mood hadn’t improved an iota, she pointed at Edie and screamed, “Talk to her, talk some sense into her, she’s pregnant for Christ’s sakes,” as she stormed out of the room.

Henry looked at Edie. She nodded yes.

“We’ll talk in a little while but, first I need to see Evelyn. I thought I was done with this, but, no.”

In her room Evie was changing from the dress she’d worn to work into more casual clothing. She was wearing panties and her brassiere as she dug in her drawer, looking for a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

His voice startled her. He was sitting on the side of her bed.

“Come over here please Evelyn.”

She began to tremble, she was scared. When he addressed her as Evelyn she knew she was in trouble.

As she walked to him he spread his legs so she could stand between them. Evie tried to go on the offensive.

“Daddy, she’s pregnant, she’s too old to get pregnant.”

Not wishing to get into a discussion with his daughter he decided that he’d act as though he knew all about Edie’s pregnancy.

“Of course she’s not too old. We hoped that you would be happy for us, we’ve always wanted more children and now we’ve been blessed. Honey, you’re getting married and will be living with your husband. Mother and I aren’t ready to be empty nesters just yet. I’m sorry you’ve taken this position but you’re entitled to your opinion. What your not entitled to is to speak abusively to your Mother, for that I’m going to discipline you. Over my lap Evelyn,” he said.

He lowered her over his left thigh, locked her legs with his right leg and encircled her waist with his left arm.

She was pleading, “Daddy, I don’t deserve this, let me go, please.”

He rubbed her back and bottom as he talked to her.

“Evie, I’m sorry but you do deserve a spanking. I’m afraid we’re going to see salty eyes and a rosy bottom.”

He gave her a few whacks. He’d left her panties on for the time being. He rubbed her a bit more then gave her half a dozen additional strokes.

“Are you a sassy bad girl Evie?”

“No Daddy, I’m a good girl, please don’t spank me any more, please, please.”

Six more whacks on her pantied posterior then, “Lift your hips Evie,” and her panties were off; down over her feet and OFF. He only trapped her left leg with his right, her right was free to flail about as he began to spank.

After he’d finished he returned to his bedroom for a talk with Edie.

“Prego, hunh,” he said after he’d shut the bedroom door.

“Prego, for sure. I have nausea and my breasts are swollen and sore.”


“I don’t know Hank, it could well be yours, the timings right for that, too.”

“Sweetheart, we’ve been married thirty years and in all that time I’ve impregnated you once, you think?”

“No Hank, I don’t think, ok?”

“Edie, it doesn’t matter. Are you happy, do you want a baby?”

“We’ve always wanted more children but how will you feel Hank, knowing that the child isn’t yours?”

“Disappointed that I’m not the father but that’s only because I wanted to have bunches of children with you. Now, let’s put it to bed.”

“Thanks Hank.”

“So, how did today go?”

“I guess you could say ‘Oh what a day,’” as she recounted everything.

“Three spankings, really? I’d have only given you one.”

“He saw each offending garment as a separate event; I get the feeling that our daughter may have a warm bottom on many an occasion.”

“So, is sex out of the question?” Hank asked.

“Honey, get out of those clothes, my bottom’s wrecked and my vagina’s stretched beyond measure but my lips are all yours.”

Chapter 4 Married Life

The wedding was beautiful. The virgin bride, her white gown with the long train, the handsome groom in tuxedo, radiant pale yellow clad bride’s maids led by Francine DeFalco; then the reception. Champagne and dancing ‘til the wee hours; the bride and groom had snuck away at 11:00 P.M., they were staying overnight at a luxury hotel and would depart the following day for two weeks in Mexico.

Edie watched as the newly weds sneaked out. Her poor baby girl, she felt like she was sending a lamb to the slaughter.

There was a basket of fruit and a chilled complimentary bottle of champagne waiting in their room. Tim was carrying small overnight cases for each of them; he set them outside the room, opened the door and carried his blushing bride over the threshold before sitting her on the bed. He retrieved their bags then went over and kissed his bride.

“Nervous?” He asked Evie.

“A little but not much, just happy. I just married the most wonderful guy in the world.”

“And I married the most spectacular woman.”

“Tim, I’ve waited twenty-seven years, make love to me.”

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do,” he answered as he began the task of unwrapping his beautiful lady from her wedding attire.

Finally he was down to just lacy undergarments. First he unfastened her brassiere.

“God, you’re magnificent,” Tim told her. Her breasts were a creamy white with puffy nipples so red they reminded him of strawberries. They stood swollen and proud. He leaned forward and kissed each of them.

Before proceeding he got up, retrieved something from his case and put it under his pillow. He turned down the sheets, picked Evie up and laid her on the bed then he undressed himself.

“Evie baby, I want to take it slowly, really enjoy our first time,” as he took her panties off.

He laid down beside her and took her into his arms.

“God how I love you,” he told her then he kissed her, sweet breathy kisses then tongues and teeth, she bit his lip then giggled, he tasted her ear before trailing his tongue down her neck to her breasts.

He gently kneaded one breast while he sucked on the nipple of the other. He alternated between the two, nursing from her as she thrust them out to him.

She breathed out, “That feels so nice Tim, so very nice.”

Later he kissed down to her tummy, with his tongue he tease her belly button.

“That tickles,” she tittered.

He ran his fingers and then his tongue through the crimson pelt of her mons veneris.

Finally nirvana. He opened her labia with his fingers and tasted her, running his tongue downward along her vulva. He dipped the tip of his tongue into her vagina and dipped into her freshness several times. Evie started to quiver, Tim stopped. He wanted to keep her on edge, her arousal at its height, her lubrication flowing. As she calmed be brought her to the edge once again.

His tongue led the way, he licked over her perineum. He held her in such a way that her glorious half moons were spread, he rimmed her then pressed against her, penetrating her with the tip of his tongue.

She whimpered, “Tim, what are you doing, that’s dirty, don’t.”

“Did I hurt you Evie?” He asked.

“No, it didn’t hurt but it’s dirty.”

“Did it feel good?”

“Wellllll, maybe.”

“Evie, it felt good, didn’t it?”

“Ok, it felt good.”

“Then enjoy, I’ll be giving you quite a bit of attention there.”

None the less, he started back up, along her vulva, another dip into her vagina and sucking and tugging on her labia and then to her clitoris. She was swollen, the tip an angry red and pulsing, he took it between his lips, sucked it into his mouth and batted her little jewel with the tip of his tongue.

He’d enjoyed her scent, and tasted her freshness; sweet citrus and slightly salty; the comparison was, of course, inevitable: Evie and Edie, the scents and tastes so similar.

Evie was lighter of both taste and fragrance, her labia and vulva a virginal pink, her cute little rosebud a pale tan tinged in pastel rose.

Edie’s scent and flavors stronger, her coloration the dull red of a sexually active adult woman, her rosebud more the shade of a rosebud, reddened from her anal adventures.

Both were fantastic.

Evie began to tremble then she threw her hips up and wailed. It was all Tim could do to hold his little wife down, he managed to keep her on the bed, gripping her hips. His mouth was now covering her vagina, he wanted to taste her as she climaxed.

He sucked on her vagina, drinking her nectar, sweet, alluring, he stayed on her, licking and sucking until she begged for relief, she was so very sensitive; it was time.

He held her until she’d come down.


“Oh Timmy, I saw stars, what did you do to me? It was fantastic; now make love to me, please.”

From under the pillow he retrieved the tube of lube.

“Sweetheart, I’m going to use a little KY Jelly, this is your first time, I don’t want you to hurt.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem lover, Francie told me it was only like a pin prick when she lost her virginity.”

“Well just to be on the safe side, ok?” (What he was thinking was her lover must have been needle dick the bug fucker)


He lubricated her vagina then added some to himself, lifted her legs and rested them on his thighs and moved up against her.

As he guided the head to her small opening he told her, “If I hurt you tell me to stop, ok Sweetheart.”

She smiled and nodded yes; he pushed forward. He was watching her pretty face. She had a dreamy look, a whimsical smile, her eyes were closed as she anticipated making love to her husband for the first time.

As the head slid in her eyes flew open, the second inch elicited a moan, the third came in contact with her hymen and her face drew into a rictus of pain.

Tim stopped then leaned forward and enwrapped Evie in his arms.

“I’m hurting you, do you want me to stop?”

“Timmy I’m your wife, your partner and the future mother of your children, if you have to hurt me to make that happen, hurt me.”

He hugged her tightly, saying, I love you Evie, as he thrust. He could feel her being torn as he ripped her hymen. She trembled from the pain but the only sound she was made was a groan as he got four inches of his monstrous cock buried in her.

He wasn’t going much deeper, at least not this time. The first few inches of her vagina were where her sensitivity could be found. He stroked into her shallowly, exciting the nerve endings.

Tim was pretty certain Evie wasn’t going to cum again, he was trying to let her have a bit of a good feeling but he could see in her face that she was experiencing pain. He pumped rapidly, he’d cum quickly this first time but he intended to spend most of the night in her.

“I’m going to cum in you Evie, I’m gonna fill your sweet cunt with baby juice,” as he spewed into her. For the first time Evie felt the jerking pulsations of a man ejaculating into her body. She was in pain from the penetration but his hot jizz was fantastic.

He kept pumping, she was sure that he, in fact, had done exactly as he had so indelicately put it; he’s filled her sweet cunt with baby juice. Even after he quit pumping her he stayed in her.

He gave her the sweetest kiss, “How you feeling beautiful.”

“Sore; Francie lied to me.”

“What about Francie?”

“She said it was like a pin prick; I’d say this was closer to having a Peterbuilt driven up my birth canal.”

It had been over five minutes since they’d finished but Tim was still buried in her, she said, “Honey, I need to potty.”

She was surprised by his reply.

“No, just lie here for a little while, I don’t want you to get up yet, let the sperm bathe your cervix.”

She was squirming from a full bladder by the time he let her up ten minutes later.

She jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She’d grabbed her panties as she went, she had them on when she came back out and climbed into bed.

She crawled in on her tummy and snuggled up against him, he was lying on his side facing her, she nuzzled against his chest.

“You can suck my nipples if you like Evie, just like you, I have nerve endings there.”

As her tongue and lips excited his chest his hand caressed and kneaded her bottom.

When he started tracing along her crack, tickling her tight little ring through her panties she came up for air from her sucking.

“You like my bottom, don’t you Tim?”

“Like understates it, I think it’s fantastic; perfectly shaped, succulent as two ripe melons, magnificent.”

“Tim, a little while ago you told me to relax and enjoy, you said, ‘I’ll be giving you quite a bit of attention there,’ what did you mean?”

“I like your cute bottom and I want you that way.”

“You mean anal sex? You want to sodomize me? You’ll split me in half,” she sounded a little hysterical.

“Yes, I mean anal sex, no it’s not that I want to sodomize you, it’s that I am going to sodomize you and no, I won’t split you in half. Before our honeymoon is over you’ll be able to take me both fore and aft. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t learned to satisfy me with your mouth.”

“God Timmy how much sex are we going to have?”

“After we settle into home life two or three times a day but we’re on our honeymoon now, it’ll be pretty constant.”

With that, he started to roll her panties off, commenting, “You won’t need these the rest of the night Evie, overnight I’ll probably be in you five or six times, you’ll be quite full of sperm come morning, hand me the lube, would you please.”

She started to roll onto her back, he instead placed her on her side with her bottom to him.

“No, you’re not going to do that are you Tim,” she pled.

“No, Evie, I’m not, I thought you might like to sleep, I want you on your side so we can spoon, I’ll hold you and you can sleep on my shoulder. I’ll be in you from behind.”

He positioned her then moved up behind her.

“Arch your back for me sweetheart; that’s right.” He fingered some KY into her vagina then put the head of his cock in.

“Perfect, now scoot backwards until you’ve taken as much as you can handle.”

The night wasn’t as eventful as Tim had imagined. Yes, he did ejaculate once but both he and Evie were exhausted from their long and tiring day, they slept in each other’s arms, not waking ‘til nearly nine. He was first and was gazing at her face and smiling when she opened her eyes.

“Good morning Mrs. Silver,” He greeted Evie.

“Good morning Mr. Silver, now kiss me,” she replied.

As he kissed and caressed her he also stroked her sex. As she started to respond he added some lubricant and rolled onto her.

“Lift your legs up Sweetheart, I want a good angle,” he said as he entered her.

Perhaps as much as five inches penetrated her before she moaned from the pain; he started to pump, using just the five inches, each stroke pushing forward just a little, going in a millimeter further. He continued making slow progress until he saw her eyes tear; he stopped and waited for her. When she smiled up at him he began gently stroking.

Evie wanted so badly to be a good wife to Tim, she wanted him to want her sexually and as a loving wife, the mother of his children, she whispered, “That’s the way my big man, fuck me, fuck your little wife, cum in me, put your baby in my belly.”

That was all it took, Tim erupted, in his excitement he pumped a little harder; he was rewarded by slipping deeper, Evie had taken half his cock. He rested in her, kissing and caressing until he was soft.

After showers and ablutions they breakfasted at the complimentary breakfast bar and left for the four hour drive to Baja; for comfort Tim was wearing a loose fitting pair of shorts and a pull-over, Evie was in a print sun dress. Neither was wearing undergarments. Tim had told Evie, no panties, I want to be able to reach my treasure. She told him she felt the same, she wanted to hold him as he drove.

They’d barely gotten out of town before Evie had him in her hand, well really in two hands, she needed both to masturbate him.

“You’re so big Tim, Francie and I talked about men when she knew I was getting married. She said that her husband Jeremy is about the size of a man’s thumb. You’re like a baby’s arm.”

“All for you Sweetheart,” he teased.

“Not all for me yet, we still have some work to do there, don’t we?”

“As soon as we’re checked in we can concentrate on that.”

And that’s exactly what they did, their honeymoon suite was a cabana on the shore of the Sea of Cortez, with the gentle breezes cooling their bodies Tim gave Evie over an hour of oral. He wanted sex to be as pleasant and exciting as possible for her until the intercourse was better for her, then he entered her and stroked to climax. They napped then had lunch and drinks at poolside.

“I want to go down to the beach,” Evie told Tim.

The changed into swimwear and walked on the beach.

“Look Timmy, out there,” Evie exalted, “Are those whales?”

There, no more than a hundred yards out in the water there were several gray whales breaching. They sat on the sand and watched for over half an hour before the pod swam on.

“Wow, that’s one of the most awesome sights I’ve ever experienced, why did I leave the camera in the room?” Tim rhetorically asked.

The stretch of beach they were on was deserted and obscured by dunes and foliage. Evie peeled off her suit.

“Come on Timmy, let’s go skinny dipping,” she called over her shoulder as she streaked (literally) toward the warm waters of the gulf.

They frolicked like young otters, touching, feeling, exciting each other.

Tim came up behind her, circled her waist hugging her, he whispered, “I want you Evie, you’re so unbelievably desirable, let’s go up to the our cabana.”

“God, I want you, too, Timmy.”

In their room they showered together, rinsing the salt from their bodies then to bed.

Tim thought, she’d the most fantastic woman I’ll meet, he adored her body, her taste, her smell. She felt the same, when he took her with his tongue she saw stars.

His lips caressed her labia, he playfully tugged on her then teased her little rosebud making her squeal before toying with her swollen clit, strumming her with the tip of his tongue. She erupted, spewing her fragrant juices. Trembling, she was overcome by a series of orgasms, her uterus, vagina and anus clenched as she flowed.

Tim moved up between her thighs, attempting to enter her. To their mutual frustration he was again only able to get part way in. He pumped her shallowly for fifteen or twenty minutes; she wrapped her legs around his waist, trying to pull him deeper but it was painful; she wanted him in her desperately, he came with a roar, spewing his creamy, ropy semen. Holding her close, whispering his love, he stayed in her until he softened.

“Oh Timmy, I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

“Sweetheart, we’ll get there and the trying is a lot of fun.”

Afterwards they lay together, she was on her tummy with him kneading her luscious bottom. He gave her a couple of love pats then kissed her and parted her cheeks with his tongue.

“You’re too bad,” she giggled.

“No, you’re too good, exquisite, divine.”

They played for some time then decided to go to dinner in the restaurant on premises.

“Can I wear my panties or are you going to take me on the table,” she joshed.

“Panties are fine, wrap up my treasure and keep it warm for me.”

She wore a light weight summer dress, he was in khakis, an open shirt, sport jacket and penny loafers without socks.

They had cracked crab appetizers then lobsters as an entrée accompanied with a bottle of a crisp 2002 Dalla Valle Napa Valley California Chardonnay then they split a chocolate dessert (what else, chocolate originated in Mexico), Grilled Bananas with Rum Ice Cream and Mexican Hot Chocolate Sauce and coffee.

They were conversing, discussing starting a family when Evie became upset.

“Tim, you’re not going to believe it, my Mother is pregnant, can you believe it?”

“Evie, I think that’s wonderful, Henry and Edie must he ecstatic.”

“Ecstatic,” she said, her voice rising, “It terrible, I mean she’s fifty-one. It’s me that is suppose to be having babies, not my mother.”

“Oh relax Sweetheart, we’ll have babies, too.”

Evie didn’t want to let it go, perhaps because she’d had a bit more wine than usual but she continued her rant.

“Evie, let it go, we can talk about it when we get back to our cabana, ok?”

“I want to talk about it now Tim, I’m so upset.”

“Evie, please, people are looking, it’s getting a little embarrassing.”

They were, several people at nearby tables were glancing over at them and whispering among themselves.

“Let them look.”

“No Evie, let’s not cause a scene, please, save it until we get back to the room.”

“Tim, I want to get it off my chest, it really makes me angry that she’d do this.”

“I think we need to go Evie,” he said as he called for the check.

“I want to finish my dessert.”

“And I want to leave, you’re embarrassing me and I don’t much care for it.”

He signed the check, stood, took her hand and tugged; “Let’s go Evie.”

She was still complaining as he led her out on the patio and down the path back to their cabaña.

In their room Tim walked to the bedside and sat. He brought Evie over and stood her between his legs.

“Evie I don’t think you understand how distressing your conduct was to me. If you’re upset about your mother a restaurant is not the proper venue to vent your spleen. Let me ask you, since it’s your mother you’re so distressed about, what would Henry do if it was Edie who had acted like you did?”

He wondered how she would reply, they’d only been married two days, he knew this moment would eventually come but he never imagined it would be so soon.

The wind dumped from her sails, in the voice of a severely chastised little girl she choked up as she whimpered, “Daddy would spank her.”

“Evie do you think a husband should spank a recalcitrant wife?”

Almost silently she whispered, “Yes.”

“What does Henry say?”

“Salty eyes and rosy bottoms. You’re going to spank me, aren’t you Tim.”

“I think you need a spanking, don’t you Evie?”

“You don’t need to, I’ll be good now that you’ve talked to me, Timmy.”

He stood up, turned her around, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

“Evie, usually I’ll let you choose whether you want to keep your top but not this time,” he said as he unfastened her bra and took it over her shoulders. He turned her back around, took off his slacks and shirt and again sat on the bedside.

He sat quietly appreciating her breast for several minutes then said, “I’m going to let you keep your panties for a little while, we’ll start with your spanking then I’ll take them off and we’ll continue, do you understand?”

“Please Timmy, you don’t need to do this.”

“You’re right Evie, I don’t need to do this but you need it done,” as he lowered her over his left thigh.

As Edie had taught him, he encircled her waist, twisted her torso so that she was facing backward and he tucked her against his side.

First he rubbed her pantied bottom then gave her the first whack.

He rubbed again, told her he expected better of her in the future, slapped each of her cheeks then kneaded her.

Quickly he delivered ten firm blows then he paused and stroked her sides and thighs.

“You’re beautiful, you know,” he said then gave her another ten.

Evie was beginning to squirm and whimper, she got another rapid ten.

He traced along her delightful cleft, “Beautiful.”

Whack, whack, whack, whack, and whack.

She was squirming harder, trying to escape. Wasn’t going to happen.

She was mewling when he gave her a quick twenty strokes then let her rest as he rubbed and patted her, soothing the sting.

Once she’d settled down and quit squirming he tugged on her panties.

“Time for these to come off Evie.”

“Please Tim, not any more, I’ll be good.”

“Oh. I know you will, at least for a while,” he said as he released her hold on her legs so he could remove her panties entirely. He didn’t want them just down to her knees, she’d be completely bared.

“Now we’ll have some salty eyes and a rosy bottom,” he told her as he gave her twenty, alternating between her cheeks, each stroke directly on her sweet sit spots.”

Evie moaned, she wanted to be released, she squirmed and tried to kick free.

He let her have a chance to recover, again he caressed her bottom, it was turning a nice shade of pink.

While his hand was soothing her she began to grind her pelvis against his bare thigh. She was hot and moist, “Please Timmy,” she pled.

He hadn’t gotten the tears yet and she was going to cry. He resumed her spanking.

Her breathing had become raspy and she was emitting a low, throaty moan. She raised her bottom as though she was coming back to meet his hand. He again paused, he was able to see just the back of her slit, she was lubricating. He gave her ten firm strokes, she sobbed deeply then began to weep.

She was such a small girl, he simply stood up while holding her, laid her on the bed and joined her, holding her, bringing her head to his chest.

He kissed her wet eyes.

“Please Timmy, now please,” she begged as she opened her thighs to receive him.

He mounted her. It was emotional for Evie, her bottom was scorching but her vagina was hotter.

“Fuck me Timmy, take me right now,” as he entered her. He was nearly as aroused as she, he thrust into her.

She groaned loudly, he felt his cock head touch her cervix then slide past. He was further in than he’d ever been and still she was taking more. He lifted her legs, changing the angle of penetration and continued. There were tears in her beautiful eyes, whether it was from pain or salty eyes from her spanking he didn’t know but still he pushed into her until his balls were resting on her bottom.

She needed a moment to adjust to what they’d done, he was in as deep as he could go.

She looked at him, there was a pained look on her face but she was smiling, “Now I really feel like I’m your woman. Make love to me, I mean, really make love to me; I hurt but I’ve never been happier. Breed me Timmy, give me our baby.”

Slowly and softly he probed into her, long, and languid strokes, one arm holding her head while the other massaged her breasts. It felt so spectacular, better than any woman he’d ever been with, the way it was suppose to feel, she was his wife.

She made cute little noises as he rode her, they’d been joined for nearly an hour when Evie began thrusting her hips against him with some urgency.

“Timmy I’m going to cum,” she murmured.

He sped up, he wanted to get there with her. Faster and harder his thrusts came, he could feel the cum rising in his balls when she gripped his waist with her legs, thrust her pelvis hard against him and in a trembling convulsion she wailed, “Yes, Yes, Yesssss, Oh God Timmy, Yesssssssssssssssss.” He was roaring as he poured pulse after pulse of cum into her. He was loud but she was drowning him out as she howled. The contractions of her vagina were so intense he didn’t think he could pull out if he wanted to, she had him in her grip. Their orgasms were so intense they went on for fully half a minute.

Tim stayed in her, she talked.

“Unbelievable Timmy, excuse my language, no spanking for this but, Unfucking believable. I want to do this again…do you think the neighbors heard?” She asked in all seriousness.

“Probably,” he grinned at her, “Probably.”

“God Timmy, it hurt but it was worth it. Even the spanking was worth it.”

“You know, I like just lying here with you while I’m still in, I feel especially close to you right now.”

A serious look crossed her face, “Timmy when you, you know, when you take my bottom will it hurt this bad?”

“When I put you on your tummy it’s going to hurt the first several times but no worse than today and after a few times you’ll be able to take me easily, besides, there are a few things I can do to help you get ready.”

“I don’t know, it scares me, I’m so small.”

“Sweetheart, I’ve been in small women before, We can do it.”

“As small as me?” She persisted.

He looked down at her and gave her what she thought was a strange smile before answering, “Yeah, I’d say almost exactly the same size.”

She wondered about that smile but continued, “When will we try and why do you say ‘when you put me on my tummy?”

“We’ll try in a few days, I want to enjoy what we’ve accomplished today, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she beamed.

“And the other, the first time we do it you literally will be on your tummy. For the first time I’ll lay you flat on the bed and straddle your hips. I prefer anal sex from behind so you’ll usually be tummy down.” He didn’t explain that he preferred that position for the first time was because it was nearly impossible to escape.

“And you’re going to help me?”

“You bet.”

Tim knew exactly when and where she would get her introduction. It would be Sunday night, Evie didn’t know it but Edie had packed her enema equipment in Tim’s case. He was going to give her her enema then, along with her enema he’d packed a butt plug. He’d put that in and take her out to dinner, letting her squirm on it throughout their meal, when they got back to the room, he’d take the plug out and replace it with 11 ¾ inches of Timmy.

“I’m ready for round two, how about you big guy?” Evie teased.

“You want some lube?”

“I don’t think I need it, I feel like a swamp “down there.”

She winced, it was still a little painful as he entered her but he was able to slide in with just a little effort.

“God your cunt’s wonderful, you’re tight as a gnat’s ear; I love it,” he said as he began to stroke her.

He was more vigorous this time, he loved her sounds, just a little grunt as he thrust in and a coo as he pulled back.

After fifteen minutes or so he asked how she was doing.

“Fantastic, I really like the friction when you pull back, it feels like you’re turning me inside out.”

“I’d like you to pull your knees up toward your breasts, can you do that for me?”

She had her knees resting on her breasts, she was holding her legs with both hands, “Like this?” She asked.

“Just like that. Sweetheart, you’re more exposed like this so I may get a half an inch or so more into you, it may hurt a little.”

“So hurt me Big Boy, I want all of you.”

As he thrust forward he saw her wince and her groan was more pronounced and he could feel her being stretched .

“Evie Baby, I’m going to ride you a little harder. If I hurt you, sing out, ok?”

“Timmy I want all you can give me. Bang me good and fill me up with your baby making juice. Make me a Mommy.”

He slid higher up on her, making sure his cock was rubbing her clitoris then pounded her.

It didn’t take long, she did sing out, it was, “Oooooooooo damn Timmy, you fuck good, fuck your little girl, oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” as her vagina erupted then her contractions grabbed him again. He flooded her while he was in her grasp.

He hoped she wouldn’t loose those contractions as he broke her in. Maybe she could train her muscles, it sure made hers the finest pussy he’d ever been in.

As they lay still coupled she asked if he had any plans for the following day. He told her nothing really, they could drive to Cabo san Lucas, do a little sightseeing and maybe some shopping.

“Let’s save that for the next day, Saturday, tomorrow I want to lounge around here, just get room service for breakfast. Then I want you to screw me ‘til I can’t walk. You’ll have to carry me down for dinner.”

They went one more round that evening then they spooned with him in her. That’s how they slept.

He awakened to a nice sensation emanating from his groin, lifting the sheet he found Evie licking his shaft.

“Good morning sleepyhead, time for Mommy’s morning delight.”

Maybe it was, he reached down and pulled her up on his chest.

“That felt nice, do you want some lube?”

“I don’t think I’ll need lube anymore. Just thinking about having you in me, I produce all the lube we’ll ever need.”

He was at about half staff.

“Get me good and hard then squat over me, a new position I think you’ll like.”

It looked like a flag pole sticking straight up when she brought him erect.

“Now squat over me and guide me into you; that’s the way, now ease down taking me in as fast or slow, as deep or shallow as you like.”

She slowly sat until he was completely buried in her.

“Ok now it’s up to you, up and down, back and forth or round and round, you direct the action.”

She started with a rocking back and forth, her titties were swinging to and fro enticingly, he watched them, mesmerized.

“Damn you’ve got fantastic breasts. I love them. When we finish like this I’m going to titty fuck you.”

“What’s that Timmy?”

“It sounds nasty, I want you to lie down on your back, I’ll straddle your chest and rub my cock back and forth between your breasts while you hold them together so they’re squeezing me.”

“That doesn’t sound nasty to me.”

“Well, see, when I cum you’re going to get about half a cup on my juice between your tits and on your face, some will hit your lips. You can swallow it but I won’t insist.”

“Now that does sound nasty.”

“Hey, I wallow in your fragrant nectar, don’t I, I lick you and swallow, think about it, with the way your plumbing works I’m even licking your urethra, tasting a little of your pee.”

“Now THAT sounds really nasty but it feels sooooooooo, sooooooooo good; for that you can titty fuck me Big Guy.”

“I like a smart woman.”

She stuck her tongue out at him and started bouncing.

“This is fun, I like you riding me but riding you is a hoot, too.”

And hoot she did, like a cowgirl at a rodeo. First he felt her clench, she kept bouncing her tight pussy creating fantastic friction, sucking the cum out of him. She gushed soaking his balls while he was filling her womb.

“Now you need to stay on me sealing yourself up so my little swimmers have a chance to backstroke up your cervix, we need to start you on the way to motherhood before we go home.”

“While we’re just sitting here doing nothing maybe we ought to talk about where we’re going to live when we get home. What do you think?”

“I guess we’ll stay at my apartment until we can find somewhere nice, is that ok?”

“We didn’t talk about it but Daddy gave me a wedding present a couple of weeks ago, he was quite generous. I think it was because he had to spank me and felt bad about it.”

“Whoa, he spanked you, why?”

“Same reason you did, well, sorta the same reason, I got in an argument with Mommy about her being pregnant and mouthed off.”

“You deserved it?”

“Yeah, I did. Anyway Daddy is a pretty frugal man and he’s invested in stocks and real estate. He gave us a four bedroom three bath home on three acres. There’s a pool and a hot tub, it’s really nice. I gave him your key, all your stuff will be at the new house when we get home.”

“Evie, are you sure we can afford it, I mean I make pretty good money but that’s no starter home, ya know?”

“No problem, he was transferring the title to Mr. and Mrs. Silver the day we left on our honeymoon. The house is ours, it’s free and clear, all we have is the taxes and insurance.”

“So, that’s my dowry, I brought a house and my virginity, what did you bring?”

“Ah, an 11 ¾ inch dick and an overwhelming desire to make babies with you.”

“Good enough, perfect in fact. Now can I get off and lay down next to you, it’s time for you to teach me all about titty fucking so you’ll keep drinking my pee.”

She rolled over and so did he. She was now on the bottom, he straddled her chest and scooted up.

His erection was still full blown, he told her, squeeze me with your breasts.

“I’ll love doing this when you’re oh so preggers and lactating, maybe a little milk will make it grow.”

“If that happens you ain’t getting anywhere near these puppies.”

He started sliding back and forth, appreciating her full peaches and cream breast, her alluring smile and her inviting ruby lips. Freed from the velvet confines of her clasping vagina his penis seemed to swell to an even greater girth as he neared climax. When he went off it was more powerful than he’d anticipated. The first pulsation landed in her hair then trailed down her face with each succeeding spurt, her forehead, her nose, her mouth chin and finally breasts.

He chuckled, “Oh what I’d give to have the camera right now.”

She smiled as she said it but she said it, “Bastard.” She licked her lips and tasted him.

“Salty, want a kiss?”

“Ah no Baby, I’ll eat you, you eat me. I’ll taste that when I see you taste a girl.”

“Careful, you never know,” she teased back.

“Have you?” he asked.

“No, never, never even considered it.”

“Whew, then I’m safe.”

“Now get off you big lug, your blushing bride needs a shower.”

“Give it a couple of minutes, I’ll call down and get a couple orders of huevos rancheros, orange juice and coffee sent over.”

Once the order was placed they got in the shower and each took turns washing the other. Evie had to shampoo, they dried, she used a towel as a turban, they were in the complimentary fluffy robes when breakfast was delivered and set up on their patio.

“I could get use to this,” Evie smiled at him.

“Me, too, Mrs. Silver, me too.”

“That sounds so nice, Mrs. Silver; there’s no one else I’d rather be Mr. Sliver. I feel like the luckiest gal in the world.”

“I’m glad, I want you happy Evie, you’re so special.”

They had breakfast out of doors on their verandah, accompanied by the songs of birds and the fragrance of tropical flowers. After they’d finished they continued to sit just enjoying each other’s company in their sun drenched tropical paradise.

Evie sneaked her small hand through the folds of Tim’s robe and caressed his penis, it was flaccid yet it still felt huge.

“My mouth is pretty small but I could try if you’d like,” she shyly smiled at him.

“You are a princess, Baby, an absolute princess.”

She took the pad off the seat of her chair and used it as a kneeler as she moved between his legs, parted the folds of his robe and fellated him. She could only get the head and an inch or two between her lips but she adroitly used her tongue, licking his mighty shaft, circling it as she kissed its length and then bobbing up and down taking all she could. She held him with both hands and slowly masturbated him as her mouth worked its magic.

Rapidly breathing, pumping into her willing mouth Tim announced, “Watch out Baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

She wasn’t about to give up this chance to prove she was woman enough for him, she gripped him with both hands, he wasn’t escaping, took all of him into her mouth that she could and tickled his tip with her tongue until he erupted.

She sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed and then sucked and swallowed some more, she was sure she would drown then she looked up with dazed eyes and him, he was laughing, laughing, the bastard.

She had cum pouring out each side of her mouth, cum dripping down her chin and cum on both of her hands; he lifted her to him, said, “You are absolutely unbelievable,” and kissed her, on the forehead, but he did kiss her, then he wiped her face with a napkin, saying, “I owe you the best oral you’ve ever had and poured her another glass of orange juice saying, want a rinse?”

“I’ll accept the OJ and I’ll darn sure collect my oral,” she grinned up at him.

“I hate to say this but Mommy’s poor little pussy could use a break, how about we go down to the beach and play with the whales, sharks and sting rays ‘til lunch then we can walk up to the bar, sip a coupla cervesas and come back and make babies.”

“You like the name Mommy? You keep calling yourself that?”

“I want to be a Mommy, I want to think of myself as a Mommy of oodles and oodles of your babies, I never want to work outside the home, I want to cook and clean and raise perfect little clones of their perfect Daddy, is that wrong?”

“Evie, you’re so bright, you could do lots of things.”

“Tim, I am bright, the last time I was tested my IQ was 146, almost genius, so what? I want to pass on my genes to our children, give them a good foundation to build on, a stable and loving home life and a moral compass they can take into adulthood.”

“Let’s go play with the sharks and the sea snakes, I think I’ve got the ideal wife.”

They went back to the same secluded spot they had visited earlier and played. She was so soft, sexy and desirable. Tim took her right there in the water, he held her against him and entered her from behind, asking her to arch her back so she could present herself, she simply slid the bottom of her two piece suit down to her knees and bent forward, it wasn’t ideal but he was in her and she loved every moment of their play time.

“When we get back to the room I’m going to have you from behind but not quite like this,” he told her, “We’ll go doggie and I’ll go even deeper that we’ve done before.”

“God Timmy, if you get any further in me I think I’ll choke,” she fired back.

“We’ll see, won’t we?” He teased.

Later, still damp and salty they had chalupas and Dos Equis (I don’t always want tight pussy but when I do I get it from Evie…I lied, I always want tight pussy) at the outdoor bar then jumped into the pool to rinse off the sea salt.

Back in the room they decided on a nap. They spooned, he in her as they dozed.

He awakened first and just stared at her, she had just the slightest of snores as she slept, he thought it was cute, he held her and began to massage her exceptional breasts then moved a hand down and used a single finger to tickle her clit. She began to respond, her back arched, she wriggled her hips and began rocking against him.

He nibbled on the back of her neck as he stroked into her.

“Oh God Timmy,” she breathed out as she trembled in a little orgasm, “What are you doing to me?”

“Warming you up,” he said as he rolled over behind her and lifted her to her knees; “I want you from behind,” he said as he gently nudged her legs apart. She was wet and ready to accept him, for the first time he entered her from behind.

He knew she liked the moniker so he said, “Mommy, I’ll be a little deeper this way,” as he slid into her.

She backed against him, she was his woman and she was not going to be denied, if he had it she was going to take it. It nearly took her breath away, God he had an extra inch she hadn’t found, she did now as he thrust forward hurting her; she winced in pain but still said, “Timmy, grab my hips and fuck me Big Guy, give your Mommy a hard ride.”

Evie was proud of herself, she had her man and she was his woman, she wanted, yes wanted him to fuck her hard, she wanted to be the woman that could satisfy her big man, she wanted his children to fill her womb and swell her belly. She groaned and grunted, she moaned and, yes, even sobbed as he rode her but when he climaxed, his huge hard cock jerking and spewing his prodigious quantity of ejaculate into her she was proud of herself and excited to be Mrs. Timothy Silver.

He rode her down to the mattress and stayed in her as he nibbled the nape of her neck and whispered his pledge of love into her oh so receptive ear.

He was still in her, the question didn’t seem to fit the immediate circumstance as he asked, “Mommy, do you have any panties like lady jockeys, you know ones that cover your bottom and kinda hold you tight?”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, I have several pairs, I like the way they hold me and don’t ride up my bootie like nylon or silk when I’m horseback riding or hiking; why do you ask?”

“Did you bring any with you?”

“I don’t think so, I didn’t think we’d do any riding or hiking, again, why are you asking Daddy?”

“I want you to wear a pair like that tomorrow night when we go to dinner. Maybe we can do a little shopping tomorrow morning.”

“If that’s what you want then ok, tomorrow.”

The next morning the went up to the restaurant, had a light breakfast then drove into Cabo for the sightseeing and a little shopping. The picked up a few souvenirs for friends and Evie found a three pack of Jockeys for Ladies briefs.

“Are therse what you want for me?” She asked Tim.

“Absolutely, I think they can caress your sweet bottom as well as I could.”

“I don’t think so, I’d rather have you,” she replied.

They had dinner in town then spent the rest of the night in their room.

Sunday was a day he was really looking forward to, he had arranged a fishing trip on one of Tony Reyes big boats. They hooked up with lots of yellow tail and spotted sea bass and Evie managed to get the biggest fish of the day, winning the pot, a 61 pound Black Sea Bass. She was ecstatic when she collected the $200 pot but, since they had no cold storage, she gave the fish to the captain.

By the time they got back to the room they were both tired, the salt and sun exhausted them both. They decided to take a little nap before showering and dressing for dinner.

Tim had made a reservation at a restaurant noted for its prawns and sea bass, the dining was casual with outdoor seating overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Evie was a little surprised, Tim wanted her to wear a pair of shorts, she knew he preferred her in a dress but, she’d chosen white shorts and a pale lavender blouse, white sandals and a little Mexican shawl. He approved.

They began to get ready well before their reservation, they showered together, she shampooed to get the salt out of her hair, while she was drying her hair with the blow dryer he was out in the living area.

Evie had finished with her hair, had applied the minimal make up she used, just a touch of lipstick and was still clad in the fluffy robe supplied by the hotel, she was more than surprised when she came out of the bathroom. It was Sunday, usually her favorite day of the week, her Mommy always gave her enema on Sundays and she truly looked forward to her purge, the penetration of her bottom, the swelling of her belly and, yes even the expulsion but she decided she liked her Timmy even more; if she had to give up her little pleasure, so be it.

She noted that he’d pulled the straight backed chair out from the vanity and it was sitting in the middle of the room but she didn’t notice the red ball in the bucket beside the chair. He met her at the door of the bathroom and said, “It’s Sunday, are you ready,” as he took her hand and led her to the free standing chair, he sat down and, still holding her hands guided her over his lap.

“Timmy, what?” She asked.

“It’s Sunday isn’t it, do you want five bulbs or six?”

“Mommy told you, didn’t she?”

She could only smile, she now was convinced she had her perfect mate, I mean, how many men would give their brand new bride an enema.

“Can you give me seven? I want to feel what it will be like when my tummy is really swollen?”

“Of course,” he answered as he lifted the back of her robe, displayed her bottom and lubricated her. The first tube slid in easily, Evie cooed as the warm water flowed into her bowels, two, three and four were exciting to her, she adored the warmth as it filled her. Five caused a little cramping but she even like that, six brought a bit of distress, the cramps were painful but Tim knew to rub her distended belly as he worked it up into her colon then she took seven. He’d spread his legs so her belly could hang down, now she was cramping severely, he rubbed her tummy and her back, trying to relax her, she still hurt, she wanted to go but he held her in place.

“Relax, just relax,” he coached her as he cupped her sex and fingered her vulva.

“Timmy, I need to go,” she begged.

“Just a few minutes,” he told her as he held her in place. He continued to massage her, her bottom, her tummy and along her slit. She was cramping but she was lubricating, too. It was putting a lot of stress on her, she could feel herself breaking out in a sweat, she begged to get up.

Finally, he helped her to her feet, she needed his arm to make it to the bathroom; he seated her, gave her a little kiss and turned to leave the room, giving her privacy when she evacuated loudly, gushing water and gas, she was so embarrassed, he closed the door as he departed.

She was on the commode for quite some time and then she took several minutes to refresh her make up, she was a bit drained but feeling like he must really love her when she came back into the bedroom area.

“Better,” he asked.

“Wow, that was intense, Mommy told you didn’t she?”

“Do you mind?” He asked, “Penetrating your cute bottom isn’t a chore Baby Girl, it’s a pleasure, now, I have a little gift for you, it’s there in my suitcase, will you get it for me?”

She found a wrapped box, maybe seven or eight inches long and four inches or so wide in a silver wrap.

“Silver wrap for Mrs. Silver, open it and bring it to me please Evie.”

When she had it unwrapped she wasn’t sure what she had, she looked at Tim questionly.

“It’s a butt plug, do you know what it’s for?”

“From it’s name and shape I think I have an idea, is it for me?”

“Bring it to me,” he instructed.

As she came to him he took it from her then eased her down over his lap.

“I’m going to put this in you, it will help to stretch you so you can take me a little easier.”

“I feel like the subject of an old Rod Stewart song, am I right, “Tonight’s the Night?” She asked as she lay across his lap.

“Just like the song says, “Everything’s alright,” he told her as he lifted the back of her robe, lubricated her anus and gently eased in the faux phallus.”

Evie groaned as it seated in her, the wide part hurt but then it thinned allowing her sphincters to close around it. She could feel in up in her bowel, it wasn’t really painful it just gave her a fullness, its base that kept it from going further.

Tim handed her the clothes she was to wear starting with the Jockeys for her, more fabric across the bottom and tight fitting. Now she knew why he’d chosen her particular wardrobe, she was wearing her gift to dinner tonight, the tight panties and the shorts would help her retain it.

“You know I’ll be squirming tonight, don’t you,” she said.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t,” he said as he offered his arm; “Shall we go?”

She waddled just a bit as he led her to the car; when she sat she mouthed a little, “Woo.”

“You like?” He asked.

“Well, it doesn’t hurt but it really feels weird, even after this am I still going to hurt.”

“Probably some but I’ll be as gentle as possible.”

“I know these questions seem silly but I’m going to learn what ‘Tummy Down’ really means aren’t I, so tell me what ‘Tummy Down’ really means.”

“Baby Girl, I want it to be as good for you as I can make it, would you like some oral first?”

“You know I think that’s fantastic, so, yes all you can give me.”

“Ok, we’ll spend an hour or so, exciting you until you’re begging me to stop, I’ll have your little jewel twitching like it never has before then, once you’re squirming all over the bed; I’ll take out your plug and add massive quantities of lubricant, I’ll use two or three fingers to try to open you then I’ll roll you ‘Tummy Down’ and mount you from behind. I won’t immediately enter you, instead, I’ll whisper to you, I’ll encourage you to relax and then I’ll ask you to bear down like you were trying to go potty. I know that sounds strange, you pushing out when I’m going in but it relaxes your sphincters. You have two, the outer one you can relax yourself but the inner one is involuntary, when you bear down it relaxes, then I’ll pop into you. I’ll give you a few moments to accept me then I’ll push into you. The pain may come when I enter you. Think you can handle it?”

She gave him a little smile and said, “Guess after we have dinner we’ll find out won’t we.

She tried to keep her bottom off the seat as they rode to the restaurant, every time they hit a bump she got a little charge. After they’d parked, they walked toward the entrance he cupped her bottom and, with the palm of his hand pushed her “gift” a little deeper then, throughout dinner he had to make cute little comments as she squirmed trying to get comfortable.

They had a fantastic dinner of prawns and sea bass; she could have just as well have been eating cardboard. No question, she was terrified about what the rest of the night was going to offer, finally Tim asked,” Would you like dessert or are you ready to go back to our cabana?”

“Take me back Tim, please?”

In their room he undressed her, her pull-over top, she was not wearing a bra and her magnificent breasts were already full, her nipples swollen.

“You’re anticipating tonight, aren’t you Baby Girl?”

“Timmy, I’m scared, ok?”

He cupped her bottom forcing the dildo deeper, she groaned, he unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the ground then he peeled her tight fitting Lady Jockeys down and lowered her to the mattress. No preamble, he opened her thighs and sought out her sweet treasures. Starting with a few moments at her clitoris, sucking and batting it then, just a silly millimeter lower he gave her urethra a little lick just so he could claim having drunk her pee, her swollen labia were so red he was afraid she wouldn’t last then her sweet vagina got his attention and as before he licked over her perineum. It was like she didn’t know exactly how to react when the tip of his tongue pierced her tight little ring, using just his tongue he pumped her several times until she began to squirm a bit then he worked back along her tasty slit. He kept her just seconds from climax, she pounded her groin against him face begging for him to finish, again and again he brought her to the brink.

She’d start to tremble, her female organs would clench and, yes, her vagina would spurt and the sorry bastard would stop, look up and grin; she’d settle down, she didn’t want to, she was so ready she was quivering and the miserable asshole would do it again. She wanted to cum so badly it hurt, her poor little pussy ached, her uterus pained her, her anus quivered expectantly, the man was draining her, she couldn’t take any more then he stuck a finger up her tight little bottom, his mouth covered her sex and she exploded, erupting like a volcano, for the first time her vagina spewed, a foot, two feet, her juices flooded from her, her cunt was pumping like a fountain, hot, fragrant girl ejaculate, Tim drank her, he sucked on her swollen clit, he stayed on her, she was wailing, bouncing her little ass, slamming against his face and crying, pleading for more and for mercy. Finally he slowed just licking her, letting her come down gently, easing her excitement.

When she quit kicking he rolled her onto her tummy and whispered, “I’m going to take your plug out now,” as he slowly removed her butt plug.

“Baby Girl, you may cry now, put your head on this pillow. If you need to, cry into it.” He began lubricating her.

She jumped a little when he put a finger into her. He added more lube and added a second finger, he pumped her, added some more of the lube and swathed on himself.

He straddled her hips and guided the head of his monstrous cock to her tight little portal then pressed against her.

“Remember what I told you Evie, you need to relax then push back against me, are you ready?”

He could see that she was nodding yes, he said, ok, now push.

He felt her make her effort, he pushed in. Both sphincters collapsed under his assault, poor little Evie cried out in pain but he had at least five inches of cock in her when he stopped to let her accept him.

She was sobbing but he’d already done the worst, getting in was the tough part, he leaned into her sliding more and more cock into her. Her little ass was unbelievable, he watched as he went deeper and deeper, she was taking him.

Through her tears she was pleading, “Oh Timmy, take it out, it hurts so bad, please, take it out.”

He stopped then leaned forward so he could whisper to her, “Mommy, you want to make Daddy happy, we need to do this, let’s do it now, get it over with, because it will happen and you’re ready tonight.”

“Oh Timmy it hurts so bad, tomorrow, we can do it tomorrow, please.”

He already had at least nine inches buried in her cute little bottom, he pushed deeper. She wasn’t screaming in pain any longer, she was moaning and groaning, as he forced a little more into her she mewled like a little hurt kitten, “Please Timmy, no more, oh God, you’re to big for me, please.”

He hated hurting her but Tim knew if he stopped now they’d probably never get to this point again, she’d be afraid to even try again, he pressed further into her then circled her body, massaged her taut breasts as he pulled her to him, thrust forward and bottomed out in her. He stopped.

She wailed and broke into tears, he knew how deep he was, her rectum was stuffed and his big cock had, no doubt, penetrated into her sigmoid colon, he’d stretched flesh that wasn’t meant to stretch.

“You are unbelievable Baby Girl, you’ve take all of me, I’m so happy to have you as my wife, beautiful, sexy and able to take her Big Guy, God, you’re special.”

Through her tears she sobbed, “Timmy I feel like a gutted trout, God, I think you’ve killed me.”

He lowered his head so he could whisper to her and kiss her.

What he whispered was, “You didn’t think you could do it, did you, but you have. You’ve got all of me in you right now, you’re really are a special lady, I’ll never want anyone else, how could I, I have the very best.”

“Timmy, I feel like I just got an enema with a telephone pole and you haven’t even fucked me yet, are you going to fuck me?”

“Of course.”

She knew he never was satisfied with only one penetration, she didn’t want to hear it but she had to ask.

“Are you going to fuck me again?”


“More than once Timmy, how many times do you want me?”

By tomorrow morning I want you to be able to take me easily, don’t plan on a lot of sleep.”

“Oh God, you’re gonna fuck me all night long?”

“I thought four or five times on your tummy and a couple times in your sweet pussy,” he said as he slowly started to pump her.

Neither of them slept that night, it got a little easier for him to get into her. He never did get to her vagina, her tight little bottom was far to alluring. By the time she’d been sodomized for the seventh time her bowels were so filled with semen that her tummy was killing her. It wasn’t really sleep but at six thirty in the morning she passed out, he was behind her with an erect cock still stuffing her bottom.

Her movement at nine thirty awakened Tim, he helped her to her knees.

“Morning beautiful,” he commented, he was still in her, he began pumping her.

When he came she simply collapsed to the mattress.

He stayed in her just like when he was in her vagina, he asked, “Ready for breakfast.”

She couldn’t have felt worse, her bottom felt like, well, it felt like… but where she really hurt was her tummy, she must have a gallon of cum in her, she was nauseous and her tits ached, if she could get down some tea and toast she’d be amazed.

She told Tim that was what she wanted, just tea and toast. He phoned room service, ordered sausage and eggs for himself and tea and toast along with some fresh fruit for Evie then he helped her out of bed, helped her into her robe and walked her out to the patio. After their breakfast was served he shut the patio door, the A/C was on and though it was nice out of doors there was no sense in wasting the cool air.

Evie truly felt terrible, it had to be what happened last night, she felt like a freshly fucked fox that had barely, just barely survived a forest fire, well she at least knew her Timmy thought she was a fox and she was certainly freshly fucked. She’d nibbled at her toast and had a couple of sips of her tea but she didn’t feel like doing anything, at this moment she would have turned Timmy down for sex. Her tummy, that tummy that had been down so many times the last night suddenly roiled. Timmy held her up as she puked off the side of the patio. As he held her, his big hands brushed her breasts, she was tender, her nipples were swollen, she felt even worse.

She moaned, “Tim, help me back into the room, I need to lie down for a little while, please, I want to call Mommy.”

He helped her back to bed and brought her the phone then left her to talk to Edie while he finished his coffee, he gave her twenty minutes but she was still talking when he went back in.

After she hung up she looked at him and began to cry.

He took her in his arms and tried to sooth her but she was nearly inconsolable.

“Oh Timmy, it’s my fault, everything is my fault, isn’t it?”

“Baby Girl, you haven’t done anything wrong, what do you mean?”

“No, it’s all my fault, I know it is, I went crying to Mommy; I was so intent on being a virgin on my wedding day.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Timmy, the smell in this room, didn’t you smell it when we came in from the patio?”

“I can smell your shampoo, your soap and your perfume, what do you mean?”

“Twice when I went into Mommy’s room I smelled the same thing, I asked her what it was but she didn’t tell me. Now I know what it was.”

“What are you talking about Baby Girl?’

“Sex, it’s sex but more than that, what I was smelling her bowels just like I can still smell myself. Mommy had been sodomized hadn’t she Timmy? I whined to her that since I wouldn’t make love to you, that I had to be a virgin, I was afraid that you were going to stray, that you’d find someone else to meet your needs. Timmy, I don’t blame you, I know what your sex drive’s like, you want a woman every day at least and you’d been true to me for almost a year. She came to you, didn’t she?”


“Is her baby yours, am I going to be the step-mother to my sibling Timmy?”

He just dropped his head.

“I should have realized, little things like when I asked if a little girl like me could take you; you gave me a little smile and said you’d been in a small woman that was just like me. But of course you knew, you’d been in my Mommy, hadn’t you?”

“Evie, I’m sorry, I know you’re the finest woman I’ll ever meet but if you want to divorce me I’ll understand.”

“Divorce, Timmy I’ve never seen my Mommy happier and you’ve done the same for me. All I want to know is everything about you and Mommy, I mean, do you love her, stuff like that?”

“I guess I do love her, I love what she did for you, for us. Like her daughter she’s a really special person.”

“I want to know everything; like is she a good lover, things like that.”

“Truthfully, every time I was with her it was like I knew what you’d be like when you’re in your fifties. She’s one sexy woman.”

“What did the two of you do?”

“Are you sure you really want to know?


“We only got together twice but we were pretty active when we did. We had sex a bunch of times and I’ll confess, although she thought she was barren she told me she was still having intermittent periods, I wanted to inseminate her if I could, she was so much like you I did everything I dreamed about doing with you.”

“How did she feel?”

“Evie, I don’t think Henry’s taking care of his homework, she was a little easier to get into than you, she was a sexually active adult that had delivered a child but I still had to hurt her. Once I got into her she couldn’t get enough. She and Henry had engaged in infrequent anal sex but she was scared. She taught me how to give an enema, well, she had me give her an enema and I’ve spanked her twice, once so I could learn how to do it and once because she was a bad girl, then I put her on her tummy. I had her vagina about a dozen times and I took her bottom four or five times.”

“Are you going to get together with her again?”

“She wants to but you and I are married now so of course not.”

“Why? She wants you, if it was ok with me, would you?”

“She says she’s “My Bitch.”

“Timmy, I’m your bitch, too. Anything you want to do with me, I’m yours, I won’t say it like this again, I don’t talk this way but, my mouth, my cunt and my ass aren’t mine any more, they’re yours. Does she feel the same?”

“We haven’t done anything with her mouth.”

“Is her baby yours?”


“Now you have two. I thought I was reacting to the things we did last night and maybe the ache I have in my abdomen is, I mean you must have pumped a quart of cum into me last night but the rest of my symptoms, at least according to my Mommy, say I’m on my way to motherhood.”

“You’re pregnant?” Tim exalted.

“Wanta be sure?”

“You mean…”

“Take a taste of Mommy then give it to me, as you so delicately phrase it, fore and aft.”

“By the way Big Guy, does she like her spankings?”

He just smiled.


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