Spying on my cheating wife

Spying on my cheating wife

My co-worked tells me about a slut that he is fucking and it turns out to be my wife.

My name is Tim. I worked the second shift at the plant. One day when I arrived for work I had a few minutes to talk with Ron, one of the day shift workers that I knew. Ron was thirty, about 6’2” and slim. He told me that he had a real hot date for that night. There was this real knock out blond that he had just happened to get hooked up with. He said that he had been getting together with her about once a week to ten days for a couple of months. He told me what a wild slut she was in bed and that he had never had a better fuck in his life.

“She said that her husband works out of town and is not home often enough to keep her satisfied. She said that she loved him very much and was going to be sure that he never found out so she would not hurt him. That was fine with me. I’m just happy to have her fine pussy to sink my cock into.” He told me about how she liked it in all three holes and how it was so easy to bring her to a screaming orgasm. “One time she messed up her dates and invited another guy over the same evening as me. When we both arrived she took us both on. She said that it was her first threesome but that it sure wouldn’t be her last. That was a wild night. I’ll have to see about getting you hooked up with her sometime. I know that you are married but you just have to try this babe on for size.”

I asked him a few question about what part of town she lived in and other things about her. He told me that she was 28 and that she had a great set of firm C-cup jugs that only sagged slightly and she could be made to come just by sucking on them. He said her name was Jane. I was sure that I was wrong but everything he said added together made me think that there was a chance that it was my loving wife Julia.

The next day I made sure to get there early enough to talk to him again. “How did your date go?” “It was fantastic. She met me at the door naked. We spent over an hour in her bed and I dumped a big load deep in her cunt and another one in her tight ass.” I couldn’t get the thought that it might be my wife that Ron was fucking out of my mind. I was constantly thinking about it for the next two days and I had almost a permanent erection. When I would get home she would be waiting up for me. She smelled freshly showered and had put on perfume. When we got in bed she sucked my cock like she was trying to suck it off. I fucked her deep and hard and she kept telling me how much she loved me.

Finally I had to find out if it was her or if I was just having weird thoughts. About half way thru my shift I told the manager that I was not feeling well and needed to leave. I went home but parked a few houses down the block. There was a strange car parked in front of our house. I went to the house and quietly went in. All the lights were out except I could see that there was one on coming from our bedroom. I snuck down the hall. As I got close I could hear moaning. The bedroom door was open. I stood in the dark and back away from the door where I could see in but it would have been hard to see me, especially if you were not expecting me to be there. Julia was there naked on her back and between her legs was a guy that looked like he could not be out of his teens yet.

Her legs were on his shoulders and his hands were squeezing her firm breasts. Her hips were lifted off the bed and his cock was flying in and out of my wife’s cunt like a jackhammer. I had wondered if I had caught her with another man if I would be upset and break them up but I found that I was loving watching my wife get nailed to our bed by another man.

I stayed there for some time watching and listening to him groaning and her moaning. Her one hand was between her legs. Her fingers flew over her clit. She enjoys rubbing herself while she is being fucked. Then she went into one of her wild orgasms. When she comes, she shakes and rolls her head from side to side and screams so that I am sure it must bother the neighbors. When she came, he froze with his dick deep in her snatch and groaned. I knew that he was filling my wife with his sperm. I thought about being happy that she was on the pill.

I backed away and left the house. Back in the car I jerked off replaying what I had just seen in my mind and sprayed cum all over my clothes. A couple drops got on the inside of the windshield. It was another hour before he left. I knew that they must have enjoyed at least one more hot fuck.

I bought a half dozen HD motion activated wireless cameras with microphones that send signals to my computer and I set them up, two in our bedroom, two in the living room and two in the kitchen. I thought that would cover about any area that Julia and her companion might do the deed in. Just before I left for work I turned them on. All during work I thought about what I would see on the videos.

The first night there was nothing. I did not know if I was happy or disappointed. When I watched the videos from the second night it was entirely different. The cameras recorded Julia wondering around the house, getting dressed in a babydoll nighty and waiting till the doorbell rang. She went to the door and opened it. She invited in a man who was probably around forty. I heard her say, ”I really liked your on-line description of what you like and I’m looking forward to experiencing some of those things, Sir.”

“OK slut. This will be a fun night for both of us if you do everything exactly as I tell you. Now, take my clothes off.” “Yes, Sir.” Julia undressed this man that she had just met a minute before. As she did, she kissed all over his chest and his stomach. Then she got down to the important parts. His cock was pretty good sized even though it was still flaccid. Julia put the head in her mouth but he took her hair in his hand and pulled her off. “Not yet. You fucking wait till I tell you.” “Yes, Sir.” “Get the fuck out of that ugly nighty. I want to see your slut tits and cunt.” Julia quickly got the nighty off. He reached into a bag that he had brought with him, removed a studded dog collar and told her to put it on. She did as he said. Then he attached a leash to it and pulled it so Julia dropped to her knees. “Stay on your hands and knees like the dog bitch you are.” He sat in one of the living room chairs and used my wife as a foot stool. She did not complain.

After watching part of a TV show and slowly stroking his cock, he told her to come suck on his balls. She came between his legs. She looked at his naked pubic area, “You shave down there.” He yanked on her collar, “I didn’t tell you to talk. Start sucking.” Julia took one testicle in her mouth and then the other. His cock started to harden further. He moved closer to the edge of the chair and told her to lick his asshole. She did it without saying a word. Then he told her to shove her tongue deep in his ass. Again she followed his orders. He moaned in pleasure and pulled her face tighter to his ass.

“Take me to your bed, my pretty little bitch.” On all fours, Julia led this man to our bed. He followed her, holding onto her leash. Julia stayed on the floor next to the bed while he finished undressing and got on the bed. He stroked her head like he was petting his favorite pet pup. “OK hop up here.” Julia got up and climbed on the bed. The man’s attitude quickly changed. “You didn’t get up here like a dog, you got up here like a person. You are going to have to be punished. Get on your hands and knees.”

Julia looked confused and a little worried but she got on her hands and knees as he got behind her. SMACK. His open hand came down on her ass cheek. Six more times he spanked her hard leaving a bright red hand print on her buttocks. From a different camera angle I could see tears in her eyes but she remained in that position. Then the man grabbed her by the hips and slammed his prick deep in her cunt in one hard fast motion.

I watched her tits swaying back and forth as he fucked my wife’s from the back side. After several minutes of fucking her doggie style he said, “I’m going to come. Turn around and suck me.” Julia turned and took his cock in her mouth. He fucked her mouth like he had been fucking her pussy. Then he held her tight to him and tipped his head back and let out a loud growl as his hips made short quick little jerks. Cum ran out of the sides of Julia’s mouth. A string of his thick yellowish spunk hung from her chin. He scooped it up with two fingers and put them in her mouth where I could see her sucking on them.

After a couple of minutes he got up and redressed. He took Julia’s leash and she led him to the front door and sat there while removed the collar and leash and left. Julia stood up. She was near one of the cameras and I heard her say, “Shit, I’m never doing that again.”

Several days later I had another video to edit and save to a file. If I did not have the videos, I would never have known that anything was different in our lives. Julia was still very loving to me and we still had sex two or three times a week. She did note that I was getting a little more adventurous in our love making and that she liked it.

The next session that I collected was with two guys. Sometimes one would be in her cunt while she sucked the other one and sometimes one would be in her ass while the other DPed her pussy. My sweet wife came extra hard while she was being fucked that way. One thing that surprised me was when they were sitting around the kitchen table. She had made a pot of coffee. One of the guys stroked himself till he came. He pointed his prick straight at Julia’s cup and splashed cum into her coffee. She smiled and said that she liked cream in her coffee and then drank it down.

Almost three weeks had pasted and I had several hot videos of my wife fucking different guys when the next video was my co-worked Ron who had first told me about the woman he was fucking that led me to find out that it was my wife. I watched as he made love to my wife. He was the gentlest and most loving of any of the men that I had seen her with. She clearly enjoyed it.

The next day at work, he said that he had again been with that sweet slut he had been seeing. He said that it was his sixth time with her he said that he had asked Jane, which was the name he knew Julia as, if he could bring a friend the next time and she had said that it sounded like fun and that he was welcome to share her with another guy any time he wanted to.

That Thursday I took a vacation day but did not tell Julia. I met Ron at work at eight and he drove me to this girl’s house, my house. Ron rang the doorbell and Julia answered the door in the nude. “Jane, I want you to meet my friend Tim. He is looking forward to spending the evening with us.” For a minute Julia stood there looking like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. Then she said, “Hi Tim. Come on in and join the party.”

We had a really hot three way. I fucked Julia in the mouth and ass and filled both holes with my cum. Ron dumped his loads in her cunt and mouth. It was the first time I had ever felt another man’s cock rubbing against mine with only the thin membrane that separated the woman’s cunt and ass between us. It was different and I liked it. Julia sure liked it too.

When we were all ready to call it a night, Julia said how nice it was to meet me and thanked Ron for bringing me. Ron took me back to work to get my car. When I got home Julia was still naked. I filled her only hole that I had not filled earlier and we cuddled and slept.

Julia still keeps seeing other guys and fucking them in our bed but now she pays attention to where the cameras are and how to get the best shots for our videos. After I edit them we watch them together before going to bed and making love like the happily married couple that we are. Eventually I told Ron the truth and the three of us still get together occasionally. We have been talking about doing some couples swapping and I have suggested her having several guys come to be with her at the same time. I think it would be a great video.


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