Sister’s nude cartoon Video part 2

Sister’s nude cartoon Video part 2

Maggie and her brother have fucked twice and their union is still going strong until the pool

Part 2 After Our Fuck

I took my cock from Maggie’s bald pussy, and I lay beside her. As we lay together looking at each other, I must have fallen asleep. Then I heard a car pull into the rear of the house. Then I heard the car door open and close, with mum’s voice saying something. My eyes flew open to see Maggie’s was still closed. I quickly woke her up, saying our parent’s were home and she had to get back to her room. Maggie got up quickly, picked up her clothing and ran out of my room.

I quickly got dressed in shorts and a top. I heard the shower going and smiled, realising that Maggie got there just in time. I went downstairs and greeted mum and dad, who asked about my day. I just told them it was a good, with unexpected treats. I told my parents that I didn’t have to work the following day, so I could sleep in. Mum told me that she had jobs around the house that she wanted me to do. Later we had dinner and watched TV. As I started to get comfortable, on the lounge, Maggie came in and sat down beside me. I looked at her and found her watching me. When our eyes met she smiled. I loved that smile.

Later that night I was sitting up and reading. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 1am, so I turned off my bedside lamp and lay back in bed. I was stroking my cock, thinking about my fuck with Maggie, when the door opened and closed and a figure came over, lifted the sheets and hoped into bed with me. Maggie said, “I’m lonely, can we just cuddle.” We held each other close, when I felt her hand grasp my rigid cock. I said, “No, mum and dad are just up the hallway. What if they hear us?” Maggie said, “They won’t. The time Craig stayed, we fucked all night.” I thought about it for a little while. Maggie was still tugging on my cock, which made it hard to concentrate, so I said, “Okay, but you’ve got to go back to your bed before they get up. Ok”

Maggie placed her lips on mine and we started kissing each other deeply. Maggie was still pulling on me, so I let my hand wander down and found her naked pussy. My index finger found its way into her cunt, and was now playing with her juices. I scooped some out and as before started rimming her pussy. Maggie was starting to moan, so I clamped my mouth over her, in case our parents heard. I started touching her clit, with my finger and she moaned harder into my kiss. By this time I wasn’t going through any other foreplay and I think my sister knew it, as I mounted her, pushing my cock into her.

I started pushing myself into her as far as I could go, and again bottoming out, on touching her cervix. Maggie had wrapped her legs around me. We started grinding our hips together, it was then I heard my bed creak and wondered if mum or dad could hear us. But that thought only lasted fleetingly and I kept grinding my cock into Maggie. By now our hips were coming together and the noise of her wet pussy was loud. I kept my mouth on Maggie all the time, so her moans wouldn’t disturb anyone.

Finally Maggie was moaning all the time and I could feel her cunt getting tighter, when she went rigid and pulling her legs down onto my arse, forcing me further in. I rammed home and again felt my cock pierce her cervix, entering her womb. I shot load, after load into her unprotected womb. I laid there, upon Maggie, until we both calmed down. When I slipped from her pussy, Maggie quickly kissed me on the lips and jump out from my bed leaving the same way she’d come. I lay there reliving the memory of what just happened, unaware of the consequences that may happen.

I fell asleep only to be woken by dad. He told me that I was too cut the lawn and clean out the garage. Then he left telling me that he would see me tonight. I waited in bed for several minutes and heard the car doors open and close, then the car start up and leave. I lay there going back to sleep when Maggie came into my room and jumped into bed with me. I looked at her and she kissed me on the lips. I asked if she wanted a repeat performance, when she said, “No. I’ve got to get to my holiday job, but I’ll be home early this afternoon.” She gave my cock a quick squeeze then kissed my lips again, got out of bed and left my room. Minutes later I heard the shower running. So, I turned on my side and went back to sleep.

Later during the day I went about cleaning the garage. It was after lunch that I started mowing the lawn. I had finished the front and was halfway through the back when Maggie got home. She came out with a cold drink. Kissed me on the lips and then walked back inside. I watched her saunter away swinging those lovely hips that I ground my cock into, early this morning.

I had just finished the mowing the back lawn when Maggie came out in the sexiest two piece swim suit that she had. She walked down to the pool and laid down on the banana lounge, stripping off her top. I looked over and saw those beautiful 32B size tits lying against her chest. I put the mower away and headed inside to clean up. I changed from my work clothes for a pair of swimming shorts.

I went back outside and saw that Maggie hadn’t moved from her position. I walked over enter the pool enclosure and dived into the deep end. My dive sent a splash of water, enough to wet Maggie. As I came out of my dive, I heard Maggie berating me. I looked around and saw her dive into pool, topless. Then she swam underneath and came up beside me. I looked at her and she threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me squarely on the lips. I could feel her hardening nipples against my chest. So, I placed my arms around her waist and rubbed my chest against her.

Maggie grabbed hold of my cock and started to slowly pump me. I placed my hand down her bikini bottoms and found her clit. We both started rubbing the other. My sister let go of my member and took hold of my shorts, tugging them off. Soon I was naked in the water, not wanting to be naked alone, I grabbed the strings on both sides of her bikini bottoms, which held the bottom piece together and pulled them free. I pulled the bikini away and now we were both naked. Maggie went back to stroking my cock. I again started rubbing her clit.

When Maggie was ready she pulled herself up and wrapped me in her legs. I directed my cock into her waiting cunt. Now we were together but I couldn’t get enough movement to start fucking her. Maggie was gripping then releasing my cock with her cunt. I looked around and saw the wide ledge, in the pool, big enough to lie on. So, holding Maggie, I waded across to the ledge and pushed Maggie against it. Now I was able to fuck her.

We were out the back in front of all the neighbours to see, but I didn’t care. I started forcing my way into Maggie’s cunt. Pushing as hard as I could, I’d start pushing against her cervix once more. Maggie was moaning again, loud and uncensored. I could tell Maggie was a real slut for my cock because whatever she did, she always wanted it from me. I pushed so hard I was now in her womb and grind our hips together. Maggie didn’t stop, she kept moaning loudly, when she cried out, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssssssss.” At that she went rigid, again pulling me in with her legs and I shot my load into her womb.

We lay against the ledge, letting the water cool us down. Both of us were panting seeking out more air to breath. Maggie looked up to me and smiled. Her smile was infectious, as I smiled back. We waited there for a little while, and then I pulled myself free of Maggie’s cunt. I waded over, got our swimmers and went back to Maggie, handing her the bikini bottoms. I put mine on and I watched as Maggie did up hers.

As I looked at her Maggie, she got up and placed her arms around my neck and whispered, “You know that’s the third time you have put your seed into me. I may be pregnant?” I looked shocked and thought what would happen if she did get pregnant and our parents ever found out. She looked at me and said, ‘What’s wrong? Are you afraid that I’ll get pregnant?” with that Maggie let go of me and stormed out of the pool, grabbing her things, she went inside the house. I just stood there not knowing what my feelings were at that time.

That night, as I lay reading in my bed, the door opened and Maggie was standing there in her nightie. She came over and sat on my bed. I thought she had forgiven me and wanted more of my cock. Maggie looked at me and said, “Until you make up your mind what you want then I’m not coming back to your bed. So make up your mind.” She left me with that to think on, and walked out of my room closing the door behind her. I had to get up for work the next day, so I turned my light off and tied to go to sleep, but couldn’t. I thought on what Maggie had said, and thought of all the possibilities that could happen.

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