Sister’s nude cartoon Video part 1

Sister’s nude cartoon Video part 1

My sister has her first sex experience taped by her ex boyfriend and I find the tape.

Part 1

I’m 18 years old and at this time work three days a week, while I’m waiting to start at university next year. I just came home from my part time job. As I entered the house, I called out to check if anyone was home. But, no one answered. So, I walked up stairs checked everyone’s room then walk back downstairs and checked the backyard out. Not finding anyone, I walked into the lounge room. I decided to settle down to watch some TV. On, finding nothing on, I started looking for any of the video tapes we keep.

I started searching through a stack of old tapes piled in the back of a cabinet, looking for one I hadn’t seen in while. As I was looking, I found one tape, which had a cartoon name on it. It wasn’t a bought tape. It had been blank and someone had recorded a cartoon. It was one of those cartoons that I use to watch at 12 years old. I put the tape into the recorder expecting to enjoy something from my youth. I made sandwiches and sat on the lounge, waiting to watch my cartoon.

As the tape started I began to get engrossed into Dragon Ball Z. As the tape got 20 minutes into the cartoon, I got a surprised, that I don’t think anyone expected. I saw my sister, Maggie appear on the TV, naked. Maggie was lying on the couch I was sitting on, naked!! Maggie is 20 years old, goes to the University I got into. As I watched I noticed that Maggie’s cunt was bald. She had beautiful long blond hair, but her cunt was bare.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The camera was jumping around, but it was still showing Maggie. Then the camera stopped and Maggie’s ex boyfriend, Craig something, came into view. Craig sat down on the carpet between Maggie’s legs. Craig was sucking on her pussy. I could see his tongue licking up and down in long strokes. Then Craig started pushing his tongue into Maggie and by the way of her expression, she loved every stroke he was doing to her. There was no sound to this video, only the actions. Anyway I started to wonder what would Maggie’s pussy tasted like, if it was sweet or not.

As I watched the video I started touching my raging hard on through my jeans. I unzipped my jean and pulled my cock free but this didn’t help. So, I undid my jeans and took them off, then my boxers. I removed my shirt and laid back on the lounge and started pumping my rock hard cock.

I was really getting into the licking Craig was giving, when he started kissing his way up Maggie’s body. He stopped to rim her navel, and I saw his tongue poke its way in. then he licked his way out and licked all the way around the navel. He moved again and reached her breast. They were medium, about a 32B, something I’d seen on one of her bras. Craig was licking around Maggie’s nipples, then he started flicking each nipple darting back and forth. Maggie’s nipples where getting harder and harder as I watched. I couldn’t believe how hot this was. I was pumping my cock up and down just waiting for the good part. I watched as Craig was biting Maggie’s hard nipples. Maggie was going crazy and from what I could tell she seemed to be saying “Fuck me. Fuck me”

I watched as Craig moved up and started kissing Maggie on the mouth. It was a deep kiss, you know when they lock lips and you can’t see what’s happening. From what I had seen so far, Craig was really good in bed. As he was kissing my sister, Craig placed the head of his cock into the beginning of her pussy. Then he started the see sawing effect, pushing it in a short way and pulling out until only the head remained. I couldn’t believe this as I was seeing all of this. Then Craig stopped, said something and with one swift plunge, Maggie’s head flew back and it seemed that she was screaming or something like that. It was then that I realised that Maggie was still a virgin until this time on the tape.

Craig was all the way into Maggie, he was resting there, lying between Maggie’s legs, waiting. Then he started that see sawing motion again. Craig was moving his cock in and out of Maggie’s cunt. I could see only small bits at a time, but I did see Maggie’s blood on his cock. At first I thought Maggie was in pain, but the more I watched, the more she was reacting to Craig. Now she looked like that she was enjoying Craig’s cock. Maggie had lifted her legs and wrapped them around Craig’s arse.

Now, as I watched, they were both moving together, bumping groins together as my friends would say. I was starting to wonder if he was going to cum inside Maggie. When Craig put his hand down between them and it looked like that he was touching her on the clit. It was so hot I was ready to shoot my own load. I was praying for Craig to shoot inside her, when he pulled all the way out and shot his load over Maggie’s stomach. Maggie came also, as she arched herself and threw her head back, while Craig was still masturbating her. Then I came, and I came in loads of seed spilling out onto my stomach, shooting up into my hair and onto the lounge. I’d never shots so much seed in my life.

I wasn’t aware of anyone and when I came back to my senses Maggie was standing in the doorway, open jaw and a shocked look on her face. I hit the pause button, with Craig still dribbling down onto her belly. She looked at the TV then at me and back to the TV. She was unable to speak for several minutes. Then Maggie started yelling at me, saying “What the fuck are you doing.” And “Who told you, you could see my tape.” I looked for something to wipe up my seed when I saw the tissues. I grabbed a whole handful and started wiping myself off, then my hair, what I could see and then the lounge. Maggie was so beside herself, yelling and swearing at me, that she didn’t look at me, as I had a smile on my face.

I looked at Maggie, still smiling when she said, “What are you smiling at fuck wit.” I said, three little words, “I’m telling dad.” Then Maggie just shut up, looking angry at me. I had Maggie over a barrel. I got dressed and took my plate to the kitchen, along with the tissues.

When I got back into the lounge room, my sister had that pitiful look on her face, feeling sorry for herself. I ejected the tape and took it with me, walking past Maggie and then upstairs to my room. A short time later there was a knock on the door and I said, “Enter.” Maggie walked into the room closing the door behind her. She still had that pitiful look on her face. She said, “Please don’t tell dad, he’ll kill me. Please.” Then she said the magic words, “I’ll do anything, please don’t tell dad.”

I looked at Maggie and started wondering what I could ask for. I said, “Anything I want?” She said, “Yes.” I started imagining what she looked like naked here in front of me? Then I started wondering what did her pussy taste like? Then I had the ideal request I wanted to fuck her like Craig did. I said, “okay, I won’t say anything if I can fuck you.” Maggie looked at me and again she looked angry. Maggie turned around opened the door and walked out, slamming the door behind her.

I wasn’t really going to turn my sister in, but I did like the idea of fucking her. I had one girlfriend, who allowed me to fuck her once before she dropped me, for someone else. So although I had fucked a girl I never really had any real relationship, where sex was a part of it on a steady basis. I laid down on my bed and started remembering the video. I had a smiled a mile wide on my face as I heard a knock on my door again. I knew mum and dad weren’t home yet, so I thought it would be Maggie. I said, “Enter.” Maggie again opened the door and walked in. She had a sour look on her face and her head was drooping down, as if in surrender.

I looked at Maggie and I said, “Yes.” Maggie responded, “Okay, you can fuck me but you’ll have to wear a condom. I can’t get pregnant.” I opened the beside draws and took a condom out of my wallet. Maggie just took off her panties. I said, “No, you’ve got to get naked.” Maggie looked at me and shook her head. I said, ‘Okay, just forget it then.” Maggie looked at me and started taking off her blouse. Then she took off her bra, and unzipped her skirt. Now Maggie was standing all in the nude in front of me. I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. As I took off my boxers, my cock jumped out towards Maggie. Maggie’s eye grew as if in lust.

I had Maggie lie on my double bed and I lay next to her. I started to suck on her nipples first, when she said, “You said you wanted to fuck. You didn’t mention this too.” I said, “Fucking is everything.” Which I meant that placing my dick into her cunt was what I wanted to do. Then Maggie said, “Ok, just get it over with. Okay.” So I continued sucking on Maggie’s nipple. I started chewing it and flicking my tongue at it.
I let my hand wander down Maggie’s body, until I felt her pussy lips. Straight away I dipped my index finger into her cunt, scooping out some of her juices. I started to rub her juices onto her lips and clit. As I rubbed around her lips I would only concentrate on her clit for a second and keep tracing her lips. Now Maggie was moaning. So I changed nipples and started chewing and sucking on her other one. Maggie was moaning louder now and I figured that she must be a rocket. To shoot off quickly and explodes.

It was now I decided that I wanted to suck on her pussy and see how it tasted. So, I left Maggie’s other nipple and started kissing my way down, past her navel, to her cunt. I laid between Maggie’s legs and I could smell her womanly scent. It was sweet and tangy as I breathed in her aroma. I couldn’t believe that I was going to go down on my sister, as I wasn’t about to stop for anything.

I lowered my mouth placing it over her pussy and sucked as hard as I could. Maggie began moaning even louder than before. So, I flick her clit with my tongue and she kept on moaning. Maggie took a hold of my head and pushed me down into her pussy. I kept on licking until I felt her clit get harder. I took it between my lips and sucked it as hard as I could. Then the rocket exploded. Maggie squeezed her legs together, trapping me. Her whole body went rigid. I heard the loudest moan of all, with a “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssssssss.” Following it. After a short while Maggie released me and opened her legs again.

I started to climb my way up her body, stopping every so often to plant a kiss, or suck a nipple, until I reached her, face to face. Maggie had lifted her knees up and out, giving me access to her pussy. She looked at me and said, “Well common, if you want to fuck, let’s do it.” With no other encouragement I slipped my cock into waiting cunt.

As I slipped the head of my cock into her waiting pussy I felt her juices slosh around me. The inside of her cunt had this velvety feeling to it. The channel was tight, but not to tight that I couldn’t push into her. As I pushed into her I felt the tip of my cock touch her inside and bottom out. I figured that it was her cervix and I was at the entrance to her womb. I started to slide my cock out half way then push it back in. I was starting off slow, when Maggie again started moaning.

I began to quicken the pace, feeling her juices being forced out of her as we fucked. Maggie was moaning as I pushed in and again bottomed out, she then wrapped her legs around my arse. I couldn’t help myself so I pushed my lips onto hers and started kissing her deeply, as Craig had done in the video. Maggie responded back by using her tongue with mine. She was a great kisser and I didn’t want to stop for anything, now.

Now I was pushing faster, when Maggie ankles were helping me to push in. I could also feel Maggie’s hips rising to meet mine. Soon we were fucking hard and I could feel the tip of my cock pressing into her cervix. Then with another, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssssssss.” I rammed my cock home and pushed past her cervix, into her womb. The feeling of her cervix gripping my cock was wonderful, it felt like a virgin. her cunt gripped my cock and began to milk it. And I shot my load, more than I shot before when watching the video. I couldn’t explain the feeling but then I remember about the condom and looked at Maggie. Maggie had that dreamy look about her face, so I didn’t disturb her and lay between her legs.

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