She was lesbian but I wanted to fuck her so bad

She was lesbian but I wanted to fuck her so bad

My name is Ralph , her name is Devika, She is a lesbian but man I’m gonna try and fuck her like she never been fuck before

Hi my name is Ralph and I am a light skinned black man. I am 24 years old and I am 6-4 and weigh 208 pounds.

I have just moved into my Jersey City one bedroom apartment as I have found employment at an IT company.

My story starts when I went to a local bar on Friday night. I was just chilling out after a very busy day at work. I was sitting at the bar watching a baseball game. I was drinking gin and grapefruit juice. It wasn’t one of those rowdy bars 20 people at most and that was it.

I was on my second drink when two young women strolled into the bar and sat and the opposite curve of the bar.

One woman was a tall blond Caucasian woman with big tits (DD) and a pretty face. The other woman was a tall milk chocolate complexion Indian woman. She had nice tits Maybe DD. But most of all she had long black silky hair that draped her nice big round curvaceous ass. To top it off she had nice long legs. And less not forget that pretty face of hers with those enchanting eyes and luscious lips. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

They were laughing and enjoying themselves as they both drank some wine. Boy did I want to fuck that Indian beauty. Then they laughed at something and kissed and embraced one another. A long kiss. Then the blond leaned over and kissed the long haired Indian woman again. Damn that was hot. So In order to get acquainted with them I told the bartender that I wanted to buy a round of drinks for them, whatever they were drinking. When the bartender delivered the drinks to them he mentioned that the gentleman sitting at the end of the bar had brought the drinks for them. They both raise their glasses to me and toasted a thanks. They both smiled as did I. When they were almost done with their wine I brought another round for them. Then it happened they both picked up their glasses of wine and came and sat next to me, one on each side of me.

I then introduced myself as Ralph. The blond said her name was Louise and the long haired Indian woman said her name Devika but her friends call her “D”. I then replied I hope to be able to call you “D”. We all laughed. So we started talking about everything and anything.

They were now on their 4th round of wine. Amazingly they were not drunk.

I asked them could I buy them another round of drinks and both responded yes, please and thanks. As it was getting late and I asked can I call you ladies a cab. The blond said you are a true gentleman. I responded , I don’t know about that and laughed. So both women departed and said thanks for a nice evening. I am now watching both women strolled out of the bar. Damn Devika had a nice big round succulent ass and long legs. My dick was trying to jump out of my pants.

The following Friday I returned to the bar and to my amazement both women were sitting at the bar. I sat at the other end of the bar. They eventually saw me and motioned for me to come over and join them.

They asked can we buy you a drink. I said thanks but all of the drinks are in me tonight. They both smiled and said well alright and giggled. I sat next to Devika. Once again we talked about everything and anything. Four rounds of drinks and then they were off. I asked could I call a cab for both of you. They said they were going to walk. After they left. I quickly paid the tab and followed them from a distance. They both went into the hotel 3 blocks away. But before they entered the hotel the embraced in a very long mouth watering kiss as Louise massaged Devika’s ass.Then Louise slapped Devika on her nice round ass. Boy did I want to fuck Devika as I rubbed my hardened dick.

I then walked home. Again over the weekend I thought about fucking Devika as I jerked off. Boy did I want to fuck her. And I mean fuck her good.

So it was on Friday that I learned that both Louise and Devika frequent this bar on Fridays. I made that my routine as well. This Friday I walked right over to them and said hi ladies can I join you tonight. They both responded of course Ralph but we are buying tonight. I said fine. We had a great Friday night. They even openly kissed each other right in front of me. I jokingly said ladies please , just get a hotel. Louise then replied after here we are indeed going to a hotel. They both laughed. I then said you ladies are making me jealous. They both laughed again. As usual after the fourth round of drinks they paid the tab and both left again. I sat at the bar and ordered another drink for the road. The bartender said those two have been coming here on Fridays for over a year. Once in a while they will sit at the back table and make out.

The bartender said that when they do that he gets a hard on and inconspicuously keeps looking at them perform.

The next Friday I got to the bar first. Twenty minutes later Devika strolled in. I motioned for her to come and sit next to me at the bar. After she sat down I asked her if she wanted the usual. Devika said no she wanted to drink what I was having. I said wow. I also asked where was Louise. Devika seemed upset. She told me what had happened. She said she wanted to surprise Louise at lunch time. Then said boy was I (Devika) surprised. Louise was talking to another woman then they embraced and kissed passionately. Then Louise slapped the other woman on her ass. After seeing this I turned around and went back to my job. Then I (Ralph) asked why are you here , won’t Louise show up. Devika said I hope not.

So after four rounds of gin and grapefruit juice Devika was drunk. I then said that’s enough for you. I paid the tab. Devika got up off the barstool and stumbled. I quickly caught her and possibly kept her from falling. I then said let me call a cab for you. Devika could barely walk without stumbling. I decided to take her home to her place. I paid the cab and took Devika to her apartment. After 5 minutes of trying to find her keys to the apartment building front door and her apartment door. Finally success.

I took Devika to her bedroom , laid her in her big bed and took off her shoes.

I then took the apartment key off the key chain as I was going to slip the key under the door after I locked the door.

When I got to the front door I heard a noise. I went back to the bedroom only to find Devika laying on the floor. I entered her bedroom and pick her up and placed her on her bed. I had a hand full of her nice ass in the palm of my hand. Wow what a nice feeling. Then after placing Devika in her bed I noticed that her dress had raised all the way up. Devika’s puffy pussy was protruding in her white panties.

I moved closer and slightly started to rub that protruding lump in her panties. Boy did she have a lot of hair. So much that strands of hair was sticking out on both sides of her panties.

I slowly and softly started massaging her pantied covered pussy. After five minutes I could see a wet spin on her panties. Then I slowly slid her panties down her long statuesque legs. Wow Devika had a jungle down there. What a bush !!! I rubbed it as my fingers got wet from her dampness. Then I parted the jungle only to find a river , a river of her wetness. I then moved closer as I could now smell the fragrance of her love hole. I slowly and cautiously guided my long tongue to Devika’s pussy slit. I gently glided my hot tongue up and down Devika’s wet pussy. Suddenly I almost panicked as Devika spread her legs open, thinking she was getting up. She was still out cold, so I continued licking that nice sweet tasting pussy of hers.

Then I moved to Devika’s clit. I first circled her fat clit then I licked up and down on her clit. Finally I trapped her clit in my mouth and start d sucking and licking her clit. I could now feel Devika gently grinding her ass in the bed sheets. Then it happened Devika came. She came all over my mouth. Her body was shaking. Then all I heard was What The Fuck as she saw me between her legs sucking her fat wet pussy. She tried to push me away but in her condition that was hopeless. I held her down as I continued to devour her wet juicy pussy. She also tried to close her legs but that too was in vain. Then her ass started grinding in the bed again. Devika yelled out get off if you fuck. But like I said her pussy was betraying her as her nice big round ass was still grinding in her bed.

Then she came for me again. Then she calls me a bastard.

While still keeping her down I managed to remove my pants and underwear. I then moved down on top of Devika as she continued to call me names like get up off on you fucking bastard. I slowly slid my dick into that tight ass pussy of hers. It was a very tight fit even though her pussy was completely soaking wet with her juices and cum. Once my dick head broke into her chambers I heard Devika once again say get off of me you fucking bastard, but this time in a moaning and panting way. Then when more of my fat long dick slid further into her pussy hole Devika moaned out “Oh god”. Now I had 5 inches of my 7 inch dick deep down in the walls of her love hole. I could feel the tightness of her pussy clamping down on my hot long dick. Then I heard Devika moan again. I could now feel her legs open up more to accept more dick as she wiggled under me. Now as I started fucking her nice and slow I had all seven inches of my dick in Devika, that’s when she said “Oh fuck”. I started hitting her cervix on each and every down stroke as my dick head massaged her cervix. Then she called me a bastard again as she wrapped her arms around me. Yes I was fucking her good now. Her pussy was sucking my dick as I fucked her.

Devika started fucking me back. Her finger nails had dug into my back.

I started telling Devika that I wanted to fuck her the first time I saw her and that pretty ass of hers. I was now fucking Devika and grinding on her pussy at the same time. Two minutes later Devika came for me again. I could feel her juices ruining down my balls and onto the bed sheets.

Then Devika kissed me on my neck as I continued fucking her. Then I pickup up the tempo and started pounding her soaking wet hot pussy. Devika once again cried out “Oh god” as I had all 7 inches of my dick drilling down in her pussy well. My whole dick was covered in white from her juices and cum. Then Devika really held me tight when she could feel my dick head getting fatter and my dick getting stronger and longer. Damn this is some good Indian pussy. Then I held Devika tight as I was now cumming. First one big spurt that undoubtedly hit her cervix , the another, then another. Each time I could feel Devika grab me tighter on each spurt hitting her cervix. Yes I had finally fucked Devika and fucked her good. The question now was did I fuck her good enough to have her her come back for some more dick. I would love to see those pretty lips wrapped around my dick as she’s on her knees sucking my big black dick. Just the thought of turn a lesbian back to dick.

To be continued…


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