Sharing a shower with Mom xnxx story

Sharing a shower with Mom xnxx story

An innocent girl learns a lot when she shares more than just a shower with her mother.
It was the summer after my highschool graduation, and my dad had decided our family should go on this camping trip. A few years ago he had bought a tattered vintage 1960’s caravan and he had spent most of his free time on its restoration. He took pride in the fact he had done everything with his own two hands; he had repaired and polished the aluminum exterior, rebuild the wooden interior, laid carpet and painted everything.
Inside there was a small sitting area with a fully equipped kitchen, one small bedroom with a bunk bed for my brother Nick and me, and another bedroom with a queen sized bed for mom and dad. Finally there was a tiny itty-bitty bathroom with a toilet and a sink for washing and brushing one’s teeth.

Now that the work on the caravan was finally finished, dad insisted we had to try it out by going on a voyage across the country. Knowing how much work my father had put into the restoration, it was impossible for us to say no. So, when the schools were out for summer, we were told to pack our stuff and get ready for our trip.

After a full day of preparing and packing all the things we had to take with us, we finally took to the road. For the next three weeks we would be touring the country and visit the ‘hidden treasures of the heartland’. Dad wanted to avoid the highways as much as possible and had plotted a route that would take us through what he called ‘the real country’, which started with a two-day voyage to get to the first camping site. We would spend the night in a parking lot and cover whatever remained the next day.
It was a good thing I brought a lot of books with me.

As we got ready for our first night, I had to admit that although dad had done a really good job with the caravan and it really looked nice, I would much rather have stayed in a hotel than in this caravan. Living this close together meant there would be three weeks with absolutely no privacy. I had expressed my frustrations to mom, but she just said I shouldn’t be worried about that. After all, we were all family and there was nothing to be ashamed of.
As if to prove that point, that night my parents had sex as noisily as they would have at home. The muffled grunts, moans and the repetitive sound of sweaty skin slapping together were very audible through the thin wooden walls. I just closed my eyes and pretended not to hear them fucking, nor feel the shaking of the bunk bed above me.

Dad woke us early next morning and told us to get dressed and into the car. As there was still a long way to go, breakfast would be served on the road.
After another long boring day in the car, we finally arrived at the camping site. The sun had already set and the manager just pointed us where to park our caravan and told us to see him the next morning for the paperwork.

That night I learned that even worse than the total lack of privacy was the absence of a proper bathroom. Having no shower or even hot running water meant we would have to walk all the way to the campground bath house every time we wanted to take a shower.
So, on the first night of our stay, mom and I walked a little disgruntled the hundred or so yards to the showers, carrying with us our towels and toilet bags. We were glad to find two empty stalls, but quickly discovered that we needed special coins for the hot water. Since we didn’t have any, we had no choice but to take the coldest, shortest and most uncomfortable showers we’d ever had.

A few unpleasant minutes later, we walked the hundred or so yards back to the caravan, extremely disgruntled now. Dad said we were just spoiled, that there was nothing wrong with a refreshing cold shower. Mom furiously told him to fuck off and swore she’d sooner go home than take another freezing shower. Nick and I wholeheartedly agreed and in the end, dad gave in. Happy again, mom rewarded dad by taking him to the bedroom and royally fucking his brains out.

The next day our family went exploring the countryside on horseback. It was great fun, but after a long, hot day I really needed a long, hot shower to wash off the dirt and to soothe my aching muscles. Luckily, mom had managed to obtain a handful of coins for the shower, but each 50 cent token was good for only half a minute of hot water. So, to save time and money, mom decided we would be taking our showers together. It was an intimidating prospect to be naked with my beautiful and stacked mother, but I knew it would be a hell of a lot better than taking another icy shower.

So, once again we crossed the hundred or so yards with our towels and toilet bags. It was still early in the evening and when we arrived at the bath house we were pleased to learn we were the only ones there. Mom quickly ushered me to the farthest shower stall, which she said was a little bigger than the others. The booths looked all the same to me, but at least we would be as far away from the­ public entrance as possible.

Once inside the stall, mom immediately stripped naked and waited impatiently for me to get ready too. She was even more beautiful than I had feared. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t feeling attracted to her or anything, just envious of her firm and curvaceous figure. Even though I had probably still a little bit of growing to do, it was evident I had not inherited my mother’s gorgeous full breasts. It was something I lamented every time I looked in the mirror.
Nor had I inherited her fireball personality. I was a bit more bashful. I had not even seen mom nude in years, and being naked together with her was something I definitely wasn’t used to.

“Come on, there’s only five minutes of water” mom urged me, dropping the first coin in the timer.

Reluctantly I took off my clothes and stepped towards mom, covering my shame as much as possible with my hands. She pulled me with her under the nice warm spray of water, and let her hands roam over my neck and back. She was washing me as well as giving a little massage.

Then she turned me around so I was facing her and pulled my hands away from my body. I was fully exposed to her gaze. She smiled at me, radiating with maternal pride.
“Don’t be shy Val, you have a great body! You really should show it off some more” she said. “Remind me to get something nice for you when we go shopping. What size are you now?”
“32B” I murmured, embarrassed by her praise.
“I’ll buy you the blackest and skimpiest bikini they have. It’ll make all the boys go crazy”
“You don’t have to buy me anything, I like the bathing suit I have” I objected, knowing it would be pointless.
“Come on, you’ll love it. It’s fun to tease the boys.” She grinned.
“Maybe” I said, hoping she would forget about it. Trying to steer the conversation in a different direction, I asked her for the shampoo, claiming I wanted to wash my hair before the water ran out.
Instead of handing me the bottle, mom turned me around again and pulled the elastic band from my hair. “Let me wash your hair for you honey, and then you can do me later, okay?”
“Okay,” I said, glad my attempt was successful.
Mom began to massage the shampoo into my wet hair. I thought it was actually quite nice; maybe sharing a shower wasn’t so unpleasant after all.

“I haven’t done this since you broke your wrist, remember?” mom began talking again and we chatted while she washed my hair and proceeded to rinse out the shampoo.
But as she applied the conditioner, something disturbing caught my eye. A ray of light shone in through a hole in one of the walls that divided the shower stalls. It was a round hole of about two inches wide and three feet off the ground. It was as if there once had been a sink on the wall, but they never covered up the hole.

“Mom, look! There’s a hole in the wall” I said to mom, pointing at it.
Mom’s eyes grew wide and a smile formed on her lips.
“Oh my!” She gasped, “I haven’t seen one of those for years! Do you know what kind of hole that is?”
“Is it an old drain hole?” I asked.
“No, it’s a lot more fun than that”
“Is it… a peephole?”
“Sort of. It’s called a gloryhole, can you see what’s on the other side of the wall?”
I got on my knees and peered through the hole. What I saw was a cubicle, much like this one. “It’s another shower stall”
“I bet you one hundred dollar it’s the men’s shower you’re looking at” mom said. “Is there anyone in there?”
“No, it’s empty” I replied relieved.
“That’s too bad. I used to have great fun with those holes when I was your age. Now come here, so you can wash my hair before the hot water runs out again. Just keep an eye on the hole, maybe we can have some fun later.”

She handed me the shampoo and turned her back to me. Like she had done for me, I applied the shampoo and massaged it into in a thick lather. Mom was moaning softly, obviously enjoying the treatment I gave her. I was hoping we were still the only ones in the bath house, as the noises would surely give the wrong impression of what was going on in the stall. Even I was a little disturbed by her reaction. I knew how freely she expressed her sexuality, but was she deliberately pushing her butt into me? And did I really see her tug on her nipples, or was she just soaping her breasts?

I was glad I was almost finished, this shower with mom was getting more awkward every minute. However, it was about to get even worse. After I had rubbed the conditioner into her hair, she turned around again and gathered a can of shaving foam from the bag. She sprayed a little on her hand and applied it on her pubic mound. Then she leaned against the wall, lifted her leg high and lathered up her pussy as well.
“I’m sorry Val, but I have to do this,“ mom apologized while she grabbed a pink razor. “If I don’t, your father won’t eat my pussy tonight.”
While she was divulging this very inappropriate piece of information, she expertly moved the razor over her privates. It was an intriguing sight and I couldn’t help but stare at mom’s obscenely exposed vagina. Mom smiled as she caught me looking at her and I felt my cheeks go red as I quickly turned away.
“Do you want to shave yours too? She asked innocently, as if talking about shaving pussies was something normal to do with your mom.
I simply shook my head, not sure what to say.
“I could do it for you, if you don’t know…” she suggested.
“No mom, I’m fine” I snapped back, hoping there would be no more talk about it.
Luckily, mom seemed to take the hint and didn’t push the subject any further.
“I guess you are” she sighed and put the shaving kit back in the bag. “If I looked like you, maybe I wouldn’t have to either”

I hardly ever shaved my pussy, although I did always trim the edges. I didn’t like it and frankly, there was no real need for it. I had only a small amount of fine hair down there anyway and, as a natural blonde, the light sprinkling was barely visible. My friend once confessed to me she thought I had the cutest pussy of all the girls in our volleyball team, something I was actually quite proud of.

As mom was splashing handfuls of water between her legs to wash off the stubble and foam, I noticed something. There was a shadow on the other side of the hole.
“I think there’s someone in there now” I warned mom.
“Neat!” mom said elated “Quick, stick a finger through the hole”.
A little cautious I poked my finger in the hole, fearing it might be snapped off.
“Okay, now tap the bottom of the hole” mom instructed.
“Like this?”
“Yes, just tap it a few times, and then we’ll wait”

At first there didn’t seem to happen much, but then the shadow moved and suddenly the guy inserted his hard cock through the hole.
“OMG! Mom, look!” I yelled, pointing at the throbbing member.
“Well, look at that! Isn’t that a nice one?” she said, all fired up, “Do you want to play with it?”
“Isn’t that nasty?” I whispered, confounded by my mother’s unexpected reaction.
“Yes, but it’s a fun kind of nasty” she chuckled.
I was still a little too shocked. I had never even seen a real cock before. My hand wavered in the air, halfway between me and the anonymous penis.
“If you don’t grab it, I will” mom urged me.
“But we don’t even know who that is” I said, a little panicky now.

Mom looked at me as if she couldn’t understand how it was possible that she had raised such a demure and uptight daughter.
“The whole point is that you don’t know who it is on the other side of the wall. It could be one of those German tourists or one of the locals. It could even be that cute boy from the RV next to us. What we do know for sure is that he’s got a nice hard cock and wants us to play with it. And the best thing of all: if you don’t know who it is, it ain’t cheating!”

I wasn’t sure my father would agree with that logic, but it didn’t stop mom from reaching out and stroking the shaft a few times.
“Hmmm, this surely is a nice one. It’s big and stiff. You really should feel it too”

My hand was still hovering in the air, as I dared not touch it. Mom resolutely seized my wavering hand and wrapped it round the penis. I could feel it throb as I closed my hand and squeezed it a little.
“Grab him firmly and rub your hand up and down” mom coached me.
It was a lot firmer than I had expected, and warm too. I also liked the smoothness and the way it moved as I slid my hand along the shaft like mom had done.
“Rub it faster” she whispered.
The penis pulsed again and a bead of clear slippery fluid oozed from the tip. A muffled groan sounded from the other side of the thin wall. I was proud with the power I exerted over this man, just by grabbing his cock.
All these things were making me quite aroused too and my pussy was beginning to feel all warm and squishy as I kept stroking the guy’s cock. His hips began to thrust a little and I wondered if he was about to shoot his sperm. But before I could find out, mom told me to stop.

“You’re doing great honey, but we don’t want the fun to end too soon” she said “Now, let’s make it extra nice for him. Watch and learn”
Mom knelt in front of the hole, seized the jutting penis and rubbed it some more. As she jacked him off, her head moved ever more closely, until her lips almost touched the purple head. Then she stuck out her tongue, swirled it round the tip and licked up the small drop that leaked from it. After that she opened her mouth and took the cock between her lips!

Another lustful groan sounded from the other side of the wall as mom dropped her jaw and let the cock sink all the way in her mouth until her chin touched the wall. Despite my initial shock, I had to see this. I crawled up next to mom and watched her suck this guy. It was obvious she had quite a lot of experience, and she used it all to please the stranger. I told myself I had to watch it for educational purposes, but I had to admit it was my pussy, burning with desire, that was now doing most of the decision-making.

After some time, mom took her mouth off the penis and rubbed her fist up and down the now slippery shaft again.
“Are you sure you don’t want to try?” she asked with a husky voice.
Playing with a stranger’s cock was one thing, taking it in my mouth was something different altogether. No way was I going to do that. I humbly rejected her offer.
”Okay, it’s your loss” she sighed. “But all the more for me to enjoy”

With those words mom stood up and pushed her back against the wall. She rolled her hips, rubbing the penis between the cheeks of her ass. Then she grabbed the cock and bent it down a little so it was at a perfect angle for penetration. With the tip wedged between her pussy lips, she pushed her ass back.
I was dumbstruck as the anonymous penis now slowly invaded my mother’s hairless vagina. Mom moved all the way back until she had her butt against the wall and the guy was as deep inside her as possible.

She groaned softly as the guy pulled out a little and then thrust his cock back in mom’s pussy. Steadying herself with one hand and rubbing her swollen clit with the other, mom pushed back, moving together with the man.
I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! My mom was getting fucked by a total stranger right in front of me! And, to make it even worse, she was obviously enjoying it. They fucked slowly at first, but as passion heated, the motions got more forceful. Soon she was slamming her butt fiercely against the wall, fucking the stranger with all her might.

Looking closely at the surreal spectacle, I wondered what it would feel like to have something this big inside my pussy. I knew perfectly well how much pleasure my fingers could give me, but they were nothing compared to this magnificent cock. My body was begging for some of what mom was getting.

As if to illustrate my point, my hand had slipped between my legs. My palm pressed deliciously against my inflamed pussy. God, I needed to cum. Would it be so bad if I rubbed it a little? Mom wasn’t likely to object, she was way too busy fucking the stranger’s cock. One finger, two fingers slipped inside me, deliciously filling the aching void in my pussy. After two days without release, I was in need of a good cum. Throwing my modesty to the wind, I began fucking my pussy with my fingers. Matching my movements with those of the stranger, I imagined it was me who was getting fucked instead of mom.
“Cum baby, cum” mom whispered.
I didn’t know if she was talking to me or the stranger. When I looked up, I saw she was looking at me. I was too close now to feel ashamed. My thumb flicked back and forth over my highly sensitive clit. Pressure inside me rose quickly and, finally, there was sweet relief. It took all my strength to keep silent as waves of pleasure raced all over my body.

I could see mom was about to climax too. She was biting her teeth to keep quiet as the guy fucked her ever closer to orgasm. Then suddenly she lunged forward, shivering as she frantically rubbed her pussy. A gush of liquid splashed forcefully against the wall as she came. Then her legs collapsed and she fell into my arms. I held her close as she came, trembling all over her body.

“That was a good one,” she panted. “Let’s give him his reward”
She got on her knees again and took the cock in her mouth once more. She sucked him into her throat again and slowly let him slide out again. She sensed the guy was about to cum and again she offered the cock to me.
“Quick, come here baby” mom said. “Quick, suck his cock”
This time mom didn’t even ask me if I wanted to, she just told me suck it. My pussy obeyed and moments later I found myself on my knees, moving my head closer to the penis. I couldn’t believe I was going to kiss a strange cock. A strange cock that had been in mom’s pussy only moments ago.
The cock didn’t have much of a taste. I licked it again and then closed my lips around the tip. Mom nodded encouraging and made a bobbing motion with her head. I opened my jaw as wide as I could and sucked the entire head in my mouth. It was big and I almost gagged as it hit the back of my throat. Trying to remember how mom did it, I backed off a little and just sucked the tip while I rubbed the shaft.

I must have done a good job, because suddenly the cock lunged forward and a glob of hot slimy sperm filled my mouth. I looked in panic at mom, but she told me to swallow it and keep sucking. I tried to swallow it, but before I could, the penis lurched again and another glob spat in my mouth. I quickly swallowed, trying to time my actions with the next spurt of sperm, alternatingly sucking the cock and swallowing the gooey cum.

The man behind the wall groaned as I finally got my technique right and I was rewarded with an extra big squirt of sperm. I got a wicked feeling of accomplishment that I made this guy cum like a real slut. I wanted him to keep shooting, but all too soon it was over and the cock slowly began to lose its stiffness in my mouth. As I kept sucking on the cock, I felt it wilt and inevitably it disappeared back in the hole.

Slowly I returned to reality and found myself on my knees in a campsite shower with a stranger’s cum dripping down my chin, while my naked mother was slumped down less than two feet away, slowly fingering her recently fucked pussy. It was so unlike anything that ever happened to me, I almost felt as if I was dreaming.
I giggled nervously at mom. She smiled proudly at me as she pulled me to my feet, telling me I did a wonderful job. She gave me a kiss on the lips, and licked up the drops that had leaked from my mouth.

She looked at me and we kissed again, a real kiss this time, with her tongue exploring my mouth. Her hands grabbed my ass as we kissed, squeezing them and pulling them apart. Part of me wanted to do the same to mom, but I didn’t dare. Mom had no such inhibitions and went even further. Her wandering hands found their way between my legs and I felt her fingers slide between my lips, seeking the entrance of my virgin pussy. I moaned softly as I felt the tip of her finger enter my body. God, I was feeling horny!

It was at exactly that moment that the last coin ran out. There was an ominous click and a second later we were hosed down with cold water like a pair of dogs in heat. We jumped away from the shower, screaming, laughing and cursing. Whatever mood we had been in, it was over now.

Mom wrapped me in a big, fluffy towel and gently dried me off. I didn’t know what to do or think and just let mom dry me. When she was finished, she gave me another kiss on the lips. I liked it.
“I love you mom” I whispered.
“I love you too” she said and smiled. “Did you have fun?”
I felt my cheeks turn red again. “Yes,” I confessed. “A lot”

A little while later we were fully dressed again and left the booth. I was relieved to see we were still the only ones in the bath house. I’d shit myself if anyone knew what had happened in that stall. Mom handed me the bags and told me to go the caravan, while she would inquire about the restaurants in the area.

We quickly left the scene of the crime and were greeted by daylight. It was strange to realize that less than fifteen minutes had passed since we had entered the building. The world was still the same and yet my life was turned upside down completely.
I was glad I would be alone for a while; there was so much to think about. I had sucked off a man, French kissed my mother, watched her fuck and let her feel me up. But worst of all was that I loved everything we did and I knew I would definitely do it again.

While I was coming to acceptance with my destiny as a bisexual incestuous cockslut, mom walked away from the showers in the other direction. As she walked behind the bath house, she was met by my father. She smiled at him and greeted him with a passionate kiss.
“So, what was it like to have your cock sucked by our daughter, was it as good as in your fantasies?” mom whispered to her husband.
Dad grinned from ear to ear. “God, it was even better! I thought I’d blow as soon as I felt those soft lips on me.”
“Val really took to it; think she enjoyed it almost as much as you did”
“You don’t think we freaked her out?”
“Maybe at first a little, but you should have seen the look in her eyes when you were fucking me! She couldn’t keep her eyes off your cock and even fingered her pussy while she watched us!”
“Did she make herself cum?”
“Oh yes, it was so sweet to see her cum! I came so hard, I squirted all over the wall”
“It was that hot, huh?”
“You should have seen her, she’s got such a beautiful little pussy, so pretty and soft and she’s so wet and tight”
“Do you think Val would have let me fuck her too?”
“Don’t worry love, you haven’t missed anything yet. Just be there the next times we shower, and I’m sure you’ll get to feel her pussy squeeze around your cock as you fuck her to orgasm. And by the time we go home, she will be begging you to fuck her.”
“Oh god, I can’t wait, I am getting hard again just thinking of her”

“Just keep it in your pants for a few more minutes,” she said with a wink. “Why don’t you and Nick take your shower now? I’m dying to know if his cock tastes as good as his father’s”


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