Sexerotica – A road trip to remember

Sexerotica – A road trip to remember

Barbra was a slut, but was a good friend to my wife and I for nearly 25 years. This story is mostly true about the road trip we took together.
This story is about a trip I took with a good friend of mine, Barbra, who was moving to a small town in Iowa where most of her family still lived. Barbra moved to New York with her husband when she was just 24 ,we became neighbors and eventually good friends.

She was quite the young lady,attractive, hard working and would do anything you wanted. I guess that is why I am now helping her move.Her and I saw eye to eye on everything and had a lot of the same Ideas, she was also just as tall as I was. Unfortunately she couldn’t find a man that could accept her being smarter than them.

When her second child was born her husband left her,or maybe she threw him out who knows she was only 29. One day he was there and the next he was gone ,but it didn’t faze her and went on with her life soon to find another man.

She was an attractive woman,long brown hair , blue eyes and a thin body and with her personality she was quite the catch.It didn’t take long for her to have a new guy but she wasn’t satisfied with him.My wife Dee told her to drop him when she became pregnant and she did.Now she was having another child at the age of 31,but that didn’t stop guys for wanting her..

My wife would watch her children (3 girls) so she could work and she would also have her stay for supper. We had three boys that were just a little older than her girls and they all got along.My wife was 40 and I was 45 with a house full of children it was quite challenging . Barbra treated us with respect just like she would to any of her elders .

She referred to us as mom and dad and often watched all the kids so we could have sex.Our sex life at this point was at the lowest point in our marriage . Having Barbra around found me thinking about sex more but with all the people around Dee’s desire for sex was low. It came to a point where she was trying to get me to sleep with Barbra or just find another lover.She did finally find one for me and even though I would have preferred Barbra ,Amy filled the void.

Everything went well between us for the next couple of years until she moved out of the house next door . She said to me when I helped her move that it was closer to her work,but I think she knew that she and I were getting too close.

A few years later, low and behold she found another man and got married again,soon after she had another child and yes it was a girl. Mark started drinking and doing drugs and was showing interest in her oldest child. Barbra became more distant from him, spending more time with us again .He lasted only ten years before she caught them in bed together both naked and drunk. She kicked him out and started saving money to move back to Iowa with her children.

Things had changed between Dee and I over the next few years ,after she had a heart attack. We couldn’t do the things we liked,and she was in more pain , sex with her was over .Barbra spent every other evening with us mainly caring for Dee. Many times she would tell me that she loved me and wished we could have gotten closer.

. Her kisses and hugs goodbye became longer ,even Dee could see she was getting attached to me.Each time Barbra would come over, somewhere in a conversation Dee would mention that she could use me any time. When she would leave I would walk her out giving her a kiss, and thank her for all she has done. I was beginning to see how stressed and lonely she was becoming by the way she would hold me tighter before leaving.

Then it happened she sold the house she worked hard for and sent her children to be with her mother in Iowa.She then asked if I could help her move, it was a sad day for her and couldn’t hold back her tears when saying goodbye to Dee. We all had become very close over the years and she promised to stay in touch. She held me even longer this time when I walked her to her car.

The next morning we had the rental truck loaded and said goodbye again to Dee and hit the road. For the first hour Barbra said little, only directions on where to go and by the time we passed Buffalo it had started to snow. Soon Barbra’s phone rang, it was Dee asking where we were, she then told Barbra we needed to get off the highway .She then hung up and in only a few short minutes she came back and said “there is a hotel at the next exit, I will call you back. Well the snow and the winds were really making it hard to see and the radio was now warning people to find a place to wait the storm off.

Just as we got off the highway Dee called again” I have you booked for a room for three days at Travelers“,she said .”What the weather reports are showing is that it is coming straight across the Midwest. Call me when you get to the hotel and I know you guys are safe” Dee said and hung up. I could see the hotel in sight and was very thankful that Dee was looking out for us, because the weather was getting worse .

When I got to the hotel our room was ready then returned to the truck for Barbra and some extra clothes. Barbra was just getting off the phone telling her she will call her back when we get to the room. She immediately called her back , “thank you for doing this “ she said “we are safe in the room but, there is a problem”. When Dee asked her what the problem was Barbra said “there is only one bed”.

Barbra then looked at me with her mouth open in surprise ,then handed me the phone when going into the bathroom. “Happy early birthday honey “ my wife said”I told Barbra that too. I told her that you two were going to have a few nights to remember and that I was happy to give her that”. When she said she had to go I said “ goodbye and I love you” just as Barbra was coming out saying she loved her too.

“I can’t believe it,”she said, standing in front of me giving me a kiss. “She told me to have fun and enjoy the only man that really likes and respects you”.

I pulled Barbra closer and wrapped my arms around her holding her body close to mine.I smiled looking into her blue eyes and said “ I have liked you since the first time I saw you.The more I got to know you the more like turned to love”. I gave her a kiss “but I never would do anything to make you regret getting close to me and my family. That said, let’s go get some supper and see where we stand later”.

I had hoped to see Barbra dressed in her long dresses like she used to wear whenever she came by to see us.She was living with an Amish fellow so her dresses looked like she was an Amish woman.She has small tits and is long legged and slim,most of the times I she wasn’t wearing a bra.

But this time she was in her tight jeans wearing her tall leather boots and a leather vest with a light blue shirt under it. She had her long hair braided as usual and she certainly doesn’t look her age. We had a nice dinner and a few drinks at the bar, watching the news on the tv that didn’t look good.

We had a few more drinks then went to the room where we watched more of the news lying on the bed. It probably was the drinks she had that made her lay her head on my lap and sighed.“Why didn’t I listen to Dee ” she said “she does have what it takes to spot the good guys from the bad”.

She ran her hand up along my chest and cupped my chin”after all she has you”. She then took her hand away then asked ,”why would she tell me each time I broke up with someone to try you. Most of the time I thought she was just kidding,but now I feel that she wasn’t,”she said. She was holding her hands on her chest then said “I guess this time she means it”.

I was looking down into her eyes and placed my hand on her cheek “she does mean it” I said.”She knew that I liked you and she wanted you to be happy,and knew I could do it..She once got a coworker to have sex with me because her marriage had failed. And she was happy when I went to visit Amy and came back glowing”.

I thought Barbra was fidgeting with her hands because she was nervous,but instead she was unbuttoning her shirt. I found out when I said” don’t be nervous “ and moved my hand down to stop her.

She quickly got up and kissed me, pushing me back on the bed,“I am not nervous, I am anxious,” she said. She smiled watching how my eyes went from her eyes to her small hanging breasts. She then sat back removing her shirt and took my hands up to her nipples.I started rubbing along on her breasts until my fingers pinched and pulled on her nipples. “Don’t worry honey you can do whatever you want” she said “god knows I have had more terrible things done to me than you would ever do”.

She ran a hand down against my cock “I want to see why Dee wanted me to have you” then started unzipping me slowly. When she saw the head of my hard cock she got off the bed and pulled my pants off “wow what is wrong with her” she said.

She then unzipped her pants and let them drop to the floor while staring at my cock and sighing.She was giving me the view of what I had only imagined how her pussy would look .She ran her hand down through her well trimmed hairs while watching my hand stroking my cock.”Well you sure are large enough” she said sliding two fingers inside her pussy. She then got back up on the bed lowering herself down on my stiff cock,taking a deep breath as it slid easily inside her.

“After Dee had her heart attack she blamed it on sex” I said reaching back up to her breasts. “Amy enjoyed having sex with me” I said “and we were friends with benefits for many years”.I smiled “but she was nothing like you”I said. Barbra moved her chest down letting me suck on her small nipples while she rode my cock. When my hands moved down to her hips she started riding me even faster.

Barbra must have needed a good fucking as much as I needed one,but I had to stop her before I came too soon.. I rolled her off onto her back,spread her thin thighs and started licking and sucking on her pussy.She came shortly after that and was pushing her ass up while her legs shook in pleasure. She grabbed my head when she began to settle down moaning while my tongue continued to lick deep inside her.

I fingered and sucked her pussy for so long my jaw as getting sore and she was trying to get my head away.I finally moved up over her and smiled “are you ready for my cum”I said placing my cock against her clit .I started moving my cock up and down between her wet lips until she grabbed my hips and said “yes fuck me”.

She then grabbed my body pulling me down against her as I started fucking her hard.After a few minutes of me pounding her wet pussy we both came about the same time.She sucked on my neck all while my cock throbbed deep inside her.

This has been the first time in a year that my cock has been in a hot and wet pussy so it stayed hard.I continued to fuck her even after I delivered her my load and then gave her another orgasm.Her hands went again to my ass while she moaned and took deep breaths before sucking again on my neck.As we continued to fuck, her legs went around me when I picked up the pace.She would go from kissing and sucking on my neck to staring at me telling me how good I was making her feel.

I was quite surprised that she was able to keep up with me fucking her,and had not begged me to stop.”I have been wanting to make you happy every time you came by telling us that your then lover was an ass” I said to her. “This is what they should have been doing to you” then gave her a long kiss.

She never said a thing, just looked up at me with those blue eyes and smiled before taking a deep breath.With her arms around me I began to lean back ,I held her close when I came to a sitting position. I still had my cock deep inside her fucking her slowly and kissing her with much more passion.

“I never wanted you to leave us” I said as she started moving back and forth on my cock . She smiled and gave me a kiss when I felt her pussy spew another flow of her warm cum onto my cock. While her legs were trembling she whispered “if I knew it could be this good I wouldn’t be moving”.She then let out a long growl before laying her head back down on my shoulder and muffled “fuck”.

Fuck we did , for the next 15 minutes I moved my hands down to her ass pulling her back against my cock as she pulled out. We had a nice rhythm going with her sliding easier along my cock , the sounds of her juices being pushed out was erotic.

Between her orgasms Barbra would ask me why Dee didn’t like this. I was now going to show her why.”Dee didn’t enjoy me doing this”I said to her,”she only likes quickies. She liked the quickies so I would not last long,and as you see I can, I stay hard for a long time.

I heard Barbra muffle “I like to feel a cock inside me as long as it can stay hard”.She took a deep breath and then said “I love feeling our sperm being mixed inside me.God damn “she said as another flow was mixed inside her “damn this feels good”.Hearing her talk about how good i was doing and how she liked the feeling was something I never heard Dee say. But when she said “cum for me baby, fill me up now”, that’s what I did. She then started kissing me all while feeling my cum being pumped deep inside her.

Finally after my cock stopped throbbing and her legs stopped shaking she let go of me and laid back on the bed .She pulled my semi hard cock out covering her pussy quickly with her hand to stop the flow of cum from leaving her pussy. “I like this warm feeling” she said while her other hand was wiping a long on my cock”I also like the taste of us”. She licked a finger then pointed to me “ yummy”she said “want a taste”.

When I licked my lips it was a gesture to give me a taste so she did, she even took her hand away from her pussy . She scooped some more out licking some for herself before feeding me but the last taste made me drop down to get a mouthful. I then kissed her and laid down on my back beside her, we both seemed content to just lay there and talk.

“You know if I would have taken the opportunity to have you every time Dee told me too. I would probably have more than 4 girls” she said then giggled.

She then laughed when I said “you would probably have had boy’s, they run in my family as you can see”.She grabbed the blanket and pulled it up while I grabbed the tv remote , “no need to watch the news”I said”we have three days to me together”.

She rolled beside me placing her arm over me “we don’t have to do it all tonight do we”.She then said again (damn I should have taken Dee’s advice,if I did I wouldn’t have moved”.She then looked at the clock and said “well it is only ten o’clock “then slid her hand down to my cock.Feeling it had gone soft she smiled “I can suck that back to life”.She laughed “you might get pretty tired of me before this trip is over”.

Barbra sat up looking around,”I am hungry ,I’m going to see if the restaurant is still open and if they have room service”. They were and they did deliver so with her charm she had some food brought up to the room. She grabbed her long jacket when the food was brought up and gave the young boy a nice tip. She pretended to drop it so he could see what she was hiding when she bent over to retrieve it.

Barbra walked to the table and put the food down then hung her jacket up she then turned the heat up and sat down. We joked about her actions with the busboy while eating ,“do you think he got aroused?”she said with a laugh.”I like doing that, I usually look through the peephole first and if they are handsome I open the door naked”. “God I am still a slut sometimes”she said”you probably wouldn’t have liked me when I was younger”.She took a drink “you might not want to fuck me any more tonight after hearing the things I did growing up”.

As we sat eating she told me that her mom was also a slut and how her mother taught her how to make money.”I was only fifteen when she would have me sit naked in front of her and her date.She would have me spread my legs telling her date to flip quarters at my pussy,if it hit it they could kiss it”.

She told me the many things she had done which only made me hornier ,so many that I don’t have the time to tell you. Maybe in the next chapter , if you want another chapter I can describe them. Leave me a comment and I will continue with what she has done in the past and what we did the next two days. I did have a lot of fun before I said goodbye to Barbra and headed home.


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