Punishment for Cheating Wife – Part 2

Punishment for Cheating Wife – Part 2


We returned from Goa three days later. In those three days, I had enough sex to last me a lifetime. It wasn’t just my husband Raj or his colleagues who fucked me. The men turned me into a proper slut and even got me to fuck the hotel staff one by one. I was also made to walk about on the roads naked showing off my body to anyone who’d be passing by. I even ended up being fucked on the roadside by two men who were passing by on a scooter and stopped on seeing me.

They first asked me if I was ok and what I was doing walking about naked.

When I told them that I was obeying my husband’s wishes, they looked back at the car in which the men were following me. Turning to the car, I asked Raj if I could fuck the two men.

Raj said go ahead. And right there on the roadside on the grass, after sucking their cocks hard, I fucked the two men. One in my asshole and one in my pussy. Both of them came inside me while I came twice. The whole sex act lasted for about 30 minutes. And then the men were on their way again. Walking up to the car, I asked the men what was I to do next.

“Walk a bit more, let’s see if you can get some more action,” Raj said.

I wasn’t going to let him down. So, I walked a little further and came up to a coconut seller who had seen me approaching from a distance and was standing there staring at me. He was wearing a lungi only and I could see a tent in it formed by his hard cock.

I walked up to him and reaching out to his groin caught hold of his cock and felt it. It was rock hard. That was all that I needed. Turning around, I bent over in front of him and spread my ass cheeks and asshole. That was all the invite that he needed. He first spit on my asshole and then quickly pushed his rock-hard cock inside my asshole. I was already wet from my previous fuck and his cock slid in easily. He caught hold of my waist and pounded my ass as hard as he could. I was holding on to the table on which he had kept his coconuts. A few minutes later, he began pacing himself and slapping my ass. He also groped and mauled my tits nicely, pinching my nipples hard and making them erect.

Before he could cum inside me, he pulled out his cock and turned me around and told me to suck his cock. Squatting down, I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned it out. Meanwhile, the remnants of cum from my pussy and asshole leaked out of them and fell on the ground. A few minutes of me sucking and cleaning his cock later, he again made me stand up and this time, made me raise my right leg up and keep my foot on the table. In that position, he again inserted his cock in my asshole and began pounding away. Reaching forward, he inserted two fingers in my pussy and began fingering me as well. After what seemed like an eternity and a few orgasms for me, he gave one last final push and pumped his load inside me. I could barely stand now. My legs were quivering, and I was out of breath. A few cars had passed by while the coconut seller was banging my ass. They slowed down to see what was happening and then went their way. I believe some of them even took photos of me being pounded like that.

Raj walked me to the car and inside, I lay across the men’s legs with cum leaking from my asshole. On the drive back to the hotel, the men played with my body. Kay pulled out his cock and put it in my mouth and told me to suck on it. I gladly did that. We reached the hotel before I could suck him off completely, so asked the men to stay in the car till Kay came. About five minutes after we reached, Kay filled my mouth with hot cum.

Raj and the men took me back to the coconut seller again the next evening, and asked him if he wanted to fuck me again for the night. The coconut seller, Danny, initially sounded a little apprehensive, but then asked if he had to pay to fuck me.

Raj said, “Sure, pay her Rs 50. But use small change notes, made a wad, roll it up and then insert it in her asshole the next morning. We’ll come collect her in the morning.” The only other condition was that he record whatever he did with me.

I’d been pimped for just Rs 50. Once the men left, Danny quickly took me to his shack behind his shop and told me to lick and clean his cock, balls and asshole.

Like a good slut, I got down on all fours and like a bitch, began licking, sucking and cleaning Danny’s balls, cock and asshole. After he was satisfied with my tongue, he told me to turn around and lie down on the mattress and raise my ass a bit. As I lay down on the mattress, I could smell his sweat in it and also felt its roughness on my tits and soft belly skin. Danny got on top of me and spreading my ass cheeks wide, with one strong stroke, he forced his cock inside my asshole and began prone boning me like it was his last day on earth. At one point, he slapped my asscheeks hard and then began pounding my ass so hard, I thought his cock would pop out of my stomach. I moaned and screamed as Danny went to town pounding my asshole. Nearly 20 minutes of this and I had already cum four times. Danny came after that and spent his seed deep inside my bowels and collapsed on top of me. All this while, the phone camera was recording everything. He rolled off me a couple of minutes later and his cock popped out of my asshole.

“Clean my cock, you slut,” he said.

Getting up and on all fours, with my pussy and asshole facing the camera, I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking and licking it clean. As I worked on his cock with my mouth, I reached behind with my hands and spreading my asscheeks, I let the camera get a good shot of my freshly fucked asshole from which Danny’s cum had begun leaking. I even inserted a couple of fingers and pulled out some of his cum and showed it to the camera. I bet the boys would have loved that.

Danny’s cock was hard again. I asked him how did he want to fuck me.

“In the asshole, always in the asshole. Get on top of me and ride.”

“Meri chut nahi maarega? (Don’t you want to fuck my pussy?)”

“Nahi, randi. Ab gaand me le mera lund (No, slut. Now take my cock in your asshole).”

Well, he’d decided, who was I to say otherwise? Getting on top of him, I reached behind me and inserted his cock in my asshole and began riding him. I rode him for a long long time, during which he just lay there and played with my swinging tits, squeezing, mauling, pinching and slapping them.

He made me turn around and show the camera how my tits swung as I bounced on his cock. He came after what seemed like ages. My asshole was sore now and my legs tired from all the bouncing. I couldn’t go any further and flopped down next to him. He was tired too.

“Tere ko aur sex maangta kya? (Do you want more sex)?” he asked me.

“Haan, meri chut ko lund chahiye (Yes, my pussy needs some cock).”

“Kitne aadmi bullaun? (How many men should I call?”

“Koi aisa hai jisne kabhi chut na maari ho? (Is there someone who’s never had pussy?)”

He called two of his friends to come over. He simply told them that if they wanted nice tight pussy, they should reach the shack quickly.

The two boys arrived within 10 minutes and seeing both me and Danny sprawled out on the mattress naked, they also got naked.

Danny stopped them and told them that he’d already fucked my asshole twice and that they should only fuck my pussy. He asked them to take out 10 bucks each for the pussy.

I was being pimped out again, this time for only 10 bucks. Nevermind, all I wanted was for my pussy to get some cock. The two men quickly took off their clothes and the first one, after spitting on his cock, took up position between my spread legs and inserted it slowly into my pussy. I let him take his time since it was his first time. Once he was inside, I wrapped my legs around him and looking him straight in the eye, said, “Teri gaand mein jitna zor hai utni zor se chut maar meri (Fuck me with all your might and fuck me hard)”. I called the other man to me and asked him to put his cock in my mouth. His cock was one of the biggest I’d ever seen. It measured at 10.5″ and was a beautiful 3″ in girth. My small hands couldn’t wrap around it completely. From his groin, it tapered upwards like a sword and ended in a beautiful bulbous dome that was even wider. I wondered what it would feel like in both my pussy and asshole. As I sucked on his cock, the first man went to town on my pussy and fucked me hard. Danny meanwhile was watching all this and picking up the camera, he began taking close-ups of my pussy being fucked and me sucking on the third man’s cock.

The first man came in about five minutes and quickly turned soft in my pussy after filling me up. As I let him go from between my legs, I told them to swap places. Now, that huge cock was at the entrance to my pussy. Turning to Danny, I said, “Iska mota lund meri chut mein jaate video bana. Acha close up lena. (Make a video of his fat cock entering my pussy. Take good close-ups.)”

Danny grinned and got into position as the second man put his cockhead at the entrance to my pussy and slowly inserted it. I could feel his cock spreading my pussy wide as it made its way deep into my groin. I felt him deep inside me as he hit my cervix and stopped and asked if he could go further. Still trying to catch my breath, I said, “Yes, Push.” And he did just that, pushed harder and deeper till he was balls deep. His balls, those beautiful black balls were now resting against my asshole. He stayed like that for a few minutes at my behest. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my pussy. Once my pussy had become accustomed to his size and girth, I told him to begin fucking me. Danny meanwhile had trained the camera at my face and as the man began pounding my pussy, Danny recorded my eyes rolling up in their sockets out of sheer pleasure.

I was moaning and screaming and loving the sensation of that fat cock inside my pussy. The sensation was such that I started on a roller coaster journey of back-to-back orgasms. By the time the man finished fucking my pussy and came inside me, I was sounding like a gibbering idiot thanks to the orgasms I had.

As he pulled out of me, Danny got some glorious shots of my pussy lips clinging on to the man’s cock as if they didn’t want to let go of it. But pull out he did with a pop and all the cum collected inside my pussy began flowing out.

The three men let me be for about half an hour in which time, I had managed to regain some sense of consciousness and coherence.

Danny gave me some beer to drink and then asked if I was satisfied with the sex.

“Nahi, abhi isse apni gaand marwaani hai. (No, I want him to fuck my asshole).” I said pointing at the second man. He was sitting opposite me grinning.

Getting up, I crawled over to him and putting my face in his groin, began sucking on his cock. It didn’t take too long for him to get hard.

Once his cock was rock hard, I turned around and put my head on the mattress and reaching back opened my asscheeks and asshole and looking at him said, “Maar meri gaand (Fuck my asshole)”.

He didn’t have to be asked twice. He quickly got into position and put the tip of his cock at my asshole’s entrance and with one hard push was inside my ass. I screamed at the pain and the pleasure. But he hadn’t yet gone in fully. He’d only gone in about 6″. He stopped still and waited for a few seconds. Then holding on to my waist, he began pushing his cock inside my asshole.

Deeper, deeper, deeper he went until his groin was next to my ass and his balls slapping against my pussy. I told him to stay still for a bit before moving again.

Once I was comfortable with his cock in my ass, I looked at him and said, “Chal shuru ho, maar meri gaand zor se. (Begin now and fuck my ass hard)”.

He began moving and I began moaning. It was one of the most exquisite experiences I’ve ever had. The pleasure of his thick veiny cock sliding first in and then out in a rhythmic motion, all the while touching some new parts of my asshole’s depths pushed me to an orgasm. I could feel it beginning to build up in my groin. It felt like a dam collecting water to breaking point and when the dam burst, I let loose a wild moan and felt the waters break loose. Later in the video I saw I was squirting from that ass fucking.

I came and came for god knows how long. The man continued to pound my asshole. Eventually, when he did come, he deposited his seed deep inside my asshole before pulling out and letting me collapse on the mattress.

The men had had enough and I had had enough. My poor body couldn’t take any more pounding. I passed out. I woke up much later. The two men had gone and Danny was asleep beside me still naked, pretty much like me.

As I stirred, I saw his cock was semi hard. I leaned forward and took it in my left hand and kissed it. My fondling his cock arose Danny and he pushed me off.

“I need to pee,” he said, getting up.

I also needed to pee, so followed him outside. Out by the shack, about 10 feet away Danny stopped and began peeing and I quickly went and squatted in front of him and began peeing too. Danny began laughing and pointed his cock at me and let it flow all over my face and body. There I was, squatting by the roadside after a night of mindnumbing sex peeing and being peed on at the same time.

“Now what do you want?”

“Now I want you to fuck my pussy since my asshole is still sore.”

“Come, suck me hard then.”

I did just that and once he was hard, he made me lie down on the wet ground and inserted his cock in my pussy and began long, slow strokes in and out of my pussy. While I had two orgasms, he finally came inside me and pulled out a minute later.

As we got off the ground, I asked him if I could take a bath somewhere.

He said, he wasn’t going to let me bathe and that I was going to be collected by Raj and his pals the condition I was in.

Oh well, some more wantonness for me.

About half an hour later, as the sun rose up, Raj and his buddies came to pick me up. Danny handed him the phone and just as I was about to get into the car, he stopped me.

“I forgot to pay you,” he said, adding, “now, like a good bitch, get on all fours, put your face in the ground, reach back and spread your asshole for me.”

I am a good bitch, so I followed instructions. Once my asscheeks were spread wide and asshole open, he rolled up a wad of fivers and tenners and stuck it in my asshole.

Next, he rolled up another wad of tenners and stuck that in my pussy.

“There, our business is settled. Now get up,” he said.

I stood up and could feel the rolls in my pussy and asshole. Turning to Raj, I asked, “Can you buy me something like a butt plug which I can stick in my asshole when I am not being fucked?”

“You can buy as many buttplugs as you want and panty vibrators and fox tails as you want,” Raj said slapping my naked ass as I got into the car.

The remaining days in Goa were more or less the same. I was a piece of meat, a fleshlight, a cumdump, free use booty for the men and others.

After we returned from Goa, things started getting interesting a couple of days later. We had created a whatsapp group with me and Raj and his buddies.

The rules of the group were this:

Every morning, I was to send out a nude photo or a short video on the group of me having sex or generally doing something naked.

If I had sex with anyone, I had to make a video of it and share it on the group.

If I felt like having sex and none of my usual lovers was available, I was to invite the men home for sex.

If anyone sent me sexy gifts, I was to try them on and take photos/videos and share them

Basically, I had become a private porn feed for the men.

A week after we returned from Goa, Raj was in office and I was alone at home when I felt horny and decided to go find myself some action. So, I headed to a bar near my home and pretty soon was chatting with a couple of guys I met there. I was wearing a yellow slinky, off-the-shoulder dress that started just above my nipples and ended about halfway down my ass. No bra or panties underneath. When I sat on the bar stool, I could feel the coldness of the metal and that was turning me on. About 15 minutes into our chat, I took one of the men’s hand and raising my butt a little, placed it under my butt palm upwards and sat down on it. The surprise on his face when he didn’t feel any panties was amazing. Next, I leaned towards him and told him that I live nearby and that he and his friend could come over and fuck me. They were more than ready for it.

As I got off the bar stool, I caught hold of the man’s hand and standing next to him, let him finger my pussy.

“See, I am wet. And that’s not the only hole you’ll get to enjoy,” I said.

The men quickly paid and followed me out of the bar. It had become dark and I knew Raj would be on his way home, so I put out a message on the whatsapp group: “Got horny, have picked up a couple of guys from the local bar. Walking home with them for sex. Come over if you want to join in.”

I stopped and handing my phone to one of the guys asked him to make a small video of me walking from behind. He agreed and I began walking. As he filmed, I caught the hem of my dress and raised it up to my waist and kept walking swinging my ass for added effect. I even slapped my ass a couple of times. There were a couple of people who saw me doing that and glared at my slutty behaviour.

Once the video was made, I pulled down my dress and sent it on the group.

About a 100 metres away from my home, I decided I’d had enough. I raised my dress baring my ass and pussy and pulled it down to let my tits hang free. The men were still walking behind me, so I turned and gave them a show of what they were going to enjoy. As soon as we entered the gate – the men caught hold of me, and took me to the lawn on the side. One of them turned me to face him and picked me up and pulling his cock out, inserted it in my pussy. The other guy, meanwhile, had pulled his cock out and was knocking at my backdoor. Once the cock in my pussy was settled, I reached back and spread my asscheeks for the other guy to enter. Between the two of them, they established an in-out momentum. I think I had teased them enough and they were too close to cumming. Within minutes of them stuffing my pussy and asshole with their cocks, the three of us came simultaneously. I had to bite my lower lip to not scream out of passion.

Once they stopped cumming and pulled out and let me down, I opened the main door and all three of us went inside. I told the guys to take off their clothes and to lie down on the carpet so that I could suck and harden their cocks again.

Once they were naked and lying down, I stood on top of them and got out of my dress. Now, I was wearing just my silver pencil heels.

Getting on my knees, I began alternatively sucking and licking their cocks and cleaning them up. They were hard in a couple of minutes and I asked them to fuck me again together this time swapping their positions. I got on top of the man who had fucked my pussy first and took his cock in my asshole. Pegged properly, I spread my legs apart and invited the other guy to enter my pussy.

There I was sandwiched between the two men. Now, only if I could get a cock in my mouth that would be heaven and maybe two mouths on each tit would be great.

This time, the men stayed longer pounded my pussy and ass. I came three times from the sheer sensation of being double penetrated. One by one, the two men came inside my pussy and ass and pulled out of my holes.

I was satiated for the moment.


Part 1: Punishment for Cheating Wife – Part 1


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