Passionate Sexual Affair With Mom – Part 2

Passionate Sexual Affair With Mom – Part 2

Horny son fucks and cum inside slutty mom many times


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This is the second part of the story and it picks up exactly where I left off in the first part. So, I would highly recommend reading the first part before continuing with this one.

Now, coming to the story.

As soon as I and my mom reached home, we were going on at each other like two fishes fighting for food. I kissed my mom’s lips, her neck while pressing her tight ass.

We kissed for about five minutes. She then unbuttoned my shirt while I was untying her saree.

We looked at each other and we knew that it was the moment we both waited for. We were like two passionate lovers looking at each other with lust and love. My mother then pushed me to the couch, sat on me, and started kissing all over my bare chest. My dick was dying to come out of those skin-tight jeans.

I turned her over and immediately unzipped my pants and let the beast out! My mom was so shocked by the size of my tool. She bit her lips and whispered, “So much bigger than your dad’s.”

Before I could say a word, my horny mom grabbed my cock and put it right into her mouth. I was surprised to see such fire in my mom. She sucked for 5 minutes straight until I finally came into her mouth. She drank all of it and licked her fingers too.

My gorgeous mom Stacy was dying to get nailed by her own son. I immediately tore off her bra and stuffed it into her mouth. I then sat down to take a closer look at my birth hole. Her already wet panties were torn off with just one pull.

I inserted my finger into my beautiful mom’s hairy pussy and licked all of her juices. She was begging for my cock to penetrate her. I slowly inserted my 7-inch tool into that smelly and hairy cunt. I slowly started the strokes and then increased my pace.

After almost 10 minutes in that position, my mother pointed toward the bedroom. I lifted her on my arms and carried her toward the bed where my dad used to enjoy this goddess.

My mom made me lie down on the bed and hopped on top of me. Now she was taking control over us. She rode on me and shouted my name, “AYUSH, FUCK ME BETA..KILL YOUR MOM TONIGHT..AYUSH..YES, YES, YES!”

Her words made me so much hornier. I then made her go doggy style. I slapped my sexy mom’s ass occasionally and pulled her hair. She was getting more excited by those. I fucked my horny mom in doggy style as hard as I could and we both knew by then we were about to hit orgasm.

I came all inside her and crashed on top of her with my dick still inside her. We slept naked for about 20 minutes and I said, “I wanted this so much.”

Mom smiled back at me and she was about to get up to prepare dinner. I pulled her arm and made her lay over me. I wanted to fuck my mother again but she had to cook as dad would be home anytime now.

I agreed to let her go but I was a little sad. I wanted to have her all for myself. She then kissed my lips and pointed towards the shower. We both giggled like teenagers and rushed towards the shower.

My mom applied soap all over herself and offered to do it for me. I grabbed the soap from her hand and pulled her toward me. I kissed her again and she was moaning my name. She then bent down and held my cock in her hands and started stroking it. It was the best feeling ever!

Her soft hands and gentle stroking of my cock gave me glimpses of heaven. She increased the pace and I came all over her wet body. We then took a bath and she went towards the kitchen.

She worked in the kitchen while I kept watching her from the dining hall. She occasionally turned toward me and smiled. I was too horny. I wanted to fuck my mom again but just then, the calling bell rang! It was dad!

We both were a little disappointed as dad had come earlier than he did usually and we thought that was the end of our romance for the day.

However, I was in no mood of giving up. I made an excuse of helping mom and went inside the kitchen. I started touching her and slapped her ass. I even tried kissing her. However, mom did not respond to any of these as she was too afraid of dad and that he might find out.

So, she whispered into my ears, “Ayush, go now but I will make sure you get it tonight.”

I was a little upset but I trusted her, and so I went back to my room.

Mom served dinner at around 11 and we were all done in an hour. Dad went to bed and mom was watching tv in the hallway. I did not bother her and went back to my room.

I was reading comics and was feeling a little sleepy. My eyes were almost shut when I saw the room of my door being opened and in came the angel of my life. She shut the door from inside and sat near me on the bed.

“Your dad is asleep, this hour is just for us.” Saying so, my mom got up and dropped her pallu, and started undoing her saree. I immediately went near her and grabbed her ass and threw off her saree.

I picked her up in my arms and made her lie on the bed. I quickly took off my shorts and my tees. I was completely naked and I went over her. I did not want to waste time on foreplay and immediately inserted my cock inside my mom. She moaned and hugged me tightly.

I was banging my mom in missionary position and she seemed to enjoy it to the fullest. Now, it was her turn to take control and so we switched positions and she got on top of me. She took my cock in hand and carefully inserted it in her cunt. She then grabbed both my hands and started going up and down slowly.

My mother slowly increased her pace and kept increasing. We both were about to climax but we were trying to hold onto it a little more. After 10 more minutes of this intense hardcore sex, we both hit orgasm at the same time. I came inside my mom’s pussy once again.

She was getting dressed immediately as my dad might wake up then while I still lay on the bed naked. She left and I soon fell asleep.

The next morning, dad left for work at the usual time and it was just us, two love-birds, for the rest of day in the house. As soon as dad left, I went straight to the kitchen, where my slutty mom was shaking her ass off while working.

I went near her and grabbed her ass. She wasn’t a little surprised and instead and turned toward me and grabbed my cock over my pants. Her touch gave me an instant erection and she knew how to take care of it. She bent down and took it out of my pants and was messaging it with her hands before taking it deep down her throat.

My mom sucked my tool for a few minutes before I finally came all into her mouth. She drank all of it with lust and wanted more. She was wearing a saree. She threw her pallu off and asked me to take her to the bedroom. However, I wanted to fuck her right there in the kitchen!

So, I kissed her so that she can’t speak anymore whilst choking her throat. She seemed to be loving the violent side of her son.

We then undressed each other I made her sit naked on the kitchen counter. She was biting her lips while fingering herself. That scene turned me twice as horny and I put my cock right inside her while pressing her soft and big boobs with my hands. Those were the best pair of tits someone could possibly have.

We fucked there for about 20 minutes before I came inside her. We then both went to the shower and cleaned ourselves.

The rest of the day she did not wear any clothes and moved around naked in the house. We fucked again, three to four times before dad returned from work. She was too tired and exhausted to have prepared dinner. So we had to order food from outside. Dad was too involved with himself to even notice that the food was not made by her wife.

We both were exchanging naughty smiles with each other while kept enjoying his meal.

The next few weeks went in the same way. We fucking whenever we felt like, mom roaming around naked and Dad ignoring his wife and family. However, I wanted to give more to Mom, she needed a lover, not just a bed partner. So I came up with a plan.


This story is part of a series:

Part 1: Passionate Sexual Affair With Mom – Part 1


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