Passionate Sexual Affair With Mom – Part 1

Passionate Sexual Affair With Mom – Part 1

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This is a story of my gorgeous mother. Her name is Stacy and she is everything a man could ever ask for. She is 40 but looked nothing more than 25-30. She has perfect measurements and an hourglass figure, all thanks to her daily workouts and dieting.

Whenever my mother went out, men would stare at her with lust and would sometimes pass cheap comments about her body. Our neighbors were always ‘hard at work’ just to catch a glimpse of her glorious figure.

Ours was a small family that consisted of me, my mom and my dad. My dad worked for an IT company and had a lot of work. He was hardly at home. My mom was a housewife. I was in college senior year and mostly studied from home as I had exams in just a few months.

I never had any sexual feelings for mom. We met only during breakfast and dinner. So, we barely got any chance to get any closer. I mostly stayed out partying with my friends. She never complained and was instead content since I was happy. These were all about to change in just a matter of a few days.

Coming to the story now. This happened way back in November of 2019 when the pandemic was yet to hit the country. My mom was happily married to my dad for the last 15 years. They dated for 3 years before marriage and were pretty intimate until the last few months.

She was perfectly happy with her life and family until she came to know that my dad was having an affair with a colleague.

He started avoiding my mom and returned late at night, drunk, most of the days. My mom suspected his behavior and so she decided to check my dad’s phone one night. She went through his chats and it was my dad’s junior colleague, whom he was banging!

However, mom did not confront him as she still loved him and did not want his family name to be harmed. So, she carried on as if everything was normal. She suffered both mental and physical loss. Little did she know, that she would get everything back through her own son.

It was Christmas of 2019, we had a small get-together as we did every year. As always, my dad was not there as he had some really important “meeting” that night. Mom had to manage the entire party alone and naturally, she did so even with all that pain.

No one, not even me knew then, what was going on inside her. She put on a mask of smile and managed everything like nothing ever went wrong. When everyone left, it was around 11:40 pm. Mom crashed into the couch and stared at the sky through the window. Tears were slowly rolling out her eyes.

I was never too close with my parents, especially not with mom. However, that night when I saw her I knew she needed someone. I sat right next to her, put my hand on her hand, and asked, “Ma, what’s wrong?”

She was shocked by the touch and immediately pulled herself together and said, it is nothing. I knew she was hiding something and so I said, “Ma, I am not a kid anymore, tell me what it is, I promise I will solve it.”

I made her sit facing me, held her hand in mine and looked straight into her eyes, and demanded to know what bothered her. She told me everything at once and I was left completely surprised and dumbstruck.

My mom was about to get up from the couch. But I grabbed her arm, looked into her eyes, and said, “Hey Ma, it is not your fault and you must stay happy without him now.” I added, “You are free to do anything now. Explore your desires. For once, think about your happiness.”

We then looked into each other’s eyes for about a minute when we both leaned a little towards each other. I leaned a little more and our lips were just inches away from each other. Just as our lips were about to touch, the clock started ringing, it was midnight!

We regained our senses and immediately got up from the couch. I was so ashamed and started apologizing. My mom was could not look into my eyes. She somehow managed to say, “It is okay beta, it was my fault too. We should not be doing this, it is wrong.”

Saying so my innocent housewife mom rushed back to her room and locked it from inside. She was crying out of shame. I could hear her weep, through the door. I was too afraid and ashamed to say anything. I came back to my room and crashed into my bed. I fell asleep quickly.

The next morning, I was ashamed to get out of my room and face mom. However, mom acted normally as if last night never took place. She came to wake me up at 9:30 just as she does every morning. She then asked me to have breakfast and handed me the shopping list for the day. I could feel a little tension between us.

I asked mom where dad was. She answered that he did not come home last night as he had extra work and he would be late today as well.

I was a little worried as it would be just mom and me alone the whole day. To my surprise, I kind of felt a little excited about this too, I felt as if I will finally be with my love. This feeling of excitement immediately gave me an erection and I immediately rushed towards the bathroom.

I released my cock and started masturbating. Normally, I would watch some porn while thinking about my girlfriend. However, instead of my girlfriend, my mom flashed before my eyes! She was naked right in front of me and asking me to nail her. That image immediately got me to ejaculate!! That was the best feeling I ever had.

Right from that moment, I knew that I need to have my mom. I knew I had to carry on from last night. I decided to seduce my mom and make her long for my dick.

I took a shower and came out wet in my towel. I went towards the kitchen and asked mom where my clothes were. She was stunned to see me in a towel and kept staring without answering me. She immediately gained consciousness and asked me what I was saying.

I dressed up and went slowly towards mom who was still busy cooking. I went really close to her neck and said, “Ma, I am really sorry about last night.” She was startled by my voice and turned towards me. We were once again inches away from each other but she did not push me away.

Staying just inches from me, she said, “It’s okay, we both were a little drunk. Don’t worry about it.” Saying this, she continued with her cooking.

I knew she was too emotionally hurt to make any further move. However, she had her physical needs which will eventually make her give in.

A few days passed on with this tension building up and I was getting more and more eager to get my mom into bed. Just then, when I almost thought of giving up, a window of opportunity came towards me. Mom needed to go shopping. Previously, Dad took her out for shopping.

However, to no one’s surprise, he rejected as he had an important meeting or so he said. Dad ordered me to take her out and get her what she needed. I got really excited and horny, but I managed to hide it somehow, and said, “Okay Dad, I will.”

It was around 5:30. I asked mom whether she was ready and she came out of her room. She was a pure Goddess and dressed like one. She was wearing a chocolate brown colored silk saree and a semi-transparent sleeveless blouse. I was completely mesmerized by the way she looked.

My mother noticed that I was checking her out so she smiled and said, “Aren’t we getting late??”

I came back to my senses and immediately said, “Wow, you look stunning.” Even though it was her son commenting, she was so happy to hear a compliment after so long as Dad barely noticed her these days. She looked down, getting a little ashamed, and said, “Thank you dear, but let’s go now.”

We went out on my bike and set off for the mall. We had to stop at a traffic signal. A car was standing right beside us and a middle-aged man was sitting in the passenger seat. He constantly kept staring at my mom as she was wearing a backless blouse. I was a little angry but proud to have such a bomb on the backseat.

We reached the mall. Mom went straight towards the saree section and was selected a few. I said, “Ma, I think you should try western too.” She was a little hesitant but I somehow managed to get her into the western section.

My mother was a little ashamed to see such clothes with her son. I said, “No one knows us here and besides these are way more convenient than Indian.”

I picked up a yellow top for her along with a pink skirt and asked her to try them on. She was too ashamed but I pushed her into the trial room. She came out and I was stunned once again. She looked way more hotter and gorgeous than she did in the saree.

The mall-helper there complimented her too and said, “Your husband sure has great taste.” To this, we both were surprised and looked at each other but before we could correct her, she had moved on towards the next customer. My mom was ashamed and rushed back into the trial room.

After about five minutes, she gave me a slow call from inside, “Ayush beta, please come inside, I need a little help here.”

I don’t know what was happening and I went straight inside. The room was too small for even a single person but there were two of us. Naturally, our bodies squeezed each other.

I asked my mom what’s wrong and apparently, she couldn’t unbutton the skirt and was asking me to do it for her. At first, I thought she was genuinely in trouble however, now I knew that it was her way of saying she was ready for her son!

I tried to unbutton her skirt while her boobs got squeezed at my chest. Those were some soft and huge pair of boobs. I got an erection right then, and it was clearly visible as I was in tracks. Mom saw it too as it poked into her.

I was ashamed and scared as hell but mom reacted casually and waited for me to unbutton her. I was able to finally get it done and there she was, standing in front of me in just her white push-up bra and panties. We stared at each other’s eyes just like that night.

Just then I don’t know what played in my mind, I pushed my mom onto the wall and kissed her lips passionately. To my surprise, mom responded to that kiss! I took that as a green signal and grabbed her by the ass with my tongue still inside her mouth.

Just as I was about to untie my mom’s bra, we heard a few shoppers coming towards the trial room. We immediately separated ourselves and I came out of the trial room.

Mom came back after she got dressed back. We knew we can’t let that passion die and immediately rushed back home. The entire way she held me tightly as if she was my girlfriend. I held her hands with one hand and drove with the other.


This story is part of a series:

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