One Night Stand With A Bad Boy – best sex stories

One Night Stand With A Bad Boy – best sex stories

Wife dreaming of a one night stand – hot passionate sex turns real.

Ray(my wife) and her single friend (Mary) had been out on town for a night and agreed to plan a champagne party at her cabin in the mountains but it was cancelled as Mary finally met someone she really liked and wanted to spend time with him. At first glance he was an attractive man in his mid 40s, recently divorced he had three beautiful kids a multi-million dollar home and well in his 20s was known as a real ladies man. Mary was in and out of relationships for years never having found the right guy but she seemed always to find the bad boys… the kind that have some serious issues.

Having held him (Roger) in the secret department for some time she finally figured to introduce him to her best friend Ray. Mary and Ray planned a trip to the mountains to get away from the kids and to relax with some wine along with Ray´s sister Hannah and a friend. Unbeknownst to the other girls Mary had invited Roger to meet up with them at the cabin. Roger a ladies man deluxe had recently divorced due to his having an affair with his secretary. This did not stop Mary as she felt “he was” the “one”.

After an evening of girl talk, a meal, some good wine and music the next day started off well. A ski trip, some dinner and a little wine and back to the cabin where the girls where going to make dinner and get the outdoor fire going and more. As dinner was finished, the wine was pouring and the mood was great a sudden knock on the door…it was Roger and his friend Bill. Bill was short and portly, Roger tall and handsome. A real odd couple of sorts. The girls knew something was up as Mary was acting quite odd.

Bill had a cabin a few hundred feet from the girls so it was easy for them to disguise this secret rendezvous as a way to hook up as they were quite hot and heavy.

The girls were all dressed to the “nines” with cocktail dresses and jewelry. Roger came in and the room stopped… quickly all the girls including Ray began flirting with him. Some sort of magnetic attraction. As the night continued Mary became somewhat too drunk to continue with small talk. Bill and Roger offered to take her to her room knowing she would prefer to be with him than with the girls but she was in no condition to do much. Ray now feeling the effects of the wine and his sparkling eyes offered to help her to bed but Mary wanted to stay with Roger. So Roger and Ray walked her to Bill´s cabin as Bill stayed behind with the other girls.

Bringing Mary up to Roger´s bed was quite the job. She was deposited in bed without taking off more than her shoes. She was out.

Roger: Ray let me show you around
Ray: Sounds good

Roger grabs a glass of wine for her, Ray gladly accepts it. Downstairs there was a great room and he put some music on as he made himself a cocktail.

Roger: I will show you the rooms in a second… oh I love this song!
Ray: me as well…

They sat down to talk on the sofa for a minute to wait and see if Mary was going to get up. What seemed a minute turned into a couple of hours and a bottle more of wine.

Ray went to the kitchen to get a glass of water

Ray: do you want one…?
Roger: yes

Roger came up behind Ray in the kitchen and put his hands around her hips turning her head and giving her a great kiss. She was paralyzed by his kiss… as his hands slowly moved up her side to the side of her breasts.

Roger: You are so hot, your husband is one lucky man, I would never have let you leave the bedroom he said with a smile.

Ray: Speechless… as she attempted to smile.

This guy a true catch with his studly looks. Roger turned her head sideways and kissed her passionately again and then began to kiss her neck and to her shoulders. Ray was turned on. She enjoyed the kiss and touch.

Ray: We can´t Mary is upstairs and she really likes you…
Roger: Shhhhh….

As he kissed her shoulders and neck. Ray pounded her fist against the kitchen counter fighting herself…as to what was happening. Loving it but hating it.

Roger: You smell so good. You are so sexy…

He continued to kiss her, she tried slightly to push away but he kept going. His tongue now going down her neck to her breasts (cleavage). He was working her from behind when he began to be more aggressive.

Roger: I think you are sexy and you want to be a bad girl.

Ray was trying to answer when she said “yes… yes I am so boring so yes…”

Now Roger began pulling down on her dress straps reaching behind her back and undoing her bra. His lips so soft were now kissing her hard nipples. A feeling of ecstacy, her hands being held by his. He began moving down her chest as the dress fell…he kissed her stomach.

Ray: not here… we can´t

Roger: you are right …

As he grabbed her hands and walked her towards a room downstairs. It was a guess bedroom.

Ray: shhhhh I hear something…
Roger: it is nothing, Mary moving in bed maybe.

Ray: she misses you maybe you should go there…

Roger: First I want to be with you.

He then grabbed her and began to kiss her more passionately down her stomach to her panty line then pulling them down as she tried in vane to keep them on…

Ray: no… we can´t… Mary is upstairs…
Roger: she cannot hear anything and we are adults we do what adults do.

He pulled her panties down exposing her pussy. He dropped to his knees and began prodding her pussy with his tongue. She was his now.

He rose and pushed her down on the bed and quickly took off his belt. Ray leaned forward and grabbed at his pants and pulled on his underwear…

Ray: we can´t do this..
Roger: you want to be a bad girl..
Ray: yes bu…

As his hands approached her inner tight and pussy she began to spread her legs more. She then leaned up and helped him remove his underwear.

Ray: I have never been with a bad boy… I only have married wife sex.
Roger: I will make you a really bad girl, our little secret.

His exposed cock began to stick right out and he guided her mouth to it…
Roger: you like my cock?
Ray: yes

And he guided her lips to it, She began to lick it…kiss it.

Roger: be a real bad girl… suck on it hard…
Ray: I will…

He then pushed her back on the bed and climbed between her legs slapping his hard cock on her pussy. The slapping sound was loud.

Roger: Now I am going to treat you like a bad girl ok
Ray: yes

Roger stuck his cock in her pushing once hard to get it in … she felt this enormous cock that had been with so many women before pressing into her, deep into her.  The feeling of his raw skin against her unprotected vagina.

He worked like a champion porno star. She had orgasm after orgasm enjoying each one. She could feel his thrusts getting harder and deeper… his balls hardened.

Ray: you gonna cum on me soon?
Roger: I am gonna cum in you like bad girls like it
Ray: no
Roger: I don´t have any diseases…
Ray: you need to pull out and spray it on me… no stop now..

As Roger began thrusting harder and harder, Ray trying to push away but her pussy was sucking on to his cock. He then lifted her legs almost over her shoulders pushing harder and harder into her… just when she thought it was going to end he pulls out turns her over and begins fucking her from behind, pulling her hair, slapping her ass and fucking away…

Ray: pull out this is wrong

Roger: uhhh… I am cumming… I am cumming as he exploded deep inside her. She loved the feeling as his warm sperm filled her vagina and he collapsed on top of her.

She quickly grabbed her panties and dress and quickly left before Mary would awaken.
Arriving back at the cabin her sister and the other girls saw that she looked tired… they said nothing as Ray´s panties were filled his cum.

The next day at breakfast he came over and smiled… and started flirting with the other girls. One more notch in is belt. Ray was left with a belly full of another man´s cum.


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