My mother cheated on my Dad and fucked with me

My mother cheated on my Dad and fucked with me

I hadn’t been married to long and it was a life I was getting used to as the days went by. Both my wife and I had our belongings sort of spread all over as we lived with my parents and hers. Her mom lost her husband a few years back and was living alone since. She was so happy we tried the knot as she always seemed to like me and we seemed to bond with each other right from the day I met her.

Well it wasn’t too long when we were on our own,,, my wife was asking me to go to her mother’s house and get the rest of our things that were there and had been for a while. She said mom’s been asking me when we’re getting our things and I think she’d like it done sooner than later.

So a few days later after work I stopped over and get our things from mom’s house.

I arrived at her house and went in, and she was all smiles, as was I to see each other. Oh! Thank you for coming by, Brian…. So good to see you. We spoke of small things and how things were going, and then said I’d better get going and load the boxes. They were in the finished basement.

I went down and not too long she came down all smiles and said Brian can we talk!!! I said of course what’s on your mind and while saying it wondering what she had to say? She said let’s sit down on the couth so we did and what she said was so overwhelming to say the least.

She said, you know Brian, I am so glad you’re with Sandy and happy for you both. But I’ve always looked at you in a sexual manner… As my eyes wide open and just listening to her eye to eye… And I always dreamed of sucking your cock till you explode in my craving mouth….. Was I dreaming this, NO I WASN’T!!

My mother-in-law was a good-looking woman, and I always admired her for her age and how she kept her appearance.. SHE WAS A GOOD LOOKING WOMAN!!

It was like a time zone I was in the time my thoughts and the happenings that were going on were going what seemed to be WARP speed

Then she moved right next to me and started to rub my cock atop of my jeans… I was like speechless, and I started to move, and she stated THIS WILL HAPPEN OR YOU WILL BE SORRY IF IT DOESN’T.

She stood up as did I, and she went down to her knees’ and put my pants down to my ankles,,,,,, I was hard/firm but not erect as pulled down my boxers…… She looked up at me and smiled like I always knew her to when we see each other. She took my cock and raised it to her mouth….. It didn’t need much of a lift, as I was getting erect as this was happening.

Well she worked my cock like I’ve never had it worked before, slowly licking and holding it at the base… Licking kissing and slowly taking it in her mouth in a slow very pleasing way….. Time now was on my side as she took a good 20 minutes to fully swallow me, all the while licking and kissing as she would run her mouth back and forth in and out, all the while sucking it like a true lover of sucking cock…

Well, I exploded in her mouth MORE THAN ONCE….. She had given me the BEST SUCKING MY COCK EVER GOT!!…… And she swallowed every drop, not a drop could I see on the face (a face now that means so much more than just my mother-in-law)

When she was done….. She was up on her feet and quickly said…. Well, let’s get your boxes out of here and make me happy…. I was in shock, but quickly cleaned myself up and got myself back in order and started gathering my stuff….

When my car was loaded with all I could take and ready to go… She came over to the window and said… My want craving and my dirty deed is now done…. At this point, what happened is all a dream for you.

But it’s been something I’ve want to do from day 1 of meeting you…

Thank you, Brian, and give my love to Sandy… Tell her I’ll call her later…. Drive safe.


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