My Introduction to Man Sex

My Introduction to Man Sex

My first man2man sex
Having failed in my attempt to pick up one of the girl dancers (I found out later they all had husbands or boy friends) I decided to make a trip to the men’s room to piss and then move on perhaps to “greener” pastures. As I stood at the urinal having trouble trying to piss because I still had almost a ‘full’ hard-on from watching the dancers, I mumbled “fucking bitches” mostly to myself.

I was startled when someone answered, “ Know what you mean! They get you all excited and then leave you unsatisfied. Don’t they?”

Looking sideways I realized there was another man next to me who was also using the urinal. Don’t ask me why but it always seems that if two men are pissing at the same time they try to “sneak-a-peek” at each other’s cock just to see how they ‘stack’ up. As I glanced to see who had spoke to me I saw he had a damn good cock that was almost hard and had to be over eight inches (I later learned firsthand it was a little over a beautiful nine inches).

As I had had a few drinks, I agreeably replied, “They damn sure do! They don’t give a shit if your cock is rock hard and you have ‘blue-balls’ because you can’t cum.”

Then I got the surprise of my life. He reached over and took a hold of my cock, which instantly jumped all the way rock-hard. I don’t know to this day why I never objected to a man unabashedly and boldly taking hold of my cock. I guess it was because my horny cock welcomed any advances plus due to the amount of drinks I had had, I was sort of slow on the uptake. Before I could hardly react or say a word he went to his knees and took my now throbbing cock into his mouth. I had had women give me blowjobs, but none had ever excited or turned me on as much as his mouth was now doing.

I couldn’t help but moan, “Oh fuck!! So good!!!” and yielded my self to his cock sucking ministrations. But then I realized we were in the men’s room and someone could enter at any time. (Unbeknown to me he had hung a ‘out of order’ sign on the door then turned the lock behind him when he entered.)

“N…no, no! not here…someone might enter!’ I exclaimed, afraid we might be discovered at any moment.

He deep-throated me and then pulling his mouth off my cock he smiled and replied, “I live by myself about 5 minutes from here; let’s go there,” he stated, giving my cock head one more hot suck.

My desire had risen to such a height that I threw good-sense and caution to the wind and quickly agreed to follow him to his house. I placated and assured myself it was safe because I would have my car with me and could leave whenever I wanted. ALL I wanted now was to have him to finish sucking my throbbing cock.

We arrived at his home in just a few minutes. I was somewhat relieved that his home was on the outskirts of town and in a ‘well-to-do’ area. He led me into the living room of his well furnished home; he quickly went to his knees and loosened my shorts and pulled them down. Then taking hold of my cock (which had softened quite a bit) he slipped it into the hot vortex of his mouth; that quickly brought my cock back to instant hardness. As soon as he had me squirming again he led me to a large armless couch. My shorts already being off he quickly slipped my shirt off leaving me exposed and completely naked before him. Here I began learning just how great a seductive and skilled lover he was.

Laying me back on the couch with my legs spread and hanging off the couch he kneeled down and sucked my cock till once again I became lost to where I was at and became completely immersed in the erotic heights his love making was carrying me. Never had my body been made love to like Dec was now doing. The erotic and enlightening touch of Dec’s hands and mouth was opening a new sexual world to me. It was a new world to me but it was a world that I welcomed by yielding myself completely to him. Never had I been so sexual alive as I was at that moment. I had literally become a squirming sex crazed object waiting to be sexually claimed.

And claim me Dec did! He licked, kissed, caressed, sucked every inch of my chest and had my nips enlarged like they had never been before. After making love to my ‘man tits’ he moved on to my stomach and my thighs. Then putting my legs on his shoulders be sucked my cock licked my balls and paid special attention to my ass bud. Then returning to my cock he began sucking it again lifting me ever higher into the world of man sex. While sucking on my cock he had managed to slip a wet finger into my relaxed and un-expecting ass. His wet probing finger quickly began rubbing a spot in my ass that literally caused me to buck and squirm like a whore in heat. I learned later this was my prostate (or a man’s fuck button). He probably could have put his cock into me then had he so forced the issue, but he wanted to turn me willingly and completely.

As Dec walked back from the DVD player his hard cock stuck straight out and was gently swaying back and forth as he walked towards me. His cock head glistened wet with pre-cum. Except for a shaped patch of pubic hair, his cock, balls and ass were shaven smooth.

I watched mesmerized with eyes that were glued to the approaching hard cock. When he reached me he stopped with his cock only inches from my face. Unconsciously I licked my lips, which had suddenly become dry. Dec later told me licking my lips was a tip-off but not as near obvious as my rapt fascination staring at his cock as he walked towards me.

“Touch it…” he quietly whispered as he took my hand and placed it on his cock. It was almost like being in a trance. I think I was mentally aware of what was happening, but seemingly unaware of the significance of it, as I allowed Dec to place my hand on his cock.

When my hand touched his hot and throbbing cock my world exploded into a new sexual phase. My groin tingled with new and completely foreign erotic sensations as my hand griped its first man cock (besides my own). I was reverberating with a new awareness of my sexuality I had never known or felt before. What’s more, it was engulfing me completely and moreover I was willingly succumbing to its control.

It was almost as if Del could read my innermost feelings, “Kiss it…” he gently whispered.

Smiling he then put a hand behind my head and lightly pulled my face towards his glistening cock head. Any “straight” reasoning of resisting or thoughts of refusing were nonexistent…I was completely under his influence (or I should say, under the enchanting influence of the hard cock just inches from my face.

As if hypnotized I allowed him to pull my face forward until my lips touched his pre-cum wet cock head. As my virgin lips touched his cock my whole world changed! His cock-head was velvety soft but with a firmness that welcomed my lips. His cock’s pre-cum tasted sweet, but yet had a salty tang that enticingly made me desire more.

Without being told I formed my lips into an “O” around his cock as he began to lightly push his cock-head into my virgin mouth. When his cock-head entered my mouth my tongue attentively, then hungrily, explored Dec’s cock’s cum leaking slit. I was hooked like a hungry fish on a worm. I was now his most willing and passionate cocksucker feeding on my first cock!

Here I must clarify something of this process. Never once did I say to my self, “I want to suck” or “I don’t want to suck”. I just subconsciously and naturally seemed to be willing to unquestioningly obey Dec as he encouragingly led me on a new and erotic sexual journey. In short, I was burning with an overpowering sexual excitement I had never felt or experienced before. Although I had never even thought about sucking a man’s cock, much less doing it, somehow I knew with out a doubt, this was my forte. I was reveling in making love to his hot throbbing man meat.

This aura was not lost on Dec. “Yes! That’s it! Make love to that cock…” Dec encouraged as he kept one hand behind my head and placed the other on my shoulder and slowly and gently eased me off the bed and on to my knees on the floor.

Take it all…YES! YES!!” Dec cried, as he begin to push his whole cock into my sucking mouth.

Because I was on my knees and ‘looking’ up at him as he mouth fucked me it made my throat almost a straight opening to receive his cock. Each of his in strokes went a little deeper. The fist time his cock touched the “bend” area I almost gagged. But Dec knowing this was my first time went easy. He would push in a little and then pull back. He continued this until my throat became used to receiving his cock. As my throat become accustomed to his cock he went deeper and deeper until his cum-filled balls rested on my chin and my nose was in his soft pubic hair. I had just ‘deep-throated’ my first cock.

“Oh fuck!” exclaimed Dec. “You have it all!! You are one hot mouth cocksucker! Suck it BABY!! SUCK IT!!!”

Thrilled and urged on by Dec’ I became even more sexually enflamed and began to suck, lick and kiss every inch of his love pole. Every sexual inclination I had was now completely controlled by Dec’ cock. All I wanted was to make love to his cock. Putting both my hands on his ass cheeks I literally urged him to fuck my mouth harder and deeper.

“Oh FUCK MAN!! You are one hot mouthed slut!” (I also found out that I loved being talked to dirty and demeaning). “Oh! FUCK!!! That’s it!! Swallow that cock…” Dec cried, as he boldly and forcefully fucked my willing mouth.

“OH FUCK!! I’m going to cum, “ Dec shouted. “Want me to pull out?”

Thrilled that I could excite him so much on my first time out, I tried to shake my head no (or as much as I could with a mouth and throat full of pulsating man cock). To keep him from pulling out I clasped both his ass cheeks and forcibly held his spewing cock in my mouth.

The first large shot went straight into my throat, the second and third filled my mouth to over flowing and leaked out around his cock and ran down my chin. After emptying his large cum load into me Dec pulled his cock out of my mouth. He then used his cock to push the cum that had leaked out back into my mouth. This essentially gave me my first chance to really taste his cum. It had a sweet/salty taste and was really quite pleasing. (I later found out, to my chagrin, that not all cum tastes like that. Diet, desire, and cleanliness all play a large part in cum’s taste.)

Looking at his face alive with erotic pleasure from my mouth’s actions, I realized that I too was sexually alive like I had never been before; my own cock was drooling pre-cum on the floor.

I don’t know what describes it best, sucking or being face fucked, but either one barely touches on the sexual thrill and satisfaction I received from sucking Dec’s throbbing man meat. I was hooked on sucking cock. Although none will ever hold the place that my first cock does, they all have been/are erotically satisfying. Yum!!

My first cock sucking was a most enjoyable and satisfying prelude to my first anal later that night


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