My first sex with black man

My first sex with black man

It all started about three months ago when my husband, Tim, suggested that he would love to see me making love to another man.
At first, I could not believe my ears, how could he suggest such a thing, but then he was making love to me at the time, and during our love making he often whispers little nothing’s in my ears. The next morning, while drinking his coffee, he brought up the subject again and asked if I would consider it. I did not want to argue about it and told him I would think about it. After he left for work, I sat in the kitchen and pondered why he was asking, was I not fulfilling his desires? I would suck his 6 in cock for him, let him play with my ass while he pounded me from behind, and thought we were happy in the sex department. I decided to talk to him about it tonight during dinner.

The day dragged on as I did the cleaning and laundry that day. Preparing dinner, I began to think again of his words, wanting to see me with another man. I thought to myself, if that is what he wants, why not make him happy. Why not go through with it. After dinner, I asked Tim if he really wanted me to make love to another man, and he said yes. I asked him if he could tell me why. He started by choosing his words very carefully and then began. You see, I have not been able to completely satisfy you and I both know you would never say anything about it. I know you, and know that you will make me feel good and keep how you truly feel as your own little secret. I said I thought he was a very considerate and sweet lover, and that he did fully satisfy me. Then he continued by saying, but then you never moan, scream, or whisper to me. So I figured that you needed to experience someone who could make you do all these things. I thought back on our make out sessions and realized that he was right, I did none of those things. So I told Tim that if this is what he wanted, then I would make him happy. He said thank you and kissed me.

He called me at noon Friday and told me to get ready and that we were going out that night. Not only that, but he said dress casual but sexy. I was ready when he got home, we ate dinner and off we went. I asked him if he could tell my about our plans, and all he said was you’ll see. We pulled in to this little bar on the south side of town. I had heard about it from a friend that said all kinds of things could happen there. We went inside and sat in a booth in a darkened corner. Tim left to go get us some drinks. I noticed several black men at the bar and thought how nice they looked in their business suites. One of them noticed me staring at them and tipped his glass toward me, I nodded back at him in acknowledgement. Tim returned to the table with the drinks, and I told him that those black men at the bar seemed to be interested in me. He said well why shouldn’t they be because of how fined I looked, and he said as I was coming back to the table I couldn’t help but see that you are not wearing any panties tonight my dear, I am sure that those men could also tell. After a while the man that had tipped his glass came to our table and asked me to dance, I looked at Tim who only nodded his approval, so I accepted the invitation and was led out on the floor. The song was slow and sensual, and he held me close. He told me his name was Mark, and that I looked very good to him. As we danced, I could feel his powerful body against mine. He was tall and handsome, and his arms felt so strong. As we danced, I began to feel his hardening cock press against me, and it felt huge. I began to wonder what it would feel like inside me, how far would it stretch my pussy. After the dance, Mark led me back to the table and told Tim you have a very fine dancer there. Tim asked Mark to join us, and he sat down next to me at the table. Mark ordered another round of drinks and as we sipped them I felt Mark’s hand on my knee. His touch was light, but also demanding. Then I felt his hand sliding up my thigh toward my bare pussy. I was getting excited and wet, and was wondering where the hand might stop. But it didn’t stop until he was feeling my bare pussy. He stroked me up and down for a short while, then rubbed my extended clit. I almost jumped in the booth. This did not go unnoticed by Tim. Another slow song began and Mark asked me to dance again. While on the dance floor, he rubbed my back as I let my arms circle his neck. Then I felt his hands on my ass, kneading the flesh of my cheeks. This black man was working me into a sexual frenzy, and he knew it, and so did Tim. Mark asked me if Tim and I had an open marriage, and I told him of Tim’s desire to watch me with another man. He said he had an apartment not far from here and asked if we would like to go there for a nightcap? I told Mark that I would ask Tim, but I thought it would be just fine. Mark led me back to the table and excused himself to go to the restroom. I told Tim that Mark had invited us to his apartment, and Tim said I think we should go. Mark returned to the table and off we went to Mark’s apartment.

In the apartment, Mark made us drinks and as Tim sat on the couch, Mark put on some music and we danced again. This time he not only felt my ass cheeks, he also felt my 34B breast. He felt my hard nipples, rolling each one between his fingers, making each harder and hurting just a bit to make me hotter and hornier. I looked at Tim sitting there and he only mouthed the words go for it. I let Mark pull my top down, and he began sucking and lightly biting my nipples. I wanted this man, I unzipped his pants and put may hand on the biggest piece of hot meat that I have ever felt. I stopped dancing and just looked into Mark’s eyes as if questioning him on its size. Mark looked down at me and said 11 inches. I took it out off his pants and could not believe how thick and heavy it felt in my hand. It was as big around as a 12 oz beer can and every bit as long as the 11 inches Mark had said. I look up at Mark again, and he said suck it baby. I fell to my knees and began to suck his huge cock. I put as much into my mouth as I could get, but could only get the big bulbous head and maybe an inch into my mouth, but I sucked this man for all I was worth.

After allowing me to suck on him for a while, Mark lifted me up and led me to his bedroom, with Tim following close behind. Mark had all my clothes off, as well as his own, in record time. He laid me on the bed on my back with my legs hanging off the side. Mark then lifted and spread my legs so that he could see into my pussy. He said you look tight; I will enjoy this, I think more than you, and began to lower his head toward my wet pussy. Mark began eating my pussy and licking and biting my clit through two huge orgasms. Then he kissed up my stomach to my breast, where he spent time playing with and kissing my hard nipples until I started to beg this Adonis to fuck me. Mark put my legs on his shoulders and I felt the head of that huge cock at the entrance of my pussy, looking deep into his eyes I asked him to fuck me. With that, he shoved the head of his cock into my pussy and spread my lips wider than they have ever been spread. He worked slowly but with care worked all 11 inches into me. I swear I thought I could feel him hitting my stomach. Then he started to fuck me, he told me you are tight. I was now cumming nonstop, and my head rolling from side to side. I screamed that I loved that big cock and to keep fucking me, then Mark put me higher on the bed and rolled me over onto my stomach. Mark then got behind me and entered me doggy style. I felt his full force ram into me, and I was rocking back against him, trying to get all I could into me and then some. Mark began rubbing the ring of my ass with one hand and put three fingers on his other hand in my mouth and told me to suck them. Then he worked those three fingers one at a time into my ass while he fucked me with that big cock of his. I was going nuts, I had never cummed so much. Then Mark pulled out of my pussy and placed that big cock at the entrance to my ass, I knew what was going to happen and started to say I never, when Mark said I’ll be gentle and started putting pressure on my asshole. The head popped in, and it felt like he had put a telephone pole into my ass. Then slid that beautiful cock into my ass and fucked me with it. I was screaming my pleasure and pain while getting my ass fucked for the first time in my life, but I am sure it will not be the last time. I felt Mark begin to swell, and he said I’m cumming, I told him to cum in my ass. Mark shoved deep into me and cum, spraying my bowels with his sperm. It felt hot and made me ejaculate again. Mark ended up fucking me well into the morning hours.

Tim had to help me to the car, my jaws were sore from sucking that big cock. My pussy as well as my ass was sore from fucking that big cock. On the way home, I asked Tim if he had enjoyed himself, and he said that he had cum without touching his cock. I then asked him if next time, I could have a gang bang. Tim said that would be a special site, and I can hardly wait.


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