My First Peek at Naked Mothers

My First Peek at Naked Mothers


This is the first time I am writing down my story. It all happened a long time ago. I remember it was during the Puja vacations. Dad had gone out of town for some work. Mom, my sis and I were alone at home. When I woke up my sis had already begun her day.

Let me tell you that we had two adjacent bedrooms, with a connecting door and a common door to the bathroom. That day as I got up I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I wanted to use the toilet so I knocked on the bathroom door to ask who ever was in the bathroom to be quick. Mom answered,” its me son, your sis has already had her bath, I won’t be long. Give me a few minutes.”

I said, “don’t be long mom. I have to use the toilet.”

“Ok bittu, I will finish my bath quickly.”

There is a box room in between the bathroom and the bedroom. So that first we had to enter the bow room and then the bathroom. I was standing in the box room with the door to the bedroom closed and the door of the bathroom in my front also closed with my mom inside having her bath.

At that moment I noticed that there was a gap between the floor and the bathroom door. And I could clearly make out the light coming from the bathroom. I could hear the sound of water falling inside and also sounds of my mom bathing.

I was intoxicated by the sound of the water, my mom making sounds as she bathed. I felt drawn towards the light coming from under the door of the bathroom. My heart started beating very fast. I was unsure what I was doing, but I got down on my knees. It was as if a magnet was pulling me towards it.

I was feeling very excited I suddenly realized that I wanted to see my mom having her bath. I wanted to see my mom naked. The very thought sent a shiver through my body.

Let me tell you about my mom. Mom is a very beautiful woman. On that day she was around 36 yrs old but did not look a day over 30. I was 18 yrs. Old. I had seen my mom in various states of undress, but never naked. I had seen her in her one-piece swimsuit when we had gone to Puri for the vacation a few months back.

Mom had a beautiful body. She had 34 size breasts and a very flat tummy and then an ass to die for. She had a body that any girl of 20 would like to have. Suddenly at that moment all the old memories of mom in her swim suit, when I had seen her in her petticoat and blouse came rushing to my mind.

I realized this was the moment of my life. I could watch my sexy mom naked. Slowly got down on my knees and then bent down so that my face was resting on the floor. I could clearly see inside the bathroom. I could see mom’s legs till her calf. I was aroused and breathing very hard. My penis had become very hard inside my pajamas. My cock was now standing erect making a tent.

I watched as mom continued to move under the shower. I could only see her legs sometimes up her knees. The very thought that I was seeing my mom and she was totally naked freaked me totally.

I started praying that mom would bend or sit on the floor so that I could see more of my beautiful, sexy, hot mom’s body.

As if answering my prayers I saw mom slowly bend down, her hands came to my view. I saw her applying soap on her legs with her hand. Mom was moving her hands over her legs applying the soap and rubbing her legs. I was by now desperate to see more.

I strained to see more. I got closer to the door so that now I was pushing my face on the door. My face was jammed in the crack between the door and the floor.

Mom then something unbelievable. My mom slowly got down on her knees. What a sight I could now see mom’s beautiful ass as it rested on her heels. Mom had a great ass. The two cheeks of my mom’s ass were now a few inches from my face. All of mom’s ass cheeks, her thighs and legs were there for me to see.

I continued to watch as mom had her bath. I eagerly waited to see mom’s tits. I could make out the reflection of mom’s upper body.

As I stained to see more I could make out the some sort of dark line between mom’s ass cheeks. I suddenly realized that I was seeing mom’s pubic hair. It was the hair that covered mom’s pussy.

As my mom now turned her knees were facing towards the door behind which I was hiding.

Now mom was facing the door. I almost fainted with joy. I could now see all of mom’s legs her hips and the dark forest between her legs.

Mom had a jungle of dark black pubic hair between her legs. Mom knelt she opened her legs and I saw my mom’s cunt. Oh what a sight my sexy mom’s, my mom’s cunt was before my eyes. Mom had a very beautiful cunt I must saw. Mom moved her hand in between her legs.

I knew mom was going to wash her pussy. I waited to see my mom’s pussy, oh my sexy mom’s cunt, oh I could not believe my luck i was going to see my mom’s cunt. Mom’s cunt lips, mom’s vagina in all its naked glory. Slowly mom opened her legs. She spread her legs wide so that I had a clear view of my mom’s cunt now.

I could make out the cunt lips that peeked from behind the dark black hair that covered mom’s cunt area.

Mom had a very nice growth of pubic hair that covered her pussy. It was clear that mom never removed her pussy hair. I liked the thought that my mom had such a nice bushy pussy.

I longed to touch it. But for now I had to be content to see.

Mom brought her fingers to her pussy; mom rubbed her fingers over her cunt lips. I could see her cunt lips open. The pink opening of my mom’s cunt I could see.

Mom applied soap on her pussy mom opened her pussy with the fingers of her left hand and slowly with her right hand she applied soap between her legs.

Mom was cleaning her pussy. Now mom’s cunt was wide open I could clearly see mom’s cunt totally naked. Mom’s cunt the cunt lips spread wide open in front of me. Mom had a very beautiful pussy. Her cunt lips were pink in color. And the inside part of mom’ cunt seemed to be almost deep red in color.

Mom washed her cunt for a long time. And I continued to see my naked mom in all her naked glory.

By now I had a big hard on. I opened my pajamas and my big hard cock sprang to freedom. I started to rub my cock. I moved my right hand on my cock and slowly started to move my hands over my cock.

I was in heaven.

Mom’s naked body in all its glory, her beautiful sexy pussy, mom’s cunt lips her sexy ass were all before me and I was wanking my cock to the sight of my sexy mom’s naked body.

But then something happened. As I was straining and pushing hard against the bathroom door to see more of mom’s naked body, and also masturbating at the same time, I accidentally banged my hand on the door.

I saw mom heard the sound and she also saw me peeking under the door.

Mom asked,” who is there. Bittu, is it you. Answer me. I know it is you bittu.”

I was shocked; I did not know what to do. I quickly got up and moved back from the door.

Mom again asked.”bittu, its you, I know” Io could not reply. I had just been caught peeking at my own mom’s naked body while she was having her bath.

Then I heard some sound from inside the bathroom door.

Mom then said.” Bittu I have opened the bathroom door, its open. Come inside the bathroom.”

I could not believe my ears. My naked mom, who had just caught me watching her naked having her bath, had opened the bathroom door and was asking me to join her in the bathroom.

I was so scared that I just ran out of the box room and out into the bedroom.

I did not go into the bathroom as my mom called me inside.

After so many years now I remember that day and I think what an opportunity I had missed. What would have happened had I gone into the bathroom that day and joined my sexy naked mom under the shower.


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