My Baby Sister’s BFF Sexstory

My Baby Sister’s BFF Sexstory

She said “If I was your girlfriend, I would suck your cock whenever you wanted” right before my cock was in her pretty little mouth, with her glossy lips stretched around it.
On my last summer break before joining the real world, between my Junior and Senior year in college, I decided to go home. I would be graduating next year and I felt I had not spent much time at home since I left a few years prior. I wasn’t exactly on the 4 years and out plan. I would always visit for the holidays, but every summer I would find a job and stay in the same town I was attending college. However, this summer I wanted to spend time with my family, especially my little sister. There’s quite a bit of an age gap between us. I was now 24 and a few weeks prior to my arrival, she officially became a teenager with a year left before starting high school.

I arrived home on a Friday night and hung out at home most of Saturday. On Sunday Jenny and I had already made plans to go hang out at the local amusement center for some miniature golf, go-carts and just get a chance to hang out and get reacquainted. She had invited her best friend from forever, Abby. They were inseparable from the first time they met each other. Over time, we had learned that Abby never knew her father and her mother had a revolving door of boyfriends. I suppose our home gave her some sort of stability.

When I first got home I had noticed that Jenny was certainly not a little girl any longer. I couldn’t help but notice that she was filling out quite nicely. She was now 5′ 3” and her breast were between an A and B cup with hips that were starting to flare out nicely with a thin waist. She had always had nice full lips that looked even nicer now that she was allowed to use a minimum amount of make-up. I was surprised that my dick actually twitched when I saw her glossy full lips. They looked so fucking sexy.

Sunday morning we jumped into my Ranger truck and swung by to pick up Abby. My sister was wearing cute shorts and a tight tank top that nicely showed off her growing tits and part of her tight smooth tummy with her belly button on display. Whenever I meet the person that invented crop tops, I will kiss their ass. I love the way girls look in them. They get an extra 10 points in the sexiness factor, so long as her tummy is taut. Crop tops, like leggings, are a privilege and not a right.

I had to constantly remind myself that she was my baby-sister when I caught myself ogling her. When Abby came running up to my truck, I was shocked. She too was wearing shorts, only they were tighter and shorter than my sister’s. Her tight little ass looked great! She had filled out more than Jenny. Her tits were a nice full B cup that were covered also by a tank top with no bra that covered only half her tight tummy. Her hard little nipples were on full display. Even as a little girl I always thought she was a cutie, but now she was looking even nicer with full dick-sucking lips.

My sister scooted over and Abby jumped in. She said hello as she entered and we were on our way. She was very talkative asking me how was college and was I enjoying myself. She asked if I had a girlfriend and when I told her not any longer she flirtatiously told me she could be my girlfriend if I wanted. My sister immediately blurted out “You are such a slut. You don’t have to flirt with every guy you meet.” They both busted out laughing and we soon arrived at the amusement center. Strange how she and I barely spoke when she was younger, but now she couldn’t stop talking.

I actually had fun hanging out with two teenage girls. That they were hot looking was a bonus. My dick seemed to be enjoying the eye candy along with most of the guys at the amusement center with their tits and legs on display. It was obvious they were good for each other. My sister was the calm sane one and Abby was the wild crazy one that needed to be brought back down to Earth ever so often. Throughout the day, Abby continued her flirtatious comments, telling me how good looking I was and that if I asked her out she would agree to go out with me in a heart-beat. I played along, telling her how cute she was and that I was surprised she did not have a boyfriend with such a cute little ass. This would prove to me mistake number 1.

We finally called it a day and jumped back into the truck, with her jumping in before Jenny and sitting next to me. I was a bit excited and hoping she wouldn’t notice that I actually had a partial erection. I knew nothing would happen between us, but I suppose all her attention had gotten to me and my ego. Plus, her hard little nipples did not help. I looked over to Jenny and she just rolled her eyes. She was used to Abby’s daring behavior by this point.

When we arrived at Abby’s, Jenny got off to let her out. Abby turned and kissed me on the cheek before leaving, saying thank you for a great time as she winked at me. As we drove home my sister warned me, telling me “You know, she really likes you. She told me she thought you were cute and she wouldn’t mind being your girlfriend when we went to the restroom.” I told her that I assumed she flirted with all the guys she met and I was simply her victim for today. She was cute but she was also way too young for me. Either way, Jenny told me to be careful.

I had gotten home at the end of May and Jenny and Abby still had a couple of weeks to go before their summer started. I sat around the following day and the very next day I was out looking for a job. It was boring sitting around with no one to talk to. Jenny was at school and mom and dad were at work all day. By the end of Tuesday I had rejoined the workforce securing a job at a grocery store. An old high school buddy worked there and he vouched for me with the store manager. I was hired on the spot and asked to report the next morning at 7am. It was part-time, but a great way to get some extra cash and kill time during the week.

Come Saturday, Jenny had asked if I could drive them to the mall. She and Abby would be meeting up with some friends. I told her it was not a problem as my shift did not start until 5 pm. We swung by Abby’s and headed to the mall. It worked out fine for me as I had to pick up some jeans and a new pair of sneakers. They went their way and I went my way, with plans to meet at the food court around 3 pm. I went off and like a typical guy, I was done with my shopping within an hour.

I arrived at the food court half an hour early and waited for the girls so we could eat before heading home. When they arrived, Abby was excited to see me and came up to hug and kiss me on the cheek, asking me “Did you miss me?” as she sat on my lap. I looked over and Jenny simply rolled her eyes. We went over and grabbed lunch before sitting down, with Abby sitting right next to me. I was certainly enjoying the special attention she was giving me, regardless of her age. While we were sitting, I suddenly felt Abby caressing my thigh under the table and remembered being warned to be careful with her. I turned my head to look at her and she simply kept eating and did not bother turning to look at me. I quietly reached down and removed her hand. I was not trying to get myself in trouble.

When we returned to the truck, once again it was Abby sitting next to me. On the way home her hand casually fell on my thigh and I decided not do anything. I wanted to see how far this little girl was willing to go. It went further up than what I expected. Her hand was making its way to my crotch when I finally decided to quietly move her hand away without my sister noticing. We got to her place and both girls got off. Jenny had made plans to spend the night and asked if I could pick her up the following day. I was not scheduled to work on Sunday and told her I would. We hugged and kissed before I left. Of course, Abby also hugged and kissed me on my earlobe, whispering into my ear “I’ll see you tomorrow, lover boy.” with a big smile on her beautiful face before they both made their way up the stairs to Abby’s apartment. That little girl gave me a chubby. I raced home, jacked off, showered and left for work where I ended up working an 8 hours shift due to some people calling out sick.

I got home late and went straight to bed. As much as I wanted to ignore what was happening with Abby and just brush it off as a joke, it had me wondering. Was she simply flirting because that was her nature or was she trying to getting something started. She was definitely trouble. She was a sexy little girl with a pair of great looking tits and a tight little ass that filled out her shorts very well. Her legs looked great on her and she had a cute face with nice lips and hazel eyes. She was probably about 5’2” with long brown hair down to her ass and weighed maybe 110 lbs. She was a nice little package.

As I laid in bed, thoughts of her kept me from falling asleep. I started wondering what she looked like naked with my cock in her mouth between her luscious lips. My cock was hard and my boxer were down by my ankles as I started stroking it thinking about Abby. I imagined her naked on her knees as I fucked her sweet little mouth hard. I was grabbing her hair and pulling her to me as I thrusted forward, with my cock going deep into her mouth, over and over. I hadn’t cum in a long time as much as I did that night. This little girl was going to be my demise.

The following weekend my parents and sister had plans to spend the night out of town. My mom’s younger sister had given birth to her fifth baby and my mom and Jenny were dying to go see the baby, as if they hadn’t seen the first four. My dad went along because my mom told him he was going. I had to work on Sunday and was saved from the three hour trip. My plans were to mow the lawn on Saturday, take a nap, shower and go hang out with some friends from high school. There was gonna be all sorts of people from our class and I was excited to catch up with some of them.

I finished the backyard first. As I was working on the front lawn, I saw Abby stepping out of a car before it quickly drove off. She was looking fucking hot! She had a very short skirt that I’m sure would show her panties if she bent over and a tight top that was showing off her perky teenage tits and her hard little nipples. I was shirtless, only wearing shorts and my sneakers. As sweaty as I was, she came up and gave me a peck straight on my mouth saying “Hi lover boy. Where’s Jenny?” She knew damn well that Jenny was gone for the weekend. I played along and told her she was gone for the weekend, asking her if Jenny had not told her. She suddenly “remembered” and asked if I could give her a ride home. I told her she would need to wait until I was finished.

She kept me company as I finished the yard, following me around and asking if I liked how she looked, telling me she had dressed up extra nice for me. I told her she looked very pretty in her outfit and if she was older I would probably ask her out. Something I never should’ve said. This was mistake number 2. I am sure it gave her more confidence in what she was about to do.

I finished the yard and we went inside. I fixed us some sandwiches and we had lunch, with her relentless flirtatious comments on what a good girlfriend she would be for me. Thoughtlessly, I asked what she would do to be such a good girlfriend. This was now mistake number 3, of course in baseball this is it. When she started talking about oral sex, I cut her off and told her I would be taking her home after my shower. This would be the nail in the coffin.

After exiting the shower, I walked to my room to find her sitting on my bed. All kinds of scenarios came to my head, which caused a very noticeable tent in the towel wrapped around my waist. I asked what she was doing in my room and, unconvincingly, told her to leave. She looked at my crotch and asked if I really wanted her to leave. I was not thinking straight as she approached me. Fuck she looked so sexy with her glossy lips, the same ones I had fantasized about. “You know, if you were my boyfriend, I would take real good care of you.” she said as her little hand slowly reached into my towel as she grabbed my stiff cock. Her words and actions were hypnotizing and I was losing control. She started stroking me nice and slow, telling me in a very seductive voice “If I was your girlfriend, I would always dress nice and sexy for you.”

I just looked at her, enjoying her little hand stroking my cock under my towel. Her hand was not able to completely wrap around my cock and that made it hotter. She fell to her knees and with both her hands she undid my towel and let it drop on the floor. She looked up at with me with her innocent looking eyes as she grabbed my cock. She pointed it down as she started nearing her open mouth. She said “If I was your girlfriend, I would suck your cock whenever you wanted” right before my cock was in her pretty little mouth, with her glossy lips stretched around it. My masturbatory fantasy was now a reality. What she lacked in experience, she made up for with enthusiasm.

She was sucking hard on my dick as she bobbed her head. A few times she tried going further down which only caused her to gag and start coughing. I’m sure with time she would get the hang of it. I could not move and made no attempt to stop her. I was astonished that she had gone this far and completely shocked how everything had played out to this point.

The sight of my thick cock in this little girl’s mouth while kneeling there in front of me had my nuts tightening up. I was not going to last long. I sat down at the edge of the bed, with her following me on her knees, never allowing my dick to escape her mouth. I sat down to enjoy the pleasure her mouth was providing, knowing I would be cumming very soon. I tried warning her but she refused to let go. I suddenly felt my nuts explode and she started choking when I blasted in her mouth. However, she was a trooper and took my cock back into her mouth, swallowing as much cum as possible. She continued by licking up the cum on my shaft and balls. She was like a ravenous little puppy. When done, she got up, wiped her mouth with my towel and walked out of my room, telling me she would be waiting for me in the living room.

I stood there for a minute or two, wondering what had just happened. My sister’s BFF had just given me head and swallowed most of my cum. How could I be blamed? She was the aggressor and I was the victim. Wasn’t I? However, I chose to let her continue and never tried stopping her. I was enjoying watching my fantasy play out with her little hands on my cock. I was enjoying it too much watching her glossy lips wrapped around my shaft as she willingly took my cock into her little mouth.

Finally, I snapped out of my confused state and got dressed. I walked to the living room to find Abby sitting there quietly waiting for me. Her legs were slightly separated, offering me a nice view of her little white panties. I asked if she was ready to go and she said she was. For some reason, I felt compelled to go to her side and open the door for her. She jumped in and turned to me saying “Thank you lover boy.” I shook my head and walked around to get in myself. “You taste yummy.” she said as I started my truck. I immediately turned it off and told her we needed to talk.

I told her that what happened could not happen again. She was my sister’s friend and she was way too young for me. “I don’t remember you stopping me when I had your cock in my mouth” she answered as she reached out to grab my cock. Of course, it felt nice and I did not move her hand away. “We can be secret lovers. No one would ever know and I’ll never tell anyone, not even Jenny” she said as she squeezed my cock that was now stiff as a brick.

I did not agree to it, but I also did not give her a firm no. Her proposal was very tempting. The thought of having someone to give me head on demand was very tempting. She had done a good job and I can only imagine her getting better over time. I turned on the truck and drove her home in silence with her offer playing over and over in my head. On the way over, she had slowly started making her way closer and closer to me. When we arrived at her place she was sitting next to me. I turned to her to tell her we could not be together when I felt her lips on mine. For a girl her age, she was very bold and daring. Her lips felt soft and I simply kissed her back. Her little tongue felt so nice dueling with my tongue when I pushed it into her mouth, with her hand grabbing my dick the whole time. Somehow I managed to come to my senses and told her we had to stop. She gave me a quick peck and left my truck.

I drove home and stayed in my truck in the driveway for several minutes wondering what the fuck was I going to do with her. Was I in trouble if I didn’t go along with her offer? Was she going to tell Jenny or worse, her mom? Would she tell my parents and I would end up getting kicked out of the house? Eventually, I went in and took a nap, another shower and left to the get-together that soon turned into a party.

The party was a blast! It was great catching up with old friends, especially some of the girls. It was funny how a lot of the roles had reversed. The hot girls from the in-crowd already had a kid or two, gained weight and not looking so hot, while the quiet nerds were looking hot. The thing was, I couldn’t get out of my head what had happened with Abby earlier in the day. As much as I tried talking to some of the girls and trying to hook up, I felt like I was cheating on her. What the fuck!

I stayed at the party until about 2 am before I headed home, alone. I was feeling tired and decided to watch some porn and shoot one off before going to sleep. I chose Teen Girls as my genre and ended up ***********ing POV porn where a very young looking girl was giving me head. It was perfect for what I had in mind. I started off with the porn, but ended up closing my eyes picturing Abby kneeling in front of me while taking my hard cock in her mouth, wrapping her glossy sexy lips around my cock. I started stroking harder and faster and came within minutes. I cleaned up the mess, closed my eyes and started thinking on how much trouble I was already in. I would definitely not be able to resist her if we ever found ourselves alone.

Jenny and my parents were back Sunday night. My parents were tired so they went to their bedroom to shower and got to bed early. Jenny stayed up watching TV with me while texting on her phone. She asked if anything special happened while she was gone. Oh shit, did Jenny already spill the beans? I casually answered no, other than her annoying little friend coming by to harass me. She started laughing, telling me that she could be annoying at times. I told her I fed her and then took her home. I was still not sure what Abby had really told her, but I was not about to admit anything. She told me that Abby definitely had the hots for me and asked if I thought she was pretty. I decided to go with the truth. Yes, I said, she is very pretty and has a nice tight body. I told her that if she was a classmate, I would definitely be interested, then quickly changed the channel and the subject.

During the following week, I worked on both Monday and Tuesday and had Wednesday off. I asked Jenny if she was up for anything. She said she and Abby had been wanting to see a teen chick flick about werewolves and vampires that had recently come out and was wondering it I would be willing to go. My goal that summer was to spend more time with her and so I agreed.

The movie was for 3 pm. Around 2 pm, we jumped into my truck and swung by Abby’s before heading to the movies. Same as last time, Abby was wearing a short skirt and a tight shirt that she tied below her tits, showing off her sexy tummy. Fuck she looked good! We bought our tickets, grabbed some popcorn and walked into the cinema. Yes, you guessed it, I had a girl on either side. The lights went out and the previews started. Also, Abby’s hand came to rest on my thighs and started caressing. I knew my attempts to stop her were futile, I simply needed to let her go until she was done with her teasing.

Her strokes on my on my thigh were going higher and higher and my cock was getting uncomfortably hard. I slowly turned to see if Jenny was looking our way and luckily she was not. She was focused on the screen. Abby leaned over and whispered in my ear “I love your cock” as she started stroking it over the jeans. I tried placing the popcorn tub over my crotch to help hide her hand. Even then, if Jenny would’ve looked down, I am sure she would’ve seen everything. Abby had me so worked up and I was struggling, trying to keep my breathing under control and trying not to cum in my pants with my sister sitting there next to me.

After a while, I could not stand it any longer and I casually moved her hand away. I looked over to give her a stern look, but she was looking up at the screen as if everything was fine. I turned my head back to the screen trying to figure out the plot when she grabbed my hand and placed it on her deliciously smooth thigh. Oh fuck, she felt so nice. She grabbed my hand and slowly started dragging it up and down her thigh. My cock was getting hard, again. It felt like she was dragging my hand higher and higher on her thigh until I felt it. My pinkie finger was directly on her slit.

My finger was touching her little pussy and I could feel her sparse hairs. She was not wearing any panties! She was becoming a young lady and it turned me on knowing I was probably the first man touch her virgin pussy. How I didn’t cum in my pants at that very moment I’ll never know. She purposely came to the movies with the sole purpose of having me touch her cunt. What was she expecting to happen? This girl was wild and I had failed to heed my sister’s warning.

She started stroking herself, slow at first but eventually she had my finger pressed hard against her little pussy as she started pleasuring herself. She started off slow, but soon she was stroking her slit faster and faster with my finger. How she managed not to moan nor make any noises impressed me. Her pussy felt so wet and slippery as she started try to insert my finger into her. She was only able to go up to the first knuckle before I felt what I could only assume was her hymen.

She went back to stroking her slit, spending a little extra time stimulating her clit. I doubt she knew what it was, I’m sure she did it because she had discovered that it felt good. I could feel her thighs starting to shake as she had an orgasm while using my finger on herself. The whole time she kept her head up at the screen until the moment she came. She turned her head to me and bit down on my shoulder to help keep her from screaming. That was so hot but it fucking hurt like hell.

After that moment, we started a little game of grab ass. Whenever she was visiting Jenny, which was always, we would drive each other crazy grabbing each other inappropriately. She would walk by in front of me as her hand caressed my cock or I would come up from behind and grab her ass when no one was looking, which was easy when my sister was somewhere else in the house and my parents were at work. She had a nice fucking ass that felt nice and full in my hand. It drove me crazy when she would wear leggings, showing me exactly how nice her ass really was.

On one occasion, all three of us were in the living room binge-watching one of their girly shows. By this time, Jenny was used to Abby and me openly flirting. I was sitting on the couch and Abby was sitting next to me leaning up against me, as if she was with her boyfriend. Jenny looked over and did not even bother rolling her eyes. She reached for a blanket for herself and threw one our way. Abby grabbed it and arranged it so it covered us below the waist.

As I was hoping, her hand very quickly went for my dick. It was late and we were all in our pajamas. Jenny was in an old t-shirt of mine. Abby was in cotton shorts and a tight t-shirt that nicely showed off her nipples with no bra. I was wearing some loose basketball shorts with no underwear, hoping it would prove to be helpful. She slipped her hand under my waistband and grabbed my cock. This little vixen loved playing with my cock and I was enjoying every minute of it. She reached in and pulled it out while pushing down my shorts. She was stroking slowly, more so because it felt nice and not really to make me cum. She was holding it and stroking it as a little girl holds on to something that is hers. She was laying claim to my dick and I was okay with that.

I had no idea what was going on with the show and I didn’t care. My eyes were closed as Abby did her thing. Before long, I heard Jenny as she started lightly snoring and we both looked over at her. Her head was slumped back on the sofa while she snored. What Abby did next scared the shit out of me and excited me simultaneously. She pushed off the blanket that was hiding my hard dick. There I was, sitting on the sofa with my dick in her little her hands for anyone to see. She got on her knees, completely pulled my shorts off and took my cock into her deliciously warm wet mouth.

She was on her knees sucking my cock with Jenny asleep three feet away from us. She could wake up at any minute and I would literally be caught with my shorts down. Abby started bobbing her head and her hands also started stroking me in rhythm with her mouth. The first time she gave me a blowjob in my bedroom, it felt good more because of the circumstance of being surprised, but this time she was really going at it. She managed to get more of my cock in her mouth than last time and she was sucking hard on my cock. I would later find out that she had done her homework on YouTube to find out how to give a good blowjob. She was proving to be a good student.

She was doing everything right. She was sucking, stroking and caressing my balls. It felt so fucking nice. This was all being done by Abby, the sexy little girl I had known forever as my little sister’s best friend. She was now on her knees looking up at me with her lips tightly wrapped around my cock. I was struggling, trying to keep from moaning to avoid waking up my sister. Abby could probably sense I was very close. She started bobbing her head even faster and started sucking harder. I did not hold back and could not warn Abby without waking up Jenny. I came hard into her mouth and she actually managed to swallow most of it.

What she did next caught me off guard. She took off her shirt and cleaned up the mess. I was seeing her gorgeous tits for the first time. Wow! She gave me a coquettish smile before she ran off to Jenny’s room only to come back wearing a different top. She went over to wake up Jenny and take her back to her room.

A few nights later, Jenny and Abby were cuddling on the couch and this time I was alone on the other end. Again, we were watching some movie about a love triangle and I was starting to doze off when I felt the couch move. Abby was helping Jenny stand up as they turned off the TV and walked off to bed. I assumed I would be going to bed with blue balls that night when I saw Abby walking back to me. She straddled me and we start kissing right away. This gorgeous little girl felt perfect on my lap.

She was so fucking horny and I could sense it. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and took it off, telling me to grab her tits. She wanted me to grab and squeeze her tits hard and I was happy to accommodate her desires. She was getting more confident as time went on. She had started calling me babe, even around Jenny, and I loved it.

“Do you like my tits, huh babe? Are my little titties as nice as the college girls you fuck?”

This little girl was young and already good with her dirty talk. I told her that her titties were better than the girls at school because they were a perfect mouthful with dark little nipples that felt great in my mouth. I was so fucking turned on, sucking on her tits so hard as if I was trying to extract milk from them. There was no doubt she could feel my hard cock pushing up against her little cunt.

We went back to kissing as she told me to push down my shorts. I did as she instructed while she pushed down her shorts. She was now completely naked sitting on my lap with her tits pushed up against me with my stiff cock trapped between us pointing north. The only thing I was still wearing was my t-shirt that I was sure was going to be removed pretty soon. She started pushing her now bald little pussy forward, up against my cock. She was was rocking back and forth as we kissed with her softly moaning every time her pussy made contact with my cock. How that hell did she learn that so quickly?

All of a sudden, she reached down to grab my cock and pushed it down so that it was now under her pussy. She started once again rocking back and forth, grinding her little wet cunt directly on my cock. I looked down and her little pussy looked so tiny against my thick cock. Holy fuck! She was starting to get all worked up. By this time her head was next to mine with her mouth next to my ear. I could hear her breathing heavily and I knew she would be cumming as soon as I went in.

She started telling me how wet her pussy was and how much she wanted me to fuck her.. “Oh fuck babe, I want you to fuck me right now with your big cock. I want you to be my first and make me yours. You need to go slow. I don’t know if your big thick cock is gonna fit in my pussy?” I almost came just hearing her say that. She stood up on her knees and started lining up my cock to her slit. She started rubbing my cock back and forth on her slit, getting my cock nice and wet as she continued to moan non-stop.

Then suddenly, just as my cock started going in and started spreading her pussy lips, a bright light came from the kitchen. We immediately froze and looked at each other and then to the kitchen. We saw my dad standing in front of the fridge looking for something to eat or drink. Abby jumped off from my lap, grabbed her clothes and ran off naked down the hall to Jenny’s room. Any other time I would’ve busted out laughing but I was too busy reaching down for my shorts before quietly running off to my room.

We cooled it down for a bit. That was a wake up call for both of us. We still flirted with each other, but the touching and the late night shenanigans were put on hold. I was talking to my mom one morning before heading off to work and she made a comment that reminded me to be careful. She pointed out the fact that most of my free time was spent with the girls, telling me that they were young ladies and I needed to watch myself around them, especially Abby. Mom did not want me spending so much time with them, explaining that Abby would start developing a crush on me. Too late, mom (I thought to myself, recalling Abby on her knees sucking my cock.) I assured her I would be careful, reminding her that the purpose of me coming home was to spend more time with Jenny.

A couple of weeks after we were almost caught in the living room by my dad, my parents told us dad had to fly out to his company’s corporate office for some sort of meeting and they had encouraged everyone to bring their spouses. The meeting was to run from Monday to Wednesday. My mom asked for the time off and she would be joining him. Right away Jenny and Abby started scheming and nicely asked my parents that if I agreed to chaperon could they have a party with only a few friends. Some negotiating went on back and forth as to what “a few” meant, what time would everyone be leaving, who could spend the night and all the other details that would make mom and dad feel comfortable.

My parents actually went out to purchase an above-ground pool for the party. They left Saturday morning to have some time to themselves before the meeting started on Monday morning. The party was also scheduled for that same Saturday.

Everyone started showing up around 1 pm. My parents had originally approved the party for no more than 5 people. I secretly told her to invite up to ten. Five girls and four boys showed up. It was interesting to see the girls dressed up in some revealing bikinis with the boys spening most of their time in the pool, staring at the girls. I’m sure they were hiding something that would have embarrassed them.

The girls were actually looking really good. One of the girls actually seemed to have tits bigger than Abby, but she was also a bit on the heavy side. Abby had the sexiest bikini that nicely showed off her tits and allowed some of her ass to hang out, giving the boys plenty to appreciate. I actually surprised myself by constantly checking out Jenny. She too had a bikini that looked great on her. At times I noticed her hard little nipples and her ass was just as nice as Abby’s.

I hung out for a bit before I got the grill going. Thanks to my sunglasses I enjoyed checking out the young ladies as I grilled the burgers. They were soon hungry and everyone came to collect their food and grabbed a seat to have lunch. Everyone really seemed to be having a great time. I helped clean up and then made myself scarce I did not want to come across as the creepy older brother that was checking his little sister’s friends.

When the swimming was over, I heard them coming into the house to watch a movie. Nobody was ready to go home. A couple of the girls had already made plans to spend the night, but most would be leaving. After a while, it got quiet and I felt obligated to go see what was happening. Most in the group were playing spin-the-bottle, but there were two couples making out on the couch. I saw no harm in it and made my way back to my room.

It was past 11 pm when the party finally ended. Jenny, Abby and the two other girls laid out blankets on the the sofas or on the living room floor and started dozing off watching TV. Abby was looking fucking hot in a pajama set with small tight shorts and with a tight tank top showing off her tits. I said goodnight to them and went to my room. I turned on the TV in my room and started watching a rerun of Die Hard.

Around 2 am, I heard my door open and I knew exactly who it was.

“Took you long enough.”

“Sorry. The girls kept talking and I wanted to make sure everyone was asleep.”

We didn’t waste any more time. We both knew why she was in my room and we had not been together in over two weeks. We were desperate and horny. Ever since we had started hooking up, I had not been with anyone else. Subconsciously, I started seeing her as my secret girlfriend. She wasted no time. She closed and locked the door behind her before she walked to my bed.

With a bashful look on her face she hesitated before slowly taking off her tank top and shorts. It was such a wild turn-on knowing she was ready for me when I noticed she wasn’t wearing underwear as she removed her shorts. It was such a perverted sight with this little girls standing there in front of me naked and looking so innocent with beautiful breasts and a little-girl’s bald pussy. She had actually cleanly shaved her pussy just for me. Her glistening slit was there for me to enjoy.

Whatever we did was going to be of her own doing. She was completely naked when she jumped into bed and crawled over and laid on me. She was the perfect size and felt so good as I wrapped my arms around her and landing on her delicious full ass. I had gone to bed wearing only a pair of shorts. The skin on skin contact as her tits pushed against my chest was electrifying.

We started making out, with her telling me that she was happy were finally alone so I could fuck her. She told me there was nothing to worry about, her mother did not want to be a grandma at 32 and had put her on the pill a few months earlier. She told me she wanted me to make love to her and not stop when I was ready to cum. She had heard that girls are actually able to feel when the guy cums and she wanted to feel me shooting into her cunt.

She was laying on me and my hands were all over her as we shoved our tongues into each others mouth. Whenever we kissed I could never get enough of her little tongue in my mouth. My cock was as hard as a light post as she would grind her little pussy against it. She asked me to take off my shorts and I told her she would need to do that. She got a big smile on her face and grabbed my shorts by the waistband and started pulling them down. Same as before, it was wishful thinking when I chose not to wear any underwear.

My cock sprang out and she continued pulling my shorts until they were completely off. She came back up and we went back to kissing with her little pussy pressed up against my hard cock. Her little naked body felt so nice against me.

After a while, she sat up and started grinding her pussy up and down the length of my cock, getting it nice and wet. I could actually feel the heat from her little cunt on my shaft. That was driving me mad. If I allowed her to continue, she was going to make me cum. I pulled her down to me and quickly rolled us over so I was now on top. She felt so small under me. I was definitely going to enjoy fucking this beautiful sexy creature.

I lowered my head and started kissing her neck. I was so horny that my initial urge was to line up my cock and fuck her hard. To show her what it was to be fucked by a man, but I also knew this was going to be her first time and I wanted to make it special for her. I took a deep breath and told myself to slow down. Continuing to kiss her on the neck, I started my way down, wanting to taste her fresh virgin pussy.

I kissed ever square inch of her as I made my way to her tits, with her hard little nipples waiting for me. I took my time licking and sucking on them, telling her how much I was loving her body. The only sounds coming from her were moans, oohs, and ahhhs. I used those to guide me. I would run my flat tongue to lick up on her nipples and I would get a loud moan from her, telling me her nipples were very sensitive. I spent my time on her tits, determined to try and make her orgasm. When I felt her grab my head and bring harder against her chest while trying to push her pelvis up, I knew I was onto something.

I started licking and sucking faster and harder. I heard her breathing harder and her little body started shaking. I licked and sucked even harder wanting her body to explode with pleasure. She took a deep breath before she started yelling out loud “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck….I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming!” I immediately reached up and put my hand on her mouth tellng her she needed to be quiet. She tried to apologize as she caught her breath. She told me she did not know women could come simply by having their tits sucked on. I told her that other men usually don’t take the time to find out.

I continue my downward journey as I lowered my head and kissed her on her tight little tummy. It’s not traditionally an erogenous part of the body, but hers looked so cute and tight. She started giggling the minute I touched it with my mouth that she forced me to move on. I would need to spend more time there if we ever did this again. I moved down and started on her thighs. She calmed down and went back to moaning and enjoying my kisses on her body. She opened her legs even wider to give me access to her great looking little treasure. As I continued licking and kissing both her thighs, I looked up and noticed something that put a smile on my face. Her cute hairless pussy was glistened with her juices, showing me her excitement.

I licked on the sides of her pussy, teasing her as I avoided making direct contact. I licked around it for a while with her tummy moving up and down as she breathed hard. I reached up and grabbed her tits the moment my tongue made contact with her sex. She instantly reached down and pressed my head hard against her as she pushed her hips up. This was the first time anybody had licked her pussy and it hit her like a ton of bricks. I was enjoying myself showing her all the pleasures of sex. I licked her all over and sucked on her labia and the whole time she tried pushing my head into her pussy, remembering to whisper, telling me how good I was making her feel and telling me that she loved me. I assumed it was the sex talking.

I took my hands and reached under to grab her ass cheeks to pull her up and squeeze them. Her cheeks felt nice in my hands. They were full and as she grew older would only get bigger and better looking. She was breathing harder and I knew it was time to make her come again. My tongue searched for and easily sought out her sensitive little clit. The moment I licked it her entire body let me know she liked that. I felt her body stiffen before she threw a pillow over her face and started moaning loudly. I continued my assault on her precious pebble, taking it into my mouth and sucking on it just hard enough to make her feel good.

One hand was keeping the pillow in place over her face as her other hand reached down to hold my head in place. Once again she started humping her pelvis against my face as she started trembling. She started cumming for the second time that night. I pulled away as I enjoyed watching her little body tremble non-stop. I ended up laying down next to her as she finally calmed down.

She turned her head toward and said “That was fucking awesome. Oh my god, I have never felt anything like that. How did you know what to do? Can we do it again?” I told her that if she wanted, we could do it as many times as she wanted, but we were not done. I got up and started getting on top of her. Without saying any words she had a knowing look and smile on her face.

She spread her legs wide to give me her virginity.. She was giving me permission to make love to her, to penetrate her tiny pussy and make her mine. I told here that this would only happen if she really wanted this. She reached out to grab my cock and lined it up with her vagina and started rubbing the head against it. She looked up at me and said exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Baby, please make love to me.”

I pushed forward and my cock started penetrating her tiny cunt. I looked down and saw as it started stretching out as my thick cock started entering her. She started grimacing as I went in further until I was stopped and knew what was next. I told her that it would hurt like hell when I tore her cherry, but it was necessary in order to give her what she asked of me. I also told her that it was best that we approach it like you would a band aid.

We made eye contact as I kissed her and asked if she was ready. She nodded her head and whispered to me “Fuck me baby, this pussy is all yours.” That shot up my sexual adrenaline and got my cock even harder, if that was even possible. Never losing eye contact with her I push my hips forward and I tore her hymen. She had a look on her face as if she wanted to cry, as if someone had just whipped her with a belt. Tears were rolling down the side of her face and her mouth was wide open, ready to scream, but she never did.

I stopped with my cock half way in. I did what needed to be done. That tight little teenage cunt was now mine and I was ready to fuck her hard. She had decided to give herself to a man and this was the result. She was now going to get fucked hard by a man. I stayed there waiting for her to give me the signal that she was ready to continue. As I waited, I enjoyed how good my cock felt in her very tight cunt. She was very wet and still I could feel her vaginal muscled wrapped tightly all around my cock. She felt so fucking good and tight. Looking down, it was an amazing sight. Her tight cunt was stretched to its limit with her labia tightly sealed around my thick cock.

She was my second virgin. My first had been my high school girlfriend with whom I also lost my virginity to. I was young and did not properly appreciate it as I did now with Abby.

After she had calmed down a bit and seemed to be breathing a lot better, I slowly started going in and out, allowing her tight little cunt to get accustomed to my thick cock. It was very tight, whether I was going in or out, even though it was very wet. Slowly, I was eventually able to go all the way in. I had bottomed out and my balls were hitting her ass every time I pushed forward. She had her arms around my neck and we were either kissing or she was begging me not to stop. She kept telling me to keep fucking her and that she never knew it could feel so good. She actually started crying softly, thanking me for making love to her and making her feel so good.

It was time to put it in high gear. I wanted her orgasm to hit her hard. I threw her legs over my shoulders and started pumping my cock hard and fast into her tight cunt. I was determined to make her cum and she had a face that told me she was very close. I found the energy to continue as I pounded hard over and over. I had only one speed, hard and fast. That’s when she started seeing stars as she lost control. She started cumming and shaking hard as she screamed out loud before I shoved the pillow into her face again. She held the pillow to her face as I continued my assault on her tight no-longer-virgin cunt.

I allowed her to rest for a moment before I grabbed her like a rag doll and turned her around onto her stomach. I grabbed her and picked her up by her hips to line up her cunt with my cock. I was like a possessed man claiming his prize. I brought her cunt to my cock and pulled her to me. I pushed my hips forward and shoved my cock right back into her. She yelped when she felt my cock shoved into her cunt. I held on tight to her hips and started pulling her to me every time I pushed my cock back in. I was holding on to her by her hips, pulling and pushing her back and forth on my cock. She was my personal sex doll as I fucked her with abandon.

The best part about fucking her from behind was looking down to see her little starfish. I knew that my cock would be in heaven if she ever allowed me in. Regardless of how tight her pussy felt, her little asshole would be the ultimate conquest.

With her face buried in the pillow, I could faintly hear her cries of passion. I had never gone on this long without cumming. I wanted to make sure she got the fucking of a lifetime that would keep her coming back for more. On several occasions I felt her body shaking and it felt like she would temporarily lose consciousness.

I kept going, pulling her hard against me as I pushed my cock hard into her pussy. There was no talking between us, it was simply raw animal fucking. My balls could only take so much banging against her clit and I felt my orgasm building up. I pulled her hard against me with my cock deep in her as I shot rope after rope of my hot cum into her. It was a perverted thought of satisfaction knowing I was the first man to cum in her pussy and wondered how many more would come after me. How many more would she allow to violate her little cunt?

I pulled out and she dropped like dead weight onto the bed as I laid down next to her. She turned her head to me and as much as she tried, she could not speak. She had to first catch her breath because she had just received the fucking of her life.

She woke up an hour later and woke me up, telling me she had to get back to the living room where all the other girls were sleeping. She got dressed and walked away on wobbly legs to use the bathroom before heading back. With my door closed I heard her open the door and talking to Jenny. I was not able to hear exactly what was said.

Oh fuck, what now?


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