Mother in laws dream comes true

Mother in laws dream comes true

Naturist vacation prize turns out to be better than expected.

The local paper prize – a naturist holiday for 2, but no one to go with her and so she invites me, her son in law to be.
To set the scene a little first. My name is Chris, I was a 24 year old man at the time who had been with my girlfriend (Leila) for almost 5 years. We had a good relationship and were on the verge of engagement to be married (although I hadn’t asked her at this point). In previous relationships I had always got on well with my gf’s parents, I was well spoken with a good job and so the dad’s were always happy, also I had a look that for some reason older women found very handsome. Not sure whether it was my big brown eyes , square jaw, designer stubble, short but thick and soft hair or full lips or the fact that I was very tall that did it for them or whether they were more honest about what they felt. To be honest it could have been that they were less fussy too!
I had had a few flings with older women before I was with Leila, the whole milf/cougar thing really did it for me back then. Their confidence and lack of inhibition was very refreshing compared to the 16-18 year olds of my day. It was a great learning experience for me with them and they certainly enjoyed it too!
Back to my relationship at the time, Leila and I had slightly different attitudes to sex and nudity. I, due to my experience before her, was quite confident about my body and my sexual ability too. I would often walk around the house naked as I felt comfortable with it all hanging out, it felt like I was free. Now I don’t have anything to be shy about, if you know what I mean, my cock when hard is almost 10” long and very very thick, so much so I can barely fit my hand around it, and being 6’4 I have big hands. The other thing about my cock is that its what I believe they call ‘a show-er’ rather than ‘a grower’. This basically means that my cock doesn’t go that small, it is effectively 75% of its erect length and width when soft. So as you can imagine it hangs soft actually a bit bigger than the average erect penis. I loved the feeling of it swinging around as I wandered around the house.
Leila, however, was a bit of a prude sexually, she was very attractive with a good body but didnt have that inner confidence. She would prefer sex on her back so she didnt have to worry about her bits wobbling and was very rarely naked as she felt exposed and uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, she loved my experience and my size when she was in the mood, but she was a more a once a week girl and a little vanilla as opposed to my previous encounters with more adventurous milfs. Because of my penchant for nudity, I had always joked about taking her on a nudist break to try and get her over her insecurities, hoping that it would unleash the inner dirty girl inside her. However, she was still not convinced, thinking I was weird wanting to wander round naked with complete strangers.
Her parents had a bit of an age gap, her mum (Mrs P) was just about to turn 50 but her dad (Paul) was almost 65. I wouldn’t say her mum was a typical milf with long blode hair and a tan etc but she wasn’t bad for 49. A similar height to Leila, Mrs P was about a size 12-14 in UK sizes (I think thats 8-10 in the US). She had shoulder length brown hair, ample boobs and a fairly shapely butt. She also had a very cute grin and eyes. Paul was balding with a beer belly. They had got married very young but still were in love and it didnt take much to see that. However, Mrs P and I seemed to get on very well, she would joke and flirt about stealing me from Leila, in that way that only middle aged women can get away with without being taken seriously. But she would always give me a peck on the lips rather than the cheek when we greeted each other which was something I hadn’t done with previous in laws and in private conversations with Leila she would always tell Leila how lucky she was to find a ‘spunk’ of a guy, was the way she put it . Leila and her mum had a very close relationship and discussed everything on a daily basis, I can remember over hearing them one time talking about sex and penises and Leila was saying how blessed I was and that it hurt some of the time. Now, they didnt go into any gory detail, despite Mrs P’s best endeavours, as all I could hear from Leila was “Mum!, don’t be so rude, I’m not telling you that, I’ve told you he’s bigger than average and my biggest, you don’t need to know anymore than that!”. The conversation went on for a while but no real detail was discussed, in the end Leila finished with “Mum! TMI, I don’t want to know about dads small thingy, it worked didnt it I’m here” she laughed.
I didnt think about the conversations or the situation much to be honest, it was not really different to what I had encountered before. Then one evening Mrs P came round for dinner as Paul was working late, usually it was the other way round and she cooked for us but we helped out when we could. Anyway, we had finished dinner and we had had a few glasses of wine, I picked the plates from the table and said “I’ll wash up, you two go and catch up in the front room. Oh, and you can finish this wine while youre at it” I instructed as I topped up their glasses.
They trotted off to the front room, which wasn’t too far from the kitchen so I could still hear the gossip while I washed up. I listened in on their discussions about the soaps and the next door neighbours and I was not paying attention as it was that boring when Leila shouted “oooh! Well done mum, what did you win?”
“you won’t believe me if I tell you darling” her mum replied
“Go on mum, I’m intrigued” she pleaded
“OK, OK” Mrs P caved in “I have won a week’s holiday in a luxury resort on a tropical island” she grinned.
“Wow mum, thats great, that must be worth a fortune! Bet dads well pleased” she replied
“well, there is one catch” a more sombre voice replied “and your dad isn’t willing to agree, so I’m not sure we can go”
“Is it a time share thing or hard sell or something Mum? Why isn’t dad willing to go?” Leila enquired
“well, you see” her mum started to spit it out “the resort… well.. its errr a naturist resort” she finally admitted
“ah, I see” Leila replied “why doesn’t he want to go?” she asked
“He doesn’t see the attraction darling, he doesn’t like being exposed, I’ve tried talking him around but he wont even do it for a free holiday” she moaned
“calm down mum, I can see his point, I’m like that too, not too sure I’d be the first on the plane either” Leila stood up for her dad.
“I know babe, but its something I’ve always wanted to do, I want to see what it feels like to wander around free, and I’m not getting any younger, I don’t think I would want to go in a few more years as I don’t think I’ve got much more time before everything starts to droop” she joked
“Mum! Thats gross” Leila protested “well, cant any of your friends go? You must have seen them all naked before in the changing rooms at the pool so no issue there?” Leila seemed proud of her suggestion
“I’ve thought of that darling” she said “but its not that easy to take a weeks break at such late notice, plus they only have so much holiday that they can use to go away with their husbands” she started to get frustrated as if she had been through all the options before.
At this point Leila could see the disappointment in her mum’s eyes, she had mentioned this years ago about being something she wanted to do and here was her chance but didnt want to go alone.
“well, there is one more option” Leila started to suggest. Her mum’s eyes started to brighten “yes darling, what? Who?” she was almost begging at this point.
Leila looked her mum in the eyes “Chris” she said bluntly. I stopped the washing up and started to listen more closely
“ he’s your boyfriend Leila” her mum replied
“I know mum” Leila quickly answered “but hear me out. You really want to go, Chris has always said he wouldn’t mind trying one of these places and I really don’t want to go. So I’d rather he went with someone I could trust and so you both can enjoy it and then thats it then. Plus he’s got some holiday to use up and I haven’t so he would have only been sat around the house for a week” she continued to put the case.
I must admit the thought of my own gf sending me off on a naked week with someone else was weird, especially her mum, but weird in a way that was starting to make my cock twitch. I could feel it starting to grow when I heard “Chris!, come in here, we’ve got a proposition for you” Leila shouted.
I tucked my cock straight upwards in my jeans so my big jumper would cover any growing bulge and entered the room. “Yes Darling” I asked “what is it?”
“well” she said “mum has won a competition in the local paper” she smiled
I looked at her mum pretending not to know the rest of the story “thats great” I said “what did you win?”
“well thats the problem babe” Leila said with a sigh “she’s won a week away at a luxury nudist resort”
I looked at Mrs Pand laughed “a week at a nudist resort, what kind of competition did you enter?”
She blushed and looked away “I missed the bit about it being a naturist complex when I was listening” she explained “I feel really silly now” she said
“don’t be daft mum” Leila said forcefully “you want to go, you can be honest about it, we’re all grown ups here. And Chris…” she looked at me “I’ve said youve wanted to go to and wondered if you would go?” she gave me her puppy dog eyes.
“oh.. er…” I pretended to be taken by surprise “but.. when is it?” I asked “and do they mean completely nudist or just topless?”
“its on Monday babe, thats why you are the best choice” Leila replied “and of course full naturist, otherwise its a normal place, youre not going all shy on us now are you, youve been going on about this for years and swanning around the house naked” she laughed
“ok” I said smiling at mrs P “I’ll help you out, plus I’ve always wanted an allover tan” I joked
She looked really embarrassed but uttered “thanks chris, I mean it thanks a lot” she finished her wine and got up to leave kissing her daughter and then me on the lips as usual. “bye both of you”
“guess I’ll see you on Monday then. Shall I call you Sunday to arrange getting to and from the airport?” I asked
“sure honey, I’ll be in all day, although I may need to spend the whole of the remaining few days in the gym before taking my clothes off next week” she sighed
“I wouldn’t worry about it Mrs P” I assured her “you’ll be fine, you look great”
She smiled and left, the door closing behind her. I turned to look at Leila, “are you sure about this babe? Are you sure you don’t mind?” I questioned
“of course not darling. You have wanted to do this for a while. But you do owe me” she winked
I knew what this meant, I grabbed her hips, flung her back onto the sofa, ripped down her jeans and started eating her tasty wet pussy. She was moaning already, her juices flowing. “youre wet today babe” I commented “you taste great”
“I know darling, just talking about it then I was imagining you and your giant cock just swinging around a posh hotel, swimming with it bobbing around and everybody looking at you, knowing youre mine” she explained becoming more and more out of breath as I continued to lick her clit.
“do you want my giant cock to swing around for you now babe?” I asked while smiling at her
“No” she said bluntly “I want it inside me now. I’m going to come soon and you’ll have to be quick as you know you hurt me if youre still banging away after I’ve cum” she moaned
I did as I was told, dropped my jeans and boxers to the floor, my big thick cock sprang free and bounced in front of me. I grabbed it with one hand and steered it towards my gf’s gaping wet pussy. Then I slid it straight in as Leila let out a huge moan.
“oooohhh, thats it baby” she groaned. “nice and slow”
I moved balls deep into her, feeling her stretch around my cock, it felt so good, slowly grinding into her. Within seconds I could feel her contract around my cock even more and let out an almighty scream “ooouurrgghh, thats it baby I’m cummmiiinngg”
I felt the pussy juices start to drip down my cock and over my balls, she was cumming heavily for her, but knew I didnt have long. I had developed techniques over the years of being able to last for a really long time or almost coming on demand, I knew I had to come now otherwise I would start to chaff against Leilas pussy. Her juices seemed to dry quickly meaning she would be sore if we went on long after she had come.
I leant forward, kissed her, grabbed her round ass and plunged one last time into her wet hot pussy. I let out a groan of approval as I spurted my load deep inside her. It was the quickest sex we had had for some time but both came pretty well and so we cleared up downstairs and headed off to bed.
Nothing was much was spoken about the trip over the next few days as we were both busy with work etc. Then I woke on Sunday morning to the realisation that tomorrow I was flying off to a nudist resort for a week. I mean what do you pack? i started to get even more confused and asked Leila. She was little help as she had no idea. There was only one thing for it I had to call Mrs P.
The phone rang for a while and Paul answered, “shit” I thought, I hadn’t spoken to him since, I wonder what he was going to say, he probably hated me for going away with his wife and leaving his daughter. I went very nervous. “h..hi ..p pp paul. Ho.. how are you? I was just l.. looking for Mrs P?” I eventually got the sentence out.
“Mrs P, hey? I bet you are young man” he said in a very overpowering tone. “shit” I thought again, he does hate me, how am I going to look him in the eye again. I was about to make an attempt at a grovelly response when he spoke again
“only joking lad” he laughed “ I owe you a huge favour, I couldn’t bear a week over there with no clothes” he went on, “I am relying on you to look after my wife young Chris, now don’t take that lightly” he said forcefully “I’ll just grab Jules for you”
Phew, I thought, he likes me for doing this, result! No awkward situations when we return. A few seconds passed and then Jules appeared on the phone.
“oh, hi chris, you ok? Youre not having second thoughts and backing out are you?” she said worriedly.
“God no Mrs P, I was just ringing to see if you’d had any information about the resort, I have no idea what to pack at all to be honest. I know we’re not supposed to wear much but do we need to take anything other than stuff to travel in?” I enquired
“good question young man, let me go and double check” she answered and pottered off to get the papers. A bit of rustling later she came back onto the phone “it says here” she started “that guests of the resort should be unclothed at all times unless eating in the dining room. Guests are welcome to have their food delivered to their room and stay unclothed if they wish but if eating in the main restaurant then they must dress appropriately for etiquette and hygiene reasons. At all other times guests are free to roam without clothes and must do so when roaming around the complex, by or in the pool, on the hotel section of the beach, in the spa or gym or snack bars. It is requested that guests try to remain as nature intended when in their rooms also, even though private, a lot of the balconies over look the pool and the beach and so we request normal rules to apply” she finished. “so thats all fairly clear isn’t it chris?”
“I think so Mrs P” I replied “just my travelling clothes and then some smart clothes for the restaurant if we choose to eat there”
“you got it” she said, “all sounds a bit scary, are you getting nervous?” she asked
“not really. And youve got nothing to worry about, you’ll be fine, I’ll look after you” I assured her “it’ll be fun and a great new experience”
“youre right young man” she said gratefully “such a wise head on young shoulders” she complimented “so can you pick me up on the way to the airport please? save us taking 2 cars” she asked.
“sure mrs P I will be there by 9am” I answered
“just one more thing Chris” she added “please call me Jules, we’ll look pretty silly if youre calling me mrs P while we’re sat by the pool naked wont we?” she laughed
“ok, Sure thing Mrs.. I mean Jules” I corrected myself.

Here it was, Monday morning had arrived, I sent Leila off to work with a kiss.
“have a great time darling” she said “and not too much ogling! I know what youre like, just remember what youve got waiting at home!” she finished as she left
“ok hon, have a good week at work, I’ll try to call you when I get a chance”
I finally finished packing my stuff, some more jeans and a few tops for the way home and the restaurant plus a suit just in case the restaurant was really posh. Plenty of sun tan cream and my normal toiletries. It felt weird going away for a week with just half a holdall full, It felt quite liberating, not weighed down by all the luggage. Maybe this is the start of the free feeling I thought as I started the car and drove over to collect Mrs P.
“morning chris, you all set?” she asked
“sure thing mrs P” I replied as she looked at me a bit funny “I mean Jules. A bit strange tho packing so little” I added.
“packing so little? You setting expectations are we young man?” she joked with a wink
“very funny Jules” I smiled back, “I meant my case”
“I know” she said “liberating isn’t it?” she commented “but very nerve racking all the same, I didnt sleep much last night”
“what are you worried about?” I asked as I started the car and we made our way to the airport “its the same for everyone, everyone will be naked and I’m sure they’ll be more your age than mine Jules, they’ll probably think I’m some weirdo or pervert or something” I said a little concerned
“don’t be stupid Chris, with a strapping young man like you around the place I’m sure all the ladies will be too busy drooling to worry about anything else, I’m sure u will get more than a few long looks throughout the week”
“ok” I said “I wont worry if you don’t! Deal?” I said forcefully
“deal” she smiled and just gently tapped me on the thigh “you sure know how to put a woman at ease young man, very mature for your age, just cant wait to get there now” she said eagerly.
The next few hours seemed to fly by, we both watched a couple of movies on the plane and so we were there in no time. As soon as we got the luggage we started heading towards a rep with our resort name on it, you could tell as people started to congregate around the rep they were eyeing each other up and down trying to work out they were all doing here going to a nudist resort. I was right though, I was the only person under 40 in this group. “I hope there are some younger tight bodies around the place for me to ogle” I thought to myself with a smile.
We all soon got on the coach and made our way to the resort, the rep put everyone at ease straight away and explained the process.
“well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our luxurious resort. First of all, you are all on holiday so please relax. You will all be checked into the hotel and then shown to your rooms, at this point you will be required to remove your clothing and then you will be free to roam the resort as you wish. There are a few games on in the pool today if you wish to play as well as the normal activities on the beach. Our restaurant is reserved for you all only tonight so you can settle in nicely. Please be reminded that you need to dress properly for the restaurant and dance afterwards, no jeans please” he finished
Jules looked worryingly at me as I don’t think she had seen me in anything other than jeans before, “It’s ok , I’ve brought my suit” I said
“Ok, great” she said, “sounds fun a nice dance on the first evening” she smiled
We got to the reception, the lady behind the counter was already naked, I didnt know where to look, this was my first time being served by someone without clothes. Not being able to look actually helped as she said “Mr and Mrs Plant? Is that right?”
I looked at Jules, she hadn’t corrected the booking “Yes, thats correct” she said instantly
“jolly good” the lady replied “here’s your room and its just along the corridor”
We picked up our small bags and headed to the room grasping with us all the documentation about the hotel. We opened the door to the room and walked in.
“wow, look at this” gleamed Jules “its gorgeous, huge bathroom, lovely soft bed and look at that view out onto the beach” she added “I’m in heaven”
“ah! The bed is a double bed, are we not supposed to have twin beds Mrs P? I mean jules” I asked.
“I hoped so” she said “but I guess I won it as a couple didnt I” she explained with a frown.
“its ok Jules, I’ll just take the sofa, it doesn’t look too bad, I’ll be fine” I said like a gentleman
“ok honey, thats very kind of you” she said “but let me know if its not comfortable and we’ll do a swap”
We both looked at each other and then looked outside at the people wandering along the beach naked, “well I guess its time to get rid of the clothes” I said
“I guess so” she replied “but I’m both excited and really nervous at the same time”
“I’ve told you theres nothing to worry about, now after 3 we both start stripping then?” I said hoping for a nodded response but she stood there still shaking a little. “look jules, we can get changed in separate rooms if you like but we are going to see each other soon enough aren’t we?”
She nodded
“do you want me to go first and get the embarrassment out of the way?” I asked looking into her worried eyes
She smiled back “thanks chris, would you? sorry darling” she apologised.
I stood up and slipped off my t-shirt, I must admit, not blowing my own trumpet, I was in ok shape, not a completely defined six pack but it wasn’t far off a washboard stomach and clearly visible pecs.
“very nice torso young man, you will be catching the ladies eyes looking like that” she swooned
“thanks jules. That was the easy bit” I joked as I started to undo my shoes and take off my socks.
“don’t be coy young man, from what I’ve heard you don’t have too much to worry about” she smiled.
I looked at her as I dropped my jeans to the floor just leaving me in my boxer shorts “what do you mean by that?” I asked
“well” she replied “ a little bird tells me youre a little bigger than average know..down there” she winked “and most of the guys here have probably shrivelled up” she laughed “so you may be even more ok” she was chuckling to herself
I looked down at my boxers, pulled at the strap a little to have a quick glimpse to make sure it hadn’t shrivelled up and died in its moment of public exposure. To my pleasant surprise, due to the hot temperatures it was hanging very nicely, even bigger than usual, heavy and flaccid at around 8” in length and around 7” in girth. “right then” I said “here goes nothing” I leant down and whipped off my boxer shorts and stood to face my future mother in law.
“holy mother of god” Jules shouted as she stood open jawed “look at the size of that thing, are you seriously telling me thats not hard at that size?” she looked in great shock
“no mrs p, its soft…. look” I grabbed my hand and squeezed my heavy squishy cock around.
“Leila only said it was bigger than average, nothing about it being bloody huge and absolutely gorgeous” she drooled “it must be bloody 9” when its soft and look how thick it is” she went on
“ok jules” thanks for the compliments but we really ought to get out there and see what this place has to offer” I tried to change the subject
It was no use she was transfixed “to be honest Chris, as soon as you walk out of this room, what the hotel has to offer is going to be the last thing on the ladies minds” “can I just feel how soft it is like that?” she begged.
“I’m not sure thats a good idea Jules, is it?” I tried to dodge it
“don’t worry honey, its not sexual I just want to feel the size of it then I’ll get stripped off and we can head off”
“ you promise, just once and then you’ll take your clothes off so we can get out in the sun?” I confirmed
“of course chris” she smiled
I reluctantly agreed. She wasn’t wasting time, one hand came out to grab my cock, not quite fitting round it and then just squeezing gently. “mmm, jesus” she exclaimed as she reached her second hand towards it. “wow, 2 full hands on it and its still soft, your cock is really something special” “youre nice and trimmed too, it looks and feels great”
I prised her hands from my limp cock, “come on now Jules, youve had your touch, now lets get ready”.
She begrudgingly agreed but at least it had taken her mind off her job in hand, she started to undress. Her top came off to reveal her white bra holding her nice big boobs in place, they must have been a good e cup as she sometimes wore low cut tops and you couldn’t help but notice. She then removed her bra and her 2 large globes fell from the wire cups, for their size and seeing she was nearly 50, they were surprisingly pert, nipples still facing forwards and a nice round shape to them as they hung there.
“very nice” I complimented, hoping to give her some encouragement “and you thought I was well endowed”
She blushed, thanked me and moved onto her jeans, sliding them down to reveal a pair of fairly sexy mid cut white knickers. Her ass was a little on the large side but certainly had a nice shape to it, a bit like those bubble butts from the porn films. She turned her ass away from me, “youre thinking I have a huge fat ass aren’t you chris” she said almost in tears
“god no jules. Turn round so I can have a proper look” she duly obliged as she faced her ass towards me, “now take off those knickers so I can see it nice and clear” she looked round at me nervously and then slowly slid her knickers over her two round cheeks, I was struggling not to get hard just watching it. “wow” I said “thats not huge, its gorgeous, having a curvy backside is the ideal shape Jules. We don’t like these stick insects you know, something to grab hold of or give a little spank is what men want. You’ll certainly get some attention with your curves I can tell you” I winked.
The compliments seemed to settle her down and she relaxed a little, she turned round to reveal a full on bush from back in the day.
“going for the natural look down there are we Jules?” I joked.
“what? You think it looks silly?” she questioned nervously
“nah, its just different to see, never seen one like that don’t think apart from in the old movies”
“oow!” she scowled “I’m so out of touch with it all” she looked really upset
“Dont be silly sexy, if you still don’t like it after youve seen other peoples then we can have a look at sorting it out for you.” I assured her
“really? You would help me with that she asked?”
“of course, I’m a dab hand with my trimmer and razor” I smiled. “now we need to get some sun tan cream on so we don’t get burnt” I mentioned
“Ok” jules agreed “ but lets do it by the pool so we can get out in the air, I think I’m ready for this now!”
We grabbed suntan cream and headed for the door, as she bent down to pick up the towels her ass was just protruding like a peach, I tried to resist the urge but I couldn’t, it was so tempting. “smack” I spanked her right on her fleshy sexy cheek.
“ow young man, that hurt” she turned back as the frown turned to a smile
“I know but you enjoyed it didnt you” I winked
She smiled pinched my bum back and we left the room.
We walked through the lobby, both a little nervous but smiling at each other to try and make the other feel at ease. The pool was fairly quiet as it was late in the day, there were a few couples laying on the sun loungers, displaying their wares to us as we walked past. I had a quick look round and Jules was right, most of the men there were a little shrivelled and most of them were quite small, my swinging baton of flaccid flesh was certainly catching the eye of the women dotted around the pool.
“I told you” Jules said knowingly “they cant take their eyes off it. Give them a wiggle” she joked
I could see one lady in particular eyeing up my body and my now centre of attention cock. She was blonde, looked like she had had some serious plastic work done with big lips and fake tits but still looked pretty hot. She noticed I was watching and started to smear oil on her chest and then turned over and pushed her tight little ass just slightly into the air, I felt my cock twitch and thought I better get on my sun lounger quick.
I was just about to lie down when Jules asked me to do her back for her “please be a darling and do my back, I haven’t done the backs of my legs yet either” she informed me
“ok” I said “I’ll do it quickly”
I started to work on her calves and up her thighs, her legs were pretty toned for someone of her age, gently massaging the cream into her soft skin. I was just about to start on her back and said “don’t forget you need your bum doing Jules, have you done it yet?” I asked
“sorry honey, I forgot, could you do that too please, I don’t want that getting burnt do i?”
“ok babe” I replied as I started to rub cream into her large bubble butt cheeks, it started to feel too good, I could sense I didnt have long until I had a full on hard on. “excuse me jules but I need to make sure I don’t miss a bit” I started to rub the cream deep into her crack and covering her tight little asshole, I heard a little whimper from Jules lips as I did so, I also just rubbed my hand down between the legs to make sure nothing got burnt, as I did so I felt my fingers brush her pussy lips and felt a shudder from her. It was then I realised it was too late my cock was swelling and in less than a few seconds I would have a 10” thick pole standing to attention, I looked at my lounger and then dived face first on to it to hide my dignity.
Phew I thought until I heard “but what about my back young man?” jules asked.
“sorry, I cant right now” I looked at her with a slightly concerned face.
“why ever not, you were almost done, and doing a mighty fine job of it if I may say so” she winked “that was a very nice experience”
“I know” I looked apologetically, “there in lies the problem”
“what do you mean chris? Spit it out”
“shall we just say something popped up” I replied and then directing my eyes towards my groin.
“ooohh” she said as she cottoned on “someone get a little bit excited did they rubbing lotion into their mother in laws big bum?” she knew she had me right where she wanted me. “well I suggest you lift up slightly and let this woman that made you that way see what she’s done” she smiled. I could see as she leaned forward her nipples were standing fully to attention the anticipation of seeing my cock was certainly having an effect on her.
“bbut jules, you don’t need to see my boner, what goods that going to do?” I asked
“well I can see how big that bloody thing gets, and put it this way if you don’t, I’ll tell all of them around this pool and then theyll all be interested” she smiled cunningly
I didnt have a choice, I looked her, “ok, just a quick look, you win”. I lifted my hip slightly so she could see under my stomach. Thats where my engorged throbbing cock lay trapped beneath me.
“bloody hell chris” she almost shouted as her eyes fixed onto my cock “no wonder Leila says shes sore every now and again, its fucking huge. Right I believe you need your back doing now don’t you”
“she came over to my lounger” I was helpless to do anything, she straddled my legs and started massing cream into my butt and my back. “arms to the side please” she said. I stupidly obeyed, at this point she reached under my stomach and grabbed my hard cock.
I almost felt a tremor through my legs where she was straddling, I wondered what she was going to do, was she going to try and wank me off by the pool? But she made a couple of sweeping movements up and down my long cock and then removed her hand. “sorry about that honey, I just needed to feel it. I’ve not felt something that rock hard in years it was like pole of granite, wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that if you get going” she joked as she gently spanked my ass “and I certainly have never felt anything that long or thick, its enormous, not sure how little Leila fits it all in” she joked
“she doesn’t most of the time” I said, “shes too tight and too small, ones of the problems we have I always have to be very slow and gentle”, when sometimes as you sure understand just need to go for it.”
“I understand young man, but youre not on the receiving end of that thing” she winked “not sure she’d be able to walk for a week if you went to town with it. One of the downsides of being hung like a horse” she laughed “but don’t get comfortable, I still need my back doing, the sun is very hot”
“youve seen what state I’m in Jules, I cant. Couldnt you ask one of the others to do it for you, you know, break the ice?” I suggested hopefully
“you don’t think they’ll ask why youre laying there doing nothing?” she commented “plus, I could still call them and tell them about your predicament” she taunted “just get on with it, if you stay facing me, they wont be able to see”
I had a look round and reluctantly agreed, I crouched awkwardly on my lounger, hiding my still inflated solid cock away from the rest of the pool. I then carefully crept over to Jules’s sun lounger and carefully straddled her legs, my hard cock resting on the back of her thighs. I had to be very careful as I couldn’t get too far up her legs otherwise my cock could have started to nestle in between her cheeks, although looking at it from my angle, banging her crack would have been very tempting.
“get on with it big boy” she shouted “I’m burning here”
I started to massage the cream up and down her back, sometimes making my way back down to cop another feel of her big butt. Also ensuring that I hadn’t missed any of her sides my hands wandered up and down her body, at that moment she rose slightly to adjust her head, I carried on with my hands until I suddenly felt a handful of Jules’s huge fleshy tit. I froze “sorry jules, didnt mean to do that, honest” I apologised.
“don’t worry young man, doesn’t bother me, plus I had a grope of you” she smiled back.
At that point I was just finishing applying the cream when I heard voices from the path next to the pool “shit, someones coming” I said looking a little concerned “they’re going to see me in this state” I didnt have time to get back to my lounger so I did the first thing that came into my mind, I grabbed jules thighs with my hands, separated them slightly, leant forward and then let her thighs drop concealing my cock under her naked legs.
“good plan young man, very ingenious” she laughed
“thanks” I said relieved but realised I needed to lean forward to pretend to put more cream on her back otherwise it would have looked very odd. As I did this I slid up her greased up legs slightly, to a point when I froze again, I could feel the tip of my cock resting against something very hot and with a few hairs tickling it. Jules looked round in surprise. “nearly , you just be careful where you stick that thing“ she said
“sorry jules, wasn’t meant to happen” I said waiting for the people to pass
“its been a long time since I played hide the sausage young man” she thought this was very funny, and lifted up her shoulders to turn round and smile “if you really needed to hide it then” she said “you weren’t far from a little cave” she winked “though saying that, I’m not sure I could have kept quiet if you would suddenly rammed that in me” she went on, her hips now almost gradually drifting backwards as if trying to move back towards my cock. I could feel my huge head of my cock start to feel real contact and some applied pressure, I could sense something opening at the tip as I could feel something start to stretch around the tip. Holy shit I thought, I’m nearly in her pussy, the warmth and wetness that was burning at the head of my cock was almost unbearable and to the point I was struggling to not just plunge straight and deep into her. I was fighting with my conscience when a voice came from the bar “happy hour, pre dinner drinks at the pool bar”
It hit me back to reality and I pulled back and lept onto my lounger, “that was close” I said “I nearly accidently ended up in your furry bush” I joked, trying not to make a huge issue of the situation
“I know” she said “ I was worried about what you were about to do” trying to be all innocent.
We let my issue subside and then realised we only had an hour til dinner. “shall we go get a drink and take it back to the room and get ready there?” she asked “if we have to be smart it may take me a while”
“ok, what do you want to drink and I’ll just bring them back, you can start in the shower if you like” I offered
“thats very thoughtful, thanks sweetie, I’ll have a mojito please” she replied as she wandered off to the room
I only offered as I could see I would have to walk past the blonde milf I thought to myself. So off I went, I was walking towards her lounger, she had her shades on so I couldn’t see whether she was looking or not, but then she started to rub more cream over her sexy little ass, just lightly spanking it to finish, I think she must have saw my cock twitch at the sight as she smiled to herself as I walked past. As I walked past it was almost as if she was parting her cheeks for me to see her pussy between her legs and the tight entrance to her ass. I had to stop looking as I would have been back in bonerville before I would have got to the bar.
I gathered the drinks and wandered back to the room, this time trying to avoid the route by milfy as I didnt want to spill the drinks and look silly. I got back to the room and Jules was washing herself in the shower, I sat on the sofa and enjoyed a nice cold beer.
“I’m out” she said “ as she wandered in still drying herself “showers free”. She took a sip of her drink “oooh, thats nice, thanks hon”
I got up to go to the shower, turned on the water and lept in, it was one of those monsoon showers and so it was like standing under a waterfall. The sensation of water rushing all over my body started to drift me off into a dream world, thinking of the feeling I had this afternoon as being millimetres away from having my cock inside my gf’s mum and the sight of that milf with her ass open and ready for me. I had started to massage my cock with the soapy water, it grew and was soon as hard as rock again, I was stood, in a world of my own, under the drenching shower, knees bent, stroking my long cock.
“ahhemm” I heard a voice, I awoke from my trance like state “having fun are we?” said Jules “2 of us have to use this bathroom you know” she added
“shit” I thought “sorry, Jules” I stammered “I usually lock the door when I’m in the shower” I tried to justify my actions as I exited the shower and covered my hard cock in a towel.
“its ok honey” she assured me “ I know what you young men are like, and I must admit, if I was built like that I wouldn’t stop playing with it” she joked “and if you need a hand by the way” she winked suggestively.
“thanks mrs p, I mean jules, but not sure thats a wise idea do you?”
“youre probably right young man, now lets get ready as otherwise we’ll be late”
We were both getting ready, and thats when I noticed what she was putting on. She had put on a push up bra which virtually had her popping out of her top, a thong that perfectly accented her curvy ass, andthen she put on some stockings. I was in heaven, she had popped her high heels on and was wandering around without a care in the world, I was getting a full view of her round ass as she leant forward to do her make up, “holy shit” I thought, I had never thought of her like this before but she was incredibly sexy. Like a proper milf porn film. I was struggling to avert my eyes when she caught me ogling in the mirror. She just smiled, and added “aren’t you going to be late?”
I took her advice and got kitted up in my best suit, and designer shirt. “mmm, very nice young man” she commented “ someone scrubs up very well”
“same to you mrs p, you look hot” I said as she squeezed into a little black number.
We both finished our drinks and headed off for the dinner. As it was our first night, they were plying us with drink, gave us a lovely meal and then started with the dancing. We’d had a few and so we started to have a bit of a dance with each other on the dance floor, having polite drunken small talk at the same time. i could tell she was getting quite drunk by now as she thanked me for helping her out by coming at least 3 times. She was starting to slur her words and thats when I thought it would be best if I got her back to the room to go to bed.
She put up a little bit of resistance but soon realised it was the best thing for her. We got back to the room and I lay her on the bed, “thanks darling” she said “are you tucking me in” she joked
“well I think we need to get you out of these clothes first, you heard what they said, youre supposed to be out of clothes as much as possible to enjoy the experience.”
“ok sir” she mocked “you better help me”
I pulled the dress back over her head, leaving her lying there in just stockings and the sexiest outfit I’d seen in ages, “come on then you, lift your back off the bed I need to get that bra off”
“music to my ears big boy” she slurred while laughing, and as I did my best to remove her bra, just as it came free she grabbed my head and pulled it towards her chest smothering my face in her boobs. “mmm, you like big boobs chris? A lot bigger than Leila’s aren’t they?”
I was trying to speak but was scared if I opened my mouth I would get a mouth full of huge tit. I managed to struggle free, “come on, now for those knickers”
She squirmed around the bed a bit and tried to help, but it was no use, “turn over” I said “and use your knees to elevate you” she eventually grasped this and started to struggle with her tight knickers. There I was with my future mother in law, face down in a bed, her big round ass in the air, stockings still on her sexy legs and shouting “get these bloody knickers off then”.
I was so tempted to stand above her and plough straight into her, but I managed to resist as I peeled her knickers over her ass. What a sight. She turned round and said “thanks honey” and then drifted off to sleep. I left her there on the bed in her stocking as I wasn’t about to try and get those off on my own. I kissed her on the head, said goodnight, had a quick feel of her boobs and her ass and was about to wander off. Then I saw her huge bush, peering between her legs, I was intrigued, I had to see what it felt like, I reached in slowly and ran my fingers through her dark forest of pubes, it was so soft, not like I expected. I was almost stroking it it felt that good, but then she must have felt something as she murmurred something and then moved her body position. I quickly grabbed a spare towel and huddled up on the sofa.
A few hours later, I stirred, I was struggling to sleep, it was quite cold in the room at night and all I had was a towel, I looked round and Jules wasn’t on the bed, a few seconds later she emerged from the bathroom with a glass of water, still wearing the stockings. I chuckled to myself “you ok?” I asked
“yes thanks honey, thanks for getting me home, I’m terrible for a few hours after wine” she added “ I got up to get a drink, and I was a bit cold, you must be freezing” she said.
“its not the warmest”
“well stop being stupid and get into bed, its not like weve not been close up naked now is it” she said
“ok” I said grateful of the offer, climbed into bed and under the duvet.
She got in the other side facing me, moved in towards me kissed me on the lips and thanked me for looking after her again. She then turned to face the other way and backed into me slightly. “you wouldn’t mind a quick cuddle would you chris, I’m freezing” she asked
“no worries Mrs P, I’m cold too, come here a bit”
She backed in even more, I opened my arms and then wrapped them around her and pulled her into me a little more. “there, that better?” I asked
She let out a low purr of pleasure as she nestled herself in, it was then that I realised the flesh touching my hand, it must have been her boobs resting on it, I stealthily moved the other one to avoid making contact with her other breast. I moved it down, only to accidently grab her big butt, “easy tiger” she joked but then backed her ass up even more to my groin, I could feel the heat from her ass and pussy against my slowly stirring cock. I didnt know what to do, I knew it was only a matter of time before I had a fully fledged hard on and nowhere to move. I sat there motionless as I could feel it getting bigger and stronger beneath me, it was now starting to touch flesh, and it certainly wasn’t mine. It was slowly creeping up her thigh as it became more rigid and rose to above the horizontal. It was then the friction increased as it came into contact with both her thighs, as they were lying together separating her ass from her pussy. The friction, heat and touch of skin on skin was getting unbearable, it was getting to the full stages of a monster boner, but as it continued to rise, it left the crease in her thighs and started to slide upwards, I could now feel it stopped by the flesh of her ass cheeks, it must have been resting at the entrance to her ass. I was soo horny now, not a word was said but I started to gently move my hips back and forward trying not to force my way through her back door but secretly hoping it would just open and allow me deep inside her ass. I could sense her tense up around her ass, blocking my entry. “nice try young man, if you think that thing is going inside me, especially there you are very much mistaken. Now calm down and go to sleep”. I was a little confused, all day she had been teasing and now I was so close and was being told no. I went for a different approach, so I shifted down a little and readjusted in one swift move, slipped my cock through the wall created by her thighs. My cock head brushed passed her lips as she let out a little whimper.
She adjusted herself slowly and then started to grind very slowly against my hard cock, I think she was hoping I wouldn’t sense what she was doing, I could feel the heat rise over up and down my cock as her wet pussy began drooling with hot juices, her movements picked up the speed, her thoughts of keeping it discrete had evaporated, and her breathing started to get heavier. She then went a little too far with her girating and her pussy slipped past the end of my now rock hard, dripping cock, my cock sprang upwards and on the return trip for her hip movements her pussy came flush onto the tip of my cock. She froze, my huge throbbing head stuck at the tight but wet entrance to her pussy.
“I said no” she managed to utter, breaking the silence “I’m soon to be your mother in law, we can’t”
But I was too horny by now, I had her wrapped in my arms, she could not move, with her pussy perched on the end of my big thick cock.
“youve been teasing me all day and now you’re going shy?” I said “you know you want to know what it feels like” I said forcefully
“No chris, I always flirt but I’m a married woman, I can’t”
“I’m sorry Jules, you cant tease like that and get away with it, I need to show you whos boss”
I pulled her back a little further onto my cock, feeling my cock stretch open her pussy almost like it was her first time. “please stop chris, we can’t, we shouldn’t, please….” she continued to protest but by this time my cock was on its way into her pussy. she moaned loudly as I continued to push my cock deeper into her. “holy fuck” she said “stoooooop, we cant do this” but by now it was too late, I was half inside her wet love hole and her resistance was subsiding into lust. “oooh, we can’t… oooh god, oh my god, youre stretching me sooo much”. Her attitude changed, she moved my hands onto her tits and started to push back even further onto my cock.
She was now protesting just to make herself feel better “please chris no, we cant, stop!” she moaned as she forced her pussy back onto my cock
“Jules, I’m nearly in now, its too late, you will be taught a lesson” I said confidently, squeezing that last inch or 2 of my cock deep into her.
“oooohhhh myyy gooodddd” she moaned “ you are fuckingg huge!, I’m soo full, it feels amazing, I haven’t ever felt like this since I had Leila” she started to ride me slowly “shiit, its like being a bloody virgin again having that thing inside me”
“you like it jules?, you like me huge cock deep inside you?” I whispered in her ear as I groped her huge breasts.
She was too busy moaning to answer as I picked up speed “uurggh, ooooh, arrgghh, shiiit, oh thats so fucking good” she continued to moan very loudly.
I pushed her shoulder over to the bed so she was lying face down on the bed, her ass sat up proudly, I leant forward spanked her ass and then kissed her on the cheek. “now youre gonna get a proper seeing too jules, I’ve warmed you up and I know a dirty milf like you can take it hard and deep unlike your daughter”
She was trying not to look at me in the face but I could tell the dirty talk and the fact I called her a dirty milf had really turned her on, however she was not keen on my proposal. “oh shit no! Youre too big honey, please be gentle ” she pleaded.
I placed the tip of my cock at the now gaping lips of her pussy, I leant forward and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear “how much do you want my big cock back inside you you horny little milf?”
“oh god please chris, put it back inside me, I want ur huge cock again pleeeasse”
I pushed my hips forward as I entered deep into her dripping juicy pussy, it felt amazing as she just took my whole length and width and I rested on her gorgeous round ass. “shit you feel good Jules, my cock has never felt so much at home”
“ooh chris, fill me up, you feel so good, make love to me, give me that huge cock”. Hearing this I started to thrust, now rocking into her slowly almost withdrawing fully my 10” rock solid granite pole and then plunging deep back into her “fuck, yes, fuck, fuck” she moaned
I was now getting so horny hearing her moan expletives at me, I started to get quicker but she was trying to resist my quicker thrusts “please chris, gentle, I cant take it any harder, please no faster”
However I sensed my opportunity, her underneath me unable to move, I wasn’t going to take orders from a horny milf in this position. I stopped, leant back slightly, “Smack” I spanked the right cheek of her bubble butt. “ow” she moaned. I spanked her other cheek of her butt “oh shit” she moaned.
I spanked both cheeks at the same time and leant forward to her ear again. “look you dirty milf, you don’t tease like that all day and get away with it, I’ve had to put up with ‘fucking gentle’ for years with your daughter, now you are going to be taught a lesson and give my cock what its needed, now be prepared for the pounding of your life” with this comment I grabbed her head with my hand pushed it deep into the pillows and started to pound deep and hard into her pussy.
My hips ramming into her so hard I could feel my huge balls slapping into her and the slap of my stomach against her ass. The years of frustration were coming out, I’d dreamt of fucking a woman like this, someone taking me all as hard as I could manage. The screams coming from the pillows were like nothing I’ve ever heard. “aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!! Fuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk! You bastaaarrrdd!” her arms reaching behind her to try and prevent my body from getting so deep and hard into her. I wasn’t having this so I grabbed her arms and pinned them to her back with one hand while the other continued to hold her head. I continued to drive deep into her. It was like the pinning of her arms and the few extra thrusts had flipped a switch in Jules body. Her screams turned to moans of pleasure. I pounded into her as her moans got louder, I couldn’t take much more, it was the first time I had really pounded this fast and hard and I wanted to cum but I held it back.
I grabbed Jules by the hair and lifted her head out of the pillows so I could hear her moans more clearly. “oooh fuck chris, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop!”
I pulled her head round as I said “ you like that you little slut, you like a proper fucking? You want your son in laws huge cock?”
She was in a trance by this stage being drilled by a thick rod of flesh “yes, yes , yes, I love it, I love your fucking cock, I’m your little slut chris, fuckkk mee, I’m all yours, urrrrggggghhhhh “ at this point a huge spray of juice squirted out from her pussy and all over me and the bed. I’d seen Leila squirt before but nothing like this, it was like a waterfall.
“holy shit jules” I said “I’m coming too” I was struggling to hold it back now “I’m gonna cum on your face, come here” I pulled her round so her face was facing my throbbing eager cock.
“oh thats it honey, give your cum to mommy , I want you to shoot all over me” she begged
“here you go my little slut, open wide, take my hot load” my cock spasmed and shot a huge load of hot cum all over over her face and into her mouth, it was dripping down her forehead, nose and chin. I pushed my dripping cock into her mouth “suck it jules, suck me dry”
God she was like she had not eaten in a month, she devoured my cock almost getting half of it deep into her mouth, gagging on my still hard cock. I held the back of her head as I shot the last few drops of cum down her throat. “shit jules! You are one hungry milf” I laughed.
Her cum drenched face looked up at me and winked, she took my huge cock from her mouth for her to say “you bet chris, you have awoken this filthy bitch that I thought had died inside me, I’m going to be hungry for this cock constantly from now! I’m all yours, I’m your own cock hungry milf slut” then put my cock back in her mouth and continued to suck on my now deflating shaft. As the high from the best orgasm I had ever had rescinded I looked down at this milf, sexy ass facing me, stockings on her legs and my cum covering her face and thought this is going to be one fucking awesome holiday.


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