Momma caught While dad and daughter having Sex

Momma got caught While dad and daughter having Sex – Sexstory

The party started winding down around eight, it turned out to be a good party. It was about an hour later that Sarah finally came home. I sat at the kitchen table with a beer in my hand. Something was off about her. Her hair was a bit messy and her clothes looked a bit messed up. “Well nice of you to show up late for your own daughters 18th birthday. And looking like that.” I gestured at her.



As a child growing up I never really learned anything about true love. I never believed in it or saw it first hand. My father was an abusive alcoholic who often beat and belittled my mother. Once I turned 12 he started in on me as well. I often had to hide bruises for fear of people seeing them and being punished more. I tried my best to not anger my father but it was never enough. I studied hard in school and stayed after as often as possible and played on every sports team I could. By the time I turned 18 I had had enough of my fathers shit.

One night he had been drinking and yelling at my mother because he was out of booze and wanted her to get him more and she wouldn’t. He raised his hand to hit her and that was when I snapped. I grabbed his arm and swung him around, punching him in the nose; sending him flying backwards and onto the floor as he held his bloody nose. He looked up at me with a dumb look on his face. I got right into his face and told him, “If you ever fucking touch her again I’ll kill you.” He never touched either of us again after that. About a month later he left and never came back. He was the reason I never really believed in love. He was the reason I never really had friends or even a girlfriend all through school.

It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college when I met her, her name was Sarah. When I saw that flaming red hair and sparkling green eyes I knew I had to meet her, there was just something about her that attracted me and pulled me to her. As if gravity was pulling me towards her. I finally worked up the nerve to introduce myself to her and we hit it off right away. The first time I saw her smile my heart just about beat out of my chest. I immediately asked her out on a date and from there it escalated, before long we were exclusive.

Sarah was going to school with a minor in business administration and a major in science, I was a liberal arts major, I wanted to be a teacher. We dated all through college and were pretty much inseparable. We married not long after we graduated. Sarah was top of her class and was offered a job with a high tech security technologies company that had a lot of government contracts. I had managed to get a teaching job at the local high school teaching 12thgrade English.

Our marriage and sex life was great, we always found time for sex at least 3 to 4 times a week and it was always amazing. Sarah was a phenomenal partner. After our 5thyear of marriage we decided we wanted to start a family and before long we found out she was pregnant. Soon after our daughter Jennifer was born. She was the most beautiful baby you had ever seen with striking blue eyes. Sure all parents will say their baby is the most beautiful baby around but Jennifer was a really beautiful baby.

It didn’t happen over night but gradually Sarah started getting colder towards me and even towards Jennifer, Jenn was a Daddy’s girl; always hanging around me whenever she could. Her mother rarely ever paid much attention to her, never went to school functions. I tolerated her behavior to a point for Jenn’s sake. She still needed a mother. Even if she wasn’t much of a mother. The older Jenn got the more arguments Sarah and I got into about everything. Our sex life pretty much bottomed out to once a month if I was lucky.

As Jenn grew into a teenager she started rebelling against her mother more and arguing with her often and would always run to me for support, which usually caused an argument between Sarah and I as I would always take Jenn’s side.

We had been celebrating Jenn’s 18thbirthday, it was a pretty big deal for her. She was finally considered an adult. All her friends showed up to celebrate with her. Sarah of course wasn’t there, she supposedly had to work, but I don’t think Jenn was to broken up about it. I pulled her off to the side to give her the gift I had gotten for her. It was a very small box wrapped with a bow/ She opened the box and inside was a key. She looked up at me with a puzzled look? “Daddy? What’s this for?”

“Why don’t you go look in the garage,” I told her.

Her eyes got wide as she looked at me, “Daddy you didn’t?”

“Guess you’ll just have to go see then wont you.”

She squealed as she ran off to the garage. I followed behind her, once she opened the door she scream HOLY FUCK!” Realizing she just swore in front of her dad she clamped her hand over her mouth.

I just chuckled and said “So I guess you like it?”

Parked in the garage was a brand new Mustang Shelby gt500. Painted all red, her favorite color “Oh my God daddy I Love you so much!!” She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tight kissing me on the cheek. Leaving her lips on my cheek a bit longer than a normal kiss between a father and daughter but I didn’t think much of it at the time as I figured she was just really excited.

The party started winding down around eight, it turned out to be a good party. It was about an hour later that Sarah finally came home. I sat at the kitchen table with a beer in my hand. Something was off about her. Her hair was a bit messy and her clothes looked a bit messed up. “Well nice of you to show up late for your own daughters 18th birthday. And looking like that.” I gestured at her.

“I told you I had to work. And just what is wrong with how I look? I always look like this?” she exclaimed.

“Really?” I yelled, “You always come home with your hair all messed up and your clothes messed up as well.

“It was windy out and I tripped over a rock walking to my car. Things like that do happen you know.”

I had to admit she was always good at coming up with excuses,to bad that’s all they were is excuses. Just then Jennifer walked into the room. “Wow mom finally decided to join me for my birthday? What’s with the clothes and hair?” she asked

Sarah gave a frustrated groan as she stormed off upstairs to the bedroom to change. “Who shoved a stick up her butt?” Jenn asked.

“I don’t know baby! She supposedly tripped over a rock because it was windy and messed up her hair and clothes.” He said using air quotes on the word tripped.

We finished cleaning up after the party and the two of sat down to watch a movie together, Sarah of course never bothered to come and join us. After the movie was finished we went off to bed.

A few weekends later Sarah said she had to go out of town for a business meeting, She usually had one or two a month. The week leading up to it was relatively normal, Jennifer was getting lots of love from her friends about the new car. The weekend came and I was home alone on Saturday sitting at the table eating lunch when the door burst open and Jennifer comes storming in crying her eyes out. She runs up to me throwing her arms around me sobbing.

I was panicked at this point not knowing what was going on, “Jennifer, baby what’s going on, did someone hurt you, are you ok?”

She sobbed into my chest for a few more minutes trying to get herself under control. She looked up at me with deep blue eyes, I could see the sadness in them but also I could see anger written on her face. She dug into her bag and pulled out a large envelope tossing it onto the table, “That cunt is cheating on you daddy. I saw her the day of my birthday. You remember my friend Mona right? Her dad is a P.I. She helped me talk him into follow her for a while and get evidence. There is about 3 weeks worth”

I was stunned at what she had just told me. My head was swimming and felt as though I wanted to pass out or throw up or maybe both. I grabbed the envelop and clutched it in my hands almost afraid to open it and look at what I would find inside.


It was my 18th birthday, what was supposed to be a wonderful day of celebration to mark my transition to becoming a woman; an adult. However, thanks to my stupid cunt of an egg donor the day turned out to be shit.

I was hanging out with some of my friends for the morning and early afternoon before my party. We were all hanging at the local hangout spot, “Dizzy’s” Ice cream emporium. Across the street was a 24 hour motel. I had been sitting on a bench looking around when I happen to look over and saw my moms car pull into the parking lot of the motel. I watched her get out of the car wondering what the hell she could be doing over there when a guy got out of the passenger seat and came around to her and kissed her. “What the fuck?” I yelled out. My friends all looked over at me wondering what was wrong. I just shook my head not wanting anyone to know what a whore my mother was being.

I was so pissed that she could do something like this to my daddy. I jumped up from my seat and told my friends I would be right back. I watched to see what room they went into and ran across the street. Almost getting hit by a car because of how pissed I was and not paying attention. I ran up to the window of the room they went into. The curtain was mostly closed but there was enough left open to see inside, enough to see that bitch was already half out of her clothes.

I really wanted to bang on the door and slap the bitch right there but I had a better idea in store for her. I wanted to ruin her. I could finally have the one thing I wanted more than anything else in this world. I grabbed my phone and held it to the window and started recording, I let it run for about 10 minutes and then I went back to my friends.

I knew that if I wanted to destroy her I was going to need more dirt than just this. I grabbed Mona and asked her to come with me and told my other friends we needed to go and that I would see them at my party later. As we walked away Mona asked me what was up.

“Your dad’s office is near here right?” I asked

“Yea, a couple blocks over. Why?” she wondered.

I handed her my phone with the video ready to play and told her to hit play. I watched her face as she watched the video, her eyes got bigger as she realized what it was and who was in it. “What the fuck? Your mom is cheating in your dad?”

“Yea I just happened to see the whore going in with him. I want to see if I can get your dad to help me get some dirt on her to help me destroy her.” I said.

“Consider it done. My dad would do anything for me, and you know I would do anything for you and your dad.”

We walked the 2 blocks to her dads office building. We walked up the 3 flights of stairs and to the end of the hall to the door with the name Sam Windham P.I. in bold letters on the door. We walked in and a woman in her mid 30s looked up and smiled. “Mona? What brought you here today?”

Clair was her dads secretary as well as her aunt. “Hi Aunt Clair is dad available we really need to talk to him its important?”

“One second sweetheart, I’ll check and see.” She poked her head into the door and spoke for a second and turned around. “You girls can go right in.”

We walked into the room and Monas dad was sitting behind his desk. I had always liked him, he was a great man and a great dad. He was always nice to me. “Sweetheart, Jennifer? What brings you girls over here today? By the way Happy Birthday Jennifer.”

“Thank you Mr. Windham.” I said

“Dad Jennifer really needs your help. Please, as a favor for me.” Mona said

He could see the dour looks on our faces. “What seems to be the problem girls. What can I do to help?”

“Maybe I should just show you.” I said as I handed him my phone with the video. “Just hit play”

We watched as the recognition slowly entered his face as to what the video was. “Oh Christ, Jennifer, I am so sorry that you had to see something like this.”

“Its ok Mr.Windham. Do you think you can help me get more evidence. I want to destroy her. I need to protect my daddy. Please. Ill pay you anything you want, somehow.”

“Sweetheart, you are Mona’s best friend. Your dad is a great guy and a good friend to me and has always looked out for Mona whenever I wasn’t able to be around. You will owe me nothing. Give me a couple of weeks and I will get you plenty of material to use against her.”

I broke down crying and ran to him and hugged him, “T t thank you.”

Mona Joined us in the hug and kissed her dad on the cheek “Thank you daddy”

So 3 weeks later he handed me that envelope that my dad still had clutched in his hands.


My hands were shaking as I tore open the envelope and dumped the contents onto the table. There were DVD’s with video files as well as conversation tran***********s and plenty of pictures as well, I picked up some of the pictures and looked at them and knew exactly who the asshole was she was screwing. “That son of a bitch” I yelled as I slammed the pictures into the table.

“What is it Daddy? Who is that with the cunt?” Jenn asked me.

“That’s her supervisor at work, John Spenser. She told me they were just friends and collogues.” I shoved everything back into the envelope, “I need to call my lawyer”

“Daddy wait,” said Jenn. “I have a plan already set in motion. I want to destroy her and you wont have to worry about divorce.”

“Sweetheart I cant stay married to that cheating cunt” I said

“Daddy please, just trust me. You do trust me right?” she asked.

“Of course I do princess more than anything,”

“Good, when she gets home from her trip tomorrow don’t let on that you know anything, I will make diner for us all.”

I found it hard to contain my fury when she walked though the door the following evening, but I somehow managed. “Welcome home dear, how was your trip?” I asked trying to keep the animosity out of my voice.

“Same old boring thing, meetings and talking. Something smells good, what are you cooking for diner?” she asked.

“I’m not Jenn is, and I believe its about ready,”

“Jennifer cooked? How rare? Well I’m starved the airplane food was horrendous.” she said as we made our way to the dining room.

We all gathered at the table as Jenn served us all our food and we sat to eat and had small talk about our day. After about 5 minutes I notice that Sarah’s eyes started to get droopy when she all of a sudden passed out cold into her plate of food. I jumped up in shock. “Sarah! Sarah!” I yelled.

Jennifer started laughing “Its ok daddy she’s just sleeping for a bit. I laced her food with a pill to help her fall asleep. Can you kindly carry her up to your bedroom please?”

“Umm sure sweetheart.” I said, confused as I picked Sarah up out of the chair and took her up to the room, Jenn followed right behind me. She had pulled the arm chair from the corner and placed it in the center of the room right in front of our tv.

“Put her here please daddy.”

I put her down into the chair and then watched as Jen grabbed a bag from under my bed and was pulling handcuffs and rope from out of it and began cuffing and tying Sarah to the chair.

Jennifer took a washrag and wiped the food off Sarah’s face from where she fell into her food. “There, wouldn’t want to make too much of a mess now would we.” she said as she giggled a bit. The next thing I know I hear a loud smack as Jenn smacked her mother hard across the face. “Time to wake up you selfish cunt.”

Sarah jolted awake immediately looking around stunned. She tried to move but couldn’t because of the restraints. “What? What the hell is going on? Get me the hell out of this!” she yelled.

“Shut the fuck up mother” Jennifer yelled in her face.

Sarah’s face burned red with anger “How dare you tell….”


Another hard slap across the face “I said shut the fuck up. I wont say it again or ill gag you.”

Sarah glared at Jenn, “Why are you doing this? I never did anything to you to deserve this.”

“Oh no? Nothing at all? How about this?” She asks as she pulls a photo of her and her lover out of the pile in her bag.

Sarah’s eyes go wide. “H h how did you get that? Its not what it looks like.”

“Really mother? Your going to use that bullshit line.”

“It’s true, I I had no choice he was blackmailing me.” she said

Jennifer started laughing “Oh so now its blackmail? You really are a stupid cunt aren’t you mother.”

“How dare you talk to your mother like that. Bryan are you just going to stand there and let her do this to me?” she was pleading with me.

I looked at her with a grin on my face “Yes, Yes I am.”

“Why don’t we take a look at this dear mother” she said as she hit the play button on the DVD player.

On it was her and her lover in the end of a love making session all naked and sweaty. You can clearly hear what they are saying to each other. “Sarah, my sweet what will you tell your husband and daughter if they find out about us?” asked her lover.

To this Sarah laughed. “Oh please. My husband is a clueless wimp. And as far as my daughter, that girl is to stupid to figure anything out. “

Jennifer hit the off button. “So clueless and stupid huh mother? sure sounds like blackmail to me you dumb cunt.”

“Ok fine so you found out big deal. Now we can just get a divorce and be done with all this. Its not like we were a happy family anyways.”

Jennifer laughed once again “Oh mother, you stupid cow, there isn’t going to be a divorce. You aren’t going anywhere.”

“That’s what you think you little bitch. When I get out of here I’m leaving and taking all my money with me.”


Another slap to the face “Wrong again you dumb cunt. You see it would be a shame if these videos and pictures were to get out to the public. You would lose your job, not to mention your security clearance. With some of the things I have heard on those DVD’s of you two. There could be enough to put you both in prison for a very long time. Not to mention the embarrassment you would face with the rest of your family and community. You wouldn’t want that now would you.”

Sarah’s head dropped in defeat. “no” she muttered almost in a whisper.

“I didn’t think so. So as of right now, you are going to be our BITCH. Our house slave. You will do anything and everything we tell you too. Don’t worry you will still be allowed to work and make money. But you will go to work and come back home that is all. There will be no going out, no work functions, no trips. You tell them you are unable to do it and find someone else. You will also break it off with lover boy. If he asks why you tell him because we have more than enough evidence to put his ass in prison, so if he comes anywhere near you again he will find himself to be Bubba’s bitch really fast. Is that clear cunt?”

Sarah just nodded her head weakly.


“I said is that clear cunt?”

“Yes Jennifer” she said as tears started forming in her eyes, now understanding just how fucked she was,

“No you do not deserve to say my name cunt, you can call me Mistress” she said.

“Yes Mistress” She sobbed.

“Things are going to change around here and its time I got something that I have wanted for a very long time.”


I walked closer to my daddy. “Daddy you love me and trust me right?”

“Of course I do Princess 1000 percent.” I told her.

“And you would let me have anything I wanted right daddy?”

“Of course princess if it is within my power to give you its yours to have.” I told her.

“Good then what I really want is…” I drooped to me knees and quickly unfastened my daddies’ pants and let them fall to the floor.

Daddy let out a gasp “Princess what are you doing? We cant do this, its wrong.”

“But Daddy you promised me anything I wanted. This is what I have wanted more than anything in this world. I have wanted only you for a long time. That cunt doesn’t deserve you and now I can finally have you. Please Daddy.” I looked up at him with a tear in my eye.

“Aww Princess don’t look at me like that, you know I cant say no to you when you do that. A father should not do these kind of things with his daughter.”

“Daddy, no one will ever love you as much as I will. No one will ever be able to care for you as much as me.” I told him as I pulled his boxers down to his ankles releasing his already hard cock. “And besides something tells me you really want this as much as I do.” I giggled.

I turned and glared at my cunt of a mother “This is how Daddy should be treated you dumb cunt. Pay attention. I might just let you satisfy him at some point if you are lucky.”

I ran my tongue along Daddies’ shaft, from his balls to the tip, slowly savoring his taste. I licked the pre-cum that was slowly oozing from the tip. “Mmmm Daddy you taste so good.” I looked up into his eyes to see a hunger in him that I had never seen before, he was filled with lust for me. I slid my mouth over the tip of his engorged cock and swirled my tongue around as I sucked. I then slowly sank my mouth down into it inch by inch savoring the taste of him. I went as far as I could until I felt him in the back of my throat and started to gag. I then quickly started bobbing my head faster and faster. I could feel the tingling in my panties building up, I was getting so wet just from blowing my Daddy.

I could feel Daddies cock twitching in my mouth I knew he was going to cum any moment, I sped up and ran my tongue all over his shaft. Then it happened he exploded inside my mouth., rope after rope of sticky gooey cum filling my mouth I swallowed some of it but kept a lot in my mouth to show Daddy how much I loved it. I looked up at him with my mouth open showing him.

Daddy smiled down at me with a satisfied look on his face, then a grin spread across it. “Princess, why don’t you share some of that with your mother. I’m sure she would enjoy a nice salty treat”

I looked over at my mother, a horrified look on her face as she shook her head, I walked over to her. She was shaking her head trying to avoid me, so I grabbed her by the hair and wrenched her head back. She let out a groan of pain and when she did I pressed my lips to hers and let most of Daddies cum slip into her mouth. Her eyes went wide, she tried to push it back, refusing to swallow it. I pinched her nose so she couldn’t breath and had no choice but to swallow. “There now, that wasn’t so bad was it? You should be thanking me for the treat.” The cunt just hung her head in shame.


Another slap to the face. “What did I just say?”

“T t thank you Mistress.” she cried.

Daddy stepped in front of the cunt and said, “I have an idea, instead of breaking it off with lover boy. You will say nothing to him, in fact you will bring him over here Friday night. Tell him you will have the house to yourself. You will bring him up here and say you want to do something a bit kinky with him then you are going to put him in this very chair and cuff him as you are right now. That’s when the real fun will begin.” Daddy laughed.

“And I promise you Mother dear if you say one word to him about any of this your life will be over,” I told her. I reached down and fondled Daddies balls and slowly stroked his cock until he was hard again. “Daddy I think its time you made a real woman out of me.” I pulled him towards the bed and gently pushed him onto it.

I was so horny from all that we had been doing already. I don’t know why but degrading my mother like this was really turning me on. Not to mention my sexy Daddy laying there hard waiting for me. I quickly discarded my clothes. I know nothing sexy about that, but I was a horny virgin who was about to have sex with the only man she ever wanted what can I say.

I climbed on top of my Daddy and rubbed my pussy over top of his cock. Ohh it felt so good, I knew I just had to have it in me. I hoisted myself up and grabbed his cock to line it up with my opening. I slowly lowered myself feeling the tip as it started to part my pussy for the first time. It felt amazing. I went down slowly and felt my pussy opening more and more, there was pain but also pleasure mixed in. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. Then there was a resistance, I was at my hymen. This was going to be the hard part. I let all my weight go at once and just dropped down, I felt the stinging pain as it broke and I felt the blood flow out on my thigh. I winced at the pain and stopped moving.

“Are you ok Princess? Are you hurt? We can stop if you need to?” Daddy said with a worried look on his face.

“No It’s ok. It hurts but I just need a minute to get used to it.” I gave it a minute then slowly started to grind on his cock. There was still pain but it also started to feel good and little by little the pain faded until only pleasure was left. I started pumping up and down on his cock getting faster with each thrust. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt in my young life. My juices were flowing down my legs I could feel my orgasm building in me ready to burst. I could feel Daddies cock twitching inside me.

“Princess you have to get off I’m going to cum!” said Daddy.

“Just…a…little….more” I said. “Almost….there” I was ready to explode, I didn’t want to move, this feeling was so good. Soon I exploded all over my daddies cock. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt since I had started masturbating,. I couldn’t stop grinding on him, I knew he wanted me to get off but I just couldn’t and before long I felt him explode inside me. His warm cum filling my insides, it felt so wonderful it triggered another smaller orgasm in me.

I collapsed on top of Daddy, I looked into his eyes with a smile and kissed him. “Thank you Daddy you are the best, I love you.”

He chuckled, “I love you too Princess, but ummm please tell me you are on the pill?”

“Ummmm no Daddy. I never had sex before so never had a reason to be. It’s ok we will worry about that later.”

“First thing tomorrow you need to go see the doctor about getting on the pill.” Said Daddy.

“Ok Daddy I will. And Daddy, I was thinking we should turn the basement into a dungeon…. You know for training purposes” as I grinned over at my cunt of a mother who was staring at us with an open mouthed shocked look on her face.

To be continued……


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