Making my Mom my Slave Part 2

Making my Mom my Slave Part 2

David, now shifts his focus on coercing his sweet but sexy Mom, Kendra, to become his sex slave in a similar manner to what he did to his Sister Kayleigh.

Part 2:

Kendra’s Narration:

I couldn’t believe what I let happen last night. I buried myself under my blanket. I didn’t want to face the day. How could I be so irresponsible?

Was it the alcohol? Was I really that drunk? I only had 2 or 3 glasses of wine!

I relived the events of last night in shock, almost trembling as I thought about what I let happen. As soon as I picked David up from his friend’s house I noticed something different about him. David has always been such a sweet boy. Sweet, but very shy and noticeable awkward, and this is coming from his own mom.

As soon as I picked him up I noticed that he had a different aura about him. He seemed oddly confident. Still quiet, but confident and honestly, kind of charming. He sweet talked me on the way home. This was new for him, but I thought it was cute and he just missed his mom after a couple of weeks apart.

Anyways, we got home and initially went our separate ways. It started off innocent enough, I felt tired from my long drive home but otherwise ok. I was unpacking my suitcases when David brought me a glass of wine and urged me to go relax in the bath tub.

Man, something about that wine and bath really hit me. I can usually handle my liquor but it seemed like half way through that first glass I turned into a different person. I was just so relaxed, I felt so loose. I felt as if nothing could go wrong in the world and that no matter what I did. I was truly disinhibited.

Feeling more relaxed than I had in ages, I got out of the bath. David had hung a robe on my bathroom door for me to wear. This was no ordinary robe, and come to think of it that should have been my first sign that something was wrong. This was a small lingerie style pink satin robe that barely fell beneath my ass. Up top it revealed a generous amount of cleavage even if I tied it tight.

It was sexy robe that I used to wear around the house for my husband. That is until David went through puberty and I saw him sneaking pictures of me in it. His dad even caught him looking at me with a hard on. Of course, I couldn’t blame him. I blamed myself, and decided to stash the robe deep in my closet ever since.

Urgh, why was I such a disinhibited idiot last night. I honestly thought nothing of David picking this robe out for me. A part of me even thought it would be fun to prance around in the tiny piece of fabric. You know, to feel like a sexy woman again after all of the grieving and service we’ve done recently taking care of my husband’s sick mother.

Like a fool I pranced downstairs wearing a skimpy lingerie robe. From the moment I came downstairs I could see David’s eyes. A part of me knew that he was looking at me a way no son should look at his mother. But a larger part of me chose to ignore it.

Apart from ogling my cleavage, he greeted me with a full glass of wine and ushered me to sit down. I could see his eyes scanning my legs up and down. I noticed it, but did nothing to stop it. Oh god, did I encourage this? Nothing was making sense to me now as I was trying to remember who I was last night.

It wasn’t long before David got out a very fancy looking camera. He must have just gotten it. He started snapping pics of me. Again this relaxed, complacent idiotic version of myself saw nothing wrong with my teenage son taking pictures of me in a skimpy robe. He even reminded me of my short underwear modelling phase in college.

That was a soft spot for me. I had always wondered how far I could have gotten in my modelling career if I really had went for it. I met my husband, and of course because of his rich and conservative parents, he essentially put an end to my modelling career. I’ve loved him throughout our marriage, but this had always been something that I held some resentment towards him for.

Anyways, here was my teenaged son, now urging his mom to be his lingerie model. Like a sucker, I followed his every cue. It wasn’t long until I was actually having fun, picturing myself posing like I did many years ago.

I almost gagged as relived each pose that David had me do. Did I really flash my thong clad ass to him? I was having so much fun, how could I not realize what I was doing. I didn’t even want to think about what came next. David had me undo my robe so he could get a full cleavage shot. I convinced myself that this was nothing different from what my photographers had asked for back in the day. But Kendra you idiot, David is your son not a photographer and you are no model now.

I shuddered at what happened next. David asked me to lift my arms up and wave my hands through my hair with my robe open. As much as I would like to think he tricked me, I knew what would happen next. My rope split open like the red sea and I bared my naked D cup breasts to my son who eagerly snapped away pictures.

This is when things took another turn. I noticed a change in David’s tone at this point. He went from jokingly calling me babe to seriously talking dirty. I could tell from his voice that he wanted me in the worst way. The worst thing was that I liked it.

I wanted to cry thinking about it. What the fuck was wrong with me? What the fuck IS wrong with me?

It had just been so long since I had heard that from a man. My husband has been so distracted with work, and now his mom, I can’t even remember the last time we had sex. It felt good to have a male lust over me, even if it was my son. I know that that is disgusting to hear, but it’s true.

Next David asked me to drop my robe. Even the idiotic brain-dead version of me last night knew that this was not a good idea. I didn’t care though. David was making me feel so good, so womanly. I wanted to return the favour. I dropped my robe and revealed my naked body to him, save for a skimpy thong that I knew had simply sunk between my ass cheeks.

I was oddly nervous. I felt strangely vulnerable. I had become a bit self-conscious of my body. My waist wasn’t as thin as it was when I modelled, I had some love handles here and there, my boobs were not as perky as my daughter Kayleigh’s, even if they were a bit bigger.

Again, my vulnerability melted away by hearing David’s lustful words, accompanied by the bulge in his pants. Even in my state yesterday, I was having an internal battle for the ages. I knew that I had given David enough, and that I needed to cut this off. But similarly, I was turned on, I was turned on by being naked in front of my son, as well as by seeing him so turned on. I did some terrible things next. Oh god, I had gone from a lingerie model to a softcore porn star. David urged me to hold my boobs up for the camera, I even licked each one. Again he had me bend over in all sorts of poses for him and smile for the camera.

When he asked me to take my thong off, I knew that I needed to end the night. I saw the disappointment in my baby’s eyes as I told him I needed to get some rest. I put my robe on. I walked over to him to give him a kiss goodnight. He grabbed me around the waist and brought my body in to his.

Again, this was not the David I knew. Something had changed since I was gone. He was confident, sure of himself. His hand made his way under my robe and onto my bare ass cheek. I didn’t know what to do, I just let it stay there. He soon started to grope it. I could feel his hard on. He brought me in to his body further, and was about to kiss me on the lips. I knew that in the state that I was in, if I kissed him on the lips, there was a chance that we would start making out and that my robe would come off again.

Don’t judge me, a part of me, or whoever I was last night wanted that to happen- badly. Thankfully, the smart part of me showed restraint. I pecked him on the cheek, and jolted away. I went straight to my bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

Now, I feel like I woke up in the exact opposite state as I was last night. Sure I felt a bit hung over, but more so I just felt so anxious. My muscles were tense, thoughts were rushing in and out of my head. Mainly, I was disgusted by what I let happen yesterday.

I slowly got out of bed and faced the day. I showered off, trying to almost wash the filth that happened yesterday away. I felt anxious and tense even in the bathroom. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched. I had never felt like this in my home before.

The very last thing that I wanted to do today was show any skin. I put on one of my husband’s college t-shirts, as well as some sweat pants. I put on a proper robe. Oh god I really should have that other robe fucking shredded.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I almost broke down crying. How the hell was I going to face my son today? How do we go back to being mom and son? I would give anything just to erase what happened yesterday. Then another thought hit me. David now has literally hundreds of naked pictures of me.

While it’s bad enough that my son has nude pics of his mom, what I was even more worried about was if his laptop got hacked and somehow online predators got a hold of my pictures. I almost started to have a panic attack. That would be the end of me. Needless to say, my husband, his family and my family are very conservative. If they saw pictures that were even half this bad, I would be fucked. Not to mention if my coworkers or boss saw, I would be definitely be jobless for the rest of my life.

The one comfort that I had was that David was very tech savvy. Surely he knew that if these pictures got out that would be the end of my life as I know it. Surely he would keep them offline. Anyways, I decided that I couldn’t take the risk. I needed him to delete the pictures. Only then would I be safe, and only then could we start to forget about what happened last night and go back to being a normal mom and son again.

I washed my face, collected myself, and made my way to my Son’s bedroom.

David’s Narration:

I woke up early the next morning. In fact, I had barely slept at all. I was far too excited for what the day had in store. I had set up some high definition cameras in my room and turned on some lights that focused on the bed. The cameras were live streaming on the website. I hadn’t told anyone, even the Dudley’s what my plan was, but they knew that this was going to be good.

I waited for my Mom to wake up, which ended up taking a couple more hours. The bitch must’ve really been tired. I heard her start to stir. My dick started to twinge in excitement.

I spied on her in the bathroom again as she went through her morning routine. A loose t-shirt that was probably my dad’s, some baggy sweat pants, and a conservative white robe over top. My Mom never dressed this conservatively. I could tell she was worked up, nervous. Obviously the drug had worn off. It had an effect of causing some withdrawal anxiety after it had worn off. It’s part of the reason it’s so addictive. On top of this, she must have been horrified at what she let her son get away with last night. I almost chuckled as I saw the clothes that she was wearing.

She seemed to look at herself in the mirror for a long time before putting her face in her palms. Man, she was really stressed. After she brushed her teeth, washed her face and tied her messy hair up into a pony tail, she left the bathroom. I heard her footsteps approaching my room.

She knocked “Honey, can I come in?” she said shakily

“Of course Mom.” I replied

She opened the door and slowly came in. She flashed me a nervous smile before sitting on my bed. I was sitting at my desk with my laptop open.

“Mom come look at how the pictures turned out!” I said smiling.

Her eyes widened as she looked at my laptop, I had a picture of her almost fully naked holding her tits up with both hands.

I smiled at her “This one’s my favourite!”

I could almost feel the knot turn in her stomach. She took a moment to collect herself.

“Um Davey that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about.” She paused before continuing “I think what happened yesterday was a mistake, and very inappropriate.”

“Oh come on Mom we were just having some fun. You even told me how much you enjoyed it.” I flipped through the pics “Look how passionate you look here!” I landed on a pic of her licking one of her boobs while groping the other.

She got a queasy look on her face.

“Honey I don’t know what got over me last night. Either the wine, or how tired I was, or both. It was a mistake Davey. I have to ask you to delete those pictures. And of course Dad cannot find out.”

“Mom don’t be ridiculous. You looked so hot. In fact, I was going to get more pictures of you today. Maybe even some videos.”

She looked very uneasy

“David, I appreciate your compliments son but I’m telling you as your mother to delete those pictures. And there will definitely be no more pictures from here on out ok?” She said. She was scared and unsure but pretended to have a stern tone in her voice.

I almost laughed. She was trying to use her role as my Mother to order me around like I was a kid. Little did she know what I had become in the short span she was away. I calmly replied.

“Mom, babe, you misunderstood. I am not asking you if I could take more footage of you, I am telling you.” I said sternly.

Her eyes widened further.

“David I said NO.” she exclaimed.

“Oh Mom, I was hoping you would do this the easy way. I really thought we had some chemistry last night”

I calmly flipped to an open tab on my browser to a cloud storage site. I simply waved her over with my finger.

She slowly walked over. I was used to my mother being so warm, she was now keeping her distance.

“I’m going to tell you a lot of information Mom. You’re welcome to cry or sob, but please don’t interrupt me, you don’t want me to have to repeat this.”

I continued, looking at my screen.

“This is a simple cloud storage app. Needless to say, all of your sexy ‘model’ pictures are already uploaded on here. That means you can destroy my laptop, but I will still have access to these pictures.”

I flipped to another tab I had prepared.

“This is an email I have prepared, addressed to your parents, siblings, employer and of course to Dad, sending them a shared link to view these pictures.”

I looked at her and smiled. Tears were rolling down her cheek and she was quietly sniffling.

“And finally, this is a reddit post I’ve prepared uploading all of the pictures from last night. I’ve included your address and full name and even added a bit about how horny you are for some dick. I’m sure it will draw a lot of attention.”

I went on.

“As you can see Mom, with a click of a finger- or maybe 3 or 4 clicks, I can ruin your life. Dad will rightfully leave you and take everything, you’ll be fired from your job, and uber conservative grandma and grandpa will probably outright disown you. But hey, at least you’ll have a line-up of a hundred guys lined up outside the door ready to fuck your brains out at a moment’s notice.”

I had a sip of water before continuing

“Now, it won’t take long for your bimbo blonde brain to think of some ways out of this. You’ll think that I won’t go through with it. Or you’ll think that you could go to the cops and say that I’m blackmailing you. And to answer that thought, yes you could. But I’ll release these pictures anyways before going to jail. And then, you won’t just be ruining your life, but you’ll be ruining your only son’s life as well.

I looked away from my screen for a moment, she was in outright tears and her face had sunk into her hands.

“How could you do this!” She sobbed

“Now now, what did I say about interrupting.” I cooed before continuing.

“So you must be thinking, what does this son of a bitch want. Well its simple. I want you Mom. I want you in every way.” I said as I stroked my hand through her hair. She shuddered at my touch

“It’s simple, if you keep me happy, and do exactly what I say, these pictures will go nowhere.” I soothed her “And think of it this way, Dad will be home soon. When he’s back, our agreement is over. The pictures will be deleted, and we’ll put all of this behind us.” I decided to give her some hope.

“So what do you say Mom.”

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. “Okay.” She whispered softly. She knew there was nothing she could do.

I gleamed “Good girl.”

“Now, Mom, I’m going to lay down some ground rules. To warn you, you are NOT going to get off easy.” I smiled

“First, you are to be naked at all times.”

Her eyes widened again.

“Umm Mom, that means right now.” I motioned for her to go back to the bed and start undressing. I knew that’s where the lighting was best for my online viewers.

She slowly stripped off her robe, revealing her ridiculously baggy shirt and pants. She gulped before stripping down to her underwear, a delightful navy blue matching set of bra and lace panties.

“Yup say good-bye to those too Mom.”

Tears rolled down her face as she stripped off her bra, letting her big boobs bounce free. Similarly she stepped out of her panties.

This was the first time I had seen my Mom fully naked.

“Mm turn around, give me a 360 view.”

I was rock hard as she spun on command for me. Her body looked incredible.

“Good, now stand and face me.”

I wanted her standing in front of me completely naked as I explained the rest of our situation to her.

“Second, you will be my sex slave. That means that I will use you in every way imaginable, and in turn you will perform whatever task I ask you too.”

Her eyes widened further

“If you don’t perform your tasks optimally or if you are disobedient, you will be punished. If your actions are not improved with simple punishments, I will call this off and simply go forward with leaking the pictures.”

“Third, as I am your master, you will call me by that name. And while I might sometimes call you a slut or whore, I will also address you as Mom. I think it’s hotter that way.” I smirked

My Mom was in utter shock. I’m sure when she agreed to letting me have my way with her, she had no idea what she was getting in to. She was finding out with each passing minute what a monster her son was.

“Do you understand these rules Mom.”

She looked down defeated.

“Yes Master” she said softly.

“Good Mom, now get on your knees and give your master the blow job he deserves.”

She dropped to her knees. I walked over to her and presented my throbbing dick in front of her. She started to sob. I have her a quick smack on the cheek to grab her attention. She opened her mouth as I introduced my dick into her mouth.

It felt amazing to have my dick in my slave Mom’s mouth. She knew what she was doing too, unlike Kayleigh when she first started. It was amazing, she was crying but still managing to give me good head.

Unlike when I first started extorting Kayleigh, my sexual stamina was now quite established. When I started to feel as though I might cum, I gave my Mom a slap on the cheek and instructed her to stop.

“Good slave, now get up and bend over.”

She stood up slowly and was quite hesitant in turning around and showing me her naked ass.

I gave her a hard smack on the ass cheek, she yelped.

“When your master gives you a command, you do it RIGHT away slut!”I yelled at her

“Yes master” she sobbed as she bent over.

My mouth started to salivate looking at her ass in this position. Her ass cheeks were so luscious.

“Mom you know how many years I’ve wanted to bury my face in your ass? You know how long you’ve been teasing me with that thing?” I said as I started groping each soft ass cheek.

I slowly got on my knees and licked my lips at the site in front of me. I buried my face into my mother’s luscious ass cheeks. I took in the odor of her sweat and natural scent. I was in heaven. My tongue naturally circled her ass hole and licked it.

She shuddered, unknowingly shaking her ass cheeks on my face. I inserted my tongue into her rectum. I loved the taste of my Mom’s ass.

She moaned as I ate her ass out. After seemingly forever, I decided my dick needed some action.

I stood up and bent her over even more so. I split her ass cheeks open and entered her pussy from behind. Again she moaned softly as I entered her. I reached around and grabbed her tits tightly as I started fucking her hard doggy style.

Her big ass felt amazing as it cushioned each blow. As I started to fuck her faster I swore I could feel her hips pushing back, meeting my dick with each thrust.

I pulled her hair with one hand and increased my vice grip on her tit with the other as I came close to finishing. She moaned hard, I couldn’t tell if this was in pain or pleasure. I felt a gush of fluid start flowing from her vagina and dripping down her leg. She moaned loudly again.

The combination of her godly body and her moaning was too much for me to handle. I quickly took my dick out of her. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head. This forced her off the bed. I pushed her onto her knees in front of me.

I grabbed her head with both hands and forced her mouth onto my dick.

All it took was my dick feeling my mom’s sweet tongue. I moaned as I exploded in my Mom’s mouth.

She gagged and spit some cum up, it dribbled from her mouth on to her big tits.

I almost collapsed onto the bed. She was panting loudly and looked up at me. She was no longer crying.

I looked at her

“Well don’t just sit there like a bimbo you slut. Put my dick in your mouth and get me hard again.” I scolded

With cum still dribbling down her chin, she stood up and got on to the bed. I laid back and relaxed.

She knelt between my open legs and took my limp dick in her mouth and started sucking away.

“Good, keep going until master is ready to fuck you again.”

To Be Continued…


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