Making my Mom my Slave Part 1

Making my Mom my Slave Part 1

David, now shifts his focus on coercing his sweet but sexy Mom, Kendra, to become his sex slave in a similar manner to what he did to his Sister Kayleigh.



I poured out some wine for my Mother while preparing for the next step of my plan. I checked the online site to make sure that my voyeur fan club had a good view of what was going on. While my mom was unpacking from her long trip, I had taken some spy camera’s that Johnny had lent me and set them up in the living room where I planned to enact the first part of my plan.

I checked my phone and was satisfied with the view that was set up. The chat was popping with excitement. The sheer number of participants watching the stream and their “enthusiasm” about what was going to happen tonight between my mother and I brought a smile to my face.

Just as I had led my Sister Kayleigh into a life of sex slavery, I was now planning to do the same with my sexy Mom. Unlike my Sister, my Mom had done nothing but show me unconditional love throughout my life. She was a great Mom to me growing up, giving me everything that I needed. And unlike my bitch of a sister, I actually appreciated it. I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt knowing what I planned to do.

Opposing this sense of guilt however was an overwhelming hyper-sexuality in me that had developed over my experience with my sister. Now that Kayleigh was broken and accepted her life as a sex slave, the focus of my sexual desire had transitioned to my Mother. More-so than just my out of control sex drive, was the desire for power. There was no greater feeling then taking a free woman and slowly leading her into becoming an obedient whore that does anything that her master asks for at a snap of a finger. Adding to my fuel was my growing online fandom. Of course, they pushed me further into depravity with their constant cheering and support. I truly loved the sense of providing my online fans with a chance to live out their voyeur fantasies.

I reached into my pocket and took a tab of “RelaXXXall” out. This was a powerful relaxant that was one of the medications we used on Kayleigh when we were training her to be the perfect slut for us.

I walked upstairs with the glass and met my Mom in her room. She was hanging some clothes up in the closet from her suitcase. I admired her figure from behind.

She was about 5’6” with a great figure. She had a wavy blonde hair, a golden tan complexion, and a naturally curvy figure with a relatively slim waist. She was definitely where Kayleigh got her good looks from.

She was still wearing a breezy pink summer dress which showed plenty of her juicy thighs from behind. I couldn’t help but get a jolt in my loins as my eyes tracked up to her wide hips and luscious ass cheeks.

I walked in and put a smile on my face “Hey Mom, don’t worry about that packing for tonight, you should take a load off and relax, you’ve had a long trip and a stressful few weeks!”

She turned to face me with a warm motherly smile on her face

“Oh Davey, when did you get so sweet!” She exclaimed “Oh and you brought me wine, quite the gentleman.” She smiled

“Yeah Mom, I was thinking we should have a relaxing night in and catch up. Why don’t you put those clothes down, take this wine into the bathroom and have a nice bath.”

“Davey you don’t have to tell me twice!” she smiled as she walked over and gave me a warm hug.

Of course all I could focus on was the feeling of her big soft breasts pressing into my chest as she hugged me. She took the glass of wine, thanked me again and walked into the bathroom to prep her warm bath.

I hurriedly scampered to my room and turned on my laptop. Back when we were worried that Kayleigh would actually go back to her normal life, Vlad and I had installed high tech spy cameras from Johnny’s shop throughout the house so that we would still be able to spy on her. And of course, we made sure that the bathroom was covered from all angles. With a simple few clicks, I had the bathroom in front of me where my mom was preparing a bath. With another few clicks I made it so that the cameras were accessible to the online audience.

My gorgeous Mom bent over to turn the hot water on and was letting the tub fill. She grabbed a candle, lit it and put it on the side of the tub, beside her bottle of wine. She locked the door, and then the show began.

She swiftly undid her summer dress and stepped out of it. I admired her underwear clad body. My Mom was hot as fuck. She was curvier then Kayleigh. Her breasts were at least full D cups and looked amazing being held up by her lacy white bra. Her ass was equally curvy, with plenty of meat on her ass cheeks. Despite this it still seemed to defy gravity. My mom always did look after herself at the gym, and was fairly young to be a mother of two.

I looked down at the chat. The men watching were exclaiming at how hot my mom was and some variation of what they would do to her if given the chance. Many were thanking me ofcourse. I assured them that this was just the beginning.

I was rock hard. I had seen my Mom in bikini’s, but nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see. My Mom quickly discarded of her Bra, setting free her big tits. She had nice succulent pink nipples. Her bare breasts looked amazing. They had some droop as expected with their size, but they had a bounce to them that only big natural tits would have.

She stepped out of her thong and walked to the tub. Her ass cheeks jiggled mesmerizingly with each step. I looked at the chat for a moment again, it seemed like the boys didn’t know what they liked most, her back or her front side!

She dipped into the tub and sunk in. Her tits were still above water level so were fully exposed to the camera. She pulled out a magazine from beside the tub and started reading it. She took the glass of wine in her other hand and took a sip.

She looked quizzically at the glass of wine. I was in sheer panic, was she able to taste the drug? That bastard Johnny swore it was tasteless!

After what seemed like forever she simply shrugged and took another moderate sip. It wasn’t long before I could see her body posture change. She seemingly went atonic and slumped deeper into the warm water. With each passing sip of wine she seemed to sink deeper into a relaxed sort of zen state. I’m sure she just thought that this was a combination of fatigue, a warm bath and some good wine. My viewers and I knew the truth though.

Within 20 minutes she had finished the wine, and has sunken into a quiet sense of ecstasy. I got up and walked into my Mom’s room. I looked through her clothes and found what I was looking for. A small pink lingerie style robe that I had seen my mom wear around the house on more than one occasion. Even as a young kid the sight of her wearing this slinky robe around the house gave me a hard-on. I think it got so bad that my dad might have noticed and forbade her from wearing it!

I took it to the bathroom and hung it on the door knob.

“Hey Mom you doing ok in there?” I asked

“Ohh yeah Davie this bath is exactly what I needed” she said in a soft dreamy voice.

I laughed “Great Mom. I brought your robe for you to get into when you’re done. Finish up soon silly and meet me downstairs for some more wine.” I said cheerily

“Oh that sounds great honey, this wine is amazing I can hardly wait!”

“Ok come down in 5 then.” I replied

I scampered downstairs and poured some wine out for both of us. I knew I didn’t need to put any more drug in there, I didn’t want her to overdose!

A few minutes later, my dick twinged as I saw my Mom saunter slowly down the stairs. Her light pink robe was tied tight across her waist, but still managed to show generous cleavage. Her long legs were on full display as she walked downstairs. My favorite part of this robe was how short it was, it only came a few inches below her ass cheeks.

She sat down on the couch beside me and accepted the full glass of wine I gave her. She was moving slowly, and her eyes were glazed. She looked very at ease. She smiled

“Davey I haven’t worn this robe in a long long time.” She giggled “I think I’m getting too old for it.”

I took my cue

“Nonsense Mom, you look great!”

She blushed “You’re just saying that because you’re my son.” She said as she took another large sip of wine.

“No way Mom, here let me show you.”

I walked behind the couch and took out my professional high definition camera that Johnny had provided us to get some high quality images of Kayleigh for the website.

She smiled as I showed it to her before snapping some pictures.

“Davey stop!” she said as she playfully put her hands over her face.

“No way Mom, I need to show you how good you look, give me a pose.”

“Haha since when did you get so crazy!” She laughed before putting her hands down.

She made some silly model poses and I snapped away.

“Here Mom, look at these, you’re a model!” I smiled as I showed her

She smiled “Davey you’re sweet.” She paused before continuing. She was about to start and then paused “I shouldn’t tell you this.”

I pushed her “You have to Mom, come on!”

She giggled like a school girl “Well, back in college I used to do some underwear modelling. That is.. before I met your Father.”

Of course I knew this, I had been jacking off to her old modelling pics forever that she kept hidden on her laptop, but she didn’t know this. This was how I knew this plan was going to work.

I feigned surprise “Wow Mom really!? What happened?”

She smiled “Well, I met your Father. And of course he didn’t approve. So he made me stop doing modelling. I always wonder where that would have gone, but oh well its too late now.”

I smiled “Well Mom, you know you’re going to HAVE to show me some of your poses.”

She giggled “Davey what’s gotten into you.” She said almost seductively as she bottomed the rest of her wine.

I took the photographer pose again.

“Come on Mom work it! Show me what you got hot stuff!”

This made her laugh out loud.

She stood up and looked seductively at the camera, playing with her hair. I took a few pics.

“Yeah babe work it.” I laughed, imitating a sleazy photographer.

She changed poses rapidly, I could tell she was starting to love it. She briefly bent over forward exposing some generous cleavage.

“Yeah hold that pose. Push those boobs together” I said as I pushed my luck. I knew that the drug and wine were in full effect.

She bit her lip and did as she was told.

“Davey you are a bad boy.” She jokily scolded

“Damn Mom you are hot.” I said

She sloppily winked at me.

“Ok babe now let’s see what youre working with from behind, turn around.”

She turned around and looked seductively back.

“Yeah now bend over, stick your ass out.”

“Davey!” she scolded

“Sorry, Mom, I mean stick your bum out.”

“That’s better honey”

She bent over and stuck her big ass out, her robe climbed up above the lower part of her ass.

“Yeah that’s it babe.” Now life the robe up lets see what your’re working with.”

She laughed “oh my god.” But sure enough peeled her robe up, revealing her luscious ass cheeks to the camera. She has a white lace thong on that simply drowned into her ass cheeks.

“Yeah that’s it babe now look back at the camera”

She shot a seductive look back at the camera.

I took some more flashes before sneaking to the front side of her again. I shot some pics of her bending over, again exposing her deep cleavage as her tits were hanging against gravity.

“Babe now I want you to undo the robe.”

“Davey I’m not wearing a bra.” She giggled

“That’s OK, you’re a model you know how to cover up.”

She shot me a devlish grin before untying her robe. She made sure the robe was pulled over her tits, but now her stomach was bare.

She continued to pose as I snapped away more pics. I motioned her to bend forward again. Her breasts were now freely dangling down towards the floow, I snapped away. She tried to keep them covered the best she could.

“OK now stand up.”

She did and now the lace of the robe was just covering her nipples on either side. Her cleavage was fully revealed as the front side of her dress was open.

“Now play with that beautiful hair babe.”

Without a second thought she raised her arms and put her hand through her hair, making a seductive face at the camera. This pulled her robe aside and completely revealed her big tits to the camera. I feverishly snapped pics.

She looked down and laughed “Very smooth mister, you should be ashamed tricking your Mom like that.”

“Babe I’m telling you, you’re not my Mom right now you’re my hot model.” I teased her

“Smooth talker.” She giggled.

“OK now lose the robe.”

“Davey I can’t.” she pleaded

“Come on babe, show off that banging body for the camera.” I said. I was fully aware of how rock hard I was at this point.

“Oh my god I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She gasped before slowly letting the robe drop to the ground. She almost instinctively covered her boobs with her hands.

Now my stunning Mom was standing in front of me in just her panties.

“Good girl, now show me those gorgeous boobs again babe.”

She smiled at me naughtily before slowly dropping her hands from her breasts, letting them hang free.

I feverishly snapped away pictures.

Her tits looked amazing, this was obviously the first time I had seen them in their full naked glory. They were big and round, they sagged a bit the way big natural tits would but still stood up remarkably well. She had a slim frame with slender shoulders and a relatively thin waist, which made her bust even more impressive.

“Mom you’re sexy as fuck.” I said almost in a trance

“Davey you know you’re not supposed to be attracted to your Mother right” she teased.

I instructed her to hold her tits up in various positions and snapped away pictures. For some variety I got her to turn around and bend over so I could get pictures of her juicy thong clad ass.

“Alright babe time to lose that little thong.”

My mom stood up and looked at me longingly. She seemed to be thinking the proposition over.

“You know honey, I never was THAT kind of model.” She winked

“Come on Mom, just for me.”

She again smiled at me, paused, before opening her mouth again.

“Davey I think this has gone far enough.” She smiled “Just keep those pictures to yourself and I promise I won’t tell Dad about any of this.”

She slowly picked up her robe before tying it up again around her.

I sighed before saying “OK mom, let me know if you want to relive your model days again sometime. I would love to do this again sometime” I smiled

She walked over at me, still having that relaxed glazed look over her eyes.

“You bet honey.” She said as she put her arms around me “After all I didn’t mind hearing all of those complements from my ‘photographer’, you made a girl feel young again.”

My dick twinged as she put her arm around me. I had never been this attracted to my Mom in my life.

Instinctively I brought her in to my body, pushing her big tits against my chest. My hand naturally reached around and under her robe and grabbed her bare ass cheek. I went in to kiss her luscious lips.

My Mom avoided my lips and instead gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Goodnight honey, I’m a bit tired, I’ll see you tomorrow though big guy.” She teased before stepping out of my embrace and walking upstairs.

I watched her ass in a trance as it jiggled hypnotically as she went up each step.

Damn, I really thought my Mom might have let me fuck her tonight. I knew it didn’t really matter though, the drug and wine had done the trick. I had more than enough to enact my plan.

I hurried upstairs and started looking through my pictures. I decided not to jerk off to them, I wanted to safe this throbbing dick for my Mom the next day.

To Be Continued…


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