Losing virginity with young driver

Losing virginity with young driver

I had to take Uber for a long 3 hour drive, ended up fucked by the young driver with a free ride.

I was on vacation when my boss called me in the afternoon saying, “Julie, I am sorry, I have bad news for you”.

I said, “Just speak up Sir, what is it?”

He said, “we have an emergency, and I need you to report to work by 8:00 am tomorrow morning please, would you be kind enough to do that for me?”

I said, “If duty calls, I will obey, but Sir, I am at the other end of the country, it is at least 3-4 driving hours from her to our city, and I do not have my car, I came by plane, the nearest flight is tomorrow evening, I would have taken the bus or train, but there are no such services here unfortunately”

My boss said, “well, why don’t you take a cab or an Uber?”

I almost screamed saying, “Sir, that is a long drive and it would be very expensive, it might cost me a whole month salary for an Uber or a cab”

He giggled saying, “that would not be a problem Julie, just take an Uber, get in the back seat and relax, the company will cover that for you”

I asked, “Are you sure Sir?”

“Yes, positive, and please apologize on my behalf to your family about that inconvenience I have just made for all of you” he answered.

I said, “No problem at all Sir, it is a duty call, we all have to abide”

He said, “Thank you very much, I know I can always count on you Julie, I promise to make it up for you, one way or another” and we hung up.

It was the afternoon already and I had to make the trip that day, I would not make it on time no matter how early I start my trip next day, I just packed my bag, booked an Uber through the application and waited for it to come to my hotel.

My Uber arrived, a nice big and spacy car fortunately, the driver was a very good looking, young man who was so active and seemed to be very flirty as well, he was checking me out from the minute we met and making all kinds of passes on me, which did not bother me a bit, on the contrary, I thought it would make our trip more interesting that way, I happen to be a big flirt too with a hot, sexy curvy figure.

Besides, I could not blame him for checking my body out, it must have been my body looks and the way I was dressed, a very tight, light material pair of leggings that had outlined every single curve of my body and every asset, I would say, I almost looked nude in those leggings, the top was very low cut not only showing the cleavage of my big sized tits, but most of the inner parts of my tits were out up to the edge of my nipples, with no bra under it either.

I have to admit, I had no panties under the leggings, any type of panties would clearly show, even thongs, that is part of the reason why I left them off, or maybe I wanted to be more comfortable and…. maybe generous too by showing my seminude pussy under them.

When the driver pulled out, I said, “Julie is my name, it is going to be a long trip we need to be introduced to each other, don’t you think so?”

The guy was looking at me in his huge middle mirror which he seemed to have made it that large to be able to see the full figure of his customers in the back seat, at times he would look over his shoulder to show me his pleasant smiles as well, he said, “I am John, pleased to meet you Julie” then continued saying, “Mam, I hope you already know it will be a long trip, it might take a few hours, I hope you are not in a hurry, besides, it is going to be an expensive trip”

To be able to see and talk to him, I sat in the middle of the spacy back seat, spreading my legs apart once in a while, I made sure he gets a few clear glances between my legs once in a while, I knew he was concentrating on that area, nobody would blame him for looking there, a fully outlined pussy under a stretchy transparent, tight material of leggings was looking at him directly, it looked more attractive than a nude pussy, I guess. I think any man or even a woman would look at it ignoring everything else. He wasn’t spending any efforts to hide his obvious staring at my assets, besides, his way of flirting and talking and checking my body out was giving me some naughty ideas by then.

I smiled saying, “Oh, I know it is going to be a long trip, I am not in a hurry, we have all night long to get there safely, but as for the expensive fare…..” he was looking me straight in the eyes by then, giving me his full attention, trying to find out what do I have on mind, I just winked an eye at him with a wide naughty smile saying, “Again, about the expensive fare, basically, I know it is going to cost me a lot but I had no other choices” then I continued saying, “I think that is subject to consideration and discussion, unless you think it is a closed subject and close all doors about it?” by then, I had rested both of my forearms over the edges of front seats, bending over, getting closer for him to hear me, because I was almost whispering, but that had caused my top to fall a little lower, showing almost all of my tits, he probably was rewarded with a quick glance of either both of my nipples under it or just one, I wasn’t’ sure.

The young man, who was in his early to mid-twenties, seemed to be very much interested in what I was saying or hinting, he was a fast comprehending guy, besides being hot and good looking, he almost twisted his neck to the position of almost facing me, his face was very close to mine when he smiled widely and naughtily as well saying, “well, no doors are closed from my end, all are negotiable at any point, but, it is not comfortable, nor it is safe for me to keep turning my face to talk to you, the front passenger seat is as comfortable and spacy, would you consider taking it and making it easier for us to talk during this long trip?”

Without thinking twice about it, I laughed loud saying, “Of course I would, I agree with you for safety and comfort purposes, why don’t you pull over for me to move to the front unless you want me to jump over?”

He laughed loud while stopping same time saying, “No need for you to jump over, a respectable, gorgeous creature like you, should be treated with full respect and honor, please come to the front seat now”

I moved to the front seat, sat next to him, he pulled over right away, I said “wow, how sweet of you John, I am flattered now, being treated in a real sweet manner like a gentle lady, I believe you need to be rewarded for that John, just keep your eyes on the road no matter what I do”

That was when I had decided to cut it short and bypass all the usual seductive bullshit, I turned half way around, lifting my body up getting closer to him to give him a soft kiss on the cheek, I did it so slow that he was able to get a full glance at my bare tits under my lose, light top, the minute I bent over to give him the kiss on his cheek, he tried turning his face towards me to see what was going on, as he was busy looking at my bare tits and nipples, that sudden turn made my kiss land over his lips instead of his cheek, we both laughed loud, I said, “the soft friendly kiss wasn’t intended to be there, it was supposed to be on your cheek, but I think you deserve it anyway”.

We were both laughing so loud and nonstop for a minute or so, besides, that act had opened every thing up demolishing all of the limits or red lines between both of us, he seemed to have been waiting for such an act from me to encourage him to advance further, he sure did, and I did nothing at all to stop him or make think I did not like it.

While talking and using his free hand waving, he had touched my tits unintentionally or made it look like so, but I did not react negatively at all, on the contrary, I was laughing, winking eyes, as if encouraging him to do so or go further at that. During the conversation he must have sensed my clear approval to offer my body in return of a free ride and he clearly seemed to have no problem with that at all, we both almost agreed to it without discussing it openly.

I guess when the idea got clear on his mind, he started losing control over his waking up and hardening cock, making a huge tent over his crotch, which was pleasing me very much, a sex loving slut like me would not ask for more than a good looking, young man with a great package between his legs.

Again, although he was the one who was doing all the flirting, but I was the braver one to start serious actions and advances, and that made me shamelessly place my hand over his hardening cock while looking him in the eyes and whispering in his ears, “you don’t seem to be the only person who likes my body around here, someone else is standing up in respect, don’t you think so?”

He was brave enough to place his hand over mine over his hardening cock saying, “Yes, he loves you very much and he needs your full attention please”

I unzipped his pants slowly while looking him in the eyes, when I got his cock out, I was totally shocked, it was a monstrous dick that was rock hard, so long and so thick, the type of cock that a cock loving slut like me would love dealing with, I leaned over, pushing my head towards his crotch, parted my lips and wrapped them around his meaty cock, I started happily sucking on it, he was moaning loud and shaking when I pulled his cock out saying, please concentrate on the road, we don’t want to be killed while having sex” we both laughed as he was nodding.

While sucking on his cock, he had uncovered my tits and was rubbing them, pinching my rock-hard nipples, I was getting very horny as well, he pushed his hand further, pushing my leggings down till he got to my pussy and was rubbing it, finger fucking me while I sucked his cock, to be fully shocked, without a prior notice, he screamed he was Cumming and he shot his enormous load of cock cream into my mouth, I was sucking and swallowing it load after another, till I sucked him dray clean.

Although I had enjoyed the taste and feeling of his cum filling my mouth, but I admit being a bit disappointed at first from his Cumming in my mouth, I wanted him to fuck me hard and deep, I still had two cock loving fuck holes that wanted to be fucked badly, my pussy and my asshole, but soon enough I discovered I was absolutely wrong, his cock was still as hard as it was when I had just pulled it out of his zipper.

He took the first exit, got off the highway, drove into a small country road till we spotted a nice, safe and uninhabited area, he parked the car, got me fully naked from the bottom side and was eating my cunt and my ass like there was no tomorrow, he must have made me cum twice during that, then he fucked me inside the car in every possible position till he came again all over my body.

He pulled out of the parking spot back to the road, then to the highway, when I tried to put my leggings back on, he stopped me asking me to stay the way I was, bottomless, he was kissing me, rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples and finger fucking my pussy and ass nonstop during the second part of driving on the road making me cum twice again.

About half an hour before our entering the city, he took another narrow uninhabited country road till he stopped in a deserted area again, and he fucked me again in all of my fuck holes, he came in my mouth, over my face and all over my body again. That son of a bitch came three times during our trip, his cock did not know how to soften or get tired.

Now back to the title I gave to this story, “damn lucky woman”, why did I call it like that, I will explain:

A sex loving, cock loving slut like me, met up with a young and strong , good looking guy with unbelievable power of sex drive, he had a luxurious, space car, had a huge cock, long and thick that did not know how to soften or get tired of fucking. Over and above that, I got a free ride, hence saving the money my company was paying to myself, the price I was paying to get a free ride was not a price in my dictionary, it was more of a prize, getting fully fucked, satisfying every fuck hole of my body all road long till we reached our destiny, that is exactly what I would call being a damn lucky woman.


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