I fucked my Driver’s wife Elisa

I fucked my Driver’s wife Elisa

Our family servant cum driver drives our car and I have an illicit relation with driver’s wife ELISA.

¬†Garry is shocked as well as surprised to receive Elisa’s call on his mobile .she is a married lady in her early thirties with a nice face as well as her figure is 32-26-36 ,her tits are well shaped as her heavy buttocks moves like a spring when she walks fastly. Elisa is waiting for me in her home as i knocked her door .
Elisa opened the door with smile on her face and looking too hot as well as sexy in her crop tops and mini skirt with a high heel sandle.I moved inside as she locked the door and hold me ,she is pressing her boobs on my back as her hand is on my jeans. Elisa is rubbing her palms on the bulge of my penis and i hold her hand to put it on my zip of the jeans,now Elisa is unzipping it to hold my cock.lastly i turned back to hold her in my arms as my lips are on her face as well as lips .she is removing my jeans as my mouth have swallowed her long tongue to suck.she have pulled my jeans down to remove my undies as well as my long cock is in her palms ,while sucking her tongue my hand is moving on her bare back and she is masturbating my cock fastly.

Elisa have removed my clothes as she is now sitting on my legs to love my penis, while holding my long cock her lips are moving on my cock from base to shaft as well as glans.looking towards me ,she started rubbing my glans on her lips and lastly took my cock in her mouth to suck.Elisa’s arms is holding my waist while she is sucking my cock with her mouth moving fast ,my penis is in full erection as she took it out of her mouth .she is licking my penis with her long tongue while her fingers are moving in my dense pubic hair .later on Elisa stands in front of me as i hold her one breast to press it hard,she is screaming……”uuhhh aahhh garry fuck me dear
(Garry) why you are in hurry elisa ,let me love your cunt.”

Elisa is standing with her legs stretched as i knelt down and lifted her skirt up to her waist, her nude thighs and pelvic region is making me hot.I removed her G string and started kissing her clean shaved vagina, labias are well skinny and well distracted as my lips are on her soft vagina.she is screaming in joy “aahhh uuhhh fuck me garry .” but i opened her vaginal mouth to lick her vagina ,my tongue is moving inside her vagina as her vaginal depth can’t be seen but flexibility is enough to have my tongue inside .while licking her glory hole i can feel my penis in full erection as she is screaming……”oohh aahhhh garry fuck my cunt soon .” but i took her labias in my mouth to suck .later on i left it.

Elisa is standing in front of me as i removed her tops and pulled down her skirt ,her under garments have been removed as i started pressing her soft breast ,she turned back and bend down and elisa is like a four legged animal on ground .I have hold my penis in front of her nude ass,now i pushed my glans in her vagina as i have hold her waist tightly ,now i pushed my long cock in her glory hole and started fucking her with speed as well as power .elisa is swinging her round dome shaped ass as my penis is hitting her vagina ,she is enjoying my penis and my tiger is roaring inside her deep cave.after 5-7 minutes of fuck she started shouting….”oohh noo garry fuck me hard i will cum soon.” and her pussy is wet now.now i took out my penis and sits behind her ass ,my tongue is licking her vagina as I am tasting the vaginal fluid.

we both are going to enjoy fuck again as she is standing in front of me with her legs wide apart,i pushed my long cock in her pussy and while holding her waist i am pounding her vagina .my penis is fucking her from below as she has held me tightly and her nude boobs are pressing against my chest. Now I am screaming as she is pressing her bum down to have my cock and lastly i shouted….. “oohhh Elisa i will cum aahhh.” and her vagina got the cum of my penis. Our sex ends.


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