I found the perfect twinkass – Part 1

I found the perfect twinkass – Part 1

Blake finds the perfect twink in Chris, and begins the process of turning him into his little slut
Hey all, I’ve been a dom for quite a few years… something about having a guy or girl at my complete disposal, following my every command, begging to please my cock is out of this world. There was one guy in particular with whom I had many great experiences (who I am unfortunately no longer a dom for…more on that later). I figured it’d cool to recount all the highlights of my time as a dom with him, so this will likely be a series if it gets enough attention. Everything below is true, as best as I remember, with dialogue filled in to make the story flow (names are different, obviously). Hope you enjoy it.

Just a couple of months into my master’s degree and I’m already spent. I didn’t know it would be so exhausting and frustrating. These professors just put you to work endlessly with little time to relax. Thankfully, my social life was already established here at the uni. I stayed at the same school to finish my master’s, which has the added benefit of not having to make new friends! Which, not to brag, was never really hard for me anyway. To give you guys a better picture of me, I’m about 6’1’’, slightly athletic (I work out from time to time… mostly sports), short brown hair complemented by blue eyes. I’m openly bi and have quite a few gay, lesbian, and straight friends. I take pride in satisfying my sexual appetite, from having threesomes with two of my gay friends to ravaging ladies whenever I can. It helps me get through the terrible thing that is a master’s degree.

Maybe more on those encounters later… for now lets focus on Chris. Early on into my time as an undergrad, I explored into what being a dom is like. I’ll admit I tried being a sub for a guy, and then another girl to get the whole experience but being someone else’s slave was not right for me. I can appreciate the anal play and being a bottom from time to time but generally, I’m the alpha, doing the fucking instead of being fucked. Finding a sub is a lot harder than offering to be one though. My very first sub was named Brandon, and he was quite the little slut, but as I was just figuring out what this all entailed, the relationship didn’t last too long. I knew what I wanted, just not how to make it happen.

I read some tips and guides online, and read other people’s stories. I think I had two more subs for short time periods (averaging a month I’d say) and then I gave up. I went back to fucking guys I met at bars, just to get some release. I even had a year-long relationship with another gal during my senior year, but she moved away after we graduated. So that brings us back to Chris – my best and sluttiest sub, Chris. We were both in the same major, and met in a class we were both taking. He instantly caught my attention. Not that I encourage stereotypes, but he emanated gayness. He had “hip” black hair doo and always wore fashionable clothes. He was a twink, I kid you not almost exactly like any twink you’d find in an online porn video. I immediately befriended him, if nothing else to have my chance at fucking his twink hole…

We hit it off, helped each other with our schoolwork, and went to bars after. He knew I had a huge sexual appetite and he was probably wondering how big and thick my cock is just as much as I was wondering how smooth his bare ass is. It didn’t take too many nights out at bars before I told him I want to take him back to my apartment. I think that’s enough exposition… that takes us to our first sexual encounter together…

“Shit Blake, I think that girl was trying to hit on you and you just left her there at the bar,” Chris says, trying to hold in his laughter.

“If only she knew what I’m about to do to you, Chris,” I retorted. “I’m not going to lie, I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I met you. You’re exactly the kind of guy I like to fuck, a perfect twink.” That was first time I had called him a twink, or anything slightly degrading for that matter. I remember the look on his face. He was a little surprised at first but then seemed a little turned on.

“Oh yeah? You like this twink body?” Chris said as he lifted up his shirt, exposing his bare and smooth chest and hard nipples from the cold weather, I assume. I stared lustfully, knowing I was about to make good use of that smooth body.

“Hurry up and get in the car, I need this.”

I drove back to my place pretty quickly; my cock was ready to burst through my jeans at the thought. I really wanted… no, I really needed this. School is a bore and a chore, and I found my perfect slut. After talking to him on our previous “dates,” I found out he really is quite the whore. He’s had countless guys fuck him, and is the kinkiest guy I know. He’s into pretty much everything. Maybe… maybe I could make him my new sub?

We stumbled into my apartment, with one too many drinks. I know, drunk driving. I wasn’t nearly bad at all, it was mostly Chris. Once we got in the door, we started kissing passionately, our tongues intertwining, our hands exploring our bodies. We broke away only long enough for us to take off all our clothes, then immediately returned to kissing as I stroked his 5” cock over his pale skinny body. It wasn’t too thin or thick, a good size for a twink-like him. Once he felt my 8” thick cock, I think he knew where he was on the food chain if he didn’t already. He stared down in disbelief, kneeling down to explore it while massaging my balls.

I moved over to sit down on my bed as I said, “Time to suck.” Chris looked a little frustrated at first that I commanded him, but I think his lust for my cock won him over. He began to lap at my balls, getting them wet with his saliva, taking them into his mouth one at a time. I couldn’t help but moan, he definitely had experience with this. He started licking from the base of my cock to the tip, over and over, teasing me. I could barely take it, it was giving me shivers. Finally, he started sucking my dick down, rocking his head back and forth over my thick meat.

“That’s right you dirty twink, suck that cock.” As much as I liked Chris as a friend, the possibility of having the perfect boy as my sub was too great. I was going to push this as far as I could and try to make him my sub. Chris again gave me a dirty look but kept sucking.

He increased pace, rocking up and down faster. I stood up, placed my hand on the back of his head, and started fucking his mouth, my balls hitting his chin. He could take a cock like a pro, with no gag reflex. Honestly, I was the luckiest man alive to find a guy like Chris. But subs don’t need to know that. And I had to make him my sub. I kept fucking his face until with one last stroke I pushed my cock in as far as I could, cumming down his throat. If you’ve never done that to a guy or girl before, trust me, it’s ecstasy. I pulled out and he showed some of my cum on his tongue before swallowing it down.

“Did you like that, boy?” There I went again, trying to tip him off with keywords.

“Your cum is fucking delicious. Sign me up for more,” Chris replied.

“Good, now get on the bed with your ass up. It’s time to take what I really came for.”

Chris smirked and got up onto the bed. He grabs a pillow to put under his stomach to plop up his smooth twink ass. It was glorious, I loved every second of it. His cock was twitching and leaking precum over the pillow. I gave it a few licks and moved up to his balls, taking them into my mouth one by one. That definitely got him going. I got some lube out from my dresser and liberally applied it to his tight hole.

“Fuck that’s cold,” Chris said.

“It’ll warm up soon, don’t worry boy.”

I rubbed the lube around his hole, massaging his ass with my other hand. I had to take it all in. It was a sight to behold compared to any of the other asses I had fucked in my lifetime. I slowly pushed one finger in, all the way to the knuckle. There was surprisingly little resistance…did he prepare himself for this tonight? Two more fingers in no problem, I was stretching his hole easily with three fingers.

“Did you finger yourself before you left tonight, knowing we would do this, Chris?” I said in disbelief.

“I did more than finger myself, Blake,” he replied.

“You dirty little slut, you just can’t wait to have a cock deep inside you can you?”

“No sir, I can’t.” Maybe he meant to say sir just a saying, not thinking twice about it. Maybe he meant to say it because he wanted to submit to me from the beginning. Either way, that set me off. It was time to make him my little cock slut.

“Well, I think this little slut needs to be taught a lesson, shown what a real cock will do to your slutty hole.” I didn’t give him any time to reply as I got up onto the bed and easily slid my thick dick into him, balls deep in one go.

“Fuck yes,” was all Chris could get out.

“That’s right little slut, take all of my cock. Become Daddy’s little bitch.” At this point I wasn’t even actively trying to turn him into my sub, it was just natural from my previous times with other subs. They liked to be degraded, and I loved to respond. I loved calling Chris my slut. I owned him.

I continued to pound away at him, thrusting faster, my hands holding onto his shoulders for better leverage. With each thrust, I came closer to cumming. Despite him preparing himself beforehand, this was still one of the best fucks I had had in a long time. I considered dragging it out longer, but I decided against that. I kept fucking Chris as his little cock was still twitching and leaking floods of precum.

“I’m almost ready to cum, little slut. Tell Master where you want his cum.”

“Ungh… inside me… please,” each word coming out after a thrust.

“That’s right, you want to be bred like a bitch don’t you?”

“Yes! Please, breed me.”

With just a couple more strokes into Chris’s ass, I bottomed out as I could feel my cum surge through my cock deep into his ass, spurt after spurt. I pulled out, spent from fucking him so hard, as I watched my cum spill out of his now gaping hole down his balls and cock. I flipped him over and started jerking his cock. His body was shivering at my touch, he must still be sensitive from the fucking. I was kind enough then to finish him off, having him cum all over his chest.

There was an awkward silence for a bit as Chris lay on the bed covered in his cum with my cum still leaking from him. Was he upset at what I had called him? I didn’t know, but I had to make my move.

“So little slut, did you like being used by your Master?” There was no pretense now, only straightforward questions.

Chris paused for a bit, then stuck a few of his fingers in his own asshole, scooping up my cum and bringing to his mouth. He sucked all the cum off his fingers, playing with it in his mouth and then swallowing it down. “I couldn’t be happier… Master. I love being your little cum slut.”

Success. He was mine. At least, he was mine in bed. When it came to everyday life, I still needed to see how far he was willing to go. “Look, Chris, I never told you that I was a dom for a while with other guys, and as you can tell I love to make other men my subs. Do you want to be my sub? It’s more than just in bed, but I’d control you and you would exist to please me and my cock. I don’t want to ruin our friendship but I think you know you want this too.”

“Fuck Blake, I do really want this. I mean, I’ve been slutty for guys before, but if there was anyone I’d be a sub for, it’d be you,” Chris replied.

“Then let me state the ground rules right now,” I said as I stand naked, my cock coming back to life at the thought of having a new, perfect sub. “You are to address only by three titles at all times: Master, Sir, or Daddy. You will follow all of my commands without question, or be punished. And you are never to cum without my permission. You don’t touch your cock unless you have to piss unless I tell you to. Got it, slut?”

“Yes sir,” he happily replied, like a dog eager to please his master. There was no cute friendship between Chris and I anymore. As I said, all pretense was gone. I was his Master, and he was my sub. I had another boy at my disposal to suck my cock whenever I wanted, a hole to fuck whenever I wanted, and a body to explore my fetishes with whenever I wanted. He was mine.


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