How to Love Your Brother – literotica gay

How to Love Your Brother – literotica gay

Damian, the big brother, decided to tease his little brother, Aiden. After a while, things got spicy.
“Huh… What’s going on…” I muttered groggily, my eyes half-closed. I fell asleep while watching video and was woken up by a loud huffing.

It was my brother, Damian. He had been working at the foot of my bed. His head bob up and down as he was doing push-up. I don’t know how long he had been going at it, but it must be quite some times, since he was sweating like crazy. His manly, musky smell completely filled the room and my nose. It made me fully woke me up and instantly made me hard. A guy’s dirty sweaty smell after a workout always makes my dick a little too excited, and a even more excited if it’s my brother’s smell.

We shared a room since we were a kid and we do almost everything together. He’s like a best friend and hero to me. I really looked up to him, I didn’t know when that turned into something else. I had a lot of fantasies about him that I’ll never try out in for real. Too bad he’s straight but it’s not like I’ll make any move even if he’s gay.

“About time you wake up.” He said between breathes. He had stopped doing push-up and just sat on the floor, breathing heavily.

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“Not long. Only about half an hour or so.” He glanced over at me. I had my blanket on, so I didn’t bother covering my boner. Then, he got up and sat on my bed.

He wasn’t wearing any shirt. I could see his perfect body glistening with sweat. Damian wasn’t super muscular or anything, but everything was in the right place. His manly chest and strong arms can snatch away anyone’s heart. He just got all the good genes from our parents.

I’ve always admired his body. While my body wasn’t as muscular as his, because I’ve been neglecting working out, I’ll admit I still look pretty fit.

“Checking me out again?” He said playfully. While watching my reaction, he flopped down on my bed and rolled to the side so he would face me. From this position, his dick, hugged tightly by his boxers, were painfully clear.

“Get off my bed. You’re sweaty.” I wanted him to go, so I can jerk off. My dick was being painfully hard in my boxer.

That made him actively wiping the sweat into my bed sheet and blanket.

Damn it. The more I told him not to do something, the more he wanted to do it.

He started rubbing his hands everywhere and moving closer to me.

“Are you a child?” I tried to sound sarcastic, but a chuckle came out instead.

When his hand landed on my hard cock, I jolted. I was taken off guard and didn’t notice how close he was. Embarrassed, I tried to push his hand away, but he tightens his grip and grinned.

“Little Aiden is excited, hmm? Did you get hard from seeing your brother half-naked?” He squeezed lightly and I squirmed to get out of his grip.

He knew I’m gay and loves to tease me like this. He’s the first person I came out to when I was 13 and he’s pretty cool about it. I’m 16 now and he’s 18. Also, after coming out, he instantly become more protective, which was sweet and annoying at the same time, like, he didn’t want me to have a sleepover at ‘friend’s’ house or get a boyfriend at all. He’s a massive cockblocker. Why I’m single right now isn’t his fault, though. That said, I did manage to make him knock it off (kinda).

“This isn’t funny… Fuck.. off…” Normally, it would come out as ‘This isn’t funny! FUCK OFF!’ but, well, I haven’t masturbated in a while since I was busy, so my horniness is through the roof, even light touch like this almost made me cum. I’m practically squirming from pleasure. Also, I want to see where this is going.

Laughing, he stroked up and down and give a gentle squeeze here and there. I panted almost as hard as him when he was working out now. The sensation of his hand rubbing me through the rough fabric of my boxer is amazing. I could cum at any moment.

“D-Damian… Stop.. it…” I moaned for my brother with my trembling voice. I didn’t know I can moan like that. I gave in to my lust, stop resisting and surrender myself to him. I love the feeling of him on my cock.

Then, he suddenly stopped stroking and took his hand out of the cover. I looked at him, confused.

He had stopped laughing. His face was beet red, as was I, as he realized that his dick was also rock hard from all those actions, it was so obvious when his boxer bulges out like that. I was mesmerized and almost reached over to grab it. He looked embarrassed about it and quickly get up and promptly left the room, leaving alone.

When he was gone, I relax and fall back on my bed. I was so confused.

What was that? Wasn’t Damian straight? He got hard because of me?

I had many questions, and I want the answers to all of them. Sadly, he ran away, leaving me alone with my boner that was as stiff as stone. I slowly took off my boxer and slid the blanket over my head. I might as well continues from where he left off.

Normally, I would do this in the bathroom, but it’s probably occupied by Damian… He’s probably doing it in there, huh…?

With the thought of my brother rubbing it off, I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and started stroking. With every pump of my fist, I let out a soft breath. I was extremely sensitive at this point, but I don’t want it to be over so soon. So, I do it as slowly as possible.

I didn’t know how long I had been going at it, I lost track of time once I started. When I masturbate, I like to do it slow and allow orgasm to build up, that way ejaculation will be incredibly intense. In my head, I was picturing Damian, in the bathroom, violently jacking off to me. I imagined him moaning my name as he was about to cum.

“…Aiden…?” Yeah… Moaning my name… Just like that…

“Are you listening to me?” Without any warning, the blanket was yanked away, exposing me curled up and playing with my dick. My brother was standing above me, staring wide-eyed, clearly taken aback by what he saw. He quickly wiped that look away and looked down at my dick and scoffed the moment he saw it. HE FUCKING SCOFF! Was my dick too small or something, huh?!?

I grabbed his wrist and pulled him down to the bed. He was wearing the same thing as before, by that I mean he was only wearing a gray boxer. He didn’t resist as I push him down on the bed and climb on top of him. We were both half-naked, only that the exposed area is completely different. Yes, I straddled my brother with my hard dick exposed.

“What’s wrong? My dick too small for you?” I said that jokingly, as a revenge for what he did earlier. When I realized his dick was also hard, and he didn’t bother hiding it this time.

“I didn’t know I was interrupting your private time.” He grinned.

“You really think I wouldn’t do it after how hard you made me?” I replied. I was about to teased him further but he caught me off guard by saying-

“I think I might be attracted to guys…”

“Are you sure you’re not just being horny?” I was confused for a bit.

He shook his head. “I’m not attracted to just any guy… Hell, I still don’t know what’s going on with me, but it’s not just my dick thinking for sure.”

No, you’re definitely just horny because you haven’t had sex in months— is what my logic told me. But screw logic. This is finally my chance! After wishing for it all these years!

“If you want to try it with a guy, how about doing it with me? If you try having sex with a guy, maybe you’ll figure out your feeling.”

“Are you sure?” He sounded hesitant.

I simply nodded.

That was all he needs. Damian lean in, one hand cupping my cheek and the other on my waist, placing his lips on mine, it was so warm and soft… His hot breath hit my face. I felt his tongue poking at my lips, trying to enter me, and I parted my lips just enough to allow him to enter me. His tongue protruded and explored around until it found mine. Both our tongues wrestled each other, his emerging victorious. His saliva mixed with mine, it tasted great…

When he pulled away, I realized I was out of breath, he was, too. I was in a daze. It felt like a dream come true.

I wrapped my legs around him and pushed us closer together, mashing our stiff cocks against each other. I crushed my lips against him again. As we exchanged saliva, I grabbed the back of his head with my hand and push him onto me, and he did the same. We were locked together, in perfect harmony.

I was lost in the heated moment, when I felt his hands tugging my white tank tops. I got the message and broke the kiss. He slowly unshirted me and I helped him by raising my arms. When my tank top is finally off, he threw it away at the other side of the room. I was fully naked now and he can see all of it. I knew he likes what he sees, and I like showing him that.

He pushed me back, but still keep my crouth glued to his by grabbing my round ass cheeks. He gave me butt a playful squeezes and lean down towards my chest. As he slowly made his way down, his hot breath brushed my skin, making it tingle. His mouth finally found my nipple and

He sucked, bite, kissed, licked my right nipple passionately, like he was in love with it. He used his hand to pinched my other nipple, making the pleasure almost unbearable. Wanting more, I arched my back and pushed my nipple deeper into his mouth.

His hand and mouth were busy at work. His other hand wasn’t free, though. Whenever my crouth was going to drift apart from him, he pushed it back. I started to grind myself against him harder, working in perfect motion. His hand on my ass squeezed my butt tightly before crawling towards the crack of my ass. He grabbed and pulled, widening my crack for easier access, then use his middle to circle my tight butthole. He never went inside, just circling around, teasing my hole to the point I almost can’t take it anymore.

I tried to reach my hand down to his dick, to pleasure him, but I couldn’t. That’s when my patient reached its limit. I placed my hands on either of Damian’s shoulders, and push him down on the bed. My hard nipples were tender from his relentless assault. The wetness from saliva turned cool quick and almost made me pulled him back to violate it once more.

“Aiden, what the hell?” He complained with hungry looks on his face. He still wasn’t satisfied with eating my nipple. I smirked and got up from his laps. I kneel down between his legs and rub his tip through the boxer. I played with it for a while, and gave the wet spot of pre a quick kiss and move on.

I began to peel away his boxer. His large tool made it quite difficult to remove it. When I pulled, his dick moves down with the underwear, like it wants to hide from me. When his boxer was finally off, his large thick cock sprang to life, it slapped his hard abs and spilled sticky precum over it.

It was bigger than me all around and longer, too. I was 5 inches, his must be almost 7 inches! As soon as I took off his boxer, his strong, manly smell of his cock hit me, and I was in love with it. This is my brother’s cock. The cock I’ve been lusting after for so many years. It is beautiful. His dick was smooth and trimmed, like mine. It was perfect in every way.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his stick and find that it almost didn’t fit in my grip, he was just so thick. I bring it up and sticky precum stretched out, connecting the tip of his cock and a small pool on his stomach. I ran my finger through the bridge of pre cum and put it in my mouth. It was salty, sticky and delicious.

I lowered my face until his balls was in front of me. It was hairless and in perfect shape and size. The smell was intoxicating, sweat from earlier workout mixed with his own manly scent makes for the best. I jerked his meaty cock slowly, all the way from bottom to top and down again, occasionally rubbing his piss slit with my finger when my hand reached the top. I opened my mouth and took his right nut into my mouth. I heard Damian sucked in a deep breath, and I started to be more aggressive. I began to sucked on his nut and circle my tongue around the scrotum. My big brother let out a slow and long moan, which encourage me to go harder.

After worshipping his balls for a few minutes, I decided it was enough. I kissed my way up his dick, leaving a trail of wet spots. Of course, I wasn’t going to let his balls hang there all alone. I fondled it with my hand and switch between gentle squeezing and circling around it with my palm.

As I reached the top. I flicked my tongue over his head, gathering his pre with my tongue and took it all into my mouth, it was addicting. I grabbed the base of his cock with my free hand and pulled down, peeling his skin and fully exposing the red head of his cock. Just staring at it made me want to swallow all of it down my throat until he shoots his cum in me. But I wasn’t going to do it just yet. I want tease him even more, maybe even make him beg for it himself. With those thoughts in mind, I draw my tongue in line around the part of his cock that connect the stick and the swollen head. I made sure to keep him on the edge, never too fast or too slow. I continued for a while, until Damian couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please…” He begged with needy eyes. It was the most persuasive look someone has given me. And when I think that I’m probably the only one who has saw this side of Damian, it made my heart fluttered with ecstasy.

“Please what…” I squeezed his balls, deciding to tease him a bit more.

“Suck my cock… Make me cum…”

And I did, or tried, at least. I first took his head into my warm mouth. I bobbed my head up and down the head, each time I went down I tried to took more of him into me. Eventually, I find that I can’t take more than half of him without choking on it. I tried to push my head down, towards the base of his cock, but couldn’t. Before I can fit so much inside him, I would gag. It was disappointing. I wanted to cry. I felt a tear slipped down my cheek from gagging.

I don’t want this to just feel good, I want it to be the best blowjob of his life, that’s why I didn’t want to compromise anything. I want him to be addicted to this, to me.

“Aiden.” He called out all of sudden.

“Hmmm?” I looked up at him, my mouth still full of his meaty cock.

“Come sit on my face.” It was almost like a command. His voice was imposing, but there was a hint of softness.

My heart skipped a beat from his invitation, but I quietly comply.

Before I can even find a good spot, he grabbed my thighs and pulled me down onto him. He then jammed his tongue into my ass. I moaned loudly. I had a rough idea of what was coming but this felt better than anything I had expected. I tried to relax myself and went back to do my work on his cock, but then I felt a finger entering my tight hole, and then another. He tried to push third finger in, but my tight asshole wouldn’t let him. He used his two fingers to probed around, and pulled apart the ring that keep his finger out and there entered his tongue. It swirled around, tasting me and lubing me up. By the time I noticed, I was a moaning mess, my body weak like a jelly. I couldn’t even focus on my task. Before long, I was so loose that three of his fingers and his tongue can enter my hole effortlessly.

He stopped playing around with my hole and tapped me on the thigh with his wet fingers. I get my cue and positioned my self right above his long, hard meat. He put both his hands on either of my thighs and pushed down slightly. I was, for the first time, scared. His cock had never been bigger, it’s going to rip me apart, no amount of foreplays are going to help.

I looked at him and he must have noticed my fear. He gave me a gentle smile and nodded slightly. I smiled back and nodded. Then I lowered myself down on his cock. As his bulbous head popped inside, a pang of pain and pleasure surged through me and I let out a moan. As I progressed down his cock, the mix of pleasure and pain turned into all pain. He rubbed my thighs gently, never pushing down, as a way to tell me not to rush it.

5 inches… 6 inches… and he was fully in. All 7 inches… inside me…

My intestines felt like it was seared by his hot rod. I trembled and a tear of pain falls down. It felt like a log was shoved inside me.

“Damian… It hurts…” I cried. My insides felt like it would burst.

“Shhh… It’s okay. Take it slow. We’ll wait as long as you needed.” He whispered into my ears.

He lifted his body up and kissed me, his hands caressing my back. The pain and discomfort disappeared.

At this moment, lust overpowered pain and I began to move. I grinded myself back and forth, with his dick never leaving me. His meaty cock pressed my prostate, or rather, pushed against my hole all around with his sheer size, squeezing pre cum out of my cock.

This… is dream comes true… my brother was finally fucking me… it felt amazing. Better than any other guy I’ve fucked.

Damian, finally had enough of my slow pace, laid back down on the bed and his hips sprang up, sending me in the air. I was caught off guard. He quickly dropped back down and his dick slipped out, making my asshole felt so lonely. Then, with my ass still in the air, he slammed up.

I saw stars. It was too much pleasure to take all at once.

“Ah… Da…” I tried to utter out, also gasping for breath at the same time.

He smirked and slammed in and out again. His hips bounced up and down like a piston. Each time he pulled out, my inside would contract, but before it could fully close itself, Damian would force himself inside again. Eventually, he slowed his pace, from rapid thrusts to slow, long, hard and even more brutal fuck. He lifted me with his hands. He would let me ascend until just the tip of his cock remain inside, then let go and let me fall down to the base. It was ecstatic. His assault on my nipples was also back. Just like before, he chewed and sucked it profusely, like a baby.

I leaned back, giving his cock better access to my prostate, and started fucking him back. I fucked him back, as hard as I was fucked. He pushed up, and I pushed down. We fucked in rhythm as pressure build up in my cock.

I know over stimulation of my prostate was going to make me cum sooner than later. But I never thought I was going to cum without touching myself at all.

“I’m gonna cum…” I moaned.

“Me too…” He was just as much of a moaning mess as me, breathing heavily and clenching his jaws. His voice trembling.

He gritted his teeth and pushed me down so we were in missionary style. Gripped my waists tightly, trying to encircle my stomach with both hands. Then he pounded away. Relentlessly, with caring for my well being anymore. Before, he was fucking passionately, like we were lovers, now he was breeding me, using me as his cock sleeves. And I was delighted at the thought.

He pumped into me violently, hitting into the deepest part of me. Each thrust was stronger and faster than ever before. I could tell he was going to blow his load at any moment, his cock was hard and twitching, his balls contracting. Mine was, too, as I sprawled on the bed, gripping the sheets from the sheer pleasure.

With one last thrust, he forced all of him inside me. This time, pushing deeper than ever, as if to bury himself as much into me as possible. The I felt myself cumming. I screamed out as I cum hands free.

Damian grunted. His hand tightened around me so much that it hurts. Then I felt hot blasts shot out inside me. One… two… I counted seven shots… no… it was still shooting. His cock and my entire body twitched with each rounds of cum shooting inside me. He flooded me with enormous amount of his creamy white liquid. Deep, deep inside, as if trying to get me pregnant. If I were a girl, I would be pregnant with his seed for sure.

It was warm. I felt so full. He put his hand on my stomach, where the tip of his cock is supposed to be, and pushed down, practically rubbing himself through me and one last load shot out. The last one was the strongest. Even if the previous shots didn’t filled me completely, the last one surely could do that. My inside were coated with his thick, boiling hot cum.

He fell on top of me as we bathe in the orgasm afterglow. I rubbed his sweaty head gently, as we were trying to catch our breath. His mouth finds its way to mine and we kissed, all while looking deeply into each other’s eyes.

“I think I figured out what’s wrong with me…” His face was inches away from mine, our eyes contact were never broken. His dick still fully locked inside me.

“I love you…” I said in a daze. I was tired more than I think possible. My eyes closed from the drowsiness and before I knew it, I dozed off.

Before my mind completely slipped out of consciousness I think I heard him said something.

“I love you too, little bro.”


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