How I cheated my boyfriend sexstory

How I cheated my boyfriend sexstory

This story is about young girl and how she cheated her boyfriend.

My name is Nisha and I am a working woman, so let me jump directly to the story without wasting any time.

This happened with me 3 years ago when I was of 25 and my boyfriend Raunak who was 24 at that time.

As I was working at that time I was staying in Kolkata and my boyfriend stays in Delhi for studies.

I was not all alone by myself in Kolkata. My sister was staying no near my place only, it was 10 mins walking distance. She was staying with his boyfriend and I used to visit them whenever I get week off. Everything was going good in my life. But Raunak started fighting with me over silly issues which makes me irritated.

It’s been more than 4 months that we have met. And it’s difficult to manage long distance relationship. But Raunak loves me so much and I love him too. We both can do anything for each others. He’s caring, loving and most importantly he’s loyal to me.

But life became difficult for me when my sister broke up with his boyfriend Charan. And my sister went back to hometown. And as my sister was not in Kolkata anymore I was all alone now.

Then I started requesting my boyfriend Raunak to come and visit me once. To which he said that it is not possible for him to come soon .

One day, I got a missed calls from Charan. As my sister is no more his girlfriend even I stopped talking to him. I have just spoke to Charan 2-3 times only after their breakup. And when I used to visit them earlier he has become very good friend of me.

As I was at my work, I couldn’t receive his call.

And later after coming back from work I got busy with my boyfriend on call.

I used to stay on call with my boyfriend always it’s like 24 hours.

Next day Charan called me again and I received it.

He asked me if how I’m doing, how’s everything and all.

We talk for 6-7 mins and then he told me that he needs a help from me.

As he’s also not staying in Kolkata after broke up. He told me that he’s not staying in Kolkata and tomorrow he’s coming to Kolkata for some work and he need a place to stay for 1 night. It was quite normal for him to ask this because when he was in relationship with my sister. My sister with him used to come to my house to sleep and sometimes I used to go there

But as now he doesn’t share any relationship with my sister and my boyfriend will never allowed him to stay in my place.

So I directly said no to him to which he requested me like anything… He told me that he will sleep in hall and he won’t disturb me

I told him clearly that Raunak will be angry and he won’t allow you to stay here

He told me please don’t tell him and also don’t tell your sister also about this.. Actually I’m in short of money right now. If you could allow me to stay in your place for a night it will be a great help.

And I left with no option but to say yes

I told him.. It should be a secret from Raunak and please don’t enter my room because I will be in call with Charan, to which he agrees.

I was feeling little guilty for not informing Raunak about this but as Charan said he will go back the next morning I thought it’s fine to help him.

Next morning he reached my place, it was around 5 in the morning I just welcomed him and told him to get fresh & take rest. And I went to my room to sleep because I have to go to work at 8.

When I wake up I saw Charan getting ready to go somewhere. He thanks you for allowing him to stay and he said that he will be out for work. I said okay and will catch up later.

My boyfriend called me around 7, he video calls me every morning to awake me. Raunak was happy as I was already awake. We talked for some time and then I got ready to go to work. I left and then came back at 6 from my work. I got a text from Charan, he said that he will be bringing food and he will come back by 8… To which I replied fine I will not make dinner then.

And also I told him to message me when you reach outside the door… Because I have to be very careful that Raunak won’t suspect anything.

Around 8 he came back and I told my boyfriend that I have ordered food.

Charan got fresh and around half an hour later he was done. So I told Raunak that I’m going to have dinner. I will call you later. Then I had dinner and we talk about many things while having dinner because there’s a lot to catch.

And I asked him if he’s done with his work for which he came here. In dissatisfied he said no. He told me that he need to stay in Kolkata for more days. And also he said he will look for a hotel room tomorrow.

I was feeling bad now because it’s not felt good not to help him as it’s not a big favour to make.

I told him that you can stay here but remember if Raunak comes to know about this I will be in great trouble.

He was so happy and he hugged me & thanked me. This was the first time he hugged me I was surprised. And then I got a call from Raunak. I told Charan to take rest and I went to my room. Then I speak to Raunak until he feels sleepy. After an hour we wished goodnight and hang up. Then I went to washroom to pee which was outside my room in hall. And I saw Charan was still awake. I asked him if you are not feeling sleepy to which he replied that he’s missing old day when he used to come to my place with my sister. I saw him that he’s sad and his eyes were moist. I went near him and asked if he’s fine. He was crying.. He told me that he misses my sister and he has not forgotten her. I told him it’s over between you and her now, move on.. And I gave him a hug. I did this because I thought he needed one. The strange thing was that I felt something weird while hugging him. My body suddenly felt a spark of current running over my body. My mind doesn’t want to believe this but yes I felt something for sure. But my intention was not wrong. I asked him about his work and I told him that tomorrow is my off so no need to bring food from outside. He said tomorrow he’s not going anywhere he will also help me. Hearing this I got tensed because Raunak will call me whole day coz it’s my off and he might come to know that Charan is staying in my house it will create a big problem. Then I thought that I will just tell him that I need to go to work and my off is shifted to next week.

And now I told alright we can cook together tomorrow. I told him to sleep now. I went to pee again before going to my bed and there I saw Charan’s underwear in washroom. I don’t know why I was staring at it. I just stand near it and got a smell which was sooo strong. I was not understanding what I’m doing, so many things were crossing my mind. I can’t believe what I was doing. Did I just take a sniff of my sister’s ex-boyfriend?

This question itself make me feel guilty to core of my heart. Again my nose went near his underwear and I was just curious to know what it’s smells like.

This time I went out of my control. Smell of his underwear made me crazy. And out of nowhere I felt that my panty is little wet. I came back to realisation and washed my pussy and face and went back to my room.

And I keep thinking about what just happened and then I fall asleep.

Next day was my off.

And I got a video call from my boyfriend as usual and I was already awake I told him that I need to go to work today there’s some work to which he agrees and then I hung up the call.

I got fresh and made breakfast.

We talked while having breakfast. I felt happy because it’s been 5 months that my boyfriend didn’t came to meet me. And after my sister moved to hometown I was all alone by myself.

Then later Charan told me let’s drink today. And as it’s been so long and it was my off also.. I said why now.. He went out and brought beers and snacks..

I played some songs on speaker. And we started talking and drinking.

We empty two cans already without even realising. Charan asked me if how’s my relationship going with Raunak… I told him.. That it’s been so long that I haven’t met him and also we are fighting quite often these days.

I thanked Charan for the drinks.. I told him that it’s been so long that I have enjoyed my day like this.

He came near me and hugged me.. It’s been 1 min already he’s not leaving me… And I was feeling good too. Then he just bring his lips near my lips and gave a kiss.. I push him away.. And shocked… I ask what the fuck are you doing Charan.. He said I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it.

I went to my room and shut it closed. I was angry. He was saying sorry from outside.

I open the door and ask him why would you do something like this.

He was saying sorry… Just with the flow I couldn’t control myself… You were looking so sexy.

I said stop it.. You know what you did..

He said you were looking hot… I’m really sorry

I understood what he was trying to do. He was trying to seduce me.

I asked him am I really looking hot.

He said yes.. You are looking hot

But you can’t kiss your ex-gf’s sister. And you know it I have a boyfriend.

He said.. I think I got little drunk.

He came closer again and whispered – plus you are looking sexy in this hot dressed and placed a kiss again… This time I didn’t pushed him.. But I resist… I told him we can’t do this.. He said I’m sorry md again shut my mouth with a kiss.. I thought of pushing him away now… But before that he grabs my ass.

Now this was way too much.. I try really hard and pushed him. I told him to stop this is not right.

I can’t cheat my boyfriend… He will be hurt.

He said you don’t have to tell him. And he won’t be coming any sooner to meet u

Now I was out of my control

He came again and this time with more aggression.. Even if I try to push him this time nothing gonna work.

He carries both my legs and start kissing me.

He was rubbing my ass.

I can feel the erection of his dick.

He put his hand inside my pants then inside panty.

He touched my asshole to which I reacted with a moan. He’s biting my lips too hard that it may left Mark later. He’s rubbing my asshole nonstop.

His tip of finger was already inside my asshole… I could feel it.. Then he stopped kissing me and bring out his finger out of my asshole and started smelling his finger.

Now he removed my top and bra and started playing with my boobs. He said such a huge boobs.. As my sister boobs are way to small compare to me.

He was sucking my nipples. He raised my arms and started licking my underarm.. I felt eeww coz my bf has never done it. I slowly started liking it.

It was already 6 pm and my boyfriend called me. Suddenly I came to my senses and realised what I’m doing… I stopped and ran to my room without my bra and top.

Charan didn’t come to knock or to say anything. He gave me space… Then I wash my face and got dressed up.. Then picked up Raunak’s call. And after talking to Raunak for 30-40 and then I told him. That I want to sleep coz I got tired from work and Raunak got angry coz I didn’t gave him time whole day. And we had little argument Also.. But as I was little drunk that’s why I was feeling sleepy.. I told him that I will be awake by 8 and told him to call.

I just slept for an hour and Charan started knocking on door. I didn’t wanted to open it for him..

Again he started knocking

I went and shouted at him.. I told you to never knock on my door.. I’m on call always.

He said that I know you were not on call.

I told him… Forget what happened… Don’t say a word

I went to kitchen to make tea… And I asked him if he wants.

I was preparing tea and Charan came from back and hugged me.. I try to resist but him grip was too strong… He started whispering in my ears.

“What happened baby”. “Didn’t you enjoyed what we did” “I know you want it badly,”

And I could hear the phone ringing in my room it was probably from Raunak.

But Charan hold was to strong that even if I resist nothing gonna change.. So I didn’t even resist. He was rubbing his penis from pants on my ass.. I could feel how hard it was… He started kissing my neck

And phone was ringing non-stop.. And my tea was also boiled.. So I moved little and try to go to my room.. He was still not letting me go. But this time I got free from his hold…

I pick up the call and Raunak was angry and he started shouting at me.. And even using abusive word.. I got angry too and switch off my phone.. And went back to kitchen to serve the tea.. Charan was still there in the kitchen… His intentions were clear.. I was putting tea in the cup and I felt his hand on my ass.

He removed my pants and panty in 2 seconds..

I didn’t even realise it… I ask him what are you doing

He said… You never had anal.

I said yes..

He replied.. I made your younger sister asshole bigger than yours.

And he started sniffing my ass.. I said stop it. It is gross.. But he didn’t listen… I could sense his breath on my butthole… He was really sniffing the dirt of my ass… Now he deep his nose on my anus…

Ohh shit… Moan coming out of my mouth

He started rubbing his nose on my asshole…

And I was moaning and saying ohh shitttt….

I stand up and took me to my bedroom..

And now he pushed me on bed and came on top of me.. Starting kissing me.. He was very rough now.. I could feel he is ready to eat me.. Just like a lion eats deer… Now I was in his total control… My body was slave to someone now. I took of my top and bra… I was fully naked now. He took off his t- shirt… And grab his dick out..

Holy shit… It’s way too big.. I could never imagined he could have this big size dick because his physic is same as my boyfriend.. Almost same height… But compared both dick… It was way bigger than Raunak.

Now I understand why my sister was crazy for him… She used to said how romantic Charan is and how she love the way he makes love to my sister.. She used to share it with me.. And she used to tell me in funny way… My asshole is gone today. I never believed her when she said she had anal… Because my bf tries to do it and he’s dick is too soft to go inside. He never could enter a bit of his cock in my asshole.

He brings it near my nose..

It smells so strong… It smells horny and dirty… I was losing my senses… The smell of semen was already in my nose.

He grabbed my head and put his cock inside my mouth to which I choke… I have not given blowjob to Ranuak because if I do it… He will cum right there and within 2 mins after he start to fuck…

But sucking this big cock was a really a task for me.. He was forcing it in my mouth… I starting sucking the tip of it….

I was gagging if he tries to push his cock inside.

I told him.. It not possible for me to take more than that.. But he was not ready.. He was aggressive.. As same as my sister told..

I try to give one single very hard push in my mouth.. And cock will reach my throat… After sometime he more than half cock was in my mouth… I was sucking it..

He said suck it bitch.. Suck it my Nisha randi…

He said.. Your asshole and pussy will never be same again.. He added that my boyfriend has kept my pussy and asshole brand new..

Your pussy and asshole will be used and I’m gonna make it look like a second hand product for your boyfriend.

It was offensive for me to hear all this… But he was yelling and screaming say.. I’m randi.. And everything

He brings out a picture and show it to me… It was a zoomed picture with pussy in it

He asked me you know what it is.

I said yeah.. I know what is this…. A pussy…

I asked him- Is that what you gonna make my pussy look like?

He said now… And he zoomed out the picture and I saw it was a picture of my sister… I could see a dick inside my sister’s asshole. It was my sister though the face was not visible but I can make out with the top she was wearing. Even the last part of his cock was inside my sister’s asshole..

I told him fuck me the way you fuck my sister.

Now he come down and started sniffing my pussy it opens it wide open to put his nose inside. Now he started licking me.. It was all wet.. He put his tongue and licked each part of my pussy and asshole.

He made me sit on his face… I got an orgasm right in this position… He started sucking my little juice that came out.

Now he came on top of me and was ready to fill my pussy with his cock I asked his he has a condom? He said it fine Nisha nothing will happen trust me.

I always wanted to get fucked raw but my boyfriend never took that risk.. And here is this guy who was my sister’s ex-boyfriend ready to fuck me with a raw cock. He put the tip of it on my pussy.. And then in one go push it hard inside… I feel pain.. And my pussy get wet again by just one stroke.. Now he put his dick inside little bit and moving it in a slow pace… I grab his head and started kissing him…

I was not holding back now. He put his tongue inside my mouth… Biting me. I bite his lips too in aggressive way. He was biting my lips hard. It was paining… I try to calm him.. But he was not Letting my lips out of his mouth.. And if I try.. He give me a very hard stroke to which I lose my senses..

I small room was smelling of our sex… The smell of our mixed saliva.. All over my mouth…. The smell of my juice and the smell of his pre cum..

Now he moved his focus to my asshole… And started touching my anus.. Now his bite was soft. But still he’s not letting my lips come out of him mouth… My one lips is always inside his mouth…

I was scared now.. I thought he gonna fuck my asshole.. That can’t happen. I’m just not ready.. I thought of making him cum.. But his cock was inside my pussy.. I was scared too.

I told him not to cum inside me again and again.

I try to take his cock even deeper now.. His cock was strong like a stone till now..

He’s now trying fuck me even harder… He raised the speed.. Now he’s moving fast.. He holds my both arms back and started fucking me in really hard. He was filling my pussy when no one has reached before… I’m screaming in pain.. I said please stop… But he was not in a mood to listen… He started moving in a very harsh and aggressive way in full speed.. I could feel the heat in my pussy…

I couldn’t scream loudly coz my neighbour is just next to my room…

And now he was about to cum.. He bring out his cock out.. And move it towards my face.. Not even my boyfriend has done something like this… Charan throws all his cum in my face.

I was feeling like a bitch… And then we lay down there for some time… We are engaged it this for more than 2 hours.. I went to washroom to Washup… I saw my lips were swell. And from behind he came and told me it will be fine by tomorrow… Pussy was also burning from inside.. It swelled a little just like my lips.

Now I told him that I need to take pee.. Please go out… To which he bent down and told me to pee.. I said stop.. What is this..

He open my pussy and stick his face between it.. And ask me to pee…

I told him… I’m not doing it.

He was not leaving me.. I sat on the toilet seat with his face on my pussy… I asked him last time. Are you sure?

He said.. Just pee fast.

And I released all my pee on his mouth. I was licking my pussy with pee on it

And then we clean ourselves and then went to my room.. I told him to sleep here only.. It was around 11 pm.. I turn on my phone to get a leave tomorrow. And I saw many missed calls from Raunak.. I was now not in any state to face him… Or even to talk to him.. He has sent many text… Saying.. Why I need to switch off phone… Maybe you are going out.. I hope you are at home not outside…

To which I replied yes I’m outside fucking guys.. Goodnight..


I informed my team leader that I need a sick leave..

And switch off my phone again.

I told Charan that don’t touch my pussy again it’s paining to which he replied I won’t. I’m gonna fuck your asshole..

I stopped him as he was touching me again… I wanted to sleep.. So we slept after that.

Next morning when I wake up.. I felt something on my anus.. It was Charan’s dick top which was touching my asshole from outside. I asked what are you doing Charan. I turned on my phone… And see my boyfriend message he was saying sorry..

I said it’s fine..

Then he video call me.. He was already awake

I phone started to ring… I told Charan to go out. He got up and stand near the door.. I took the call… Raunak saw me and ask why I’m naked… And I told him.. I was fucking whole night.. I used to tell me this in teasing way.. And then he asked me in a teasing way how many guys my baby fuck.

I said many…

And Charan was listening to this and he came near me… My boyfriend asked me what happened to my lips. And it was still little swell. I told him nothing……. Charan stick him cock on my asshole again by lifting my legs while I was on the call..

Now just to get in the mood I didn’t hung up the call… As I know Charan is not making sound.. So I asked Raunak in a call… What you did last night when I was angry.. How many boobs did you suck..

To which he said in a teasing way… I suck two boobs of Anjali… He knows I get angry if I hear this girl’s name. Coz we fight for this girl so many times..

I told him.. Go fuck her now. I will get out to get more Dick bye.

To which he replied sorry baby. I was kidding…

I said fine.. I need to get ready to go to work.. Bye.. Love you.

He replied. Love you so much more…


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