grandmasex with Grandson in the farm

Grandma sex with Grandson in the farm

Grandma teaches her Grandson the difference between making Love and Fucking.
My Grandma, Hazel La Forge was a farm girl who grew up in New Madrid County, a small farming community in the southeast Missouri bootheel. The family farm was just over 2000 acres of prime fertile land bordering the banks of the Mississippi River. The property was flat and easy to plow. Each harvest was better than the previous. Great Grandpa La Forge had been offered over $1500 per acre back in the 1800s, but he wouldn’t sell one acre. It had been in the La Forge family since before Missouri became a State. In fact, Great-Great Grandpa La Forge had been a Captain with the survey party of Col. George Morgan, when he established New Madrid, Missouri in 1789. He was allowed to lay claim to the farmland as payment for his service to Col. Morgan’s expedition. The farm has been passed down through the family generation after generation. When a La Forge child married, that child and their spouse received two acres of land to build a home. They would continue to live on the property and share in the profits of the farm. At present, 34 families descending from Great-Great Grandpa La Forge live on the land and work on the farm.

Grandma Hazel had four siblings; all boys. She was the third child and the only female of the five children. Thomas was the oldest child followed by, George, then Grandma Hazel, later Earl and Walter, the youngest boy. Her brothers were very protective of her and chased off any boyfriend that didn’t meet the high standards they had set for her.

Grandma Hazel worked the farm right alongside her brothers and was considered by most as being a tough, but beautiful girl. She could toss a bale of hay just as well as any of her brothers. Her body grew strong and firm. At age seventeen she was the best liked and probably the best-looking girl in the high school. She was average height and weight. She was friendly, creative and energetic, but could also be very egotistical and a bit mean.

When she was in high school, she had sandy blond hair, a fair complexion, sparkling blue eyes, long slender legs, a firm round ass and tits that any Playboy Bunny would die for. She always wore her hair in a ponytail to keep it out of the way when she worked around farm machinery. Any other time her hair flowed down over her shoulders. Physically, Grandma Hazel is still in pretty good shape. Her tits are more substantial and probably sag because of her age. She is still an attractive woman, but now she has bronze weathered skin with some wrinkles from working in the sun, gray hair due to old age and tired blue eyes.

Shortly after Hazel’s 18th birthday, she began to date a local boy by the name of Andrew Winston. Hazel’s brothers gave him a tough time at first, but after they had dated for several months, her brother George started talking up a marriage between Hazel and Andrew Winston. Everyone thought George had lost his mind. Hazel and Andrew hadn’t known each other long enough to contemplate marriage. However, George was insistent that they are allowed to marry and also be given a section of land to build a home. Andrew was a timid man and didn’t express himself one way or the other about the proposed marriage. He just kind of went along with the flow. He was probably afraid of Grandma’s brothers.

Within a month Andrew and Hazel were married, and within the following eight months she delivered a healthy baby boy. Andrew bragged about his new son, but it was rumored that Hazel’s brother George was probably the child’s true father. Hazel and Andrew went on to have three more children; one girl and two more boys. My Dad was one of those boys.

My name is Johnny, and I spend most of my summers working on my Grandma’s farm. I call it my Grandma’s farm because she is strong-willed and everyone else in the family yields to her leadership. She runs everything, and no one challenges her authority. The farm turns a huge profit every year under Grandma’s leadership and the whole family delights in getting their shares. The work is, but it does wonders for my strength and weight. I have learned to handle a bale of hay just as well as any of the other farmhands.

My favorite farmhand to work with is Chester Johnson. He is a twenty-eight-year-old black man who is working summers to pay his graduate school tuition. He is working towards a Masters of Agricultural Economics. He has an undergraduate degree in business studies. He is bright and considerate, but can also be very sneaky and a bit devious.

He is an old time Christian who defines himself as sexually straight. Physically, Bob is in pretty good shape. He is tall with dark skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. Chester grew up in a middle-class black neighborhood. He was raised by his mother; his father was sent to prison when he was young and never returned. Chester is one of the hardest workers I have ever known. He has taught me many things about running a farm for profit.

Our mornings always start around five o’clock. Chester arrives at five, and Grandma serves a large country breakfast complete with eggs, bacon or sausage, biscuits or toast, and milk gravy or grits. Grandma believes everyone who works a farm should start their workday with a hearty breakfast. What one of her favorites says is; “Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and supper like a Pauper.”

We usually begin our work day cleaning the barn and pitching hay. We also have to do general handiwork like making sure all fences are intact, tend to livestock, and some plowing during planting season. I usually start in the barn while Chester helps Grandma with sorting invoices and paying bills. His college degree in business studies is why Grandma lets him help her with the paperwork.

One morning I forgot my work gloves, so I had to return to the house. I was shocked at what I found. Grandma always wears her bathrobe when she cooks breakfast. I always assumed she did that because it was comfortable. When I step through the back door into the kitchen, I observe Grandma laying on the breakfast table with her bathrobe open and no clothes under her robe.

Chester is standing between her legs. His pants are around his ankles, and his big black cock is slowly moving in and out of Grandma’s pussy. They didn’t hear me return to the house, so I stood frozen in place as I watch. She seems almost spellbound by his big black cock. Her legs are around his waist, and her heels are hooked around the back of his thighs pulling his cock back in every time he eases it out to the edge of her pussy. His cock looks like it is at least a foot long and she is absorbing it all in her pussy. Her pert breasts are on display, her nipples hard, her fingers running over her own body so sensually. I get hard just watching. I have the urge to jack-off, but I am afraid they will catch me. It looks like the feelings she is drawing through his hardness are just incredible. He is looking down at her lean thighs parted for him, at her graying pubic hair, and at her pussy that is instinctively squeezing and then releasing on his hard shaft.

He keeps up a steady rhythmic humping and somehow doesn’t explode right away. It is a miracle he doesn’t climax immediately considering the sensory overload Grandma is putting him through. I can tell by his grunting and breathing that he is close, but he apparently doesn’t want it to end, so he holds on and steadily continues to pump away on Grandma’s pussy. He is sweating profusely, but it looks like he never wants it to stop fucking her.

Grandma is pinching and pulling her nipples as he moves his cock in and out. She is rolling her hard nipples in her fingertips and looking into his eyes as she milks his thick black shaft with her tight pussy. I stand spellbound watching her biting her lip, and both of them moaning melodiously. He casually reaches up to touch her breasts himself, and as the rhythm between them intensifies, she pulls him down to kiss his mouth before whispering into his ear: “You feel incredible inside me, Chester. Keep fucking me until I faint again.”

Her words almost make him erupt inside her, but somehow, he manages to hold on longer. But now it seems that she can’t hold onto to her own orgasm. Chester seems to recognize the signs of her approaching orgasm, and soon enough she is getting there. Locked together with Chester on top, the two of them seem to be trying to push themselves together, to achieve as much contact as is humanly possible. Their lips are pressed together, her breasts squashed against his chest and as he grinds his cock into her, he places his hands on her smooth butt to pull himself as far into her as possible to maximize the sensations of his cock moving inside her exquisite pussy.

Grandma is shaking and almost crying by the time she hit the peak of her climax, and if she is feeling anything like the sensations I am feeling, I can understand why. I am almost to the point of Cumming in my own pants. As she yelps and shudders, her vagina tightens around his shiny shaft, and his climax is brewing at the very base of his cock. A few moments later he lets himself go, allowing his sperm to burst forth inside her. His hot cum is bursting forth to spurt into Grandma’s eager pussy. She is hyperventilating and squealing with delight.

Just as Grandma is coming down from her orgasm, she locks eyes with me. She looks stunned at first, then panicky, and possibly embarrassed. I back out the door and run as fast as I can back to the barn. Grandma apparently didn’t tell Chester I had seen them. When Chester meets me later in the barn he never mentions it nor does he act as though he knows I saw them. My Grandma either didn’t tell him, or he is a damn good actor.

That night at dinner Grandma doesn’t say a word about the incident. She does, however, glance at my crotch several times when she thinks I am not looking. I try to fight the urge, but I get an erection that throbs uncontrollably in my pants. I start looking at Grandma in a whole different light. I had never viewed her as anything other than Grandma, but I now I see her as an older woman that loves the feel of a hard cock in her pussy. I try to erase the memory of her pulling Chester’s cock into her hot pussy with her heels locked behind his thighs. What’s worse is that the picture keeps changing and I am seeing ME slamming MY cock into her while she screams with pleasure. I have to excuse my self from the table and go to my room where I masturbate to the most fantastic orgasm I have ever had. I shower then fall fast to sleep. I wake up several times during the night and jack off to the visions of Grandma and me doing things a Grandma and Grandson should never do.

For the next two weeks, I find myself looking lustfully at Grandma every time I think she isn’t aware of my gawking. However, she always catches me. Sometimes she will smile, and other times she will wink at me. A couple of mornings she’s leaned toward me in such a way I get a glimpse of her bare tits when her robe falls open. She pretends not to notice me eyeballing, but I think she is counting on me to look.

Sunday morning when everyone is at church and Grandma is in the kitchen preparing her usual Sunday buffet, I wander into the kitchen and pour a cup of coffee. I start toward the patio with my coffee, but she asks me to stay and keep her company. I take a seat at the kitchen table where I had observed her enjoying Chester’s cock that morning three weeks ago. I sit quietly and admire the roundness of her firm 58-year-old butt. She is wearing black Pilates pants that hug all the curves of her firm ass. I slip away into a daydream which has me lowering those pants and sliding my hard cock between her well-defined thighs.

She abruptly shakes me out of my daydream when she says, “What do you find so fascinating about my ass, Johnny?”

“Huh…what? I’m not, uh…Grandma what are you saying,” I stammer.

“Just relax, Johnny. It’s no big deal. I’m used to men lusting over me”, she smiled.

I don’t know if I was more embarrassed for getting caught looking at her body or if I was embarrassed at the erotic thoughts I was having about her. I had no idea Grandma knew what I was thinking. I had been so careful not to stare at her tits and sexy ass while I thought these incestuous things about her.

“Grandma, I…I…I’m not looking at you like that. You are my Grandma, and that would be incest if we did anything like that”, I whined.

“Johnny, I’m old enough to know when a man wants to drag me into his bed.”

“No…no, you’re wrong Grandma. I would never be doing anything like that to you.”

“Johnny, you don’t have to deny your feelings. It okay for you to have sexual desires. You are growing into a man, and a man needs the sexual relief a woman can give him.”

“Grandma, it’s against the law to do the things with a blood relative that I think about doing with you. It’s wrong, and I shouldn’t be thinking things like that about you.”

“It’s okay, Johnny. I have been having the same thoughts about you ever since you saw me having sex with Chester. And if you ever want to follow up on those feelings just let me know I will make myself available.”

“What about Grandpa? I’m not sure he would want to share you with me.”

“Don’t you worry about Grandpa. He gets all the sex he can handle from me. I’m the one who can’t seem to get enough sex to meet my needs. Ever since my first time in the barn with one of my brothers, I knew I couldn’t live without a hard cock in my pussy every day. Look at it this way, you would be helping Grandpa out by reducing my demands on him.”

“How would this work? I couldn’t have sex with you while Grandpa is in the house. I would be scared to death that he would catch us and then think differently of me.”

“Grandpa is going to the Regional Farmer’s Convention in St. Louis tomorrow, and he will be gone for the whole week. Just knock on my bedroom door any night this week, and we will talk about it and see how it goes. I won’t put any pressure on you. If you decide not to do it, I will understand.”

I knocked softly on Grandma’s bedroom door and waited, then quietly stepped inside the room as she opened the door. Stepping inside my eyes adjusted to the half-light of the small bedside lamp. When I saw my Grandma Hazel standing by the foot of the large king bed my cock twitched. This time she was dressed entirely different from before. Gone was the bathrobe, in its place was an almost sheer soft blue teddy that accentuated her every curve. It ended right at the curve of her ass cheeks as she turned to face me. My eyes immediately dropped to the dark areoles that were clearly evident through the thin cloth.

“Jesus” I whispered as my eyes traveled over her beautiful body.

Grandma smiles when she sees that hunger flash in my eyes. “You like?” she asks.

“Oh my God” I groan, as I feel every drop of blood in my body rush to my groin, while the evidence of my lust grows stiffer in my slacks by the second.

For the last three weeks, I had been fighting off her overtures. There was something about being near her that brings out a primal need I had never experienced before, and she has made it quite clear she felt the same way.

I watch as she slightly bent at the small table, picking up a glass of Kentucky bourbon, then turned and handed it to me. My eyes had been locked to the curve of her ass through the thin nightgown. Fuck, I think to myself, she isn’t even wearing panties. She wants this as much as I do I finally realized.

“Grandma” I start to say. My voice is parched and tight as I speak. I take a drink of the bourbon, letting the liquid burn down my throat to warm my nervous belly.

“We need to talk,” I say.

Grandma sighs as she takes my now half empty glass, and turns to set it on the small table again, she stares at the glass and then slowly takes a gulp of the potent liquid, grimacing as it slides down her throat.

“I know” she replies softly. “Why don’t you get comfortable Johnny.”

When Grandma turns back, she finds me sitting on the edge of the bed, she half grumbles as she steps in front of me. “That wasn’t what I meant,” she says softly. “Get comfortable” she repeats with more authority.

I knew what she meant; and while I can think of a hundred reasons not to do as she is asking; the vision of this almost nude woman standing only a foot in front of him, made all those reasons minor. Even in the half-light of her bedroom, I can see through the thin fabric of her lingerie as her hard nipples straining to be free.

My eyes drift down her body, watching her chest rise and fall with her increased breathing. My eyes can see through the thin blue material of her teddy, to her already swollen and moist pussy lips.

I undo the buttons on my shirt and slowly slide the cloth free of my chest. I see Grandma’s eyes travel over my chest, hungry and needy. “Grandma,” I say softly. “You know this isn’t right.”

“I’m aware,” she tells me, as she takes my shirt and places it onto the chair. When she turns back, she locks eyes with me and steps up until her knees almost touched mine.

“Now the pants, Honey,” She tells me.

“Grandma…” I try to protest.

“The pants” Grandma almost growls down at me.

Even as I raise my ass from the bed and begin to undo and slide my pants down, I try to argue even though it has gone nowhere. As the cloth slips over my hips and down my legs, my throbbing cock stands straight from my groin, silent evidence of the effect she is having on me no matter what my logical brain tries to think.

Grandma drops to her knees as her hands roughly tug the legs of my jeans free along with my boxers. Then, shuffling forward, she slips between my spread legs. Her hand reaches out and wraps around my throbbing cock.

“I know what we agreed to Johnny,” she tells me. “God such a beautiful cock” she whispers, as her hand slowly strokes up and down my length.

I could only look down and watch in stunned silence. Three weeks ago, she had been my sweet, lovable Grandma, now she has turned into a cock hungry woman who knows exactly what she wants, and plans on taking it.

” Grandma ” I try to say. “This isn’t talking.”

“No it’s not” Grandma cuts me off. “It’s sucking.” Grandma’s open mouth descends on my throbbing cock before I could even think to move my hands to stop her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” I moan, as her hot mouth envelopes me. My hips automatically come off the bed, driving more of my length into my Grandma’s hungry mouth. Along with the wet slurping, I can hear her softly gag as my swollen head hit the back of her throat.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” Grandma hums, sending a shock wave into my balls.

“Oh fuck” I groan. “Oh God Grandma yesssss”

I watch as my Grandma’s head bobs up and down on me. Obscene sucking fills the room as her spit runs down my shaft. It is the most delightful sight of my life, my own Grandma sucking my cock; it makes my balls start to tighten whether I want them to or not.

“Oh, shit” I grunt. “Gonna cum, Grandma…fuck yes.”

Just that quick, Grandma pulls her mouth free of my slick cock. She keeps her hand running smoothly up and down my wet shaft as she leaps to her feet in front of me.

Grandma steps closer, straddling my knees. Her breasts now only inches from my face. I can smell her perfume and the scent of her sex in the air, without even looking I knew she was wet. I tried desperately to see her face, but the hunger in my eyes made me drop my gaze, only to have my vision consumed by the swell of her rising and falling chest. I can see her nipples, like two small pebbles, straining at the blue cloth of her teddy.

“Yessssss” I groan, as I feel her grip my pulsing cock, aiming it straight up in the air.

Grandma slowly strokes me as she stares into my eyes. “Aren’t you thrilled, you’re finally getting to experience what you have dreamed about for weeks; or is it a bit confusing.”

“Grandma” I gasp, as I feel her knees begin to flex along the outer part of my thighs. She slowly nstarts to lower herself closer to me, until I can feel her heat is over the engorged head of my cock.

“Oh God” I shudder as my eyes feast on her firm breasts.

I groan, feeling her lodge my hard cock between her swollen, wet lips. She hovers above my throbbing cock, perched above me. I can feel warm droplets of her excitement dripping down my shaft.

“It’s simple Johnny” Grandma whispers in my ear. “Before, I just planned to tease you. I wanted to see how horny I could make you and then just let you suffer”. She flexes her knees more, and with a lewd sucking sound, pulls my cock inside her hungry pussy.

“Now, I want you to fuck me.” The last word came out as a small groan, as my Grandma slid down my solid shaft. “Oh fuckkkk,” she hoarsely moans, feeling that wonderful fullness filling her belly.

“Oh Goddddd” I moan as I feel her vagina walls stretch to fit me. Her velvet confines are surrounding my cock like a satin glove.

“Shit” Grandma gasps. “So, fucking good.” Her arms wrap around my neck as she slowly rises and falls on my lap. Her eyes glaze as she feels her belly heating up. “That’s it, Johnny” she gasps. “Fuck your Grandma like the slut she is.”

Grandma tightens her grip around my neck as she begins to ride my lap. She pulls my face into her heaving breasts and feels my mouth open, and suck one aching nipple in. Wet slapping fills the room as Grandma’s ass strikes my thighs every time she drives down. She can feel that sense of fullness in her belly that only her grandson could do to her.

“Suck my tits Johnny” Grandma whispers hoarsely in my ear. She shudders as my teeth gently graze her nipples.

“Fuck yessssssss” Grandma growls as she grounds her pelvis into me. “Take me, use me. Make me your slut”, she urges me.

Something in me finally snaps, I reach around and grip her firm ass cheeks as I rise off the bed. Startled, Grandma wraps her legs around my waist as I stand up, her grip tightens around my neck. Her eyes grow wide as her body hangs there, suspended on my thick cock.

“Oh God…oh fuck…” Grandma moans as she feels my arms lift her body up, then slide her back down. I am impaling her on my hard cock again and again like a helpless ragdoll. She can feel the walls of her cunt tightening as she grows closer to an orgasm with every rough stroke of my cock. “You’ve looked at me for weeks with lust in your eyes, Johnny” her voice hot in my ear. “Now…fuck me. Make me cum like the slut I’ve always been.”

I could feel her hot juices flowing out of her, soaking my balls and then dripping down the crack of my ass. She wants this as much as I do I realize, and I figure since we were both going to hell for it, we might as well make the ride worth the punishment. I slowly turn until I face the large bed, moving until my knees bump the edge of the bed. Like a tipping tree, I let both our bodies fall over towards the bed behind my Grandma.

Grandma’s eyes grow wider as she feels us start to fall, she doesn’t know what I am doing, and a quick sensation of panic ripples through her body, and then her back hits the comforter of the bed. As the bed stops her backward motion, Grandma feels the total weight of her grandson literally slams down onto her body, driving her into the mattress. Her breasts crush against my bare chest, as her nipples scrap along my skin. The motion drives my cock deeper into her than she had ever felt before, my steel hard shaft driving so deep that the swollen head of my cock jams tight into her cervix.

“Aaawwwwwwww” Grandma wails as her body erupts. It is like an instant orgasm erupts in her belly as the shock from her cervix ripples through her belly while her legs are splayed wide open, accepting her young virile grandson. Her eyes roll back as a white explosion erupts in her head. “Johnnydddyyyyyyyyyyyyy” she screams as her entire body convulses in pleasure.

I raise up on my arms, looking down at her. I can see her body convulsing under me as I feel her hot cream gush out to soak my cock, then puddle on the bed under her ass. The sweat glistened on her forehead as her face turns into a replication of primitive craving. Her eyes only show white as they roll back, and I can feel her nails drag down my sides like claws.

“You wanted me to fuck you” I grunt. My hips pull back, only to slam down hard into her again and again. I watch her breasts shake as her body bounces on the mattress.

I feel like some possessed animal as my hips rise and fall, trying to drive my cock even deeper into her. I can hear my balls smacking against her slick body with every forceful thrust. I realize, with a sick sense of perversion, I need this, want this. We have gone past not only having sex, but even simple fucking has been cast to the wayside. We are rutting on the bed like a stag and a doe in the woods.

“Yessssssssss” Grandma screams as her cervix is repeatedly struck by my thick cock again and again. “God fuck me harder Johnny” she moans under me. “Take me…use me” she babbles as her body races toward another orgasm.

I can feel her heels drum against the bed as I pound my body down, watching her tits shake every time I slammed into her. Grandma is grunting and cursing with every stroke as I ravage her. I watch as a small trickle of her own spit runs from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. If she wants her grandson to fuck her, then I am going to fuck her like never before.

Grandma can feel me picking up speed as I hammer into her wet pussy. She is stuttering and stammering and can’t even form words to describe what is happening to her body as her own grandson takes her to sexual places she had never experienced. Her nails again rake down my side as she tries to pull me even deeper into her wet hole. She is digging into the soft flesh of my ass cheeks until she almost draws blood; all her mind knows right now is she wants more of me inside her.

“Ohh fuuuuuuuuuck” Grandma screams, as another orgasm roars through her like a flash fire in the forest. “Don’t stop, Oh God, please don’t stop” she begs. She can feel each orgasm rolling together into one continuous wave of raw pleasure.

“Stop?” I growl above her. “I’ve just started baby,” as my hips pound down into her bouncing body.

Grandma tries to cry out again, but only a whimper comes from her lips as I own every inch of her. This is the reason she invited me to her bedroom this evening. She wanted and needed to be fucked like a wild animal. I can feel her belly tighten and then flex with each wave as I assault her body; my pelvis is grinding down into her pulsing clit.

“Can’t…take…more” she gasps with each of my thrusts. “Please…cum.”

“You want your grandson’s hot seed,” I ask. I can feel my balls tightening as my cock begins to swell inside her.

“Please, I want…unnnnnngggggghhhhhhh” Grandma rapidly devolves into whimpers and grunts as I drive myself so deep inside her, she can feel the head of my cock pressing through the opening of her cervix. As her eyes roll back again, her mind numbly wonders how I can be so deep as to fuck her very womb. While another orgasm comes tearing through her shattered body, she gives herself to me, her young horny grandson.

“Joo…nnyyy…fuck…meeee” Grandma grunts out between hammering strokes. “Fill…me…with your cum…pleeeasseee.”

“Oh fuck, Grandma!” I roar above my her, as I feel my nuts tighten and then explode. Right or wrong, I know no one made me cum like this. My whole body vibrates as I can actually feel my hot cream as it speeds down my shaft and erupts from the tip of my cock and buries inside Grandma.

Grandma feels her mind almost blank as my sperm washes her pussy walls then shoots deep into her belly. “Yes…yes…yes.” she chants as her body erupts again. Her lust hazed mind not even able to count the orgasms as they blended together. Not even in her wilder days of high school had a man made her body respond this way. It is like an addiction, a craving she has to fulfill to survive. The fact it is her own grandson driving her to these heights, only makes it hotter for her.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” Grandma coos, as her body feels that afterglow spreading through it. “Oh my, God…Johnny can you fuck” she whispers.

“Grandma” I pant into her ear. “This is so wrong, and we both know it.”

Grandma’s eyes drift open, and she stares up into my face. She can see the look of guilt that is written there, and yet watch the lust still burning behind my eyes. She knows it is time we did ‘talk.’

“Roll over,” she tells me, as her arms wrap around my sweaty back.

As ordered I roll my body over, until I lay on my back on the rumpled bedsheets. Grandma can’t stifle the soft grunt as she settles onto my still hard cock buried inside her. It stretches far up into her belly, and as she looks down at our joined bodies, she says, “Jesus you’re deep inside me.”

I gave a half smile as I look up at my sexy Grandma. My hands are resting lightly on her firm smooth thighs, “You’re fucking tight Grandma.”

Grandma rocks her body, starting a slow and deliberate motion. She can feel my cock slide about halfway out of her pussy before she let her body drift back down on me. My thickness is scraping her walls with my veins as pleasure ripples through her.

“Your girlfriend’s tight too isn’t she” Grandma grunts as she drives down onto me.

“Oh God, Grandma” I groan. “Don’t…”

Grandma bends forward until her face is close with mine, eyes locked. The sound of her ass slowly smacking against my smooth thighs fills the room.

“How many times Johnny?” she asks softly. She sees the look in my face. “That’s right; tell me, how many times you have fucked your girlfriend in the last three weeks.”

“Grandma…I can’t” I try to grunt out between strokes.

Grandma tightened her muscles making the walls of her cunt grip me even tighter and then slowly drags her tightness up my full length. She feels me shudder under her as her vise-like cunt grips my cock. She knows I can feel every inch sliding out of her as she rises up.

“Tell me” she growls; then slams her soaking pussy down onto my raging hard cock.

“Oh shit, maybe twice” I grunt under her. This time she is the aggressor, and what she is doing to my body is driving me insane.

“Twice” Grandma smirks above me. “I’ve fucked your Grandpa and Chester’s brains out ten times each in the last three weeks.” She grunts. “More than they’ve had in the last three months; and, they both say it’s the hottest sex they have ever had.”

I’m stunned at Grandma admission. My hands reach around and grip her firm ass cheeks, as my hips thrust up to meet her downward motion.

“Your Grandpa was lucky to make every two weeks before,” she admits softly. “He says I am having my second puberty and he loves it.”

“See Johnny” Grandma groans as she feels my full length drive up into her. “We can’t stop. For one, we NEED this, and we both fucking know it. Second, it’s the best damn thing to happen to BOTH of us.”

“Do you think about me, when you’re buried inside your girlfriend?”

“Oh God Grandma” I gasped. My cock throbbed deep inside her.

“It’s OK Johnny” she whispers. “From now on, every time I cum on Grandpa’s cock, I will be thinking of cumming on this fucking monster of yours!” I can feel her juices gushing out, knowing they are making a slick puddle under her ass on the bed.

“Oh my God Grandma, oh sweet Jesus” I lay my head back as my eyes start to roll upward.

“That’s it Johnnydy” Grandma hisses in my ear. “Cum in your Grandma again, fill my cunt with your seed.”

“Cummminnnnnggggggggg” I roar as my second load of the afternoon jets out to flood Grandma’s drenched pussy. First one, and then a second-thick rope pumps up into her willing body as she rides me. She now has total control of my body as I feel himself empty my balls up into her clenching heat.

“Oh shit yes” Grandma gasps. “I can FEEL you cumming in me.”

I can’t even answer as my body thrashes under hers, forcing Grandma to dig her nails into my back just to hold on. Grandma threw her head back and hung her mouth open as her belly gives a lurch, while the hottest words I had ever heard pours out of her.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum” Grandma wails. “Cumming on my Johnnyy’s cooooooooccckkkk.”

I can only watch in wonder as my Grandma convulses on top of me, her nails digging into my back, as her pussy walls spasms around my cock. I can feel her hot juices literally squirt out of her to cover my balls and drip down my sides as she floods me with her own desire.

Exhausted and sated, Grandma collapses down onto my body, as my arms wrap around her trembling body. I’m not sure how much truth there is in what she said, but I did know; I couldn’t give this up any more than I can give up breathing.

Grandma lay gasping on top of me. Only knowing that she is damned if she is going to give up the hottest sex, she has ever had in her life. Grandson or not, the only thing she cares about is the cock slowly softening inside her, and the hot come leaking out of her satisfied pussy.

As I held my Grandma close, I wonder where things are going. The sound of her labored breathing fills my ears. As we both catch our breath, I ask, “How can we continue to do this after Grandpa comes back from the convention?”

“You leave that to me. If I can work a fuck in every morning with Chester, I can sure find a way to fuck my Grandson every day.”


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