Fucked My girlfriend anal ass

Fucked My girlfriend anal ass


My mind was racing as I stood in the hallway waiting for my girlfriend to come out of the restroom. I could hear people outside talking. Then I saw Ann walking towards me.

“Do the submissive men know what’s going on.” I asked.

“Yes, everyone knows the dominant men and the women are doing your girlfriends ass.” Ann said.

“Is it true she was an anal virgin?” Ann asked.

“Yeah, she was before tonight.” I said.

“How come she did not want you?” Ann asked.

“I had surgeries and I cannot have sex.” I said.

“Also I’m only six and half inches.”

“She always wanted someone bigger to break her in.” I said.

“Oh, well my partner is over eight and a half inches long and he is thick.” Ann said.

“He is much bigger than my husband.”

“My hubby is also small and is lucky I am still with him.” Ann said.

“I am here because I want her before he gets her.” Ann said.

“There she is, guess who is next.” Ann said.

“I am guessing you and your partner.” My girlfriend said.

“That is correct.”

“Now turn around and let me see your ass.” Ann said.

Ann instructed my girlfriend to raise her arms and hold onto the sides of the doorway. Then she had her bend over slightly. Ann licked her fingers and slid them into my girlfriend’s ass.

My girlfriend let out a groan when Ann slid her fingers into her. She asked Ann to start out slow. Then Ann went a little faster each time she went back in.

“Oh yeah that is real nice.”

“I like the feel of your fingers going in me.” My girlfriend said.

“Now bend over and touch your knees.” Ann said.

As my girlfriend bent over Ann started to rub her butt. As she rubbed her she lightly patted her butt.

“Good girl, no wonder the guys are talking about you.” Ann said.

“They are?” I asked.

“Oh yes, Karen’s partner is bragging about how he was her first.”

“They also give specifics on what they did to her.” Ann said.

At that point Ann began to finger her again. She started out slow and then went faster and faster. My girlfriend was moaning and panting.

“Is that the way you like it?” Ann asked.

“Oh yes, I love it.” My girlfriend said.

After awhile Ann told her to stand up. She said her partner was waiting for her.

I noticed my girlfriend was breathing fast. She smiled at Ann. She told her she wanted her first time to be memorable. She told Ann that Karen was the one who organized everything. Ann was aware of what Karen did.

“Babe are you ready for a big and thick cock to go inside of you.?” Ann asked.

“I am so sore, but I can not wait.” My girlfriend said.”

“Good, because here we go, he is in the living room.” Ann said.

As they talked I noticed Ann was rubbing her butt. On occasion she would rub her thighs. As they walked down the hallway she lightly patted her butt.

When we walked into the living room I saw Ann’s partner standing in the center. He wondered what took so long. Ann told him. He rolled his eyes.

“How have you enjoyed your experience so far?” He said.

“I am really sore, but I am enjoying it so far.” My girlfriend said.

“Well it is not over yet.”

“I am going to do you in different positions.”

“Come here let me take a look at your ass.” He said.

“Turn around, spread your legs, get on your knees, face down ass up, extend your arms forward.” He said.

“How does that feel?” He said.

“Good sir, I can feel the head going in me.” She said.

“Oooooh now I feel your cock going deeper into me.”

“Mmmmm, uhhhhh, is it all the way in?” She said.

“Yes it is.” He said.

“I am going to go back and forth for awhile.”

“I am going to start out slow and then build up to a fast pace.” He said.

“Alright.” She said.

As he went back and forth, I noticed her body was also going back and forth to. As he went faster her body would move faster. After awhile her face was being rubbed on the carpet. The noises she made were muffled from being face down in the carpet. Then she moved her face sideways and she looked right at me.

My heart was pounding as she looked at me. I could see the sweat running down her body. The heavy panting and the noises she made we’re driving me crazy.

“I am going to pull out now.”

“I want to lay you down.” He said

“Alright.” She said.

“You should lay on top of her.” Ann said.

As he pulled back she smiled and let out a moan. He grabbed her legs and pulled them back so she could lay down. He looked at Ann then at my girlfriends ass.

He started rubbing her ankles. Then he ran his hands up her legs. From time to time he stopped and smelled his hands. He started rubbing her legs right below her ass.

Then he slowly moved his hands all over her ass. He started to massage her ass. She giggled and said she liked the feel of his hands.

After the massage he ran his hands up her back. Then he pushed his cock into her. By the time he held onto her shoulders he was fully into her. Then he ran his hands along her arms and inter locked his fingers with hers.

Once inter locked he would give quick thrusts into her. She would moan and groan. He groaned when he shoved his cock into her. Before he took it out he was going very fast.

“Ahhhhhh………Ahhhhh…… please take it out, sir.” She said.

Ann laughed at my girlfriend when she asked him to stop. When she asked him, he stopped immediately.

“Are you alright?” He said.

“Ouch, that hurt, but I will be fine.”

“Alright, I am ready.” She said.

This time he went in slow. Once again he inter locked his fingers with hers.

“I am going to leave it in and lay on you.” He said.

“Ooooooh your cock feels so good in me.” She said.

“Is that right….. good I am glad my girl loves my cock in her.” He said.

I felt sick when he called her his girl. But I saw the smile on her face. She made noises she never made with me. She was louder with him than I ever heard her before.

She saw me make a face when he called her his girl. Then she looked straight ahead. Ann laughed and whispered in my ear that she was their girl tonight. I nodded.

“Oooooh yes sir, I am all yours.”

“I love being taken by you sir.” She said.

“You are such a good girl.” He said.

I felt a jolt go through me when she said she was his. I felt another jolt when she said she loved being taken by him. She never said those things to me.

“Ahhh…ahhh….ohhhhh my God, that was amazing!” She said.

Ann started clapping. She was surprised that my girlfriend was able to take on three guys and a few women. She told her to go clean up. But not to put on clothes. They wanted to see her naked one last time.

She slowly got up. She grabbed and asked me to walk her to the restroom. I asked if she was really alright. She said that she was fine. When she came out she kissed me. She told me next time it will just be one guy.

Then we walked down the hallway together.

My girlfriend said she did not want the submissive guys seeing her naked. Karen said they were already outside in the front area.

As we walked into the living room area people smiled and cheered for her. She got embarrassed and I felt awkward. Somebody asked for her to stand in front of them. So they could get one last look at her.

They asked her to spread her legs and bend over. Somebody said she had one gorgeous well fucked ass. Then they asked her to turn around.

Karen’s partner walked right up to her. Then he grabbed her ass and French kissed her. I was shocked. Karen reminded me the night is not over and she is still theirs. Then Liz’s partner walked over to her dipped and kissed her. Lastly, Ann’s partner came over patted her ass and kissed her. Then Karen came over.

“I want you when it’s just the four of us, me, you, my partner, and your boyfriend.”

“I want your ass and my partner wants between your legs.”

“What he wants, he gets.” Ann said.

My girlfriend looked surprised and happy. She walked over to me and kissed me. She thanked me for being with her. Then she asked me to join her in the shower.


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