Fucked my Boss at Job Interview and got selected

Fucked my Boss at Job Interview and got selected
Hi, this is Taneesha. My vital statuses are I am 5 feet, 7 inches. I have perfect figure of 36C 28 38, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist without looking at me. I am whitish by complexion have nice face cut, beautiful and luscious lips, big eyes and my long hairs which reached till my ass with a nice pair of toned slender legs and to kill my cute smile.
This story begins when I was in my final year of studies. We had placements in our institution and I got ***********ed in a big construction company for final around of interview with Vice president of the company. I thought to explore regarding company and Vice President of the company Mr. Rick. I trawled social media accounts and I come across some interesting facts regarding him that he has full of pictures of him with sexy girls. It presented me with a perfect way to win over him and get the job.

Next day, I woke up early for the interview and done my preparations, let me start with my outfit. I wore a small lace white bra above it, I wore white shirt. Below I wore a black thong and over it I wore a black pencil skirt. The skirt was such that it could be opened from the side through the zipper. Then I applied a bit of makeup with cherry red lipstick. For shoes I wear a pair of 3 inches high heels to complete the outfit. I sprayed a whiff off perfume on my neck and wrist then had a hand bag for my small purse, cell phone, resume, etc. I checked myself out in the mirror. Damn! I looked sexy and professional. I spun around with the confidence. I was ready for the interview. I decided to head out, I didn’t want to be late.

I reached the office at around 10 a.m. and the receptionist asked me to wait. I sat by crossing my legs and started browsing my phone from cubicles all men were all staring at me after few minutes I was told by receptionist to go inside the interviewer office for my interview. I could sense more staring as I walked past the corridor inside my interviewer’s office. When I entered in his room I came across with a very big office room and it had a big office desk and Mr. Rick was sitting behind the office desk. It was a very lush office as soon as he saw me, I noticed he adjusted his pant a little as he greeted me and asked me to sit. This gave me some confidence for cracking the interview. He might be aged about 37-38 years, 6 ft. tall, strong body, broad shoulders, good biceps very handsome, beard wearing white tight shirt, which were revealing his protruding muscles and trouser.

He started asking general questions to me, which I was answering. He could sense that my nervousness in my voice. It was like how you struggle with words when talking with someone hot person. He got up from his seat and walked around the table towards my side as he asked me another question. I paused a bit, but he told me to continue answering in a commanding way. He continued to walk as he walked past me to lock the door. He then come standing right behind my chair. I was still going on with my answers looking straight ahead and not at him as I suddenly felt both his strong arms on my shoulders.

Mr. Rick gently massaged my shoulder as he leaned down near my ears and whispered, “Relax, Taneesha, you’re too stressed. Keep answering.” He continued to massage my shoulders. I closed my eyes, struggling to find words and was breathing heavily. Before I knew it, he pulled my hair tie out and he saw my head shake a bit in reflex to let them open. He said, “Ah, now that’s perfect.” He leaned in and dug his face on my hair, and took a deep sniff like they were some crazy pheromones for him. He moved my hair from the side of my neck. He suddenly gave me a lick and bite, making me moan softly. He bends my head in the opposite direction. He whispered, “You’re so fucking hot, Taneesha. I am going to make sure you get this job.”

Mr. Rick continued to attack my neck and even earlobes knowing that it would turn me on like crazy. I was moaning softly by this point. He suddenly gripped my hair at the back of my head to keep my head still. He then pulled them gently to bend my head back a little as he leaned down to kiss me. Fuck, that kiss was intense. It was very audible as he was going aggressive. He even stuck his tongue in my mouth. I tried to fight his tongue with mine, which made things more intense. I felt his hands go down and squeeze my mangoes while kissing. He squeezed them hard and even undid 2 to 3 of my buttons. I was trying to moan in his mouth. He knew it and kept kissing me to suppress my moans. He realized by this point how loud I was. He ordered me to undo his pant. I undid his pant and underwear together.

Rick’s 9’ 5” cock sprung out and his cock was at my mouth level. My eyes widened slightly, looking at his size as he ordered me to please him for the job. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go since I was so horny too and I wanted that job. I took his dick in my warm mouth as my soft lips wrapped around his dick head. I suddenly welcomed the tip, circling my tongue around it, letting him feel a lot of pleasure. He moaned my name loudly. I looked up in his eyes and started taking his dick in and out. I applied a little more pressure with my lips as I kept going in and out while maintaining eye contact. He was moaning softly and breathing heavily as I kept going. I kept stroking his base while my mouth went in and out of the top half of his dick. I even bent down and licked his balls while stroking him fast. Then suddenly took it in my mouth again, looking into his eyes. This time he grabbed my hair tightly and started fucking my mouth. He even made me go deep throat and held it there for 9-10 seconds as he heard me gag very loudly as my throat squeezed his tip. He kept fucking my face till I felt his dick twitch inside my mouth. I could feel his grip on my hair tighten, and he moaned, “Taneeshaaaaaa!” He shot his thick hot cum inside my mouth. My eyes widened, feeling so much cum being shot in my mouth. I felt his grip on my hair relax a bit. I gathered all his cum and looked into his eyes. I gulped it down in one go and smiled at him.

That scene just fuelled more horniness in him. He was breathing heavily, and I was trying to catch my breath too. He made me stand and bend over to his desk. He made sure my elbows touched the table so I was more bent. He lifted my skirt and lowered my black thong. He sniffed my wet thong. He grabbed my hair and pulled them back, making me open my mouth and moan a bit as he stuffed my dirty thong in my mouth. He spanked on my butt suddenly and it made me moan, and again he gave more spanks till my butt cheeks get little red. He enjoyed that scene a lot. He would go between spanking and rubbing my ass creek and pussy with his fingers, feeling how wet I was. He unzipped my skirt and removed it. He even ripped the rest of my shirt popping my lower button and threw it away.

I was exhibiting my smudged red lipstick, messy hairs, boobs, sexy ass and my toned slender legs along with pair of 3 inches high heels in his room and he fucking loved that scene. I enjoyed flaunting my body too. I felt very sexy. He lifted me and made me sit on the edge of the table. He removed my thong from my mouth for a second and started kissing me. He again stuck his tongue in my mouth and fought with my tongue. He kissed my neck softly touched my inner thighs, hovering near my pussy. He nibbled on my neck, and he went down to my boobs. He pressed my boobs, licked them, flicked his tongue on my nipples. He even gently bit and pulled my nipples with his teeth. This made me moan a lot, and he stuffed my thong back in my mouth again. He still hadn’t touched my pussy yet, and it was driving me insane.

He went down to kiss my navel and then slowly kept going down. Just when he was going to reach my pussy, he came up and kissed my neck again. But this time, he very gently touched my pussy and rubbed my clit, making me shiver. He went down on his knees now, made me spread my legs. He suddenly started licking my pussy. He started licking my pussy like a mad dog, and I just threw my head back and moaned loudly. But I couldn’t be loud because of the thong. He was using his thumb and circling on my clit while inserting his tongue deep and exploring my depths. He then switched it up, put his fingers in my pussy, kissed my clit and even came up and nibbled on my nipples.

I had to lean back and experience an immense amount of pleasure all this while. I felt that I could not explain. In 15 minutes or so, my hips started to shiver a bit, and as my eyes rolled up and toes curled. I orgasmed hard, and he could hear my suppressed screams of pleasure. I couldn’t control my body as my orgasm lasted for 10-12 seconds. He let me catch my breath for a couple of minutes. He made me stroke his dick till then, which became rock hard.

He came in front of me as I was still sitting on the edge of the desk. He positioned his dick on my pussy and rammed it inside. His entire dick went inside as he pulled out and rammed in again. He started fucking me with slow deep strokes but quickly increased his pace. His eyes were looking straight at mine. He slid his hand at the back of my head, grabbing my hair tightly and pulling it a bit, making my head bend back and bit my neck. He even slapped me very gently at my chubby cheeks in the heat of the moment and kept fucking me. He came close to my ears and was constantly moaning and grunting and saying dirty things like, “I’m going to tear your pussy today, Taneesha. Your pussy feels so good.” All I could hear was the wet sound of dick going in and out and my suppressed moans and his dirty talks. Everything was making me horny.

He made me stand and bend on the table again. He positioned himself behind me and rubbed his tip on my pussy from behind. He spanked me again and then grabbed my hips and pushed in. He kept fucking me like that while spanking occasionally. His big dick was stretching the walls of my pussy to limits he slowly gained pace and was going completely in and out of my pussy. After few minutes of hardcore fucking, I had my second orgasm and my pussy juice started running out of my pussy my legs were shivering I cummed heavily. He fucked my brains out ohhh he was slapping and pinching my boobs contentiously, he fucked me in that position for near about 20 minutes and then he sat on the chair and asked me to sit on his cock and started fucking me for another 15 minutes I was cumming again fuck me but his stamina was great and he haven’t cum till now.

Few minutes later he changed his position and asked me to be in doggy position but this time he wanted to fuck my ass, I was a virgin in the ass as he kept his dick on my asshole and started to force it in. It was very painful he was pushing with power and finally entered my asshole. I started crying but he didn’t listen and increased his speed and his monster cock was tearing my ass it was very painful.

“You got a tight ass slut” he said.

I cried but he continued fucking and spanking my ass at the same time. He was fucking me like a machine non-stop with his full 9’5’’ inch dick was going in and out of my asshole. He fucked me in my ass for around 30 minutes. Finally he asked me to turn around and removed my thong and shoved his dick in my mouth and cummed inside my throat. I could feel his hot cum going down my throat.

“Now you are my slut” he said with a smile on his face.

I was in a bad condition not able to move breathing heavily and was too tired after being fucked for more than an hour it was most hard core fuck I have ever had. He sat on his chair slapped my ass and asked he to clean his dick. I went on my knees and started cleaning his cum and saliva covered dick and it took me 3-4 minutes to clean it. Then I got up and dressed up and went home with my offer letter.

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