Forced into Pleasure by intruder – Part 1

Forced into Pleasure by intruder – Part 1


The innocent and religious Lina is forced to give up her body and mind to a intruder.
“When was the last time you challenged your limits? When was the last time you let go of that…” Martin ran a finger along her bare chest, just above the hem of the black tank top. Lina felt a rush up her spine and swallowed loudly. “…the lifebuoy you have around your heart?”

“That…” Her voice was hoarse and she cleared her throat, tearing her gaze from his intense eyes. “I don’t think I can do that.”

“Can not? Or dare not?”

“Both…?” Why was her voice so weak? Barely more than a whisper. She glanced shyly up at him from under her bangs, waiting for an answer. On confirmation?

She felt more than saw as he leaned back and threw his arm over the sofa cushion. His hand hung limply just above her shoulder, mere inches from the bare skin. Lina wished she had put on something long-sleeved instead of the off-the-shoulder tank top she had chosen for the evening.

It had started so innocently. She and her colleagues had went out for a beer after work. An impulse had made her ask if anyone wanted to come home with her for a little after-party, but only Martin had accepted her invitation. The thought of being alone with another man, whom she barely knew (he worked in another department), had made her a little uncomfortable. But his disarming manner reassured her during the short walk home.

Now, however, she felt the discomfort grow again. Not necessarily out of fear of the man himself, but for other reasons… His finger brushed her shoulder, the movement light as a feather but impossible to ignore.

“Is there something you wish to do, Lina?” Martin asked. “To let go? Taste freedom?”

“Perhaps. But I don’t think I can.”

“Why not?”

“I… my family is pretty strict about that sort of thing. We don’t ‘let go’ that much. We’re more ‘bury it deep inside until it hurts, and then bury it deeper’ kind of people.”

“Aha. Religious?”

Lina nodded.

A satisfied smile flashed across Martin’s lips. “I thought I recognized the signs. I must say, I have a good sense of people.”

Lina laughed and took another sip from her wine glass. Through the glass, she saw his eyes scrutinize her, not unlike a predator.

“Do you want help, Lina?”

“What do you mean?”

“Help to loose those hard knit bonds? To maybe even break free?”

“I-I… I don’t understand…?” Her chest hammered, making it hard to think. There was something in his tone, a subtle hint that she couldn’t quite put her finger on… But which made the hair stand up on her arms.

Martin didn’t answer for several long seconds. “I a good sense of people,” he repeated. “Remember that, Lina.”

A few hours later, just before she went to bed after Martin had politely thanked for the nightcap and left the apartment, his words ran through her mind. I have a good sense of people. Remember that, Lina. What had he meant by that?


“HMMMM!” She snapped her eyes open just as her jaws were forced apart by something hard and plastic. The shape was round, and she felt small air holes as she ran her tongue across its surface in panic. The ball was secured by two straps that closed behind her neck and as she tried to use her arms to free herself from…whatever was happening, she realized with horror that her hands were tied behind her back. She pulled and squirmed, but the ropes didn’t budge an inch. At the same time, she felt a hand on her hip and another caressing her waist, up inside the t-shirt she always slept in.

“SHTAP! SHTAP!” She tried to throw herself out of his grasp while screaming through the ball, but all she managed to do was splatter the sheet underneath with saliva.

“Shhh,” a voice hushed. Calming, as if she wasn’t just in the grip of a strange man. As if she were a child who needed to be comforted. “Everything is in order. You do not need to worry.”

She recognized the voice. “Maljtn?”

“Yes it’s me. It’s Martin.”

“FWHAT ARJ YOU DOWFING?” she howled as the hand continued caressing the skin inside her t-shirt. She felt so helpless, tied by mouth and hands, lying on her stomach wearing only panties and a thin t-shirt, unable to even express herself clearly.

She felt his weight shift as two legs settled on either side of her. Fingers pinched and caressed her buttocks, forcing the thong down between the soft valleys on either side of the tail slit, so she lay completely exposed to her perpetrator.

“I’ll give you what you need.” His breathing became heavy as through her thrusting resistance he squeezed and slapped the pale buttocks. “Trust me, Lina. This is what you want.”

Before she could collect her thoughts, she was bent backwards as one of his arms looped under her chin and wrapped around her neck. Back arched, forced to surrender as the arm pulled her hard.

“Before I’m done, you will have admitted the following things:

One. You are a slut who loves to be punished.

Two. You are a slut who loves my cock.

Three. You are a slut who loves to be fucked.

And you will mean all three.”

Lina shook her head frantically. But at the same time, through it all…she felt a forbidden tingle between her legs.

She was like a doll in his hands as she was ripped from the bed and thrown flat on her stomach over his denim clad thighs. She scuttled with her bare feet, again trying to tear herself away, but it was a hopeless struggle.

“You’re a stubborn bitch, aren’t you? But it’s OK. I like to tame my slaves.”

She realized why he had placed her over his knees and her resistance became more persistent. Moments later, his palm landed on her exposed left buttock.

“AAAHHH!” she howled, more in surprise than pain.




The shock still didn’t wear off the next few hits. Her screams, beeps and roars – however muffled by the ball between her teeth – stemmed mainly from the surprise and humiliation of being spanked by a strange man. But as the white skin reddened under his hand, her moans of resistance also began to change tone. From high, shrill and close to low and snarling. The thighs beneath her twisted slightly with each stroke, and it was enough for her to anticipate the palm as it traveled against her stinging, hot skin. It was enough to make her reluctantly draw in her breath between her teeth and grimace helplessly.




The pain was excruciating, unbearable and… so so hot.




She lay with her face buried in the bedclothes, stained dark by saliva and tears. Lina cried deeply and sobbing, but no longer from pain. She cried because no matter how much she fought back, no matter how much she showed that she DID NOT WANT TO BE SLAPPED, she knew that Martin could feel the heat and wetness of her panties. He must hear the small notes of pleasure she couldn’t hold back. He must have noticed the way she rubbed her crotch over his knee, unconsciously at first but involuntarily throughout, as his palm lit a fire between her legs.




A hand carelessly grabbed her hair and she whimpered like a trapped puppy as the smacking blows increased in intensity. Her hips began to roll over the firm thighs, pushing and rubbing against him. She breathed in short, gasping breaths, lost in the jumble of emotions. Reduced to her most basic instincts.




Faster, she cried silently in her thoughts. And harder… please…




Ah! Harder!




Yes! Ahhh! Harder Harder!






“Ahhh! YES! Harder! Schmack me harder!”

Just as the orgasm washed over her, she realized that she yelled the last part out loud. If possible, the ensuing humiliation spurred another wave of ecstasy, sending her flailing and splattering over the stranger’s legs. Saliva rolled in long strings along the chin and down to the mattress. Her bare feet kicked, her toes clenched until they felt like they were going to come off.

When the storm subsided, she slipped handlessly off Martin’s lap. Strands of sweaty hair obscured the view as two hands undid the strap around her head, freeing her jaw and lips. She was still sobbing, but herself wasn’t sure why. She was humiliated. The bottom stung and burned. Her face glistened with saliva, sweat and tears. Her arms were almost numb, still tied tightly behind her back where she lay on her stomach with her head hanging limply over the edge of the bed. But when she heard Martin’s footsteps approaching, followed by a rattling zipper, she could do no more than timidly crane her neck upwards and follow as he opened the fly.

She gasped involuntarily as the limb was freed and stared with wide doe eyes as the swaying stake, sinewy and alert, approached.

“Gape.” Martin’s voice was rough, but determined. She cast a fearful glance up at him. He, too, was sweaty, with a shiny wreath along his hairline. But despite the harsh voice and the hand that once again gripped her hair, the eyes were… sore?

She swallowed a quiet sob and parted her lips. He tasted of sweat, salt and… other things. Something of his own, unique to Martin. Lina’s tongue caressed tentatively along the rough shaft, felt the veins and the small pulsating strokes.

“Do you see. You are a slut. You’ve never felt better than you just did. More alive. More free.”

Lina met his eyes as he spoke, followed him under his bangs as he pushed himself deeper into her mouth.

“You need this. Someone who takes you. Without asking, without waiting. Someone who doesn’t ask permission or apologize. Just takes what he wants and gives you what you need.”

She felt a first gag escape her throat as the glans approached her palate. She snorted as tears welled up again. On instinct she tried to pull away, but the grip on her hair held her there, lips clinging to his member. She sobbed again and felt it run down her cheeks.

“So, go on. Hold it as deep as you can. Don’t forget to keep licking. Use your tongue. Good girl. Make me proud now.”

Just as her neck began to spasm the pressure eased and she coughed and drooled as her mouth was emptied from the intruding cock. She breathed through her mouth and nose, gasping for breath as Martin dragged his member over her wet cheeks and lips. He scooped up a slimy string of saliva with his glans and smeared it over her already ruined face. Lina knew she should feel disgusted. Humiliated by his treatment. She was nothing more than a cheap whore in his hands, degraded and exploited as nothing. But instead she found herself raising her chin and sticking her face out so he could get a better look as he painted a gooey painting over her forehead, nose and cheeks. A soft, passionate moan escaped her lips and her eyes half closed.

He pushed in again, between her wet cheeks and over her waiting tongue. Deeper this time, harder. Towards the throat. Through the snorting breaths and stifled coughs, she felt his hips pump against her, digging deeper into her neck. Vision blurred with tears, saliva leaked with each snorting breath and soon flowed in thin strands under the chin. Martin’s breathing became heavier.

“Good girl. Good little slut. That’s all you are. An obedient, desperate cock-hungry slut. Right? Nod to me, whore.”

Lina nodded, mouth closed to breaking point. When he pulled out again, she realized how it itched between her legs. If it weren’t for the rope around her wrists, she would have rubbed her pussy with both hands and every available finger.

Martin took a few steps back and looked down at her. “Lie on your stomach with your ass against me.”

When Lina lay still for a few seconds, caught in a silent battle with herself, Martin tilted his head. “Maybe you’d rather I leave?” He made an attempt to turn towards the door, but Lina beeped after him:


He stopped.


“B-just… wait. Y-I’ll… I’ll do it… if you want…” Humiliated and with her cheeks burning with self-loathing, Lina rolled over until she was lying with her red buttocks pointed at the intruder, who was slowly massaging his erect cock. She felt the bed give way to Martin’s knee as he climbed onto the mattress and seconds later her wrists were freed from their ropes.

Lina’s hands were now completely in her own power. She could use them to fight back… to resist. Instead, she found herself propping them up against the mattress as she buried her forehead deeper into the sheets.

Her body was shaking. His nails traced lines across her exposed hip and she gasped involuntarily as a finger hooked around the thong of her panties and slowly pulled back. Centimeter by centimeter the panties slipped past the buttocks, over the thighs and finally the feet.

“Up with the tail,” ordered Martin. “Show me your ass.”

Lina wanted to sink through the mattress, join whatever was waiting beyond the earth’s crust. But a stronger part of her, the one that had screamed in orgasm when she was spanked red, the one that swallowed his cock deeper and deeper to please her owner, that looked up through the tears to see if he liked what she was doing when she sucked and licked with his tongue… that part crawled onto his knees, face still buried in the mattress and the crumpled quilt.

She imagined what she must look like from Martin’s perspective. How she sat like a folded pocket knife, her breathing heavy between soft sobs, while with shaky movements she swung her blushing tail into the air. Cuddling with it waiting for… something.

“Good girl.” She held back a whimper as his hands once again began caressing and squeezing her exposed buttocks. “Like a bitch in heat, desperate to be mounted.”

That was exactly how she felt. Like a female before mating, submissive and willful. Her pussy was on fire, making it hard to sit still, especially when his fingers slid between her thighs and up towards her parted labia.

“Ahh,” she grunted with closed eyes as her fingers began to explore the dripping cave. The swollen lips gave way to his sure movements and Lina found herself spreading her legs even further, so that the playful fingers were given space for their dance. She felt his breath as he climbed onto the bed and leaned over her, his mouth right next to her ear.

“Say what you are.” He underlined the words with his finger, let it touch the sensitive pink pearl, and Lina moaned louder.

“I-I’m a slut,” she whispered, still with her eyes tightly closed, as if in an attempt to separate herself from the words that escaped her lips.

“Good girl.” He rewarded her by stimulating her stiff prick. “Whose slut are you?”

“I’m your slut,” she continued and couldn’t help but wiggle her bottom as his hand pulled back, out of her pussy.

“And what does my slut love?”

She remembered what he said earlier. His promise of how this would end.

“Your slut loves to be punished,” she muttered, frustrated at the lack of fingers between her legs.

*SMACK!* She squealed as the sensitive skin once again met his palm.

“And what else?”

“Your slut loves your cock,” she continued, trying to sway her tail invitingly towards him. It felt like she was close to bursting. Her whole body screamed for touch. After his fingers and hands and… his hard, wet cock.

“Very good little girl,” he whispered. “So warm, so horny. So obedient and willing. Like a bitch in heat, right?”

“Y-yeah,” she wailed, sobbing in frustration. “S-please…”

“Please what then? What does my little bitch want?”

“Your cock…” A part of her broke as the words trickled out. “Your bitch wants your cock in her pussy…”

“Mmm,” he murmured appreciatively and squeezed her ass hard. Lina quipped breathlessly. “A really desperate bitch. Bark for me.”

“W-huh? What do you mean…”

“Bark like a dog to me. Now.”

“W-woff…” Her voice was barely more than air. A hand gripped her hair, arching the back of her neck and pulling until it burned at the roots. “AAAH!” she howled.

“Higher. Like a real little slutpup, hungry and waiting.”

“WOOF!! WOOF!!” The tall, shrill skulls crushed the last remnant of Lina’s former self. She was no longer the isolated, innocent girl who felt ashamed when she rewound Game of Thrones to rewatch the raw sex scenes. No longer the girl who tentatively tasted her own genital juices only to immediately turn red and embarrassed. Now she was the slut Lina, a girl who would beg, beg or bark like a dog to calm her horniness. To be rewarded with her owner’s cock.

“Like that, yes! Good bitch.” Martin’s hand returned to the pussy, felt and fingered for a few seconds while Lina rubbed passionately. A minute or so later she felt a sharp scent near her nose. “Open.”

Lina gaped and felt the taste of herself from his fingers. She sucked as if in ecstasy, eyelids still closed, and moaned softly. When his two fingers wandered down her mouth, over her tongue and down to her palate, she accepted him without protest. She gaped wider and held back as the coughing, gagging and tears began to come. When his fingers left, now covered in her slimy saliva, she obediently presented her face for him to wipe them against her cheeks and lips.

“Is my slutty little bitch ready for some cock?” asked her owner.

“Yeah,” she breathed and nodded eagerly. “Your bitch needs your cock…”

“Good. Spread your buttocks as wide as you can. Let me see everything.”

Her cheeks burned, but she let go of the support with her hands and brought them back, towards her swaying tail. She parted the soft skin on either side of her tight little asshole, exposing herself completely to Martin, who released her hair and pulled back to admire his handiwork. For several long minutes, Lina lay with her face pressed hard against the mattress while her hands held her buttocks apart with her ass pointed up in the air. She heard the click of a cell phone camera and the humiliation almost made her let go and cringe. But the burning desire that made it throb between the legs and the saliva to stain the bedclothes… it kept her there.

Finally she felt the mattress give way again as Martin stepped up. She heard him unbuckle slightly before a soft leather belt was tightened around her neck, pulled tight like a leash, putting pressure on her throat.

And if possible, she felt how the horny slut Lina became even hornier.

And then something began to sniff between her widened buttocks, something hard, wet and pointed. It first pressed tentatively and softly against her upper, tighter hole. Lina breathed in between her teeth and murmured into the wet fabric:

“Please, not there…”

“Don’t worry, my little one. I will not fuck your ass today. Just want to get a little taste. And the day I ask you to, you will present your tight little ass like you are doing now. Isn’t that right, bitch?”

“Y-yeah,” she replied. “Your bitch will spread her ass for you.”

The pressure against her sphincter eased and Lina let out a relieved sigh. The air had barely left her before Martin’s hand pressed against her mouth. A rolled up bundle of fabric was pressed between her lips and she felt the sharp taste of pussy as the cotton touched her tongue.

“Something to taste while I fuck your pussy.” Lina realized that it was her own wet panties that she tasted in her mouth. First instinct was to spit them out, but she resisted the impulse and was rewarded by a glans settling behind her waiting folds. “I will take you now.” His glans was anchored between Lina’s swollen labia, with the outermost tip against the opening of her tight cunt. “I don’t know if you’re a virgin, but if it’s your first time, it’s going to hurt. I won’t keep-”

Martin had no chance to finish, because Lina pushed herself right back, quickly and resolutely. The cock penetrated her, from glans to root, in a single sweep, when Lina made a final independent decision. Maybe she was raped and humiliated. And maybe that she found herself loving it. But at least this last act had been her own.

“MHMFFF!” she gasped through her panties. Without the cloth, her howl would have been loud and shrill. Lina was not a virgin, not technically. In many weak moments she had stuck things between her legs. First his fingers, then the handle of his toothbrush. At some point she had let a carrot slip into her warm vagina and one really embarrassing morning she had ridden herself to orgasm over the little buds on the end of her bed. But it was still the first time she had a man’s cock in her, and he was bigger than a carrot. By a good margin.

“Ahhh!” he grunted and the belt tightened around Lina’s neck. Not that it impeded breathing in an alarming way, just enough to feel it. She was breathing heavily through her panties as a hand pulled her head back, craning her neck through a painful grip on her hair. “Is that how you want it, whore? To be fucked without mercy? With no regard for you or your own pleasure?”

Yeah, she thought. It was exactly what she wanted. She was a whore. A cheap whore, a fuck doll, meant to be used and dismissed as nothing. The tears continued to flow, but Lina herself did not know whether they came from pain, shame or relief at her new revelation. A wave hit her face and it felt like she was floating on clouds. And then he started pumping his hips, fucking her like he promised he would. Hard, brutal and without mercy.

Lina felt the painful shock replaced by undeniable pleasure. She clutched her sheath around the broad piece of flesh that pushed harder and harder past the conflicting muscles. She bit hard at the fabric of her underwear, using it as an anchor as pain, pleasure, and passionate surrender spurred her ever closer to the edge. Martin’s hips hit her buttocks with each thrust, pushing her forward on the bed only to pull her back by her hair and belt. The mattress squeaked as the rhythm increased in tempo.

“Mhm, mhmm, mhmm, mhmm”, Lina grunted through her cloth-stuffed mouth. She felt him spit on her cheek.

Again! she thought, hoping her captor could read minds.

He spit again.

Harder! she prayed inwardly.

And the slaps against her buttocks echoed louder as Martin rammed his cock harder through her.


And her hips pounded faster against her.


Spit on me again!

“Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-” Through the firm grip of her hair, he twisted her against him and spat right across her face. “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-”

Mmmmm- yes- again! The next splash hit the eyes and quickly ran down the nose and lips. Lina knew her face was contorted in ecstasy, mouth wide open and eyes rolling, but she didn’t care. She was his whore, his toy. His possessions, to do with as he pleased.

As her cheek flashed from an unexpected ear file, the spasms began to go in waves through her sweaty body. When he let go of her hair to tear the t-shirt that still covered her body, pinching the exposed nipples with unkind fingers, it blackened before her eyes.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed her orgasm through the thong. Her vision returned, but flickering and blurry as a parade of spasms took over her legs, toes and arms. The pussy milked the cock with desperate, clutching muscles and Martin slapped her cheek once more.

“Did I give you permission to come, slut?”

The cock left her and as if in a slumber she felt herself being swept around by her hair and forced to her knees by the bed, in front of Martin.

“Never come without asking permission!” he roared and persistently jerked his cock in front of Lina’s lips. He freed her from the now dung-soaked panties. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue! Cup your tits between your arms!”

Lina did as she was ordered, a good girl despite her shaking legs.

The first, warm cascade hit her cheek and nose. The next landed over the waiting tongue and deeper into the mouth. She felt salt when she got to taste sperm for the first time. Her breasts also received a few well-aimed squirts before Martin exhaled heavily.

“Keep your mouth open, don’t move.” He took out his cell phone as Lina sat still on her knees with her breasts cupped between her arms and her face and tongue covered in warm, sticky cum. He forced her to sit just like that, docile and submissive, while he took several pictures with his camera.

“So. Now you can swallow. And don’t forget to thank me for the sperm.”

Lina closed her lips and swallowed the jizz. She knew it was the first time of many that she would find herself like this, sitting on her knees in a hurry to swallow her owner’s seed. So she decided to make it as right as she could. She licked her lips and smiled up at the man towering over her. “Thanks for your cum, Martin.”

“In the future you call me ‘sir’, unless we are among others.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.” He tilted his head and examined her closely. “So what was it I promised you would confess to?”

“I’m a slut who loves to be punished,” Lina mumbled. “I’m a slut who loves your cock. I’m a slut who loves to be fucked.”

“Good.” Martin picked up the mobile again and a moment later it rang next to the bed, where Lina’s own was. “I just sent you a picture of you, cum covered and beautiful. I want you to use it as your background from now on. Then I want you to collect all the panties you own that aren’t thong and lace – and I’m guessing it’s all of them – and cut them up. You don’t need any now during the summer, and in the fall you can buy new ones. If you send a picture as proof before 6pm tonight you will get to see me again. If not… then I take it you’re not the obedient slut I thought you were.”

He threw down the wet panties she had in her mouth at her feet. “You can keep these though. As a memory.”

He left her after that, without further words or formalities. Lina sat quietly and still on her knees, the sperm running down the sweaty breasts, and stared down at the panties. Every millimeter of the light fabric was stained with her saliva and juices. She got up to get a pair of scissors.


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