First time sexual erotica with the best friend

First time sexual erotica with the best friend

Best friends, Stacy and Mia, are enjoying their weekend before college restart. Alcohol plays a big role when they decide to test the boundaries of their friendship. But before the night is done, they have experienced something that neither of them expected.
Hi! I’m Stacy. This story takes place few years ago when I was 23 and still getting my bachelor’s degree at our local college. My 2nd year was just about to start after the weekend. It’s the time of the year when summer is ending and autumn is beginning, but it still has been quite warm. I mean during the sunny times; it was still almost 20 Celsius degrees outside. Basically, it was perfect time for one last party before school kicked in. Well, saying “party” is maybe overselling when it basically means just me and my bestie, Mia.

Mia and I study together at the college. We came from the same town, started our studies together, but we do have different fields. She is reading biology while I’m majoring in economics. Originally, we planned to be roommates, but Mia’s boyfriend moved with her when we our school began. She has already left the bastard, but she decided to stay at their row house apartment. She was able to afford it.

It’s an early Friday evening. I’m just about to arrive at Mia’s place. I promised her to bring the wine and some snacks with me and she was going to handle food for the evening and cleaning at the next day. Fair bargain I would say. Her apartment is few kilometers from the city, but it is located at nice and calm area. It is good place to start the evening from but if we want to go a bar or to a night club, we need to use uber. Although, it might be nice to just stay in and hang at Mia’s place. Let’s see where the night takes us.

I ring the doorbell to Mia. After few seconds, I hear someone rushing to the door and soon the door flies open. I am greeted by roughly 175cm tall, stunning brunette with beautiful B-cups boobs. She is wearing her yoga pants that really makes her ass to stand out. All those hours at gym together with me has really worked for Mia. ‘Hey Stacy!’, Mia said cheerfully and opened her hands for a friendly hug. ‘Hey!’, I replied smiling and embraced the open invitation for the hug. She was little sweaty, and it was clear that she had just exercised… without bra. Her nipples were pushing against my chest, and I heard her breathing heavily next to my ear. I could sense that she was excited about tonight and seeing me. We’ve been planning this night for a while, so I fully understand why she was jazzed up.

After greeting, Mia smiled at me, turned her around and gestured me to come in. I admired her nice figure and felt a shiver of envy. She looked hot. But I have quite sweet package as well. Even though my butt wasn’t as trained as Mia’s, my smaller waist and bigger C-cup boobs kept me in the game. I am as tall as she is and since we have similar diets, I think we weigh about the same, around 50kg. Even though we do have similar figures, we do have few noticeable differences. Mia has semi-long brown hair which she kept open, while I have quite long blonde hair which was tied up as messy ponytail. I have friendlier vibe, while she always seems like ready for some mischief. To be fair, I kind of like her mischievous nature since we do end up in some fun situations every now and then. Hopefully this evening isn’t exception.

‘It’s so nice to see you again Mia. It’s the first time since summer break started.’, I started the conversation while entering her home. She grinned and replied, ‘It’s your fault for working at the big city. I have been all alone here with only few local boys keeping me company. But I’m so jazzed up to have you here Stacy.’ ‘That is so funny! Just when we hugged, I was thinking exactly you are being “jazzed up”!’, I said while laughing. Mia smiled even more, ‘We are so in sync!’ I went to kitchen to unpack wine and snacks. It felt good to talk with my best friend after so long time, ‘So, Mia, what have you been up for these last few months?’ ‘I promise to tell you all in a sec Stacy. Could you come help me with my last stretches?’ ‘Sure.’, I said while I walked to living room. I did not need to ask what she wanted me to do. So I was prepared when she threw her leg at me and leaned in for her standing split. I caught her midair. ‘I knew what you were going to do Mia.’, I smiled. ‘I knew that you knew what I’m going to do.’, Mia grinned back.

While Mia was finishing up, we started to talk about our summer. I told about my time at the city and office where I worked as an assistant. She on the other hand had apparently broken some hearts of local boys while partying during the summer nights. She is from richer family, so she was able to relax more during summer than I did. ‘But it sounds better than it actually was Stacy. It was slim pickings with few guys who stayed here during summer season. There was one boy who was visiting his family, but he was here only for few days and lasted in bed almost a minute.’ ‘Haha! You are messing with me Mia.’ ‘Well, it might’ve been almost two minutes. But it was not much more than that. And he did even care to finish the job! I had to finger myself to nirvana after he had ran away.’ I could not stop myself bursting in laughter, ‘I have been here 15 minutes and you are already saying too much information.’ ‘But it’s true Stacy! Boys have disappointed me whole summer. Maybe I should start looking girls instead? They know what to do down there.’ ‘Good luck with that Mia. It’s good that you want to broaden your horizons.’, I giggled. ‘I’m serious’, Mia said with completely unconvincingly manner. ‘Go get the wine and let’s start figuring out pickup lines for me to use.’

That’s right! We have wine and snacks. I got up and went to kitchen. While I pour the wine to the glasses Mia shouts, ‘How about, you look like a girl who loves animals. Would you like to come to my place and feed my beaver?’ ‘Hah! Stop it Mia, you make spill the wine.’ ‘Ooh! Ooh! Here’s another one. If we are what we eat, then what am I if I eat your pussy?’ I had to put the wine down before I actually drop it. ‘This is a good one! Girl, you Butterfree up your schedule because I’m going to be Rhydon you all night!’ I was laughing but managed to bring the wine glasses to living room. ‘Sure sure Mia. Nothing sexier for us ladies than mixing it up with Pokémon references.’ ‘Yeah! Right?’, Mia replied like she did not get the sarcasm.

I handed one of the glasses to Mia, ‘There you go.’ ‘Thanks! So how much wine did you bring Stacy?’, Mia asked. ‘Enough for the whole night if we want to keep honing your pickup game.’, I replied. ‘Awesome! Here’s for fun night’, Mia gestured to toast with her. Promising “clink” sound came when I gladly pushed my glass against her. From that point forward, the evening flew by. We made good use of the wine I brought, and we ordered food from local pizza place. We teased the pizza guy by paying the pizzas with as little clothing as possible. Me in my underwear and Mia only in her tiny towel. He got so blushed; it was so cute.

After the pizzas, we continued the evening at Mia’s backyard. We laid at sunbathing chairs and enjoyed the darkening evening. It was warm enough, so we had no need to wear any more clothes than we had when we got our pizzas. But even after few glasses of wine, I was somewhat unsure being almost nude at any neighborhood, ‘Mia, should we put some clothes? I feel uncomfortable to be nude next your neighbors.’ ‘Stacy, the first of all, you are hot as hell. So, you should be always without any clothes. The second of all, no one is climbing over those walls.’, Mia said while pointing to three- to four-meter-tall spruce wall surrounding the backyard. ‘And the third of all, there is no one in the building beside us. I know because Andersons asked me to feed the large dogs next door, and I am sure that I would be last person they ask. So, enjoy the nudeness Stacy, only dogs are watching.’, Mia bolstered her message by in comical fashion pulling her towel covering her and tossing it to table. I giggled shyly but accepting that we would be safe.

After that there was a pause in the conversation. We just listened the nature for a moment. I took a sip of the wine and then Mia broke the silence, ‘Hey! Would you date me if we both were lesbians or bi?’ Not expecting the question, I cough and some of the wine flew out from mouth, ‘Wha…?’ I turned to Mia and saw her smirking mischievously, ‘I am totally serious. Would you date me if both of us were into girls?’ I’m wiping the wine from side of my mouth. I gather myself, grin her back and reply, ‘Sure, why not. You come from money, and that is the biggest turn on that I could imagine. LGBT community is all the rage right now so I could use our relationship to further my non-existent political career. And let’s be honest here, I would be completely seduced by your well-thought pickup lines.’ ‘You forgot that I’m hot piece of ass!’, Mia accused in jest. ‘And yes, you are one hot smoking piece of ass. 10 out of 10. That is indeed right.’, I confessed sarcastically. Clearly satisfied with the answer Mia close her eyes while giggling, ‘And don’t you forget it.’

Mia got up from her chair, ‘I go get some different wine. I want to test the red’. I did not pay much attention and replied something along the lines, ‘Ok.’ I was lost in my thoughts. I was thinking how it would feel like to have sex with another woman. I would bet it to be more sensual and not so physical as with boys. And girls would definitely be softer and gentler with their touch. I was little weirded out by the idea, but not completely against in. Once we almost had threesome with Mia, but the fella backed out at the last minute. Other than that, I had never thought about my best friend in such manner.

5 minutes had gone, and Mia had not returned yet. I reached for the glass to only finding it empty. I turned around and saw that Mia was not at the kitchen, ‘Hey Mia! Where are you? I need more wine as well.’ ‘Relax Stace. I am soon there.’ Few seconds later I can hear Mia’s footsteps behind of me, ‘Madam. Here is your fine wine. I am sorry about the wait. It is so difficult to get reliable staff nowadays. Would you desire anything else Madam?’ I raised the glass and analyzed it carefully for few seconds and put it back to table, ‘Yes. Please tell the boys at the spa to send someone to start the oil massage as soon as possible.’ In official manner Mia replied, ‘Certainly madam’.

I laughed and took a sip of the red wine. It was one of the cheaper brands but tasted excellent for this occasion, ‘This is not bad Mia’. I took another sip and felt warm hands on my shoulders. ‘Excellent that you approve madam. My apologies, none of the boys were available. But I am licensed and skilled with the art of relaxation. I do hope that you accept the offer. Naturally, on the house, as apology for not being able to offer what requested.’ I got stiff as plank but relaxed soon when Mia had started talking. She was good with her hands; I must give her that. ‘Aaah. You are forgiven of your impudence, and I allow you to continue’ I said while trying to sound as formal as possible. For a minute Mia kept rubbing my shoulders and then she broke off from her character and said, ‘Stacy sit up straight for a moment, I will fix the chair.’ I did what she asked, and she adjusted the back part of the chair to horizontal position. ‘That’s better. Keep sitting like that. I will rub your back as well’. She sat down behind me, and I heard that she applied lotion at her hands. ‘Where did you get that lotion?’ I asked. ‘From the bathroom.’ she replied. Small part of me wanted to have follow-up questions, but since I had wine at my hand and she was massaging my back, I did not see any reason to bother myself.

She kept moving her hands in circular motion at my upper back. Not too fast and not too rough. She clearly wasn’t a pro, but I did enjoy the feeling. Without asking from me, she unclipped my bra. Sheepishly she justified what she had done, ‘Just so I can reach better to your middle back’. I did not mind; she was right, and it was just us here anyway, ‘Mmhm… ok.’. I heard her applying more lotion and soon she was moving her hands all over my back. I thought that the lotion should have felt cooler, but her hands being so warm that it felt wonderful on my skin. For next minute or so she pushed her palms up and down at my back. She applied just enough force that it could be called a massage, but not too much that it would hurt. Just right amount I suppose. ‘That’s nice Mia. Thank you.’ I said to indicate that she does not need to continue anymore. She moved her hands to my sides and stopped the movement. She just kept her hands at there. I heard her taking a deep breath and then she slowly but firmly pushed her hands under my unclipped brassiere still covering my breasts. At the same time, I sensed her body closing the gap between us and her boobs pushing against my upper back. Her left and right hands are now laying on top of tits. She isn’t moving and every little detail about her demeanor screams that she is being stressed out of her mind.

Thousands of thoughts raced through my mind. It feels weird, but at the same time I cannot deny that there is certain level of excitement. Alcohol is clouding my mind and lowering my inhibitions. I do not say anything, but I exhale loudly. Mia takes my silence as permission to continue her game. She starts moving her fingers on top of my breasts. Her fingers move in similar circular motion around my areolas, similarly as her palms had moved around my back. Her breathing has gotten heavier, and I can hear her clearly next to my left ear. For a moment she only focuses on teasing my boobs. At any point I could have asked her to stop, but second after second it was harder to say it. And soon I did not even want it. Enjoyable sigh escaped my lips, and this encouraged Mia to remove my bra completely. I was just able to see my breasts and rock-hard nipples seconds before Mia was once again covering them with her two hands. This time she held my breasts little harder, squeezed, released her grip and pinching tenderly both nipples before starting the motion from the beginning. Even though she was firmer, there was no roughness in her touch. Maybe woman really knows how to best touch another woman.

I could sense her closing in from the left just before she bit gently my ear lobe. I moaned from the thrill it gave me. She whispered a question in my ear, ‘Stacy, can I kiss you?’. I woke from my trance and turned around to see her face. She looked like her whole world was hanging on my answer. To be fair, I am sure that I looked like deer in headlights as well. At the retrospective, I should have said called the quits right there, but when looking into her brown puppy dog eyes, I told her, ‘Yes…’. She beamed radiantly at my answer. Then she quickly got up, pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me. She took my face between her hands and looked into my eyes. I was little taken back by her candor. She touched my lips with her fingers like trying to find the best spot. ‘Are you ready Stacy?’, she asked. I shallowed and could only nod. My face must’ve been as red as the face of pizza delivery guy. We closed our eyes and she leaned in for the kiss. Our lips touched and feelings rushed through me. Mainly good feelings, but little conflicted. We played with each other’s lips for a moment until I found enough courage to use my tongue. She joined me in the middle and soon I was frenching my best friend.

‘You taste like wine Stacy’, Mia smiled after kissing me at least a minute. ‘So do you Mia’, I smiled back. I continued, ‘Mia, this would be my first time, I have never been with a girl. Have you?’ ‘No, I haven’t. I thought about it during summer. I did not lie about it. But I did not have guts to ask anyone. I’ve felt so good today with you, that those feelings came up. Have you liked it?’. I could have replied but I just smiled and caressed her naked backside with my hands. She grinned and said cryptically, ‘And that’s all the permission I need.’ She started to move down at my body. Kissing and licking everything on her way. She stayed a moment at my boobs. Just long enough to make me moan slightly. She pushed herself lower, but she left her hand to play with my breasts. She pushed her tongue to my belly bottom which made me tickle. She giggled at my reaction and continued exploring my body. When she reached my panties, she took her both hands to my sides and gripped the waist band. She did not ask for permission this time either, but I did raise my bottom ever so slightly to her to be able to remove the garment. We were now both fully naked and ready to do something that I had not thought about ever before.

Mia was eyeing my pussy like she had never seen one before. I was glad now that I had trimmed my pubic hair neatly just day before yesterday. ‘So, you really are natural blonde Stacy’, Mia teased me. I lashed back ‘At least one can say that about from my pussy. There is not a single hair at yours!’ I could not find signs of sheepish Mia anymore who whispered about kissing me, mischievous Mia was fully back. ‘So, you have looked at my body tonight.’ I hid my blushing face to my hands. She caught me there. ‘That is so cute Stacy!’

I felt her hand touching my private parts. I could not hear any teasing in her voice when she said, ‘You are soaking wet down here Stacy…’. Once again, she started doing circular motion, but this time only with her thumb. She opened my vaginal lips and kept moving her finger on top of my pussy. She had to add her index finger to play with my clit. The motion of her nimble fingers felt wonderful. She had hardly done anything with my nether regions, but I was already moaning. All the foreplay and excitement had brought me already very close of orgasm, ‘Mia, be careful. I may cum easily.’ ‘Relax Stacy, cum when you want and how often you want, we have whole night.’ The moment when she inserts her thumb past my lips, I came. My first orgasm with a girl. It was fantastic. I have cummed harder in the past, but this felt right on the emotional level as well. It’s hard to explain. My past boyfriends had kept fucking me with their cocks or fingers during my orgasm, but Mia took her hand away immediately when she saw my hips bucking. Instead, she gently strokes my abs and thighs until I had come back to earth. She knew that intensity is a good thing, but she also knew that too much is too much.

‘How was it, Stacy?’, Mia asked while letting her hands fondle my body. I was still recovering, ‘I came hard Mia. You were amazing.’ Mia continued touching my body, ‘Yes, I saw you cumming. And yes, I am amazing.’ I could only muster a weak laugh, ‘And don’t forget modest.’ Mia now playing with my areolas again said, ‘I never forget my modesty. Nor that I am hot. And neither should you.’ I was still catching my breath, but I managed to give a small smile, ‘I thought I heard some barking while I was cumming.’ Mia looked like she could not contain herself, ‘Yeah, it was the dogs next door. I am sure they smelled a bitch in heat or something. And look at that! There is one right here!’ It took me a moment to understand that she meant me, ‘Stop it, Mia. That’s gross!’ ‘Sure, it is Stacy, but also truthful. I should know, I am an expert of this topic.’ After a moment of silence, Mia continued, ‘Do you want to do it again? This time maybe together?’ I looked into her eyes and asked, ‘What did you have in mind?’ Mia tried avoiding my gaze, ‘Oh, I don’t know. Maybe try 69.’ Now it was my turn to tease her, ‘Oh, oh, oh, I do believe that you most definitely know, and you really want to try 69 right now.’ I saw Mia blushing and I continued, ‘And no, not yet. I need to rest for a moment, and it is only fair that I get to do something to you’.

I got up from the chair. I wanted to boss her a little, ‘Your turn Mia! On your stomach to chair. I’ll be back in a moment.’ Mia looked puzzled at the first, but then she grinned and did what I asked. I took my wine glass and went back inside. I went straight to her bedroom to rummage through her nightstand and drawers. Mia had to have some toys hidden away and I intend to use them on her. It’s funny how things escalated. We’ve known each other for years and we’ve never even hinted something like attraction between us. But after few jokes, some wine and some less than innocent touches, I am now making plans how to make my best friend cum like never before. I did not need to look further than her nightstand before I found a vibrator, a clitoris stimulator which you can hold like a ring on your finger and handcuffs. ‘Oh, you naughty girl.’ I tested that both devices worked like I wanted before finishing the glass of wine. I only needed the toys, but I decided that cuffs might prove useful as well. Happy with my findings, I hurried back to backyard.

Mia raised her head from the chair when she heard me coming. I made no effort to hide what I had found, and she made no effort to hide her naughty smile. I dropped the handcuffs on the table, ‘I’m cuffing you if you don’t behave.’ She dropped her head on chair “obediently”, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t dream of not behaving Stacy.’ I walked to the sunbathing chair where Mia was laying. For a moment I admired her body because I knew that she would not see me to do so. And I did not want to look too eager either to be able to build up some tension.

After a few seconds, I placed the toys on my underwear which Mia had dropped on the ground, so I would not dirty the toys. I sat down at side of her and started to move my fingers all over her body. I did not even try to massage her like she had me, but touch slightly with tip of my fingers to see how she reacts. I took my time moving from her feet to her neck and then back down again. She felt so soft and smooth under my care. Every 2nd or 3rd circle, I dragged my finger between her ass cheeks to make her twitch in anticipation. Every time I moved past there, she opened herself little bit more. After a while, I could sense the dampness between her legs growing. It was no coincidence that she started breathing more heavily moment after moment.

Even though I was taking my time and offering her something as gentle as she had done to me, some twisted part in me wanted to make her scream louder than ever before. If anticipation was having its toll on her, it was pretty much killing me as well. I could not wait any longer. This time when my fingers reached her neck, I pushed them further to side of her face and then on her mouth. She knew instantaneously what I wanted her to do, so she parted her lips and allowed me to enter. Even though I had not intentionally yet played with her pussy, I am sure that she was able to taste herself from my fingers. She eagerly sucked and licked my fingers to make them moist of her saliva. Between her legs, she was clearly soaking wet, so she would not need any extra lubrication. But this was my way of showing who was in control. I made her play with my fingers for few seconds before slowly dragging my hand on her body from neck to her ass, and then I placed my right-hand palm on her lower butt. Perfect position to reach her soaking pussy. She shook from excitement. Instead of playing gently with her labia, I decided immediately to push my middle finger inside of her pussy. I stopped at the second knuckle, but she was so wet that I wouldn’t have had any problems to penetrate her as deep as my middle finger would have reached. She exhaled loudly when I entered her pussy.

I kept my finger inside of her to let her get accustomed for the feeling. When I sensed that she had calmed down, I pushed last two centimeters of my nimble finger into her. My heart was racing when I started moving my finger inside of her. I am not sure which one of us were more excited. I was finger fucking my best friend and she was whimpering next to me. I wanted to ask if I was touching her right, but I did not want to ruin the moment. Touching someone else felt so much different than touching myself. She was so tight, hot, and wet inside that I could not help myself of comparing our pussies in my mind. I asked myself if I really felt like this when I touched myself. But I kept my silence and enjoyed gently giving pleasure to Mia.

I felt my right hand getting tired, so I planned to switch my hands. A naughty idea came to my mind, and I said, ‘Mia, raise your butt.’ She tried to reply while whimpering, ‘mhmmhmm’ and pushed her ass in the air. I removed my fingers from her soaking pussy but only for a brief moment. I got up and walked to other side of Mia so I could position myself better. I touched her gently with my left hand and placed my fingers on her vagina lips to lubricate them properly. This time, instead of using one finger, I very slowly penetrated her with my middle and my index fingers. Added pressure made her whimper even louder. When I was sure that she can handle both fingers, I started to move back and forth. Every few thrusts or so, I tried to open my fingers inside of her to add some variation. But I was not done, I took my right hand and pushed the fingers to my mouth. Very briefly I tasted Mia’s pussy on my fingers, and I did not find the experience unpleasant. She tasted little musky and little salty. I knew that I would taste her soon enough, so I did not think about it too long. I gathered some spit from my mouth and reached with right hand on top of her smooth and soft pussy mound. From that position I started to play with her swollen clitoris while at the same time screw her with my left-hand fingers. She was no longer just whimpering, but instead she was beginning to squeal from the pleasure I was giving her.

Her strong reactions to my actions were making me aroused as well. She moved her loins in the motion of my fingers while her pussy tried to suck them even deeper inside. I gently rubbed walls of her vagina and watched her to enjoy my touch. Every time I grazed her clitoris in right angle, she jerked like she was being electrocuted. I did my best to figure out what kind of touch made her twitch most. She kept moaning my name like it had some meaning only she knew ‘Stacy… Stacy… Stacy…’ I was quite proud of what I had done, but still I was not yet done. I took my right hand away like I was resting it for a moment. But instead of resting, I reached to get the clitoris stimulator and pushed my middle finger through the ring. Using my index finger, I activated the small device and placed it on top of her pussy. The effects of the stimulator had on her were clear as day. She had just gotten accustomed to my fingers, so she was not prepared for the strong vibrations of the device which had I placed on her clitoris.

It was evident that she could not last much longer. Based on color of her hands, she was gripping the sides of chair as hard as she was able. ‘Oooh oooh Stacy ooh, I’m about to cum.’ As erotically as I could, I tried to encourage her by moaning into her ear, ‘Cum Mia, cum. Cum as hard as you can. I want to see you climax. Cum…’ She had not taken things too far when I had climaxed, so when I felt her shaking, I immediately took my hands away as well. ‘I’m cumming Stac…’, was all that she was able to say before orgasm washed over her. It was my first time seeing another woman climaxing. It was so intense! Her eyes rolled as up as they could go while she kept squealing and shaking. Mia climaxing, basically on my lap, was one of the most arousing things I had ever seen. I felt my pussy damping again.

‘I came hard Stacy.’, Mia said smiling like a fool while trying to mimic me. ‘Yeah, I’m just that good Mia.’, I replied. ‘To be honest, I have not seen anything as sexy as that before.’, I continued. Mia closed her eyes and mumbled, ‘You were quite hot too when you orgasmed from act what was basically foreplay.’ We both laughed. Then something funny came to my mind and it was now my turn to grin like I’m about to burst to laughter, ‘I think those dogs got a whiff of that bitch in heat again. They barked and whimpered like the bitch was so close, but just out of their reach.’ ‘And fuck you too Stacy.’, Mia countered. I laughed her off.

I was planning to give her time to recover, but she jumped up suddenly. ‘My turn.’, she smirked. Her quick recovery surprised me, but I did not object. I wanted to continue having sex with Mia. I wasn’t sure if tonight was ever going to happen again, so I was determined to go all in.

Mia walked to the table to take the handcuffs and wine bottle. She took a gulp straight from the bottle and walked back to me in a way that she meant business, ‘Shall we step this up a notch?’. She did not bother to wait for my answer, but pushed my back against the chair, ‘You like to be on your back, so you stay there.’ She took a slightly longer step over me and my body. Even though sunbathing chair was somewhat wide, it was still low enough so she could easily stand above me. ‘Stacy, raise your hands above your head.’ I figured out what she had in mind, and I wanted it. I did as she ordered me to do, and she lowered herself down to the chair by placing her knees at my sides. I watched her taking my left hand to her hand and then cuffing it carefully. She guided me to place my hand back to the end of chair. Once she leaned in to tie the handcuffs to the chair and fasten my other hand, only thing I was able to see, and think was her drooling wet pussy which was mere centimeters away from my face. Mia noticed the same ‘Do you see something you like?’ My hands now cuffed she pushed her groin against my face and then stayed a while in that position. ‘I’m going to have my way with you Stacy. I am going to make you cum more times than you thought possible. And! Then you are going to cum some more. And! You will love it. And! I am going to cum. Many times. On your face.’

Our evening which started innocently and gently, was about to become something kinkier. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. My face was stuffed with Mia’s soaking pussy and thus I was able to smell and taste her more intensively than before. Her muskiness was more distinct, and I wanted to have proper taste. I took slow lick of her shaved pussy, and I could sense her shivering from the pleasure. ‘Aaah Stacy, that feels good. But I want to have taste of you as well.’ She got up and smell of her pussy lingered behind. She took a few steps back and kneeled in front of my cunt instead. I could see that she was eager to push her tongue in me. She took comfortable position and placed her head between my legs. Shy part of me wanted to shut my legs, but even stronger feelings wanted this to happen. I felt her warm breath on the lips of my vagina and soon her tongue took first lick of me. It was a tentative lick. Like she wanted to test me. I sighed in heat ‘More Mia. More.’ Satisfied with my reaction, she went from zero to 100 and started to eat me out at earnest. Just like before, I was extremely aroused from the first touch. Mia climaxing on my fingers and then teasing me, had already pushed my level of arousal far. It did not take long until I was moaning out Mia’s name. ‘Mia… Mia… Fuck me with your mouth… ah!’ She wanted to make me cum as well, so she doubled her efforts by touching my pulsating clitoris with her fingers while sucking my pussy. I orgasmed and volume of my moans echoed in neighborhood. If there was anyone close by, they would definitely know what was happening at Mia’s backyard. But I did not care. I closed my eyes and just kept pushing my loins against Mia’s face while riding down the climax. At the background I heard the dogs howling in excitement, but I paid them little attention.

I was panting loudly while I was gathering my strength. I opened my eyes to only see Mia standing above me. ‘You are not going to get 30 minutes of rest this time, Stacy. I want more.’ I did not have time to figure anything to say before she was already leaning down to kiss me. I closed my eyes and embraced the passionate kiss she gave me. I don’t think she did much to wipe her face since I was able to taste my own pussy from her mouth. It was different. Not different bad, just different. Her tongue was moving wildly inside my mouth while she used her hands to play with chest. She had an awesome plan to make me heat up again soon after being sucked to climax. After a whimper escaped my lips, Mia said, ‘That’s my girl. I knew you had it in you.’ She got up and turned around. She was finally going for the 69 which she wanted to perform while ago. ‘Lick me, Stacy!’, she ordered. She lowered her hot wet pussy on my face, and I did just what she told me to. It is not like I had much choice on the matter since my hands were very much tied to the end of the chair. But in the heat of the moment, her pussy tasted like it was the greatest thing ever landing on my tongue. Mia started to grind her hips and push her pussy harder at my face. I heard her whimpering dirty talk, ‘Yes… Yes, just like that Stacy. Eat me you dirty girl.’

Soon she was satisfied that I was up for the task. So, she proceeded with her own mission. I twitched when I felt her tongue skillfully parting my sensitive pussy lips. I had cummed already twice, so I felt some soreness, but that did not slow Mia down. She probably did not even realize how hard she was grinding herself against my face. So even if I wanted to protest, only muffled moans would come out. And that would most likely just excite her. But there was no need to worry about me being sore. Her intense and nimble tongue got cunt squelching in matter of a minute and that did not escape Mia’s attention. ‘You are leaking Stacy. And you do taste heavenly. I have little surprise for you.’ I tried to say something, but mouthful of pussy made sure that nothing, but groans came out. Mia ground her loins little harder, ‘Oh dear, you do not need to say anything. Just keep sucking me.’ She leaned down at side of the chair. Being as flexible as Mia, she had no problems keeping herself on top of my face. ‘So nice of you Stacy to bring me my weapons.’ That’s when she pushed the vibrating sex toy inside of my pussy. The sudden pleasure made me tremble and that just made Mia laugh mischievously. She pushed the vibrator deep inside of me and then she pulled it back out. ‘Let’s see which one cums first Stacy. You had a HEAD start, while I have access to my toys. But… let’s see if I can add some tongue there as well.’ When she leaned down and started licking and sucking my clitoris, I knew that I would probably lose this game.

Before winner of this match could be determined, I heard barking right behind of me and then all the sudden something heavy landed on top us. We had been too busy with pleasuring each other to pay attention about the dogs that had been going wild at the other backyard. Those two dogs had been riled up by our lesbian experiment and they did not mind getting piece of action, any action they could get their paws on. They had been digging and ripping their way through the spruce wall separating the yards. The hole in the wall was barely visible and there was no person who could crawl through without scratching themselves. But determined dog had been able to squeeze through.

Mia shrieked in fear, ‘Push it off Stacy! Push it off!’. In the panic she had clearly forgotten that I was not in position to push anything off. The dog which had jumped on us, had shoved Mia off my face, and I was able to reply, ‘Mia, you have cuffed me. And you two are too heavy, I cannot move at all.’ Mia tried to struggle, but dog did not budge. I felt completely helpless. Only my legs were not constricted, but it wasn’t like that I could start kicking the dog from the position I was. Hell, I couldn’t even take the vibrator from my pussy. The surprise had stopped me from cumming, but the sex toy was still working its magic inside of me. Mia was bumped further on top of me, and her weight on my body was now keeping the toy inside of me. But that was not the worst of it, I then noticed something very gross. The dog was trying to fuck Mia. He was humping as fast as he can, and his tiny dick was unsheathing from loins.

‘Mia! Watch out! It’s trying have sex with you!’, I shouted. Mia lashed back, ‘OH! You think? Why the hell you think I am trying to push him off?’ I felt little stupid, obviously she knew, ‘Sorry…’ Mia did not reply as she kept struggling, but she was having no luck. I tried to wring my body around to help Mia, but humping dog was not losing his balance. Mia sounded like she was becoming more distressed after every passing second, ‘Stacy, I can feel its cock! It’s touching me.’ I took more careful look at the scene opening right in front of my eyes. It was now easier to see the angry, pointy, reddish cock that was furiously trying to find the opening that I had just sucked mere moments ago. The short cock was mainly hitting Mia’s taint and then sliding upwards between her buttocks. I relaxed a little, ‘I don’t think Mia that it can fuck you with that tiny thing. It’s not even half the size of the vibrator you pushed inside of me.’ Mia whimpered clearly in disarray, ‘You don’t get it Stacy. It’s a huge animal and it has a huge cock. When it penetrates the bitch, the rest of the cock comes out.’ I was little bit taken back what Mia said. “How much more of the cock was still hidden” I asked from myself?

I did not know what to do or say, other than watch the unnatural act happening in front of me. ‘I’m so sorry Mia, I don’t know wh…’ I was interrupted when jet of cum was shot to my mouth. I started coughing when disgusting taste filled my mouth. ‘Are you okay Stacy?’, Mia asked. I spit the semen from my mouth and replied, ‘That stupid mutt just cummed to my mouth.’ Mia as master of biology was educating me, ‘That is not actually his cum. That is like watery precum. It is its way to make sure that the bitch is properly lubricated for the penetration.’ It felt odd for her to be so precise, especially when we had made so much effort to make create completely different mood for the evening. But in all fairness, neither of us expected a dog to come hump us and ruin the evening.

Dog had started to shoot out precum more extensively. The small space between our naked bodies started to smell quite a lot. More and more precum hit my face and soon that was the only thing that I could smell or taste. I did not want to complain, because Mia’s situation was much more horrifying. Few more centimeters of doggy cock had emerged from his loins, and it was just matter of the angle before the cock would slip to “wrong” direction. Even though our session had taken unexpected turn, I could clearly see Mia’s pussy being soaked of her own heat. And then I felt everything in the world to slow down. It was like my mind understood the situation what was happening, and it slowed down for me to see it clearly. The dog thrusted his cock with slightly different angle and instead it slidingly harmless upwards, it slid downwards towards the well lubricated hole. The pointy-head of the cock guided itself inside Mia’s hot and wet pussy. Mia screamed in dread, ‘Noooo! Please no!’

My slow-motion moment passed and next thing I realized was how my best friend was being taken forcefully in front of me. Mia had been absolutely right about the dog’s cock; it was growing in length and girth. It was already bigger in every way than any of the dicks I had ever seen. But even more confused I was about the pace how he moved his loins and fucked Mia. It was like out-of-control jackhammer which was set to maximum speed.

I felt bad for Mia, ‘I am so sorry Mia. I’m so sorry…’ I’m not sure if she even heard me. And if she did hear me, I don’t think that she was in any condition to reply. She sounded like she was in pain, but some part of me was sure that I also heard some pleasure in her voice. Her cunt did its best to accommodate the now gigantic cock. It was equally terrifying as it was incredible to see how her vagina bulged every time when the dog invaded her private parts. Although, more and more of the cock was left unburied due the increased length of it.

The dog kept plowing Mia and she was just forced to endure the ride. Mia was becoming less and less coherent as the time went by, ‘It’s so big… it’s so big… aaaah!’ The combination of Mia’s moans, loud slapping of meat smashing into her and smell of raw sex around me, had unwittingly intensified my original arousal. I had also completely blocked my mind from the fact that there was vibrator nearly fully lodged inside of my pussy. But my body had not forgotten that tiny vibrating thing.

Since I had been preoccupied on Mia’s distress, my own climax was as sudden as it was hard. If I had not been so completely stuck under the combined weight of Mia and the dog, I would have trashed my body in the influence of the strong orgasm. I couldn’t move my hands either so instinctively I just screamed and kicked the air while I raptured. ‘I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Aaaah!’, I yelled. There was no gentle landing to earth like when Mia had triggered my climax. Vibrator made sure that I was riding the orgasmic waves until my body was exhausted. I tried and tried to move my hips too all direction to force the sex toy to grant me peace, but it was firmly being held in position between the boards of the chair and Mia’s body weight.

‘I can’t stop climaxing!’, I moaned when I started nearing my limitations. ‘Mia help! Aaah! Vibr… aah… ator! Take… it off! Aaah!’ If she was only able to lift herself up a little, I could easily make the toy to fall. But she was dealing with her own problems and could probably not even understand where she was. Based on how loud she was moaning, she might be middle of her own orgasm. And I did not sense the dog giving her chance to rest. I had to do something before I would pass out from the pleasure. Subconsciously I sprung my whole body and kicked upwards with both of my feet as hard as I could. Even at today, I am not sure how I managed to move the duo in top of me. But all of us moved just enough for the vibrator to fall from the chair to the ground. My sanity was saved.

‘AAAAH! NOOOO!!!’, Mia screamed so loud that it left an echo. I was recovering from the situation, but the scream did alert me. In my dazed state, it took me a moment to understand what had happened. But at the end it was quite obvious. At the base of dog’s cock there was a ball forming which was also in process of being smashed against Mia’s poor pussy lips. Including that, I realized that she was now taking almost the full length of the monstrous dick inside of her. I tried to clear my voice and then I shouted, ‘Mia! I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to do. There is big ball at the dog’s penis, and he is fucking you with that.’ It was hard to decipher how Mia was from her voice alone when she replied ‘That’s… a knot. Male dogs… aaaah… use that to tie their pen… aaah, penises in the bitch when they eja… AAAH, EJACULATE!’ She screamed the last part of her sentence.

The dog had slowed down his thrusts, but he seemed more forceful. It made sense if Mia was right about the knot. The horny dog tried to force the ball through Mia’s vaginal opening and then empty his ball sack to inside of her. It had become quite dark, but I estimated that the cock had to exceed 20cm, even more if the knot was to be included. Mia twitched and groaned every time when he rammed the big cock at her. I was listening her whimpering. She was pleading and begging by herself. I heard word ‘please’ a lot from her mouth. I tried to calm her down, ‘I’m here Mia. You will survive this. I’m here for you.’ I could hear the defeat in voice when she talked to me, ‘I don’t know how much I can take this anymore Stacy. The fucking bastard made me cum, more than once. I am so ashamed of myself… and… I cannot stop him… AGH…! It will soon cum inside of me…’ I felt so bad for her. I was so guilty that I could not do anything for her, other than talk, ‘It is not your fault Mia. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am here for you. You are very important for me.’

I watched in awe when Mia’s pussy hole was forcibly stretched to allow access for the knot. I could not even imagine how painful the entry must’ve felt. Mia shouted non-stop for few seconds before the tight hole finally decided to give in and let the dog bury his bone fully inside of her tight cunt. Mia’s vaginal lips closed and hid the huge knot after the violent penetration had happened. But for my amazement, the shape of the knot was clearly visible under the smooth skin of Mia’s vulva.

Mia only got few seconds of rest before the dog decided to resume his fucking. Mia was repeating, ‘Oh my god! Oh my god! The kno… The knot is doing something inside of me. It is driving me crazy.’ I was taken back of how strong contrast there was in her voice. Just a moment ago, she was agonizing from the knot penetrating her, but now she was moaning from the pleasure she was experiencing. I did not know it back then, but the knot inside of her was grazing her G-spot and it was that which was forcing her towards a huge orgasm. I could only stare the slight movement that was bulging under the mound of Mia’s beautiful pussy.

The dog was only able to fuck her with very short thrusts since the knot was quite firmly embedded in her. But that movement was more than enough to make Mia moan and pant on top of me. Even in the most wildest porn videos, I had never seen or heard a woman act like Mia did right now. Since she had no reason to act, I was certain that I was about to witness my best friend’s biggest climax ever. The situation was undoubtedly grotesque, but Mia’s unwilling but enthusiastic response for the bestial fucking was stirring me up as well. I found myself waiting for the moment when she would be pushed over the edge. I know that it does not make me the bestest of friends, but an idea of her climaxing after being impaled by the monstruous cock was cranking up my arousal.

I could hear dog howling somewhere above me. Few seconds later, Mia opened her mouth, ‘Stacy… Stacy… it’s cumming inside of me. It’s shooting sperm inside of me. I’m being filled up. It’s so hot! I can’t… can’t… take it anymore… I’M CUMMING TOO!’ And just then Mia reached the height of pleasure. Even though she had told that the dog had forced her cum more than once already, I was sure that I would have remembered if any of those orgasms had looked like the one she was forced to experience right now. She squirted uncontrollably right at my face, soaking me completely. It was my first time seeing something as intense as that. I did not even know that girls could ejaculate. But there she was, shooting her fluids at me while yelling her lungs off. Her convulsions seemed to gear up. Orgasm, or string of orgasms, were making her body to find a way to escape. She was pinned between the dog and I, and there was no escape. I could not see, but I was able to feel how her stomach swelling. “How much sperm can one dog shoot out?” I thought while trying to see and hear everything. She was begging, ‘no… no… more…’ But then another wave hit her, and she started screaming from bliss again.

Mia was orgasming for a full minute, maybe even little more. But I am sure that for her it felt like an hour. She was panting like she had forgotten to breath, which might not be far from the truth. ‘Mia! Mia! Are you okay?’, I asked trying to sound as calm and loving as I could. She was still quite out of it, but she did reply, ‘Wait… Not yet. I c… can’t… yet.’ I was happy that I could hear her talking, ‘Ok. Take your time. It is over now. It is all over now Mia.’ I heard her inhaling loudly, ‘It’s not… not over. It’s still ejaculating.’ That’s when I saw that the cock was indeed twitching like it was pumping more and more sperm inside of Mia. If she was swelling already before, I did not want to imagine how full she was now or how full will she be when the fucker will finally leave. Some of the sperm was already leaking out from the side of pussy. Either “the seal” between those two was giving in or she was about to burst. I hoped that it was the former option.

Suddenly the dog moved his body. He had been relatively immobile during the whole time, so it was positive surprise. Finally, this was going to be over. Mia yelled ‘NO! NOT YET!’ I felt her trying to balance herself or himself or something. It was difficult to say what she did while being the bottommost person in the pile. So, I asked, ‘Why cannot he leave Mia? Wouldn’t this be over?’ Mia was still in the middle of something, but she replied, ‘Because Stacy, if it tries to leave now, the cock will rip my pussy in ten different pieces. It needs to stay inside of me until its knot deflates. I’m now holding its legs until the knot pops out on its own.’ I did not know any of this and I had to trust her judgment on the matter. Once again, this was not about me, it was about the person who had just been violated. Knowing this, I did not mind waiting and I was quite happy that Mia was able to talk clearly. She most definitely was not fine, but okayish. ‘Mia, how long do you think it takes?’ She took a moment before she replied, ‘I don’t know. I really don’t. We might be here for a while.’ Although she did not stutter or anything, I think she did not want to admit the final part… for obvious reasons.

I did not know what to say after it became apparent that we will be here for a while. Luckily Mia broke the awkward silence, ‘Well, this did not go as planned.’ I surprised hearing her to take so… neutral stance regarding what had occurred. It must’ve been her way of managing the situation. I was feeling bad for her, ‘I’m sorry that this happened for you.’ Mia became very serious when she replied, ‘Stacy, I’m going to say this only once, so I beg you to not force the issue. Do not feel sad or sorry for me. I don’t want that, you of all people, pity me. Before this shit show happened, I was having my best night ever, with my best friend ever. Also… I’m still hot. So, I will just fine.’ I must admit that she was amazing. She bounced back like that. That’s Mia. For my surprise, she continues, ‘And… it seems that the night is not over yet.’ I could not understand what she meant by that. That’s when I felt something wet and rough playing with my labia. It was an odd feeling, I felt being aroused and confused at the same time, ‘Mia! Stop it! Do you really think that we should go on?’ That command didn’t stop the feeling of being licked, but Mia replied, ‘Yeah Stace… That’s not me. That’s either Bruno or Marcus. The one inside of me did not introduce itself and I have hard time to remember which is which. But new dog smiles like Bruno so let’s just call it Bruno.’ There was another dog! I remember Mia talking about dogs as plural before, but during her ordeal, I had wiped this specific memory out from my mind. Now I was the person being violated and I did not know how I felt about it.

After just a second, I said, ‘Mia, stop him!’ Mia sounded like she was amused, ‘Actually it’s not “him”, it is “it”. You keep calling the dogs “him”.’ I wasn’t sure if I was ticked off or did I find her comment funny, ‘That is not important Mia right now. Just make IT stop!’ ‘I am sorry Stacy, but I cannot. I am holding the legs of its brother so he wouldn’t move, and hell freezes over before I try to move myself. Before that knot inside of me shrinks down to manageable size, I will not risk ripping my pussy. I’m sure that you can manage, it just licking your tasty pussy hole.’ I wanted to complain how gross it was, but I did not think I had legs to stand on. No matter what happens next, Mia still had the worst of it, ‘That is fair… It is just weird and gross.’ Mia giggled but did not care to reply.

Bruno was very enthusiastic about lapping my delicate pussy lips. My body still remembered the strong orgasms I had endured, so I felt soreness when the rough tongue explored every square millimeter of my private parts. I was not completely surprised when in a minute or so, the soreness made room for ticklish feeling and then for tentative pleasure. I was, however, somewhat disgusted how my body reacted to bestiality, but I decided to keep the info to myself when I once again saw the engorged cock stuck in Mia’s snatch. I could feel how her pussy juices, as well doggy sperm, leaking past the knot. I tried to take comfort from the fact that Mia had survived her experience. It was like Mia had read my mind, ‘Hey Stacy, whatever happens, happens. Don’t sweat it. You were there for me; I will be here for you.’ She then continued like she was bursting to laughter, ‘And hey! You might even like it.’ The tongue was forcing sharp moans past my lips, so I did not sound very convincing when I said, ‘No, I will not. Ah…’

The dog did not get satisfied by just lapping my lips. His tongue was a lot stronger than anyone’s who had ever gone down on me. In his mission to suck every drop out from my pussy, he pushed the tongue inside of me. I shriek from the surprised. It was my first time experience oral sex like this. Mia asked me ‘Is it actually inside of you? Is it actually tongue fucking you?’. I did not want to admit how good it felt. He was able to stimulates parts of my pussy that no one has been able to reach before, ‘Yes… Mia. The tongue is actually exploring my insides. AAAH!’ Bruno might’ve been late for this party, but he was making effort to catch up. The acrobatic tongue was darting in and out from my soaking cunt with unbelievable pace. I felt my dripping pussy walls stretch every time the nimble invader pushed past my labia. It did not help at all that he every now and then he grazed my clit which sent electric shocks through my body. All the stimulus and heat were making me blush and sweat. The sweat was mixed with different liquids what Mia and her violator had soaked me earlier. Once again, I was starting to feel shame from being pleasured by an animal. And Mia was not helping, instead she was actively trying to make light of the situation, ‘Stacy, are you going orgasm? If I wasn’t so busy here, I would suck you off myself. I would make you climax with my mouth and fingers so hard that you beg me to stop. I might even stick finger up your butt. Would you like that, Stacy? Would you?’ It was difficult to sound anything but aroused while moaning, but I tried to put some annoyance to my voice when I replied, ‘Yeah, now I don’t feel so bad anymore of you being fuc… AH…! fucked like a ragdoll.’

I only got the final word in since things started to go even further out of our control. For Mia’s delight, I climaxed hard under her. I am not sure how much she was able to see when her cursed vibrator was forcing me to cum, but surely this time she was conscious enough to witness everything. ‘AAAH! AAAH! SHIT! I’M CUMMING!’ I screamed. My limps went out of control. I started to kick with my legs and yank the cuffs with my hands. My lower body twitched, and I felt cramps at my abs. Pleasure from the stimulus and pain from the cramps were forcing me to almost pass out. Bruno did not care about my feelings; he was just happy to suck the nectar my drooling cunt was producing in the heat of the moment. Mia cheered me on, ‘Cum Stacy, cum! You are so hot. Show me how you cum!’ I wasn’t lucid enough to form an opinion how I felt about her comments. All my attention was focused on the orgasm.

I do not know if it was my convulsions, Mia being distracted or was the moment otherwise just right. But Marcus had decided that he had enough intercourse for this night. Mia was not able to hold his forelegs and the big dog whose cock I had been staring for while started to back away. The knot had deflated, but it wasn’t exactly gentle decoupling. Mia’s cheeky cheers changed to squealing from the sudden and sharp pain she felt when the knot was being pulled out from her. For a brief moment, the knot was pulling her whole body with it. The seal between those two gave out with loud & disgusting “plop” sound. It was a “blink and you miss it” moment when the huge cock retreated from the hole where it had stayed for a while. During the dislodging, Mia had been dragged just enough, so her pussy lips were right at my face again. The amount of warm canine semen that splashed to my face was unreal. No man could shoot that amount of sperm inside a woman, but for the fertile dog like Marcus it seemed to be no problem whatsoever. I was right in middle of screaming from my orgasm, so I accidentally shallowed at least mouthful of the doggy cum. It was my first time of tasting semen of any kind. Even in my disoriented state, I should have been repulsed. But strong climax I was experiencing made the tastes and smells feel intoxicating instead.

Mia was in pain, but she understood almost immediately that she was discharging ridiculous amount of doggy sperm and figuratively drowning me in cum and pussy juices. When she was no longer pinned under the weight of Marcus, she rolled from the top of me as well. It had been long time I had not felt the massive burden on my body. It was my chance of escaping from the pleasure prison which Bruno’s expert tongue fucking skills had locked me into. I followed Mia’s example and rolled from the chair, forcing Bruno to cease his oral assault. When my knees touched the grass, my mind was still muddled. It did not help that I was spitting semen and my vision being blurred by the sticky liquid covering my face. I tried to yank my cuffed hands free, but sturdy chair held itself together. However, I felt the whole chair moving now since there was nothing keeping it in its place. ‘Mia, take these off!’ But she did not have enough strength to help me just yet, ‘Sorry Stacy. You need to give me a moment here. I’m hurt. I help you as soon as I get up.’ I crawled to the end of chair to figure out way to remove the cuffs by myself.

At the retrospective, I should have known better. I just had front row seats for the show where a dog had violently fucked my best friend into near insanity. But it had been a long night and I was not in the best state of mind. ‘STACY! WATCH OUT!’, Mia yelled. But it was too late, Bruno mounted me from behind. The force of him mounting me, pushed my upper body on the low sunbathing chair. I had no means balancing myself, since my hands were still very much cuffed. I found myself from awkward position having my boobs pushed against the chair which forced me pushing my ass up. This might’ve been awkward for me, but well-prepared bitch presenting herself like this, was exactly what Bruno hoped to see. It had taken a while before Marcus had been able to penetrate Mia, but my excellent position and well lubricated vagina were assets that Bruno took full advantage. Before I had fully understood the situation, he was already inside my pussy. I was about to be fucked, just like Mia had.

The frantic humping started immediately when he had slammed his cock into my cunt. Thrust by thrust, I felt him becoming bigger and bigger. I was barely able to see around myself since I could not wipe the cum from my face, but I did lock eyes with Mia. She looks terrified. ‘Mia, help me.’, I spoke. She had to struggle herself up from the grass and then she replied some sadness in her voice, ‘I can make sure that he will not knot you, but he is too big and strong for me to push him from top of you.’ She forced herself on the chair next to me and continued, ‘I’m so sorry Stacy. I did not want this to happen when I acted like jackass moment ago. I just wanted… wanted…’ I interrupted her, ‘Not important Mia! Help me… AAH! please.’

This was my first time being this filled before. The cock inside of me had grown to amazing size and it was spreading me like nothing before. Right then I saw Marcus sitting on grass, cleaning his now cock. Even in its flaccid state, it was huge, just like the dog himself. It reminded me of large cucumber. Comparing Bruno to Marcus gave me general idea what kind of tool which being driven into me. I was quite literally fucked.

I sensed pain, but I would be lying if there was not truckload of pleasure to be felt as well. The long and wide cock was forcing me to feel good, which I had not expected. Whole night I had experienced sexual stimulus. Either I was teased, licked, sucked, finger fucked or shallowly penetrated by vibrator. But it was whole lot something else when being fucked with actual male cock. There was something animalistic about it and I could not deny the satisfaction it was giving me. My mind was still struggling but my body prepared to go all the way.

Mia spoke somewhere behind of me, ‘Stacy, I can’t reach to your handcuffs, but I am going to hold the cock. If I hold it from the base of knot, it cannot force the knot inside of you.’ I was moaning from pleasure, but I was able to reply, ‘Than… AAAH! Thanks Mia…!’ Violent fucking continued, but I tried to hold my sanity, ‘Mia… Mia… It’s so big. How can it be so… damn big? When… when does it end?’ She tried to calm me down, ‘Soon, Stacy. I can already feel knot forming. It ends soon.’ I was so glad. I did not want to go through what Mia had to. I felt shame that I had thought that Mia’s ordeal has been one of the sexier things I’ve seen. And now she was trying her best to help me to avoid same situation. I felt her hands on my pussy, she was holding the knot in place as gently as possible. I sensed how the knot rammed against her hands and even that was sending tremors through my body.

Suddenly I felt pain at my neck. ‘MIA! HE IS BITING ME!’, I yelled in panic. It was not a strong bite. But it was a bite that demanded obedience. ‘MIA! HELP!’ But she was helpless as I was, ‘I don’t know what to do…’ Bruno bit just little harder and I screamed from the increased pain. Mia completely unsure how to support me, reacted to my scream and tried to pry his jaws from my neck. Bruno had not understood that it was Mia who was holding the knot, but he had been right that something was blocking his access. Usually, his bitches understand the situation when he gently reminds them. Although the same logic did not apply this time, result was exactly the same. Mia had not even reached to help me before Bruno saw his chance. Everything that I had experienced tonight had not prepared me for the moment when Bruno slammed his knot inside my pussy with one firm thrust. Right angle combined with strong shove, heavy lubrication, and some bad luck, forced the ball into warm embrace of my soaking hole before Bruno had to even try too hard. My pussy stretched wide open, and I started to shake. Mia had not yet understood what had occurred, but she did when I whimpered words, ‘He’s… in…’

But the situation was still becoming even more wild. Bruno who was now satisfied of smashing his knot inside of me, released his jaws. However, he got his teeth tangled to my messy ponytail or it’s scrunchie, I wasn’t sure. Not being able to untangle himself, he pulled my hair and he pulled them hard. With one strong tug, he lifted my whole upper body from the chair. Mia shrieked from the shock when she saw me being yanked up. She looked even more confused what to do now. My hands could no longer reach to chair, so I was basically grounded only by my knees. By jerking my hair backwards, the dog was actually drawing my whole body against his loins. I felt the monster cock piercing deeper into my cunt than anything ever before. And just when I thought it could not become any worse, Bruno started to move those loins way faster. I was now screaming uncontrollably from shock of being screwed like this.

The knot had already grown too large to exit from my pussy, but that did not seem to bother Bruno who still had energy to fuck his bitch. Maybe being embedded deep in my cunt was just not enough to trigger his ejaculation. Every time Bruno pushed forward, the power of his thrusts made my cum soaked breasts swing in wild rhythm. And every time he pulled back; his knot rubbed my sensitive G-spot. For my further amazement, I noticed how the strength of his thrusts made his heavy balls to smash against my clitoris. Every little thing of the experience made me to crawl little closer to the edge of abyss.

Mentally, I was now in similar state has Mia had been when Marcus had violated her, very close of being passed out from the never-ending stimulus. I just knew that the dirty animal would soon induce an orgasm of lifetime in me. But every time I was reaching my limit, Bruno did something to cause just enough pain for the moment to pass. Either he yanked my head just too much or maybe he was able to penetrate just too far. Whatever was the cause, the pressure was growing inside of and just waiting to be released.

Mia saw her chance to uncuff me when Bruno had pulled my body from the top of my hands. I was now just barely able touch the chair with my fingertips, but that was something at least. I wanted to thank her, but I was not sure if she was able to hear it from weak whimper, ‘mmhmhmm… thank… you… AAH!’

Like it’s brother Marcus, Bruno howled victorious when he started final phase of the violent breeding. The moment when I heard the howl, I also felt first burst of doggy semen deep inside of me. It was my first time allowing anyone or anything empty their nuts in me. The sperm felt hot, like surprisingly hot. Heat inside of me built quickly as the beast kept pumping ridiculous amount of cum into my vagina. I was so deeply impaled by the engorged cock that I was sure Bruno was also coloring walls of my uterus with his puppy batter. Just when my belly started to bloat from the volume of semen, I climaxed to world shattering orgasm. I had been in a brink of complete meltdown for so long that when I finally reached the peak, its power swept me away. My eyes rolled back to my head when the first waves wrecked my body. ‘MIA! HE’S CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING…! CUMMING! AAAAAH!’ I could faintly hear that Mia said something, but by then I had already left this world behind. I just screamed from the pleasure. Later Mia told me that I yelled so hard that nearby birds started flying when I orgasmed.

I shook from the tremors and arched my back even further than Bruno had forced me to. I felt my back cramping, but it was like my body acted on its own volition. From that awkward position I fucked back against Bruno’s loins. My animalistic instincts had taken over and I only craved furthering of my bliss. At my delirious state, I did not even care about that it was a disgusting dog who had forced this on me. No, I did not care at all, my body just wanted to be taken for a drive.

I could no longer keep track where one orgasm ended and where another started. I was nearing insanity while my body just kept convulsing. I was panting as well as drooling from side of my mouth. When my hair got finally untangled from Bruno’s teeth, my sweaty body fell down hard. My coordination and strength were so off that, my hands could not hold my body weight. Last thing I remember before passing out from the bestial event was Mia’s naked body and her hands when she was holding me.

I was not sure how long had passed when I woke up again. It must’ve been mere minutes. One more small climax rocked through body when I felt my clit being touched. Apparently, I had passed out just a moment before Bruno had pulled out from me. Bruno and Marcus were now double teaming me to lick out the copious amount of semen that had been pouring down from my pussy. Mia had turned me around, so I was laying on my back. My head was on Mia’s lap. First thing I saw were her beautiful boobs hanging at the top of me. She looked worried when she opened her mouth, ‘Stacy! Stacy! Are you okay?’ My body was aching all over and rough tongues on my ultra-sensitive snatch were not helping, but I did my best not make her feel bad, ‘Hey Mia… I came hard…’ She was clearly glad that I still had my sense of humor intact, but she was still worried, ‘Funny… But we need to go. Unless you like one of the brothers mount you again.’ I shivered from the thought.

Mia helped me up. She was still weak herself, but she had obviously gained back some of her strength while watching me getting pounded. Dogs were not happy that they could not lick the rest of the sperm leaking from me, but they did not try anything funny. When I got up, I felt how huge amount of deposited cum started to drip down thighs and legs. I did not care much. I remembered how much Mia’s belly had swelled and I made wild guess that my situation had to be something similar. That meant, we were going to push that sperm out from our bodies for rest of the weekend anyway. And that was a mental image that I never thought that I would create.

We struggled to get inside, but after the glass door was shut and closed, I was finally able to breathe free. Mia opened her mouth now that we were safe, ‘Stacy, we should probably go to shower.’ I could not agree more, ‘Yes, we should… and soon. I have two huge loads of doggie sperm either inside or outside of me and I can still taste some of it in my mouth.’ After seeing Mia’s guilty ridden face, I tried to fix the mood, ‘Mia, you told me very firmly that I should not pity you. Same applies to you. Do not look at me like this is your fault. Also, I had fun before next door duo decided to come to play.’ Mia looked relieved after a talk. When we entered the bathroom, she opened her mouth ‘I must confess something… When Bruno started licking you, small part hoped me that you would orgasm. I did not want to be only one who were humiliated like that. But I never wanted you to be fucked like I did! I’m sorry.’ I looked into her eyes and replied, ‘Ok. While we are confessing stuff, I need to admit something as well. When you were knotted and you suddenly started moaning heavily, I thought it was one of the sexiest things that I had ever seen. I had not hoped that to happen to you, but since I was unable to do anything for you, I just stared in awe while you got creamed. Sorry…’ It was Mia’s turn to look into my eyes. She looked little surprised to my confession but relieved, ‘Alright. So, are we cool?’ I smiled weakly, ‘We’re cool.’

After the talk we took turns in the shower. We stayed there quite some time while helping each other to wash our naked bodies. Needless to say, but there were quite many hard to wash spots, so we were thankful for each other’s help. Physically we were spent, but mentally we were relatively fine. I say “relatively”, since it’s not like we could forget that our bodies were used by dogs to empty their ball sacks. But since both of us had been taken, we were able to talk about it quite freely. To manage our aching bodies, we emptied one more bottle of wine after the shower. It was already a morning when we decided to go to bed. If tonight had not happened, it would have been super weird to go sleep naked in same bed as Mia, but we did not want to be alone, so we were in complete agreement. It was my first time to sleep with a girl. How oddly appropriate for the tonight.


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