First time No Condom sex with my wife – Part 2

First time No Condom sex with my wife and Mother In Law – Part 2


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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any relation to people or circumstances in real life may or may not exist. Don’t think too much, just enjoy.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up. All that fucking made me hungry. I saw that Shruti was in a deep sleep. I walked to the kitchen to get a little snack.

I was surprised to find the kitchen lights were on. It turned to excitement when I saw my mother-in-law there. She was drinking some milk.

“Oh, hi! Feeling hungry?” Somehow, I felt there was a different meaning behind that question.

“Yes! I see you’re here for the same reason.”

“Oh, yes.” She then looked away. “And I couldn’t sleep.”

I did not hold myself back and spoke what was on my mind. “I’m sorry if your daughter and I were a little too loud.”

“Oh, don’t be silly. To be honest, hearing my daughter getting her womb filled was like music to my ears.”

This woman never fails to amaze me.

“And I hope that’s true. Or… were there any condoms involved?”

I almost chuckled. “No, there were no condoms. Your daughter is happily sleeping after being pumped full of my seed. Every single drop of it.” I realized there was no need to hold myself back anymore. I loved talking to her like this.

She had a wide smile on her face. “You are wonderful! I am so happy to hear that!”

I felt myself getting hard again talking to my mother-in-law like this. I never expected this. I stared at her body. She wore a nightgown. It was loose, but her thick, curvy body could be seen very well through the thin cotton cloth. She looked like a thicker version of Shruti.

She had a few buttons undone. I could see a slight hint of her cleavage and the strings of her mangalsutra. I wished she would somehow bend forward so I could get a better look at her breasts. I kept talking to her.

“I stopped wearing condoms long back. It’s not fun with them.”

“I can understand. That’s not how it’s meant to be. I don’t think you need to use them any time soon.”

“Oh, for sure. I want to feel your daughter fully when I am inside her. And, of course, to fill her up. It’s a waste to throw away my sperm like that.” I decided to get bold and talk dirty.

“Yes! You get it! A man’s sperm is meant to be inside a woman’s womb! It makes me so happy to hear you understand this.”

“Of course! I know I made the mistake of throwing it away, but I’ve learned my lesson. I will keep filling your daughter again and again, even after she gets pregnant.”

My mother-in-law beamed with happiness hearing this. “I am so proud of you, my son! You keep proving yourself to be the best man my daughter could have picked.”

Saying that she leaned forward a little, crossed her arms underneath her breasts, and pushed them up. Her deep cleavage was now very clearly visible. Her skin was fair and flawless. I longed to get a glimpse of her nipples. I could feel my heart beating faster. I felt her eyes on me. She saw where I was looking.

“I have to thank you, though,” I said, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Thank me, why?”

“For giving birth to such a beautiful and sexy daughter. Like mother, like daughter, I guess.” I winked at her.

She smiled and blushed. “I hope you are enjoying.”

“Doesn’t your daughter ever tell you how much?”

“She tells me you love her as no man has ever loved her… and… that she has a hard time… walking after… you know…” I could see she was feeling shy.

“No need to feel shy. We are family, and family take care of each other and share everything, right.”

She blushed and smiled. But she appeared more confident. “She told me you pound her so hard she has a hard time walking after that.”

I am fully hard to hear this. “You really can’t blame me. She is a vixen in bed. As I am sure you know by now from her moans.” I looked at her and smiled.

“I knew that the first time I heard her moan. I always knew her sexual energy and hoped she would find someone who could match that. You have no idea how happy it makes me knowing you both are having such a good time in bed.” She indeed looked happy.

“I wonder where she got that sexual energy from,” I said with a naughty smirk. I was curious to know what she would say.

“Who do you think she got it from?” She asked me with a teasing smile.

I was ready with my answer. “I don’t know. You are her mother. Mothers know about their children the best. You tell me.”

She smiled. “She is my daughter in more ways than people can imagine.” She leaned in a little giving me another amazing view of her delicious cleavage. “It’s not just my looks she inherited.”

The tingle in my groin grew. I could feel the blood pulsing through the veins of my cock. “I knew she was you the minute I saw you.”

“You are one naughty boy.” She said with an expression of delightful surprise.

“Oh, this is nothing,” I said, trying to tease her more.

“Really? What more is there?”

I loved how she wanted to play along. “Well, I know you think of me more as a son than a son-in-law. We both won’t mind if you want to call us son and daughter.” I again winked at her. I wanted to stretch things and see how far I could take them.

She was surprised to hear that. But she got what I was trying to say. “Oh my! You both are naughty and shameless!”

She got up and walked to the kitchen. I saw her curves from behind, and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I got up and walked behind her. I hugged her from the back and pinned her between the kitchen counter and me. I pressed my dick into her ass.

“Ahh!” A soft moan came out of her mouth. “What are you doing?”

“I want to show you how much I love you, mommy.” I pressed deeper into her ass.

“Mmm! I understand, son. But this isn’t right.”

I started pressing and grinding my hips on her. My hands firmly held her waist. She moaned but tried hard to control herself.

“Ahh! Mmm!” She started to grind her hips in rhythm with mine and pushed back into me. A split second later, she stopped. “No, we can’t do this. Please, I ask you to stop.”

I stopped. I cared for her and did not want to hurt her feeling. “I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. I only wanted to show my love for you. I guess I let my feelings get the better of me.”

“It’s okay. I can understand.”

She turned around and faced me. She looked down at my very obvious bulge and smiled. She gently touched it with her hand, sending a shock through my body. “You are young and full of passion. It’s hard to control this kind of energy. And it’s not meant to be controlled. It’s meant to be unleashed.”

I felt like an electric wave had passed through me. She undid the rest of the buttons on her nightgown. She wore a pink colored bra. Her mangalsutra was resting in between her big, firm breasts. She leaned forward so I could get a clearer view.

The size of her breasts made me lose my mind. They were big, round globes. I could see a hint of her nipples jutting out through the bra. We were standing very close to each other. She slid my pyjamas down and pulled out my dick. It was back to its full size.

I couldn’t believe it. My mother-in-law was holding my naked dick!

“Wow! That is a big piece of manhood you got there!” She gently ran her finger from the base to the head. “No wonder my daughter moans like that.” She looked at me and gave me a proud smile. She ran her hand over the shaft and held it in a firm grip.

She began stroking it nice and slow. I just stood mesmerized by the sudden surge of pleasure. She looked into my eyes. “I want you to go to your room, wake up my daughter, shove this huge piece of meat inside her cunt and fuck her hard.”

I lost it hearing her talk so dirty. She was almost a different woman. She did not stop stroking my dick. Her demeanour had changed completely. I could feel her passion, her lust. “I want you to fuck her like she is your slut.” Even her voice felt different. “Make her moan. I want to hear my daughter scream in pleasure.”

“Ahh!” It was my turn to moan. I have no clue what got into this woman.

“Fuck her and fill her womb with your seed. Get her pregnant! And then, don’t stop. Keep fucking her and filling her up for as long as possible.”

I was dying. But I loved every word she said. She leaned closer and whispered in my ear. “I won’t mind if you think of me while you impregnate my daughter. And I won’t mind if you think of her as your sister. Make her a mother.”

She leaned some more and gently kissed my lips. “You will always have my love, my son.”

She took her hand from my dick and looked at me. There were no more words. I realized what I had to do. I felt hypnotized. I leaned forward and kissed her lips. She kissed me back. Then I walked to my room.

Some other being that was asleep inside me until now had been awakened. I felt invigorated. I woke Shruti up from her sleep. She knew I was horny. I started kissing her and feeling her body with my hands. I wanted to get her wet fast.

I removed her bra and took one breast in my mouth. I sucked on it, and with the other hand, I removed her panties and slid two fingers inside her pussy. I finger fucked her. She let out a loud moan. She was wet as a faucet in an instant.

She turned around and lay on her stomach. I placed myself behind her on my knees. She instinctively pushed her ass up. I slid my dick into her.

“Oh! Ah!”

I held her hips and kept thrusting into her, quick and fast.

“Mmm! Haa! Haa!” Her moans increased in intensity.

I fucked her with a vigour I had never known existed within me. With every thrust, I pushed my dick deeper until it was completely inside her.

She moaned louder. “What got into you!?”

She knew my sexual energy by now, but this was unexpected even for her. I did not say a word. I held her hands and made her arch her back, so her hips opened up fully. It allowed me to push my dick deeper with every thrust.

Her whole body shook as I pounded her doggy style. Her stiff nipples rubbed on the fabric of the bedsheets, stimulating her further. I fucked her like she was my slut.

This time I couldn’t last for too long. All that excitement that built up from my talk with my mother-in-law was ready to burst out. I could feel my balls tighten. My dick felt more like a loaded canon this time. It was ready to fire any moment.

“Arghh! God! Ahhh!” I moaned like never before. I came so hard that my mind felt numb with pleasure.

“Oh! Yes! Ahh!” Shruti moaned from the intensity of my cum hitting her womb, filling her up for a second time in one night.

The next morning, I was more myself. She was naturally curious to know what had happened to me. I recalled my conversation with her mother.

“I can’t believe my mom was so dirty she asked you to fuck her daughter like a slut. I always knew she had a slutty side to her. Even though she never accepted it.” Shruti smiled with a sense of pride.

All that talk got me hard again. She looked at my dick poking out of my boxers and raised her eyebrows. She was surprised, but she wasn’t the type to complain.

“This time, I am going on top reverse cowgirl style.” She flipped her legs over my waist and straddled me. Her hungry pussy swallowed my dick whole in a blink. She twerked her hips and rode me like a pro.

I placed my hands on her thick ass and squeezed her butt cheeks. I matched her energy by pushing up into her every time she ground down into me. We fucked and moaned away like two lovers in paradise. Her womb was already full of my seed, and I filled it up with more.

For the next few days, we practically lived for sex. We fucked whenever we could. Shruti sometimes moaned louder than usual just to make sure her mother heard her.

Then it happened. All those gallons of cum I pumped into her ripe womb did their magic. She was pregnant! We were elated. My in-laws were overjoyed.

When my mother-in-law and I had a moment for ourselves, I asked her how she felt now that I had successfully impregnated her daughter.

“You have fulfilled your most primal duty. You are now a man!”

Those words resonated in my mind. I felt proud. ‘I am a man!’ I repeated those words again and again in my head. I felt like I was a Sex God.

I hugged her and kissed her on her lips. She kissed back passionately. It was a long, wet smooch.

“Remember. You don’t stop. Your seed should only be inside her womb.” She said as we stood in each other’s embrace.

“Of course! I never had any intention of stopping, and I definitely don’t have any desire to say no to your wish.”

I stayed true to my word. Shruti and I continued our kinky role-play. Sometimes as neighbours, sometimes as coworkers, and sometimes as brother and sister. And every single time, I emptied my balls inside her. The more we fucked, the more we wanted to fuck.

Soon, my in-laws left and travelled back to their home town. But my mother-in-law and I kept in touch with each other. She became my confidant from that point. I shared with her all my innermost desires and fantasies. She listened with an open mind and heart.

I would tell her how I fucked her pretty daughter. Sometimes I would tell her about other women I felt attracted to and how I desired them.

She would give me the same guidance every time. “No condoms, my son. Spread your seed far and wide.”

The End.


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