First time No Condom sex with my wife – Part 1

First time No Condom sex with my wife – Part 1

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any relation to people or circumstances in real life may or may not exist. Don’t think too much, just enjoy.I feel fortunate to have a good relationship with my wife’s parents. I know too many people who have terrible relationships with at least one of them, if not both. My in-laws grew up traditionally, but they are very broad-minded.

They are also very wise. That’s one of the things I love about them, and it’s a big reason I decided to marry Shruti. I loved her to death. However, I did not want to deal with the drama of having a bad relationship with her parents.

My Father-in-law lives a happy retired life. He was an industrialist and made a ton of money. He now spends his time managing his investments. My Mother-in-law, Shraddha, is a stay-at-home wife.

I will not deny that Shruti came from money was a part of my decision to marry her. There’s no need to feel guilty or bad about it. Marriage is about security as much as it is about love.

When I first met her parents, I was struck by how they were so different. They were fun-loving people. They enjoyed travelling, meeting new people, and having new experiences. It was a lifestyle they enjoyed because of their wealth.

I was also struck by her mother’s beauty. There was an elegance to her. It was almost majestic. I could see where Shruti got her looks. She has not only her features but also her body. Her full breasts, round ass and curvy figure, are all unmistakably from her mother.

Her parents were very happy their daughter was marrying me. I am a self-made guy. I worked hard and became successful. They proudly shared how their daughter found a “good guy.” Especially my mother-in-law.

In a moment of emotion, she even said she no longer felt regret about not having a son. I couldn’t have been happier.

Our wedding was a grand celebration. After we got married, we decided to take some time before having children. We wanted to enjoy life before we made that commitment. My father-in-law was very supportive of our decision. Although my mother-in-law agreed with us, I knew she wasn’t pleased.

She longed for her daughter to have a child. But she never said any mean things about it. She was always very nice and chose to wait until we were ready. Nevertheless, she loved giving us gentle reminders now and then.

Like this one time when she was staying with us:

“Guess what? Our neighbour’s daughter Navya is pregnant! It’s only been 6 months since they’ve been married!” She announced to us while Shruti and I sat in our living room enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Shruti rolled her eyes and teased her mother. “Oh no! Maybe you should have told her to take pills or her husband to wear a condom.” She always spoke her mind with her parents, sometimes just to bug her mother.

“Maybe you should stop taking your pills,” My mother-in-law teased her.

“Mother, I don’t take pills. You forget that my body does do well with them. You should tell your dear son-in-law to stop wearing condoms!”

My mother-in-law was struck by that comment. I was still the ‘new person’ in the family, and my in-laws still maintained some boundaries with me. But Shruti did not care about that. She was unapologetically herself.

“You’re so shameless, Shruti! You’re asking your mother to tell your husband to stop wearing condoms!”

“Yeah, why not! He’s just as cool as I am. He won’t mind at all!”

“But I would!” She snapped back.

“Oh, mother, you’re just as shameless as me. You like to pretend like you are not, sometimes.” She giggled, saying that.

“Enough, stop it, you two! You are acting like teenagers.” I had to intervene for the sake of my mother-in-law. Her face was so flushed she looked like a plum. I was afraid she might have a stroke!

But as time went on, they slowly became comfortable around me. Especially my mother-in-law. Especially about pregnancies and babies.

So many people like to talk about having babies and everything that comes after. But I hear almost no one talking about all the sex that goes into getting a woman impregnated. Some couples are lucky to get pregnant on a single try.

But others need to get pounded and pumped full of seed repeatedly until the magic happens. Some others have to go through the complicated process of IVF and Artificial Insemination. It’s enough to turn the whole baby-making process into something mechanical. There’s no more fun.

Shruti and I decided we were always going to make sure the process stays enjoyable. We openly talked about sex. I feel lucky for marrying a woman who is just as crazy about sex as I am.

We often joked about our couple friends when one of them got pregnant, talking about how they must have fucked. Did he breed her in missionary style, or was it from behind like doggy style, or did she ride him like a cowgirl? How shameless were they? We loved being kinky.

It turned out my in-laws were just as open about it. Way more than my parents, who, like most others, thought it was too rude to talk about such things. I almost fainted when one day I heard my mother-in-law make a not-so-subtle comment about it.

“Krishna, I hope you won’t think of me as trying to push you both to have kids. I am simply speaking out my mind.” She came to me when I was reading a book. I was by myself.

“No, not at all. I completely understand. I take it lightly. I know how much you care about us.”

“Thank you! And, yes, more than anything else, I want you both to always be happy.”

“You’re so sweet!”

“Of course! But at the same time, I yearn to see my daughter bear a child. I am going to take the liberty of saying something to you.”

“Sure, go ahead.” I was curious about what she would say and felt a little excited.

“Having a baby is not a duty. A baby should be born out of love, a symbol of the love two people share for each other. I know you love my daughter. Whenever you are ready, make sure you do it with complete love for each other. Please don’t do it like it’s a task.”

I was dumbstruck listening to her. She not only said something that profound, but she was almost telling us not to make sex boring or mechanical. It took me a minute to speak. “Are you saying what I think you are saying?”

She blushed a little. It was enough to arouse me. “I did not mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I know how well you take care of my daughter.” She winked at me, so I got the drift of what she was saying.

I almost grinned out loud. “Of course! It’s my pleasure!” I said with a sense of pride. “And no, you did not make me feel uncomfortable. It was quite the opposite.” I was feeling a little naughty. “So, is that how you both did it when you thought of having kids?” I asked her

She giggled. “Oh, yes! And we still do it the same way. That’s the secret to living a long and happy life.”

“What!” I almost burst out in excitement. “That’s crazy! I can’t believe we are having this conversation.”

“Why act immature when we are all grown-ups here? The least we could do is speak our minds freely with each other.”

“Can’t argue against that! I agree! And I wish more people took your lead. Things would be way less complicated that way.”

“I know, right!”

“Did Shruti tell you we were thinking of having a baby?” I asked her.

“Of course she did! But you knew that already.” She said in a teasing voice.

“I did. But since we’re talking so openly, I thought I would ask you anyway. It makes sense why you’ve decided to give me that advice now.”

She smiled. “You are a smart cookie.”

That night I was in over my head. I told Shruti about the conversation with her mother. She was pleasantly surprised, but she did not feel bad. She even felt glad her mother and I could talk so openly.

“You know she thinks of you more like a son than a son-in-law. I am happy she felt comfortable enough with you to speak her mind.”

We were already in bed, cuddling and half-naked. I was in my boxers, and she only had her underwear on. I started kissing her and fondling her firm breasts with my hands. She kissed me back, moaning to my touch. She has always been a moaner. I was fully aroused, and all sorts of dirty thoughts came to my mind.

“You know, if she really thinks of me as her son, then that means I’ve married my sister. That too, with their permission.” I said with a naughty grin.

Shruti giggled but wasn’t taken aback by my comment. “How does it feel marrying your sister?”

“It feels wonderful! How does it make you feel?”

She pulled me closer; “I love it! You want to fill your sister’s womb with your seed?”

Now, I was high as fuck. We’ve roleplayed a few times in the past but never like this.

“Fuck, yes!” I kissed her neck while my hands were busy removing her bra straps. Her gorgeous breasts fell out. Her dark pink nipples were already stiff. I kneaded them with my fingers.

“Mmm! Mmm!” She bit her lower lip as she moaned.

I removed my boxers and got rid of her panties. We both were now stark naked. I cupped her breasts and took her nipples in my mouth.

“Ahh! Yes! Suck my juicy breasts, my lovely brother!”

I took her nipple between my teeth and pulled on it, making her moan louder.

“Ahh!! Yes! Just like that! Oh God! It feels so good!”

She took my dick and rubbed it from the base to the top. “I love how big and thick your dick looks!”

“Just for you, my lovely sister!” Just saying that out loud made my balls twinge.

She moved down and licked the head of my dick with her tongue. “Mmm!” She looked at her and giggled like a teen. She licked it and slowly wrapped her lush lips around the head.

“Ahh!” It was now my turn to moan. “You’re so fucking good!”

I took her hair in my hands and pushed her head up and down, sliding my dick deeper into her mouth.

“Mmm!” She made gagging sounds, but I did not stop. She looked into my eyes as she slurped on my dick. I increased my speed and fucked her pretty mouth for a few minutes. We were overflowing with lust.

She let go of my dick and moved up over my body. “I want your seed in here.” She took my dick in her petite hands and slid it slowly into her wet cunt.

“Aghh!” Even though she was wet, her pussy was still too tight for my fully hard cock. She pushed it in with some more force. The head of my penis pushed through her pussy lips and budged inside.

“Oh! Mmm! Yes!” She let out another loud moan.

I grabbed her waist with my hands and pushed her down onto my thick, veiny dick while I pushed up into her.

“Ahh! Yes! Push it in deeper!”

I kept thrusting my dick into her. A few inches at a time, her wet cunt swallowed the whole length of my dick. She placed her hands on my pillow and bent forward. Her breasts jiggled and fell on my face. I instinctively took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked on it.

At the same time, I held her by her waist, moving her up and down fucking her good.

“How does it feel taking your brother’s dick?”

“It feels like heaven! I love you, brother!”

“I love you too, my dear sister!”

I pounded her without holding back. She moaned, calling me her brother in our native tongue.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ohh!” She tilted her head backwards and let out loud moans. I knew she was orgasming. Her body spasmed and relaxed at the same time. She caught her hair with her hands and pulled on it. “Oh! I am cuming! God! Oh!”

I felt the sudden gush of fluid from her cunt sweeping over my dick which was still wedged inside her. When the wave had died down, she looked at me. Her eyes were filled with lust. She wanted more.

“I want to feel your seed inside me, my dear brother! I want to have your baby! Please fill me up! Fill your pretty sister up well and get her pregnant!”

Hearing her being so shameless brought out the animal inside me. I picked her up and pinned her on the bed. I pushed her legs as wide as they would and slid my dick deep into her cunt. I was merciless.

I was ramming so hard that her firm breasts jiggled up and down from the force of it. The bed moved under us, making creaking sounds. I bent down and sucked on her stiff nipples while I pounded her.

“Ahh! Ahh! My God!” She lost her mind in all that pleasure. “Mother would be so proud of us if she watched us right now!”

Then I felt it. My balls tightened up, and my dick felt like a loaded gun ready to explode. I slowed down and pushed my dick deeper into her with every thrust.

“Haa! Haa!” She moaned away without a care in the world.

The tip of my cock finally opened up, and I felt gush after gush of warm semen spurting out of it.

“Yes! Give me your seed, baby! Fill me up!” She felt my cum hitting the insides of her womb.

I felt my dick pulsate as I squeezed out every single drop of my semen. She crossed her legs behind my back, pulling me into her. We were covered in each other’s sweat and saliva. I looked into her eyes, and we kissed passionately, proud of what we had done together.

At that moment, we felt immense love for each other that was beyond anything anyone could define. Exhausted, we slipped into a slumber.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up. All that fucking made me hungry. I saw that Shruti was in a deep sleep. I walked to the kitchen to get a little snack.

I was surprised to find the kitchen lights were on. It turned to excitement when I saw my mother-in-law there. She was drinking some milk.

“Oh, hi! Feeling hungry?” Somehow, I felt there was a different meaning behind that question.

To be continue…

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