First sex story in english with Bubbles

First sex story in english with Bubbles

‘Just follow me and I will show you how to please a woman and make her come back for more… Can you feel how hard you have made the nipples?’ she asked. I was like a schoolboy being taught one of the best lessons life had to offer, and I was a keen student.

I turned 21 and the guys decided to take me out.

We had a few drinks at the pub to work up some courage and then headed off to the local swingers club. It was a little shop front just off the main street. The place just looked like an abandoned store, but behind the frosted glass there was another world.

‘Come on Phil!’ the guys said as I stumbled along behind them. I was wanting but scared. Not sure what was about to happen.

John pressed the buzzer. We stood waiting for quite a while turning away each time a car drove past so no-one would see us and recognize where we were headed.

The door opened finally and a large man stood there dressed in a white tee-shirt black leather vest and pants with boots.

‘Yes can I help you?’ He said with a fine southern American accent.

‘We’re here for tonight’s party.’ said Harry

‘Where’s your invite?’ said the large man. Harry pulled out fifty-dollar note. The large man took it and waved him in.

‘What about you two?’

John grabbed his wallet and said

‘Can we do this inside?’ The man moved aside and we walked in. John pulled out a hundred dollars and handed it over. The guy went behind the counter and said

‘Here!’ throwing us all a towel each. ‘Change rooms are in there. No clothes or anything else leaves that room until you are leaving. There are lockers inside to store your stuff.’

We walked into the change room John leading the way.

‘Come on Phil! Hurry up!’ he called out to me.  I took a deep breath and continued walking.

Inside the change room there were three communal showers along one wall. The lockers were all set to one side with a big, long slatted wooden bench to sit on in front of them. A rack stored extra towels to the left under the light switch. Under the seat were at least 12 pairs of shoes that I could see.

We all put our clothes in a locker and wrapped our towels around us.

‘Come on boys.’ said John ‘Let’s go!’

He pointed to the double doors that looked like they had come of an old western saloon.

Harry walked through then John and I followed right behind. My heart was pounding fast and I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea any more. Music filled the hallway that led to a large chill-out room.

There were three double seater chairs and a bar where the guy that met us had taken up residence. Two guys were siting talking-to each other on one chair. On the other sat a man and lady getting quite comfortable.

My heart, still pumping at the speed of light, took a jolt when I felt a hand touch and hold my shoulder.

‘Hello. I’m Star.’ said a red-haired lady.

She stood beside me as naked as the day she was born. She was tall and skinny her tits, B cups, stood firm on her chest. Her pussy hair was shaved in the shape of an arrow and died deep red. Or maybe that was just her natural color? I froze on the spot.

‘Hey Bubbles, we have some newbies here. Come on over and say hi.’

The guys both turned around and joined in the conversation. Not that I was involved much – I couldn’t seem to move my mouth. Fear had gripped me all I could think was…

What the fuck am I doing here?

John reached forward and quietly said

‘This is our first time here.’

Bubbles who hand now joined us laughed

‘We could tell!’

Bubbles grabbed my hand

‘Come let me give you the guided tour.’ Somehow I forced my feet to move and followed this little blonde-haired blue-eyed girl down the hall.

She spoke with a high-pitched voice

‘So this is your first time here?’

‘Well yes…’ I paused, ‘To be honest it my first time all together.’

‘Oh a virgin!’ she giggled, ‘I have never been with one before. I have to be your first she said.’ giggling all the time.

I was so glad to hear her say that. She was shorter then Star and her breasts much larger. Her nipples stood out under her towel. I wanted to see under that towel so bad.

‘Well this is one play room.’ she said.

There were three mattresses on the floor joined together. There were already people using them in all states of play.

One girl was being fucked from behind on her hands and knees as she sucked the pussy of a girl laying in front of her.  Another was lying next to them having her pussy eaten by a large black man while she was sucking on the cock of a small Asian guy. There was no shyness in this room.

Two other guys were watching and talking at the side of the room. Bubbles gestured towards them and whispered in my ear.

‘His cock is so big but he has no idea how to use it.’ she said.

Not sure what to say about her comments I just stared at the guy. His cock was huge – the biggest I had ever seen. He saw me looking and smiled and waved at me.

I almost chocked on my own spit.

I waved back then grabbed Bubbles and walked to the next room.

It was a room painted black. All the windows were blackened as well and the light was covered with a red shade so it glowed in the room more than lighting it. Although you could see where people were in here you couldn’t make out who they were.

This intrigued me. I could hear moans and hard slaps.

‘It’s rough in here.’ said Bubbles. ‘It’s not for the faint hearted. I think you should wait before you go in there.  Follow me.’

We walked around the corner and up some stairs and came to a room with a round bed in the center. The whole place was painted purple even the carpet and the bed was covered with a purple velvet.

‘Well will this do you for your first time?’ she asked and a little giggle followed.

‘Ah yer… yes sure.’ I was finding it hard to believe. I was going to lose my virginity. Not that I was ever in a great rush, but there was no backing out now.

She walked into the room I followed her. There was a small bench with lots of drawers. I walked over to the window. It had been painted purple but light still could get through. The light warmed the room, but didn’t hide it.

I turned as Bubbles dropped her towel to the floor, kicking it with her foot and landing it directly on the bench. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time she had done that.

‘Well do you like?’ She asked.

‘Wow what’s not to like?’ I smiled. She stood naked and the light through the street laps shone through the window showing her perfectly.

He breasts were amazing her nipples were so large I just want to suck on them. I looked her all over.

She was no yoga goddess. Small, rounder then Star but to me she was a goddess for the moment. I didn’t care where we were, who she had been with or how many times. All I cared about was that she was going to be my first and I couldn’t wait.

I walked closer to her and she lay back on the bed. I fumbled as I groped at her breasts trying to lay next to her.

‘Ok there young fellow? What’s your name?’

‘Phil. My name is Phil.’ I said nervously.

‘Well Phil, you need to slow down. Let me show you.’

She grabbed my hands and ran them over her nipples. They flicked under my fingers through each ridge and bend.

‘Tease them Phil don’t just grope them.’

‘I’m sorry I have never touched before…’ I stammered blushing.

‘It’s fine. Just follow me and I will show you how to please a woman and make her come back for more… Can you feel how hard you have made the nipples?’ she asked not giggling anymore.


I was like a schoolboy being taught one of the best lessons life had to offer, and I was a keen student.

‘Well now Phil put your mouth on one and lightly. Suck it like you would suck and lick an ice-cream from one of those vans that drive around.’

I did just as she said alternating my mouth and hands, running my hands over her nipples and pulling lightly between my fingers as I sucked and licked the other one both standing firm.

‘That’s it Phil. Listen to my body it will speak to you. Do you hear my breasts speaking to you?’

‘Yes they love this touch. I can feel them responding.’

‘Yes and now you have them ready bite them. Just a bit small nibbles, not too hard. And squeeze the other one as you pull it out stretched.’

I obeyed her commands and she started to writhe around under me.

‘Oh Phil that’s so good. I feel it all the way deep inside my pussy.’

My cock was already hard and shaking and I hadn’t even seen her pussy yet.

I had seen porn before and I did ‘show me yours and I will show you mine’ in year 5 with May Tyler. But I have never seen a grown woman before or been this close to one.  I needed to see what I had been missing. I moved lower and slid between her legs – I’d heard this was a good position.

‘Wow no messing about with you is there?’ she sensed my eagerness.

‘Now Phil just like you did with my nipples start nice slow and tender. Enjoy it. The smell, taste, there is nothing like it that you will ever find again. A woman is an incredible creature to be savored, and Phil listen to my body it will tell you what to do.’

I didn’t understand, but her nipples did stay hard as long as I treated them right. Is that what she was meaning?

I crawled close to her looking for the first time at a woman’s pleasure. It looked different form May Tyler’s and unlike Star, Bubbles was shaved bare. I like it that way.

My cock rubbed on the bed as I looked at her.

I started feeling the outer lips of her moistness and running my fingers back up to her little joy button directly center and pride of place.

‘That’s nice Phil. Now kiss it Phil. You do want to don’t you?’

‘Oh yes Bubbles. I do. I really do.’ My enthusiasm showed with every word.

‘Well what are you waiting for?’

It was if her words where now my commands. I leaned forward and kissed her directly on her clit. It was bigger then I imagined and I kissed it again and sucked it slightly into my mouth

‘Oh Phil that’s nice.’

Her words eased my tension and I started to enjoy the taste and soft feeling of her love lips kissing and sucking along, licking soft then hard, sucking them the same way, until she started to raise her hips into my face.

‘Ok Phil be a good boy keep sucking my clit oh that’s it.’

I did as I was told.

‘Now slide your fingers two of them inside me slowly and rub the top of my inner walls.’

I followed her instructions to the letter licking and sucking her hard clit into my mouth as my fingers worked inside her. Her body started to shake slowly at first and her voice went higher.

‘That’s it Phil that’s it keep going.’ I licked and licked thrusting my hand in and out matching her bucking pace. Listening to her body without her words telling me. My body was doing a dance all of its own as I dry fucked the soft sheets on this round bed.

‘That’s is Phil. That’s its keep going keep goooooooo…’ Words failed her as she came. It shocked me because she grabbed my head and jammed my face hard into her dripping hole.

She found her voice again

‘Tongue fuck me. Shove your fingers deep Phil. Phiiiillll.’ She screamed my name out loud and I thought the whole place would surly hear her bucking against my face as I continued to suck and finger fuck her. Finally she slowed and released my head.

I looked up

‘Was that good?’ I asked not sure but thinking it might be.

‘Oh fuck Phil that was amazing fffoooorrrr fuck. Did you feel me cum Phil? Did you feel my body?’

‘Yes. I listened and followed. Bubbles, you tasted so good. It’s not like anything I had ever tasted before but I want it again.’

She smiled and her giggle came back to life.

‘Ok Phil it’s my turn. Roll on your back I want to taste and suck you.’ she said smiling. ‘Is this your first blow job Phil. Has any girl ever sucked your cock before?’

I shook my head, too shy and embarrassed to speak.

‘So I’m the first. Well I hope you enjoy it. Put your hands behind your head Phil it will be better that way.’

I did as I was told – she seemed to know what she was saying.

She crawled up between my legs like I had just done with her. She watched my face as her mouth encircled my manhood. It was pulsing with delight. I wanted so bad to grab her head and shove it down, but I did as I was told and kept my hands behind my head.

Her face rubbed past my cock as she kissed my groin and lightly licked at my balls. I was already in heaven and she hadn’t touched my cock except her face rubbing against it.

‘Please Bubbles. Please suck it!’ I was going to burst if she didn’t. ‘Please.’ I willed her again.

‘Ok Phil since you asked so nicely.’

She raised herself up a little and started to lick the shaft of my cock. She knew what she was doing. I was completely at this lady’s mercy.

Pleasure I had only dreamt about was filling my loins and spreading through my body and when she finally took my cock in her mouth I leaned forward looking up at her, watching this incredible woman give me pleasure beyond my wildest wet dream.

She sucked and sucked slow and hard with a certainty of the please she was giving. I felt the pressure build.

‘Oh oh stop stop I’m going to…’ It was too late. She continued to suck my cock as the cum oozed out of the end and I bucked into her face as she swallowed all of it. She pulled my cock to get the last bits of this load of hot cum out.

This only made me want her more.

‘Wow!’ I screamed ‘Wow fuck yer that’s it suck it Bubbles! Suck me clean!’ I yelled.

The shy guy had gone out of the purple window and in its place was a guy who just had his cum sucked dry.  She smiled and licked her lips.

‘Was that nice Phil?’

‘Nice, fuck!’ I was breathing deep. ‘Nice is not the word. Fucking incredible, wow Bubbles you can suck a cook so well. Fuck that was just amazing.’

‘Well Phil it’s not over. I still need you to fuck me you know. You have my motor running – don’t you want to be the one who drives it home?’

My cock had softened only briefly and quickly sprung back to life.

‘Yes I do Bubbles. Yes I do.’ I said eagerly

‘Well in you get.’ I moved in between her legs and she guided my now fully erect penis straight into her sweet pleasure hole.

‘Oh wow ooooooohhhh Bubbles that is…’

‘So you like?’ Bubbles she said as her eyes looked straight into me. ‘Do you like how a woman feels?’

‘Oh yes. You are amazing! It’s like heaven would be. Your mouth was so great but this… this is warm, moist, soft and heavenly.’ I said as I slowly humped my back in and out of her taking my cock along with me.

It seemed to suit Bubbles as her body rose to meet each thrust I sent into her, her clit rubbing me each time we met.

‘Put my legs up Phil, on your shoulders.’ Bubbles demanded.

I did as she said. This made the feeling if her pussy tunnel deepen and I felt her legs squeezing together making it tighter and harder to slide inside her. And this only made me thrust harder. I wanted to be as deep as possible.

‘I have your cherry now Phil. It’s mine forever.’

I didn’t care who had it. All I knew was that instinct had taken over and I was fucking. Fucking this little sex goddess.

I fucked and fucked trying to drill as deep as possible in and out again and again. Her pussy walls closed tight then let go again and again.

‘That’s it Phil.’ she cried ‘Sink it in to me Phil. Use that cock boy, use it good in my pussy.’

Her sex talk made some inner intrinsic nature appear and I started fucking like a wild man.

Talking, breathing, moving, pounding all rolled into one motion and I was lost deep inside Bubbles. Her screams as she came on my cock were muffled as she bit hard into my arm. I couldn’t feel her bites because the joy that flowed through me had taken me to another place.

I grabbed hold of her head and pulled her into me as my cock thrust deeper and deeper. I didn’t care if I split her in two – I needed to be in her and fill an inner desire that had been dormant until this moment.

She wiggled under me.

Let me open my legs Phil. Let me open them wider you can get deeper inside me.’

I moved away just a touch – I wasn’t letting her go until I was finished.

Her legs opened wide and rested on my forearms. I resumed my motion deep, long, hard thrusting strokes – as deep and hard as I could go.

She screamed again, her eyes closed and her mouth opened as her words fell into a incoherent mumble of pleasure and joy.

I needed more and I fucked harder arching my back and pounding her with full motions.

Until I felt the same feeling, welling up in my body. It was slower this time and more deliberate although I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to.

‘Yes yes.’ I said.

Bubbles looked at me and nodded her cunt still being pounded hard and fast.

‘Ooohhhhhhhhh!    Yyyyeeeeeeeeesssssss fuuuuucccckkkkkk! Yes take it take it all!’ I screamed as the pleasure streamed through me, out of my cock and deep inside Bubbles’ hot, well-fucked cunt. This sent her even higher as I drove into her.

I pumped and pumped on automatic, not knowing just doing what my body already knew with me not getting in the way.

Eventually I was spent. I dropped on to her. Her legs dropped down over my sides to the bed and my cock was still inside her with pleasure throbs still twitching inside.

‘Stay Phil. Stay just a little more.’ she said. ‘Let me hold you close for a second.’ Her pussy twitched and squeezed as if she was trying to get every last drop out. Sweat was dripping off me and our cum covered our groins.

I was well pleased. I had lost my cherry – given it freely to Bubbles and loved every bit of it.

‘Let me clean you Phil.’

I thought she was getting a towel but she slid back between my legs softly sucking my still twitching cock and licking my balls until all the juices were gone.

‘Now Phil if a girl doesn’t clean up after herself she isn’t a good girl.’

I was laying in the bed feeling incredible and exhausted, every muscle in my body feeling alive from the joy we had just shared.

‘I will remember that.’ I said.

‘Well then, let’s go find your friends.’ she said.


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