First day office sex with my boss

First day office sex with my boss until cum swallowing


This is a continuation of the story. For those who haven’t read it yet, it’s called ‘Fucked my Boss at Job Interview and got selected‘ and it tells the story of how I got the job.


My name is Taneesha Shah, and I stand tall at 5 feet 7 inches with a figure of 36C 28 36. With my fair complexion, nice facial features, luscious lips, big eyes, long hair that reaches ass and a charming smile, I am often the centre of attention.


After receiving the job offer letter from Mr. Rick, I returned home with a feeling of accomplishment and excitement for the new opportunity. However, I knew that to succeed in my new job, I needed to prepare myself in every possible way. After taking a week’s break to relax after my final exams, I started focusing on making the necessary changes to my appearance and wardrobe.

I realized that dressing professionally was a crucial part of making a good first impression on my colleagues and clients. Therefore, I decided to update my wardrobe with clothes that not only fit me well but also suited my style. I spent several days shopping for appropriate attire, including sexy lingerie, shirts, skirts, pants, and shoes.

On the day of my joining date, I woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. After indulging in a long bath, I carefully ***********ed an outfit that was both professional and stylish. I spent time styling my hair and applying makeup to ensure that I looked sexy and professional. With a sense of excitement and confidence, I set off for work, ready to present my best self to Mr. Rick, my new colleagues and clients.

As I arrived at the reception at precisely 10 o’clock, the receptionist asked me to wait. Everyone in the room was staring at me, and after a few minutes, the receptionist instructed me to go inside Rick’s office. I could feel more eyes on me as I walked down the corridor towards his cabin. Rick was standing there, and as soon as he saw me, his face lit up and he gave me a big smile.

“Welcome, Taneesha! I’ve missed you and it felt like ages since our last encounter,” he exclaimed with excitement as he moved forward to give me a warm embrace. As he wrapped his arms around me and he pulled me into his arms. His right hand rested on my waist and gradually moved up to my bare back, his touch gentle as he caressed my skin.

However, his actions soon took a turn as he moved behind me, placing his large hands on my buttocks and pressing against them. I could feel the hardness of his cock against my backside as he began to grind against me. He had lifted my skirt up and was now softly stroking my smooth skin.

I just fell back on his arms and let my head fall back Rick held me really tight now and started kissing my neck. I could feel his wet tongue licking my neck and his lips kissing my neck and shoulder. He turned my face towards him and started chewing my lips and I just let him suck my lips. He thrust his tongue in my mouth and I started to suck his tongue. Slowly, he brought his hands up, cupping my breasts over my shirt, and gave them a tight squeeze.

I tried to scream but Rick just sucked my tongue and continued squeezing my breasts. I now had started to moan and he was just smooching me and I had slowly started to push my ass against his hard rock. While he was biting and sucking my wet lips, I felt him unbuttoning my shirt one button at a time, until it was finally undone and he slipped it off my shoulders.

The anticipation inside me grew stronger as Rick’s fingers firmly squeezed my breasts over the soft fabric of my bra, causing me to quiver with pleasure. Despite my attempts to hold back, I let out a soft whimper as he played with my nipples through the fabric, making me ache for more. Suddenly, he lowered my skirt, revealing my lacy panties to his hungry gaze. His fingers traced over the damp fabric, inching closer and closer to my core, causing me to moan softly. As he caressed my inner thighs, his hot breath against my skin made me shiver with desire.

He leaned in and teased me by brushing his lips against the lace of my panties, sending shock waves of pleasure through me. I gasped as he ran his tongue over the fabric, his devilish smile hinting at his intentions. Before I knew it, my dress was completely off, and I stood before him exhibiting my smudged red lipstick, black push-up bra, small black lacy panties and my toned slender legs along with pair of 3 inches high heels in his room and he fucking loved that scene. I enjoyed flaunting my body too.

Rick stood there, admiring my body and commented, “You have such a sexy body, Taneesha. I can’t believe it.” He came closer to me, and I could feel his breath on my skin as he leaned in to smell my neck and armpits. He whispered seductively, “You smell so irresistible and sexy.”

He came forward and he undid my bun, allowing my silky black hair to flow down my ass. Suddenly, he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked it back harshly, causing me to cry out in pain. However, before I could protest, his lips silenced me with a deep and passionate kiss. His lips were everywhere, exploring every inch of my face, neck, and ears, biting and sucking with unrestrained passion. Next, he lifted me off my feet and gently placed me onto the couch. He stepped back and admired my partially naked body, his eyes taking in every curve and contour, as if committing them to memory.

Rick ordered me to undo his pant. I undid his pant and underwear together. His 9’ 5” cock sprung out and his cock was at my mouth level. My eyes widened slightly, looking at his size as he ordered me to please him. I took his dick in my warm mouth as my soft lips wrapped around his dick head. I suddenly welcomed the tip, circling my tongue around it, letting him feel a lot of pleasure.

He moaned my name loudly. I looked up in his eyes and started taking his dick in and out. I applied a little more pressure with my lips as I kept going in and out while maintaining eye contact. He was moaning softly and breathing heavily as I kept going. I kept stroking his base while my mouth went in and out of the top half of his dick. I even bent down and licked his balls while stroking him fast. Then suddenly took it in my mouth again, looking into his eyes. This time he grabbed my hair tightly and started fucking my mouth.

He even made me go deep throat and held it there for 10-12 seconds as he heard me gag very loudly as my throat squeezed his tip with a sudden Rick tore off my bra, discarding it unceremoniously as his primal instincts took over. He lunged at me, biting and nipping my breasts and nipples with wild recklessness. I found myself succumbing to his touch, my body responding with intense arousal. As he continued to groan and tease me, I felt myself becoming more and more turned on by the second. The idea of being taken by him with force now consumed my mind, and I craved to feel him inside me, driving me to new heights of pleasure.

As Rick continued to explore my dripping pussy with his tongue, my moans grew louder and more urgent. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have him pleasuring me so intensely. Each flick of his tongue sent waves of pleasure through my body, and I found myself pushing my hips up towards him, desperate for more. I didn’t care about anything else in that moment, only the overwhelming pleasure that Rick was giving me.

As I lay there on my stomach, my body still trembling with aftershocks of pleasure, I couldn’t help but feel conflicted. On one hand, the intensity of the experience had been mind-blowing, with Rick taking control and pushing me to the brink of ecstasy with every thrust. But on the other hand, the pain from the biting and spanking had been almost too much to bear, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that level of roughness.

As I moaned in pleasure, Rick suddenly bit down hard on my labia, causing me to scream in pain. He then flipped me over and delivered a stinging slap to my ass, leaving tears in my eyes. Without hesitation, he climbed onto my back and positioned himself, thrusting his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy.

He started with slow grinds, crushing my ass underneath his crotch, pulling my hair and increasing the pace. His weight was almost unbearable, and his long, thick rod was pumping inside me, slamming against my vaginal walls. The faster he went, the more he pulled my hair and the louder my moans and screams became. He was now fucking me like an animal, and all I could do was lie beneath him and take it. After around 30 minutes of intense sex, he finally came inside me and lay beside me, exhausted.

After experiencing intense pleasure from Rick’s earlier sexual encounter, I suddenly found myself being pulled by my hair and dragged onto the floor. On my knees, I was taken aback as he forcefully pushed his large member into my mouth, causing me to gag as he pushed it deeper and deeper. Rick’s eyes were closed in pleasure, and he began to moan while using vulgar language to degrade me. Abruptly, he pulled out his penis and grasped my hair, making me look at him.

After making me suck his cock, Rick lifted me up and asked me to be in doggy position but this time he wanted to fuck my ass, he kept his dick on my asshole and started to force it in. It was very painful as he was pushing with power and finally entered my asshole. Despite my screams and pleas for him to stop, he showed no mercy and kept thrusting with the force of a wild beast. The pain was intense, but eventually, I reached a point where I felt nothing at all. As he continued to pound me around 20 minutes.

Finally, after what felt like an infinity, Rick reached his climax and ejaculated inside me ass. He then took his cock out and turned me around, jerking off the remaining cum all over my face and breasts. I continue to lay there on the couch and after a while we got up, cleaned ourselves as best we could in the toilet within his cabin and got dressed. I fixed my makeup and made sure that I looked presentable.

After that, Rick asked me to introduce myself to all the colleagues, and I spent the whole day with them. In the evening, one of my colleagues offered to give me a ride home, and I agreed.


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