First Anal lost virginity’s with a MAN

First Anal lost virginity with a MAN

How a straight man loses his cherry to an enormously thick cock

I am a cock sucker. I’m married, love my wife, have no intention of leaving my wife, and my preference is for girls. Young girls, to be exact, but I won’t cheat on my wife. So, how then, can I be a cock sucker, and not a cheater? Well, my wife does not have a penis. I like sucking on penis, therefore, I’m not cheating, right?

OK, there are those who have already tossed me into the “Gay” category, saying that I can’t suck cock, without being “Gay”. Let’s remedy this, right off the bat. First, I LOATHE the term “Gay” to describe queers. I’m not now, never have been, or ever will be politically correct. For those of you I have already offended, tough. Accept the fact that you are homosexual, or queer. I do not consider myself “Bi”, or didn’t until this incident occurred about which this story is written. I’m straight. My preference is for girls. But, I do like sucking and swallowing. If you prefer only having sex with other men, no women, good for you, I could care less.

You will not see me checking out guys at the shopping mall, or anywhere else. Not interested. I have, on a very few rare instances, sought out like minded men, specifically with the intent of me taking them in my mouth, sucking them, and making them shoot their load in my mouth, whereupon, I always swallow.

If you’re still with me, I would like to tell you how I came to have my first anal…with a guy. Yes, I know what I wrote earlier, but, times change, things evolve. But, maybe I’m drifting towards Bi.

I’m a MWM, middle aged, fairly decent shape, tall, hairy, masculine, not movie star good looking, but not a troll, either. I tend to enjoy watching porn on my computer, I don’t really have a particular genre that I prefer, but blow jobs have, I guess, attracted my interest, and is what I enjoy most during sex. I was watching a series called “Blacked”, which basically involves extremely good looking white girls, some allegedly teenaged, who are have their first interracial sex, with well hung, black men. Not all the guys were ripped like Jesus, not all had 12 inch cocks, but they all had white women few of us would turn away, performing deviate sexual acts. I’m talking anally accepting thrusting black cocks, deep throat to the point of obvious gagging, burying their tongues in black asses, at least one which depicted the girl being peed on.

One video clip, my favorite, depicted a young white girl, who was spying on her older sister having sex with a black guy. The sister notices, they argue briefly, the gist of which is, stay away from my guy. The older girl leaves, and, of course, the younger one, in black panties, bra, and thigh tops, comes on to the black guy. Predictably, the black guy, clearly no fool, allows himself to be molested by the younger girl. He’s alright looking, I guess, no six pack, slightly paunchy even, but she kneels in front of him, pulling down his sweat pants, until his firming cock pops out, where upon she smiles, looks up at him, and proceeds to very sensuously lick and nibble on the head of his cock.

I watched this clip dozens of times, slowly jerking off until I shot my load. One day, just as I was ready to cum, I was shocked to realize, I wasn’t watching the girl, as much as I was watching this beautiful black cock. If I’d not been so close to shooting my load, I’d have stopped. I was a bit disgusted, and embarrassed.

After that, I didn’t watch that clip for quite some time, maybe a couple of months. But, of course, while looking through my list of saved videos, I saw the clip listed, and a surge shot through my cock and balls, and without another thought, I had opened and was viewing…yup…that same video that I’d reacted negatively to previously.

I watched the video. Beginning to end. I watched, even STOPPED the video at one point, with the girl holding the tip of her tongue to the end of his beautifully shaped head, a drop of pearly white cum ready to fall into her mouth.


Damn. I was in trouble. My heart was beating like I just finished a foot race. I was breathing heavy, my mouth was dry, and I shot a rope of cum farther up my stomach than I had, in a long while.

I desperately wanted to suck a black cock, and taste cum.

The easiest part to try, tasting cum, was immediately taken care of. I ran my finger up my body, collected some of my cum, and touched my finger to my own tongue. Hm. Not bad, slightly salty, maybe? I followed that with another taste, them another, until I’d scraped up as much of my cum as I could.

The first girl who’d ever given me a blow job, back in my high school days, had leaned towards me to kiss me, after she finished. I, of course, had made a face, and pulled back.

“What?” She said, “It’s good enough for me to suck, and swallow, but not good enough for you? If you EVER think I’ll suck you off again, you better bring those lips back here.”

It kinda did make sense, I guess, but…wasn’t that a bit queer? Well, I had enjoyed it, wanted it again, so…

I leaned towards here, she grabbed the back of my head, pulled me to her, planted her lips on mine, and proceeded to French me.

I survived, and, it really didn’t taste too bad, either. It wasn’t the last time we kissed after I received a blow job.

It was a very short leap, from eating my cum, to realizing, I didn’t care for cold cum, that I’d always tasted, eaten, warm cum from my girlfriends mouth. I’d done it so much, that over the years, I’d not even paid attention to the fact I was eating my own cum. Now, scraping it off myself, it had cooled.

I tried several different contortions and twisting to get that tasty cum in my mouth, nothing worked until the realization hit, the only way I’d get a mouthful of warm cum was…oh my good lord. Suck cock.

I had to suck a cock?

Oh, this wasn’t going to work.

I’m married.

How can I…nope.

Ain’t gonna happen.

But, I kept thinking about it. Not guys, men, but cock. How can I…CAN I? TOUCH a cock? ACTUALLY put one in my MOUTH?

I didn’t lose sleep over the issue, but it did pop up at the most random of times. Like, whenever I was horny, which was a lot.

I spent time thinking about it. I guess I’d always known about, or heard about, Craig’s List. But I’d never ever looked at it. Time for research. I found the site, they even had the city we lived in, listed, went to the Men for Men, and perused the ads. Now, THAT was an eye opener.

One thing that I did notice, which pertained more to me, was that married guys were specifically looking for other married guys. Disease free, discretion, HIV-, and the all-important who’s going to host? Now there were some possibilities.

I calmed down, spent more time researching the subject, I was, to be honest, scared shitless about this whole idea.

But I wanted to try.

I looked at more videos, read stories, true, and fantasy. A common thread seemed to be eventually, everything evolved into anal intercourse. And that, folks, was a show stopper.

I thought.


What a wonderful idea. Anonymous, anyone could go, no one would know who you were, everyone was trying to hide what they were doing, seemed good. I was all ready to go, when it occurred to me, what about diseases?

More research. Seemed likely it was relatively safe, but the key was, relatively. Not good enough.

During all this, I continued to watch my favorite video. Continued to masturbate violently, and craved a mouthful of warm cum.

During this time, I’d begun fingering my asshole, trying to insert small objects into myself. I realized that the objects that I were inserting were way too small. Even soft, my own cock was way thicker.

How to do this? It suddenly dawned on me, going back years to my first blowjob, not long after, she’d asked me to fuck her ass. You can imagine how little convincing that took. I did, and after taking it slow a couple of times, she loved it. It became a regular part of our sex play. She was physically much smaller than I, and if she could take it, and enjoy it, so could I. Another girlfriend, I remembered, that I introduced to giving me blow jobs AND getting herself ass fucked loved taking me into her ass so much, that I once asked her if I was ever going to get in her pussy again. She weighed 99 pounds, when I weighed 224 pounds, and she was 5 feet 1 inch and I was 6 foot 6 inches.

With that knowledge, I sought to stretch out my hole.

Still not having touched another guys cock.

I continued buying larger and larger dildos, using lots of KY jelly, and could pretty much take it with minimal amounts of KY, and with no discomfort.

Hoping I was prepared, I looked through Craig’s List, after a couple of weeks, I found an ad from a guy, married, about my age, who only wanted a hand job.

WOW, another revelation. I shot him an email, and I stressed to him, he had to be freshly bathed, as I would be, disease free, he totally agreed, and after some back and forth, found we were both free, but neither could host. We settled upon the ABS, which for me, was about 5 miles away.

We agreed to meet in about 45 minutes, which gave me time to get ready, I was so nervous driving to meet him, I’m lucky to have not been in an accident.

I arrived before him, the parking lot had only one other vehicle, which turned out to be the old lady at the desk, inside.

Gary pulled up a few minutes later, he was as nervous as I was. We went inside, bought some tokens, and entered the booth area.

We found a couple’s booth (didn’t know they had those), fed the machine to get a video going, no idea what was playing, don’t think I ever looked, and we turned to each other. I’d told him he didn’t have to touch me; I was happy to just give him a hand job. He was shorter than me, and began to undo his pants.

I was very nervous.

He lowered his pants, and started to pull down his underwear, but I stopped him.

“Please let me.” I asked, looking at him.

Without a word, he nodded in the affirmative, and let his outer pant drop.

He was wearing black briefs, and his already firm cock was stretching horizontally towards his left hip. My first look at another cock, and it looked huge.

I paused, didn’t know if I could continue, but fuck it. I’d come this far.

I reached out, lightly tracing the bulge in his shorts.

He let out a low moan.

I continued, lightly tracing along the thick stalk, then down to his balls. After a bit of moaning, I eased his shorts down, freeing his cock.

A couple of thoughts hit me.

First, it looked very nice. God enough to eat, ha ha. But he’d asked me not to suck on him.

Second, he was quite hairy, and his balls were pretty good sized.

Lastly, he was fucking huge. For fuck’s sake, if he’d tried to fuck me, I’d ’a been ripped apart. I need to re-think my stretching, not that I intended to get fucked ever, but in case the worst happened, and I was assaulted, over powered, who knew?

Looking back at it, he wasn’t that big, much smaller than me, but it was the first I’d ever looked at besides my own, (didn’t have any interest in gym class at the showers) and the first I’d ever touched.

I gently stroked it, marveling at how the skin moved, watching it grow in my hand. A small drop of cum appeared at the pee hole, I moved my finger to play with it, smear it around a bit.

I moved my face close, inspecting the cock that I’d brought to life, now holding in my hand.

I felt quite a tingling in my own cock.

I know I’d said that I wouldn’t try to blow him, but before I knew it, I couldn’t resist. I tried, but I couldn’t help myself.

Ii leaned the last couple of inches, pressing my lips to his pee hole, the drop of cum there, coating my lips.

I pulled back, thinking he would hit me, but he didn’t.

I licked my lips.

Fuck that tasted fantastic! That’s what I was here for.

Without thinking, I plunged my face forward, my lips parted, and I sucked in the head of his cock, gently searching for another taste of his precious cum. I NEEDED it.

He moaned.

It startled me, snapping me back to reality, I pulled off him, telling him I was sorry.

“It’s okay,” he said in a low voice

I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, a slight smile on his lips.

Encouraged, I moved my head forward, my lips gently surrounding the head of his cock, my wet tongue beginning to run laps around the corona.

After several times around the head, and not being struck for disobeying our agreement not to suck, I began sliding my mouth down his cock.

As I slid him deeper into my mouth, my tongue was not idle. I kept it wet, and moving. A low murmur of satisfaction came from Gary. I began to withdraw my mouth and lips, applying a slight suction as I did.

Reaching the head, I let my lips and tongue caress all around, before I began my descent again.


I began a slightly faster bobbing of my head, and to my happiness, I felt him begin to fuck my face.

I decided to see how much of him I could get in my mouth, but was met with a slight gagging sensation. Pulling back, I began methodically fucking him with my mouth.

All pretense of a hand job was gone, at this point.

I was blowing him.

I could taste his cum.

I loved it. Exactly what I’d been hoping for.

After maybe five minutes of giving head, my lips touched the base of his cock.


Applying a bit more suction, I began giving head in earnest.

Gary fucked my face as I sucked his cock.

All too soon, I heard him say “I’m going to cum.”

I panicked. I withdrew my mouth, and resumed the hand job that I was supposed to have been giving him.

It only took maybe a couple of strokes before he began to cum.

I held out my other hand, Gary’s cum filled my palm, and ran over onto the floor. Not because I tipped my hand, he OVERFLOWED my hand. In my life, I had never cum that much at one time, I think I was a bit mesmerized by the quantity, and thinking it was glad I’d pulled away, lest I drowned.

But, to this day, I wish I’d taken that load.

Gary pulled out some paper towels he’d had folded up in his pocket for me to wipe my hands with, I, in turn, turned my head, took his cock in my mouth, and cleaned off the few drops of cum still clinging to the tip.

Without a further word between us, we both, now embarrassed, walked out of the store.

In the parking lot, Gary looked a bit sheepish, I was just flat out embarrassed.

“I apologize for taking you into my mouth…” I started.

“No, no, no apologies needed, I enjoyed it, Thank you.” He replied with a smile.

We talked for a few minutes, I’d asked if we could do this again, and found out, he only lived in the housing development over from me. We kept meeting, on a irregular basis for almost three years until he stopped wanting to meet with me, no explanation given. We continued to meet, as I said, me giving him hand jobs, sucking him, he did surprise me, when, without warning, he took my cock into his mouth and sucked on me briefly, but never did anything else.

I tried a few more times to find someone to pursue my sucking and swallowing, but never could find anyone I was comfortable with taking into my mouth, or even stroking.

A year or so later, on a whim, I went to Craig’s List, and spotted an ad, “MWM, need stress relief, tired of jerking off, would like someone to come to me and provide stress relief. I can host”

I sent a response to him, and was surprised to receive an almost instant reply from him. He was married, worked from home, clean, no diseases, just wanted to get sucked off, without having to blow me.

I was good with that, we passed a few emails back and forth, he would shower while I drove to him, I would suck and swallow his cum. He told me he wasn’t too good looking, I replied that it didn’t matter, I wasn’t looking for love, just a mouthful of cum.

He responded enthusiastically, gave me directions, and I got ready to drive to him.

It took me about 10 minutes to freshen up, and another 15 minutes to drive to his house.

He answered the door, hair still damp, and a towel around his waist. He was correct, if I had been a woman, I would have passed him by. He was in fairly good shape, maybe like a hockey player build, muscular, not much fat, but he was right, not the best looking guy, but, who was I to judge.

I followed him inside, we shook hands, introduced ourselves and I followed him upstairs to the bedroom.

Children’s toys were scattered around, kids in school.

I followed him into the bedroom, where I began to get undressed. Tee Shirt and shorts were all I wore. It was a nicety about homosexual sex, there was no trying to impress, no false airs, we knew what I was there for, it was simply two guys together, to enjoy ourselves.

Fred dropped his towel, exposing himself to me, as I turned to toss my tee shirt and shorts on a chair.

Fred sat on the edge of the bed as I came around to him.

He slid back a bit, when I first took a look at him.

I was, I’m embarrassed to admit, a bit shook up, when, looking at his crotch, all I saw was a rather unattractive pile of loose skin.

Fortunately, before I had a chance to embarrass myself, I recognized that what I was looking at, was an uncircumcised cock!

The HOLY GRAIN was my next thought. You see, I’d developed a bit of a fetish for uncut cock. Never in my life, in the showers after gym class, in the showers at the university where I worked out, had I ever seen a real, live uncut cock. I’d seen a few on videos, but they were semi-erect, this was one in its dormant state.

I dropped to my knees, between Fred’s legs, and stared. Moved closer, getting a good look at it.

“I’m a grower, not a shower” Fred said

“It’s fine” I said. I know I was licking my lips in anticipation.

I leaned forward, touching my tongue to Fred’s cockhead. Or, rather, the skin covering it. I gently retracted the skin, uncovering his head. I noticed his pee hole was quite large, compared to mine, Gary’s and the ones I’d seen in videos.

I enjoyed myself, playing with my new toy. I was quite taken by the different feel, texture, and movement of the uncut skin.

With a start, I thought I should get going, Fred needed relief.

I was going to enjoy this.

My shoulders between his legs, I held his soft cock more or less upright between my thumb and forefinger, and leaned in to run my tongue inside his foreskin, across his pee hole. Some guys don’t like that, Fred let me know, with a long moan, he did. “Yessss” was what I heard.

I applied suction, and made my tongue more active. I felt a stirring in his shaft, I’d noted nothing special, he seemed normal in size, except for a lot of loose skin.

I started slowly moving the skin an inch or so each way, as I worked on his cock with my tongue. Gradually, I felt him thicken and harden. As it became firmer, and no longer necessary for me to hold, I removed my fingers from the shaft to caress and somewhat tickle his balls, playing with them in his sack.

His shaft continued to harden, I continued to enjoy myself. As it lengthened, I had to kneel up straighter, that’s when Fred asked me to get up on the bed so we could 69. As I’d said earlier, I love getting sucked, but I find that when doing a sixty-nine, it distracts me from the job at hand, so to speak. None the less, it was our first time together, I acquiesced, I slid on top of him, and as he took me in his mouth, I now had a good look at his cock.

“Fuck”, I said, “that thing is getting big” It was, WAY bigger than I’d thought it would get.

“Oh, it’ll get bigger”, Fred said.

I moved my head back, it was about seven inches long now, a distinct curve in the shaft, and getting thicker. I noticed that the foreskin had not fully retracted from the head.

“Damn”, I said, “I wonder how that’d feel in my ass, I’d enjoy getting stretched by something like that.”

Fred replied “Probably not. No one will ever let me try to put it in their ass, once they see it.”

“Not even your wife?” I asked.

“Oh no, she won’t let me even get close to her” he said.

“Well, if you ever want to try it in mine, I’m willing,” I stated “Even though I’m virgin, I want the experience of being fucked like a girl.”

“It’ll hurt too much” was all he said.

“I expect it’ll hurt” I said, “but it’s kind of an erotic thing with me. Girls get their cherry popped, it hurts them, I have to experience pain, my first fuck”

“I’ve only done anal with one guy in my life”, Fred said, “and he was hard core Gay, had been all his life. I put on a condom, and slid right in. He was first, last, and the only person, male or female, to let me try.”

“Well”, I said, as I felt him getting thicker in my hand, “I’m still willing to try. If you’ll go slow, and use lots of lube…”

“I need a magnum condom” he said

That was the end of conversation, as I put the head of Fred’s cock back into my mouth. I immediately noticed it was thicker. A lot thicker. I pulled my face back, the fore skin was retracted from the head. I needed to reassess the situation here.

I continued mouthing that thick cock. It continued to grow. People always exaggerate cock size, boob size, but we know, in the real world, huge cocks and huge breasts are augmented, photo shopped, yes, really big ones do exist, but rarely.

Fred was huge. My fingers didn’t meet, holding him around the shaft. Sure, I could squeeze, and they’d meet, but loosely, nope. The cock, base to tip of the head, probably at least eight inches. Measured on TOP of the shaft, not underneath. The head was good sized, I noted that the shaft got noticeably thicker at the base, than at the head.

I licked and sucked Fred. Fred sucked on me. I truthfully paid little attention. I devoted myself to pleasing Fred. Stress relief. I sucked in and out, harder, softer, gentler, firmer, my tongue in constant motion, bathing his cock. Tasting errant cum beginning to leak from his pee hole. Ummmm.

Fred was playing with my hole as I blew him. It felt nice, I’d always enjoyed women touching my hole, but unlubed, he couldn’t gain entry.

I began a slow descent down his shaft. I wanted to take it all in, pretty sure that I’d not succeed. I tried, and tried. I got a good ways down, but couldn’t quite touch my lips to the base.

Fred was leaking cum. Fred was moaning, Fred had stopped sucking on me.

It was time.

I cupped Fred’s balls as I began bobbing up and down on his cock. I increased suction, making a slurping noise as I kept breaking suction. I could taste more and more the sweet cum leaking from his pee hole.

I noticed Fred had started humping my face as I blew him. I suddenly felt his balls retract up into his body cavity, as he warned “I’m cumming”

I pulled back only until my lips were locked around the head of his cock, when he let loose with his load. He didn’t really shoot, as much as he oozed cum, but let me tell you, I was worried. My mouth filled, I swallowed, my mouth filled and I swallowed, the third time, I held his cum in mouth, swishing it around, savoring the taste.

It was good.

I was worn out. I laid on top of Fred for a few minutes before I rolled off him, neither of us spoke for a few minutes.

“I enjoyed that, a lot” I said, “I hope we can do this again, please call me, whenever. Tomorrow, the day after, next week, hell, this afternoon would be fine” I chuckled.

We both got dressed, no talking, as I went to the front door. “Well, thanks again, maybe again?” I asked.

“Sure,” he answered quietly, “Let me see how work goes.”

Out the door I went.

Five days later, on Monday, an email appeared in my in box, from Fred. It was brief, asking if I was free at 10:30, to come over to him.

I replied yes, and went to douche, and shower. Just in case.

I arrived at the appointed time, tube od Astro-Glide in my pocket.

Fred heard me coming, and had the door open as I got out of my vehicle.

“Morning” I said

He replied with a “Good morning”

I followed him upstairs, into his bedroom. He had his clothes off so quickly, I’d not had time to even enter his room. I looked at the limp, sagging skin that was his uncut cock and nut sack.

I pulled my clothes off, went over, and dropped to my knees, taking him into my mouth. I happily suckled his cock, impressed that I could feel it already getting firmer in my mouth.

“On the bed” he said, pulling out of my mouth.

As I climbed on, he asked if we could sixty-nine. I paused, and replied,” Yup, and I brought a tube of lube….”

“Get it” was all he said.

I climbed off the bed, two steps to my shorts, retrieved the tube, turned, climbed face down on top of him, handing him the tube.

I took his cock into my mouth. I loved sucking on him. I enjoyed being in Fred’s mouth, the action of his tongue on my cock head was having the desired effect, as I felt it begin to engorge.

I pushed my head down, taking him in to the root of his cock, my lips pressed against the bottom. As I lay there, I felt his lubed finger at my ass. It felt nice, but the thickening piece of meat in my mouth tasted and felt better.

He popped his finger in my ass. It felt nice, he didn’t just push his finger in, but moved it side to side, back and forth, he was giving my hole quite a workout, as he sucked on me.

“Mmmmm” was all I could say, my mouth being full if uncut cock.

Fred added a second finger, stretching my hole.

I still had him buried in my mouth, his now lengthening, thick cock, was entering my throat, threatening to make me gag.

But in the five days since I’d last seen him, I’d practiced with an eight inch life-like plastic penis, trying to take it all. It had taken a couple of days, but I found, that if I took my time, I could slowly ease that thick piece of plastic past my gag reflex, into my throat.

I hoped to put my practice to test, on Fred.

I bobbed on his cock, as he reamed me. He briefly pulled out of me, I think to get more lube, and upon re-entry, I felt that he’d added a third finger. It felt…full, quite nice. I was glad I’d cleaned myself out for him. His face, inches from y ass, as he blew me, might not have been too pleasant, had I not.

My saliva had coated his cock quite well, I cupped his balls, took a deep breath, and began my downward journey on his cock.

I went slow, and felt his head hit the back of my throat. My gag reflex hadn’t kicked in yet. I pushed more, and felt the head pop into my throat. My gag reflex was thinking about putting an end to this incursion, but I needed to take him all.

The mouthful of loose skin on his cock was starting to tighten as he thickened and lengthened. He was really quite big. I pushed in slowly, the end of his cock continuing into my throat.

I noticed Fred had stopped finger fucking my ass, although he was still very gently suckling my cock.

I pulled off him, “You alright?”

“Yes! Don’t stop”, he replied

I quickly jammed my face down, swallowing his cock. All slimy from my previous throating, it slid past my gag reflex, entered my throat, and stopped when my lips pressed against the skin at the base of his cock.

We both stopped.

“Mmmmmm.” I heard and felt Fred’s moaning around my cock.

I stayed still, keeping him all in me. After a long time, but really probably only thirty or forty-five seconds, I pulled back, to get a breath, my lips tight on his cock.

I took a breath, tightened my lips about the thick stalk in my mouth, and, applying suction, sucked him as hard as I could manage, drawing him all the way in, until my lips held the base of that beautiful cock.

I was elated that I took Fred as deep as I did.

Apparently, Fred was also, as I felt the sweet, salty taste of his cum filling my mouth, as Fred suddenly started sucking me fast and hard.

I pulled off him slightly, to swallow, the dropped back for more. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum he was feeding me! I repeated my withdrawal and return to sucking, to receive yet another huge mouthful. I was beginning to worry…the wild thought came flashing through my mind…” has anyone ever drowned from too much cum?”

I eased my head back, as his cock continued to ooze it’s tasty offering. I applied suction, my lips tight on him, to swallow all that I could.

I rolled off of Fred, quite exhausted. What a workout I’d had.

Fred pulled his fingers from my asshole. I missed the feeling of being stretched.

Fred was silent.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“Mmm, yes. Very. Did you have me all the way in to your throat?” he asked.

“Yes” I replied “My lips were wrapped around the base of your cock, the head lodged in my throat.”

“Thought so. No one’s ever managed that before. It really felt nice, especially feeling your throat contract on my cock as you swallowed.”

“Not like I had a choice, ha ha, it was swallow, drown, or gag.” I said” I decided to swallow. Love all your cum. That was a HUGE amount that you shot, I wasn’t prepared for all that.”

“Well, that was three days’ worth.”

“Wow. I hope you will save it for me the next time, it was nice. I enjoyed being your cum receptacle.”

I got dressed, Fred picked up a towel to wipe of what my lips had missed.

I left right away. Couldn’t wait to return.

It was over two months before I was able to get back with Fred. Not for lack of trying. I’d sent several emails to him, but received no response. Disappointed, but hungry for cum, I looked for some way to get safe, clean, disease free cum. Craigslist no longer allowed personals. I could find no way to find other, interested guys.

After a couple more weeks with no luck, in desperation, I tried emailing Fred, knowing I’d get no response.

The next morning, while reviewing, my emails, I was shocked to find a response from Fred. He told me they’d moved, and between packing, moving, unpacking, and getting new internet set up, he’d had no way to contact me, or answer emails.

He asked if I was still interested, which, of course, I was.

It took me about 25 minutes to get to his new house. I parked in front, Fred opened the front door as I got out of my vehicle. He was in a light bathrobe, barefoot.

He said nothing as he opened the door. He turned away as I closed the door, heading into the house. I took off my shoes, and followed.

Up a flight of stairs, I found us in a nice bedroom, roomier than at his old house.

Fred had taken off his robe, standing by the bed, waiting for me. I took off my tee shirt, hanging it on the corner of his closet door. I peeled down my shorts. I wore no underwear. Why bother? I hung my shorts on the door.

Turning to him, I found him already on his back, legs slightly spread, looking at me.

Silently, I knelt between his legs. I stroked his legs lightly, easing them apart.

I leaned in, my mouth opening to receive his soft, uncut cock. My tongue made first contact. I carefully inserted the tip of my tongue into the foreskin hiding the hole at the tip of his cock. I lightly touched the hole pushing slowly around the head, stretching the foreskin aside. Using only my lips, I exposed more of the head. I moved the loose skin aside as I took more of the head into my mouth. The shaft was firming in my mouth.

This was the exciting part of cock sucking for me. A cock getting excited and thickening in my mouth, all due to my actions. This one was all the much more exciting, because of how thick it was. The head was thick, it filled my mouth nicely. The further I slid my lips towards the base, the thicker it got. At the base. Hmmm. Nirvana. A nice, thick, throat filling, chocking stalk of flesh. All for my enjoyment.

I applied suction, and slowly pulled my head back to the tip of his head. I tongued the head, ran my tongue around the inside of his foreskin, stretching the foreskin away from the shaft. I bobbed my head, my lips on the head of his cock. He was getting thicker. I could feel it in my mouth.

I inhaled, and inched my lips down the long, long length of his shaft. I periodically would apply a light suction, and swallowed, working mu mouth and throat muscles to increase his pleasure.

It worked. I heard a soft moan, and felt the bed shift. I looked up, I saw him looking at me. My lips locked on his cock. His eyelids were mere slits; He was holding himself up by propping his elbows under him. As I watched, still nursing on his cock, his eyelids opened, I noticed his eyes rolled back. I took this as a good sign, and slowly continued my descent on his cock. It reached the back of my throat.

Decision time. Breathing through my nose, I slowly eased down.



My lips touched the base of his cock. I looked up at Fred. His eyes locked on mine, almost a look of disbelief in his eyes, as he looked at me. My lips. His cock, buried all the way into my mouth. Into my throat.

I swallowed.

The muscles in my throat milking his cock.

Another moan from Fred.

Still looking in his eyes, I applied a strong suction, my tongue thrashing all around his shaft as I withdrew.

He was fully hard.

His cockhead was dark purple, filled with blood from his excitement.

Still watching him, I began a fast bobbing of my mouth and throat on his cock.

Fred’s eyes rolled back.

I thought I caught a taste of his cum.



The first words spoke to me since I’d arrived at his house.

“Please…I’m almost there…ready to cum.” He said.

I moved back to engulf the head of his cock.

“No. Please” he said. “I need a break for a moment.”

Fred sat up, motioned me aside, and got off the bed. He turned, grabbed my ankles, and pulled me to the edge of the bed.

His head shot down, taking my soft cock into his mouth.

Oh fuck, did that feel good. Really good. Not the best I’d ever had, but then, there’s no such thing as “bad” head.

I felt Fred’s finger at my hole. Lightly touching, probing, teasing. He withdrew his moth from my cock. He put his finger into his mouth. Looking into my eyes, he sucked his finger, moving it in and out as he did so, as if giving his finger a blow job.

As his finger, wet with his saliva, touched my hole, his lips fell back onto my cock. His tongue began playing with my cock head, his finger began playing with my asshole.

The in my asshole.

His finger slid into me, I relaxed my ass muscles. His mouth had sucked in my firming cock.

He was giving my cock a good workout, he’d make me cum at this rate.

His finger was beginning to burn a little in my ass. His saliva had dried out, my ass was getting raw.

“Can you please wet your finger again?” I asked.

Fred pulled off my cock, and pulled his finger from my raw asshole.

It hurt.

He got up, went around the bed, and rummaged in the nightstand. He walked back, a tube of lube in his hand.

He knelt down between my legs. He opened the tube, his hands disappeared below my sight line. I felt a cool lubed finger enter my ass.

It withdrew. More activity out of my sight, and now it felt like two lubed fingers stretching my hole. It didn’t hurt, aside from the slight remaining burning sensation. As he bumped my prostate…it felt…kinda nice.

He returned his mouth to my cock. Between his mouth on my cock, his head bobbing up and down on me, and his fingers working my asshole, I was feeling really good.

I laid back, as I felt my cum rise.

“Mmm” he said “Tastes like cum. You getting ready to cum for me?”

“Yes. I think I’m close.” I replied.

He pulled back.

I sat up slightly, he held a condom in his hand. He looked at me, his look questioning…

“Yessss” I moaned in a low whisper.

This was what I wanted. My ass cherry popped. Fred’s extraordinarily thick cock, stretching my virgin hole was exactly what I wanted. Our very brief conversations to date, indicated a doubt, bordering on refusal, to even consider fucking my virgin hole with his thick cock. No one, with the exception of a totally homosexual guy many years ago, would consider it. No other woman, including his wife, no old girl friends, no one would let him in their ass, except that one time with that one guy.

And I wanted it. His cock. Knowing how thick it was, knowing my ass had never accepted a cock, ever, I wanted to feel it. I wanted pain, just like a virgin girl. Not a lot of pain, not serious permanent injury, but pain. Be taken like a girl. If I was to play the part of a girl, a sissy, I needed to pay the price.

Perverted, sick, maybe not a rational thought, but that’s how I imagined it. My first penetration. My first fucking. My time receiving cock. From a man. I needed to feel it.

I sat up. Fred stood there, in front of me, his cock pointed downward at about a forty-five-degree angle.

I dropped to my knees, taking him into my mouth. It took a very short time to get him fully erect, hard, pointing skyward.


Waiting to pop my cherry. Force its way into me. Stretch my virgin hole. Penetrate me.


I sat back, Fred pulled on the magnum condom, the reservoir tip extended out towards me like a nipple.

Fred took the tube of lube, applying some to the condom. I slid back on the bed, lifting and spreading my legs.

Fred motioned to me to flip over.

I did, rising my ass, presenting my hole to him.

Face and chest on the bed, I reached behind me, pulling my ass cheeks apart, giving Fred a clear shot at me. I saw my limp cock and balls hanging between my legs as Fred stepped up to me.

I felt him apply more lube to my ass, and into my hole.

He tossed the tube on the bed by me, and grabbed my hips, pulling me into position.

I felt his cock touch my hole.

I relaxed as much as I could. I read that pushing back, like I was taking a dump, would open my ass, so I did push back, as Fred slid into me.

It was almost anti-climactic. No pain. His head had popped in effortlessly.

The he pushed again.

I almost screamed with the pain. I slapped the bedding, Fred paused.

After a few moments, I mumbled for him to push in again.

He did.

More pain. Lots of pain. Was he splitting my ass open?

I wanted this. I ASKED for it.

“You want me to stop?” asked Fred.

“NO!” I puffed out. “Don’t stop. Please.”

He began pushing into me. I could feel the ring of muscles surrounding my hole tear. Not much, not too badly, but tearing, nonetheless. In a way, it was a good feeling. One of domination, I suppose. Not unlike a young girl, taking her first cock.

It was what I wanted.

Slowly, Fred pushed into me. With a start, I realized I could feel the bush around the base of Fred’s cock tickling my ass cheeks. I had used a hair removal cream to remove the hair from around my asshole. It apparently made me a bit more sensitive there. It felt really erotic.

Before I could dwell on it, Fred began pulling out of me.

He stopped, the head of his cock still in my ass.

“Want me to continue?” he asked.

“Yes.” Was my emphatic reply.

Fred slid back into me, until the hair at the base of his cock was flattened against my ass. Zero pain, but…an erotic pleasure, in the knowledge that I had a man…A MAN…balls deep in my ass. Using me for his pleasure.

“Fuck me.” I asked “Fuck me like you want. As hard as you want. I need you to cum in me.”

Fred pulled back, then slammed into me.

Mmmmm. Again, no pain, but lots of erotic pleasure, for me.

Fred pulled back, then in. He hammered my ass as fast as he could. The slapping of his belly against my ass was quite loud. I felt no pain, no burning.

Just that erotic pleasure that I craved.

I reveled in taking cock.

A MAN’S cock.

Deep in my ass.

Like a girl.

“I’m going to cum.” Said Fred.

“Yessss.” I moaned. “In me. Cum in my ass”

Fred sped up.

It was like a machine gun slapping my ass. Fred gripped my ass cheeks, hurting me way more than his cock was, pistoning in and out of my hole. Forever stretching it out of shape, never to be able to clench tight again.

With a final groan, Fred pushed against me.

Really hard.


I knelt there, my face still pressed into the bedding.

Fred was still inside of me. I gently was squeezing his cock within my ass.

Fred slid out.

I turned around, sitting on the edge of the bed.

I looked at Fred, he looked at me. The tip of his condom was FULL of cum. I couldn’t believe how much was in it. I looked at it wistfully, kind of wishing I’d swallowed that huge amount. I wondered if I should dump the contents into my mouth and swallow. I decided, no. That’d be too much.

Fred took the condom off his still firm, but slowly softening cock.

I shot my head forward, capturing his cock in my mouth, taking it all the way in, cleaning the remaining cum off the shaft and head.

I pulled back, savoring the taste in my mouth. Still looking at Fred, I started to get up off the bed.

I realized, my ass felt cool. I reached back, my fingers slid into my hole. I was still gaping open a bit, from my fucking. I played with my hole, running my fingers around the rim. No pain, no burning, just remnants of a dream, and pleasure.



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