Fat men love anal sex – literotica

Fat men love anal sex – literotica


Hello, there. My name is Samantha Xavier. I am Samuel Xavier’s twin sister. He’s a tall, somewhat large Black man who is openly bisexual and speaks up about Men’s Rights Activists and Gay Rights wherever he goes. I’m a six-foot-tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed Black woman and self-styled Modern Amazon. And I am damn proud of myself. My brother is dear to me. He’s my brother and I love him. He’s very outspoken, even when it puts him in danger. I admire him for that. However, we are very different. I agree with most of my brother’s ideals and visions. However, we differ in how we deal with people. I was raised to believe that the strong survives and the weak dies. I help my brother in his battle for men’s issues and men’s rights. However, I have very little patience for fools of both sexes. I deal with them by punishing them strictly.

Samuel is always writing about how he loves to fuck both men and women in the ass. Lately, my forthrightly bisexual brother has developed a fetish for fucking large women in the ass, especially Black and Hispanic women. He gets a real kick out of it. Oh, well. To each his own, I say. I’ve seen my brother walking around with some tall, large, kind of ugly women and I know he’s only with them because they like it up the ass. Samuel is weird these days. Some of his stories freak out even me. I have somewhat parallel tastes. I like to fuck large men in the ass, especially Black and Hispanic men. I fuck White men too. I do it as a form of punishment. While my brother fights for Men’s Rights and Gay Rights, he deals with women who hate men and moronic men who support such women. I like to punish these people the best way I know how.

Today, I was on the bus, heading to my brother’s college. He’s on vacation but he still goes there to write stories on the computers and stuff. I was on the bus, reading some erotic novel when suddenly, moronic conversation attracted my attention. A very large White male was sitting next to two Black females, one skinny and one kind of fat, while discussing something idiotic. My brother would have a fit if he heard them. Some men in this world have no balls. They agree with everything women say in the hopes of getting female approval. They don’t know that women don’t respect wimpy men who always do as they’re told. Such men aren’t real men. Real men don’t take crap from anyone. My brother is a real man. He gets so frustrated when he sees moronic and weak men kowtow to women out of a combination of stupidity and political correctness gone amok. The fat White guy and his moronic female friends went on and on about some third guy ( who wasn’t on the bus) they were making fun of, saying how they messed him up and stuff. The fat chick went on and on about how she hurt the guy and found it funny. The fat White male, rather than stick up for his own gender like a real man should, agreed with the bitches. That’s it. He wasn’t a real man. He had no balls. I decided to punish him.

I smiled at him and he looked at me. I’m a big and tall, gorgeous Black woman. I am also athletic. I’ve played varsity football, soccer, basketball and I was even a wrestler for a time. Yeah, he wasn’t used to strong, beautiful women looking at him. Why should they? He’s a pathetic excuse for a man. First of all, he’s hugely fat. He’s less than six feet tall yet I can see that he weighs over three hundred pounds. You could make a tent out of his clothes. I’ve got nothing against big men or big women. However, I despise morons, no matter what gender, race, sexual orientation or body type they fall under. He was a disgusting pig. If he had been a real man and stood up to those man-hating bitches on the bus, I would have respected him. I respect gay men because they don’t take crap from anyone. Many straight men are weak. Some straight men are strong and worthy of respect. This slug wasn’t one of them. I was going to enjoy fixing him.

I worked my magic and charmed him, to the annoyance of the ugly bitches he was with. What can I say? I’m a lot prettier than they will ever be. I’m a strong bisexual Black woman looking for a strong man, preferably bisexual, to spend her life with. The fat bastard looked at me lustfully. I flirted with him, and when we got off the bus, I went into the school with him. He told me he had a class. I pouted and asked him if we could talk some more. I told him I really liked big men. It’s not a lie. I do like big men. However, I like manly men. A man who doesn’t take crap from women or other men. A strong man. I don’t like pathetic weaklings like him. However, if I were to spring my perfect trap, I would need an irresistible bait. The fat bastard’s eyes lit up when he heard that I liked big men. I smiled at him and told him that I was sexually adventurous. He smiled and nodded, saying he was too. I told him that I knew a place where we could get our freak on. He grinned, and told me he lived only half a mile from the school. I was surprised. He lived half a mile from the college campus yet he takes the bus? The bastard must really be lazy! I smiled, wanting to punish him even more.

We went to his house. There we were in his living room. This fat bastard really was stupid. He had skipped class and taken a stranger to his home. Now, I knew where he lived. I put on a show for him. I stripped naked. Six feet tall and two hundred and fifty pounds of voluptuous Black female athlete, that’s me. I could tell the fat bastard liked what he saw. He had dropped his pants and was now stroking his cock. His cock was a respectable size. I’ve got nothing against a man with a medium-sized cock. It’s all about how you use it. A real man knows that. A big cock don’t mean jack if the owner of said cock can’t use it properly. I respect the cock. Too bad the owner was a fat bastard who kowtows to dumb women and lets the male gender get bashed and actively encourages it too. I knew my brother would not approve of such a man. So I decided to punish him.

The fat bastard stroked his cock as I shook my plump ass in his face. He told me he liked big black women with large buttocks. I smiled. Who doesn’t like a black chick with a big ass? Only gay guys, and jealous skinny straight women, certainly! The fat bastard wanted to fuck me. I’ll be damned if I let him touch me. However, I played along. I told him I was into bondage. His eyes lit up. He took me to his bedroom and once there, showed me his bondage gear. Whips and chains, handcuffs. The whole nine yards. I smiled. This was all too easy. I lay him on the bed, then tied him up. Bound him hand and foot. Last but not least, I gagged his mouth. That big mouth which constantly eats. This was going to be fun.

Once all was done, I stepped back. I looked at my handiwork. The fat bastard was bound hand and foot. And gagged too. He wasn’t going anywhere. I had complete power over him. He winked at me, and nodded at his cock. Doubtless, he wanted me to suck his cock. I wasn’t going to do that. Oh, I’ve made love with a passionate, strong and openly bisexual man once. His name was Joel and he was one of my brother’s colleagues. Joel had a long and thick cock which I loved getting up my ass. He was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, he was currently in the U.S. Air Force. Serving over in Iraq. I missed him terribly.

I focused on the task at hand. Punishing this fat bastard for being a weak man who kowtows to the man-hating bitches who seemed to run this country and openly bashes his fellow man just to get the approval of some very stupid and wicked women. Something about my body language and facial expression signaled to this fat bastard that he might have made a mistake in bringing me to his house. I produced the strap on dildo seemingly out of thin air. It was my favorite dildo. I called it the Punisher. It has fucked the asses of twenty hundred men and nineteen hundred women to date. A twelve-inch black strap on dildo made of strong, durable steel. It was modeled after my twin brother’s massive and manly cock. Sometimes, I wish Samuel wasn’t my brother. I’d love to ride on his cock and fit it in my mouth, pussy and ass. Unfortunately, he won’t let me. Even my somewhat naughty twin brother has limits he won’t cross. Oh, well.

The fat bastard began to squirm on the bed. At this point, he had some idea of what was in store for him. I smiled. The chains were strong enough to hold this large man. He was in my power. I grabbed his legs and spread them apart. He tried to keep them closed. I’m a strong person and I used to be a wrestler. I’ve wrestled both men and women. I won the state wrestling championship in the heavyweight division in high school. The only time I lost a match was when I wrestled against my brother Samuel Xavier. He’s simply invincible. He’s won three hundred wrestling matches in his career and never lost. Not even once. He’s the most formidable man I know. So very different from this guy. I looked at this large White guy as he desperately tried to keep his plump butt cheeks closed. Spreading his plump butt cheeks wide open, I laughed and pushed the dildo into his ass.

If he hadn’t been gagged, he would have howled like a man possessed. Instead, he squealed. I laughed and rammed the dildo up his asshole. All twelve inches. My brother always says that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. I wonder if the same is true for men. Maybe it is. The bigger the man, the tighter his asshole. As I pounded my dildo up this guy’s ass, I came to the conclusion that it must be. I’ve fucked lots of guys in the ass and the big men usually have the tightest assholes. I don’t know why. I rammed the dildo into his ass, taking great pleasure in it. His eyes widened like saucers. I smiled and continued to fuck him. Yeah, I love fucking fat men in the ass. I pounded into him, watching his fat body shave and quiver as I fucked him. I drilled my strap on cock so deep into his ass that I thought it might not come out. But it did. Only to be plunged right back into his asshole.

I love fucking that fat bastard in the ass. The whole time, I was berating him. I told him that he was a traitor to men everywhere, that he should be ashamed of himself for siding with the man-hating bitches against his fellow man. I told him he was a pathetic excuse for a man. Real men didn’t kowtow to women like dumb fucks. Real men stood up for themselves. Real men fought for their rights as men. Real men were the princes of the universe. Chumps like him made real men look bad. He was the lowliest excuse for a man that I had ever seen. He wasn’t a man. He was a bitch. My own personal bitch. That’s why I fucked him in the ass like a bitch. I smacked his fate, and spat in his eyes while drilling the massive dildo deeper into his asshole. I looked into his eyes and that’s when I saw the magical transformation. He had given up. He simply surrendered. Like a bitch. I smiled, and roared victoriously. I pressed a button on my specialized strap on dildo and unleashed some hot liquid deep into his ass. I was so turned on that I came for real.

Slowly, I pulled the dildo out of his asshole. I looked into the big man’s now gaping asshole. What a pretty sight! Man, his asshole was deep. Like a cavern. Grinning, I spat in it. I looked at him. He was crying. I’m not one of those people who say that real men don’t cry. Real men do cry, sometimes. If they do, they have a good reason. What man wouldn’t cry if he lost his son or daughter? I sympathize with real men’s pain and respected them. However, I felt no respect for a male sellout who was simply getting what he deserved for siding with man-hating women in a discussion about gender relations. Men who sided against their fellow man and took women’s side in anything should be neutered. I smacked the fool so he would remember me, then laughed and walked out of his house.

While walking back to the campus, I was giddy with excitement. I was walking toward the campus when some hot stud drove by in a car. I recognized him. His name was Pierre and he was one of Samuel’s friends. Pierre was a lineman on the college football team. I love football players. I know feminists and other misguided men don’t like football because it promotes manliness in real men but I’m a real fan. I used to play, you know. Pierre kindly offered me a ride. As we drove to the campus, we talked. I found out that he had recently broken up with his effeminate boyfriend Larry. Pierre was bisexual? Sweet! I love bisexual men! Pierre was sad because Larry threatened to out him when he ended their secret affair. I told Pierre I’d take care of Larry. Oh, I will. And I’ll bring my strap on with me! I’ll teach the fruity bastard a lesson. As for Pierre, I could tell he was well-hung and one of the good guys. Later, I took him home for some hot sexing.

At this hour, there would be no one at the house. So, I took Pierre there for some stress relief. We had some drinks, watched TV and got horny. I sat Pierre in my living room and went down on him. The stud had a ten-inch cock and I sucked and licked it like there was no tomorrow. I love sucking cock, especially when it belongs to a real man. Pierre gently stroked my hair as I went down on him. He really knew how to treat a woman. I sucked him until he came, then I drank his seed. Pierre grinned as I sucked his cock and licked him clean. I like the taste of his cum. It’s so salty, fine and manly. I like real men. I cannot stress this enough!

I asked Pierre if he had ever fucked a big woman in the ass before. He shook his head negatively. I smiled. There’s a first time for everything. I got on all fours and spread my plump butt cheeks wide open. Pierre smiled and came up behind me. He rubbed some lotion all over my asshole, then pressed his big cock against my back door. I winced as he pushed his cock into my asshole. Taking such a large cock in my ass wasn’t easy, even for a strong Black woman and Amazon like myself. However, with patience and lube, all things are possible in the anal realm. Pierre held me by those wide hips of mine and thrust his cock deeper into my asshole. It’s been ages since I’ve had a cock in my ass and I must say that I missed it. I love getting fucked in the ass by a real man and if loving it was wrong then I didn’t want to be right. Blame it on my brother and his anally obsessed erotic stories. Pierre was a really good ass fucker. I asked him if my asshole was as tight as that of Larry, his gay ex-boyfriend. Pierre laughed and continued to fuck me. We went at it like this for some time before he came, blasting my asshole with his hot manly seed. I screamed so loudly I think they heard me on the moon.

Later, I asked Pierre to put me on my back. I still couldn’t get enough of his big cock. He did as I asked him and resumed fucking my ass. In this position, I could look into his eyes as he fucked me. He wasn’t used to rough sex but I could teach him a thing or two. He drilled my asshole like an experienced anal penetration master, wielding his cock with dexterity and authority. I loved it. Especially when he came in my ass for the second time. I could feel his hot cum flooding my asshole, filling it. Until it was full of cum and now rushed out. Pierre looked down my widened asshole. I could tell he liked what he saw. He wasn’t used to doing this to anyone but I would teach him. I love to be anally dominated. Especially by a strong man I respect and admire. Afterwards, we showered and never talked about it again. Until the next time I got horny, that is.


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