Drinking with dark men free sexual story

Drinking with dark men free sexual story

My wife Barb and I were at a dance club at the invitation of Barb’s co-worker, Tracy. We were hanging with Tracy, her husband, and a group of their friends. Two women and six men, all black. We four are white. Everyone seemed friendly enough, they’d even been covering all our drinks. But they were also keeping those drinks coming, even though Barb was clearly tipsy. I was feeling increasingly uneasy.

Each brother had danced with Barb, but hey, it was a dance club, right? Both the black women had danced with me and Tracy had been out even more than Barb. But the last time I’d managed to take my wife out for a dance, I’d gotten a vibe from the table like I was somehow interrupting her date with someone else.

Now, a big stud named Leroy was guiding Barb to the dance floor with his hand firmly on her ass. She wasn’t brushing it off. I needed to cut off the booze and maybe get her out of there.

I moved to follow, but a sister held my arm and said, “Stay and talk with me, sweetie.”

“I’m afraid nature calls,” I said.

She reluctantly made way.

Just then, Tracy came back from dancing with another linebacker type, Reggie. Taking in her long, toned legs, I noticed for the first time a silver anklet with a charm: a Spade marked with a Q.

I stood quickly, but Reggie blocked my way to the floor.

“Back in a second,” I said, before slipping away to the men’s room, where I ducked into the last stall to think. Soon after, some guys came in, joking loudly.

“Yo, Travis, is that a new white ho at your table?”

“Yeah, Tracy recruited another Queen of Spades for us.”

(general laughter)

“And her pussy husband came to watch?”

“Well,” drawled Travis, “Tracy didn’t tell the new bitch everything, so they may be surprised when we get her started on sucking black cock soon.”

“Fuck, nigger, she’s down for that?”

“She will be when the ‘E’ I slipped her kicks in.”

(more laughter)

“Is white boy going to be trouble?”

“He’ll find trouble if he doesn’t sit down quiet like the other white bitch-boy.”

(louder laughter)

I waited half a minute after Travis left to return to the group.

Barb was seated on the left side of the table, pressed tightly between Leroy and Reggie. The black women made room for me to get past them on the right. Clearly, I was supposed to sit at the back of the booth with the other cuck.

Instead, I leaned over toward Barb. “Hey, baby, come dance with me one more time before these guys keep you to themselves.” I gave a knowing smile to the brothers next to her, selling the impression that I was onboard with them blacking my wife.

Leroy smiled evilly. “One last dance. Sure.”

I took Barb’s hand and also subtly snagged her small clutch purse. We hadn’t gotten five feet before I heard the rumble of dark laughter behind us. Fortunately, the booth was on the opposite side of the dance floor from the entrance, so I just kept her moving through the crowd and out the door.

“What are we doing?” Barb slurred. “I thought we were going to dance?”

“No, I’m afraid it’s time to leave, baby. You’re not feeling well.”

“What? I feel fine. In fact, I feel more than fine,” she giggled. “I want to dance some more.” She tried to turn back to the club, but I pulled her into an embrace.

“I’m feeling more than fine too,” I said, grabbing her ass. “I can’t wait any longer to get you home.” I kissed her hard and after a second she kissed me back with a hungry tongue. The ecstasy the motherfucker had slipped her was definitely kicking in.

As we drove toward the exit, I saw Leroy and Reggie come out of the club and start scanning the parking lot. Resisting the temptation to blast my horn and flip them off, I made a quiet getaway.

Barb had my cock drenched with spit before we got home, and I fucked her long into the night until she crashed.

I waited until she was on her second cup of coffee the next morning before filling in the strange blanks she had in her memory. She was pissed! She grabbed up her cell phone and dialed Tracy. It was a wonderfully scalding call to eavesdrop on.


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