Double the trouble with two innocent daughters

Double the trouble with two innocent daughters

David learns that his two innocent little angels can be quite the troublemakers.


David and the girls waved at their mother until she turned around to face the airport personnel and shortly after disappeared behind the gates and scanners of the security check. They waited there for another minute, hoping to catch a last glimpse of Jennifer before turning around and heading out of the airport.

They strode down to the nearest exit, the twins chatting amongst themselves a step or two ahead of their father. As they headed towards the car, David could not help noticing the looks his twin daughters were receiving from boys and men alike.

The twins, Ashley and Brooke, were both in their senior year of high school and even though they were twins, they were not identical twins and looked very different from one another.

Brooke, the older of the two by 7 minutes, had big brown eyes, and kept her blonde hair at shoulders’ length. She was slim and tall, standing at 5’11. She had medium sized round perky tits and tight little ass that she maintained by running track at school.

Her younger twin looked much different. Ashley, had the same blond hair as her sister only hers was long, reaching half way down her back and usually worn it in a high ponytail. She was shorter then Brooke by a few inches and was not as skinny as her sister. She had a very womanly figure with curves in all the right places, large firm breasts and a juicy ass.

Both girls were undeniably gorgeous, but as their father walked behind him, noticing the looks darting towards them, all he saw were his 2 little princesses. They exited the airport, entered the car and started the short drive home.

Although he didn’t quite admit this to himself, David was a little frightened about being alone was his daughters for the next couple weeks. His wife, Jennifer, had a long overseas work trip she was very excited about. It was clear to David that he would not let her miss it so in order to keep her mind at ease, he arranged ahead of time to take time off from work while his wife was away and help at home with the girls. Jennifer was grateful for the gesture from her loving husband and left for her business trip happily.

David wasn’t used to being at home during the day, and even more so parenting and advising two teenage girls, but they were his girls and he loved them so he figured it wouldn’t be that hard.

“So girls, what are your plans for the rest of the weekend?” David asked his daughters as they drove back home. It was a Saturday afternoon and he knew his girls were scarce around the house on weekends. The girls stopped their chatter and looked at their father like they just realized he was there.

“We’re going to a party at Jessica’s house tonight” Ashley said while looking at her father through the rearview mirror.

“And tomorrow we’re probably just gonna chill at Alex’s pool” Brooke continued from the front seat.

“Sounds fun,” David said to his daughters while keeping his eyes on the road, “just make sure you get home before your curfew at 12.”

“Dad,” Ashley said after looking at her sister, “you do remember mom bumped our curfew up to 1 am last month right?”

“Oh right, sure honey. So be sure to be back home by one.” David said feeling a little ashamed. In truth he didn’t know his wife extended the curfew but didn’t want to come off like he wasn’t up-to-date about all the rules in the house so he played along. The girls seemed happy and continued to chat about what they were going to wear and the likes.

That night, David was sitting in the living room watching TV as the twins came to say they were leaving for the party. David almost had a heart attack upon seeing their outfits. Brooke was wearing a black tank top that exposed her creamy cleavage and a pair of jeans so short and tight, David was surprised her panties didn’t show. Ashley was wearing a bright red blouse that showed off her ample cleavage and a grey skirt that barely reached a third of the way down her thigh.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” David asked shocked.

“Yes daddy,” Ashley said in a childish voice, “do we look pretty?”

“You look very pretty honey,” David said “but don’t you think that it’s a bit too…revealing.”

“That’s what all the girls our age wear” Brooke took over and said innocently, “mom never minded” she said and finished with a cute smile. David was uneasy but didn’t want to come off as the “lame parent”.

“Sorry girls, I guess I’m not really used to what kids wear nowadays, have fun” David said, hugged each and settled back down in front of the TV. He fell asleep after a few minutes.

He woke up when he heard the front door opening and hushed footsteps. David looked at his watch, it read 01:12 am and he got up sleepily.

“Hi girls” David called to them scarring both half to death.

“Jesus Dad, you scarred us” Brooke said frightened, they both looked exhausted.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to” David said, “how was the party?”

“It was okay,” Ashley answered and yawned loudly, “we’re kind of beat, so we’re going to bed.”

“Sure, good night angels” David said to his daughters and watched them as they dragged themselves upstairs. David thought about saying something about them breaking curfew but it was only a few minutes so he decided not to make a big deal out of it.

The following morning, shortly after he had breakfast, with the girls still fast asleep, David got a call from his wife. She got to her hotel after 2 long flights and called to check in.

“How are the girls?” Jennifer asked after telling her husband about the flights.

“The girls are just fine,” David told his wife, “they went to a party last night. They were dressed a little too revealing for my taste but what do I know. By the way, why didn’t you tell me about the girls’ curfew?” David asked his wife.

“What about it?” Jennifer asked in return.

“Why didn’t you tell me you moved it?” he asked rather innocently.

“Babe, I moved it two years ago,” Jennifer told her husband laughing, “there was no way you didn’t know that.”

“What?” David asked surprised, “To what time?”

“To 12” Jennifer said like it was obvious.

“Then why did they tell me you moved it up to 1 am last month?” David asked still not realizing his little angels tricked him.

“THEY told you that?” Jennifer said angry, “Those little devils!”

“Wait, so it’s not true?” David asked as he realized they played him.

“No David, it is not.” his wife said with an edge in her voice. “I was worried about this,” she continued, “worried they would try things like this. They’re taking advantage of me not being there. Don’t let them.”

“I can’t believe this” David said feeling his anger build up.

“Babe, you’re in charge of them now and they’re two teenage girls. Don’t believe anything they say that I told them was alright. You’re there now so you decide.” Jennifer told her husband, “Make sure to keep them on a short leash and out of trouble.” David heard someone talking to his wife as she paused. “Sorry babe, I need to go” Jennifer said when she got back on the line. “And one last thing, don’t be afraid to punish them if need be.”

“Punish them? How?” David asked his wife.

“Ground them, give them chores, or get creative… Just don’t back out of it if you do. I know you’ll handle it just fine and whatever you do you have my back. I really need to go. Love you.” She said and hung up the phone.

David still felt the anger inside him after his wife hung up. He couldn’t believe his baby girls tricked him like that. He knew he had to punish them for it somehow and tried to think how. David moved from the kitchen to his study and got a bit of reading done. A few hours later he heard the girls in the kitchen. He got up and headed for the kitchen, bracing himself for the fight.

“Good morning girls,” David said with a smile, “or should I say good afternoon.” The girls were both wearing short pool dresses and eating a bowl of low carb cereal with skim milk.

“Morning daddy” they said in unison and went back to their cereal.

“So what are you plans for today?” David asked.

“We’re gonna finish up here and head out to Alex’s pool” Ashley said. David knew what he was going to do and took a deep breath before he continued speaking.

“Your mother called this morning.” he started, and saw the girls exchange a quick glance at each other. “She arrived safely at her hotel and is just fine.” David said as if he finished speaking. He saw Brooke letting out a relaxed breath and continued talking. “Interesting talk we had,” David started again holding back a grin, “We talked about your curfew, and imagine my surprise when she told me your curfew hasn’t changed in two years.” David looked at his girls as they kept their head down. “I can’t believe you lied to me like that,” David said sounding genuinely hurt, “and because of that you’re not going anywhere today.”

Both girls looked up at him with puppy eyes as he gave them his verdict. “No daddy, please” they said with pleading voices, “We’re so sorry, we don’t know what we were thinking. It will never happen again.”

David looked down at his pleading little girls and his heart went out to them. They looked so sorry, so innocent. They looked up at him with tears in their eyes and he broke, completely forgetting his wife’s words

“Okay girls I’ll let you go this time. But this is the last time you lie or disobey me. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy” they said obediently, “thank you so much”. They were both so happy David was sure he did the right thing.

The weekend was over and the girls returned to school. The next two weeks went by uneventful. David would wake up early in the mornings like he usually did. He would make the girls something to eat and then enjoy his peace and quiet by reading, getting things done around the house and working out.

Throughout the week, the girls would either come home or go to a friend’s house but in both cases they spent most of the time studying and caused their father no trouble.

David was glad the twins were behaving and told his wife so on their phone calls.

The first weekend passed by quietly, the girls keeping a low profile, but as the second weekend of their mother’s absence neared, the girls started making bolder plans which required their father’s permission.

It was Friday morning and all three of them were sitting around the table eating breakfast.

“Dad” Ashley started talking cautiously, “There is something we wanted to ask you.”

“Go ahead” David said between bites.

“There is this concert that our friends are going to this weekend, and we were wondering if we could go too?” Ashley asked for the both of them.

“Where is this concert?” David asked.

“It’s in Red Hills Park” Ashley answered quietly. It was a two and half hour drive to get there and she knew her dad would not like it.

“And when is it?” David asked.

“It’s Saturday afternoon” Brooke answered this time, “We’ll be home before curfew.”

“Any age limit? Alcohol?” David kept pressing.

“No alcohol, it’s an age 16 or older concert, most people there will probably be our age or younger” Ashley said. David didn’t like the idea of them going to a concert that far but couldn’t think of a good reason not to let them go.

“Ok,” he finally said after thinking it over, “you can go.” Both daughter cheered, and smiled, thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving for school.

Saturday came and the girls started getting ready for the concert shortly after waking up. Before they left they went to say goodbye to their father.

David eyed his daughters’ clothes closely. They were both wearing knee high leather boots, short black skirts and large shirts with what he assumed was the band’s name on it, Ashley’s shirt in red and Brooke’s in orange. David noted his girls looked much older than they were but was happy with the fact that the shirts they were wearing showed no hint of their teenage cleavage.

The girls left and David was left home alone where he passed the time until they returned.

A few hours later the girls were due back. David finished making them dinner and walked over to his study. He didn’t have anything special to do, so he decided to lookup the band his girls went to see.

David searched the internet for the band’s name and clicked on a link to their official site. He scrolled through the site and went over to their list of songs. He went over the list and did not recognize a single song. He tried listening to one and ended up stopping it in the middle. He kept reading about the band when he saw a link to all the band’s next events. David clicked on the events page and up came the list of their next concerts with the details next to each one.

David’s heart sank as he saw the details of the concert playing that day:

Playing at 5 pm at Red Hills Park

Admission: 21 and over

Free beer and shot with ticket purchase

David reread the lines 10 times and felt his anger rise. His daughters lied to him again, after they promised they would behave. This time he wouldn’t let them get away with it.

As thoughts started running through his mind, David heard a car pull up to the house and park. His daughters were back. David quickly got up and walked downstairs, intent on punishing the girls. He sat down on the couch in the living room and waited for them to enter the house.

“We’re home!” Brooke announced cheerfully as they walked in through the front door.

“In here” David called from the living room and the twins walked over to him.

“Hi daddy” Ashley said cheerfully.

“Hi” David said trying to calm down, “How was the concert?” he asked.

“It was really fun” Brooke answered and Ashley nodded.

“Good,” David said, “How was the crowd? You know with all the 16 year olds?”

“It was fine” Brooke said. She looked at her sister confused then back at her dad.

“Good, good,” David said, “I hope they didn’t keep you from enjoying those free beers you got with the tickets.”

“Whaaa…? Ho..?” the girls started mumbling as their faces turned red.

“You lied to me,” David said to his daughters, “Again! You went to a 21 and older concert with alcohol, even though I specifically asked you about it.” David was now raising his voice at his daughters. They kept their heads down and looked at the floor as their father yelled at them. “This time you’re not getting it easy.” he continued screaming at them.

“How long are we grounded for?” Ashley asked him quietly while staring at her feet. The words that came out of her mouth angered David even more. It sounded like she already knew what their punishment was, and although it was a reasonable one it didn’t seem good enough to David. He thought back to what his wife said on the phone, “ground them, give them chores…”, both those punishments didn’t seem fitting, “Get creative…” she also said, “just don’t back down.”

As the anger towards his deceitful children along with his wife’s words, went through his head, he suddenly thought of a punishment that he thought fitting, one that he brought from his childhood.

“I’m not going to ground you.” David said quietly to his daughters and they looked up at him in surprise. “Both of you come here and sit on the sofa” their father said to them and they obeyed fearfully. When they were both seated they looked up at their father. “I’m going to punish you the same way my father punished me when I was young. I’m going to spank you.”

“Come on dad…” Ashley said as the look on their faces became a look of contempt. They were sure he was joking and it only made him more intent on doing so.

“You first then Ashley, get up.” David said and his daughter obeyed with an amused look on her face. David grabbed her hand and gently pulled her down until she was laying on her stomach on his lap.

“Really dad?” Ashley said and let out a little giggle, still sure her father was joking. David lifted his daughter’s short skirt to expose her teenage ass, clad in a pair of white panties with flowers on them.

As he exposed his daughter’s underwear, David was not exactly sure what he was doing. He never spanked his girls before and felt no joy in doing so, but they needed to be taught a lesson. David raised his hand and kept it in the air for a second before he brought it down to his daughter’s butt, giving it a gentle tap. Ashley started laughing. David raised his hand once more and brought it down a little harder, but still it was only a playful slap and she kept laughing. On the third attempt, as he his daughter tauntingly laughed, David didn’t hold back and smacked his daughter’s behind with force.

“Ouch dad, that one actually hurt” Ashley said and stopped laughing. A second later, his palm came down even harder. The room filled with the echoing spank and Ashley screamed out in pain, realizing her father was in fact serious. “Aaahhhhh” she yelled again as her father’s palm whipped her bottom once more.

“Daddy I’m sorry, please stop” Ashley called out before letting out another shriek of pain as her father continued to spank her. Tears filled her eyes as he spanked her a final time and she let out another agonizing cry. Only then did her father let go of her and help her up to her feet.

“I’m sorry it came to this.” David said to his daughter, “Come on Brooke, it’s your turn.” he said looking up at his daughter.

“No daddy please don’t” she pleaded with tears rolling down her eyes.

“I’m sorry honey but you brought this onto yourselves.” David said to his daughter and she got up unwillingly. David pulled her down onto his lap and lifted her skirt too, exposing her tight little hiney that was covered in white panties with kittens on them.

“Aahhh” his second daughter screamed in pain as her father spanked her forcefully. The sound of his daughter’s scream made him cringe but he did not stop. It was for their own good, David thought to himself as he continued spanking his daughter hard, each smack causing her to cry out in pain until he finished and helped her to her feet.

“I’m sorry girls, but you left me no choice. I love you both very much and hope I never have to do this again.” David looked at his two red eyed girls lovingly, “There is dinner in the kitchen.” He said and walked away and up to his bedroom.

David sat on his bed with the TV on and wished his wife was there as he thought back to what he did. He played over and over in his mind the sounds his girls made, calling out in pain as he smacked their tight young rumps.

It was only after 20 minutes of sitting there on his bed, that David realized he had an erection. Unlike other couples their age, Jennifer and him had a very active sex life. They would make love almost every night, and this was the longest time he had gone without sex in years.

As soon as David noticed his hard on, he pushed all thoughts out of his mind and pulled out his hard average sized penis. Once again, David wished his wife was there and he started stroking his dick while picturing her.

David closed his eyes and summoned her image. He pictured her beautiful body and feminine curves. He imagined how he would make love to her next week when she gets back. David’s di was completely hard and he was stroking it vigorously as he saw himself plunging it into his wife’s aching womanhood.

David let out a quiet groan of pleasure when suddenly, his wife’s image disappeared from his mind. Instead, it was replaced with the image of a tight teenage ass. Concerned with his wandering mind, David stopped stroking his cock. He opened his eyes and shook his head to rid it of the unwelcome image. He continued jacking himself off only when his wife’s naked image reappeared.

David continued to masturbate in his bed, picturing himself fucking his beautiful wife when he felt his orgasm built up. He started jerking himself faster and feeling the tension build up.

David was close to his release when once again, the image of his moaning wife left his mind and was replaced with 2 ripe young bottoms, the same ones he spanked mercilessly less than an hour ago.

David was disturbed with the returning images but was too far along to do anything about it. He kept stroking his dick and let out a groan as his dick burst, making him experience one of the most powerful self-induced orgasms of his life, while picturing his girls’ asses.

Shame took hold of him shortly after. He cleaned up the mess he made, brushed his teeth and tried to get some sleep, but no matter how much he tried to think of something else, the last thing he thought of as sleep finally took him, was his hand on his daughters’ tushies.

The following morning David woke up with the recollection of the previous night, and beside the shame he was feeling, he was even more nervous about seeing his girls. Luckily for him, both girls acted as if nothing happened last night.

As David joined them for breakfast, all three of them sat in the kitchen having breakfast and chatted cheerfully. The girls helped around the house and even offered to make lunch. David was happy that last night hadn’t come up and that his daughters seemed to be so understanding and mature about it. They really were growing up.

After supper, the girls asked if they could go to a friend’s house. Seeing as David didn’t ground them, he saw no reason to deny their request. As the girls left the house, the only thing that was out of the ordinary, was that they did not say goodbye to their father. He assumed there was residue regarding last night after all.

As David watched TV and took care of things around the house he noticed it was getting late. He took a sit in the living room with a book at 11 pm with the thought his girls would be back any minute. When he noticed an hour passed he started getting angry at his irresponsible girls and at 12:20 he started getting worried.

It was 12:37 am when the girls finally showed and David felt relief that quickly turned to anger. The girls unlocked the door and walked inside in hushed footsteps.

“Girls” David called from the living room and they quickly made their way to him. “Are you alright?” their father asked, looking at their skimpy clothes. Brooke was wearing a very small black top and very short white skirt. The top of her tits, her flat stomach and her long smooth legs were on display for the world to see. Her sister, Ashley, was dressed in a very short dark blue dress with a very generous neckline, proudly displaying her marvelous rack. The thoughts from last night returned to David’s mind.

“We’re fine daddy” Brooke said not looking him in the eyes, “we’re so sorry we’re late.”

“Is there a special reason you’re late?” David asked his daughters keeping his voice leveled.

“It’s just…” Ashley started this time, “we lost track of time. When we realized what time it was we got home as fast as we could.” It was a lousy excuse and all three of them knew it.

“Really girls?” David said disappointed, “After what we talked about last night. I thought this was behind us.” David knew he needed to discipline his daughters again but as opposed to yesterday, the idea excited him slightly. He took a sit on the couch while keeping a serious expression. “You know the drill” David said patting his lap, “Brooke, you go first.”

David expected crying, pleading, apologizing, but there was none of those. The girls kept a straight face and looked at him as Brooke silently got on top of her father’s lap, accepting her punishment. David waited for his daughter to stop squirming on his lap and take her place. Only then did he lift her skirt up and what he saw shocked him.

As David lifted up his daughter’s skirt and folded it up, he was met by his daughter’s smooth, tight and very naked ass. Brooke was not wearing any panties and David looked ambivalent at his daughter’s bare bottom not knowing what to do.

He stared at that tiny little tush for a few seconds when it occurred to him that his daughter did this on purpose, thinking that he wouldn’t spank her if she had no panties on.

The sound of her daddy’s palm spanking her echoed through the living room, but to David’s surprise Brooke stayed completely quiet. Thinking he didn’t use enough force, David powerfully smacked his daughter’s ass a second time and was still surprised she stayed quiet. He was even more surprised when he saw a red imprint of his palm on her tight buttock.

David placed his hand on his daughter’s ass and felt the smooth skin under his fingers before spanking her again. This time Brooke let out a quiet groan and David felt something stir in his pants.

David was suddenly overcome with an uncontrollable urge. He moved Brooke up on his lap a bit, pretending to shift her weight, until he had a view of his own daughter’s teenage slit. David could feel his cock harden under his daughter’s weight and before doing something he would regret, he gave his daughter a final spank.

“Mmmmm” Brooke let it as her father smacked her bottom once again. It was the first audible noise she made as her father spanked her, but instead of a wince of pain, the sound she made sounded more like a moan of pleasure, making her father’s cock grow a little more.

David covered his daughter back with her skirt and helped her to her feet, hoping the growing erection in his pants would not be noticed.

After Brooke got off him, David noticed a wet spot on the side of his pants right beneath were his daughter’s pussy rested only seconds before. ‘Could it be?’ David thought to himself and pieced things together: Not wearing any panties, the sounds she made and the wet spot she left. Is it possible his daughter was getting aroused from him spanking her? His cock twitched in his pants again, letting him know he was not immune to the situation too.

David’s thoughts were cut short when his second daughter took her place on his lap. He didn’t even have to tell her, she just took her place on his legs, placing her weight on his growing erection as she did.

Ashley shifted around on her father’s lap as she got in place. Only after she stopped moving, did David turn to the task at hand. He grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it up, folding it onto her back.

To David’s shameful excitement, Ashley too had no panties on and her young plump bottom was put on display for him. Once again, David couldn’t control himself as he peeked under his other daughter’s hood and glimpsed her arousing nether region. He felt his cock stir once more and spanked his daughter hard, in a foolish attempt to take his mind of it.

Ashley kept quiet as she felt her father’s hand slap her ass powerfully the first time. On his second hit she let out a small whimper, almost a groan, and on the third spank she couldn’t help herself.

“Oh yes daddy, YES!” Ashley squealed as her father’s strong hand slapped her smooth buttocks. She heard her sister gasp and felt the wetness seeping from between her legs.

David’s eyes widened as he heard the unmistakable words leaving his daughter’s mouth. His dick was completely hard now and the feeling of his daughter’s young body pressing on top of it only made it harder. He spanked his daughter again, on a perverse instinct, harder than he did before, but this time kept his palm on her bare reddening ass.

“Oh Fuck Daddy!” Ashley yelled in a mix of pain and pleasure as her dad smacked her. She was so turned on. She felt her father’s hard penis pushing against her and it only made her hotter. Ashley was sure she was soaking her father’s pants.

David started rubbing his palm onto his youngest girl’s ass. He realized that not only did his girls not mind getting spanked, they were actually getting turned on by it, even enjoying it. The thought kept him rock hard.

After noticing Brooke stare as he kept rubbing Ashley’s ass for longer than he should, he gave her another spank but this time it wasn’t a painful one, and only managed to get her hotter.

“Oh” Ashley let out a surprised little moan as her father’s next smack was nothing more than a playful one. The itch she felt between her legs was maddening. She felt that if she didn’t touch herself soon she would go crazy and so she started very slowly grinding into her father’s leg, trying to create even a little friction. Just as she started moving, she felt her father’s hand move.

David, overcome by his primal urges, couldn’t control himself anymore. He looked at his daughter’s provoking ass, and after rubbing it shortly, he started to trace his hand down. David placed his thumb between Ashley’s cheeks and started brushing his finger down.

Ashley shuddered as she felt her daddy’s rugged thumb touching her delicate slit. He traced his finger all the way down along the lips of her moist pussy, slowly moving his finger down along her dripping snatch until reaching all the way around and awarding her a fraction of release as he touched her delicate clit.

“Yes Daddy, right there!” Ashley said in a pleading whisper as she felt her father’s finger on her craving clit. David pressed down on it, making his daughter moan, and immediately after, not giving it any thought, slowly pushed his middle finger into his daughter’s drenched cunt.

Ashley exhaled with long moan as she felt her dad’s finger entering her sacred hole. She felt pure pleasure as her father’s finger entered her and wished it would not be the only thing entering her tonight.

David heard his daughter moan in pleasure as he inserted his finger inside her teenage pussy and it irritated him. ‘This is supposed to be a punishment’, he thought to himself, ‘they are not supposed to be enjoying it those little sluts’. David pulled his finger out of his daughter and wiped it on her dress, fighting the impulse to lick it. ‘If they enjoy getting spanked like two little sluts, I’ll punish them ones’, David thought to himself.

“Get up” David said to Ashley after pulling his finger out of her and she immediately obeyed, getting to her feet next to him. “Brooke, get over here by your sister and both of you get on your knees” he said in an angry voice and got to his feet. Brooke quickly stepped over in front of him and the twins got down on their knees. “It looks like you are enjoying your punishment you little sluts,” David said to his girls and started unbuckling his belt.

The twins looked at the bulge in their father’s pants and watched in fright and excitement as he unbuckled and unzipped his pants, pulling them down along with his boxers and taking a seat back on the couch. The girls eyed their father’s erect dick for the first time in their lives. They had lust in their eyes.

Both twins inched closer to their father but Ashley was the first to act. She grasped her father’s hard circumcised cock and started stroking while admiring it. After giving it a few strokes, she brought her mouth to it and licked the tip. David, still intent on punishing his daughters, grabbed her head with both hands and started pushing it down onto his erect cock.

Brooke watched in enticing terror as her father slowly pushed his 5 and a half inch dick into Ashley’s mouth. Her daddy moaned as his cock slowly entered her sister’s mouth. He pushed her head down on his dick little by little until she started to gag on it. David kept her on his cock for another second or two after that, and only then did he let go.

Ashley quickly pulled her head up and took a deep breath. She was surprised by what her father did to her but she was even more surprised by how much it turned her on. She brought a hand between her legs and started touching herself as her sister pounced on their father’s penis.

“Ooohhh” David moaned as Brooke started sucking him. Unlike her sister, she grabbed his cock and immediately took it in her mouth. David watched his girl’s full red lips as she wrapped them around his dick and sucked him masterfully. David let his daughter suck him in her own pace for a minute before grabbing her and pushing her down on his cock just like he did to her sister.

Ashley was rubbing her pussy like crazy as she watched her father push her sister down onto his shaft. She knew exactly what she was feeling and watched the act in perverse delight. Her sister took their father’s penis into her mouth bit by bit until to her father’s amazement she managed to take the whole thing in her mouth. He kept it there for another second and only then did he let go of her and she pulled her head up. She took a quick breath and continued sucking his cock.

“Oh my god, you little hoar!” David moaned to Brooke, but somehow it sounded to both girls like a compliment.

A few minutes later, Brooke stopped sucking his cock and David got up on his feet. He stepped out of the pants and boxers around his ankles, pulled his shirt off and sat back down. David was a good looking man and in good shape. He had big strong arms, a muscular chest, crew cut hair, and just short of six pack abs. His daughters looked at him with desire as they too started undressing.

David watched as his girls stripped for him. Brooke quickly taking her top and bra off, revealing her flat cream colored stomach and beautiful perky medium sized tits that were bigger than he imagined and topped with hard red nipples. She continued by unzipping her skirt and pulling it down, showing off long sensual legs and a completely shaved little pussy that made her father bite his lips.

Ashley, still as horny as a devil, pulled off her dress in one swift motion and threw it on the table. She only had a bra on underneath and her father looked at her beautiful body, his gaze drawn to her pussy and the close trimmed patch of brown hair above it. He looked at his daughter’s inviting vulva until she removed her bra and his gaze jumped to her magnificent large breast.

David looked at his two naked angels with incestuous desire he never felt before. His cock was throbbing and he felt he just had to take his daughters, primitive urges trumping all sense of logic.

“Brooke,” David said to his daughter in a tender voice, “you’re the oldest so you go first.” David moved closer to the edge of the couch and waited as his oldest daughter came closer.

Brooke looked her father in the eyes before climbing onto his lap while facing him. David put his arms around his daughter and as he did, she pressed her vulva against his, her own father’s, manhood. The both gasped in anticipation at the intimate incestuous touch of a father and daughter’s privates. Brooke licked her hand and rubbed her wet pussy with it before raising her waist up over her father’s cock.

As Brooke brought her lithe young body to her father and he felt her smooth pussy touching his bare cock, David heard a nagging voice at the back of his head. The voice was telling him this was wrong, that he couldn’t do it, that this was his daughter, but his desire for a taste of her forbidden fruit was overwhelming.

Brooke placed David’s penis to her opening and slowly impaled her tight teenage snatch onto her daddy’s hard member.

They both moaned loudly as David entered his daughter for the first time. David’s cock slowly snaked his way inside his daughter’s tight teenage pussy, confirming to David that his little girl was not a virgin.

“Oh my god daddy!” Brooke called out as her father stretched her tight snatch after finding its way in. She kept it in her without moving for a little while, letting her tender vagina adjust to the foreign intruder before she started slowly moving her hips up and down her father’s manhood.

“Oh fuck honey, you’re so tight.” David said to his daughter and the pleasure was visible on his face as Brooke started to ride his hard rod. David lowered his hands down and squeezed his daughter’s incredibly tight little ass as her snug muff accepted his prick into it gladly with each downward motion.

Ashley watched her strong handsome father being fucked by her sister from two feet away and touched herself to the incredible sight. She rotated between rubbing her clit and fingering her damp pussy as she looked at her father’s naked body and his cock as it entered her sister repeatedly. She kept playing with herself to the sight until she noticed her father look at her and blushed.

“Ashley,” her dad said to her in a fatherly tone while Brooke was still riding him, “no touching yourself. Just watch us and wait for your turn.”

Ashley looked at her father surprised but moved her hands away. She kept looking at the two lustfully and wondered if her father knew that this was the most painful punishment in the world for her. Her twat was on fire, itching unbearably as it ached to be touched and fucked.

Brooke started breathing heavily and David could sense his daughter was getting close. She was just starting to slow down when David moved his hands and grabbed her by the waist. David could feel Brooke’s warm breath and looked into her deep brown eyes as he started thrusting his cock into her from beneath. Her soft creamy skin felt like silk as their naked bodies pressed together and David looked down and watched her round boobs jiggle with pleasure. Brooke let out a deep sexual moan and David couldn’t help but look with incestuous fascination at his oldest daughter’s shaved pussy as he rammed his dick into it in animalistic instinct.

“Oh fuck daddy!” Brooke said in a shaking voice and moaned again as her father pound into her delicate cunt. As David kept going, Brooke started moaning louder and louder. “FUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” she called out in sexual pleasure as her pussy started convulsing around her father’s cock.

“Yes baby, cum for daddy” David said to his daughter and kept his pace. A second later his daughter exploded on his cock in a powerful orgasm.

Brooke’s legs started shaking and she groaned loudly. Her eyes closed and her snatch kept convulsing as raw pleasure reached every nerve in her body. David pulled his daughter off his dick and wrapped his arms around her tightly as her body shivered and shook. His cock was still hard, and slick with his daughter’s sexual juices as he held her there until her body calmed down from the orgasm and she managed to get to her feet on her own.

“Oh my god daddy, that was amazing!” Brooke said panting as her entire body glowed with post orgasmic bliss. She barely managed to walk over to the sofa and dropped down on it exhausted when she did.

Ashley was looking at her father, her twat and clit begging to be touched. When he finally signaled her to come over, Ashley could not hide her joy. She took a seat on the edge of her father’s legs, her own feet dangling on both sides and spread them wide, giving daddy a good look at her drooling cunt. Ashley then grabbed her father’s dick, feeling her sister’s juices on it, and gave it a few strokes.

David watched his youngest daughter as she slowly slid up his legs, bringing her hot pussy closer and closer to his throbbing cock until it was less than an inch away. David could feel the warmth radiating off his daughter’s naked body and looked at her with a fierce passion.

“Awwh” David moaned quietly as Ashley moved the final inch and pressed her vagina onto his pulsing manhood. Ashley’s naked teenage body was just in front his and her magnificent rack was mere inches from his face.

“Yes dad” Ashley whispered in pleasure as her father lowered his mouth, opened it, and hungrily closed it around her hard left nipple, sucking on it gently. Ashley pressed her crotch harder onto her father’s shaft and started grinding into it.

Jolts of electrifying sexuality passed between father and daughter. David unlatched his mouth from her delicious nipple and looked Ashley in the eyes as she kept grinding into him. David could tell how much his daughter wanted this. The voice in the back of his head returned, telling him once again that this was wrong, but he could not deny his second daughter what both of them so desperately craved.

David grabbed Ashley’s waist and slowly started lifting her, sliding his shaft along her prickly bush as he pulled her up. She was not as light as her sister but she was nowhere near heavy and David had no trouble lifting her over to the tip of his cock.

“Oh my god yes!” Ashley screamed as her father lowered her onto his cock and slipped it inside her. She felt his penis breach her with overwhelming pleasure and closed her eyes as she treasured the sensation of her father’s dick inside her.

David gasped as his daughter’s vagina wrapped his cock. She was not as tight as her sister was but she was much wetter and her pussy felt amazing. He put his hands on the firm orbs of her ass and let out a moan of pure sexual pleasure as he pulled her all the way down his pole, confirming that she too was no virgin.

Ashley opened her eyes and a euphoric expression spread across it as she started to ride her father’s cock.

“Oh fuck baby” David moaned as his daughter rode his cock rhythmically. He enjoyed the way her large jugs bounced as she slammed her cunt onto his shaft and brought his hand over, starting to fondle his daughter’s luscious tits. He could not believe how large and beautiful they were, much larger than her mother’s who’s breast resembled Brooke’s in size.

After a few short minutes of sensual fucking, David decided it was time to mix it up. He was tired of sitting down as his girls fucked him and wanted to take them with him in control. He let Ashley blissfully ride him for another minute, watching as his cock repeatedly penetrated her young pussy before he acted.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” Ashley said alarmed as her father held her in his arms and got to his feet.

“Don’t worry honey” David said to his daughter as he mustered all his strength to pull both of them up. David held her tightly, his cock buried deep inside her vagina, and as soon as he got to his feet Ashley wrapped his legs around him.

Brooke watched her father and sister fuck as her body recovered from the intense orgasm. She was back to being horny and when she saw her father pick her sister up and carry her over to the sofa, with his cock still inside her, she started playing with herself.

David carried Ashley over to the sofa and placed her down next to her sister. He looked at his beautiful little princess laying on her back naked and only then did he pull his cock out of her.

“Turn around and get on your knees” David said to Ashley after he pulled his cock out of her. He wanted to take her from behind, like a wild dog taking his bitch, wanted to squeeze her juicy ass while making her scream.

“Yes daddy” Ashley said obediently, only turning him on more and did as he asked. She turned around on the sofa, got on her knees and placed her hands on the headrest, raising her plump rump for her father to do with as he pleased.

David moved in behind his daughter and put one hand around her waist. He grabbed his cock with his other one and guided it to her sweet little pussy, putting just the tip in. After inserting the tip of his pole into his daughter’s love hole, he moved his hand to her waist, grabbing her on both sides and commenced in shoving his cock in with force.

“AAAhhh” Ashley cried as she felt her dad penetrate her from behind, stretching her snatch even more than before. After pushing his cock all the way in, David did not stop, but quickly pulled his cock out and shoved it back, pumping his daughter’s cunt enthusiastically.

Ashley arched her back and moaned aloud as her daddy pound her pussy. The feeling was so good it was unbearable and she started to moan uncontrollably as the room echoed with the colliding of their naked bodies.

“Ashley, are you on the pill?” David asked his whimpering daughter as he fucked her. He sensed he was getting close and wanted to cum inside her so bad, but despite what they were doing, he was still her father and would not cum inside his daughter if it wasn’t safe.

“No daddy,” Ashley answered weakly, “but you can cum inside me, I don’t care.” Ashley said to her father.

“AAaaaahhhhhh” Ashley yelled unexpectedly a second later. She felt a searing pain along with a loud slap as her father spanked her ass with force.

“Don’t you ever let any guy do that” her father said to her in a raised voice while continuing to fuck her, “If you’re not on the pill always make sure the guy wears a condom.” The Irony of the situation was not lost on him as he kept breeding his daughter, “I will pull out but don’t let any guy do that.” David kept saying as he kept plunging his cock into his her.

“I’m on the pill daddy” Brooke said softly out of nowhere. She was laying on the sofa next to him and playing with herself as she watched her dad fuck Ashley right next to her.

David looked at Brooke in shock and just nodded in approval as he kept penetrating Ashley who was back to moaning. David kept thrusting into her powerfully while keeping himself in check for another minute or two before he heard Ashley go over the edge.

“Oh my god daddy” she suddenly said in fast high tone, “daddy…oh fuck…I’m gonna…fuck…daddy, I’m gonna cum!” she shrieked. David gave her a few quick thrusts then slowed down to keep himself from ejaculating when he felt her pussy starting to convulse.

Ashley shrieked in excruciating pleasure as her orgasm hit her. Her legs started to shake and her voice trembled as she praised her father. Tears formed in her eyes and her face went blank as she felt raw exhilarating pleasure surge through her young body. At some point her entire body went limp and she fell onto the sofa, her father’s cock slipping out as she fell. Her father and sister looked at her in disbelief as she kept shaking on the sofa while whimpering softly.

David’s cock was on the verge of erupting after what he just witnessed he knew it wouldn’t be long. He looked down at his second daughter and saw her looking up at him while rubbing her bare pussy. David, almost on instinct, grabbed Brooke’s slim waist and brought it to the edge of the sofa. Brooke spread her legs for him and cooed as he pushed his cock into her tight snatch.

“Oh my god baby, I forgot how tight your pussy is” David said to his daughter as he started pounding it with force. He didn’t last even 30 seconds in her tight cunt before he felt his orgasm. “Fuck, I’m going to cum” David screamed at his daughter.

“Yes daddy, cum inside me” Brooke said encouragingly. She was rubbing her clit wildly as her father fucked her to his orgasm.

“Yes baby, yes Brooke, YES!” David called out as he started to cum in his daughter’s amazingly tight hole. David grunted and groaned as he climaxed. His orgasm was so powerful tears formed in his eyes and it felt like he was shooting a load bigger than he ever had.

David kept moaning and looked down at his daughter as he squirted load after load of incestuous sperm into her.

After what felt like an eternity, David’s tired dick popped out of his daughter and he took a seat on the sofa between his two naked angels.

As her daddy took a sit beside her, Brooke kept rubbing her needy clit like crazy. She could feel her father’s warm sperm flowing out of her teenage vagina and it only made her go faster. “Oh yes, oh yeah” Brooke let out softly and looked at her father’s naked body as she brought her own body the release it demanded.

Brook let out a single high pitched scream as she climaxed and her legs started to shake. The pleasure she felt as she jerked herself off, though nothing like the one her daddy gave her, was much more intense than her usual solo sessions. The feeling of her father’s hard dick still lingering inside her as his sperm kept leaking out made her body erupt in sexual pleasure.

They sat on the couch speechless, all three of them drained from the intense sexual ordeal. Before they knew it, they fell asleep on the couch, their nude bodies touching as they drifted off.

It was 9 am when David woke up to the comforting sensation of a naked female body pressed against him. At the beginning, he naturally thought it was his wife. But as he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the image of two naked teenagers and everything came rushing back.

The girls were both still sleeping and all three of them were entangled in a naked heap. On one side, David was resting his head on the side of Ashley’s large soft breast and had his palm on her thigh, his arm touching her trimmed bush. And on his other side, Brooke was sleeping with her head on his chest, her young breast pressed to his stomach. He could feel his dried cum on her pussy and thighs as her vulva rested above just above his knee, and she had her hand on his semi erect cock.

David enjoyed the image for the first few seconds until sleep completely wore off and he started to feel panic. His mind was not clouded by primal sexual urges as it had been last night and he had been hit with full force by what he did to his daughters.

‘I had done the unthinkable’, David thought to himself as he processed the event of the previous night in disbelief. He had committed the ultimate taboo, he had bred his own daughters. He felt shame and disgust as he recalled how he fucked them with raw animalistic lust, how he made them squirm in pain and pleasure as he made them orgasm, and how he shot his incestuous seed into his oldest daughter’s tight vagina.

David’s cock started to harden as his remembered the events of last night and his mind filled once again with shameful forbidden thoughts as his naked body stayed pressed to his girls. After sitting there for a few minutes without moving, David heard a yawn coming from Ashley.

David immediately raised his naked body from his daughter’s and woke Brooke in the process.

Brooke took her time getting off her father and then sat up on the sofa with a yawn while David got up to his feet.

“Good morning” Brooke said with a smile on her face as she stretched her young body.

“Very good morning” Ashley answered with a smile and stretched as well, sticking her heavy chest out while doing so. “Shit, what time is?” she asked realizing it was morning, “We’ll be late for school.”

“I think missing school is the least of our worries.” David said while looking down at his 2 naked girls. Some of his panic disappeared as he looked at his twins both happy and smiling. They did not look like two molested teenage girls, they looked like two well rested and well fucked women.

“Good morning to you too” Ashely said in a baby voice as she shot her hand out and grabbed her father’s erection. David looked at her shocked and she chuckled, letting go of his penis.

David looked his girls in the eyes as he started talking, “Girls, last night was…”

“Fucking amazing” Brooke said quickly before her father could finish his sentence. David looked at her shocked as well.

“Yeah” Ashley said agreeing with her sister, “I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked that good.” She continued and her father’s eyes widened. He was somewhat relieved by their reaction but also alarmed by how easily they accepted the fact that their own father had his way with them.

“Girls, last night was wrong on so many levels” David said to his daughters with a serious look in his eyes. They looked back at him with a questioning gaze as if to say, ‘what did we do wrong daddy?’, “I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it” David said as an answer to the girls’ expressions, “But you are my daughters and we should not be doing anything remotely like this.”

“But daddy,” Ashley started to object. She looked straight at her father and spread her legs mischievously while doing so.

“No buts,” David cut his daughter off but could not look away from her mouthwatering twat. He burned the image into his mind before raising his eyes back up and continuing to speak, “and you can’t tell anyone about this, not even your mother. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy” they said in unison.

They had sex 2 more times before Jennifer came back home that Saturday.

They first time was the following day when the girls intentionally missed curfew by one minute and demanded to be punished by their father. David tried his hardest to resist, but after seeing his two gorgeous girls strip naked and beg to be bred, he just couldn’t hold back and plowed his dick into their tight young cunts vigorously.

The second time was Friday afternoon. David was in his bed watching TV when his daughters surprised him by entering his room in the nude. He was so aroused that he showed no resistance as his girls stripped him of his clothes and took turns riding his hard cock. They screamed in ecstasy as he brought each of them to a powerful orgasm.

The following day, as all 3 of them picked Jennifer up from the airport she was surprised to see her husband and daughters getting along so well. She was even more surprised when she got to the house. While she went to take a shower the girls set the table and prepared dinner, something they have never done before. The even washed the dished after the meal.

After dinner, Jennifer kissed her girls goodnight and walked upstairs with her husband. Jennifer undressed and climbed into bed, teasing her husband with her hot slender figure while he got undressed quickly and followed her.

That night, David made passionate love to his wife after 3 weeks apart. Jennifer moaned in pleasure as her husband penetrated her yearning womanhood, taking her more aggressively than he ever has. They fucked for over an hour, Jennifer surprised and delighted by her husband’s sexual stamina as he made her cum repeatedly.

“Honey,” Jennifer said to her husband as they cuddled afterwards, “I have to say that I was a little nervous about leaving you alone with two teenage girls. But I admit I was so wrong, I didn’t know they could be so well behaved.”

“Yeah well, they’re good girls” David said to his wife while stroking her blonde hair.

“Still, cooking dinner. You have to tell me how you got them to do that.” Jennifer said while pressing her naked body into her husband’s. “I think I should leave all three of you alone more often.” Jennifer said innocently.

In return, David just gave a nod and a small devious smile.


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