Celebrating my 18th bday with my uncle

Celebrating my 18th bday with my uncle

Mike is my 36-year-old uncle. He is the youngest of my uncles in my mum’s side of the family. As a little girl I always remember having so much fun with him, he was always playful, …

Mike is my 36-year-old uncle. He is the youngest of my uncles in my mum’s side of the family. As a little girl I always remember having so much fun with him, he was always playful, would take me to the swimming pool, the cinema and to other fun activities and enjoyed expending time with my and my other cousins; he was a cool uncle.

He has always been an attractive guy. I wouldn’t realise this as a kid but when I started my puberty I could see how my uncle was a good catch! Very handsome and would look after himself, he was in very good shape, I always thought whoever ended up with him would be a lucky woman.

Mike lived in a city 2 hours away from us. One day he had to come by for business and spent the night at home. I was sixteen by then, my body had changed significantly over the last couple of years, my boobs had grown to a C cup, my hips widen a bit given me a nice sand clock shape and I have a petite round bum. I was going through that awkward age in which you know you have not finished your change but people would start noticing you. That nigh that my uncle came to ours, I was dressed in shorts and a nice tight top, I was going out with my friends after dinner and I had put some sexy clothes on, nothing that girl my age wouldn’t wear.

-Uncle Mike!! I said when I opened the front door hugging him as I have always done, jumping slightly on him.

-Oh wow Sophie! It’s so good to see you!! You are growing, you cannot jump this way on me I’m getting too old!

I laughed as I pulled away from our hug. “Sorry!” I said with a cheeky smile. I looked at his face and I caught his eyes briefly looking at my breast, he then looked straight up in a uncomfortable way as if he had done a bad thing.

“Eh.. How are you? Where is everyone?” he said not even giving me eye contact anymore, trying to look into the house.

“Oh, they are all inside in the kitchen. Please come on in!” I let him go into the house and I stood there thinking if I had seen an uncomfortable looking uncle, looking at me as maybe he had never done, as a woman more than a girl, his niece. The thought shocked me but I did not dwell too much on it. We all have a lovely dinner together and I headed off to meet my friends for the night.

For the next couple of years I surprised myself often thinking of my uncle Mike when I masturbated. It was not awkard when we would see each other, but I liked to think of him as a fantasy.

The day of my 18th birthday came and I had a great party. My uncle promised to visit me the following weekend to treat me to a day out. I couldn’t wait! It had been so long since we hanged out and I missed my fun uncle.

He came early on a Saturday and the day began! We spent the afternoon in a aquatic park, we loved it there when I was a kid. I wore a brand new bikini, my breast were now slightly bigger and so was my bum. “I can’t believe you were 10 last time we came here” he said. “Look at you now, a grown up woman”. “Yes, it has been ages since last time we came here, I don’t know if I am actually wearing the rigth bikini for this actually, I don’t want anything to pop out of its place!” I said laughing, he gave me a shy smile. Had I intimidated him again?

We went down slides and enjoyed the waves pool. When took one double float that turned over with a big wave. I fell on top of him in the water, we moved our legs and arms to swim back to the surface, his hand, finding my right breast for a second by accident. “Oh sorry” “Don’t worry, my fault, I fell on you!” We decided to leave the pool after that, he was behind me, walking slowly, I looked back to check on him and I turned my head straight back as I glanced at his hard penis. He had a hard on over me! That’s probably why he was walking so slowly. I had been excited all day but this had turned me on.

We decided to head back home as we were knackered. My parents have gone out with some friends as they weren’t expecting us early.

“I need a shower!” I said whilst taking my t-shirt off in front of him.

“Okay then, you jump first, I’ll go after you”

“Thanks! Can you help me with this bikini? It’s new I cannot unclip the bra” “Ehh.. yeah sure” He unclipped it for me expecting that I would hold it in place but I let go. I turned around exposing my young firm breast in front of him. His jaw dropped and his eyes were on my breast. “You can join me if you like” I said whilst walking upstairs, trying to sound natural about it all. He didn’t have time to say anything when I had already dissapeared.

I showered with the door slightly open but he did not come in. I wraped in my towel and left. “You can shower now uncle Mike!” I shout so he could hear me. “Ok.. thanks hun” I heard the bathroom door closing, when I heard the shower running I open the door, completly naked:

“Sophie! What are you doing?!”

“I realised I didn’t give you a towel, so here! I will leave this one there” I stood there and stared at his amazing naked body. His penis was relaxed but big, his has a strong body, he was very atractive.

“Sophie, please, leave!”

“Don’t you want me to join you there? I could help you with your shower” “Sophie” he said covering himself “you are my niece, this is not right”

“but I just turned 18th and I thought we were having a special weekend together, I really want it to be special”

“What? No, you can’t ask me that”

“ I know you like me, you have been looking at me all day” I said whilst massaging one of my tits and one of my cheeky smiles.

“Sophie, leave, we will talk about this later” His cock now looking huge and thick, I looked at it bit my lip with a smile and said “Okay” I turned and left the bathroom.

I decided to wear a baggy t-shirt and nothing underneath. The t-shirt would enhace my breast and my pointy nipples and would just cover my bum and fanny. He came down in his clothes and looked at me. He sat in the sofa next to me. “Is that what you are wearing?”

“Yes, I like to be comfortable at home, don’t you like it?”

“Well, yeah…”

“Good!” I placed one leg on the tea table and the other one on the sofá, my legs opened exposing my young shaved cunt. My uncle looked at me and exhaled “God you are beautiful”

“Thank you uncle”

“ I cannot really do this Sophie”

“No? Well, I can” I then licked my finger and started massaging my clítoris, I closed my eyes and arched my back, I moaned. “Oh uncle Mike! I do this so many times thinking of you” My finger moved faster and started playing with my vagina, fingering myself. I looked at my uncle and he had his huge dick in his hand, massaging it up and down. The view made me moan loudly. “Sophie, you have a beatiful cunt” “Why don’t you help me then? It aches for you uncle” “I really should’t” I then stood up and walked to him I sat next to him on the sofá. “Uncle your dick is so big, I have not seen many, but yours it’s defenitely the biggest one, would you mind if I tried it?” Before he could answer I lowered my head and put his dick in my mouth “Sophie! Oh… my Sophie, we really shouldn’t…” I started sucking up and down, stroking his balls with my hand. My tongue played with the tip of his cock. I started to go faster in a steady rythm, I could hear my uncle moan, he was really turning me on. He made me stop “Hang on, I don’t want to cum… yet” He made me lie on my back “Let me see those amazing tits of yours “ he said taking my t-shirt off. He started massaging them with his hand; he took one of them in his mouth “Ahgg, uncle, suck them, they are yours” He played with my nipples and squeezed them together “Glorious tits niece, I am so lucky to be sucking these” One of his hands started to touch my clit. I moaned holding his head against my breast. He expertly fingered me, exploring my vagina and my clit,I was about to explode when he stopped. His head then went down and shyly licked my pussy. Teasing me. “Oh, please uncle, lick my clit, lick my inside!” He then sucked my clit and fingered my cunt. I started shaking, it was amazing. I groaned “Oh yes!!!” then I exploded and had a huge orgasm.

“I am glad you enjoyed that niece, although this is not ver yet, you are right, you are 18 now and this should be really especial” “Uncle, I have never done anything else with a guy before, I am a virgin but I want you to be my first one” “Are you? Oh my god Sophie, are you sure about this? “Yes, please, who else?Be gentle uncle your dick is so big” “Don’t worry Sophie, we will take it easy, it will hurt you a bit at first, but it’s going to be okay” He took all his clothes off and positioned himself above me. I was so turned on and so was he. “Do you want this?” he said whilst rubbing his cock against my cunt “Yes uncle, please, put it in, I can’t wait” He smiled teasing me a bit more with his cock he then kissed me and pressed his head against my pussy. I could feel how it opened for the first time and made me jump a bit “Don’t worry babe, you can take it, it will feel better” He gently pushed half way through and I screamed, loving it. He stopped and carried on kissing me. He then put it all in, it felt so good, “Oh Sophie, you are so tight” He starting moving and we both moaned. I joined his thrust when I felt more comfortable. I loved it, my uncle was fucking me for the first time. He placed his hands first on my hips and began to move faster, I wrapped my legs around him and I started screaming in extreme pleasure. He bumped now harder I could notice how he breathing increased. He then placed his finger in my clit and started rubbing it. I then cum shouting and holding my tits. My uncle suck them as I was offering them to him. It felt amazing long and intense. He then carried on and finished inside my cunt, filling it with his warm loads. We hugged for a bit and jumped to the shower again, this time together. There my uncle taught me how to fuck in a shower, standing, from behind, my vagina exhausted due to his size but so eager to have more. After that I gave him another blow job with the water falling on me.

My parents came later that night and my uncle and I were already dressed watching TV. I said my goodnights and wen to bed, when I looked at my phone I had a text from my uncle saying “You are amazing, come give your uncle a goodnight fuck in an hour, I need that tight cunt of yours again in my mouth and my dick” I counted the minutes. I had the best birthday celebration ever!


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