Caught sniffing panties of my cousins

Caught sniffing panties stories of my cousins

I have always had a thing for my cousin. I dont know what it is, but when I am close to her or in her house, i get permanently horny. Sarah is three years younger than me. When this happened…

I have always had a thing for my cousin. I dont know what it is, but when I am close to her or in her house, i get permanently horny. Sarah is three years younger than me. When this happened the first time, I was about 19 and she was 16. Shes quite tall, a little skinny, blonde and blue eyes. She has long legs, and when this happened, small A cup breast.I used to have to sepnd school holidays at my Aunts.

I would alwasy visit with excitment, as it meant I would see Sarah, and get the chance to grab a pair of her panties and to enjoy the smell of her pussy whilst I would wank off. In the years I had been doing this, I would sniff and lick her panties, smelling her and tasting her. I would wank, somethimes into another pair of her panties, whilst laying on her bed, if I was in the house alone.

At night I would leave my bedroom door slightly open, as I would wank, hoping she would see me and come into the room. Sadly this never happened.Anyway. This had been going on for some time however nothing had ever happened.

That all changed.It was holiday again, and I was on my way to my Aunts. She had told me that they would be away for the first weekend, and that my Cousin Sarah and Emma were staying at friends so I would have the house alone. I arrived early at the house, no one was home, so I let myself in. It was half term and i had a little over a week to stay there. As I walked through the front door, i instantly got horny, knowing exactly what I was going to do. That i would be in the hosue alone and could enjoy my cousins panties and bedroom. I raced upstairs to the room my Aunt had said I would use.I dropped my bag in the room and then went straight to Sarah’s room. Opening the door slowly, I was immediatly hard. I could smell her. Going into the room, I looked around. On the chair in the corner was a pile of clothes. They looked “worn”. I quickly rumaged through them and found exactly what I was looking for. Her panties. They were white cottone with a little silk bow. I brought them up to my nose and took a deep drag of her smell. Oh its amazing. Pulling out my hard cock, i started to wank. I knew I wouldnt last long, and could feel i was about to cum. I took her panties and wrapped them around my cock just as I stared to cum. It was amazing, and there was so much cum, it started to leak thru. Cleaning my cock on her panties, I decided to take a risk, and put them back where I had found them. Complete with the load I had just shot. Perhaps Sarah would notice when she came home after the weekend.That was when I heard a noise down stairs. Quickly i walked out of Sarahs room to mine and sat on the bed just listening, wondering who it was! Whoeevr it was they were in the kitchen.

So I tidied myself up and went downstairs, walking into the kitchen I saw it was Sarah. She was supposed to be away.”hi” I said, she jumped and turnedd “you gave me such a shock, i didnt know anyone was here”. I said, “well i thought you were staying the weekend at friends?” apparently her frined was sick and so she had spoken to her mum and said it was ok to stay at the house with me. Well of course it was, but it would make some of my activities a little harder!! She came upand gave me a big hug and as she did I got a great smell from her.So we chatted for a while! She was dressed in a Tee shirt and a short(ish) skirt. I kept looking at the shape of her breats, obviuosly in a bra under her tee, and her long legs. God it was making me horny, I had a hard on which I tried to hide. I could also smell her, I wasnt sure if it was her or if she was honry!!!

After a while she said she was going for a shower and would come down stairs and we could plan things to do over the weekend. As she went upstairs I thought this may be a chance to sneak a peak as she showered, or at least to grab a freshly worn pair of her panties. I heard the shower turn on, so started to go upstairs………….

When suddenly I heard shout “Mike…………………………….” Shit she sounded angry, yes i called up the stairs. She said,get up here please………………….so I did. he was standing in the landing, one hip pushed out and on her finger was hanging the panties I had cum in earlier!

She just looked at me, and then asked me what I had done to them. At first I thought about denying it, but hell. I was busted and maybe this might lead somewhere else. She said ” have you been sniffing and masturbating into my panties again?” I said “Again?”……………..

SHe said. “Yes I know you do. Ive watched you a couple of times before! Ive also found cum in them before although I didnt know what it was for a while. ” Shit. Anyway, I said I was sorry. She just looked at me, and said that whilst she appreciated I was a horny bastard, she wasnt sure about how she felt about me sniffing her panties and cumming in them. I said “well I might as well come clean. I also like to lick and suck them so I can taste you”! She was like “Yuk, really?” and “What else have you done?” I told her i would sometimes lie naked in her bed and mastrubate and that sometimes I would shoot a huge load on her pillow!

Then she said, well you have to stop. Ok!

She then truned around and walked into her room slamming the door. Shit I said.

So I wentt back down stairs and sat in the lounge. Thinking about what had happened. Mind I was getting horny again, knowing she knew and she had watched me!

As I was thinking, she walked into the room and sat on the couch infront of me. Still holding the panties I had cum in!

“So” she said. “what are we going to do about this?” I just looked at her! She then slowly lifted her cum filled panties to her nose and took a big sniff………………..I nearly came right there and then.

“Smells nice” she said. “Look I will be honest, when I watched you wanking, I would touch my pussy and masturbate”, I would always cum really hard. Sometimes I would dry myself with my panties and leave them for you to find!”

I couldnt believe it. An then it struck me, a whole weekend with my cousin!! What was going to happen.

Suddenly she said, “Are you hard?”……I said “yes, very!”, “show me” shedemanded. “I want to see it, I want you to know I am looking at it!”……………….

At this point I became a bit nervouse. All my fantisises were coming true.

“To give you an incentive, would you like to see the panties I am wearing?” Fuck yes! She then spread her legs and placed them acroos each arm of teh chaor, so her legs were completely spread. Her panties though still covered by her skirt. Just!

Then she lifted the skirt and I could see right to her panty covered pussy. They were cotton, white and stretched tight across her. I imagined I could see a really damp patch……I thought. It was all I could do not to cum in my jeans.

“Come on” she said. “Show me!” TAke all your clothes off. So I did, first my tee short and then my jeans. My hard cock straining at my underwear. She was staring at my bulge, a flush on her cheeks. “Please, take of yiour underwear”!

So I slowly pulled down my underwear whilst looking at her panty covered pussy, wishing i could bury my head in it. As my cock sprang free she gasped. I was rock hard, my foresking pulled right back from my knob and dripping pre cum. My balls ached, swollen and tight against my cock. I sat back down and opened my legs so she could see.

“Its beautifyl she said” and with that lifted the panties that were full of my cum back to her mouth and started to lick them. At the same time her hand moved to between her legs and started to stroke her pussy thru her panties. “Wank” she said.

I knew if i touched my cock I would cum straight away. I needed to see her pussy first! As she touched her self, she moaned. Then she said, would I like to use the panties she was wearing. God yes. SHe stood up, reaching up her skrt she pulled her panties down, and walkd over and handed to me, always looking at my cock. “Its very wet” she said, as more pre cum dripped out. I took her panties and immediatly saw the wet patch which I put straight to my nose and breathed her scent in. Incredible, her panties were soaked. I them put them in my mouth and tasted her fresh cunt juice.

I wrapped my hand around my cock and gentky started to stroke. I looked at her, her nipplese were straining thru her top,she sat back down and opened her legs and then lifted her skirt. Suddenly I could see her pussy, golden pubes surronded her stunning cunt, the lips were swollen and open, as she put a finger on her clit and used her other hand to open her cunt. Thats was it, I suddenly knew I was about to cum, I said “im cuming” she looked straing at my cock as the orgasm took over and cum started shooting out of my cock, straight up and onto my chest. There must ahve been five or six heavy spourts. As I came sarah opened her legs wider sliding a finger insde herself.

As I sat there she continued to masturbate, her breath getting faser and harder, I coudnt take it any more, I got up walked over to her, took a dolop of my cum and put it in her lips, she licked it up and then sucked my fingers, I knelt in front of her, gasing at her stunning pussy, a hand on each knee, holding her legs wide. She slightly lifted her hips and i got a sight of her tight little anus. I thne kissed the inside of her thigh all the way to her pussy and slowly drew my tongue along the length of her cunt. The smell and taste was incredible, she moaned and then let out a cry as my tongue flicked her clit. Her hand came to the back of my head, pushing me into her pussy. “Yes” she said “Suck my pussy. Make me cum!”

I started to lick faster, and sucking on her clit. she was soaking and the tase of her juices was amazing as i drank them down. I slowly started to tease her butt with my finger, and then slid it in up to the first nucle, as I eased it in and out and licked and sucked her clit, she suddenly went rigid and screamed, pusinh my head harder against her wet cunt. I continued to lick and suck as she came on my face. It was amazing.

As we lay there naked, she played with my cock, as i stroked her breasts and pussy. “Ive wanted to do that for years” she said…………………………….”we have yhe whole weekend to explore and do more. I also want you to fuck me” she said ” I wantt o feel your cock in my pussy!”………………………..

A she continued to talk about what she wanted to do she was stroking my cock, which was now starting to recover and harden. I looked at her and said, “suck me”. SHe slowly slid down the bed until she was lying between my thighs, still stoking my cock whoch was now dripping pre cum, “hmmmm it smells good” and then she opened her mouth and using her tongue started to lick the shaft of my cock, up to my knob and then swirled her tongue across my hard wet knob.As she licked it she stroked my shaft and balls, and every so often moaned. Then she put my cock in her mouth and started moving her head up and down sucking me.

It felt amazing and watching my young cousins head moving up and down sucking my cock was amazing. I could soon feel that familiar rush and I told her I was about to cum, she lept sucking and then I staretd to cum, filling her mouth with my hot cum. She swallowed every drop. As I finshed she licked me clean and then looked up at me with a huge smile on her face.

“Your cock and cum taste sooo good” she said.


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