Brother and sister making love xnxxstory part -2

Brother and sister making love xnxxstory

Their Second Taste
Brian breathed heavily, panting as he looked down at his younger sister covered in his cum. His friends were talking and moaning next to them, admiring the intensity of the taboo act as they touched themselves, but Brian barely heard a word of it, his entire focus on his younger sister as their eyes stayed locked.

“Oh my god!” Beth let out, her chest rising and falling with her labored breathing as a grin tugged at her lips. “That was…” Beth started saying, looking up into her brother’s eyes and he returned a satisfied grin.

“I know,” Brian said, smiling down at his sister, then he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. He kissed her, kissed his sister passionately, then pulled up and looked deep into her eyes from just inches away, feeling her warm breath on his. He studied her for just a moment, studied his beautiful sister’s face, then moved down her body and started kissing her neck.

Brian’s cock went soft, but his hunger for his younger sister was stronger than ever as he began to kiss her naked body tenderly. He kissed her neck, nuzzling it, then moved down her body. He pressed his warm lips to her chest, her smooth skin warm and inviting, and slowly made his way down to her delectable breasts.

Beth’s breasts were covered with her brother’s cum, but Brian didn’t seem to care, quite the opposite, and as his mouth moved to her tits, he stuck his tongue out and licked a glob of cum from her. Beth watched her brother’s tongue dart out, scooping up his cum, then swallowing it, and she let out a shivering moan. “Fuck Bri!” she moaned silently as she watched her brother scoop up more of his cum from her left nipple, using his tongue to rub it along her areola teasingly, then he swallowed it before closing his lips around her erect nipple and sucking on it to her delight.

“Fuck, that’s so hot!” Kelly whispered to Jimmy and Tom as all three watched Brian lick his cum off his sister’s naked body. Kelly moaned, her fingers rubbing her needy clit, and the guys stroked their hard cocks on both sides of her. They were all so horny, Kelly’s pussy soaking wet, but they were also too engrossed by Beth and Brian to do anything other than masturbate as they watched.

“Ugh, Brian!” Beth moaned as her brother continued to lick his cum from her. She watched, her arousal skyrocketing as her older brother cleaned her up with his sly tongue. He started on her breasts, kissing them, sucking on her erect nipples, and licking them clean. He raised his head after he finished licking them, grinning at her as he licked cum off his lips, then continued down her naked body, cleaning the rest of her off.

Brian could feel the blood start to rush back to his dick as he continued to lick his cum off his sister. He went at it with a ferocious hunger, pressing his lips to her smooth skin as he moved down her stomach, using his tongue to lap up his cum all the while. He moved lower, licking the last of his cum from her smooth vulva, then, when she was clean, he moved between her legs. Brian gave his sister’s seductive slit a few teasing licks, getting another taste of her delicious flavor, then straightened himself up. He offered Beth his hand, helping his sister up, and once she was sitting, Beth grabbed her brother’s head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

Brian and Beth moaned into each other’s mouths as they started making out. They were so hungry for each other, the initial reluctance a thing of the past, and it didn’t take long for Beth to shove her tongue into her brother’s mouth. She moaned into his mouth, the salty taste of his cum driving her mad, and she soon pulled her tongue away only to have Brian slide his tongue into her mouth. They made out for some time, eagerly devouring each other as their hands played with their exposed bodies. Beth reached for her brother’s cock as they continued to kiss, her nimble fingers tugging on his growing member, and by the time they were out of breath and broke the kiss, Brian was hard.

“Ready to go again?” Beth asked her brother with a devious grin, still tugging on his erection.

“Uh-huh,” Brian said nodding, a horny smile on his face, and he pressed his mouth to Beth’s for a final taste. His sister smiled at him, a naughty expression on her pretty face, then she let go of his dick and watched it throb. She ran a hand along her brother’s exposed chest, then turned around and got on all fours facing away from him.

“Fuck me big brother!” Beth called to him, her voice rasped and dripping with arousal. She wiggled her tight little ass seductively, and a moment later his hands grabbed her ass and started squeezing it.

“Are they gonna fuck again?” Kelly asked with disbelief and arousal, still rubbing her pussy as she watched Brian taking his place behind his sister.

“Fuck that’s so hot!” Jimmy called out next to her as he continued to stroke his dick. They all watched as Brian then spread his sister’s ass apart, then grabbed his shaft and guided it to her pink pussy. He pressed the head between her tight lips, making Beth whimper, then slowly pushed his hard cock into her hot snatch.

“Yes, Bri!” Beth moaned as her brother penetrated her from behind, sliding his cock once more into her forbidden hole. “Yes big brother!” she moaned as he found his way inside her, pushing inch after inch of his hard cock inside, going in so deep until his lower stomach was pressed to her tight ass.

“Ugh god!” Brian moaned as his sister’s pussy engulfed his hard cock so perfectly. “Fuck, my sister’s pussy feels amazing!” he moaned kinkily. He squeezed her ass once more, making Beth moan, then slid his hands to her waist, grabbed it, and started fucking her slowly.

Kelly watched Brian sliding his cock in and out of his sister’s wet cunt, starting slow and gradually picking up speed. She kept touching herself shamelessly as she watched the two, watching the way Beth’s pink muff took in her brother’s shaft, her lips engulfing him eagerly as the two moaned and groaned. She glanced over to her left, watching Jimmy tugging on his hard dick, then to her right, and looked at her boyfriend doing the same. She looked back at Brian and Beth just as Beth moaned, calling out her brother’s name, and it was all too much.

“Babe, stick it in me!” Kelly said to Tom in a pleading voice and turned to look at him stroking his monstrous shaft. “I need you inside me so bad!” Kelly begged, her arousal almost maddening, and she turned on her knees, her back to Tom. She turned her head towards Brain and Beth, watching Brian continue to fuck her harder, his balls slapping against his sister’s clit, then her pussy quivered as she felt her boyfriend take his place behind her, felt him align his big cock between her legs, then press it to her lips. She felt the anticipation take hold of her, her cunt getting wetter, then she let out a satisfied moan as he pushed it in, stretching her pussy with his big hard cock.

“Fuck!” Tom moaned as he pushed his hard cock into Kelly’s soaking pussy, her cunt wetter than ever.

“Yes!” Kelly moaned as Tom breached her, still looking at Brian defiling his sister, then turned her head around and looked at Tom as he pushed himself inside her. He held himself inside her for a moment, feeling her pussy stretch around his dick, then he slowly pulled out and pushed back in hard, making Kelly whimper.

“Ugh fuck!” Jimmy moaned, looking from Beth to Kelly, watching one getting fucked by her brother and the other by her boyfriend right next to him. Her gaze turned to meet his and her eyes darted to his cock, watching him stroking it. He turned his gaze back towards Brian and Beth, listening to Beth moan as Brian started plowing her pussy harder, then turned back to Kelly and caught her gaze.

“Oh yes, fuck me, hard baby!” Kelly moaned as Tom continued to stretch her with his big hard cock. She looked at Jimmy, watching him start to masturbate faster, and their gaze met again. “Yes, pound my pussy!” Kelly moaned, staring right at Jimmy, and bit her lower lip, biting down a grin as Jimmy looked at her hungrily.

“Fuck Kel! You’re so wet!” Tom groaned as he thrust his dick into Kelly’s twat hard, reaching a hand around her. He grabbed her tits with both hands, still fucking her, and started fondling her sensually.

“Yes, Brian! Fuck me! Fuck your sister’s pussy!” Beth moaned as her brother continued to fuck her doggy style. She loved it, loved being on all fours as her brother mounted her, sliding his hard prick in and out of her wet snatch, going faster and faster. “Yeah, just like that!” She moaned as he fucked her hard, pounding her pussy with echoing thrusts.

“Oh god!” Brian moaned as he pounded his sister’s hot wet cunt. He tightened his grip around her and continued with a fierce passion, ramming his dick hard into her tight pussy. She moaned each time he thrust into her, their bodies slapping together, and he watched mesmerized as his cock pumped her pink hole, her ass jiggling on the impact each time.

“Brian!” Beth called out in ecstasy and mewled as she came hard on her brother’s cock. “Oh my god!” She whimpered, her legs shaking, and as Brian shoved his cock back into her, her pussy convulsed, and she squirted onto the floor. “Fuck!” she whimpered once more as Brian penetrated her again hard, making her arch her back, and she squirted again as her legs trembled. She let out a shriek, squirting one last time, then continued to squirm and shake as she came hard on her brother’s cock.

“Holy shit!” Tom called out as he turned his head just in time to see Beth squirt with her brother fucking her. He shoved his dick into Kelly, his eyes still on Beth and Brian and his eyes grew wider as Beth squirted again, her body shaking. He thrust himself into Kelly’s tight pussy, watching Beth cum, then he too started cumming.

“Ugh god!” Kelly moaned as she felt Tom’s cock twitch inside her sooner than she would have liked. She was also watching Beth squirt, getting so turned on, and a moment later she felt her boyfriend shoot his first load deep inside her cunt. “Yes, baby!” Kelly moaned as Tom came inside her. “Yes, cum inside me! Fill me up!” she urged kinkily, hearing him groan behind her, and felt his dick continue to throb inside her, squirting his warm cum deep inside her pussy. He kept groaning as he thrust, a deep primal sound of pleasure with each thrust. He pushed himself into her again and again, then pushed himself deep inside her, stretching her twat and held himself in place. His cock twitched a final time, squirting one last load, then he went still, panting behind her.

Jimmy moved his gaze from a squirting Beth and watched Kelly getting filled up with cum next to him. He was so turned on but didn’t want to cum just yet, so he slowed down and savored the sensation, slowly milking his rock-hard dick as he looked at her naked body. He ran his eyes along her body, her pussy barely visible, then up her flat stomach, sexy tits, until he looked up at her face. He caught her gaze, her eyes moving to his, then a wicked grin spread across her lips.

“Jimmy, you wanna fuck me too?” Kelly whispered to him, looking down at his erection as she felt Tom’s member growing soft inside of her.

“What?” Jimmy asked confused, still tugging on his cock slowly.

“You want to feel my pussy around your cock?” Kelly asked again, her voice low and sexy. Jimmy nodded, still not sure, and a smile spread across Kelly’s lips. “Yeah?” she asked smiling, feeling so naughty, then straightened up. Tom pulled his cock out of her, pulling back, and Kelly could feel their combined juices leaking out of her. She turned around to look at Tom, then pressed her lips to his. She gave him a tender kiss, then moved her lips to his ear and whispered, “I’m going to let Jimmy fuck me”.

Beth whimpered as her brother pounded her pussy, again and again, embarrassingly making her squirt. Her body shook with bliss as her brother continued with a few more rough thrusts, then he stopped. He held his hard dick inside her and let her ride out her orgasm, her body continuing to twitch and shiver for a few more moments, the intense pleasure feeling incredible until it was gone, leaving her panting.

Brian slid his cock out of his sister’s twat, his shaft slick with her pussy juices. He watched Beth shakily turn around to face him, her eyes dashing across the room to Kelly, Jimmy, and Tom, before turning her flushed gaze to her big brother. She looked into his eyes, her body hot and sweaty, then looked down at Brian’s erection and bit down a grin.

“You…you squirt?” Brian asked amazed, slowly tugging on his hard dick.

“Sometimes,” Beth said blushing, and reached a hand between her legs. “Usually happens when I feel comfortable enough with the guy.” She added shyly.

“That’s so hot!” Brian said, looking down between her legs, then looked up and smiled at her. “You wanna see if I can make you squirt again?” Brian asked with a challenging grin, letting go of his hard dick, and Beth just nodded, grinning shyly.

Beth slowly laid down on her back, getting comfortable, and looked up at her big brother. She spread her legs wide, displaying her perfect pink pussy, then licked three fingers and started rubbing her clit slowly.

Brian looked down at his naked little sister, touching herself as she waited for him to take her again, and he felt his dick twitch. He moved between her legs, cock rock-hard then grabbed her thighs and spread her legs further apart. He looked down as he inched forward, into her eyes, at her sexy tits, flat stomach, and finally at her alluring pussy. He grabbed his hard cock, pressed it to her vulva, and started rubbing it against her. Beth bit her lip as she watched, moaning silently as her brother rubbed his dick against her slit, and along her clit and lips. He did it a few times, turning her on so much, then guided his cock between her pink lips and slid it into her, parting her labia. Beth let out a sharp moan as her brother’s cock penetrated her, only the head at first, then she growled with delight as he shoved the rest of himself into her. He looked down at her, their eyes locked, then started, yet again, to fuck his little sister.

Kelly gave Jimmy a sly look, so turned on herself, then moved back into him. Jimmy let go of his cock but didn’t dare move, and a few seconds later it was pressed against Kelly’s tight ass. She looked sideways at Brian and Beth, watching Beth getting on her back and spreading her legs for her brother, her pink pussy looking so hot, then Kelly started grinding her ass against Jimmy’s hard cock. “God I’m so wet!” Kelly groaned, continuing to grind her ass against Jimmy’s dick as she reached a hand between her legs and rubbed her horny cunt. She moaned silently as Jimmy squeezed her ass then she yelped as he gave her a teasing spank. He wrapped his strong hands around her, fondling her tits not too gently, pinching her erect nipples, then he put one hand on her stomach and one on her back and bend her over. He held her down on all fours, making her wet pussy tingle, then grabbed his cock. Kelly looked up to see Tom watching them, a kinky smile on his face, then she moaned as Jimmy shoved his hard cock into her sloppy snatch and immediately started fucking her.

Beth moaned, looking up at her brother, and watched his body move as he made passionate love to her. She watched the look of focus on his face as he thrust back and forth, then looked down and watched his cock going in and out of her pink pussy. It was so hot, having her brother fuck her, and she let out a whimpering moan in answer to his deep groan. She ran her eyes along his body again, his bare chest beaded with sweat, and studied that same focused expression on his face. He tightened his grip on her thighs, suddenly going faster, and Beth let out a surprised pleasure-filled moan. It caused Brian to look up, into her eyes, and his eyes watching her as he defiled her taboo hole made it even hotter. They looked at each other with a passion not fit for most brothers and sisters and kept staring as Brian continued to penetrate her with even more vigor.

Kelly turned her gaze sideways and watched Brian sliding his cock in and out of his sister’s wet muff as Jimmy fucked her hard. Brian started slow but was quickly picking up speed, and Kelly couldn’t look away from the two. She kept moaning shamelessly as she watched them, watched the way Beth’s pink snatch took in her brother’s shaft, her lips engulfing him eagerly as the two moaned and groaned. “Fuck, your pussy’s so slippery!” Jimmy moaned behind her with satisfaction, shoving himself back into her with an echoing thrust, and making her moan as she looked up at Tom who was watching her get fucked by his friend. Jimmy pounded his cock into her again and again, and she moaned loudly as his balls slapped her clit. She looked back at Brian and Beth just as Beth moaned, calling out her brother’s name in the heat of the passion she felt for him. It was too much for Kelly.

“Fuck!” Kelly hissed as she came, primal pleasure taking control of her naked body. She reached down between her legs, reaching for her protruding clit, and started rubbing it as Jimmy kept pounding her pussy. “Oh my god!” She moaned and closed her eyes, feeling Jimmy’s heavy balls slapping her fingers with each thrust. She let out a shriek as her pussy started to convulse around Jimmy’s dick, slowly followed by her thighs. She kept rubbing her pussy as her body caught on fire and moaned in pleasure, letting the orgasmic bliss flow over her.

“Oh god!” Jimmy groaned as Kelly started cumming, her tight twat convulsing around his cock. He could feel Tom’s eyes on him, watching him fuck his orgasming girlfriend and it only made Jimmy go harder. He pounded her cunt as she whimpered, her body beginning to shake even more violently, and let out a deep groan. He grimaced as he plowed her cunt, feeling the pleasure closing in on him yet still fighting it. He growled through clenched teeth, holding it in until it was nearly impossible. He waited until moments before his orgasm hit to whip his cock out of her cumming cunt, then closed his right hand on his cock and started pumping wildly, groaning loudly as he started cumming, quickly shooting his first load onto Kelly’s tight ass.

“Oh my god, Kelly, he’s cumming all over you!” Tom called out amazed and turned on as he watched his friend stroking his dick and cumming all over Kelly’s ass and back.

“Yes, Jimmy! Cum all over me!” Kelly moaned, letting the last of the orgasm trickle away as she felt Jimmy’s warm cum splattering all over her back. She looked up at Tom, seeing the arousal on his face, and watched him reach for his limp cock. She rubbed her clit one last time, her orgasm faded, then just stayed there on all fours, and let Jimmy cover her with cum.

“Yes, Kelly!” Jimmy moaned, letting out primal sounds of sexual glee, and continued to stroke his squirting member. He looked across at Tom, watching him cum all over his girlfriend, then looked back down at her. He kept pumping his shaft and watched his member throb and spew his jizz all over her back and ass. He kept going, draining his balls completely until a few last drops dripped down onto her tight ass. He pulled back breathless and watched Kelly get up on wobbly legs then turn to look at him. “Thanks, Kel, that was awesome!” Jimmy said with a content grin and Kelly just smiled at him, then all three turned back to watch Brian and Beth.

Beth moaned, her eyes closed, then opened them. She noticed their audience was back, Jimmy, Tom, and Kelly watching them fuck, and blushed, not sure if she was more embarrassed or turned on with them watching her on her back taking her brother’s hard dick. It was so hot to watch, the way her legs were spread wide, her pink pussy exposed, and her big brother’s cock penetrating her tight lips, stretching them with each thrust. Tom already had a hand around his semi-erect shaft, and Kelly and Jimmy were just watching, both still catching their breaths to the sight of brother and sister fucking, undoubtedly the hottest thing any of them had ever seen.

“Oh yes big brother!” Beth called out as Brian fucked her, thrusting his dick into her pussy shamelessly. He was fucking her so good, rhythmically sliding his cock into her, breaching her sacred hole as he let out moans and groans. “Ugh! Yeah! Do you like your little sister’s pussy?” she asked, talking with a little girl’s voice that made Brian shove his cock into her even harder.

“Fuck yes!” Brian moaned as he shoved his dick into her snatch. “I love my sister’s pussy!” Brian groaned from between her legs, fucking her harder and making her moan louder. He gave her tight pussy a few thrusts, burying himself deep inside her twat, then slowed down. “What about you? You like your big brother’s cock inside you?” Brian asked, switching to long slow thrusts, then moved his gaze to meet her eyes.

“Yeah!” Beth moaned just as Brian entered her. “I love my brother’s big cock!” she called out, grinning, then let out a whimpering moan as Brian whipped his cock out and plunged it back in. He slid his hand up her naked body, gripping her waist, tilted his body forward, then started ramming his cock into his sister’s pussy hard.

The room was silent except for the cock-hardening sounds of brother and sister fucking intensely. Brian was hammering Beth’s wet pussy, the sounds of his body slapping against hers and her drenched pussy sloshing with each thrust accompanying their symphony of moans and groans perfectly. They were both overcome with lust, brother and sister losing themselves in one another as few do. Their eyes were locked in an intense glare as Brian continued his powerful thrusts, Beth accepting each one gladly as she felt another orgasm slowly closing in on her. She looked down at her brother’s cock, destroying her tight pussy so perfectly, her big brother pounding her little kitty mercilessly until she had no other option but to cum again.

“Fuck Bri I’m cumming!” Beth called out, her entire body tightening before the blinding pleasure hit her like a train. She felt her pussy explode with bliss and as it convulsed for the first time around his cock, she found herself squirting again, spraying her womanly cum on her brother’s hard shaft. “Ugh fuck!” Beth shrieked, squirting once more and spraying Brian’s cock again, then her legs started trembling as the orgasm took over her.

“Holy shit!” Brian moaned as his sister came again on his big hard cock. “Fuck that’s so hot!” he moaned, looking at her squirting pussy, and kept fucking her as she came hard. Her entire body bucked and jerked as she came, naked body shivering, toes curling, eyes shutting tightly and teeth clenching. Her body spasmed under him with sexual ecstasy, her pussy convulsing around his dick, and it was without a doubt the most beautiful thing Brian had ever seen. He kept fucking her through her bliss, her moans turning into incomprehensible sounds of extreme pleasure, and as Beth squirted one final time, her pussy squirting a tiny load of girl cum on his dick, Brian found himself exploding.

With a deep sexual groan, Brian exploded inside his sister’s convulsing pussy, shooting the first load of incestuous cum into her wet twat. He felt a pang of alarm as he realized he was cumming unprotected inside his sister, but one look at her beautiful face, at the reassuring nod she gave him as he filled her up with his sperm, made it all go away. He rammed his dick into her again, shooting another load as her body relaxed, then another one, moaning with each surge of burning bliss. He fucked her over and over, feeling like he would never stop cumming, more and more jizz filling his little sister’s snatch. He moaned as he kept thrusting and cumming, the pleasure so deliciously intense, then held himself inside her, letting out a final moan as he squirted a final load into her, then his body went limp.

“Oh my god!” Beth whispered breathlessly as both she and her older brother came down from their orgasm. She inhaled deeply, looking up at her brother who still had his dick inside her, then looked up at his face. “I…I can’t believe my big brother just came inside me.” She said with a mixture of arousal and awe that Brian wasn’t sure about. “Oh my god, that’s so hot!” she added a moment later, causing Brian to let out a sigh of relief, then a smile spread across his face.

“So hot!” Brian agreed, smiling, and pulled himself out of her, his cock already going soft. He looked at his sister’s pretty face, her skin glowing from the orgasm, then looked down at her cream-pied pussy. His cum was trickling out from between her pink lips, dripping down to her asshole, and Brian reached out and wiped it with his finger. He looked back up at Beth as he stuck his finger into his mouth, tasting their combined juices, then without saying another word he crouched down between his sister’s spread legs and started licking his cum out of her pussy.

Beth’s eyes went wide as she watched her brother sticking his tongue out and run it along her pink lips. He licked a bit of cum that leaked out, then raised his gaze to meet hers and smiled as he swallowed it willingly. She watched him as he grabbed her thighs, running his strong hands along, then he moved back down between her legs and slyly slipped his tongue into her messy snatch as he started licking it clean. It was such an amazing feeling for Beth, most guys wouldn’t even kiss her after she gave them a blowjob, and here was her big brother eagerly licking her pussy. His tongue darted out each time, exploring her intimate hole, then came out covered in cum and she watched as he swallowed it each time.

“Mmmm.” Brian moaned as he lapped up his cum from his little sister’s pussy. He loved it, loved snaking his tongue in, exploring her sweet cunt, and tasting the combination of their juices. He kept at it for a few minutes, exploring her hole with his tongue then pulling it out and cleaning her pussy lips. He gave her sensitive clit a single lick, making Beth quiver, then pulled up and looked her in the eyes, grinning widely.

“That was so fucking hot!” Tom called out as Brian pulled up from between Beth’s legs. He was stroking his huge shaft, already erect, and crawled over to Brian, grabbing his waist. He leaned down, kissing Brian’s lower back, then smacked his ass. “You want me to fuck your ass while your sister watches?” Tom whispered in Brian’s ear, pressing his naked body against his back.

A shiver ran down Brian’s spine as Tom whispered in his ear. He was facing Beth, his sister looking at the two of them curiously and Brian knew that it was exactly what he wanted. “Yes,” Brian admitted, voice shaky, and felt his soft cock twitch.

“You wanna see your brother get fucked again?” Tom asked Beth, licking his palm, and reaching for his hard dick. He looked at Beth, her naked body so sexy, and she nodded shyly. Tom gave her a big naughty smile, then grabbed Brian and turned him sideways, away from his sister. He reached his hand around Brain, squeezing his dick, then bend him over on all fours with Beth watching intently. He spat into his hand, slowly rubbing it into his hard shaft, getting it nice and slick, then moved it to Brian’s ass.

Beth sat up and watched wide-eyed as Tom bent her brother over from only a foot away and lubricated his big shaft. She watched him getting his dick nice and slick, Brian eagerly awaiting it, then watched as he pressed the tip into Brian’s ass and slowly pushed it in there.

“Ugh fuck!” Brian growled, grimacing, as Tom penetrated him with his hard cock. He felt him breach him, his slick shaft sliding into his ass, and Brian let out another moan as Tom slowly pushed in. Brian closed his eyes as Tom fucked him, so turned on by the thought that Beth was watching, then groaned again as Tom started pulling out.

“Oh god!” Tom moaned as he pushed himself back in, enjoying Brian. He pulled himself back out, then pushed himself back in harder, making Brian squeal. “Fuck that’s good!” Tom called out as he repeated the action, shoving himself into Brian, then looked sideways and found Beth watching intently, an amazed expression on her face.

Beth, Kelly, and Jimmy all watched Tom fuck Brian, all turned on by it but were too beat to do anything about it now. They watched Tom go, going faster and faster, and listened to them both moan as they fucked.

“Yeah man, fuck my ass!” Brian called as Tom continued to breach him, his shaft sliding in and out so pleasurably. His cock was already semi-erect, dangling between his legs, and Brian turned his head to look at his sister. She didn’t notice he was looking at her, she was too entranced with Tom pounding his ass, and as Tom rammed himself into him again, Brian called out, straightening his gaze, and Tom moaned loudly behind him.

“Fuck!” Tom moaned as he fucked Brian hard, his body entering his with echoing slaps. Everyone was watching them with arousal, his girlfriend, Jimmy, and Beth, each pair of eyes only contributing to his arousal. He kept pounding Brian hard, wanting to give them a good show, until he couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuck dude, I’m gonna cum!” Tom called out, going hard, then let out a primal grunt and with a grimace exploded inside Brian’s ass. “Ugh yeah!” he called out in pleasure, still going, and started shooting his load deep inside Brian.

Brian moaned as he felt Tom filling his ass with his warm cum. It felt amazing, the way his cock slid in and out, twitching, and shooting load after load inside him. Tom kept going behind him, slowing down as he continued cumming, and it was over much too soon for Brian. Tom gave him one last thrust, grunting, then pulled out and collapsed on the floor next to Brian.

It was silent for a while, Tom and Brian just laying there panting and the others watching silently. They let the silence hang for a while, not awkward but content, then Jimmy got up. “I’m gonna jump back in the pool,” Jimmy said.

“Good idea, I’ll join you,” Kelly added, and just like that, the party was back on.

All five of them were back in the pool in no time, cooling down from the intense sexual encounter. Kelly brought out more alcohol and some other party favors, keeping the buzz going, and the party went on. They were all naked as they continued to party, swimming, drinking, and laughing. There was kissing and fondling between everyone, and even some light fingering and stroking.

It was over an hour later when Beth climbed out of the pool, cool water dripping down her naked body. Brian was sitting further away, smoking a joint while his limp dick dangling between his legs, and Beth strutted over. She watched her brother admiring her naked body, his eyes moving from her swaying breasts to pink pussy, and she ran a hand through her wet hair then took a seat next to him.

“You enjoying your birthday so far?” Beth asked her brother.

“Technically it’s not my birthday anymore,” Brian said looking up at the dark sky, a hint of dawn barely visible on the horizon. “But hell yeah!” he added smiling. He offered Beth the joint, exhaling, and she accepted it and took a hit.

“Can I ask you something?” Beth asked a moment later, giving the joint back.

“Sure,” Brian said and took another puff.

“Does it feel good when…you know…Tom and Jimmy…put it in your butt?” Beth asked shyly.

“Yeah, it feels amazing,” Brian answered and studied his sister. “You’ve never tried it before?” he asked her skeptically and she shook her head. “Seriously? You’ve never done anal with any of your boyfriends?” Brian asked and Beth shook her head again.

“Does it hurt?” she asked.

“Not if you do it right,” Brian said, still studying his sister. “Why, do you want to try it?” he asked, and Beth blushed.

“I don’t know, maybe,” Beth admitted shyly. “If I did, would you help me?” Beth asked her brother.

“Are you kidding? Of course I would.” Brian assured her and Beth grinned.

“Do you think you could get it up again?” Beth asked with an embarrassed little grin and looked down at her brother’s cock.

“Now?” Brian asked, surprised but thrilled, and Beth nodded. “definitely!” Brian said and Beth smiled at him.

Beth took the last of the joint from him, only a small stub left, and managed to take one final puff. She put it out, exhaling slowly, and got to her feet. “Let’s go then,” Beth said, offering her brother her hand, and without hesitation, he grabbed it and got to his feet. They looked over at the others, Jimmy fucking Kelly against the side of the pull and Tom sleeping on a pool chair. Neither one was paying them any heed and they slipped into the house silently.

They walked over to the living room, the house reeking of sex, and moved to the couch. “I’ll be right back,” Brian said, leaving Beth there and walked over to their bathroom. He rummaged through the cabinets and drawers until he found some lube, then grabbed it and went back to Beth, intending to make her first anal experience as pleasurable as possible.

Beth sat on the couch, her heart pounding, and waited for her brother to return. She trusted him completely but was still nervous about having his big shaft in her butt. She looked up as she heard his footsteps, and he smiled at her as he held up the bottle of lube. He moved to her, taking a seat next to her, and put the bottle on the table.

“Ready?” Brian asked, his voice eager. He studied his sister as she nodded and could tell how nervous she was. “It’s okay,” Brian said, taking her hand in his. “I’ll be gentle.” He added soothingly and Beth nodded.

“Do you need help with that?” Beth asked, gesturing towards his semi-erect cock.

“From you? always.” Brian said, smirking and Beth grinned. She grabbed his shaft, getting on her knees on the sofa next to him, then leaned down and took him in her mouth. She sucked on the head, making her brother moan, and felt his cock harden in her hand. She pulled her lips off, stroking it gently, then leaned back down and took more of it into her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times, feeling it growing inside her mouth, then pulled back with a pop and admired her work, his cock hard and ready for her. She gave him a final tug, then let go.

“Go slow, okay?” Beth told her brother. “I’ve never had anything…you know…in my butt before.” She added and slowly turned around. She got on all fours on the sofa, facing away from her brother, and took a deep breath.

“Don’t worry,” Brian said and turned to his sister, looking mesmerized at her tight ass. He reached for it with both hands, grabbing her firm cheeks, and Beth flinched. “Relax,” Brian said chuckling and began gently massaging her tushy. “I’ll be very gentle, and I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” Brian said and felt her body relax slightly in his hands. “That’s better.” He told her, squeezing her tight ass again, then climbed onto the sofa behind her. He used both hands to spread her ass apart, exposing her pink slit and tight little rosebud, then ran his thumb along her ass hole. Beth let out a little whimper, enjoying her brother’s teasing finger, and after a moment he moved it away and replaced it with his tongue.

“Ugh, Bri!” Beth moaned in surprise as the tip of her brother’s tongue touched her tight hole. He gave her a teasing lick, enough to make a shiver run down her spine, then moved down and ran it along her peaking lips, tasting her growing wetness. Beth moaned, biting her lip, then moaned again louder as his tongue returned to her asshole. He played with it, rimming her, even sticking it a little inside her, then pulled back.

“Was that okay?” Brian asked his sister.

“Yeah, that was nice,” Beth said in a small voice.

“Good,” Brian said, grinning to himself and reached for the lube. “I’m just grabbing the lube. I’ll start with a finger, then, when you’re ready I’ll put it in, okay?” Brian asked and Beth mumbled her approval. He brought the bottle of lube next to his sister’s ass, spread it open with one hand, then squeezed some onto her hole. He tossed the bottle aside, then used his index finger and started rubbing it into her ass hole.

Beth let out a little moan as her big brother started rubbing the lube along her virgin hole. He teased it with his slick finger, rubbing around, then gently slipped the tip of his finger inside her. Beth froze, holding her breath, and let out a little whimper as Brian pushed his finger in deeper, up to the first knuckle, then pulled it out. He grabbed the lube again, squirting some onto his finger, then pressed it back to her hole and pushed it in, going in slowly until the second knuckle then stopping.

“Relax,” Brian told his sister as he held his naughty digit inside her tight hole. “It’s not gonna feel good if you don’t relax.” He told her. He slowly pulled his finger back, listening to Beth’s whimper, then slowly pushed it in again. “That’s better,” Brian said, feeling his finger slide into her back door. He pushed it into the second knuckled again, pulled out, and when he pushed it back in, he slowly pushed it all the way. “How does that feel?” Brian asked, holding his finger inside.

“A little weird,” Beth told her brother, “but not bad.” She added. Her brother pulled his finger out, sliding easily, then he plunged it back in. He started fingering her ass slowly, sliding his finger in and out, and grinned as Beth started moaning, sounding like she was starting to enjoy it.

Brian fingered his little sister’s virgin ass until his finger was sliding easily in and out. His cock was still rock-hard, and he fingered her a while longer, eager to slide his shaft in. “Does that feel good?” He asked, getting his answer in the sound of a moan, then he pulled his finger out, looking at her hole, and grabbed the lube again. “Do you want me to try and put my dick in now?” Brian asked.

“Yeah,” Beth said in a throaty voice, still sounding a little hesitant. “Just be careful.” She added shyly.

“Don’t worry,” Brian assured her and grabbed the bottle of lube once more. He squeezed a generous amount onto his hard shaft, and slowly rubbed it along, lubricating his dick. He then squeezed some more onto her ass, between her cheeks, and used his finger to rub it along her tight hole, pushing some of it in. He gave his rock-hard cock a final stroke, making sure it was nice and slick, then took his place behind his sister. “Ready?” Brian asked, rubbing his dick along her pink lips, then nestling the head to her virgin ass hole.

“Yeah,” Beth said in a soft voice, her heart pounding. Her brother had his cock pressed against her butthole and she took a deep breath, trying to relax. She could hear her brother inhale deeply behind her, then felt him push his cock into her. She whimpered as he pushed, slowly but surely, and felt her tight virgin ass starting to stretch. She took another breath, trying to relax, and grimaced as the head of his cock slipped into her hole. “Fuck!” she growled as he held the head of his cock inside her, his thick shaft stretching, and let herself get used to the feeling.

“Oh fuck!” Brian moaned as he held just the head of his dick inside his sister’s amazing ass. It was clear she was a virgin, her ass so tight, and tenderly ran his hand along her bare lower back as he let her get used to him. “You okay?” Brian asked and received a reassuring mumble. “Can I continue?” He asked and Beth took another breath then told him he could. He ran his palm along her bare ass, feeling her soft skin, then grabbed her waist and slowly started pushing himself into her virgin ass.

“Ugh Ouch!” Beth grimaced as her brother slowly pushed his shaft into her. “Fuck! Fuck!” she cursed, then clenched her teeth as he pushed himself in deeper. “Fuck Brian it hurts!” Beth whined, and her brother froze with half his dick inside her ass.

“Are you okay?” Brian asked his sister and bit down a moan.

“Brian, it hurts,” Beth told him in a raw voice.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think your ass would be this tight.” Brian said and gently rubbed her rump. “Relax, take some deep breaths and it will start feeling good in no time, I promise,” Brian said.

“Okay,” Beth said, voice still raw, and took a few deep breaths, feeling the pain recede as her virgin hole was getting used to her brother’s thick intruder.

“I’m gonna start pulling out now, okay?” Brian asked, receiving a weak approval from his sister. He took another breath, then started pulling his cock out of her. His sister moaned, more from pain than pleasure, as Brian pulled his shaft until only the head stayed then held it there. “Let me use some more lube,” Brian told her, squirting some more along his shaft, then he pushed it back in slowly.

“Fuck!” Beth grunted, shutting her eyes tightly as her brother breached her virgin ass once more. He pushed it in, his shaft sliding more easily the second time, but it was still too thick for her virgin hole, and she grimaced in pain. He pushed himself inside her more, stretching her, then slowly pulled out. He moaned at the tightness of her, the thought that he was taking his own sister’s anal cherry turning him on so much, but he felt bad that he was hurting her, and as much as he wanted to just pound her tight ass, he couldn’t stand the thought of hurting her and kept moving as slow as he could.

“Oh god!” Brian moaned as his cock slid in and out of his sister’s ass as she whimpered and grunted. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” Brian asked, his sister not sounding like she was enjoying herself, and stopped moving.

“No, it’s okay. Keep going.” Beth told him. “It’s not that bad.” She added, and Brian continued to thrust his dick inside her younger sister’s ass.

Brian continued to penetrate his sister’s butt, going slowly, and as good as it felt for him, every grunt she let out send a pang of pain through him. He kept going though, slowly sliding his cock in and out until her grunts and groans died out.

“Ugh fuck!” Beth suddenly moaned hoarsely, and Brian jumped.

“What’s wrong?” Brian asked immediately.

“Keep going, it’s starting to feel good,” Beth told her brother and let out another moan as he resumed fucking her ass. “Mmm god!” she moaned as Brian slid his dick into her again, the last of the pain fading away, and it sent a tingling sensation of pleasure throughout her body. “Oh yeah!” Beth suddenly moaned as her brother breached her again, this time pushing himself deep inside her ass hole. “You can go a little faster.” She told her brother.

“Are you sure?” Brian asked.

“Uh-huh,” Beth assured him then let out a loud moan as he did just that, making her call out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Brian quickly pulled his dick out then pushed it in harder. “Fuck, that’s so nasty!” Beth moaned as Brian continued, sending another jolt of pain mixed with pleasure through her. “I can’t believe my brother is fucking my ass!” she called out, then moaned again, this time only pleasure as he slid his cock out and back into her.

Brian held his sister tightly as he fucked her ass, going faster and faster. He was relieved she was finally starting to enjoy it, to enjoy his cock in her ass, and he moaned at the incestuous glee of it. “Ugh god!” He growled, hips thrusting, dick sliding in and out easily. “Fuck sis, I love your ass!” he moaned, shoving himself into it with an echoing clash and as Beth shrieked in delight he did so again. He shoved himself into her again, and again, tapping her sweet little ass, enjoying her tight virgin hole until he couldn’t take it anymore. He let out a primal grunt, clenching his teeth, pounding himself into her butt a few more times, then simply exploded.

Beth’s body tingled with warm pleasure as she heard her brother moan ominously behind her. She never thought having anal sex would feel this good, and as her brother exploded inside her backdoor she felt her wet pussy quiver. Brian came with a loud moan inside her ass, turning Beth on so much, and she moaned at the sensation of his hot cum filling her. She could feel his cock twitch inside her as he kept fucking her ass, his cock squirting more and more incestuous jizz with each thrust, and it was so hot. She stayed there on all fours, letting her brother enjoy her ass, letting the cock that took her anal cherry fill it up and felt her legs go weak. She moaned weakly as more of her brother’s sperm shot out of his cock and into her, the last of his orgasm fading away, and when he finally pulled out of her, she just had to touch herself. She rolled over on the sofa, getting on her back as she looked at her brother, then spread her legs wide and started rubbing her clit wildly, looking at her brother as his cum started leaking out of her cream-pied ass.

Brian was trying to catch his breath from the intense orgasm he just experienced while fucking his sister in the ass for the first time. He watched her as she turned around and started touching herself, rubbing her clit and fingering her wet pussy with a deep sexual hunger. He watched her getting herself off, shamelessly touching herself in front of him, and it was clear she was close to her climax. Brian took a few more breaths, then grinned at Beth.

“Let me,” Brian told his sister, grinning, then reach between her legs. He ran his thumb along her engorged clit, Beth pulling her hands away, then he slowly sank between her legs, moving his face between them, and immediately began eating her out. He ran his tongue along her wet lips, tasting her addictive flavor, shoved his tongue into her cunt to her loud moan, then closed his lips around her clit and started sucking them just as his little sister erupted.

“Yes, Brian!” Beth shrieked as her big brother sucked on her clit to a mind-blowing orgasm. She was so turned on from having her brother fuck her ass, her body burning with arousal, and his lips on her clit burned with lust, making her entire body explode with bliss. “Oh my god yes!” she screamed in ecstasy as the pleasure took over. “Fuck!’ she called out once more. Her legs started to shiver and her pussy convulsed. Her brother sucked on her clit harder and her back arched. She closed her eyes tightly, his cum still leaking out of her ass, and let go completely, the intense orgasm taking over her naked body and making her tremble with heavenly pleasure until she almost passed out.

It took a few more minutes for Beth to come down from her orgasmic state. Her naked body was sweaty, and she was still breathing heavily as she opened her eyes and looked up at her big brother. She was laying on the sofa, a pool of their cum between her legs, and her entire body exhausted and satisfied. She looked up at her brother who was grinning like an idiot, and she couldn’t help but smile too. He leaned down over her, bringing his face to hers, and kissed her tenderly. He then slid next to her on the sofa and cuddled her.

They held each other tightly, brother and sister, naked, sweaty, and so very happy. Brian kissed his sister’s neck, nuzzling it, and within minutes they were both asleep.

It was the first of many times brother and sister shared a bed. A first of many times they shared their bodies in the most intimate and taboo of ways. They would spend years enjoying each other, seeking comfort and pleasure in the most intense ways imaginable. Yes, they dated others and had partners, but it didn’t stop them from seeing each other, from turning to one another, from experimenting together, all without shame and judgment. That night was their first taste of taboo sex, but it was far from their last. It was clear to them both that after they got their first taste they were hooked for life.

The End


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