Anal sex story with best friend

Anal sex story with best friend

“Don’t stop!” I scream. “Fill me, make sure you fill me up, shoot inside my ass and fill it up.” My words are reflecting my want. “I want your hot cum up my ass fill it, fill it ,fill…” I scream. Words escape me and my body is now totally under his control and goes limp under him as he fucks and fucks my well-punished ass

Sometimes you just need a good fucking. It’s been way too long since my last one.

The joy of being 48 is I know what I want and I know how to get it. My phone is full of phone numbers of hot, handsome 18-20 year old’s. They are always willing to come and feed me their meat.

I’ve taken most of these boys on a journey and taught them how to fuck a woman right.

My pussy throbs mercilessly making it impossible to concentrate on even the simplest tasks.

I grab my phone and scroll through the list of names.

Mark is a big strong boy. Not much use for thinking or conversation, but his animal instincts are awesome and he can fuck harder and faster then anyone I have ever met.

Now that I have spent some time with him he also knows how to eat pussy very nicely as well. In fact he feasts on it.

Mark answers my call.

“Hey how are you Amber?” his slightly high voice tone gives away his excitement

“Mark get over here, I need a fucking. I want that hard cock to rip into my wet, hot throbbing pussy.’ I demand.

‘Ok it will take me 15 minutes. Is that ok?’

Mark is always polite unless he is drilling me senseless.

“Just get here as soon as you can.” I reply.

It’s been at least three weeks since I had a good fucking. So I throw off my clothes and lay on my bed. My legs part as I licked two of my fingers and slide them inside my moist hole.

I need to cum. BAD.

I find my clit with my other hand and I feel the inner walls inside my hole tighten as the pleasure rushes through my bud and walls to my brain.

“Oh fuck yes – that’s good.” I hear myself say.

My fingers work my clit slowly at first rubbing in round small circles and then pulling the hood back just enough to expose my inner clit to the air then rubbing it again making the circles longer and just a bit harder each time.

My ass puckers and I feel my inner wall again tighten at the onset of my first orgasm. My fingers are now sliding in and out of me as my other hand keeps pace and pressure with my clit.

“Yes, yes that’s it oh baby. Oh yes that’s it.”

I play and play again and again until my phone rings. It’s Mark. He’s out the front.

“Come in – the doors open I am upstairs in my room. For fuck’s sake hurry.” I say totally wanting.

Jake is in the room in a flash. He doesn’t care about my cougar status in fact he knows I can take a good fucking – not like most of the young things he empties into. That’s why he comes back.

He undoes his pants as he walks through the door, his shirt gone already. His muscles are bulging; his chest is huge, as is his big, fat 10-inch dick.

My mouth opens instinctively. He knows what to do.

I suck his now hardening cock and run my tongue around and around the head as I finger-fuck myself.

My body arches off the bed lurching for him and his young man’s touch. I don’t need to wait long.

He drives two fingers, and then three deep inside me fiercely finger-fucking. I grab his ass and make him pump his cock into my mouth.

I cum all over his hand – my hips bucking wild to meet his thrusts into me.

“More Mark! More!” I scream.

He slides in another 4 fingers and uses his thumb on my clit and rubs and toys with the inner core of my pleasure.

“Yes, yes, aaaaaaaggggggggggrrrrrrr hhhhhh!”

I cum, my body tossing about totally out of control – following his touch as if a command. I am being spread wide and loving every bit of it.

Mark grabs my head with his other hand using my hair to pull my face onto his cock as he tries to shove it deep into my throat. Deeper and deeper. I lose breath and reality as his other hand grabs my face hard. He fucks my mouth long and hard until he shots his load

My mouth fills and I suck and swallow his hot Mark juice as best as I can, then lick the last bits out of the eye of his cock.

“Yes Mark that’s a good boy.” I say as I lick the last remnants of cum from my face.

The good thing about being an older woman is I can take whatever he can give me. The good thing about young men is they are ready to go again in just a few minutes – and Mark was ripe as they come.

“Ok you are going to fuck your cougar from behind just the way I like it. Ok Mark?” My words are orders not requests.

“Yes Amber.” he says as he walks to the base of the bed dragging pillows with him and stands waiting, his cock pulsing in anticipation.

I crawl to the end of the bed. Mark has already put three pillows down so I can lie comfortably on them. I close my legs and stick my ass and pussy in the air ready for him to take me.

This is always my favorite moment except for cumming repeatedly. The anticipation of a man standing behind you about to take you from behind does it for me. The thrills spill forth through my whole body and I tremble as the moment comes.

Mark knows this, and he knows to take time to feel my body slowly. He runs his big hands over my butt cheeks, down my legs then back up feeling all my curves.

My cunt is churning and I am dry humping the pillows that support me.

“Mark, fuck me!” I yell.

But he just continues to tease. My pussy drips even more.

His head and shaft rub along my slit but he doesn’t stick it in. My hips thrust more trying to line up the head and the hole but he moves and rubs it on the outer of my ass.

“Please please plea……”

Without notice he grabs my hips and thrusts his cock straight deep inside me – the full length goes all the way in.

There is no play now as I am totally controlled by this mammoth beast invading my womanhood. The inner walls of me are trying with all their might to stay in control. And failing.

I try to scream, to call his name but words are just mumbled. I can barely breathe let alone speak as he relentlessly pounds in and out of me. I cum again gripping his cock with all my might, which doesn’t even put a dent in his rhythm or pace.

In truth it just fires him up.

He opens his legs wider changing the angle of his invading cock and sending me through another crashing pleasure peak.

Again and again over and over he rides me without stopping. My body is soaked in sweat and every one of my nerve endings is alive and exploding.

My pussy is being pounded into submission.

He slows the pace and I slide my hand between my now open legs and twist and look at Mark. He’s all sweaty, his muscles rippling as he slowly slides in and out of me.

I look right into his eyes.

“In my ass Mark. Do it, stick it in my ass. You know I want it.” I demand

He pulls out of my pussy and guides the head of his cock to the entrance of my ass.

Just as I like it, he slowly rubs the head on the entrance allowing me to work my clit over bringing me to the point of orgasm. Then he slides in.

I feel his cock fill me completely.

Deeper and deeper he slowly goes not stopping until he is all the way to the base of his shaft. I feel every part of my body tighten from my toes to the muscles in my eyelids as my ass grips his meat and my cunt churns uncontrollably.

Mark knows to stay still until he gets my command to move. I start to move slowly, little by little. I gradually start to make the meat inside me, which is now one with me, move.

My fingers work harder and harder on my clit. Rubbing it and pulling the hood up high as my butt bucks back now enjoying the full length thrust I am giving myself .

“Are you ready Mark?” I turn my head and ask.

“Yes I am ready, I am so ready. PLEASE!” He yells about to burst.

“Well do it do it good and don’t stop until you cum. Do you hear me?” My words are firm.

“Yes I won’t I won’t stop.” He yells again.

With that his hands resume their position on my hips again. He starts to slide in and out of me.

“That’s it boy do it.”

Faster with every stroke he shoves in to the base then pulls all the way out so just the head is inside me and thrusts back in again.

His pace gets quicker and a lot harder. His balls are now smacking into my pussy as he slams inside me.

“Fuck that hole fuck that hole boy … yessssss oh fuck yes do it!” I scream

I love it. My ass is spread wide. My fingers are now just pushing hard on my clit allowing Marks movements and pulls on me to make the movement here.

Deeper and harder he pounds

“That’s it fill it, fill my ass.” I command

“I will, I’m Cumming I’m Cumming!” he screams

“Don’t stop!” I scream. “Fill me, make sure you fill me up, shoot inside my ass and fill it up.” My words are reflecting my want. “I want your hot cum up my ass fill it, fill it ,fill…” I scream

Words escape me and my body is now totally under his control and goes limp under him as he fucks and fucks my well-punished ass.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck yerrrrrrrr, fuck yeeerrrrrr.” Mark screams as load after load of cum spurts deep inside my ass.

I feel his cum warm and thick fill me, as he pumps and pumps until I drain the last bit of cum out of him.

Both of us fall limp on the bed his cock still inside me as he lays on my back. Mark stays until he goes soft. He knows what I like.

“We that was nice.” I say trying in some way to find my composure.

“Sure was,” smiles Mark

“But you have to go, you know how it is.” I say still drenched in sweat and cum.

“Yes I know,” says Mark as he slips his jeans on.

“I might call you soon… if you’re a good boy that’s is.” I say enjoying every bit of my cougar moment.


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