Affair Sex With My Best Friend’s Wife

Affair Sex With My Best Friend’s Wife

Innocent lust and friendship transform into vacation affair

College was only 5 years ago, but what better way to reunite than a beautiful trip out at the lake? It was always great to see old friends, but what I looked forward to seeing most was my best friend’s wife… Emma.

She was the most beautiful woman I knew. Her husband, Peter and I had always been close in college as roommates and best men at each other’s wedding. A sort of wall-flower, Emma had little interest in show-casing her physical assets, but at 5’ 9” with silky blonde hair, a beautiful ass, amazing breasts, and stunning emerald green eyes, on the few occasions that she would dress up or wear a bikini at the beach, every guy was knocked dead at the sight of her.

Peter always was a lucky guy… and that’s not to say that I wasn’t lucky. My wife, Olivia, was also beautiful in her own way at just 5’, with a petite figure, nice curves, cute school-girl glasses, and curly dark hair, but since our marriage right after college, we always struggled. As the president of her own retail clothing chain, my wife would spend hours, often late into the evening and overnight, taking care of emergencies that would come up, and in the hustle of her work and my non-stop corporate job from home, we began to lose touch.

For better or worse, though, Emma knew my pain. Peter was a medical resident who often worked nights, and from what I’d heard, it had weighed a bit on their sex life.

Some nights when Olivia worked late, I would stir in bed with a throbbing erection, sheets clinging to my skin. I imagined what it would be like meeting Emma at her apartment on a night that Peter was also working. I could see the longing that we shared in her eyes. Her amazing body would lay in bed next to me, her perfect C-sized breasts in my mind still hidden by a small, black bikini top she wore on her recent Cancun vacation. I would imagine her hands delicately caressing my shoulders then my pecks then my abs then around my thighs just missing my throbbing cock. She would move on top of me softly kissing my abs, my pelvis, and then stop short… I would gasp, longing for more. And breathing heavily, she would gently kiss the tip of my cock, slide her pink lips over the head, and let her tongue slither around the rim.

My wife, Olivia was never comfortable giving oral sex. From previous conversations with Peter, though, I knew that Emma was a wonder with her mouth and that her tongue could work magic, and I would think to myself, “God, Peter is a lucky guy.” In everything we did in college from sports to class to social life, Peter was the most talented and popular of the roommates, and I had to admit that I was envious.

After finishing myself off at night, the image of Emma would fade to black, and I would clean myself off before trying to sleep again. Only partly-satisfied, I would slowly fall asleep alone in the dark, but the longing for Emma’s mouth and amazing body on mine would remain.

Finally, we arrived at the lake house just before our other friends, Isaiah and Wendy, got there. Isaiah was another one of our roommates in college, but we rarely got to see him and Wendy since they moved across the country a few years ago. Wendy was also not a sight for sore eyes as a 5’ 4” brunette with huge tits, but she and I rarely spoke.

Isaiah got out of his car and after saying a quick hello, exclaimed, “Wow! This looks amazing, Ben. When did your family get the money to buy a place like this?”

I replied, “When I was in late high school. My parents rarely let me have friends up here though, so, after Olivia, you guys are the first!”

Wendy replied, “Well thanks for inviting us. When are Emma and Peter coming in…?”

Beep Beep! Just then Peter and Emma rolled in with their new Range Rover.

Peter popped his head out of the door, “The party has arrived!”

He quickly got out and gave Isaiah and me high fives. Then I saw Emma gracefully step out of the passenger’s side. She wore a big sun hat and a white swimsuit cover-up that barely came past her hips. Her long, toned legs from years of professional dancing strode toward us, and her ample cleavage bounced as she stepped. She gave Wendy and Olivia a quick hug then looked toward me, smiling beautifully.

“How’s it going, Ben? It’s been so long since we’ve seen you guys.”

I gave her a hug but thought to myself, “It doesn’t seem like long at all since I’ve seen you.” Then I recomposed myself, “Uh… It’s going great! The boat is ready for lake fun, and we’ve got a room set up for you and Peter.”

We all unpacked and got dressed for a day on the lake. Everyone but Olivia and I got a dedicated bedroom and bathroom, but I was happy with our room next to the second floor balcony. We’d shared plenty of romantic history on that balcony with our first kiss and our first time having sex.

I could remember the first time seeing Olivia’s gorgeous nude silhouette against a blazing red and orange sunset. Her curves flowed like waves lapping against the banks of the lake, and her pussy dripped wet with anticipation. She leaned into me with a passionate kiss as the dark curls of her hair fell against my chest and my body pressed against the sheets of our lakeside oasis. Her nipples, erect with virgin excitement, grazed against my skin.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

She nodded. And I kissed down her body, circling her soft tits then flicking her hard nipples with my tongue. Her back arched as I ran my hands down toward her ass and continued to suck at her breasts. I remember the contrast of the soft skin of her breast with the bumpy areola that made her squirm at the touch.

I kissed her hips then placed my mouth at the entrance of her pussy. Her sweet nectar continued to flow and even gleamed against the rays of the lakeside sunset. I lapped at the opening as her legs flexed around my head.

“Oh my God… That’s… amazing,” she purred.

I briefly opened my eyes to see her torso arching with pleasure and the bottom of her tits painted with the beauty of the evening sky.

I continued at my work, flipping between the outer and inner lips of her pussy, until I centered on her clitoris. My tongue flickered at the soft nub slowly then faster and faster. Her legs continued to tighten around my head, and my hands grabbed at her ass that now convulsed with pleasure. Suddenly, her legs opened wide, inviting my tongue to savor the in-most parts of her garden. Her breathing quickened as she moaned, arms stretched as her whole body trembled.

She cried out, “Fuck. Yes, Ben! Oh god, I’m about to… Ahhhhhh!”

I licked and licked at her pussy as her juices squirted onto my face. The sweet scent of her pussy covered me, and her legs melted onto my shoulders.

“Wow,” she gasped. “I’ve never experienced anything that good before.”

I smiled as I wiped off my face. “It was my pleasure, darling. Now,” I took a breath before proceeding, “I’m also going to need some help.”

I gestured down at my erection, but I could sense hesitation in the way she smiled back at me.

“I hope you don’t mean oral sex,” she paused as she spoke, “because I don’t know… I think it’s a bit dirty for me. We can have normal sex though!”

I happily obliged, but after she finished me off, I couldn’t get Olivia’s comment out of my head. What was too dirty for her? Surely she understood that what I had just done was equally as dirty. I loved her and would do anything for her pleasure, but I felt cheated. After a few more months of asking, I quietly resigned to the fact that this part of my desires would forever remain unsatisfied.

As we finished getting our stuff together for a day on the lake, I looked at the bed and Olivia with a glimmer in my eye.

“Remember that summer weekend when we got away from my family up here?”

Olivia looked at me blankly, “Yes. And?”

“Well, I know we’ll have some down-time these next couple of days… And I think we should make use of this amazing mattress and view if you know what I mean,” I suggested.

She sighed, “Ben, I get what you’re hinting at, but honestly, I’m exhausted. You know how work has been for me recently, and I just need a break. Plus, I really don’t feel comfortable doing anything with all our friends over. I wouldn’t want them to get the impression that…”

“That what?” I interjected.

“I don’t know. That we were dirty, sex-hungry animals or something!”

I paused. I wanted to shoot back, but Olivia had made this argument a million times before and there was no getting past her. We were just about to finish getting ready when we heard a knock at the door.

“You guys ready to hit the lake?” Isaiah asked.

“Be right there,” I replied before grabbing my sunglasses and heading out the door.

Everyone was assembled on the deck as Peter, Isaiah, and I finished lowering my family’s boat into the water. I remembered all the great memories I’d shared with my family and with Olivia here when she would still wear her sexy red bikini and look at me with desire in her eyes. Now, holding polite conversation with Wendy, she only wore a well-covered one piece that I might get to see if she swam at all. Even Wendy, wore more revealing clothing than my wife with a sparkling green two-piece that struggled to contain her DD tits.

My despair was immediately transformed, though, by the scene I saw next. Emerging from the lake house into the glowing sun was Emma and her flawless curving figure, in the small, black bikini that I’d dreamed of times before. I noticed that the sides of her porcelain breasts extended just outside the black triangles of her top, and my eyes lingered on her hips, wrapped by a sexy set of string bikini bottoms. My jaw nearly dropped, and Emma smiled shyly and brushed her hair aside as she walked toward the group.

I hoped I wasn’t caught staring, but I was. Olivia rolled her eyes at me and mouthed to herself, “Typical.”

Emma walked up to where we stood and asked Peter, “Babe, could you help me with my suntan lotion?”

But Peter sighed, “Emma, everyone is ready to get on the boat and you’re just now asking?”

“Peter, please. Just real quick.”

“Fine… Real quick.”

Isaiah just laughed and remarked, “What a terrible fate for our friend Peter… Having to lotion-up his wife in a bikini.”

“I know right… Poor guy,” I chuckled.

My eyes never left them, though. They walked over to a nearby lounge chair where Peter began to rub the glistening oil over her figure. Her golden blond hair shimmered in the wind as Peter rubbed her shoulders and arms. Next, he moved to the center of her back where he carefully untied her bikini top, each string falling to her side. I wished for everything in me that she would get up from her position, but I settled for tracing the side of her breasts with my eyes as Peter’s hands did the same. At this touch, her body was covered in goosebumps.

I looked away for a moment to avoid seeming too suspicious and began moving drinks and everyone’s stuff onto the boat. Isaiah continued organizing his and Wendy’s belongings on the other side of the deck next to Olivia and Wendy.

I looked back to catch another glimpse of Emma, but her top was already re-tied. Peter’s hands next moved up her well-toned thighs glistening with lotion and accentuating her dancing figure.

Finally, Peter moved to her round ass, ready for his touch. The oil ran down each cheek and dripped between her legs, covering her ass. Emma gasped at the sensation, and I felt a small twitch at my crotch. Then, as Peter’s thumbs came up the middle of each cheek, she shuddered with excitement and suddenly leaned into Peter’s thumbs, pressing them in-between her legs and into the mound under her bikini bottoms.

My eyes widened, and I thought to myself, “God, how much has Peter been depriving her?”

Then Peter backed-off and exclaimed, “Emma, what are you doing?”

Shocked by his reaction, she stammered, “Babe, I was just…”

“Emma, we’re in public and people are waiting on us.”

As they finished up, I moved the last of Olivia’s and my stuff to the boat, and then I yelled to the whole group, “Alright, everyone! Who is ready to get tubing?”

Wendy and Isaiah were first and moved to the back of the boat. Then I reached my hand out to Emma helping her on, but she kept her eyes down, still probably embarrassed from earlier. Olivia followed and reached out to me for help, but before I could grab her hand, she slipped on the edge of the deck.


Her head hit the deck, and her body collapsed onto the floor. Everyone gasped.

“Holy shit! Olivia, are you okay?” I jumped out of the boat to check on her.

“Owwwwwww!” she moaned and held her head.

I motioned over to Peter to come help.

“Olivia,” he asked, “what happened?”

“Ben dropped me,” she sat up slightly.

“Olivia, I didn’t drop you! You slipped!” I defended.

“Ben… Let me handle this,” Peter interjected, “Now, Olivia, how is your vision? Are you feeling dizzy?”

“Ben, just give me some space,” she said looking at Peter.

“Uh… Olivia, I’m Peter,” he replied, “and you need to go to a doctor.”

“Okay Peter, I trust you,” she said, blinking a few times.

He leaned down to pick her up and carry her to the car. As I joined in carrying her, he reassured me, “Ben, it’s going to be alright. Let me drive her to an ER I saw back in town. You stay here and make sure everyone still has a good day on the lake.”

“But Peter…” I replied.

Olivia then said to me, slightly more coherent, “Ben, I know you mean well, but I trust Peter more on this one. He’s a well trained doctor and well… you’re not.”

“Don’t worry about it, Ben. Plus, no one can drive a boat like you can,” Peter added.

“Fine,” I conceded.

Then my best friend drove off with my wife, and I found myself worried, confused, and hurt by Olivia’s lack of trust in me.

As I returned to the group, I let them know Olivia would be okay, desperately hiding my blend of emotions, and started up the boat. We soon got out to open water with Isaiah and Wendy on the tubes, and Emma sat next to me. She looked beautiful. Her hair blew in the wind as we rode through the surf, her soft pink lips pursed, and her eyes were deep in thought far in the distance.

“You know, Ben. You must be worried about everything that just happened, but I’m sure things will work out,” she said, still looking into the distance.

I looked behind me to make sure Isaiah and Wendy were alright and continued driving.

“Yeah, Olivia looked pretty hurt, so it’s still hard to process everything,” I replied.

“But that’s not all you’re worried about, is it?”

“No, I guess not.”

Then she finally turned to look at me, “Well, what really happened then?”

I paused to look at her for what felt like forever. I finally noticed her perfectly supple cleavage up close and freshly covered in suntan lotion. But I quickly returned my eyes to her gaze that was fixed in mine. I truly had all her attention in that moment, and I felt as if her emerald eyes recognized my pain. Did she feel the same isolation and longing I felt?

“Well, I honestly don’t know what the hell happened. Olivia slipped so fast, but it wasn’t me that dropped her. Now she’s blaming me and doesn’t even trust me to take her to a doctor,” I confessed, “and it’s just humiliating and frustrating how all this happens on top of all we’ve been arguing about recently. It’s just been hard since Olivia started working so much recently.”

She looked up and down my face and nodded.

Then she smiled, “Was one of your arguments about where your eyes were wandering earlier?”

My face turned flush and I stammered, “Oh… Um… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“Hahaha. Don’t worry, Ben. After all, I trust you, and it’s nice that someone, even just a friend, looks at me that way. It’s been so long since Peter even…” she said before stopping herself.

To break the silence, I joked, “Well, you know I was only trying to be the best friend I can be!”

She just laughed, gave me a gentle hug, and a kiss on the cheek. Then I began driving back to the lake house.

When we arrived, I checked my phone to see a message from Peter: “Just arrived at the ER. Waiting room is pretty long, so we may be here for a few hours.”

I shared the news with everyone, and then Isaiah suggested an idea.

“Since it looks like we’ve got some down-time, why don’t we all get showered off and go to town together to look for some groceries before Olivia and Peter get back?”

I just shrugged, “Sure. Sounds good. Emma, do you mind if I use you and Peter’s shower?”

“Not at all! Go ahead,” she replied.

After I grabbed my towel, gym shorts, and T-shirt, I headed through Emma and Peter’s bedroom to their bathroom. Once I turned on the shower and began stripping down, I noticed a small notebook by the sink.

“Who left this here?” I thought.

Curious, I opened it to find Emma’s delicate hand-writing. Her journal. I knew I shouldn’t read it, but I couldn’t help myself. Locking the door, I turned to some of the recent entries and saw one from just two days ago.

“Today, Peter has to work late again. It’s been three months of straight overnight shifts now, but even when I get to see him, I know he’s not fully home. God, how I wish I could be held like he used to. How I wish I could be touched, kissed, fondled, and loved like he used to.

“I remember how he would kiss me, his tongue under mine, until I’d had enough of his tongue and desire more. I would give anything to put my mouth around his cock, but even then, my pleasure was not his concern. Once I’d sucked his dick to completion as an obedient wife, still my pussy would quiver with need. I would ask, but ignorant of my needs, he refused to touch me, leaving me dripping with unmet desire. Maybe I’m destined not to experience full sexual release. Do Olivia and Ben experience this same tension or am I alone? Still, this is better than sleeping in the empty bed I have tonight.”

I was perplexed by this, but at the thought of Emma giving Peter a blowjob, I felt my dick begin to stiffen.

Getting in the shower, I thought to myself, “How could Emma, my best friend’s wife, go through life with this sexual tension? How could Peter deprive her amazing tits and her beautiful ass and dripping mound of this? How could he cheat her like that?”

At the thought of Emma’s body, though, my erection became red hot with blood. Double-checking the bathroom door lock, I began stroking myself and imagining the experience of sexual release together with Emma. We were two needy souls with desires locked-away and slowly fainting under the heat of unmet pleasure. I thought of how I’d lick her pussy, she’d suck my dick, and we’d fuck each other to contentment if only we had the chance. Just that moment, I heard a knock on the door.

“Hey bro. Wendy and I are headed out with the boys. You want to come too?” Isaiah asked.

“No man. You guys go ahead,” I replied.

“Alright, I think Emma’s coming with us, so catch you later bro.”

I stopped for a second, and thought to myself, “Gosh… What am I doing? Emma and Peter are our friends. I can’t think about my best friend’s wife this way. Let me get ready to go with them.”

Still fully erect, I stepped out of the shower and began toweling off when I heard the front door of the house close as everyone left.

“Damn, too late. Now it’s just me,” I muttered.

I looked in the mirror quickly to check my hair and put on deodorant before I stepped out of the bathroom…

“Ah!” I heard a scream and saw Emma standing fully nude in her and Peter’s bedroom. The moment was etched in my memory like stone.

There she stood just 4 feet from me with her bare breasts directly before me. Her nipples were erect and goosebumps covered her body from the cold air conditioning, and I saw a small, white gold heart necklace fastened between her two breasts that Peter had given her for their first anniversary. My eyes descended from her amazing tits to see her curving hips and finally the small pink mound of her pussy. Revealed before my eyes, it was completely shaven, silky smooth, and swollen from months of neglect.

Quickly, she hid behind the bed, and I realized that I was also naked, dick still fully hard from the shower. I had no idea what to say, so I quickly grabbed my towel and clothes before dashing upstairs to my room.

“Holy shit,” I muttered to myself, still breathing heavily from my sprint upstairs, “I had no idea she was home… But holy shit!”

I laughed to myself, trying to process what just happened and replaying the scene in my mind. Not able to get the image out of my mind, though, I tried to slowly calm down my throbbing erection and get dressed.

“God, she’s more sexy than I imagined. Her tits and her pussy… Wow!”

I put on my t-shirt and gym shorts, and then I realized that I needed to apologize. She was probably embarrassed out of her mind, and I’d probably scarred my best friend’s wife forever. It was one thing to picture someone naked, but it was entirely different to see them naked face-to-face. What would Olivia or Peter think if they heard about this? Man, I needed to make things right.

As I walked downstairs, though, I heard the shower turn on, and I was about to knock on the door to apologize until I heard the sound of someone talking. Was that Emma? I leaned my ear in closer to the door. Yes, it was Emma’s voice. Was she talking to Peter on the phone about what happened? Oh God, I hoped not. Then I realized what I had heard. The muffled voice turned into moans that rang through the door, until I heard her say my name, “Mmmm… Ben.”

“Holy shit,” I whispered to myself, eyes wide, “she is horny as fuck.”

Finally, the moans escalated into high-pitched wimpers. In shock from the turn of events that had just transpired, though, I tried to distract myself by watching TV and pretending like nothing happened.

After about thirty minutes on the couch, I heard the doorknob to Emma’s room turn. When she emerged, she walked over to the kitchen. I figured that I’d go ahead and lead with my apology as planned, so I got up to join her in the kitchen.

As I opened my mouth to apologize, I couldn’t help but notice the tight spandex shorts she now wore that showed off every curve of her hips and the near-transparent white crop-top that made obvious her lack of a bra.

Then tried to put together my apology, “Hey Emma… So about earlier, I’m super sorry. I didn’t realize that you were still here or that you would be naked, but I feel super bad… I mean, not that you looked bad at all… I mean, not in a creepy way, but… You know…”

She laughed at my clumsy words, “No worries, Ben. It happens. Really, I shouldn’t be surprised, since I’ve seen a naked man before. It’s just surprising when it’s not your husband.”

“Well,” I replied relieved, “I’m glad to hear that you’re not eternally scarred by seeing me or me seeing you. Why don’t we have a seat on the couch to finally relax?”

“Sounds great,” she said walking over to the couch, “How have things been with you and Olivia, recently?”

I poured out a glass of red wine for both of us then joined her on the other side of the couch, “Yeah, it’s been about the same as the last time we saw you guys. Olivia is working pretty crazy hours overnight, which can be tough, but I’m learning to get through it. This trip was supposed to be a good chance for us to reconnect and recover, but you can see how that has gone.”

“Tell me about it,” she leaned in, “Peter has been working overnight shifts for the last three months, and it’s been so exhausting sleeping in an empty bed each night. There’s no one to enjoy dinner with, no one to hold you when you feel alone, and no one to enjoy all the other great parts of marriage with.”

As she leaned in though, she exposed her cleavage that hung like two juicy pomegranates. Did she intend for me to see this?

But I added onto Emma’s comment, “Yeah, plus with Olivia spending all day on her feet, she always comes home too exhausted to do anything. I mean sometimes we’ll get a quick meal and ten minutes of time together, but after that, there’s no chance for anything fun or intimate.”

“Wow, yeah… Peter will give me about fifteen minutes of his time, but still no good. How do you deal with it all? You know, the loneliness and the… uh…”

“The horniness?” I interjected.

“Hahaha… Yeah, that,” she laughed shyly and then slightly shifted legs, which exposed a bit of her mound through her sexy spandex shorts.

“Well, it’s not been easy, I can tell you that. I’ve mentioned to Olivia that I feel like I’m going to explode on numerous occasions, but more often than not, I just fantasize about some of the things I want and need.”

“Oh?” she smiled and raised her eyebrows, “And what might some of those things be, Ben?”

“Well… For me I guess…” I hesitated.

“Don’t worry about offending. We’ve all probably thought about the same things,” she reassured.

“For me, it’s imagining getting a blow job. I’ve never gotten one from Olivia in my life, and I doubt I will because she thinks it’s too dirty…”

“Wow, really?” Emma remarked, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since I honestly can’t remember the last time Peter gave me an orgasm.”

We both paused for a second and took a sip of our glasses of wine before looking back at each other.

“So,” Emma inquired, “If Olivia has never given you a blow job, who do you picture in your fantasies?”

“Well,” I laughed nervously, as my eyes scanned Emma’s sexy form, “I could picture anyone like a porn star or super model, but I honestly find it a lot more sexy to picture someone I know…preferably someone I know well.”

Emma then smiled and joked back, “So Wendy’s been giving you head in your dreams?”

I blushed and admitted, “Not her exactly, but…”

“You don’t have to say a word more, Ben,” Emma stopped me, and I noticed on her mound, under her spandex, a small spot began to appear, “If you’re ready to give in to the fantasy, I am.”

She then slid over to my side of the couch where I placed my hand behind her head. I softly kissed her mouth, and then we began to make out. Our tongues mixed inside her mouth, as I tried to taste every note of the wine we drank and the electric tension of the moment.

“Oh my gosh,” I thought, “should we be doing this? Emma and Peter are our friends, and I don’t want to ruin this relationship. What would Olivia think?

As we did this, I felt her soft hand on my thigh slowly slide up my gym shorts, making its way toward my groin, and I opened my legs slightly to invite her touch.

“No, this is right,” I justified, “With how we’ve both been deprived recently, it’s only healthy to experience this pleasure with someone we trust.”

She gently grabbed my semi-hard cock, and began to move her hand up and down. My breath shortened, and I removed my mouth from her’s, leaning back on the couch. She smiled, watching the satisfaction on my face and then looked down at my shorts with my dick now bulging with excitement. I then looked down at the groin of her spandex shorts and noticed the wet spot had growth to cover her mound.

Then she told me, “Take your clothes off. All of them.”

I did as I was told and quickly stood up to look out the window. Only my car was there, and our friends had let us know that they’d be out for a few hours.

Returning my eyes to hers, I felt completely seen, completely known in that moment. Her eyes traced the V of my chest down to my erection and lingered there.

“There you are again, big guy,” she said seductively. Then her green eyes met mine, “Shall I join you?”

Then she removed her loose-fitting top, exposing the breasts that my dreams could never fully capture. Her bottoms came next, which revealed her sweet ass and pink pussy glistening with its juices.

“Wow…” was all I could muster as she smiled again shyly.

“I love how you look at me, Ben,” she admitted, “and now, I want to do something to you that you’ve never experienced before.”

I just nodded. Then she got down on her knees in front of me. Her face was just inches from my cock, and she exhaled her warm, intoxicating breath on my member. Grabbing it with two hands, she slowly massaged it up and down, before pulling the skin down and giving the tip a light kiss. I thought I was going to melt when her second kiss lingered longer on the tip and then slowly opened to encase the whole head behind her lips.

Her big green eyes looked up at me then gave me a wink before I felt the swirl of her tongue around the tip of my cock. Finally, she moved further down still until her mouth was two-thirds of the way down my shaft. She sucked me deeper into her with her head now bobbing to a rhythm and her tongue hungrily traversing the length of my cock.

Then I stopped her for a moment, “Wait just a second and come with me…”

I led her to the second floor bedroom that Olivia and I shared. Emma paused to observe the view from the balcony of the whole lake. Nearing the end of the day, the lake was clear of any boats or people, and the late afternoon sun reflected off the smooth surface of the lake toward us.

“Wow, Ben! This view is really special,” she remarked.

“Thanks, I’ve always loved coming up here, but this lake is not the only view that’s special right now,” I replied with a wink.

She smiled. Then I laid down on the bed, looking off toward the lake with the golden hues of the sun covering the sheets. Emma’s silhouette against the backdrop of the lake stood in my mind with the curve of her hips and her and then with her soft breasts outlined as she turned to me. Then she crawled toward me from the foot of the bed, ready to continue my blow job. She had just kissed the tip of my cock again, but when I saw the silhouette of her swollen pussy, I remembered.

“Emma, why don’t you continue my blow job but turn around to face the sunset?” I suggested.

“Like this?” she replied as she got on top of me, legs straddling my head and pussy just inches from my face.

“Mmmm, yes,” I confirmed as her mouth engulfed the head of my cock once again.

I felt her tongue begin to swirl, but my eyes were fixed in the swollen pink rose above me. I wondered how long it’d been since she was touched. After a few seconds, I saw her juices begin to drip like honey from the comb. Then I grabbed her ass and pulled her sweet bud closer, so I could taste from the source.

Then Emma stopped her work on my cock and said, “Ben, wait no one has ever… Oh…”

I felt her body tense itself and then relax into my mouth that was now fully engaged with her pussy. My mouth slowly made out with the lips that ached for Peter’s touch earlier on the deck, and I heard her breathing heavily.

“Wow, Ben… Oh my God. This is a-amazing…”

My tongue then slithered out to taste the sweet nectar that flowed. I felt the edge of her outer lips that slowly unfolded to reveal the inner petals of her rose and the small opening of her vagina.

Simultaneously, I felt Emma’s soft mouth lapping at my cock again, and the hungry suction she applied sent chills up my spine. Finally, I was fully inside her mouth and I could feel her throat against the head of my member. Looking down for a moment, I saw the beams of the sun shine between her breasts whose nipples lightly brushed my abs with each bob of her head. But I returned my focus to her needs before mine.

My tongue continued to flip between the lips of her swollen rose, stroking the edge of each petal, until my hands felt her hips tighten, and I knew it was time.

Moving my lips and tongue down, I found the small nub of Emma’s clitoris, which I pressed into slowly, feeling the breathy exhale of her pleasure. And softly flicking and sucking it with my lips and tongue, I felt her clit become engorged and her hips press more firmly into my face. Her liquids now flowed like a stream of honey from her enclosed fountain. Every passionate stroke of my tongue sent goosebumps up her hips and back, and her breathing turned into sensual moans that grew with each second.

Her tongue stopped swirling and her mouth stopped sucking as she tried to catch her breath, but my mouth only continued more ferociously than before. Her goddess-like legs now quivered with erotic fervor as my tongue explored the heights of her clit to the depths of her vagina, savoring each taste.

Suddenly, she lifted her hips from my face and said to me in desperation, “I need you inside of me, Ben.”

I sat up, looking into her eyes like doves, and asked, “Are you sure?”

And she replied, “I’ve never been more sure. From the moment I saw your eyes linger over me on the deck earlier to the moment I saw your hard cock coming out of the shower, I knew I needed your cock inside me. Now fuck me, Ben Haverty.”

Losing all inhibitions, I turned her around with her ass against my throbbing erection, and I passionately kissed the nape of her neck then her lips, as she tasted her own sweet juices on my tongue. I caressed her breasts with my hands, feeling the velvety soft textures, and then I moved my hands to her hips.

She bent over, exposing her ripe pussy, and inviting me in, as we both looked at the blazing sunset together. Then guiding my dick to the entrance of her dripping mound, I pressed the tip into her lips before she allowed me to enter. She squirmed slightly as I felt her tightness surrounding my hard dick. I entered deeper into the pussy of my best friend’s wife, as my hands stroked her juicy ass from behind.

Slowly at first, I thrusted in and out, and I already felt her body begin to shake. A swell of desire surged through me with each movement of our hips, and I fought to control myself from ravaging her body. Then as I picked up the pace, I moved my hand around to the front of her body to the nub, which my tongue had so hungered for. I massaged her aching clit in a circle as Emma moaned again with pleasure. Deeper and deeper thrusted as my hand pleasured her, I felt her ass push back into me with her moans becoming louder and louder.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me, Ben. Fuck my pussy deeper than Peter ever could. Oooooo…”

Never had I felt more alive. Peter could be the golden boy all he wanted, but at the end of the day, his wife spoke the louder word.

Then as my cock penetrated her dripping wet pussy, a wave of pleasure overcame her, “Oh, Ben. I’m going to… I’m going to… Ahhhhh!”

Surge after surge of pleasure engulfed her as her pussy pulsed over the length my cock, and at that moment I too was overcome.

“Emma… I’m about to… Ahhh!”

My cum filled her body as my cock emptied into her throbbing pussy. Finally, the waves of pleasure became small ripples like the lake before us. We basked in the moment of bliss as my dick softened slightly inside her.

“Emma, that was absolutely wonderful,” I said as I caught my breath, “You were absolutely wonderful.”

Pulling myself out, I laid back on the bed, and Emma turned around to lay next to me.

Her hand rested on my chest, and she replied, “Ben, you’ve loved me today like I’ve never been loved before, so for that, thank you.”

We gazed at the sunset together for a few more minutes before getting up and looking at each other naked one last time. We both had questions about what was next, but she was the only one to ask.

“So what does this mean now?”

“Well, you and I are still good friends along with Peter and Olivia, and we always will be,” I paused before continuing with a wink, “But if you’re ever feeling a little… horny again, I’ll be there for you.”

Emma smiled as she turned to walk back downstairs, “Same here.”


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