A Strange naughty stories on bed

A Strange naughty stories on bed

She was on my bed naked. I handed the wine glass to her…

I lay in bed thinking. What the fuck happened last night. I look at the side of the bed where it all started. Wait… no it didn’t start here. it started at the club. Now I have to go over every detail to see if I missed something.

I went to the club around six to meet Tony and Tony. Alright, one I call Anthony. We meet every Friday at the same time for their prime rib dinner special. We don’t have to even order. Our table is set and our drinks are already waiting for us.

I’ve known the owners for years and Madalin the owner’s wife always takes care of us. Prime rib, baked potato, and my veg. is corn. There is nothing like a rib that’s about two inches thick and cooked to a beautiful medium-rare. You don’t need a knife.

After dinner, we usually hang out and wait for the band and see what skirts come in. This day, they both bailed on me for some strange reason and I found myself sitting at the bar alone.

Eight o’clock and the place was filling up and I contemplated leaving but figured I’d have one more for the road. The band was just starting their first set. They sounded good and I turned my bar stool one-eighty to face the dance floor. My back was to the bar. It was getting crowded and the floor was filling up.

I didn’t notice a lady standing next to me. I turned to talk to the girl sitting next to me and the next thing I knew the lady was now standing between my legs with her back to me. I didn’t know her and up to now, I didn’t even know what she looked like.

I did know that she was about five-two or three with shoulder-length dark blond hair. She wore a white blouse that I could see the back of her bra through. Short black skirt and black stockings.

I was going to say something to her but the band was so loud that I decided to wait until their break. So I sat like a gentleman with my hands on the arms of the stool.

Then she took my hands in hers and placed them on her waist in front of her. She wanted me to hold her, which I did. She was moving with the beat of the band but never even looked back at or talked to me.

I was willing to play the game, so I would pull her to me and let her go. All the time she had her hands on mine. Then things moved to the next level. She took my hands and placed them square on her tits. When she felt as though I knew what I was doing, she moved her hands to my knees.

I just kept my hands on her, wonderful slightly over my hand full, of bra enclosed breast meat. But I guess I wasn’t doing enough. She put hers over mine and squeezed my hands which caused my hands to squeeze her tits. I did my best and played with them even with people looking at the open affection of… sex I guess.

Then she pulled away from me and quickly disappeared into the crowd. I suddenly felt all alone. I ordered another beer and took advantage of being able to see the crowd instead of her back. After about fifteen minutes I kind of figured that I got played. At least I still had the feeling of her tits in the palm of my hands.

I was peeling off some bills to pay the tab when she suddenly appeared again. I got a brief glimpse before she positioned herself exactly as she left. She looked beautiful to me. Now I had my hands on my knees continuing to be a gentleman when she again took them and place them back on her tits. She was now without a bra, and I was feeling almost naked flesh. It only took a minute before I felt the pressure against the palm of each hand. Her nipples were getting hard. She placed her hands back on my knees and left me on my own. I took advantage of the freedom to concentrate on her nipples.

I rolled her nipples around with the palm of my hand being the only contact. I could feel her breathing increase and she squeezed my knees hard when I pinched her nipples. Taking her reaction that she liked what I was doing, I continue to pinch her nipples constantly increasing and decreasing the pressure. She increased her pressure on my knees until I could feel her nails starting to take over.

She put her hands over mine to stop my movement. She leaned her head back and taking one of her hands put it behind my head to pull it to hers she said in my ear,

“If you have a place for us to go, just get up and leave. I’ll follow you to your place.”

I didn’t know what to make of this, but I figured I would play along. She moved away from me, I got up, paid my tab, and left the building. I lived in an apartment that was about 10 minutes from the club. I pulled out of the parking lot and waited, but then thought I don’t know what the fuck I’m waiting for, so I drove home.

I pulled into the apartment parking lot and parked in my usual spot. I waited a minute or two, but no one pulled in so I got out of the car and figured I would just call it a night. Just as I unlocked the outer door, she pulled into the spot next to mine.

It was the first time I had a real look at her as she walked toward me. My first brief encounter with her face was correct. she was beautiful. I held the door for her but she wouldn’t go ahead of me. She followed me into my apartment until we were standing in the kitchen.

“I’ll have a white wine please.”

So few words but even her voice sounded beautiful. I went to my bar in the living room and got wine for both of us and when I went back into the kitchen, she was gone.

I walked down the hall and when I got to my bedroom. The lights were off, but there was a nightlight on her side, which threw enough light that I could see her. She was lying on the bed with only black thigh-highs on. The image burned into my brain. She was lying on her side with her head supported by her arm.

Her body was breathtaking. Long lean legs. A bare pussy. Hips that flared out just enough and then tapered to a thin waist. Her breasts were just the right size and defied gravity. They were topped by large dark areolas and nipples you could cut glass with.

I reached over and handed her the glass of wine. I put mine down on the end table and started to take off my clothes. She moved so she was leaning against the headboard propped up by the extra pillows I have and just watched me. I was determined to stay as silent as she was.

I got down to my shorts and started to get on the bed. She handed me her glass and then pointed to my shorts. I put the glasses down and pushed my shorts down and off. She looked at my cock, smiled, and patted the bed next to her.

She pulled me into her arms and we kissed. Soft lips and a tongue that wanted to explore. She reached down and held my hard cock while I palmed her pussy. She was dripping wet and she moaned loudly when I slid my middle finger inside her.

But then she pushed me away and put pressure on my shoulder. I didn’t need any more of an invitation and slowly worked my way down her body planting kisses as I went.

I had to pay attention to those beauties and I grabbed one of her tits and squeezing it, sucked a nipple into my mouth. When I bit down on it, she gripped my head.

“Ohh, fuck yes! Bite it hard. Oh, the other one now. Yes! That’s it. Harder, harder.”

She came.

She giggled when I blew a raspberry in her navel. Her hands went to my head and with steady pressure, I arrived at the gate to heaven.

She spread her legs wide to allow me room to work. In the dim light, I could plainly see her open pussy and the moisture forming inside. I blew gently right in the middle of her opening. She acted like she was just hit by an electric shock.

“Ohh, fuck yes! Yes!”

I did that one more time and stopped. I knew that little trick gets old fast. She was shaking as I looked up between those twin mounds of pure pleasure. her eyes were closed and her mouth open, waiting for me to make the next move.

I waited. She continued to shake. She opened her eyes to look down at me and I saw a look of wanting. She moaned in that way that said please.

I took my hands and using my thumbs, spread her wide open. She threw her head back lifted her hips and came.

“Ohh, fuck! My fucking word! eat me. please eat me!”

I figured that I’d strike when the iron’s hot and put my lips around her nicely sized clit… and sucked. She reached down and grabbed my hair with both hands. Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! What are you doing to me! Don’t… Don’t, ohh, FUCK!”

I worked on her for another two orgasms before she caved in.

“No, please! No more! I can’t take it. Fuck me! Now!!”

I scrambled up her body without kisses this time. She pulled her legs back to her chest and I put my hands behind her knees. I finished the job of pinning them to the bed.

She was like a woman possessed. She reached down with both hands. One went to my cock to guide it in her and the other went to her clit.

“Fuck me! Put it in me… hard! I want to feel it!”

Her wish was my fantasy. I had to trust her that she put the head of my now overfilled cock in the right location. I lunged forward with my hips and felt it when mine met hers with a thud.

“Oh, god! Oh, god! So fucking good!”

I was hoping that she didn’t want it slow and loving, because there was no way I would last through it. I kept up the fast pace and pounded her hard.

“Ahh, I’m gonna cum!” I didn’t know if she was protected. She never asked me to wear a raincoat. I didn’t have to ask.

“Cum on me! cover me! I want to watch you cum on me.”

My balls started to withdraw into me, and it felt like they were in my throat when I couldn’t hold off anymore. I pulled out of her dripping pussy and got up on my knees. Her hands flew to her well-used pussy and finished the job of bringing herself off.

I never felt pressure like I did then. She lifted her head just in time to take my first offering of cream. Right on her left cheek. From there I must have had another four or five strings that I tried to spread out. The visual was something. Under the soft light, her body glistened with sperm.

I surprised myself with the amount I shot. She saw a couple before she had to shut her eyes tight and cum. She went rigid on me and shook like she was freezing.

We kissed and I rolled off her. She got up and went into the bathroom. I was just about to nod off when I felt lips on my cock. I looked down to find her between my legs sucking on my limp dick.

“You know, if you keep that up, we’ll never get any sleep.”

I thought that those were the first words I’d said to her.

She did suck my cock until I was hard again. This time she wanted me in her ass. She was also the first woman I’ve had, that had an anal orgasm. After she sucked my cum out of my balls with a third go around, I fell asleep while she was cleaning up.

Needless to say, she left sometime while I slept. I expected that, and with a smile, I fell back to sleep. I woke up in the early afternoon. Needing coffee badly, I went to the kitchen, and when I pulled down my mug, there, written in marker.

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